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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  August 15, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now abc 7 news at noon on your side. >> heavy rain is moving through the area right now and parts of our area are under a flash flood warning. doug hill is here are tracking all of this for us. doug: it's a gloomy
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later this afternoon. we have a flash flood warning until 2:15 for a very small part of the area. it's part of the district, arlington, a touch of fairfax, montgomery, and prince george's county. the next thing we watches this area of heavy rain in fredericksburg. we will blow up the map and give you detail of which areas are involved. parts of fairfax, arlington county, montgomery, prince george's, and the district. mostly northeast in northeast washington and adjacent parts of the other jurisdictions because of the heavy rayna moved through and the grounds are saturated. it doesn't take a lot to reaggravated. flooding possibility with dreams going -- streams going off there banks and things like that. this kind of weather pattern where we get multiple batches of rain, they wind up being more warnings. we
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flooding risk will get wider and wider. there is a flood warning in spotsylvania county, but not flash flooding. it would be because this area will get a longer period of rain and that could cause flooding in those areas as well. here is what we are looking for the rest of the day according to futurecast. the rain to get out during the mid to late afternoon from west to east and opening the door for clearing skies this afternoon and this evening. i think we get areas of sunshine for the drive home and most rain will be out by 5:00 or 6:00 and a little bit of sunshine for the beginning of the nats game this evening. tomorrow looks beautiful and we are back into the risk of showers and storms. >> terrorists go away! tensena: a very
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about an hour ago. local residents are yelling at one man telling him to go home. this man tells us he drove to the park from north carolina to honor robert e. lee. he was holding a confederate battle flag and had an ar-15 hanging off his shoulder. local residents gathered, many yelling at the man to leave saying his presence was troubling in the aftermath of the violence. police intervened to calm things down and that man agreed to leave the park. he was escorted away in a police cruiser. the president is in new york and was met by protesters. emily rao has the latest. emily: a very unwelcome first homecoming in new york city for president trump. protests in outrage over his initial response to this violence hate fueled in charlottesville followed him to trump tower. 48 hours after a woman lost her
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nationalist rally, president trump denounced the hate groups involved. president trump: racism is evil and those who caused violence in its name are criminals and thugs , including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups. >> i think it is too little, too late and i don't think it is genuine. emily: richard spencer seems to dismiss trump's comments. does anyone really believe that? he was saying vague statements that don't have a lot of meaning, to be honest. emily: spencer and other white nationalists have credited trump's america first policy for their riot -- rise into the mainstream. >> we will fulfill the promises of donald trump. >> after what some call the president's slow response to charlottesville, three prominent ceos quit the manufacturing counsel in a single day,
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onsident trump blasting him your -- twitter almost immediately. abc 7 is your one-stop for continuing coverage for everything out of charlottesville. sign up for breaking news alerts at a dramatic shift in rhetoric from north korea. they are holding off on an imminent attack on gyuam. state media is reporting that kim jong-un examined plans for a launch, but hasn't ordered a test. say they ares happy he is reconsidering, but there is no change in the threat assessment and the island is operating as usual. a rally near home at the white house, the group is calling for the president to protect daca
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this story. sam: they are here to voice their support for daca, the program that protects kids that came to the united states illegally when they were young and don't know their country. it's also here for temporary protected status which often brings people to the u.s. from honduras or el salvador where they face a crisis at home or some sort of threat that allows them to stay and work your protected in the united states. at least 10 states are threatening to sue the trump administration if they continue to support tps and daca. they say if they do not stop the programs, they will file a lawsuit. we caught up with one person who born incted by daca mexico and came here as a young child and she says it is life or death. let's listen. >> this is a matter of life or death for a lot of us because
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to stay here and be protected from deportation, to have a job and be able to help their families. if someone is that is that is lgbtq is deported to their country, that person could be killed. demonstrators land to be out here at the white house marching until about 3:00 or 4:00 this evening. the good news is everything out here is peaceful. adrianna: this just in from fairfax county police. take a look at your screen. this is a sketch of the man wanted for of ducting and sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl on sunday. child was taken -- be sure to call 911 if you recognize this person. police say they will be back
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in the neighborhood at 5:00 today. fairfax police are on the hunt for an attacker. a woman grabbed and dragged into the woods in reston. suzanne kennedy has the latest this noon. suzanne: there is a heightened sense of awareness after a woman was attacked in this northern virginia neighborhood in broad daylight. the incident allegedly taking place in these bushes in the 12,000 block of north shore drive. the 22-year-old victim says a man who she had originally seen at the reston metro station came from behind, grabbed her, drag her into the woods and tried to take her clothing off. police say something scared him and he was -- he ran away before he was able to sexually assault her. people in this community are scared about their safety especially because the alleged attacker has not been caught. >> i am walking by myself all the time. >> i try hard to stay alert about what is going
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me, but i will think twice about --sometimes getting a couple getting off a couple stops early and walking a bit at least until we find out what happened to this particular individual. suzanne: they say yesterday the suspect was wearing a gray t-shirt with red lettering and gray shorts. he was seen leaving in a gray vehicle, possibly a honda or hyundai. the license plate has a letter "v" in it, possibly the first letter in the tag. if you know anything, you are asked to call fairfax county police immediately. abc 7na: coming up on news at noon, we are learning more about the state of tiger woods on the night of his dui arrest. the 5 different drugs the toxicology report says he had in his system. tracking hurricane gert and the impact we can feel off the coast.
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eric: here's a look at the current road conditions. looking at the belt where in virginia above the georgetown pike, not too bad here, but you see a jam over the american legion bridge. look at these delays on the interludes of the beltway past old georgetown road in bethesda. at the tough ride out of bethesda past 390 -- 355. things clear out toward connecticut avenue. down toward springfield, the capital beltway is looking good here. outer loop delays pick up near telegraph road and onto the wilson bridge and i-95 in virginia seeing a few different delays. if you head
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occoquan and northbound traffic at times, out of dale city it slows down a little bit.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. adrianna: we are learning more about the state of tiger woods on the night of his arrest. his toxicology report was released from the memorial day blessed and it showed he had pain, anxiety, and sleep medications in his system as well as thc, the active ingredient in e
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-- iving national help students at the university of maryland are getting ready for a high tech test of skill. next week they face off against 28 other universities across the world in a spacex hyperloop pod competition. they are trying to help shape the future of transportation. >> a bunch of teens, a bunch of engineers trying to revolutionize transportation. >> excitement has been growing since elon musk got the government's thumbs-up to attempt -- to create an underground transportation system to get you from new york to d.c. in 29 minutes. the university of maryland created nemesis, a scaled-down version of the pod that could potentially be what we use one day. >> this mode of transportation and he opened it up to universities and engineers from all over the world. >> team umd loop in college park will compete in the space
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-- hyperloop spacex product competition. >> we have passive magnetic levitation, so we have permanent magnets on the bottom of the pot and for the brakes, too and when they break a certain speed, they allow us to levitate. >> it is 24 teams and umd is considered -- when can we see ourselves riding in these like the jetsons? years we will have tunnels going and it might be an expensive ticket at first, but i think it could be -- >> speeds of 700 miles per hour, best design and fastest pod win s. >> it is the strongest permanent magnet on the planet. adrianna: this noon, the second atlanta current --
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hurricane of the season is churning in the ocean. hurricane gert strengthened overnight from a tropical storm with sustained winds around 75 miles per hour. that storm will gain strength over it shifts -- as it shifts northeast. that storm could generate swells and increased the threat of rip currents from north carolina to new york. that gert isthing way off the coast. doug: i'm surprised they were so informal. 's shouldn't it be gertrude. adrianna: that sounds better than gert. doug: that is what i am guessing. adrianna: hurricane gertrude. doug: we cannot shake this heavy rain pattern. the weekend looks great, but between her stay and friday more showers and storms and maybe even more flood issues. let's get started with a look at the latest rainfall
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list on the screen, you see on the right-hand side the rain totals go up. this is live data from hundreds of thousands of weather stations around the area. 92 hundredths in the district. 81 hundredths reported in arlington and also in falls .hurch, just a little bit less a very heavy rain, but not everywhere. there are parts of the region that got by with a few sprinkles. as we get to the story, you see we are kind of seeing repeat areas from fredericksburg south of i-95 moving northeast along and east the i-95 corridor through the city. -- they several days tend to have the heaviest whatours and the most -- we are looking at now is a flash flood warning in effect for the metro area, part of the metro area northwest washington, montgomery, prince george's, arlington until 2:15. do
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effect because the heavy rain is short-lived and it is extended to contain howard county. next couple of hours, southern maryland will be the focus of the next continuous batches of moderate to heavy rain. don't be surprised if localized flood statement come out on that area. -- 215, a lot of people live and work in this area so pay attention if you see rising waters. towardsouth fredericksburg and eventually the northern neck of the middle peninsula is where we see the next batch coming across the potomac into charles county and eventually st. mary's and calvert as well. nats have again tonight and it looks like the weather will not be an issue. a little sunshine at first pitch time. 84 degrees and it will be a comfortable baseball night. just a little bit muggy at the
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thursday and friday a lot of stuff at the montgomery county fair. monster truck madness it will be a dry and sunny day. monster madness, eileen whelan will be involved in that and hosting that thursday night demolition derby, veronica johnson. isolated scattered thunderstorms late in the day. come out and say hello. it's always fun at the montgomery county agricultural fair. summertime's returns for a while. in jim -- late july and early august we had cool days with less humidity. upper 80's to near 90's, shower and storm chances thursday and friday and it clears out over the weekend. the weather looks good for the eclipse in the middle and end of next week. every her 80's to near 90 hot upper 80's to- near 90's hot and sunny. adrianna: a warning if you plan on hitting the road to watch the eclipse. (vo) there's more to life than the climb.
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adrianna: we are counting down to the total solar eclipse. now just 6 today and officials are warning it could be the biggest driving distraction of the century. >> the solar eclipse will darken our skies and officials are worried about what will happen on the roads as we rush to see the celestial sensation. they are really worried that the darkened sky will become a nightmare. >> the solar eclipse could be the biggest driver distraction of the century. >> the last time a solar eclipse could be seen, nearly 100 years ago. there are now 50 times more cars and traffic in the eclipse zone could be four times worse than a normal day.
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, many in the path of totality are taking steps to minimize gridlock on the big day. 10 essay limiting lane closures limiting lane closures. south carolina is calling up extra state police and first responders. -- we alsotourists know the local infrastructure may not be equipped to deal with the flood of tourists. >> feds are shining a light on youtube. >> whether a short driver a long one, find a safe place to watch the eclipse. >> warning that drivers may not be prepared. >> eclipse glasses are very good except for driving. please don't drive while wearing these and don't have an eclipse of judgment. >> treat this eclipse as if you are driving in the dark in the middle of the night
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david curley, abc news, mclean, virginia. adrianna: as a reminder, join us for live coverage on news channel 8 and on this is happening next monday, august 21 between 12:30 and 3:30 p.m. dig arou
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adrianna: tomorrow night, another chance to be a multimillionaire. nobody hit the sarbaugh jackpo
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-- powerball jackpot since june 10. it will be worth at least 430 million dollars. if you have the lucky numbers and choose the lump sum, you bring home about $270 million. don't plan your winnings -- how to spend your winnings just yet, the odds of hitting the jackpot are pretty extreme. one in 292 million. for two dollars, go ahead and get a ticket and enjoy the thrill of it all. for: if it's meant to be you, it will happen. that's the way i look at it. it's always exciting to see the stories of people that win. heavy rain continues toward baltimore areas, southern maryland but it will end later this afternoon. the skies will brighten and we hit the lower 80's. that's good news for the nats home game and no rain tomorrow, hot and humid to the end of the week with afternoon showers and storms and i think that is all safe for now. you will have to watch at 4:00 if you want more.
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