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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  July 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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anthony scaramucci is out at white house communications director. jonathan: as megan hughes reports this comes 11 days after he took the job. reporter: general john kelly immediately shaking up the white house. hours after being sworn in. the white house announcing anthony scaramucci on his way out as communications director. after just ten days. president donald trump sweeting this morning, "no white house chaos." welcoming kelly to the table at his first cabinet meeting at chief of staff. >> we all know him. we respect him. we admire what he has done. >> in a statement, the white house saying scaramucci felt it was best to give kelly the clean slate and ability to build his own team. scaramucci unloaded on several senior white house officials in a blunt interview with the "new yorker" last week calling then white house chief of staff reince priebus a bleeping schizophrenic. threatening to fire essentially the entire white house communications staff over recent leaks
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will all be fired by me. i fired one guy the other day and there are three or four people i will fire tomorrow. the "new yorker's" reporter conducting the interview said -- >> this is like putting anthony scaramucci in that job is throwing grenade in ongoing civil war. >> the new white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders took over from sean spicer the same day that anthony scaramucci was hired. and jeff sessions still hanging on despite being a target of the twitter tirade. sources say anthony scaramucci had to be moved to a position in the export inport bank. megan hughes, abc7 news. jonathan: hours ago a former teacher's assistant an coach in charles county indicted on more than 100 counts of child porn and assault. brad bell is live in waldorf where there are new developments in the case against carlos bell.
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brad: this is the new indictment today. it's thick and printed on both sides. each of the black dots represented the crossed out name of a young victim. this is a tough read. this is carlos bell. they want you to look at his picture. they are asking for if public's help in the fast growing case. the former teacher aanalysis and the and track coach was arrested in june after police found videos he had taken in young boys engaging in sexual acts at benjamin stoddert middle school in waldorf. initially the detectives were aware of ten young victims. but today in announcing a 119 count indictment against bell, the charles county state attorney revealed that count has more than doubled.
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this indictment. 13 have been identified. 11 have not been identified at this point. there are 11 different charge types if you will, crimes that are repeated over and over. brad: that is the charles county state's attorney. he was stressing even though the numbers has grown, the case doubling in size with the number of victims, the investigation is not over and it's likely as thick and terrible as the document is there may be more charges down the road. tell you more about that when we come back at 5:00. in waldorf, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks very much. as bad as that case, is it's not the only one. details of the carlos bell case is similar to the sex abuse case against deonte carraway in prince george's county.
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year to 15 federal counts of child pornography and he is due to be sentenced next month. nancy: developing now out of ocean city. a body found buried on the beach there. it was found this morning off second street. that stretch of beach is closed for the rest of the day. we are working to get more information and bring it to you when we learn more. jonathan: loudoun county is hoping you will help find a missing woman, her son and nephew. they were last seen friday night. q mccray has the latest on the search? q: we just had a long conversation with the grandma in this case. you can imagine that she is concerned about her relatives but she tell mess it all started here in the parking lot. this is where her three relatives got in a car to head from ashe to leesburg to -- ashburn to leesburg to visit an uncle but they never made it there. they haven't been heard from or seen since. i was friday at 11:30 in a rainstorm. we have pictures to show you of the three missing relatives. start with
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courtney ash, 27 years old. her son is 5-year-old cameron martin. and their 9-year-old cousin jaylin sills russell jr. we found out that ash and her son are visiting from southern virginia but the drive to her uncle house is one she has made dozens of times in the past because she used to live in ashburn. so as far as the disappearance is concerned the grandmother sabrina jewel doesn't know what to think. >> maybe they had a car accident. maybe they are at a friend's house and hasn't charged up the phone and hasn't called me. hopeful things. i don't want to think anything bad. q: now jewel told me this is very unusual for her daughter. when she goes anywhere, she lets them know. especially when she has the children with her. the loudoun county sheriff department have been passing around this flyer around town to make sure people know who they are looking for.
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helicopter overhead to look for crews over the route. we did the drive to leesburg. we will tell you more coming up in the 5:00 hour. that's the latest live from ashburn, i'm q mccray, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. hope they turn up. two major media companies coming together in blockbuster deal. discovery communications buying scripps network for close to $12 billion. you are probably familiar with discovery communications it owns discovery channel and animal plan net and it will soon own h.g.t.v., travel channel and the food network. nancy: surprising deep. taking a live look outside. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the stormwatch7 weather center with a check of the forecast. doug: after the weekend monsoon, things turned around nicely yesterday and today. plenty of sunshine. comfortable weather. temperatures are creeping back up. just average, late summer, late july levels. good view looking down from potomac, reagan national
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good stuff. very comfortable through the evening. check out the temperatures. they are interesting. i will show you why. 86 in quantico. 87 in fredericksburg. 85 at joint base andrews. but 91 at reagan national airport. the humidity levels are low enough, though, that the temperatures feel like the thermometer indicates. no real feels like temperatures to deal with today. they will drop slowly tonight. 82. we'll be 70 by morning in most suburban areas. not much radar or satellite imagery locally but go across the mountains with the northeasterly winds. calm and we get rumble of thunder along the mountain tops that are induced by the warm air pushed up over the mountain tops. no deal there. wednesday is the first chance anywhere around here locally you might see an isolated storm. beautiful weather. comfortable wake-up. 60's to near 70 tomorrow morning and we'll be in fine shape. the next few days the temperatures are 90. increase in the humidity levels but nothing
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overwhelming. the temperatures will not get out of control. the feels like temperatures are not that much of a big deal. the storms tend to be scattered. we'll talk about the next ten days coming up. nancy: maryland police are investigating the death of an 8-month-old baby in calvert county. they were call when the child was not responding. the office of the chief medical examiner in baltimore working to figure out how the child died. jonathan: a woman caught in the middle of a scary motorcycle crash on the beltway and she shared shared te video on the facebook page. you can see the motorcycles taking over a few lanes, rolling along. then this is right near route 4 and exit in prince george's county. the people who shot the video were nervous because, you know, bikers were becoming aggressive as people tried to pass them. you see here one of them went
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they went to get their friend, they got their bikes and took off. no word if charges will be filed against nil of the riders. this is the aftermath of a d.c. officer slammed his cruiser in an uber driver this morning. it happened before 5:00 on 7th street near the shaw metro station. police say the officer was responding to a call when this happened. both were taken to the hospital. we are told, with minor injuries. nancy: the family of a local man shot in a home invasion in the caribbean says he is doing well and expected home today. michael jones was shot when he confronted two men who broke in a luxury beach front rental friday night. stephen tschida is live in northwest washington with the new information on this case. stephen: i spoke to michael jones' son 20 minutes ago and he says his father is en route back to d.c. right now. that is very good news for the jones family and for people here at georgetown university law school where jones teaches a course. a lot of e
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after they heard about the shooting over the weekend. prominent d.c. lawyer michael jones airlifted to florida. this is after two masked men tied up a security guard and forced their way to luxury beach front rental friday night. the 57-year-old shot when he confronted the men. jones underwent treat in the florida where his family says he was to be released today and expected home imminently. despite a string of violent incidents in the caribbean and those at home acknowledging an uptick in crime local travel agents say interest in caribbean islands remain strong. the search is underway for the suspect in the shooting. coming up at 6:00, we have input from a travel expert to tell you what you should know and do to
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planning a trip to the caribbean. jonathan: the machine drove a van beside delivery van. then a man climbs from the truck to jump on the hood of the other truck. then he passed boxes with 600,000 iphones back to the van. the phones we recovered when they were arrested. nancy: $600,000 worth of phones. that is like five iphones. jonathan: maybe four. non-coming up the next big bombshell from the shows may not come from h.b.o. jonathan: we explain why the network is scrambling tonight. plus -- >> it is time for us to realize the dream. it is time for us to fulfill the promise. jonathan: plus a push there the top prosecutor to become
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the county executive. nancy: also, what it means now that the f.a.a. is sizing up airline seats in the name of safety. erin: the citi open kicked off. coming up we have a live interview with world number two, highest
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jonathan: developing right now a heads up for anyone wanting to avoid "college gameday" -- to avoid "game of thrones" spoilers. but h.b.o. was hacked and an upcoming script leaked out on the web. other episodes of shows leaked on the web. it's unclear if any other show or movies were involved. nancy: very dramatic. thousands of people some in costume packing a normal quiet san diego neighborhood to celebrate for the dedication of mark hamil drive. the "star wars" star says his father was in the naver i have his father moved around a lot growing up and san diego is the closest team to a hometown he has. nice to see that. jonathan: the force is strong with him. nancy: apparently so. jonathan: this year's citi open hits full stride today. nancy: erik smith is live at -- erin hawksworth is live with one of the top contenders at the fitzgerald center. hey, erin. erin: yeah. we have excit
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simona halep here. you are highest ranked female player to ever play in the tournament. how exciting is that? you look surprised to hear that. >> it's really exciting. it's nice to hear that. i am happy to be here. this is nice and i really enjoy the time here. erin: this is your first time no washington, d.c. what have your impressions been so far? >> first thing a lot of green around. i love it. i have been visiting many places. it's impressive. happy to have the chance to come here. play tennis and visit the city. erin: something people love about the tournament it's small and relaxed an the fans can get up close and personal. the kids love it. you see them signing autographs and stuff. what is it like for you as a role model to be so close to the next generation? >> it's great. i am here and i sawm
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i appreciate that they are coming and asking for photos and signature. it's nice. a good thing we have so close to them. the big tournaments you cannot be so close. a good thing. even if it's small tournament it's important. erin: you are so close to getting the number one world ranking for the first time in your career. what would it mean to you? >> close but far at the same time. it will be a huge thing if i can get it. i cannot feel it. i'm a little far. not easy to stay and think you can get to number one. so i'm trying to go in there just to take the match like normal. not pressure. erin: all right. thank you so much. good luck at this week in the tournament. >> thank you. erin: back to you in the studio. nancy: erin, thank you very much. it looks like perfect weather for all of t
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remember it was 130 degrees on the courts where they were playing tennis? doug: not where i was. it was nice. nancy: doug is back from vacation. doug: i had a week of the the weather we had yesterday, sunshine, breezes, dry humidity. that's what i had all week. jonathan: thanks for that. that's good. doug: the story for the citi open is that the weather is okay. it will get warmer, a little more humidity but nothing extreme. we have a couple of thunderstorm chances later in the week but it's fine. fine right now. take a look at this right now at the national harbor the capital wheel. fair weather clouds. warm temperatures. loaf humidity. the final -- low humidity and this is the final day of july. this is as good as it gets around here. talk about the citi open the hour-by-hour forecast is fine. drop from the 80 to the 70's. spectacular through the evening as well. the doppler radar, there is nothing locally here. however, over the higher elevation of the mountains and the weather pattern because of the mountain elevations a few poup
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wednesday. the rain in florida is a different weather story there. all the influence of a tropical storm that developed this morning off the coast of tampa, florida, spreading rain across the area. more rain to the south. there has been flooding already. we will get an update on what the storm has been doing and where it may be headed now from palm beach county, florida. reporter: right now the roads are wet as the rain continues to make its way through south florida. this is only the beginning. the heavy rainfall is causing poor visibility and less than ideal driving conditions here. over the next few hours as tropical storm emily moves across the state we can expect it to intensify. the governor heads to tallahassee to monitor the situation, local emergency crews are preparing for the five-plus inches of rain headed our way. flooding is a big
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here. they are reminding everyone to be cautious and turn around at the first sign of standing water. reporting from south florida, kara duffy. doug: thank you. the storm is a minimal tropical storm. this will reemerge off the east coast and get stronger. no signs it will become a hurricane. it may weaken further and stay well out to sea for several days. the extended outlook is nice. i mentioned a moment or so ago we will see the some increase in the air temperatures. increase in the humidity levels. but no extreme. no extreme with the monsoons. we could have an isolated storm on wednesday but it's generally hot day. 90. a couple degrees above average. for friday and saturday we see the approach of a cold front. we will keep an ye
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it could trigger storms on friday. then the chances go up. the late afternoon and the evening is time at r.f.k. for d.c. united. watch it live on newschannel8. sunday the final day of the citi open. the weather should be spectacular again. this sunday is like yesterday the way it looks. next week we will see temperatures that are middle 80's for the most part. below average and pleasant for early august. are we finished totally for the summer with high heat and humidity? no way to know. but right now is a moderate pattern. jonathan: if you could clone days like yesterday, it would be perfect. >> just how long it could take for residents and tourists to return to the outer banks. sam: if you have lived in d.c. a long time you have probably seen the tag on a number of buildings.
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nancy: a 1500-foot long bridge is part of the europa weg trail but it's also quite narrow just over two feet wide. i replaces another bridge shut down in 2010 due to
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falls. jonathan: scary. nancy: just to see it. yeah. jonathan: for years you couldn't pass many bridges in the area without seeing the words "cool disco dan." prolific artist tagged sites all over d.c. now the man behind it is being remembered as an artist. sam: if you can remember the d.c. of the 1980's and the early 1990's you probably remember this seeing this graffiti tag somewhere. everywhere. "cool disco dan." >> it started in 1983 when black kids around the ghetto were doing it then. >> danny hogg who stopped doing graffiti in the year 2000 died last week but he left a mark on d.c. >> if you say graffiti in washington, d.c., you say cool disco dan. >> i would drive around and he'd be on the overpasses and the little pieces of metro everywhere. >> i never seen him, though. i never got to see his face. never got to meet him or anything but i used to see the logo everywhere.
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wow! that's sad. sam: a time when d.c. was a murder capitol. he made such a name for himself there was a documentary. the legend of cool disco dan. >> te traveled at night and look for areas that he knew would get attention. >> the graffiti was even at the corkran art museum. >> it sold out. they weren't coming there for mona lisa and salvador dahli, they came for cool disco dan. >> he was often homeless and suffered mental problems but the tag symbolized an era in d.c. he was 47 years old in a group home in fairfax county when he died from complications from diabetes. his friends say they are planning a funeral for mid-august. reporting from northwest washington i'm sam ford, abc7 news. nancy: leaving quite a
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also. pulitzer prize winning playwright sam shepherd passed away. the family says he suffered from lou gehrig disease. despite winning the pulitzer for the play he was best known for the role in "the right stuff." jonathan: coming up at 4:00, what the federal aviation administration plans to do about a court ruling that aims to give you more space in the airline seat. >> a power line fight in rural hay market, virginia. sign
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: well, a struggle is underway in virginia over plans to power an amazon data center. richard reeve is live in haymarket to explain why this is an issue. rich? richard: this is carver road. very quiet, very nice subdivision in rural haymarket. you will see signs like this dotting the area. folks here say they don't want power lines across the street. this was the second choice. the firsttous was along railroad -- the first choice was along railroad tracks and was ejected by the board of supervisors. the line here is smaller than those opposed. dominion energy wants to install 10
4:31 pm
electricity. the idea is to provide power along a six-mile transition line to 38-acre data center complex that will be run by amazon subsidiary. the group called coalition to protect prince george's county say it would have a swath of woods. dominion says if the plan goes through the line would service 450,000 more customers. the commission that regulates utilities is hearing a motion on what is called petition for reconsideration. pulling back from approving of the project to hear the arguments from both sides. >> it will affect our environment. it will affect our culture. it's going to cut down all the trees. if this route is selected the trees behind me will be gone. >> dominion wi
4:32 pm
dominion will come in and force people off the land. only reason why the state corporation commission selected carter road, it's an african-american community. >> not true. >> the state regulators also confirm nobody will be forced out or moved out of the homes. coming up at 6:00, we will dig more deeply into this and introduce you to folks definitely being affected by this. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. today north carolina's governor got a first-hand look at the damage at the bridge where three cables were severed last week cutting power to a big chunk of the outer banks. right now crews are taking two approaches to try to restore the power out there. people may not have power back for one to two weeks. >> i have issued emergency orders so heavy equipment can be hauled in so generators can be put where they are needed. >> the governor there says the
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right now evacuation orders are still in effect. coming up at 5:00, we will look at what options you might have if you have a trip to the outer banks planned in the next couple of weeks. jonathan: a huge storm blasting die wan over the weekend. look at the empty streets. this is a category five. that would be the strongest. sustained winds up to 160 miles per hour. sustained. in three days they have had 43 inches of rain. the power is out for a huge affected area as you can imagine. now the storm is moving toward japan and it could be there for the weekend. look how clearly defined the eye is. doug: pretty scary. jonathan: 160 miles per hour, snap telephone poles. doug: absolutely. jonathan: terrible. doug: here quiet news. you realize when anchors bring gifts -- is this my ipad? jonathan: the one thing you need, you need a pad. doug: i do. look here, not bad for the end of july. low humidity. upper 80's to
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when we had the really hot stuff. we had a big storm. doug: i knew it was all coming. jonathan: welcome back, douglas. doug: part of my madest in here. the outlier here is reagan national at 91. only 86 in leesburg. quantico, 85 at andrews. it's 91 downtown. that is a fluke. that is the temperature there. everybody else is very comfortable. with the combination of the temperatures below average and the humidity levels in check it will be comfortable tonight, tomorrow and wednesday. we will see increase in the humidity later. the summer heat will return slowly the next few days. minimal rain chances this week. another cool stretch possible to get toward the weekend and early next week. as far as this monday evening goes the last evening of july, we will see the temperatures drop slowly from the 80 to the 70's. ideal for any outdoor activities. but early tomorrow morning many suburban areas are in the 60's with the clear skies. quiet image with the satellite and radar. to get in the mountains, there are still mountain showers
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for the day on wednesday. 26 to 72 -- 62 to 72 for the range. tomorrow looks delightful. early temperatures in the 70's climbing to the upper 80's. the humidity levels will be low enough and comfortable indeed. steve rudin will be back with a fresh look at the weekend and the activities coming up in 15 minutes. jonathan: i'll get the pad on your desk. thanks. an hour and a half ago president trump awarded his first medal of honor. retired army spermists james mcclueen risked his life in number of times to rescue ten wounded soldiers in vietnam in may of 1969. despite being wounded himself, the 22-year-old private refused medical treatment to stay with his unit. president trump: today, 320 million grateful american hearts the private has one immortal title.
4:36 pm
jonathan: wearing that a long time. congratulations to him. after leaving the army, mc mccluenn became high school teacher and coach in michigan. well deserved. nancy: absolutely. local police officers making the summer fun-filled and safe for kids. in the "spotlight on education" kellye lynn takes us to the youth academy doing the job. kellye: for six weeks of the summer, students in southeast community have a place to go where they find structure, safety, security. >> we have 20 m.p.d. personnel that is enriching the lives of the young people that attend the academy daily. kellye: the metropolitan police department summer youth academy provides meals and educational and sports-related activities at field trips at no cost. officers hope the time together will improve the way young people view police. >> we met a young girl and
4:37 pm
i say "terrified" and i mean terrified. now she is in the program and we can't keep her out of a police car. >> 75 children between the ages of 5 and 13 learning about the positive side of policing. >> our success as a police agency depends on it. we must have the trust of the community in order to do our jobs. we want the society to continue to flourish. we have to invest in our young people now. >> does everybody remember what we say at the end of our poem? kellye: in southeast at d.c. public charter school, kellye lynn, abc7 news. nancy: look at the smiles! it's sponsored by the d.c. police foundation. jonathan: very great program. nancy: absolutely. jonathan: good stuff. coming up at 4:00 -- >> i probably delivered since i started over a thousand babies. jonathan: but i
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jonathan: back now with a disgusting side of the bottom of niagara falls. thank goodness you can't smell through the television. the water was turning black over the weekend because it was -- wait for it -- human waste. nancy: oh, n
4:41 pm
tourists on board the maid of the mist. the water comes over and the mist sprays you. nancy: thank you for spelling it out there. jonathan: not so much. it smelled horrible. the city water board says it's normal discharge from a treatment plant up river and doesn't pose a threat. just that it stinks. nancy: vacation to remember. for sure. busy weekend on the water for rescue crews. in rhode island a towing company called in a coast guard to save two 15-year-old boys. the 2 is-foot -- 21-foot boat lost power and the coast guard had to bring each boy to safety. neither were hurt. jonathan: in colorado, a swift water rescue team came to the aid of a man and his dog. they became trapped when a dry creek bed became a raging river after a heavy rain. flash floods are tough. no one was injured in this case. a couple on the water
4:42 pm
fight a wildfire. nancy: laurie started to shoot this after noticing smoke on shore in british columbia. she saw another boat come in, splashing water on the fire. a fire truck showed up later to finish the job. jonathan: that is a jet boat. those are great. we called them squirt guns. did its job. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> absolutely over the moon. it's beautiful. jonathan: you are going to love this guy. 101-year-old d-day veteran. what he did over the weekend to earn a surprise military guard of honor this morning. nancy: but first, before you start back-to-school shopping. "7 on your side" to make sure you don't waste your money jonathan: next week join us with stuff the bus. we will work to collect school supplies for kids across the area. next thursday, august 10, at the safeway on 14th street in southeast d.c. come on by to say hi. we look forward to seeing you.
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nancy: well, can you believe it? tomorrow marks the start of back-to-school month. virginia tax-free shopping runs from the 4th to the 6th. in maryland it's the 13th to
4:46 pm
before you run up the credit card bill, consumer reporter john matarese shows us how to keep the costs down so you don't waste your money. john: the average parent in the d.c. area will spend over $500 on back-to-school shopping this year. according to the national retail federation. that doesn't include buying a laptop. we went to the store with a savings blogger who shares secrets to cut the cost. don't want to bust the budget back to school? take tips from the savvy mom of two boys. >> i would look at my list first. john: the author of "the adventure mom" took us shopping at target. >> the first secret much as she loves target she says don't shop just one store. >> you want to be able to take advantage of different deals going on at each store. >> for instance, staples will often have school items for a penny. check the ad or flyer. check wal-mart. target for discount fashion and
4:47 pm
uniforms. plus you can use -- >> use apps to help you. >> she says the apps shop save i have, red laser and target's cart wheel will steer you to the lowest priced supplies but don't buy the cheap backpacks or they may fall apart by christmas. look for lifetime warranties. >> jam port is a little higher price point but they have a lifetime guarantee. spend more and it will last the whole year. >> resist the urge to buy the cool fall and winter clothing yet. instead hit the sales for the summer clothing right now. >> there are a lot of great deals on summer clothing. >> she doesn't buy long pants until october when they go on sale. >> i suggest the type of items to wear for a while. $ for athletic shorts. they will wear it most of the year. john: even if you don't have kids in school this is one of the best time to buy office supplies at stores. look for sales through august so you don't waste your
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amazing. she was there to have her own baby. but an off-duty obgyn delivered another one before she had hers. dr. amanda hess arrived at the hospital when a husband her another woman screaming. that patient was down the hall. her con stractions speeding up. the on-call doctor wasn't there yet. really? so even though she was nine months pregnant and ready to go, she went to scrubs and went to work. >> i had seen her a few times in the pregnancy. so i put another gown to cover my back side. it looked normal. i don't think you could tell except for back i was in a hospital gown. jonathan: the baby girl was delivered without any problem at all and then doctor hess had her own baby 12 hours later of the both moms and babies are doing great and now they shir a bond. nancy: that is true dedication. jonathan: she ran in with a apron. ventilation behind you.
4:49 pm
questions. good for all of them. jonathan: dedication. nancy: it is. jonathan: now time to check in with alison starling in the newsroom to tell us what is coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". alison: my new hero, by the way. what a story! john, of course, you know we are following breaking news. another major personnel shakeup at the white house to tell you about. coming up at 5:00, what delayed the indictment of an hiv-positive school aide accused of sexually abusing two dozen children. what the "7 on your side" watchdog team uncovered about this. and the chicago cubs find a unique way to make up with a fan turned world series scapegoat. we will see you coming up at 5:00. jonathan: see you then. nancy: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. the judge ordinarying the f.a.a. to take a closer look at what he -- judge ordering f.a.a. to take a closer look at what incredibly shrinking airline seat. ad vo cas group say the seats are just 17 inches wide.
4:50 pm
smaller than the early 2000's. the space between the seats decreased from average of 35 inches to 31 inches. some bargain airlines have just 28 inches of leg room. >> the seats were designed for the way people were in the 1950's. obviously people have gotten larger. they have gotten older. they have gotten taller. nancy: while the f.a.a. is not responsible for regulating leg room based on comfort it does consider it when testing safety of commercial flights. jonathan: you realize if a judge orders more room they will build a shrine in his likeness. a man 73 years ago stormed the beaches of normandy has another honor tonight. over the weekend, 11-year-old hayes received his guinness world record for oldest tandem parachute jump in a ceremony befitting his hero status he was recognized not just for the jump in may but for what he did decads
4:51 pm
>> it was an absolute surprise. i never had a clue what was happening. not one clue. >> i'm just settling in now. i have seen one or two friends, real friends. it's enjoyable. jonathan: first of all he does not look 101. he looks fantastic. congratulations on all of it. thank you for your service. hayes tandem jump raised nearly $5,000 for fellow british veterans. he did it for a good cause as well. nancy: i love him! 101 years old. steve: i like the medals. did you see that? cool stuff. jonathan: i want to dive out of planes when i'm 101. steve: we will be there cheering you on. go, john, go! we made it through the weekend. wow, friday night to saturday we pegged it. five, six, seven inches of rain some areas now. we are drying out nicely. a nice stretch of days on the way. get out and enjoy it.
4:52 pm
weekend. outside we go. national harbor. clouds out there. temperatures are comfortably warm. 91 at reagan national airport. cooler at dulles at 84. winchester 81. fredericksburg at 87. there are a few showers dotting the radar well west of i-81. not going to amount to a lot. it stays dry around the immediate metro. moving through the evening hours. so if you the barbecue plans or outdoor swimming looking really nice out there. temperatures tonight are widespread. lower 60's. northern and western areas to 70 to 72 inside the beltway. we will see mainly clear skies. waking up for tuesday morning a nice mix of sun and clouds. temperatures are middle to upper 60's. they won't stay there long. sunshine. the strong sun angle for the first day of august. looking good. noontime. partly cloudy skies. may see a stray shower here or there. nothing to rearrange plans around.
4:53 pm
shower tomorrow it's not going to last long. maybe is a, 20 minutes or -- 15, 20 minutes or so. highs tomorrow are 80 degrees. feels like 89. 90 on wednesday. same thursday. heat index values are higher for day on thursday. let's talk about the upcoming weekend. of you will get out of town early on friday. temperatures in the upper 80's. scattered showers and thunderstorms. middle 80's on sunday with a few storms again. on saturday, i should say. sunday looking good. temperatures around 85. nice mix of sun and clouds. quick look at the ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. once we get through the weekend temperatures to the middle to upper 80's on monday and tuesday. below average for this time of the year as we wind down the end of next week. nancy: thank you very much. next at 4:00 -- making it official. after a month of hinting prince george's county top prosecutor is officially in the running for county executive. what angela alsobrooks
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
nancy: prince george's county top prosecutor wants to serve the county in a different way. she announced she is running for county executive.
4:57 pm
[applause] >> angela alsobrooks emerged today from her childhood home in camp spring to announce she wants to be the next county executive. it was a block party atmosphere with her own father james providing the introduction. >> an la, my daughter, and angela the candidate are the same person. brad: angela alsobrooks has been the county's top prosecutor since 2011. before that she held pointed positions in the county government and she told the crowd of supporters she spent 20 years preparing to lead the county. >> today we are here for the next chapter. to fulfill our promise. all of the values i learned right here in prince george's county are the reason i am running for county executive. brad: she joined the state senator c. anthony muse. muse tried to paint alsobrooks as establishment can't date but she says she
4:58 pm
agenda. >> a safety community. quality education for the children. security and stability for the aging relatives. good paying jobs for an eager workforce looking for a hand up, not a hand out. brad: alsobrooks got the loudest cheer of support when she promised to restore twice a week trash pickup in prince george's county. for now this is a two-person race with senator muse and alsobrooks but there is speculation that former representative donna edwards may enter the race. in camp springs brad bell, abc7 news. alison: right now at 5:00, another shocker on pennsylvania avenue. white house newest official sent packing. child porn, assault and he worked at three area schools. plus, he is hiv positive. now this case just got even worse. and vacation plans ruined on the outer banks but not by the weather. "7 on your side" shows you the smart way to protect your
4:59 pm
announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. alison: another major shakeup at the white house. this time it's anthony scaramucci who is out the door. jonathan: scaramucci only been on the job as communications direct for for 11 days and included a vocal introductory news conference and then the foul mouth phone call to reporter at "new yorker." alison: this coincides with general kelly taking over as white house chief of staff. kevin lewis outside the white house with what we know and reaction as well. kevin? kevin: the reaction is shock over how short of the teen your scaramucci had. there have been laughs and jokes, too. a man facetiously asking, "i wonder if scaramucci's wife will now take him back." after a
5:00 pm
house, anthony scaramucci re-signing as communication director -- resigning as the communication director calling what is called president trump's worst week in office, white house infighting going to the public realm and failed attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. the resignation coming the same day that trump announced a new sheriff. well, general in town. president trump: we just swore in general kelly. he will do a fantastic job, i have no doubt. president trump: we respect him, admire what he has done. at homeland, what he has done has been nothing short of miraculous. a white house official says his dismissal comes at the hand of the new chief of staff who thought the communications director was not disciplined and had already burned his


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