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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  July 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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his resignation follows what many call president trump's worst week in office. the white house infighting spilled to the public realm and there was a senate attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. a white house official telling cnn that scaramucci's dismissal came at the hands of the new chief of staff general kelly who thought the communications director was not disciplined and already burned his credibility. white house press briefing on the matter wrapped up a short while ago. >> i think anthony wants general kelly to operate fully with a clean slate, build his own team. at same time the president felt his comments were inappropriate. the two things aren't mutually exclusive. >> what was your reaction? >> i saw it coming. yes. >> 11 days. that is how long he lasted. >> not surprised. due to his comments.
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will happen. hopefully this will get cleared and we can make america great again. kevin: despite the revol everring door of west wing personnel. president trump insisting today in a tweet that there is no chaos in his administration. we are live outside the white house, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: days after taking the white house position it was revealed last week that scaramucci's wife filed for divorce while she was pregnant. she gave birth to a baby boy last week. a spokesperson for scaramucci's wife says the divorce had nothing to do with president trump. for more on today's white house bombshell and the politics news go to the website nancy: we are monitoring a developing story from ocean city where a body found on the beach this morning has just been identified. i was found in the sand on second street in the heart of the boardwalk area of ocean city. police identifd
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30-year-old woman from plano, texas. they are treating this as a death investigation right now. they say the medical examiner will determine how she died. there has been strong currents in ocean city in the past couple of days. yesterday the coast guard had to rescue a swimmer as well as two lifeguards after they got caught up in strong currents. they were not hurt. alison, back to you. alison: nancy, thank you. meanwhile a prom mant d.c. attorney shot during -- prominent d.c. attorney shot in a home invasion in turks and caicos is out of the hospital. stephen tschida has more on the shooting on the victim and what it could mean for the island tourism as well. stephen: i spoke with michael jones' son a short while ago who says his father is on a plane he believes heading back to d.c. he is recovering from the gunshot wound. the good news for the jones family. also good newts for the folks here at georgetown university law school. mr. jones teaches here. a lot of people worried about
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the shooting over the weekend. >> after 10 friday night two masked men overpower a security guard and force their way to luxury beach house home on turks and caicos. 57-year-old michael jones prominent d.c. attorney and georgetown law professor shot confronting the suspects. >> it seemed like he got all the protection he could have gotten. i'm not sure if he could have done it better. >> jones airlifted to florida for treatment. his son says he is doing well and expects him to be released from the hospital and flown home imminently. the shooting follows another tourist on turkoglu last month. the victim was critically injured but survived. travel agents locally say there has been no drop in interest in caribbean vacations. kendall from st. vincent
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careful. >> the situations like that have gotten worse. >> they advise if you have some concerns and you are planning a caribbean vacation check with the locals. find out where the trouble spots are. you are probably safer going to a resort rather than respecting a private home. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: two more weeks is how long it could take to restore power on ocacoke or hatte areeas island. last week a construction crew accidentally cut power cable from the mainland that led to the mandatory evacuations of the tourists from both island at the height of the summer rush. >> the outer banks have faced storms
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that knocked out power. >> only one power cable was cut, not the three that the authorities originally feared. alison: a former charles county teacher's aide and a track coach with hiv now faces 119 count of child sex abuse and pornography. they say carlos bell molested two dozen young boys and recorded the assault. bell worked at the several schools in the county with the several community groups. he was arrested late last month. >> the war on terror. we understands some arrests taken place in sydney australia and the search continues now at the airport security high as a result of this. the police say they did foil an airplane terror plot. they were going after a plane. so far the police say four men have been arrested in the raids in sydney. those men are not charged of yet. the police would not confirm the report that the plan included using a poisonous
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plane. alison: coming up next, how peanut butter was used to help a dozen inmates escape prison. jonathan: dinner after repelling off of a bridge? the reason straight ahead. doug: it's absolutely beautiful outside. anything that you have planned outdoors in the evening the weather will cooperate. coming up, i will look ahead for the first ten days of august. what kind of weather
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. alison: the markethouse in annapolis has taken some hits. jonathan: it had hurricane damage but since reopening it's has other issues. alison: now there are plans to turn it over again. cheryl conner tells us what is next. >> it has all the charge of annapolis. >> she always makes a point to come back. >> you can find good food. >> the market house could ride another wave of change. i reopened four years ago following flood damage, and since then some vendors have left. the manager calls it a tough business. >> it's the wintertime and getting the local traffic to embrace us. >> the city owns the
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of the year. the city council may vote to extend it for the next council to consider since it's an election year or name a new manager with a new plan. instead of the boxes, a plan is bring in fresh refrigerator. >> they have proposal to remod the inside to ring up the alcohol sales. you eat oysters, you want a beer with it. >> lance comes in every day and hopes it doesn't mim nick main street. >> if you go downtown you see 11 more empty restaurants than in recent times so i would hate to see another soling like that happen. another empty shell. >> the council will decide what will go in and when the change will happen. in annapolis, cheryl conner, abc7 news. jonathan: right now we are getting breaking news in the newsroom from loudoun county. that is where police tell us the car belonging to a woman last
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been found. the car has been found. courtney ashe and her 5-year-old son and 9-year-old cousin were last seen leaving ashe's mother's house. she was supposed to be on the way to her uncle's home and she never got there. stay with us for updates as soon as we get them. alison: still to come why 100 people repelled off a bridge and then ate barbecue. jonathan: plus, the uptown aconnic sign in jeopardy of going away -- iconi
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alison: new details on the story now about how a dozen enmites escaped from an alabama jail sunday. the inmates used peanut butter to change the number above one of the cell doors. then investigators say one of the enmites tricked a young jail guard watching on a black and white monitor to opening the wrong cell. 11 of the inmates are back in custody tonight. jonathan: more than 100 people sat down for dinner brazil but they did it 65 feet in the air. it took the organizer two months to get enough
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seekers to take part in the record-breaking repel. 102 people sat a table that hung off an abandoned bridge in sao paulo. "guinness book of world records" has yet to rule on it yet. alison: that is a new one. it looks like los angeles will host the summer olympics in 2028. they have come to an agreement that would likely mean paris would get the 2024 games and l.a. in 2028. los angeles hosted the games in 1932 and, of course, 19842. the last time the united states hosted the olympic was in 2002. the winter games in salt lake city. jonathan: "7 on your side" has a heads up for you. a scam about jury duty phone scam. several people claim to get a call
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sheriff's office accusing the person of missing jury duty. the caller threatens jail time unless they pay a fine. the arlington county authorities say they never ask for money over the phone. if you think you have been a victim, the police would like to hear from you. alison: a new fight pitting neighbors against the power company and amazon. richard reeve explains what is going on. richard: at one point this road in haymarket, virginia, would see signs like this. >> i'm sure it would be a haphazard for us. richard: she and her family are concerned about a plan to install towers and carry electricity. >> the line is coming through our yards. richard: the idea is to provide power to a propose sad 28-ableer data center complex run by amazon subsidiary. >> we never wanted to be on harbor roa
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>> dominion argues that the current plan would 460 additional customers and 6,000 others will see the electric grid made stronger. >> one is that dominion will come in and take their land. and force people off the land. not true. riches the signs reflect the emotions going on here. a lot of folks are just worried. they think it will disrupt the community and impose environmental or health hazards. >> it is going to cut down the trees. if this route is selected the trees behind me will be gone. richard: the state corporation commission that regulates this is cutting back approval until it hears arguments from the supporters and the opponents. in haymarket, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: after 81 years the sign outside the iconic uptown theater is n
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first reported on the neighbor's outrage after anc filed application to change the sign on the landmark but we have received a statement from a.n.c. saying they now plan to keep the 1936 sign. they will, however, upgrade it to more energy efficient lighting. alison: that is good. the laurel police department praising one of its own for helping a woman in need. officer bennett johns paid for diapers after a grocery store said the woman tried to steal them. the woman ran out of money after buying groceries. in a facebook post the department said officer john paid $125 so the woman's -- paid $15 so the woman's child would not suffer. she was issued and ticket and told where she could get help. jonathan: the officers do so many nice things. good to report those. let's talk about the
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alison: today is nice, too. doug: you see the clouds over the mountains but it's generally a slow climb in the temperatures. you probably won't even notice. it's not extreme change. jonathan: perfect. doug: that is kind of it. can i go home now? alison: in a few minutes. doug: okay. talk about what is coming up. it's delightful this evening. look at the numbers. 83 in the metro at 7:00 tonight. 81 at 8:00. we drop to the 70's later tonight. the light winds and clear skies. this is a representation on the radar. this has to do with the height of the terrain. the winds coming out of the northeast. it's up in washington county. we may see it again. but the bottom line is nothing like you saw last week. a couple of guard variety showers and storms. the storms we have this morning are not so much garden variety.
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tropical storm emily that developed and then diminished in florida. it will be a tropical storm again tomorrow. but look at florida. wind and the rain this morning. this is in the fort myers area. this is a big surprise for the folks. this quickly subsided. you will see a little damage coming in. fort myers a few miles east of the gulf coast, florida. look at the rainfall totals. this is farther north. well northwest over orlando. 76 degrees now. 3.7 inches of rain in the areas in fort myers. they are pulling in plenty of rain today. this will be a tropical storm again tomorrow
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but it's going to eventually go to the colder waters of the atlantic ocean. wednesday is going to be about the same and near 90. looking ahead for the first ten days of august. we have 88, 90, 88. thunderstorm chances for friday and saturday. right now this looks like the thunderstorms could be out of here before the united game at 7:00 on saturday evening. weather for the citi open is delightful. and delightful for the final day. 48. pleasant next week as well. jonathan: great! thank you very much. alison: robert burton is standing by. he said earlier it's not as hot as he thought it would be. jonathan: year past he is dripping with sweat it's so hot. hey, robert. robert: sweat-free. a mircl
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i am feeling good right now. not feeling good about this. we are five days into this thing and somebody is already out for the year. we will explain coming up next in sports.
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robert: welcome back to redskins training camp. day five and nobody is already out for the season. running back keith marshall ruled out with a knee injury. gruden says marshall will have surgery tomorrow so they assigned running back kenny hiller. after workout we spoke to the fellow running backs to see how they are taking the news. here is what they had to say. >> the last thing you want, not let it be your last but set you back for some time. take advantage when you're out there and play hard. robert: the receiving corps keeps getting better. remember terrell pryor told erin hawksworth it's going to be a big year. how big? jay gruden is thinking colossal. >> he is a big physical great athlete.
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had he made the decision sooner in his career he'd be farther along. but he made it not long ago so he is where he is. he's a top guy in the league and just started playing. he is a physical freak. robert: nats making bullpen moves by the trade deadline. brandon kintzler in exchange for tyler watson from the twins. they needed that big time. back to you. jonathan: thanks. alison: all right. one last look at the weather. doug: all right. remind you that tonight at 11:00, steve rudin will check out the added heat and the humidity on the way to talk about the chances of the thunderstorms. in the meantime, a brief look ahead. upper 80's to near 90. slight increase in the humidity levels, too. but nothing extreme. maybe a few afternoon thunderstorms on wednesday and thursday. alison: sounds good. thank you, doug. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you very much for tuning in. see you back here at 11:00. get outside and enjoy it. have a good night.
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tonight, breaking news. forced out. after just 11 days on the job at the white house, the new communications director, anthony scaramucci brought in to clean house, is pushed out himself. the new chief of staff, general john kelly is in, and how the white house is explaining all of this tonight. also at this hour, tropical storm emily hits. the state of emergency. thousands without power. the outrage tonight. the young man accusing deputies of tasing him unnecessarily. dozens of times while in custody, saying he suffered from 40 taser burns on his body. taking down a passenger plane. what authorities are now


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