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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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house, anthony scaramucci re-signing as communication director -- resigning as the communication director calling what is called president trump's worst week in office, white house infighting going to the public realm and failed attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. the resignation coming the same day that trump announced a new sheriff. well, general in town. president trump: we just swore in general kelly. he will do a fantastic job, i have no doubt. president trump: we respect him, admire what he has done. at homeland, what he has done has been nothing short of miraculous. a white house official says his dismissal comes at the hand of the new chief of staff who thought the communications director was not disciplined and had already burned his
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direction for republicans on capitol hill. hoping general kelly would bring order to the administration and revitalize the president's stalled agenda. >> he is someone who has a tremendous amount of experience in building teams, developing individuals and identifying the strengths and weaknesses. camaraderie. discipline. kevin: despite the revolving door of west wing personnel president trump saying in a tweet that there is no chaos in his administration live outside the white house, kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. stay up to date on breaking news wherever you are. go to sign up to have it sent to your phone or pad. alison: developing tonight a major indictment in charles county. prosecutors now say school aide and coach carlos bell had at least two doesen victims. bell is
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is accused of sexually molestic young boys and recording the acts. brad bell following the disturbing story. you just learned of breaking developments, right? brad: in the last hour or so the charles county public school system announced they have removed from benjamin stoddert, the school where much of this happened, allegedly happened, the principal. his name was kenneth shrek. he has been taken out of here and brought to the central administration building. an interim principal has been named to get going on the start of the school year which is now just several weeks away. the reason clearly stated by the school system, this big indictment. look how thick it is. look how many pages. we showed you the four'm one of black dots is a scratched out name of a very young victim. the judge revealed allegations in the words of a charles county superintendent of schools. horrif
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boys under the age of 14. 11 different type of crime against children. all allegedly committed by former teacher's aide and track coach carlos bell inside benjamin stoddert middle school and at bell's waldorf home. in all, the new indictment includes 119 counts. meaning if bell is convicted he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> there are 12 counts of child sexual abuse. that charge carries 25-year potential sentence. 25 years. we also have a total of 48 second degree sex offense charges. each one of those offenses carries 20-year sentence. brad: so you heard the state's attorney. each one of those charges could carry the 25 or 10-year
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awful lot of time. the state attorney wanting to make the point today that the investigation is by no means over. they are continuing to talk to people. it's expected that this case will grow. that there will be even more charges. you mentioned at outset that the suspect in case carlos bell is himself hiv positive. sources are telling me that so far none of the texting of the alleged victims turned up any evidence that they have been infected. in waldorf, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, thanks. charles county prosecutors previously told the "7 on your side" i-team that bell's indictment was delayed for months because of a crime backlog. now "7 on your side" government watchdog nathan baca reporter tells us what is being done to fix the growing problem. nathan: detectives put confiscated cell phones inside lock boxes while searching for evidence to prevent people from rem
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data. >> i can go into settings. nathan: this is the inside of the maryland state police digital crime lab. the case backlog keeps growing. >> it puts on a pace to 180 cases coming in for this year. >> is that a lot? >> that is a lot. if you look at last year, 2016 for the entire year, we only took in 131 cases. >> maryland state senator susan lee pledges to fix this problem. >> what can be done to fix the backlog? >> we can fix the backlog providing the adequate funding they need to hire staff, to train the current staff and also to update the equipment. >> senator lee says the biggest challenge is getting fellow lawmakers to care about computer evidence collection. >> every day that we go, not address this is a day when we are exposing our most precious and our most vulnerable to online predators. >> but beyond technology, state crime labs need
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detectives willing to undergo constant mental stress. >> it can take a toll. it's not easy to come home from a long day of looking at gigabytes of child pornography. and then just drop it. >> to help the maryland lawmakers set aside $2 million for the digital crime labs but the detectives and the political leaders agree more needs to be done to collect digital evidence. nathan baca, abc7 news. alison: parts of the beach at ellicott city are closed off after a body was found this morning. people reported seeing a body on the beach near second street about 6:30. police have not said how the person died. they say the body was covered in sand making it hard to determine even the gender of the person. the investigation is ongoing. jonathan: police right now on the lookout for the person who shot a 10-year-old girl with a b.b. gun. this happened while the girl was playing on mcdowell court not far from dumfries shopping center. the girl was hit in the arm. she is expected to be
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alison: a massive police search is underway in virginia after a mother, her child and a young cousin vanished without a trace. the three were last seen friday night. q mccray talked to the missing woman's mother. he joins us live with the latest on the developing story tonight. q? q: that mother's name is a bringna jewel. she invited us in her home. we had a long talk with her. she told us her daughter's car was worked here on the parking lot and she is baffled now because she has no idea where they are. she says it's unusual for her daughter to go anywhere and not tell her where she is. let alone with the children. >> a lot of emotion, fear of the unknown. >> sabrina jewel's mind has been racing since friday night. when her daughter courtney ash, her grandson cameron martin and her cousin jaylin sills russell jr. left the house. >> that is the last time i saw or heard from them.
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since. the loudoun county sheriff office passing around a flyer. jewel is staying optimistic. >> i don't want to think anything bad. so i'm trying not to think negatively. i want to be positive about the whole ordeal. q: jewel told us they left her house at 11:30 p.m. in a rainstorm to drive to the relatives house. we decided to make the drive for ourselves from a parking lot in ashburn to her uncle's place in leesburg. there are only a couple of options to the drive. 12-mile trek that takes 20 minutes. a drive that ashe made dozens of times times in the past. that is why the grand mother is confused and concerned. >> we want to let her know we love her very much and we want her to come home. no one is upset with her. q: another look at the flye
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if you have any information give them a call. jonathan: tropical storm emily is bringing rain and kicking up the wind for sure. it will be coast to coast soon. at this hour the biggest problems are swamped streets and power outages. estimated 18,000 homes and businesses without power. out our own door not even close. it's beautiful out there. a relatively mild end to july. it may stick around for august. but that is coming up tomorrow. stormwatch7's meteorologist steve rudin is tracking it for us. you couldn't have asked for a nicer sunday following the rain. doug: steve said thank you, john. we'll have a pleasant stretch here. we will get back to the 90-degree mark. the next few days. humidity levels will creep up. but it's not dramatic. no extreme weather expected soon. humidity levels are under control. go that way and talk about the beautiful day
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oh, gorgeous. belle habe country club, alexandria, blue skies. fair weather clouds. the temperature is 88. through the early everything it's ideal for any activities. slowly drop in the late night to the mid-70's. as far as the radar goes, we have a cell that west of urbana. we have seen this with the higher ridges and the mountains. that will continue at times tomorrow. i think wednesday is the first chance in metro area we may see isolated shower. overnight delightful with clear skies. 62 to 72 is the range of temperatures. as we get through the day tomorrow another sunny day. warm in upper 80's. comfortable humidity levels. we check out the weekend and the next ten days in ten minutes. alison: thank you. "7 on your side" with health matters now. people living near new carrollton need to be ready for mosquito spraying. spray willing begin in a few hours after a mosquito caught in a trap tested positive for west nile virus. no human cases have been
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reported. tomorrow, spraying will focus from lanham woods to chestnut ridge. still to come here at 5:00, a manmade disaster forces an evacuation on the outer banks. what every person planning a vacation should know if something similar ruins your plans. jonathan: plus a shock video. airport worker punching a man who is holding a baby. how things got to this point. alison: relief for your seat. the court ruling raising new questions and what is dubbed the case of the incredible shrinking airline seat. jonathan: first, though, the tennis world comes to d.c. first day of the main draw at the citi open. what to watch for is next at "abc7 news at 5:00". coming right what to watch for is next at "abc7 news at 5:00". coming right i'm the one clocking in... when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can also help with this.
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tournament? >> this is very exciting. we have dominic in the top ten. we have former winner here. milos raonis asked for a wild card at the last minute. it's exciting. you are going down to nick curious and next gen stars. if they were going to the seed they would play in the third round. that is strong. terrific depth. erin: on the women's side world number two simona halep. we spoke to her. she is talking about taking the pressure off herself to try to get points to go for the world number one ranking. what is that like for her? what must she be going through now? being so close, she has had a few opportunities and missed out. >> she has really missed out in the last few months. the. french open final she was at set, three love and if she won it, she would have been the world number one but she didn't win that. in the quarterfinals at wimbledon, she was up a set
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so a little scar tissue and bad members there. she entered this tournament on a wild card as well. i think it is important for her to have a great week. she needs a lot of wins. if she should take the title it would be important for her confidence with the open around the corner. >> with serena williams out, she is about to have a baby. what is this like? she has been dominant in women's tennis for so long. it's opened it up for people like simona halep to get the number one stop. there are three women moving up and down. >> serena is eight months pregnant so it's been a spring and early part of the summer that has been a real opportunity for the rest of the players. we saw elena win the french open. she was ranked number 47 in the world. erin: wow! >> the first career title ever. so some of the players have taken advantage of that. a lot of the time that maria sharapova was out. three of
5:17 pm
women's tennis were all out at the same time. now they are coming back gradually. sharapova and then serena probably in january next year. erin: interesting time looking at the women side. thank you, tracy. we look forward to talking to her all week at the citi open. back to you. jonathan: thank you very much. we'll talk weather with doug, don't call me steve. alison: you were on vacation. doug: i do that. jonathan: did you have a good time? doug: i had a blast. i brought the weather back. jonathan: you are a giveer. alison: we missed you. doug i'm that kind of guy. we just have a seasonal warm-up. a little moisture in the air. gorgeous at the belle habe country club. no rain. we saw showers a while ago west of urbana in upper montgomery county. otherwise it's delightful for the outdoor plans. with the humidity levels, the feels like tem
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sometimes higher than the air temperature. most areas now the feels like is the exact same number as the air temperature. for the end of july and the early august that is good stuff. 84 at 7:00 tonight and the sun will go down at 8:20. 76 by 79:00 tonight. the temperatures overnight will drop to lower levels. look at the numbers. winchester. 60 degrees tomorrow. 62 in martinsburg. 70 downtown. a shower is moving south and west. heading to dickerson in that area now. that is about it. tomorrow afternoon and wednesday there could be showers. isolated around the area. a lot of showers across florida. this induced by the tropical storm emily this morning that is moving across. still has circulation but over the land totally now. once it gets farther east. just off south of cape canaveral tomorrow morning the hurricane center says it will
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later today, the winds are up to 40 miles per hour. it won't get stronger. no indications that it will be a hurricane. rather a low end tropical storm and make its way to the open waters of the atlantic ocean. around here the changes are subtle but noticeable. tomorrow is 88. humidity is the same. they creep up wednesday as the air temperature hits 90. there could be isolated thunderstorms getting through the time period. we mention again the isolated mainly west of the metro area. with get to thursday. but then friday and saturday a cold front is approaching and it's still 88 on friday. 85 on saturday. the temperatures will come down. looking ahead to sunday, it looks like thism coming sunday is much like yesterday. low to mid-80's. the humidity levels are down. a lot of sunshine. lo
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nine days of august starting tomorrow. no, the first ten days of august. here we go. 88 to 90 wednesday and thursday. and friday 30% chance of storms in the afternoon. thunderstorms are a possibility. 85 in the afternoon with a front. that could impact the united game at r.f.k. the final day of the citi open is spectacular. next week we may have highs in the lower 80's. august can be full of surprises. sometimes hot, sometimes not so much. but for first ten days or so. looks sweet to me. later for august and september we could get hot stretches again. jonathan: somebody pushes the sauna button. alison: enjoy this now. jonathan: good to have you back. doug: thanks. jonathan: still ahead for us, the billest goat in history of the billy goat curse. but the team trying to make nice to him. alison: the f.a.a.
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a say on how much hip and leg room you have on the next flight. jonathan: airport working punching a man holding a child. the story behind the
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jonathan: british airline easy jet doing damage control after photo of a man punching a passenger who was holding a baby at the time. this has gone viral. a lot of folks talking about it. easy jet says hey, not so fast. he works for airport contractor, not for the airline. the incident happened, as the passengers waited to board a flight from nice, france, to london. the frustration boiled over after 13-hour delay led to raised voices, pushing and eventually this punches. alison: wow! uncle sam could give you more room on some airlines. right now the f.a.a. is considering setting a minimum size for seats. as danya bacchus reports, the legal battle that a judge dubbed the case of the incredible shrinking seat. danya: we see more images like this. cabin con conley fronnations -- cabin confrontations and stressed out passengers in what is considered the not so friend
5:25 pm
on the top of it all, fliers are losing leg room. >> stuff us into airplanes like we're sardines. >> the u.s. court of appeals orderedded the f.a.a. to look at the amount of space passengers have on commercial planes. after ad vo cassy group challenged the f.a.a. saying the cramped planes are a safety hazard and the government needs to do something about it. >> it does not appear that people can get out with the smaller seats. recently there was an evacuation for a burning engine in an aircraft. it took five minutes instead of 90 seconds. >> according to flyers' rights the sid width has decline and the space between the seats also decreased going from afternoon of 35 inches to 31. with some bargain airlines having just 28 inches of leg room. >> that is almost
5:26 pm
it always to change. the new evidence of safety gives the f.a.a. the opportunityk to look into this. >> comfort is something that the f.a.a. does not look at but they consider it when testing and assessing the safe evacuation of an aircraft. they are now studying the ruling. danya bacchus, abc7 news. jonathan: still ahead for us at 5:00, stop and look at this. you will want to show the video to the kids. the next time they gripe about wearing a bicycle helmet they might want to talk to this guy. the boy whose life was saved. coming up. alison: plus, heroism recognized 50 years later. the courage under fire that earned him the medal of honor. jonathan: vacation plans ruined and evacuation order. what anyone needs to know if you are
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does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. jonathan: take a look at the tv. this is an eerie scene. the busy tourist destination of ocracoke and hatteras is nearly empty. it was evacuated after they severed the power feed to the island. the north carolina governor says it could be two weeks before the power
5:30 pm
restored. the outage has many in our area scattered to fix shattered vacation plans. "7 on your side" scott taylor joining us with the answers on how to protect yourself if your vacation is canceled without warning. do people forced off the island have resource to recover the money? >> if they have travel insurance of any kind maybe. but if you don't have it, you better hope you booked with people who are extremely nice. and you can get your money back. >> 50,000 vacationers forced to evacuate the outer banks. the governor declaring a state of emergency. >> this is the only gas station that has power. >> it started thursday when a construction crew drove a steel casing thursday the underground lines to two islands and cut off the power to almost 8,000 customers. only islands residents were allowed to stay.
5:31 pm
every day we don't do business we lose thousands of dollars. >> a.a.a. in brandywine tells "7 on your side" if you are one of the 50,000 booted off the island or have future plans to go and you are travel insurance you should be covered. >> i do millions of dollars in travel. pay the money and take off days of work it's a lot of money to not insure. it's important. >> check to see if your credit card has free travel insurance. the friends at says these cards do but read the fine print. if booking with a third party check in to travel insurance. over the weekend getting ahead of a third party online booker can be tough. >> is it's pretty disappointing. we had another day l
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scott: i want you to remember to read the terms and the conditions of any travel insurance policy you get. way you price compare to get what you want so you are not left with a big bill. and no vacation. scott taylor, abc7 news. jonathan: now frustrating. thanks. checking the top stories for you. after just ten days on the job anthony scaramucci is out at the white house communications director. this comes hours after retired marine four star general took over as the new chief of staff. in a statement, they said that scaramucci felt it was best to see if it was best to give him the clean slate to build his own team. alison: carlos bell charged with molestic two dozen boys under the age of 14. they claim he assaulted them inside benjamin stoddert middle school and at his home in waldorf. bell is hiv positive. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. jonath:
5:33 pm
for a mother and two children reported missing over the weekend. her mork, the young son and cousin driving back to leesburg after visiting family members in ashburn late friday night but they never made it. that was two days ago. they were last seen riding in a 2002 blue ford taurus with virginia plates. alison: in a moving white house ceremony today president trump awarded his first medal of honor to an army medic who saved ten of the fellow soldiers in vietnam. elizabeth hur has the story. elizabeth: president trump honoring a hero. presented his first medal of honor to the army medic in phish for bravery and the sacrifice serving in the vietnam war. president trump: today we pay tribute to a veteran who went above and beyond the call of duty. elizabeth: receiverring the highest military recognition according to the white house for putting his own life o
5:34 pm
the line. despite being wounded himself he saved the lives of others. >> specialist mccluen we honor you, we salute you. with god as your witness we thank you for what you did for all of us. elizabeth: the now 71-year-old retired teacher and coach was among a dozen local vietnam veterans honored for service. mccluen known as "doc" says he prefers to be called "jim" and the honor from the president is a tribute to all his men. >> to have the guys here and be in the setting instead of the rice patties and the jungles of vietnam not knowing what the fate of your life is
5:35 pm
, you couldn't get much better than this. elizabeth: there are nine medal of honor recipients in the u.s. elizabeth hur, >> was news. alison: a true legend indeed. back at home, silver spring based discovery communications plans to buy scripps networks ns in $12 billion deal. if approved by the shareholders and the federal regulators it would include discovery channel, h.g.t.v. and the food network. both companies are dealing with lower ratings and increased competition as the consumers drop cable and the satellite subscriptions for digital streaming services. jonathan: still ahead for us here -- >> he dropped over. oh my gosh! someone please help him. the video you want to show your children the next time they gripe about wearing helmets while robin
5:36 pm
bike. q: we have the "7 on your side" wall of justice next. >> big changes could be coming for the annapolis market house. we will tell you about the plan on the historic building. alison: but first a sneak peek at tomorrow's "good morning washington." >> thank you. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- >> now is the best time of the year for back to school savings. don't miss the save i have back to school shopping sec -- savvy back to school shopping secrets. >> why quitting alcohol cold turkey without special treatment can be more deadly than kicking heroin. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes at 4:25 a.m. on "good morning washington." you each drive a ford pickup right? yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.. the current chevy silverado it's the chevy summer drive. get 17% below msrp on all silverado 1500 lt pickups.
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q: hello. welcome to "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. we have a special alert for you from the melt police department who are looking for a robbery suspect who made an interesting choice for his disguise to pull off a crime. peering down the aisle with a scarf wildly wrap arp his head, face and neck. he goes to counter and demands money. he makes a motion like he has a gun in his pocket. then he grabs the money. the police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. call the metropolitan police department if you have information about the suspect. now take a look at the wall of justice. d.c. police are looking for anthony. a.k.a. dink. he is accused of beating up his roommate. breaking his rib and
5:41 pm
they also want darius jackson for allegedly roughing up his ex-girlfriend and putting a gun in her face. in anne arundel county, montoya facing assault and charge abuse counties. in calvert county, thirls edward thomas was charged with escape, theft and driving with a suspended license charges. they also want johnson who is accused of beating and biting a woman facing malicious wounding charge. if you recognize any of the fugitives call the police. last weak we told you about earl jennings wanted for upskirting in loudoun county. he was arrested two days after the story aired. i'm q mccray. we will see you next week for another edition of "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. jonathan: the death of a c.v.s. manager is now investigated as a murder. they found his body in a bumpster and now say they he was shot to death but there is no reason to believe there is a threat
5:42 pm
saved by a bike he melt. next the crash that left a child battered and bruised and the bike helmet that saved his life. sam: this goes up in southwest are the owner of d.c. united talking about selling the team? i'm sam ford. that is next on
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alison: an 8-year-old boy in washington state thankful to be alive after a car hit him while he was riding his bike. now his name is zaden cochran and he is crediting his helmet for saving him. look at that. riding with his brother. he turned a corner and he collided with a vehicle and then went airborne. >> he was already in the air. is that his bike? then he dropped on it. oh, my gosh. someone help him! wear a helmet. it's very safe. if you end up crashing you could pass away. >> they treated him for a crack in the spine. he is expected to make a full recovery. look at the damage on the he thet.
5:46 pm
on the scene. the police say that the speed was not a factor here. jonathan: a great reminder. surprising report, the "new york times" claims that d.c. united could be on the verge of an ownership change. the reality is far from cut and dry. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is sorting through this for us and what have you found out about this? sam: well, i'm outside the site of the new d.c. united stadium. the stadium that is being constructed for d.c. united. the "new york times" yesterday quoting people briefed on the discussion said that the owners of the d.c. united are considering selling the team. the d.c. united however today issued a statement saying the team is not for sale. the report from the "new york times" is incorrect. the d.c. soccer team had three principal owners. one will change so his 35% stake in the team last fall. a
5:47 pm
owners had been dealing with zoning, financing and construction and are now getting around to replace this. they plan to replace him in a strategic partner of the minority role. and d.c. paying cost of infrastructure for stadium. we asked councilmember jack evans if he is concerns about the issues. >> i am not concerned about the deal. it's solid. >> there is nats baseball stadium which is close to this stadium here. that is in southeast. this is southwest. whoever buys the stadium is committed to continuing instruction here. continuing the construction here
5:48 pm
the stadium is set to open in a year. reporting live from southwest washington i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: thank you. we are learning more about new jersey governor chris christie's weekend face-off with a fan at a baseball game. >> er so the man on the receiving end of christie's wrath said the governor was upset because he called him a hypocrite. >> i yelled his name and said he sucked. i called him a hypocrite because i thought it needed to be said. he then turned around and walked all the way back toward me and got up in my face for what seemed like a long time. it was probably only 30 seconds or a minute. alison: you might remember a few weeks ago fans booed christie when he caught a foul ball a
5:49 pm
rate of any governor in the country at 15%. jonathan: he has that going for him. the chicago cubs are turning the page on an incident that is infamous. watch the game. fan named steve bartman, name is forever burned in the minds. he appeared to interfere with a foul ball when the team was five outs from winning the pennant. instead the team, what they have done in the past, collapsed in the same inning drawing hatred and death threats for bartman who had to go into hiding. today is a different story. they have won the series. the team made up with bartman presenting him with his own 2016 world series ring. in a statement to wgn tv bartman said he is deeply moved and his family will cherish the ring for generations he called on the sports fans and the media to avoid what he called harsh scapegoating and i'm sure the team is saying to bartman leave your glove at home. alison: i
5:50 pm
him. it has been miserable. jonathan:'m not a cubs fan. i feel terrible for him. alison: let's switch gears to talk about the weather. doug is back from vacation. good to have you back. doug: nice to be back and have the gorgeous weather. this is rehoboth beach. a lot of people are still on the beaches enjoying the surf. the comfortable temperatures and unjuly 31 like temperatures. around the rest of the area, 88 in washington. 87 in reston. fredericksburg at 86. 84 in annapolis. 83 in woodbridge. all with the bright sunny skies. to the evening and the metro area, just about ideal for any outdoor activities. we will drop from 84 degree range around 7:00. to the mid-70's by 11:00. by tomorrow morning we will have the temperatures in the 60's. 65, mid-60's. ashburn and fairfax. lower for germantown and manassas. 65 in waldorf. 66 in largo in the morning and
5:51 pm
so for the first day of august we have plenty of sunshine in the forecast. we will mention as we have seen today a couple of isolated showers or thunderstorm that could briefly develop over the mountainous areas. nice weather. humidity levels increase wednesday and thursday. the afternoon showers and the thunderstorms later in the week. i it looks like friday and saturday is the best chance of showers and storms. the weekend outlook, showers and cold front at 85. gorgeous weather for sunday. most of the showers and the storms are hopefully out of here by the game between toronto and d.c. united. that will be live on newschannel8. back at 6:00 with a fresh look at the weekend and the next ten days. alison: see you then. thank you. check on sports now. robert burton is live in richmond now. day four of the redskins training camp. hey, robert. how is it going out there? robert: well, it's not as h
5:52 pm
i'll start off by saying that. me and the weather have a great relationship right now. as far as training camp goes this is where you try to get the number one spot. guys vying for the starting spot. if you want it, this is the time to do it. but a guy that has tried to do it for a couple of years but he has been injured the two years. junior gallett. he tore his achilles in year one. year two he tore it again and the same time in the preseason. we sat down with him to talk health and a new year. you go through the injury situation. but you see the support. you see the fans here that want to see you get out there. what does it do for you? >> it's a blessing. it makes you want to go that much harder. i am seeing signs people saying welcome back. >> what is in the ba
5:53 pm
not just this year but the year before and year before? >> taking it one day at a time to get better. you go to the lab after you watch practice and you see mistakes that you made and you want to correct them. that is what it is for. >> redskins went heavy on the draft on defense. is that an insult or motivation? >> i don't think it's either. you are building what you have now. the defense, you want to have depth. you never know what will happen. robert: all right. the nats making the move by the trade deadline. the nats acquired kinsler from the twins for minor league left-handed pitcher tyler watson.
5:54 pm
jonathan: getting
5:55 pm
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jonathan: jack's story defines resiliency. he was adopted from a siberian orphanage, battled cancer and is now a clothing designer. jay korff has more. jay: jack's story began before he even knew his name. he was adopted from a russian orphanage. with each passing day the family grew closer. soon after his birthday he came crushing news. >> we saw the first symptom of something going wrong in halloween of 2015. he was exhausted. jay: there were complications to his leukemia. they could not find bone marrow donor so they opted for a risky stem cell transplant.
5:58 pm
that is the toughest decision i ever made. jay: while jack was fighting for his life last year at duke university, someone with a hauntingly similar story came for a visit. >> jack is a warrior. >> jake titlebaum was diagnosed with cancer and also had to have a stem cell transplant. in a powerful abc7 web exclusive you will see only on, a story called "jack's socks" find out how jake, a young entrepreneur collaborated with jack to create a product now helping other children facing medical crisis. you will see every step of product from russia to a factory floor in north carolina to the dining room. where jack gets to see his design realized. >> found me in two different spots. >> jay korff, abc7 news.
5:59 pm
he does not have a role at this time in the trump administration. jonathan: anthony scaramucci is out. the why and what is next if white house shakeup drama. alison: plus a body found on the beach in ellicott city. what we just -- body found on the beach in ocean city. what we just learned about the person's identity. announcer: "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. alison: after ten days on the job, anthony scaramucci is out as white house communications director. jonathan: this is an announcement that came hours after general john kelly took over as the white house chief of staff and the latest move in a recent white house staff shake-up. alison: our kevin lewis is live outside the white house with reaction to what is going on today. kevin? kevin: this news is surprising because of scaramucci car's short shelf life in the west wing. but when you take in context the vulgar interview he gave "the new yorker" many tourists passing the white house gate aren't
6:00 pm
his resignation follows what many call president trump's worst week in office. the white house infighting spilled to the public realm and there was a senate attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. a white house official telling cnn that scaramucci's dismissal came at the hands of the new chief of staff general kelly who thought the communications director was not disciplined and already burned his credibility. white house press briefing on the matter wrapped up a short while ago. >> i think anthony wants general kelly to operate fully with a clean slate, build his own team. at same time the president felt his comments were inappropriate. the two things aren't mutually exclusive. >> what was your reaction? >> i saw it coming. yes. >> 11 days. that is how long he lasted. >> not surprised. due to his comments.


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