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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 29, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news, shelters at capacity as thousands of new victims pack into buses and dump trucks overnight. the frantic race to escape rising floodwaters as dams spill over in one of america's most devastating storms ever. overnight, houston slammed with a new wave of downpours and on the anniversary of hurricane katrina louisiana now bracing for floods. >> hello! rescue. >> teams of rescuers racing to save their neighbors this morning. >> we didn't think help was coming. >> the entire texas national guard in action with thousands still waiting to be saved. >> i didn't even imagine that it was going to be this catastrophe like this. >> we need help. we need help right now. they got a whole family out there in the water. >> that trapped and terrified
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live shares her harrowing story and joel osteen under fire tonight for not opening the doors of his houston megachurch. what he is saying this morning. right now hospitals and medical centers running out of supplies. babies born as their moms are rescued from the floodwaters. "gma" live in the middle of it all. good morning, america. we have never seen a storm like this. four days after hurricane harvey hit as a category 4 hurricane, it is still going strong. that is houston, texas, right now. roads have become rivers. the rain is still falling in houston. the rescues are still under way. evacuations under way as well. this is nowhere near over. >> let's take a look at that radar image that's over the gulf coast where harvey had briefly gone out to sea but there it is whipping back around for a second hit on texas and
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so many dramatic images coming in overnight. you saw victims stuck in the aftermath of harvey. desperately seeking to be rescued. so many pitching in to help. >> that's right. the texas national guard sharing this rescue video overnight saving people from the flood zone live streeping as they went door to door. the coast guard so far has carried out at least 3700 rescues by both boat and air and as we've said those rescues are still continuing at this hour. fema is estimating as many as 450,000 disaster victims could seek help and there are at least seven known deaths right now connected to this storm in that number almost certain to climb. we have team coverage from texas, louisiana in the storm zone. tom llamas starts us off. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, those pictures from overnight are so heartbreaking. people and families being loaded into front end loaders and to those dump trucks in the pounding rain brought over here to the convention center. this is where they're processed. you can see the houston pol
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department is out here in full force along with the red cross and right here this is what they call home, the problem, though, the red cross had planned for 5,000 people. that's how many cots they have. but right now they have somewhere around 9,000. so just behind me we're not going to zoom in to give people their privacy but where you see the police tape there, there are people now sleeping on the floor. it's not an ideal situation. it is far from perfect but it is dry, it is warm and more importantly it's out of the danger zone. this morning, with the death toll rising conditions growing more desperate as the search for survivors continues on the ground and in the air. the entire texas guard activated. now going door to door during the night. in the air, the coast guard rescuing more than 450 people including this family of five wading through the murky waters. >> we are just beginning the process of responding to the storm. we are still
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search and rescue process. >> reporter: officials now releasing millions of gallons from theaddicks reservoir but that inundating neighborhoods forcing thousands more interest their home. >> we had to leave stomach people behind which is really tough in these situations. >> reporter: overnight so many scrambling to safety. packing into buses, even dump trucks. this convoy of desperation taking people away from their flooded out homes to places like this. >> we never experienced anything like this. >> reporter: the convention center in downtown houston, it's the largest shelter housing victims of hurricane harvey. the red cross had planned for 5,000 people. each one getting a cot to sleep in. but now there are more than 8,000 and that number is growing. the red cross insists they can house more but some may have to sleep on the floor. w
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it's really bad. do you think you're going to get to a point where there's not enough space for everyone. >> we're not going to turn people away. if it has to be someplace where we sit in chairs for a little while instead, at least we'll put a roof over people's head and get them safe. >> shelters across the houston area dozens of them are filling up. families coming in waterlogged, hungry and still in shock. >> the water that i saw, it was so frightening. i've never seen that much water before. >> heartbreaking. >> reporter: but some need more than just a shelter. >> her temperature was under 90. yeah, so we are -- >> the baby? your baby's temperature is what? >> under 90. >> it's under 90 degrees. >> reporter: the floods took northeast houston resident jerik's williams' home fighting to make sure it doesn't take her family. >> it hurts to see my baby like this and my cousins and not being able to help them. >> reporter: it's so heartbreaking. we offered to help them and take
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would be okay. they were going to a hotel and a warm room and, george, that is not an isolated case. there are several families here. there are a lot of babies here in the convention center but the red cross is adamant, they are not going to deny anyone. they do need a lot of things, volunteers, nurses, social workers and donations and told us yesterday this is becoming very, very expensive. george. >> all through the broadcast we will share ways you can help back at home. want to go to ginger zee. ginger, you've been sounding the alarm bells on this storm from the very start. what can we expect next? >> ah, george, the longest named storm to torture texas now in history. and we're looking at more than 43 inches. that's the latest number that's come in from south houston itself. many places reported 20 to 40 inches of rain and it's still raining so here's what we can expect. houston, you will still see rain for the next couple of hours, moderate to even heavy at times on that outside band. the storm itself is back in the gulf. but the flash flood warnings and watches
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mobile. through biloxi and new orleans and, remember, the outer bands is what did the most damage, the most rain, they have moved into eastern louisiana this morning. i want to take you through the path because this is important to see. it's out in the gulf but, of course, the rain shield is on the north side. by wednesday morning it's still there. by wednesday afternoon, aim, it looks like it makes another landfall, goes north and by friday we can finally see this thing start to die out. in the meantime, we will still pick up a significant amount of rainfall which i will detail in just a couple of moments. >> all right, ginger. with that unrelenting storm, the most vulnerable are at risk this morning. several texas hospitals and medical centers are struggling with the massive logistical challenge of evacuating their patients while also facing a supply shortage. abc's victor oquendo was live outside ben taub hospital in houston and, victor, tell us what you're learning there this morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this hospital is one of two trauma one centers in the houston area. the situation here was dire. so far they've moved out s
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still working on moving out 60 more patients. hospitals across houston trapped by flooding facing power outages and rapidly dwindling supplies racing to evacuate. here at ben taub, floodwater and sewage overwhelming the hospital's basement, affecting much needed food and medicine. >> the situation happening at ben taub right now, for example, where they're apparently running out of food at one point there and there was also some flooding concerns, what can something like that do to a hospital. >> if you start to run out of supplies and can't feed people that's a big problem. >> reporter: while the hospital struggled neighbors turning to each other for help. this dramatic moment from ktrk shows one of their reporters trying to help a woman deliver her baby in northeast houston. the pregnant woman received help and was taken to a hospital. another incredible story of new life at this inundated apartment complex. neighbors forming a human chain to help a woman in labor through the rising waters. >> there were
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in our apartment at one point. all trying to help and lend a hand and bringing supplies and making phone calls and it was remarkable. >> reporter: and this picture of an elderly stroke victim be floodwaters up to her mattress before being rescued. what can they do if they're just standing in dirty water. >> the water is filthy. it contains sewage. it contains runoff from who knows what. you need to get out of the water as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the flooding here in the basement of ben taub had a major impact affecting the pharmacy, food and supplies. word this morning they've been able to restock food and linens, amy for right now they say they're stable. >> for right now, victor oquendo, thank you. let's go to abc senior medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton live at the er at resolute health, a hospital in new braunfels, texas where victims are now being taken for medical attention the tell us what you're seeing there. >> so, amy, this here at resolute health is part of an
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have received over 700 patients from the flood zone. they are on medical standby. they're able and ready to receive more patients. they are running a military-style medical operation here. now it's just a matter of getting the health care providers and doctors and nurses to these patients. yesterday unprecedented, the texas governor enacted provisions to allow out of state medical professionals to get emergency medical privileges here in texas. i completed that paperwork yesterday. we are going to try to get in to rescue and help people again today. yesterday it was unsafe. i'm bringing a pretty extensive medical kit including some basic dressings, some antibiotics and, you guys, shoelaces in case i need to tie off an umbilical cord after doing a delivery. we're prepared for anything. >> so flat you are there to help. we hope the logistics get easier and you get to where you need to be. >> we'll find out more from the houston fire chief, samuel na
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chief pena, thanks for joining us. just try to give us a sense of what you're dealing with. >> well, good morning. thank you for having me here. well, i can tell you that the -- that the first responders, police, fire as well as municipal workers and community in general are dealing with some devastating loss and property loss and at times some loss of life. but we're continuing the efforts to address the demand for service and rescues. as of midnight tonight, or last night, we've run close to 700 calls for service. yesterday in a 24-hour period we ran over 3500 calls for service. the majority of those were water-related. over 2,000 of those were water-related incidents so it's been a very active and dynamic
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continuing to push on. >> chief, i know this is changing all the time but as of yesterday you had about a thousand people waiting to be rescued. where does that backlog stand right now? >> yes, we're still about a thousand because as we clear those incidents that are pending that are in queue, additional calls keep coming in. you know, we keep getting wave after wave after wave of rain and so that's not, you know, it's not calming the situation. and so as we address those calls that are in the queue, we keep getting additional calls so -- but we're working again. we have additional resources here on scene from the texas task force. we also have fema, usar teams on scene and we have teams from across the nation are that here to assist and more importantly they bring equipment, high water equipment which is critical right at this point. there are some areas that are impassable and that's one of the
7:13 am
have to deal with here moving forward is the -- not having access to certain parts of town right now because the roads are impassable. >> chief, i know you've been going around the clock. thank you very much for your service and time this morning. >> a thousand people waiting still to be rescued in yes, sir. >> the flooding catastrophe unfortunately is not limited to texas. overnight the race to evacuate louisiana, preparations under way this morning for more torrential downpours there and the flooding that could come with it sparking a new round of fears for residents this on 12th anniversary of hurricane katrina slamming into new orleans and steve osunsami is in lake charles, louisiana, with more on all of that. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. because of that anniversary, people are -- their hearts are beating a little faster this morning. we are live right now outside of an evacuation center where about a dozen families have just been moved in and i want you to take a look at this. it is surrounded by water. there's a ditch here that has several feet of water. th
7:14 am
right here where people are sleeping and hopefully getting refuge from the rain. we had to pass through water to get here. there are overpass ramps that are covered in water. we had to circle around, streets that were washed out. you can't see the roads. it's very dangerous driving at night in this condition and they're going to be dealing with this for some time as the rain continues to fall. we're expecting up to 10 inches in some parts of louisiana, amy. >> steve, in new orleans, i understand they're already closing schools and government buildings. >> reporter: yes, they're already closing schools and one of the things that has people hot, hot, hot, hot here is the fact that in new orleans after all of this time, after everything that they learned from katrina, there are still 14 pumps that keep the city dry that are not working. that's an issue that they'll be to be dealing with for some time now told the repairs
7:15 am
pumps are ongoing. >> incredible concerns there, all right, steve osunsami, thank you. >> that is surprising. federal disaster assistance is flowing to the region. 20 helicopters and 21 rescue boats from the coast guard, customs and border patrol adding another 50 boat, two plain, 6 helicopters. president trump will head to the storm zone with the first lady and our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega is on the scene in rockport. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning to you. the president and first lady will land here in the corpus christi area in a matter of hours and will see for themselves the devastation like this, this right here behind me was a drawn grow mat. the wall is completely blown out. the optics are very important. this is this president's first major natural disaster. they don't want to look like he's headed here in hampering the recovery efforts that are still going on. so that's why he's coming to this area, not going to those floodwaters in houston that we've all been watc
7:16 am
himself, though, what's happening here on the ground. at the white house yesterday, it was a real tone, a message of unity for this president. here in texas today he will be on the ground, george, only for a few hours but does say he is coming back to texas this weekend and that he will also head to louisiana, george. >> his focus yesterday as you said at the top of that press conference was on the hurricane and it's aftermath but covered a lot of other ground on russia, on the north american free trade agreement. on the border wall and controversial pardon of sheriff joe arpaio in arizona. >> reporter: that pardon that came, you'll remember, late on friday night as that hurricane was barreling toward texas, the president said that he did it at that time, basically to draw attention because he knew the ratings on friday night would be high, george. he says he knew people would be watching tv because of the storm coverage. >> okay, cecilia vega, thanks very much. amy. >> we turn now to that latest provocative missile launch by north korea, the ballistic missile flying right over japan.
7:17 am
this very seriously, warning people to take cover. chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has much more on this from washington. martha, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this was not only a provocative missile launch by north korea, it was very frightening for japanese citizens, they heard blaring sirens and got text alerts on their phones at dawn telling them to shelter in sturd di buildings or underground because the government was so concerned about the possibility of an imminent attack and while we have seen kim jong-un gleefully launching missiles into the sea of japan, this is the first time that this north korean leader has launched a missile over japan traveling over the northern japanese island of hokkaido. in response, south korean fighter jets staged a live bombing drill. they also released video of their own missile test, which was conducted last week. now, japan's prime minister shinzo abe spoke by phone to president trump, both agreed the
7:18 am
pressure on north korea, amy. >> all right, martha raddatz in washington. thank you. let's go back to ginger for more on the storm. >> remember, even after the rain stops the threat is not over. this would be lake conroe, texas where they're releasing double their rate they would have in the past and you can see that water flowing out. unfortunately, rivers, bayous, creeks can take not just days but the rivers, weeks and we have at least 50 plus gauges that go all the way into louisiana that are now at major or higher flood stage.
7:19 am
has formed - warmer tomorrow; dry through friday - rain from harvey arrives this weekend (saturday) - dry labor day monday today: wet and windy. unseasonably cool. highs: 67-70 winds: ne 10-15 g 25 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. lingering shower. lows: 61-67 winds: ne 10-15 mph wednesday: partly sunny. warmer. highs: 78-81 winds: nnw 5-10 mph the hazards hiding beneath rising waters. we're live from the flood zone. that mother of three who made a desperate plea for help on air yesterday is now safe and sound and this morning she is reuniting with her rescuer and sharing her harrowing story when we come back. un-stop right there!
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exactly, now you drop... ...and give me the 50. trop50. tastes so good you won't believe it has 50% fewer calories. >> reporter: good morning, washington i'm melanie hastings. a sloppy commute today. john gonzalez is traveling in track seven. how is it going out there, john. >>john: it has been a nasty morning. we have been tracking the rain watching the wet roads. roads splash from the vehicles and a number of accidents including this one here. this one has closed three lanes on 95 north this is before you get to the inner county connector exit. lock at your screen. looks like a tractor trailer jack knifed on 95 nor
7:24 am
tow truck arrived. traffic backing up for four miles now we'll have more on weather and traffic on the other side of this break.
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>> reporter: we have rainfalling now. it will stick around throughout the day with more you will notice how cool it is. many of you will need a jacket out the door this morning. the mid to upper 60s around today we stay under the 70 degree mark. we will have rainfall, most of it falling i95 areas east that does include the beach areas picking up two to three inches and wind could be 50 miles per hour.
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lower ck pain. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move. welcome back to "gma." you are looking live at the radar image of harvey right now. we are tracking the very latest on this devastating unrelenting storm over water right now but it's getting ready to whip back around for a second hit on texas and louisiana and there are new images this morning of residents frantically fleeing the disaster zone after those catastrophe flooding. also coming up, people fearing they have to leave their animals behind. the pets stranded in the middle of the storm zone and what's happening with them. >> so many are going to need help for such a long time and on thursday our parent company disney is going to hold a day of giving. a fund-raising effort that begins with our local affiliates in morning and continues with us at "gma" then throughout the day on abc,
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disney, all our social platforms and it will go to the red cross. if you want to give to the red cross you can text 90999. we also have more information on our website, let's head straight to rob marciano in houston. he has the very latest on the forecast for harvey and what comes next, rob. >> hey, good morning, amy. the rain finally lightening up on the west side of town. that rain shield will be making a west to east progression, beaumont, jefferson county and southwest louisiana getting the bankrupt of the heavier rain but damage already done here in the houston area and it will be several hours before it begins to lighten up substantially. the forecast track for this tropical storm, still at traffic stop cal storm strength potentially gathering more strength as it heads towards the louisiana coast and that's forecast to happen later tonight and early tomorrow morning. maybe not making landfall until tomorrow afternoon in cameron parish and where the heaviest rains will be east of that center.
7:32 am
rescues were ongoing -- hundreds of people rescued. we're standing at a four-way intersection where three of the four streets flooded used as boat ramps no doubt going on through today. >> rob marciano with the very latest. thanks. george. it is dropping so much water, estimated more than 10 trillion gallons of rain have already fallen on texas. trillions more expected before it finally ends. we have the details from dickinson, texas, with eva pilgrim. >> reporter: so much more rain overnight. some of the roads we've been taking since we arrived are no longer passable. very hard for us to get out. i just want to show you where we are at this gas station. you can see there's water all around. there is a car in the water. just a short distance away and those are adding to some of the concerns about what is in the water here. think about what you keep in your garage, paint or things that you use to work on your car, those things are now
7:33 am
of these areas, the water covers the entire first floor of these homes. not to mention the wildfire that is in the water talking snakes and alligators and mounds of ants. i want you to see what they look like. even if you're paddling by it, don't stick your paddleboard in those ants they can be very dangerous if you touch them. interesting thing that's happening. some of these beer companies are switching from making beer to bottling water because this area is in such desperate need of having clean drinking water. so much water around us but none of this water is something that people can drink, george. >> no way. okay, eva, thanks very much. we have new details now from that dramatic interview we had yesterday with a woman who was stranded on a roof in houston as those flds were quickly rising all around her and her family. iashia nelson waited and waited and waited and finally all of that waiting paid off and the rescue came and just
7:34 am
look at that. she reunited with her rescuer and iashia is going to join us live again with her rescuer in just a moment but first we want to take a look at what happened. as the hours pass after this emotional plea -- >> please help us. i'm scared. >> reporter: iashia nelson's situation grew increasingly desperate. >> we don't have no food. i haven't ate in two days. no water. i'm praying that they get us because if they don't get us sooner's not going to get us at all. >> reporter: the 36-year-old mother of three remaining trapped in a houston apartment building with about 30 other people watching the floodwaters rise and live streaming the grim details across social media. >> we need help. we need help right now. they got a whole family out there in the water. and people is drowning. i seen three dead bodies. please help us. >> reporter: these videos shared hundreds of times across facebook until final
7:35 am
>> put on a life jacket. >> reporter: volunteer rescuers arrived in a boat first bringing children to the safety of the shelter then quickly returning to help iashia and the others. the family reuniting here at this packed shelter a few hours later. their lives now forever changed since their ordeal began just three days ago. and joining us now is iashia nelson along with her sister melissa nelson and their rescuer james murphy jr. thank you so much for being with us and, iashia, when we last spoke to you 24 hours ago, you were desperate. tell me how you and your family are doing now. >> we are grateful. we are grateful that we was able to get out of that water. i wouldn't wish that on nobody. >> it was so scary because you just didn't know when help was coming. and finally help came in the form of james right there so, james, tell me what happened. how you came upon iashia and what the rescue was like. >> well, basically
7:36 am
order to get to them, we tried a few boats. boats, very dangerous. the currents were strong as you can see in the videos. it was a big risk and we just wanted to basically get them to safe grounds. first we had to screen the entire property to know what we were working with. so with that being said, though, currents is just strong out there. i want to just wish anyone that's in this water to be safe and be aware of the currents. the currents are very strong out here. >> yeah, you can see that in the video just how fast that water was moving and how quickly it was rising. iashia, can you describe the moment when you saw that help was here and that they were going to be taking your children and your family to safety. what was that moment like after so many hours of not knowing? >> i was so emotional, i couldn't hold back my tears. i was crying. i was so happy to see m
7:37 am
getting on that boat and all those children we had with us getting on that boat. i don't know what i would do if james and the cajun navy and another set of volunteers, robert rojo, i don't know who the others were but i'm so gateful for those who came and their service, especially james, they were the first ones to come through. he came through with a boat and he passed us up first and we were hollering and he said i be back for y'all. i promise. he kept his word and i'm forever grateful to him. i don't know what i would have did. >> i know you were on that roof. melissa, you had no food, no water. what are you going to take away from this experience? >> what i'm going to take away is like -- it's just so much because when james first came i was the first one to spot him so i started rolling my camera and asking for help. they couldn't get through because of the current. he and his friend came.
7:38 am
pushed because the current is in front of my door and even though the boats was there, he still was coming. he was just let me get the kids first. putting them kids and all the people and trying to get as many people as we can on the boat. we was the last -- i know i was the last one to leave before the helicopters came by. the cajun -- >> cajun navy. >> the cajun navy and james -- >> his friend, they was the best. >> we are so grateful. >> and mr. robert rojo. i don't know who those people were. >> we're glad you are okay. james, you saved more than 100 people yesterday and i know you're going back out in the water today. so thank you for all that you've done and we're just so happy you are all okay. >> i want to thank you and i want to give special thanks to mr. rudy, that was his boat and he allowed me to assist him with great teamwork and just thank you, mr. rudy. >> that's incredible.
7:39 am
us. hope you have a much better day today and it's important to note when we got that, that call from her and we were talking to her you asked for her address. our producers were calling the coast guard, calling officials trying to get help and just kept getting a busy signal and that's how backed they are. if not for james there's no telling how long it would have taken. >> whole team of heroes. other news to get to including new questions about president trump and russia. turns out the new documents show he was trying to build a trump tower in moscow during the presidential campaign. we're going to get into that just ahead.
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the latest on president trump and russia. new documents reveal he was pursuing a hodel deal in moscow while running for president signing a letter of intent and one of his closest aides sought the support of mr. putin's right-hand man. brian ross has the story. >> reporter: good morning. the revelations come from e-mails turned over to congress monday by donald trump's lawyer, michael cohen, spelling out trump's involvement in trying to get a major real estate deal in russia. what was going to be the tallest building in the world at the same time he was running for president. some four months after he began to run for president, denying he had any ties to russia, donald trump secretly signed a letter of intent to build a trump tower skyscraper in moscow. the letter was signed on october
7:44 am
lawyer. all at the same time the trump was full of praise for russia and russian president vladimir putin. including to george stephanopoulos. >> because if we get along well with russia that's a positive thing, george, not a negative thing. >> reporter: the deal for the moscow project was later abandoned just before the first primaries. yet trump during the rest of the campaign continued to flatly deny any connection to russia. >> i don't deal there. i have no businesses -- i have no loans from russia. >> i have nothing to do with russia. >> i don't owe mean. i don't have deals in russia. i don't know putin. >> i have nothing to do with russia. >> reporter: but trump failed to mention his lawyer michael cohen had actually e-mailed vladimir putin's press secretary, in january 2016 asking for government help in negotiating the moscow deal. the middleman for the moscow trump tower deal was a convicted felon and one-time fbi informant felix seder who was also involved in other trump
7:45 am
at the time of the deal trump executives denied to abc news that felix had any current role with trump. >> to say he's a senior adviser to trump would not be accurate. >> reporter: yet sater was given cards calling him a senior adviser to donald trump. even though under oath in a civil suit trump essentially denied knowing sater. >> if he were sitting in the room right now i really wouldn't know what he looked like. >> reporter: in e-mails turned over to congress between sater and trump's lawyer cohen first reported by "the washington post," sater wrote, buddy, our boy can become president of the usa and we can engineer it. i will get all of putin's team to buy in on this. in a statement cohen's lawyer says he briefed trump about the russian project three separate times during the campaign but that the project was ultimately abandoned after problems with government approvals and finances. >> time after time after time
7:46 am
denied any contacts with russia. >> this was going on. now we're learning about it from the e-mails. >> brian ross, thanks very much. coming up next here on "gma," harvey's smallest victims stranded. hello, discover card. hi. can you tell me about these new social security alerts i keep hearing about? sure, just sign up online. then we'll alert you if we find your social security number on any one of thousands of risky websites. wow. that's cool. how much is it? oh, it's free if you have a discover card. i like free! yeah, we just want you to be in the know. ooh. hey! sushi. ugh. i smell it! you're making me... yeah, being in the know is a good thing. know if your social security number is found on risky sites. free from discover. when it comes to planning air the best routes,er.
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be impressive!
7:49 am
be impressive! b-e impressive! b-e i-m-p-r-e-s-s-i-v-e everything you need to ready, set, go! back to school. and we're back now with more on the disaster in texas and the dangerous mission to rescue stranded flood victims and their pets. people fear they might have to leave their animals behind due to all those rising waters so abc's senior meteorologist rob marcia
7:50 am
on what's going on on that angle. rob, good morning. >> hi, amy. we so love our animals, don't we? during hurricane katrina nearly 250,000 dogs and cats were displaced or died and some refused to evacuate for fear of abandoning pets. now plans require a plan for pet and people are encouraged to evacuate with them and that's what we saw time and time again throughout the storm people carrying their wet furry friends out of the floodwaters. leaving any sort of personal possession behind and taking their pets because they are truly family members. some tips for you, always have a plan for your pet, have a ziploc bag with a picture and medical records, preferably have them chipped and facebook during a storm have great pages that match up owners with their animals. you know, my dog, i love her, i would carry her through hell or high water and i know, george and amy, you feel the same way. leaving them behind is not an option. >> it makes total
7:51 am
rob, thank you for that. coming up next here on "gma," amazon's major price cuts at whole foods. what it means for your wallet even if you don't shop there. ti. i wondered if she could do the stuff she does for us which is kinda, a lot. and if that pain could mean something worse. joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop further damage enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common. or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. since enbrel, my mom's back to being my mom. visit
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while other insurance companies just see a truck, we see something you've worked really hard for... so why not give it the protection it deserves. ♪ back here on "gma" promised most forecast numbers. beaumont to the east going to get some of the heaviest rain. houston will still see lighter rain through the next 24 hours and gone after wednesday night. remember, rivers still high, z2gv6z zi0z
7:55 am
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>> reporter: good morning, washington i'm melanie hastings with a check of your top stories. now rescue crews from maryland and virginia are in texas to assist with harvey relief efforts. so far at least nine people are reported dead and 2,000 have been rescue friday the raging flood waters there. home in fair fact county transgender student rights and confederate controversy center stage at a school board election four candidates vying for the seats. it is a wet one out there today. check in with veronica for a look at that forecast. >> w
7:57 am
will stick around throughout the day with more you will notice how cool it is. many of you will need a jacket out the door this morning. mid to upper 60s throughout the day. we stay under the 70 degree mark. we have rainfall most of it falling i95 areas east that includes the beach areas peck up two to tlooer inches and wind could be 50 miles per hour. harvey's rain saturday. >> wet pavement and slow, soggy commute. a few accidents cleared the crash on 95 northbound. look at those delays north and southbound as you merge with the capitol beltway. traveling on i66 after the across the roosevelt bridge will seat crash activity. as you approach 50 and keeping in mind u.s. one shut down both directions with wires down between troy hill and hilsboro for day
7:58 am
peek at those delays making the right headed to the district at suit land park way on south capitol street. melanie. >> thank you, you can get more news, traffic and weather on good morning washington on news channel 8 we will see you back in 30 minutes now over to good morning america. hope you have a great today.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. breaking at this hour the latest on the disaster in texas. a flooding catastrophe. shelters now at capacity. frantic race to escape the rising floodwaters as houston is drenched with new torrential rain overnight and now louisiana bracing for floods on the anniversary of hurricane katrina. joel osteen under fire. the popular pastor facing so many questions overnight. were his megachurch doors closed to flooding and storm victims? what he's saying this morning. amazon and whole foods slash prices as much as 43% on the popular groceries. is this the start of a superstore revolution and big battle for your wallet. "bachelor in paradise" exclusive. corinne here live in her first morning in
8:01 am
and shut down production. now she's here telling her side of the story. ♪ baby i'm worth it plus off their big win at the vmas and that mike dropping performance. fifth harmony here live as we say good morning, america. good morning, america. we've been covering all the fallout from that devastating hurricane in houston. >> so many people need so much help and for some time to come so a lot of people are pitching in including star football player j.j. watt. he has been raising money on social media making personal appeals in videos he's been posting and the response has been astounding. already a million dollars raised and we'll talk with him live just ahead. >> and more is coming in. first our team in the storm zone from texas to louisiana and tom llamas is in houston where thousands have flooded shelters. >> reporter: good morning.
8:02 am
dramatic stories. people being rescued from their homes or having to trek through knee high, sometimes hip high water to then be picked up and put on front end loaders and dump trucks and brought here to downtown houston. this is the convention center. once they come in here, this is where they're processed and we have some breaking news this morning. we've just been told by the city of houston there are now 9,000 people inside of this convention center and they're starting to make an announcement. they have initially started planning for 5,000. there were 5,000 cots, so now almost half the people here are sleeping on the floor. we're not going to zoom in here. this is the area of the convention center where those people are sleeping and where you see the police tape some people are sleeping on the floor. but the red cross says they won't turn anyone away and will take anyone in that needs it. there are some initial plans to possibly open up long-term sthelters but that's still far away. the city and red cross maintain they can have people here for several weeks in the future. there is an er inside of there
8:03 am
people are getting warm meals but they need volunteers. they're asking anyone who can register and please help out. they need nurses and social workers and also need donations. they say this is getting very, very expensive. george. >> we can see that, tom. tom llamas in houston. harvey headed to louisiana. exactly 12 years after hurricane katrina hit. a federal disaster has been declared in several parishes and abc's steve osunsami is there. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. we are in lake charles, also outside of a shelter and as you can see around me, we are surrounded by water. water that is rising. i'm standing in front of a ditch right now. the water looks flat but it looks to be at least five, maybe six feet deep in this spot right here. we had to drive through this high water to get here. drive around cars that were submerged. there were three cars stuck on an overpass. there are about 12 people who are inside this shelter now who were evacuated overnight. we're told by officials here
8:04 am
to be evacuated through the night and that there are 700 members of the national guard who are here trying to assist families who are stuck in their homes surrounded by rising water. this is low-lying area. bayou country, places that flood on a normal rain, so you can imagine the concern that's happening today. there's a huge concern in new orleans, of course, where, of course, we are marking that 12th anniversary of hurricane katrina as the rain comes in, one of the problems the city there is facing is one, they have 14 pumps that aren't working that they're trying to get working and, two, they've got thousand, literally thousands of catch basins of drains that are not working properly. 3500 that have significant clogs. so this is going to be a situation that we're going to have to watch for a day or two and families here are, of course, going to have to pray for the best. >> okay, steve, take care. thanks very much. and nationally known houston pastor joel osteen is now facing
8:05 am
for not opening his megachurch to storm victims. osteen canceled services on supplement at his 17,000-seat lakewood church. a facebook message said the church was not accessible due to flooding but this morning pastor osteen released this statement saying we have never closed our doors. we will continue to be a distribution center for those in need. we are prepared to house people once shelters reach capacity. if you see tom's live shots they are nearly that at least at this hour. >> that kicked up a lot of discussion on twitter overnight. grocery wars. amazon and whole foods kicking off price cuts. we'll tell you what it means for your wallet even if it's not your go to grocery store. that "bachelor in paradise" story. corinne olympios breaking her silence about the scandal that shut down production. what she's saying really happened behind the scenes and lara is upstairs. we're wondering how many types you've watched that taylor swift video for "look what you made me do." a lot, i guarantee. we'l
8:06 am
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8:10 am
welcome back to "gma." welcome to this great audience upstairs this morning. and to lara for "pop news." >> good morning to you both and good morning to you. yesterday, of course, we told you about comedian kevin hart calling upon some of his famous friends to donate $25,000 each to help the hurricane relief efforts. well, the rock heard his call and he has answered. overnight he sent money and he posted his wish for texas
8:11 am
the faith and then out of tragedy comes creativity with a purpose. chris martin and his band coldplay have written a song just this week dedicated to the texas city. they had to cancel their show there due to the hurricane but last night they performed this song at their concert in miami. here they are coldplay with "houston." ♪ they say harmony is down there in houston, oh, houston, you got to keep on keeping on ♪ [ applause ] >> well done, chris martin. chris says the band loves the city of houston. always inspired by count music. in one of the lyrics he sings, quote, we're praying you make it through the rain i know nothing will break the will of houston, oh how we want wait to go down there again. we understand that. >> we love houston. >> we do. finally in new york ci
8:12 am
the u.s. open. i know, very excited. and as fans -- do we have tennis fans in the crowd? last night it was all kicked off with music, celebrities, a major comeback, maria sharapova in her first match in 15 months since being suspended from the tour took down the number two seed, simona hale perform. maria is currently ranked at number 146. likely not for long. she wasn't the only one making headlines. celebs like martha stewart and mike tyson hitting the red carpet and shania twain bringing down the house with an opening ceremony performance on center court. the action continues tonight with wimbledon champ roger federer and rafa nadal both playing matches. looking forward to those. and then -- [ applause ] switching gears, if you will, when you think of kim kardashian i'm sure jackie o. isn't the first jump you make but it does start with a "k" and kim
8:13 am
it off beautifully posing with her daughter northwest for "interview" magazine. the photos are gorgeous and feature her signature looks, beautiful fants hairdos, pillbox hats, in the interview she opens up about parenting biracial children and also takes her instagram followers behind the scenes of her transformation thanking photographer steven klein for pushing her to do a shoot that she believes is powerful. we say, it's gorgeous. and that's "pop news." >> boy, the audience loves it. we'll move on to our "gma" consumer alert. amazon is taking on the supermarkets by taking over whole foods and cutting prices on staples by up to 40%. it could be the start of a major price war and adrienne bankert has the story. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: how excited are you that whole foods is no longer going to cost your whole paycheck, guys. yeah, thank you. in manhattan they sold completely out of some items by 6:30 p.m. the reaction online staggering as customers enjoyed phenomenal deals. wh
8:14 am
for being way too expensive. from the looks of things that is changing. this morning a grocery revolution that could have a direct impact on your bill. the first changes now from that ambitious purchase by amazon of whole foods, the chain slashing its prices in almost 500 stores monday and up to 43% drop on some of your most popular products from bananas to avocados, apples and eggs. >> rotisserie was flying off the shelves. >> reporter: the big question will they match? >> they're conventional stores. what will happen? they'll change. if they don't they're out of business. >> reporter: retail experts weighing in on whole foods and amazon's move could set off a boom of benefits. >> we're seeing price drops in whole foods. in the long term we're going to see a lot more competition for grocery stores, especially those that cater to the high earner demographic. >> reporter: and is it megastore walmart that amazon and whole
8:15 am
foods really have in their sights with these drops? >> amazon with this acquisition of whole foods and that price drop is really trying to take that market share away from walmart, especially when it comes to grocery and they're getting very close. >> reporter: and more changes in store with amazon's brand. the echo on sale next to the quinoa and kale. so it's really phenomenon flal how far prices have dropped. some example. we went to a whole foods in new york city, a couple. fuji apple, organic kind, $3.49 a pound. now only $1.99 a pound. that 43% drop and hass avocados like the one i have in my hand here, 2.99 a pound last week. now they're just $1.99 a pound, 33% savings. a lot of people saying they want their avocado toast and guacamole. now you can have a lot. it will depend on the store as to what the price drops will be but you'll see a lot of those sale signs and i think everybody will be happy about it. >> the lines will be even longer th
8:16 am
we talked to some people would said that there was stuff that was cleared out yesterday and a lot of people going for the avocados. >> those price, it's worth it. >> worth standing in line. >> it is true, everybody always says that joke the whole foods whole paycheck. i'm glad you pointed that out. not anymore. >> no more. >> thank you. >> adrienne, thanks very much. outside to ginger. >> hey, george, you know we have an update from the hurricane center. that tropical storm harvey still a tropical storm with 45-mile-per-hour winds and wanted to time it out. houston still getting rain. it will get lighter in the next 24 hours but by tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. we see all of the bands move east into louisiana, arkansas and even memphis could pick up a significant amount of rain from this. also, we had to share this dramatic rescue in reunion story. deja and her baby daughter paige were separated when they were rescued from neck deep waters. one rescuer took paige and another took mom to safety after the rescue. mom went on social media saying
8:17 am
little baby. just as police started their own search. well, then they posted a photo of the baby paige wrapped in a blanket napping her rescuer's airports then they reunited and obviously so grateful for the rescuers who saved their lives. has formed - warmer tomorrow; dry through friday - rain from harvey arrives this weekend (saturday) - dry labor day monday today: wet and windy. unseasonably cool. highs: 67-70 winds: ne 10-15 g 25 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. lingering shower. lows: 61-67 winds: ne 10-15 mph wednesday: partly sunny. warmer. highs: 78-81 winds: nnw 5-10 mph >> and now to "bachelor in paradise" star corinne olympios caught up in that scandal
8:18 am
traernl shut down the production. last week demario jackson broke down in tears and now it's corinne's turn to break her silence and she's with me right now and will join us in a moment. first, take a look. she was the one to watch on nick viall's season of "the bachelor." miami native corinne olympios, known for her outrageous behavior. guys, if you can't handle being interrupted why did you come here? >> bachelor nation tuning in to see what the reality star would say or do next. >> come on. making her an obvious choice for this season of "bachelor in paradise." instantly hitting it off with cassianmate demario jackson. >> corinne and i, man, you know, it's like extremely natural. >> reporter: the show taking an unexpected turn, production shut down on day two of filming. >> shut it down. >> reporter: a producer alleging misconduct on the set between jackson and olympios and jackson saying he didn't understand what happened. >> it wasn't like corinne complained or i complained. i was confused. >> reporter: production
8:19 am
without olympios and jackson after an investigation found no evidence of misconduct but jackson says for him and his family things just got worse. >> it's difficult. i love my mom more than anything in this world and seeing her cry, like every single day and just, it was difficult, man. >> reporter: now olympios is telling her side of the story. >> i can say i'm not like super nervous. >> corinne is here for her first live interview since this happened. in fact, you just told me you were a little nervous right here. tell me how you're doing. you've been through quite a bit over the past few months. what are you feeling now? >> i have definitely taken my time to, you know, deal with everything, heal and, you know, i just felt, you know, laying low was really the best thing for me to do. so i'm definitely doing better. >> you are going to explain tonight with chris harrison what happened. that you basically had a blackout. you don't remember what happened. can you elaborate on what you do
8:20 am
remember? >> i really don't remember much at all. i remember nothing from, you know, the situation and it was just really unfortunate. >> was it alcohol? was it just alcohol? was it more than alcohol? >> it actually was. i did drink, you know, too much. i definitely understand that but i was also on a medication that, you know, severely blacks you out and impairs your judgment and, you know, messes with your balance that i didn't know you were supposed to not drink on. and so it really just caused a horrible, horrible blackout and i just -- it was like i went like under anesthesia and then just like woke up. >> you woke up and didn't really remember what had happened but then there was that video. you've watched it? >> i've seen some of the footage, yeah, and obviously i watched the first episode. >> what do you think when you watch it back? >> it's like i'm watching t
8:21 am
i was like in shock. >> have you made changes in your life since this experience, since seeing that footage and knowing what people said happened? >> i definitely -- i'm weinanin off that medication. i don't want to be taking -- it was very scary what happened and i, you know, cut down the drinking and, yeah. >> you're working on yourself. when production shut down you released a statement saying i am a victim. how are you a victim? >> i was a victim of, you know, just being blown into the media and, you know, having people make these crazy, you know, assumptions and judgments about what happened that day and, you know, i was really a victim of the media. it was just all of a sudden people became an expert on the situation and on what happened and it's
8:22 am
trying to figure out exactly what happened and it was just horrible to deal with. >> you experienced a backlash. >> bad, yeah. >> how bad did it get? >> it got really, really bad. it's till -- it got a lot better but the things people say are just insane. >> do you blame the producers at all of the show for overreacting to the situation for shutting down the production for creating the media firestorm that was created? >> no, no, not at all. i would hope that if a producer, you know, saw anything that they were uncomfortable with anyone they would, you know, do the proper investigations and everything to make sure that, you know, everybody is safe and everything like that. i'm super thankful. >> do you have anything to say to demario? you saw him get emotional last week. you may see him at the reunion. what are your thoughts about him. >> i wish him well. there's no bad blood there. i wish him well always. >> we will look forward to your interview, your big sit-down with chris tonight. >> yes. >> we really appreciate your time.
8:23 am
episode of "bachelor in paradise" airs at 8:00, 7:00 right here on abc. thanks again. lara. >> we turn now to taylor swift's new song, shattering records and there's a lot going on. there it is in this video. abc's chris connellily thankfully in los angeles with some of the hidden messages uncovered. good morning to you, chris. >> good morning, lara. music video director joseph kahn says taylor swift is the hotter, smarter me confirming they collaborated on this meta video which offers a serious of knowing savvy shoutouts to swift's colorful past in the public eye. with more than 30 million views since its debut on sunday's v vmas, the lavish video "look what you made me do" has broken records and sent fans scrambling to decode its images. >> taylor swift has not been shy in the past about referencing her personal life in her music videos. and this time she's
8:24 am
the next level. she's packed this song with so many references and her fans are all over it. ♪ role you made me play ♪ the fool now i don't like you ♪ >> reporter: the song itself finds swift swapping her sly ingratiating manner for an angry defiant tone that will sound familiar to anyone on twitter. ♪ i'd do it all the time >> reporter: its video takes a clever approach packed with nods references and witty allusions to earlier t swift controversies and her status as pop's melodrama momma to that tombstone. no that tombstone. nooels show berg is the pseudonym she wrote "what you came for" a hit for calvin harris. celebrity couples come together t quietly and part noisily.
8:25 am
and bury. boom. and check out the $1 bill in the tub. the same buck she was awarded in her suit against the groping deejay. the shirts that shay i love ts. just like the one tom middle stone was packed in and the snake with a kim k. backstory that's longer than a "game of thrones" credit role. ♪ i'll be the actress star in a new bad dreams ♪ >> reporter: all of it wrapping up with a roll call of taylor's past, not cgi but painstakingly precise recreations of personas from her old video, award shows and public statements. lined up and sending up hilariously the superstar herself in a round of swiftian satire. >> stop acting like you are nice. you are so fake. >> reporter: like the wink at the end of "we are never ever getting back together." idea is her self-aware sense of humor will carry the day. >> i would very much like to be
8:26 am
excluded from that narrative. >> you know the nightmare we all have when you've got a test at school and you haven't studied for it i think taylor swift may have come up with a new collective nightmare being shamed by your former selves. i'm imagining me from high school saying, wait, you wear a suit to work every day? lara. >> so good. chris, great. investigative reporting there. >> he had so much fun with that story. way to go, chris. >> that was fun. i want more. >> right now though we will get to houston, texan football star j.j. watt joining us live. how you can help with the floods, as well.
8:27 am
>> good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings, an active investigation going on right now at the university of maryland at college park. campus police say a naked man approached female students near parking lots sunday night. no injuries were reported. police are reviewing surveillance footage and saying they are increasing patrols. >> and a reminder we have information how you can volunteer or donate to the victims of harvey on our website at we are partnering for relief efforts and tonight join us for a phone bank with the americ
8:28 am
they will take calls and accept donations. and you can make a $10 donation with your phone. text harvey 90999. >> we've got wet weather in our region today. >> well, we have rain falling now and it's going to stick around throughout the day today. what's more is you will notice how cool it is. many of you will need a jacket out the door this morning. from mid to upper 60s throughout the day. we stay under the 70 degree mark. we will have the rainfall, most of it falling i-95 areas east so it does include the beach areas picking up 2-3 inches ocean city and winds could be around 50 miles per hour. harvey's rain saturday. >> the problem spot is 95. we had open lanes northbound as you approach icc maryland 200 for the earlier accident but mdot blocking
8:29 am
you have to take riva 29 northbound to avoid that. we will send you back to more "good morning america."
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma." welcome to our audience here in the studio. we want to tell you about an initiative from our parent company disney. they've decided to designate this thursday, august 31st as a day of giving for all those victims of that devastating storm. a fund-raising effort that begins with our local affiliates in the morning and tips right here on "gma" and also throughout the day on abc, freeform and radio disney, all our social plat fors as well. money, of course, is going to go to the american red cross. you see that up there. if you want to give right now you can go to our website, and also text the word -- the numbers 90999, kind of a spelling of harvey and that williv
8:31 am
as well. we started telling people about that. >> type the word harvey and easy to do. please do give. so needed. we want to talk to somebody right now doing so much for the people of houston. just incredible what he's doing right now. j.j. watt star defender for the houston texans announced a fund-raiser on you and response has been enormous joining us from skype from frisco, texas. j.j., thanks. this is really incredible. you started out with a goal of about $200,000 and now the donations pouring in are approaching 10 types that. must be so gratifying. >> well, it's unbelievable. i think the biggest part of it all is to be able to see the power of what can happen when people come together. i think that's the beauty of the people in this country is that when they see somebody going through a tough time they all rally around. and we're -- we justed passed $1.2 million and just started this on sunday night. so it's pretty incredible and
8:32 am
we're going to be able to do a lot of great things to help rebuild the city and trying to raise as much as we can because we know recovery efforts are going to be massive. this isn't a little thing. it's a big, big thing. >> j.j., it's incredible. you say you're already at $1.2 million. last night you upped your goal to $1.5 million. it seems like you'll easily reach that. are you going to continue to up the goal as all of these people who are watching you and listening to you want to help. want to do more. >> yeah, i think that's what we're going to continue to do. i want to setting it at incremental levels where we have a goal to achieve. i don't want to set a crazy number but increasing half a million here, half a million there and the beauty it's not necessarily big dough nailings coming in. $5 here, $10 there, people from all over the country giving what they can. not necessarily big dough nations. it's really a crowd funding effort and i think that's so incredible to watch. >> i know that this tragedy has struck a personal note with you. i understand your girlfriend is stuck in houston right now. how is she
8:33 am
>> she's doing well. yeah, she's stuck in houston. you know, it's been a few days now, a couple of my teammates have issues, whether it's their house, some of our tealmays back in houston are in evacuation zones and being evacuated. i talked to one guy here who he has a wife and newborn back home and they're out of diapers and running out of formula and things like that so it's a very, very difficult situation and we all just care so much about everybody back there and want them to stay safe. >> i know you have a preseason game against the cowboys, the dallas cowboys on thursday and you have the idea that there should be some kind of fund raider involved with that game. how is that going? >> yeah, i mean i think if we are going to play this game, which i think is an if, it should be a massive fund-raiser. i think what's happening right now is so much bigger than football. i don't football should be the priority in any situation like this. so if we do end up playing a football game i think it should be a multimillion dollar fund-raiser and hopefully the nfl will spea
8:34 am
sure she's statistics get the help and recovery they need. >> and this devastation is spreading far and wide. far beyond houston as well. we see the storm heading now to louisiana. you guys were playing in new orleans over the weekend and, of course, this is now the 12th anniversary of hurricane katrina. we all remember how hard new orleans was hit and now houston seeing that same kind of devastation. >> yeah, and i think that we were just in new orleans. we just came from new orleans last week and i think one of the sentiments we heard from people there how houston was so open and welcoming to the victims of hurricane katrina and now it's houston's turn and so i think that's what's so cool to see about people giving from all over the country. people from new orleans coming in to help out is that everybody is rallying around and that's what it's all about and that's what it's going to take. i it won't be a one week thing. it will be a long-term relief effort and it's really cool to see how many are stepping up. >> are you surprised by the overwhelming response and how quickly it's poured in? >> i'm surprised by how quickly
8:35 am
shouldn't be because there's so much good in people out there and there's so much positivity out there in the world and people wants to help. you know, it's very difficult times around our country. but i think that types like this really show you and give you that positive light and really help you believe in the better good of people and it's really cool to see. >> j.j., thank you for tapping into that. it's really something right now. [ applause ] thanks very much. at home if you'd like to donate to his relief fund go to back with 50 cent.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
this crowd, though, on a tuesday morning here in times square. we have a new series i have to tell you about. we've all had teachers that changed our life. i certainly have. now we are celebrating them. it's called "raising america." it's our new abc digital series. the people who mac a difference in our children's lives every day. i was one of those children, a student, a nerd who needed a way to help her turn her secret love of math into something she could be proud of. bob wells was my teacher at rockford high school. he is the math teacher in the world and still is today. one of the dances we did in class. there are so many stories like mine in "raising america"
8:39 am
you can seem them all. mr. wells, you gfrom nhc to see has formed - warmer tomorrow; dry through friday - rain from harvey arrives this weekend (saturday) - dry labor day monday today: wet and windy. unseasonably cool. highs: 67-70 winds: ne 10-15 g 25 mph we're working on our selfie skills. let's head out to george. a great guest to bring to the table. grammy winning rapper, executive producer of "power" now stepping out with "50 central." welcome 50 cent. ♪ good time everybody have a good time ♪ ♪ good good time good time ♪ everybody have a good time [ cheers and applause ]
8:40 am
>> welcome. >> what is that on your suit there. >> bs. >> gucci. >> you're coming from the fight. floyd mayweather. >> yeah, i just came from out in vegas. i drove myself. it was a better fight than i thought it would be. >> a lot of people -- >> they didn't anticipate mcgregor's arm and the way -- it was a little difficult to get to him and it took till the tenth round. i thought he would have got him by the fifth round. took a while. >> you had your 42nd birthday so happy belated birthday. was it okay i say how old you are. >> that's fine. >> speaking of your birthday. >> that's like women, right. you don't say their birthday. a woman's birthday they go like this what did you just say? >> what are you going to do. >> you should celebrate. what about your son. he is turning -- >> 5. >> in a couple of days and
8:41 am
recently graduated from kindergarten. >> now he's going. >> i heard he was nervous. >> yeah, he was. his leg was shaking. >> oh, look at that. he was graduating from something right there. >> he was going to kindergarten. >> he's so sweet. they wore their cap and gown to kindergarten. >> that's him nervous. he was like, what. >> does he get that from you? >> no. i don't get nervous anymore. >> it's a beautiful thing about one of the perks of getting older. >> one of the perks of coming to "gma." you also -- we like to give gifts and we have a birthday gift for your son. i understand that he's into toys. >> yeah, he is. >> he's 5. that's probably about right. >> how you get -- this is like it right here. >> is that what he likes? >> what is it? [ applause ] >> i don't know -- i don't know who came up with this, but the guy is really smart. these little things, grossery, target. driving to target. to toys "r" us and look, all these different things, little
8:42 am
detays on the back and he'll go, open the box and it's like ever see like the lady from the disney channel or youtube go, wow! he does that every time he opens the back and then he says, no, i got this guy. he'll put it on the side -- he's looking for -- >> hopefully he got some new guys this this one. >> i want to hear about your new show. congratulations. >> i'm excited. george said it's called "50 central" and compared it to "in living color." >> i tried to because "in living color" broke so many talents and i would like to think that it's going to be the new version of that at this point because it's almost a talent search and found people from all across the country, cast and everybody. it's exciting. they're supposed to make you laugh, not me. i'm supposed to be the host. >> well, why don't we take a look. >> let's take a look. >> i just want to say b.e.t. is so excited to have you on our network. >> [ bleep ]
8:43 am
here and i brought ashley who is the head of standards and practices. we want to be careful about crossing lines. you know what i mean? >> i have no [ bleep ] clue. >> you're funny. [ applause ] >> so it's about finding hidden talents. >> yes. >> so we got to ask you. what's yours? >> they do this to me. they ask me things that people don't know about me and i told them i got moves. >> you do? >> i can dance, right? but i don't do it because it's bad for my image. >> i'm with you on that one. >> people look at you different when they see you doing the mamba. >> yes, they do. >> but you can do it. you sure you don't want to show it. >> i definitely don't. floyd did "dancing with the stars" and i had a ball with him after that. i was like, what you doing, chap? you box, you don't dance. you know, he did a good job but, you know like -- >> we will see
8:44 am
russell simmons. >> yeah, yoga is intense. i didn't know -- the first time i went to like the hot yoga thing. i don't know what i thought i was doing. i thought i was going to stretch in a little bit of heat. >> you think maybe you sweat a little bit. >> it starts off and it's like sexy and a lot of girls in there and walk in and got stretch pants and everything, feels good then the heat is going and they start moving too fast and you start sweating and you like what is this? >> next thing you know you're doing the mamba. >> it is the mamba in a different way. you know, it's like prepping you for the mamba. >> hey, want to ask you about your other show "power" congratulations. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> season four finale. >> yeah, they're so angry with me because it didn't come on this sunday but i'm smart enough not to let it come on this sunday. this sunday was up against -- >> "game of thrones." >> "game of thrones" finale.
8:45 am
afraid of. i was afraid of the live sporting events. they had floyd versus mcgregor and the vmas. >> and this sunday instead. >> i'll do huge numbers. >> all right. smart man. >> businessman, dancer, you do it all. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> "50 central" wednesday, september 27th on b.e.t. and the "power" season finale sunday on starz. coming up we have fifth harmony performing.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we're back now w
8:48 am
excited. fresh off one of the most talked about performances ever at the vmas and the ladies also getting a moon person for best pop video for their hit "down" featuring gucci mane. welcome, girs. >> thank you so much. >> first one to talk about texas because ally, i know you and normani are both from the area. what do you want to say to the folks back in houston right now? >> i just want to tell them my loved ones and all my friends and family i love. you i'm supporting you even though i'm not able to be near and it's such a tragedy. you know, nothing can really prepare you for something like this. i'm originally from new orleans, louisiana, so i've been through it and moved and relocated to houston because of hurricane katrina so it's just -- it's kind of like i can't really get a break but want to let people know there definitely is hope and because of all the division in our world right now, i think that this is the one time that we can really unite and come together. >> yes, same here. same here.
8:49 am
together at the vmas. >> yes. >> let's talk about that moment. >> thank you. >> it went, boom, off the stage goes number five. >> well. >> no, we didn't push -- >> the moment was impactful. >> yeah, well, we get asked all the time if we're getting a fifth member and we wanted to show the world in an artistic way, that, hey, the four of us are fifth harmony and we're stronger and better than we've ever been and honestly it was such a monumental moment for us. we were at the vmas. we had the splits. >> and your win so emotional and so big. congratulations. right to your song. you guys right now are going to sing off your self-titled album. fifth harmony will form "he like that." [ applause ] ♪
8:50 am
♪ mmm pumps and a bump pumps and a bump ♪ ♪ you got that good boy attitude and yeah i kind of like it ♪ ♪ you got the tats on your arm got a bad girl excited ♪ ♪ you put that bass in the beat won't you beat it up inside it ♪ ♪ i got that pumps and a bump and you know you wanna try it ♪ ♪ pumps and a bump, pumps and a bump he like the girls with the pumps and a bump ♪ ♪ pumps and a bump, pumps and a bump i be that girl with the pumps and a bump ♪ ♪ he like that bang, bang, bang he like that bomb, bomb, bomb ♪ ♪ he like that love, love, love i'm like that drug, drug, drug ♪ ♪ he trip when he on it one taste and he want it ♪ ♪ he like that bang, bang, bang he like that bomb, bomb, bomb ♪ ♪ he like that love, love, love
8:51 am
♪ he trip when he on it one taste and he want it ♪ ♪ he got that roughneck swaggy but he know how to hide it ♪ ♪ he got that dope boy cash but he get it nine to five-ing ♪ ♪ he got a thing for them girls that make their money overnight-ing ♪ ♪ i know he bad for my health but i still wanna try it ♪ ♪ pumps and a bump oh pumps and a bump ♪ ♪ he like the girls with the pumps and a bump ♪ ♪ pumps and a bump, oh, pumps and a bump ♪ ♪ i be that girl with the pumps and a bump ♪ ♪ he like that bang, bang, bang he like that bomb, bomb, bomb ♪ ♪ he like that love, love, love i'm like that drug, drug, drug ♪ ♪ he trip when he on it, on it
8:52 am
taste and he want it ♪ ♪ he like that bang bang bang he like that bomb bomb bomb he like that bomb ♪ he like that love love love he like that love ♪ ♪ i'm like that drug drug drug i'm like this drug ♪ ♪ he trip when he on it, on it, one taste and he want it one taste and ♪ ♪ bang he love that bang bomb he love that bomb bomb bomb ♪ ♪ love he love that thang drug he love that hit-and-run ♪ ♪ he lose his brain he going to stupid dumb he stupid dumb all he ever want is some ♪ ♪ pumps and a bump, pumps and a bump he like the girls with the pumps and a bump oh ♪ ♪ pumps and a bump you know he wants some wants some ♪ ♪ pumps and a bump i be that girl with the pumps and a bump ♪ ♪ he like that bang bang bang he like that bomb bomb bomb ♪ ♪ he like that love love love i'm like that drug drug drug ♪ ♪ he trip when he on it one taste and he want it ♪ ♪ he like that bang bang bang he like that bomb bomb bomb ♪ ♪ he like that love love love i'm like that drug drug drug ♪ ♪ he trip whe
8:53 am
♪ ♪ one taste and he want it [ cheers and applause ]
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8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> fifth harmony, thank you guys very much. that was fantastic. did you get what you came for? yes. >> yay. >> we want to wish a very special congratulations to one of our producers, julian who got married. >> yeah, jillian. we love you jilian. have a great tuesday, everybody. thank you, guys. thank you. >> good morning
8:57 am
i'm melanie hastings with a check of your top stories. rescue crews from maryland and virginia are in texas to assist with harvey relief efforts. so far nine people have died and 2,000 thousand have been rescued from the raging floodwaters. the number of evacuees is expected to grow to more than 30,000 as harvey moves to louisiana. abc7th and news channel 8 are teaming up with wash fm to help are harvey relief efforts. the american red cross will take calls and accept donations between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. you will definitely need the rain gear today. here's veronica. >> we have rain falling now and it will citying around throughout the day today. what's more is you will notice how cool it is so many of you will need a jacket out the dr
8:58 am
this morning. from mid to upper 60s throughout the day. we stay under the 70 degree mark. we will have the rainfall most of it falling i-95 areas east so that does include the beach areas picking up around 2-3 inches ocean city and winds could be around 50 miles per hour. harvey's rain saturday. >> on 95 in bellsville, calverton we opened the lane from the tractor trailer accident. but look at this red spot. we are jammed north and southbound as you travel on 95 trying to merge in from the earlier accident activity. you may want to take 29 columbia pike. we are on 28 before you get to the toll road easing delays but still delays to the beltway. >> you can get news,
8:59 am
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