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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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in, a confederate statue destroyed. >> stop racism, fascism. in the district tonight and across the country, rallies against hate. jong-un is kim muttering right now. alison:
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still finishes his mission. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. high,: emotions running tensions boiling over, those feelings front and center as a group of protesters toppled a confederate monument in durham, north carolina. all of this after the violent and deadly protests ensure louisville this weekend. nancy: and now family and friends are mourning in the city is praying for healing. anna-lysa gayle has the latest from charlottesville. anna-lysa: just take a look at some of the words written here as part of the memorial for those impacted by the violence saturday, uva nurses for heather. tonight many are figuring out how to prevent this from happening again.
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united in charlottesville monday jamesg, hours after fields junior appeared in court. he is accused of running his car into a group of counter protesters during a white nationalist rally, killing heather heyer and injuring dozens. two troopers died in a helicopter crash as they were monitoring the situation. >> how do we honor the life of this woman who was simply trying to stand up for our community as a whole. >> we need an explanation of what the police strategy was, because it was inefficient and ineffective. anna-lysa: the police chief admits this. >> we lost three lives this weekend. i certainly have regrets. >> a lack of personnel and communication. we want to know why and what the plan is for the future. anna-lysa: they say the days
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negotiate this situation. anna-lysa: tonight, fields is being held without bond. governor terry mcauliffe said he is working on a commission with many community leaders to work on a legislative solution to prevent this from happening again. live in charlottesville, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. nancy: incidents across the country proving emotions are running high. in boston, a memorial to holocaust victims was smashed. in baltimore, two of four confederate monuments defaced, the most recent a 114-year statue covered in red paint. further south, a confederate statue known as "old joe" was removed, one of many being taken down. alison: from texas,
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nation's capital, a show of solidarity after the violence in charlottesville. in the district, hundreds are gathering with calls to build a brighter future. tom roussey has their message. one group in particular started at the white house and went through the city and chose to and their march here at a statue of a former confederate general that is right here in the district in judiciary square. marched0 demonstrators through the d.c. streets, in protest of two main things. >> they have signed saying they don't support trump or the all right. >> we must stop racism and fascism. tom: the march ended at the statue of confederate general albert pike. >> you were not just out here for black lives, you were out here for all lives. tom:
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protesters wore maskes, including one man who said he was ensure louisville. -- who said he was in charlottesville. this land was made for you and me ♪ tom: at the west hyattsville metro station, they spoke of family members killed in the holocaust by nazis. >> the only other thing i want to say besides opposing these people with every fiber in me is that love conquers. >> amen. the buildingwest, with the lights on his the metropolitan police department headquarters. this is the statue of confederate general albert pike. this is located at judiciary square for stop a lot of the protesters who came here tonight feel like that statue should be taken down. live in northwest, tom roussey, abc 7 news. nancy: tom, thank you.
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has quit the president's manufacturing counsel over the president's inponse to the violence charlottesville. kevin plank, head of baltimore-based under armour, said he would work to promote diversity and inclusion. he left the council this morning, calling it a matter of personal conscience. alison: it has become one of the most searing images from the weekend protests, white nationalist carrying the torch's as they march through the streets. tonight, the maker of those torches says it does not condone the violence. brands says it is not associated with that protest and its torches are intended for positive events. nancy: investigators say that it could be days or weeks before we know the cause of the state police chopper that went down a short distance from the protests. two officers were killed while responding to the clashes. tonight we know that
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call was not made before the chopper went down. the ntsb is investigating. count on abc seven to stay on top of the situation in charlottesville. we will send news alerts at alison: a muslim man attacked as he walked down the sidewalk with his wife. it happened yesterday. that man said they were walking along rollins avenue in rockville, speaking in arabic, when another man made derogatory comments and then attacked him. the police are investigating this is a hate crime. the victims are doing ok. if you have information, officers want to talk to you. nancy: we are watching to the limits and north korea, as they are gearing up for a possible attack on the u.s. territory of guam. shell march joins us with the latest. has been kim jong-un briefed on the military plan to send missiles to guam. "
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state reports that un is backing of his threats to fire the missiles. they say he is planning to watch the actions of the u.s. before deciding whether to launch. this comes as a top u.s. general landed in south korea. the u.s. and south korea are planning to start military drills next week while the u.s. says those drills focus on defense. the north believes that it is in preparation for an invasion. josh; we're still looking at a calm evening, just 76 degrees, staying warm and muggy. the big picture, cloud cover still in place, hanging around most of the day tomorrow. to getery pretty morning started, but not going to see a ton of rain. developing to the southwest, some of that tries to move in. at this point, just a few light showers in frederick, carroll county, but most of the area drive.
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rain overnight and a few lingering showers tomorrow morning. better weather late tuesday into wednesday. more on that and the weekend update coming up. alison: meanwhile, new details about the closure of the maternity ward at the united medical center. washington post said it was closed because of dangerous mistakes made by staff. in one case, the post said that staff members do not take steps to prevent hiv from being transmitted from a mother to her newborn. the extent to recs ward at the hospital was closed one week ago. nancy: fairfax county police looking for the man who ambushed a woman, dragged her into the woods, and try to sexually assault her on north shore drive near the shopping mall. stephen tschida is live with the latest. stephen: nancy, the victim's mother said her daughter encounter the suspect at a nearby restaurant
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apparently try to make contact. it was here on the sidewalk where he pounced and drag the woman into these woods, where he try to sexually assault her. >> he kept telling her, did she want to die. stephen: investigators looking for evidence, trying to track down a man who attacked a 22-year-old woman at about 2:30 this afternoon as she walked home from metro. >> he dragged her into the bushes. daughterhe dragged her into the woods and began pulling off her clothing. she says that her daughter refused to stop fighting, despite the man's threats. >> she screamed so loud that the people heard her. stephen: the man ran off. the mother said the woman is ok physically but emotionally traumatized. >> i'm so lucky she is alive. she could have been killed today. he basically really wanted to hurt her.
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says that her daughter described the suspect as dark complex did, but she does not believe he is latino. lected. comp she also believes that he was wearing a gray t-shirt with red lettering. after he ran from the woods, witnesses believe that they saw him jump into a gray or silver honda or hyundai with a license plate starting with "v"." in fairfax county, a five-year-old girl the victim of a sex assault. the police believe the person responsible is a complete stranger. this happened yesterday on tower drive in alexandria. the police are working right now on a composite sketch. as soon as it's released we will bring it to you. alison: an update on the discolored water showing up in some homes in montgomery and prince george's counties.
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at its potomac filtration plant were lowered to prevent a possibly toxic situation with the water supply. more meganthere is these, which turns the tap water yellow and red. could step my fingers and make it go away. a forcefully we have to wait for mother nature to calm for the organic material to decrease. alison: wssc says it is safe to use and drink. nancy: 7 on your side with a consumer alert, costco getting ready to pay up. they will have to pay more than $19 million for selling rings that were labeled as tiffany but did not come from the luxury jeweler. claim that it was using tiffany as a generic term to describe a ring setting. still ahead, with the change means for shonda rimes and your favorite shows like "scandal"
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and the unusual cargo aboard the rocket that is resupplying the international space station. nancy: a dangerous lesson as a bizarre chain of events left this car
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nancy: just from new york cityin, purchasers outside of the trouble hotel. president trump is expected back in washington next week. alison: vindication for pop star taylor swift. a jury ruled in her favor in a lawsuit claiming that she was groped by radio dj. she has been locked in a legal fight with david mueller ever since he claimed that her claims of assault had him fired. swift countersued, and the judge awarded her a symbolic one dollar. shonda rimes signed a deal to make new shows for netflix. she was e
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"scandal," and "how to get away with murder" on abc. she will continue working on the shows as she develops exclusive new content for netflix. alison: this crimefighter has four legs. tim works with the nypd special ops team and was in the middle of a huge gun bust when he fell through the ceiling. he needed seven stitches and even had to wear a cone, but they say he will be fine. despite his injuries, he and his human partners were successful in the bust. if youdon't be alarmed hear or see military planes in the sky near your home tonight. it is just a drill. tests over theg d.c. region, expected to get underway in about 45 minutes and last until about 2:30 in the morning. >> cleared the
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this is the next resupply mission on its way to the international space station. on board as the most powerful computer to ever operate in space. also one board with a powerful computer, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. and frozen candy bars. all for the crew, who deserve it. the capsule will dock with the station wednesday. nancy: nice treats. a florida couple learning a lesson the hard way after their grill exploded in the back of their vehicle. this is what remains of that car. the police say the couple had been in a barbecue and then packed up their gas grill to head home. but they forgot to close the propane valve on the grill. when the woman lit a cigarette in the car, the grill exploded. the man and woman were both burned but are expected to be ok. tragedy on the
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woman killed while filming "dead during a motorcycle stunt in downtown vancouver. "deadpool 2" has been temporarily suspended. ryan reynolds said he and the crew were shocked and devastated. alison: people surveying the damage left behind by the severe weather. in mount vernon, a part of history ripped apart, the estate's retaining wall wash away in a fast-moving mudslide. also damaged by heavy rain. officials at the estate estimate the repairs will cost upwards of $1 million. night tonight, but when will we see the next possibility of wet weather? we know that it's coming. josh: they cannot stay away too long, and that is the case again, but not
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for anything to have a. the real story overnight is how warm and muggy things get. stuckrees manassas, d.c. in the 70's, but it is muggy. through the day tomorrow, futurecast 6:00 a.m., most of us are drive. we get the spotty showers the first part of the day. we may get a couple thunderstorms to fire up late in the afternoon, but in general the dryer trend later in the day, which i think sets up well for the nats game. in the evening with some rain hanging on, but most of us get better weather tuesday evening. wednesday is when the sunshine makes its way in. temperatures warm up, back close to 90 degrees later this week. 82 as we work our way into tomorrow with the humidity on the way up. for the nationals game, dropping into the upper 70's, drying out, should make for a nice night for
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rain out. wednesday, 88 degrees. a great day for the montgomery county fair, but a warm one. monster trucks wednesday and thursday night, friday night the demolition derby. thursday and friday are the days you have to watch for the storms. a quick update, this is officially a hurricane, spinning out here with wind around 75 miles per hour. on to stay out at sea. betweenst track as it bermuda and the u.s. coastline. the wind will get stronger come up to 105, but stays out at sea. the temperatures back in the mid-80's. 90tomorrow, 88 wednesday, friday. since augustit 90 4. at this point, things are still looking drive. -- things are still looking dry. nancy: are you feeling lucky?
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alison: the powerball jackpot has grown again. your chances
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alison: another chance to be a multimillionaire. nancy: there was a mega millions winner over the weekend, but nobody won the powerball so it cap to growing. tomorrow's drawling will be over $400 million. you take the lump sum, it will be worth $270 million. alison: the odds of hitting the jackpot are extreme, one in 292 million. nancy: whenever we talk about these numbers, there is so much money, it does notve
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and the chances of one. never: because the pool comes back to the sports office for some reason. i don't get it. redskins close-out training camp. wowedbeckham, jr.
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: redskins training camp closing out today, showing appreciation for the loyal volunteers. they are the ones who make the camp go. autographs and selfies today, but before that, they had to do this. the pigskin through the uprights. , and now it is time to go from richmond to ashburn. odell beckham, jr. wowed fans today with an amazing one-handed catch. at least one person did not like the show -- the giants head coach said, "i like two hands on the ball better than one." strasburg gothen a rehab start today for
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three hits in five innings against salem. that is the red sox single-a affiliate. he struck out five. if you does not suffer any setbacks come he could be in the lineup making his next art for the national saturday in san diego. before that come heading out west, they will have two more games at home. i like that one-handed catch. . nancy: skills.
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alison: we have our eclipse expert here. : i've learned so much just over the last couple months covering this. monday will be really big for a lot of the country. tomorrow, the cloud cover sticks around and a good chance of spot showers and storms.
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alison: have a good night. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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new from trump collectibles, this adorable porcelain saltshaker. from the front it's a cute little gnome. but turn him around and you've got one of donald trump's most ardent supporters. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- ray romano. from "somewhere between," paula patton. baby "bachelor in paradise." and music from bryson tiller. and now, more than likely, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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