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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  July 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this is a stormwatch 7 winter weather alert. >> heavy rain flooding. we have team coverage tracking or getting ready for work. you ready for what is to come.
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going through the pools water. montgomery police had all of these lanes shut down for a period of time,. -- for a period of time. you can see the water being kicked up. a lot of soot, mud, and debris. sticks are caught on the grades and that caused this part of the road to start to pool. you can see that there is a wheaton rescue squad firetruck at the top of the road. other media outlets have converged on the site. initially we had reports of motorist stranded in the water.
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this honda car, it was initially caught up in the pooling of water. you can see woodchips, grass, and other fits of to be -- of debris. there is a group of five or six guys looking disappointed. you can see all along the base of the door and tire, all the debris. that is how high the water was at the height of this. you are seeing issues countywide, some issues and gaither, and other spots around wheaton area. perspective,l let's head to brian. lull, andre will be a there is more to come. several more inches of rain of potential. outside, the big
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of us under a flash flood watch. with three active warnings including fairfax, montgomery, and prince george's county. upse areas have picked upwards of two inches of rain. district in of the prince george's county until 3:45. rain have comef down. the heavier bands of rain are lifting off to the north and east. heading toward suburban maryland. aere will be a lola, but -- lull, but some of the spots are picking up.
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much more to come tonight through early saturday morning. andrea: -- adriana: in the past half hour, the pentagon says that south korea has fired -- north korea has fired another ballistic missile that could land in the water off japan. we will bring you more information once we get it. >> the ayes are 49, the nays are 51. >> president donald trump and senate republicans give up short on the legislative victory to overhaul health care. norman has more from washington. >> a devastating and embarrassing defeat for republicans. after seven years ofro
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their vow to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> this is a disappointing moment. >> we still came up short and i am very disappointed. >> republican's last-ditch effort is dead on the senate floor. vote began at 1:44 a.m., and moments later senator john mccain casting the decisive vote with thumbs down. in the senate chambers, you could hear the shcoock. first gasps, then applause. repealcalled "skinny" bill would eliminate the mandate that americans have insurance. it could have led to 60 million more americans without insurance, and could have caused premiums to spike 20%. >>
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of people who would have been successively hurt will at least retain their health care. >> president trump responding with a tweet, calling to let obamacare implode and then make a deal. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it is time to move on. directorications anthony scaramucci is going on a profane tirade against reince priebus in an article in the new yorker. scaramucci fired back at that reporter. he said, he made a mistake interesting a reporter. it won't happen again. during that phone call, which the reporter says was on the record, scaramucci threatened to fire the entire staff and stopped leaks. he called reince pri
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what he said about steve bannon is so explicit, we will not see it here on air. president trump is on long island to speak to police officers. he is addressing the challenges of dealing with gains -- gangs. on the heels of all of this survivor white house. the tagline, out spin and out l ast. one firefighter is recovering after he was hurt telling a massive fire earlier this morning. nearly 80 firefighters are on the scene. hurtnjured firefighter was when he fell off a ladder. no word on his condition. an officer in prince george's
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given jail time after being convicted of assault. man into ahases the field and he ran right into that suspect. he is sentenced to two years, but must do 100 hours of community service. session for parents about the former teachers aid and coach charged with sex abuse. carlos beltway's accused of sexually assaulting several male students and has admitted he is hiv-positive. now to a special story in howard county, new technology is saving a life. >> it is an unbelievable story of survival. a man is having a heart attack in his conference room. h his boss notices him slouched
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the ambulance crew to get there. that is where this comes into play. when a cardiac arrest call goes to the system in howard county, and notifies everyone around the address where the incident is happening that someone needs cpr. this woman runs over from the next building and begins cpr. she was there so quickly, she was able to save this man's life. today they reunited and we hear from both of them. >> it is amazing that i am standing. pointe of the pulse system that the county has. we know that when people go into rijeka rest, the first few -- into cardiac arrest, the first few minutes are critical. >> i was beside myself. when i met him
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me about a week ago. i am like, you are alive! i knew he was, but to see him was fantastic. >> sean is on the road to a full recovery. he says that the entire event has changed his life. he has started eating differently, and he will get cpr trained to be a pulse point first responder. break, newly released body cam footage showing what happened after this deadly crash involving the this williams. the vict -- venus williams. the victim's family says it proves that she was at fault.
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>> nearby it is shut down for flooding. a similar story off of colesville road. looking south into silver spring past franklin avenue. you have the parkway shut down off 29. nearby on the beltway, you have the outer loop delays heading past colesville road. that is all from the traffic center for now.
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>> new developments in the deadly crash involving venus williams in florida. body cam madeira shows the moments after that -- body cam video shows the moments after that wreck. >> are you involved? >> yes. >> newly released body cam footage from moments after the car crash involving tennis pro, the this williams. williams describing what happened just before the deadly accident. >> which way were you going to go? >> straight across. there always turning left onto this street. >> ok. >> the car tur
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, the light was turning green and i was caught in the middle. i never saw that car coming. >> the footage reveals the victim talking to officers after the crash. >> how are you doing? >> just a little confused. >> is it possible that i can get your drivers license? >> his wife in the driver's seat. he is bleeding. >> we have fire rescue coming. >> the officer tells williams she was at fault but later says why he was not issuing her a ticket. >> i will say you were at fault, but i am not citing you, because i think you got stuck in the intersection. you had the right-of-way, but you lost the right of way. you just got stuck in a bad situation. >> the family,
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wrongful death lawsuit against williams, tells abc news that the newly released body camera videoed supports our original assessment that venus is at fault for the accident. police surveillance video taken seconds before shows williams enter the intersection lawfully on a green light. police are investigating the crash. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> we need to make sure that everyone has their stormwatch 7 app with them. >> we talk about this all the time. if you cannot see the ground, turnaround. it is more dangerous tonight, because it will be dark. we will not be able to see. if you cannot see the roadway, don't do it. we say it over and over, and then we see what we saw this morning. take a look at the live picture from national harbor.
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west-northwesterly wind at 10. it feels muggy out there, but not as warm as typical. there are a few 80's down to the south. let me show you the radar picture. this heavy band of rain that has blossomed over the metro area. closer, i will show you these heavier pockets of rain are lifting out of the area. over from walker mill toward buoy, this heavier rain lifting up to the north and east. alexandria and d.c., we have flash flood warnings. tose red boxes from 2:30 3:45 this afternoon. some of these heavier showers will be pushing through. perry hall at
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toward abigail. heavier showers will start to slow down a little bit. round starts to move on in. scattered showers by 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. heavy rain across the dmv. it will be dark and you will not see the flooded roadways. tomorrow, the heaviest showers will be confined off to the west. kind of cool through the midday. by tomorrow evening, the dry weather moves back in, and a nicer second half of the weekend emerges. two to four inches of rain are possible. this is not a set number, just a potential. if you have flash flood warnings, seek higher ground, don't cross flooded roadways, and use common sense.
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half of tomorrow, but they will start to taper off. into next week, we will be good for the citi open. 2020 investigation airing tonight reveals shocking footage of u.s. border officers encouraging a 16-year-old boy to drink a dangerous liquid to prove he is not a drug smuggler. that led to a tragic outcome. joining us is the abc news chief investigative correspondent, brian ross. what can viewers expect to see and learn from tonight's investigation? >> you will see in this video gripping details of what happens over the one hour and 38 minutes in the time from when this high school student from mexico crosses into the u.s. until he is taken away in an ambulance. the agents and courage or permit
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a suspicious substance that turns out to be highly concentrated methamphetamine. the cartels in mexico have been trying to smuggle them in using this new technique. he took a gamble that he could bluff his way through the predicament, but the agents violated u.s. customs policies. as best as we can tell, even after this young man died in terrible pain from a heart attack, there was no action taken against the officers. we found that they were still on the job with no punishment or even a written reprimand? >> what our official saying about everything that happened? >> we talked to the kind of man who used to run customs and border protection under the obama administration, he told us he had never seen the video and did not care to see the video. the video contradicts the official version of events.
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no reprimands, no punishment. adriana: that is on abc seven 20/20 airing tonight. still ahead, rain is coming down hard outside. an update on the weather is straight ahead.
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adriana: a popular island vacation spot has been evacuated. a construction crew near ocracoke
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power to 10,000 people. officials said they wanted everyone off the island by noon out of concern for their safety. it comes during peak tourist season. no word on when the power will be back on. rain is already coming down hard. here is a look at president trump's motorcade heading to air force one. coming next, a check on the forecast.
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>> not really a surprise but george clooney might be the most handsome man. technology confirms that he has the perfect face. that conclusion was made by a researcher using computer mapping technology. he has a most a perfect score using a formula developed by the ancient greeks. interesting. >> he is a greek god? >> he does have a nice personality to. >> i'm try to get his salt-and-pepper accents. we will have a visible lull, wet, gcool, and damp. it will be denver's tonight because it will be dark and you cannot see the roadways. flooding will linger. adriana: stay inside, enjoy your friday night. we will see you here on monday.
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