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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 30, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, harvey makes landfall again. the tropical storm hits louisiana this morning. flash flood watches from tennessee to florida. new threats in texas overnight caused a massive crisis for those already evacuated. the water in houston still rising adding to the death toll. the mayor orders a mandatory curfew for the nation's fourth largest city. new rescues overnight. more than 13,000 people saved in houston and surrounding areas. and many more still trapped. shelters completely overwhelmed. overflowing with victims sleeping as the water rises around them. pastor joel osteen's
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he responds live. president trump tours the devastation. >> this is historic. it's epic. >> promising major federal aid and the remarkable way hometown heroes are springing into action using everything from big rigs to boats and jet skis to answer desperate calls for help. our team live from the storm zone this morning. and good morning, america. you are looking live at houston, texas, a city surrounded by freeways now rivers. there's a car abandoned on the ramp to the i-10 right now. so much of that city, so much of that county underwater right now. >> harvey is making landfall again for the third time, the tropical storm hitting louisiana this morning and battering parts of eastern texas, take a look at this image, that is a shelter in patti, texas, not only dealing with an overwhelming amount of flood victims but now dealing with flooding of their own. >> the problems just keep compounding and the front page of "the houston chronicle" this
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flooding shows no mercy. we are also seeing heart, heroism, community and neighbors hand in hand, a human chain to safety. >> that's incredible and here is what we know at this hour. more than 13,000 people have been rescued in the houston area. the death toll rising to 11 as a result of the deadly storm. and that relentless rain adding up to an unprecedented 51. 8 inches. >> we have never seen that in the continental united states and team coverage from the disaster zone across southern texas and louisiana. senior meteorologist rob marciano starts us off from richmond, texas. good morning, rob. >> hey, good morning, george. the rain has finally stopped here in houston, but the water continues to rise. this as tropical storm harvey makes its looping turn and a second u.s. landfall now spinning in louisiana, but causing more flooding chaos across east texas. this morning, 25 more inches of rain falling on parts
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texas. the latest deluge adding to the already flooded streets swallowing up these neighborhoods in galveston and port arthur. causing whitecaps on i-10 and a crisis at local shelters. >> now everybody is starting to panic and it's not fun anymore. this is beginning to be a traumatic experience. >> reporter: at the civic center in port arthur reports of three to four feet of water seeping this through the exit doors. the floor covered. water started to crawl up the bleachers. >> you have older people, you have infant babies, kids walking in this water and they have all kinds of insects, spiders and frogs, snakes in this water and they moved us up to the bleachers but that's not helping. the water's rising up. >> reporter: outside the street so dangerous calling off rescue attempts overnight putting a wall of water between firefighters and homes burning. the mayor trying to maintain
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city is underwater right now but we are coming. harvey clearly not done yet. the rain still coming down in the golden triangle of port arthur, beaumont and orange, texas, as harvey finally ejects north but we have a long way to go with this storm. >> rob marciano, thanks so much. harvey just making landfall once again this morning in southern louisiana where there are now flash flood warnings and abc's steve osunsami is right there in the eye of the storm in lake charles with the latest on all of that. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. the eye of the storm is sitting right on top of us right now. behind me is a very swollen lake charles, in front of me is the sad scene playing out so tiffing center where there are many families who are sleeping who had to be rescued it their flooded homes. it will still dump inches over parts of the country where it's already sat rayed like a cup filled with water. you add one more drop and it
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up and, remember, of course, amy, this storm was here on monday. >> and, steve, i want to talk a little about what's going on in new orleans because you've been reporting all week long that many of the pumps that that city depends on are not working. is that still the case? >> reporter: yes, it's a source of frustration for many residents in new orleans. the city tells us that about a dozen of their pumps are not working. the repairs on those pumps are ongoing this morning. they're looking at this right now. they're also working to clear their drains. they have thousands, i repeat, thousands of drains that are clogged in the city that they need to clear to allow this rain to drain away. >> all right, steve osunsami, we appreciate an update from louisiana. thank you. george. >> amy, thanks. our chief meteorologist ginger zee, and, ginger, six days in, it's hard to believe what rob marciano said but the storm still has a ways to go. >> yes, it does. you ka hear the wind in steve's shot because he is right on that
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eye wall and you can see tropical storm harvey after that landfall again overnight. some of the heavy bands making their way into parts of mississippi and florida but look at that really big rain shield from beaumont along the state line of louisiana, flash flood emergency still in place and look at the flash flood watches. they stretch all the way into the far western reaches of the florida panhandle and up to memphis, yes, memphis, could be included in the heavy rains from this all the way through friday. so let's time it out for you. by tomorrow morning we're in northeast louisiana, you go up to memphis and that rain shield, especially if you're driving i-40, say, 3:30 p.m., stopped it here between little rock and memphis, this will be a problem. 6 to 12 inches still in our swath especially in east texas and far southwest louisiana. guys, houston areas had more than they have in an entire year of rainfall. that's what we're dealing with. >> just a couple of days. thanks very much. many of the victims of harvey escaping those dangerous floodwaters head to those evacuation cen
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rescued those centers are now completely overwhelmed. the red cross saying more than 17,000 people are in shelters in texas right now. abc's chief national correspondent tom llamas is in houston this morning with more on that side of the story. tom, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. you'll remember right here on "gma" yesterday we brought you those images of people sleeping on the convention floor here in houston. this morning, a much different story. take a look just behind me. this is a new mass shelter they have opened in houston, the same area where the texans play football. they're going to house 10,000 people here and they say all 10,000 will have a cot to sleep. let me show you what will happen. they register through here and come in right through there and get fema, health assistance and then they walk through those doors and that's their new home. this is a mix of people who have been through so much. we have people from the overflow crowd at the convention center. we also have people from other crowded shelters and even those recently rescued. overnight the calls for
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keep pouring in. last night, 600 more. >> people that are calling out, stranded for days. >> reporter: the city of houston and the red cross responding to the influx of people needing help. now opening new shelters including one at the nrg center. overnight buses started transporting people to the football stadium. at last check, more than 10,000 were looking for shelter. the number growing. but only 5,000 cots were available at the convention center. we found 18-year-old kalia castro outside the convention hall in a separate area so she, her baby and three nephews could sleep on a carpeted floor. how did you get out. >> the helicopter came over the house and came and got us and we came outside. i wasn't able to bring anything. i was -- it was enough room for me to go in the basket and for all the kids to fit. >> reporter: stories like that are what volunteer lisa sailor says she hears all day. >> hard to keep it together. i l
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i had a young mom yesterday that stood in water for a day and a half for her girls because she didn't want to leave her home. >> reporter: outside a dangerous situation in parts of the houston area. at least nine confirmed deaths including houston police sergeant steve perez who drowned in floodwaters just two days shy of his 61st birthday. houston's police chief moved to tears. >> we couldn't find him and once our dive team got there it was too treacherous to go under and look for him. >> reporter: many more missing including six of rick sal da var's family member, four children, the youngest just 6 years old and their great grandparents. they were trapped in their van and swept away by floodwaters. rick's brother, the only survivor. >> the road dips and that's where the van started floating and it pulled the van to the right and put in the bayou. >> reporter: around the flood damaged areas there are still pockets of chaos. at this supermarket in the northet
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people scavenging the waters and some entering the locked store coming out with their arms full. and now houston's mayor implementing a curfew from midnight to 5:00 a.m. police telling people to stay calm and follow the law. now, last night we saw something at the convention center we haven't seen yet a long line of people that stretched around the block. it was not people looking for housing. it was people looking to help out. the people of houston are ans r answering that call. >> they sure are. thanks very much. the magnitude of the flooding is so hard to grasp. right now up to 30% of harris county, more than 1700 square miles underwater. that's equivalent to all of new york city and chicago combined. abc's eva pilgrim is right in the middle of the floodwaters. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. this neighborhood covered by water. can you see that car floating behind me. the homes empty. the people who lived here forced to leave. before dawn we take off with a group of volunteers
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mission. >> we got 4:00 just help. >> reporter: right away. >> where are they at. >> reporter: we hear calls from help from a stranded family. >> hi, buddy. y'all hang tight. >> reporter: you okay? >> i'm scared. >> was it flooded here yesterday. >> yes. it's been flooded. >> reporter: the relentless rain pouring into hopes that had been dry now leaving people trapped. >> we weren't aware that this area over here was this bad. we kind of went in blind this morning and you know luckily were able to find a lot of people. >> how many are in there. >> two there and one there. >> reporter: this group flagging down a police officer who set up a command center before putting out an sos on facebook to their friends who quickly turned up with more boats. >> just everybody come together and help each other out. >> reporter: for hours they scour this area going from one home to the next carrying people they've never met before out
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>> how do you know where to take them? >> you just take them to dry land. >> reporter: the guys getting family after family taking them to safety. >> come here, honey. >> we're a little different down here in the republic of texas. we look out for each other and take care of our own. >> reporter: and the coast guard estimates those guys rescued about 300 people. a lot of those volunteers telling me they're just fishermen with big trucks and boats. we have some of them here with us but no question these guys have been heroes throughout this. amy. >> yeah, they have big hearts as well. thank you so much, eva. >> reporter: unfortunately for everyone in this path the flooding is still relentless this morning. we saw that incredible image of whitecaps on interstate i-10. this deadly storm stranding victims in their vehicles and abc's clayton sandell is in houston with more on that. clayton, good morning. >> reporter: hey, fwoorng, amy. this is interstate 10 right behind me here and on the off-ramp i want to zoom in and show you something. this car stuck in the floodwaters overnight just hou
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ago, in fact, police and volunteers had to get a family of four out of that vehicle and this has been happening all night, in fact, cars have been stuck in freeways and almost like car graveyards really. there has been a woman we heard from who spoke to ktrk. she said she was stranded on i-10 for up to two days. two days. she had to have a friend come and rescue her in a boat. the property losses here when it comes to vehicles has just been astounding. there's a new report from cox automotive that says harvey may have destroyed 500,000 vehicles in houston and you can one more behind me, amy. >> wow, it is just incredible. clayton, thank you very much. george. >> we'll talk to the director of emergency management for harris county, county judge ed emmett and, judge, i know you're an experienced administrator but 30% of your county underwater and saw the cars abandoned. any sense of how many people are still
7:14 am
>> well, probably thousands. but hopefully they're not in danger of losing their life. we have people who are on the second floor of their homes and they're riding it out and waiting for the waters to go down. >> and what is your biggest worry right now? >> making sure that the people -- we call them neighbors instead of evacuees, making sure they have a place that is safe, they can begin to get on with their lives again and in the aftermath, you know, these waters are dirty. they carry all kinds of shall we say stuff in them so we've got to make sure we don't have a health crisis too. >> the city of houston is now imposing that curfew from midnight to 5:00 a.m. why exactly is that necessary and how long do you expect it to stay in place? >> well, the mayor imposed that curfew, they were worried about some of these flooded areas, the homes are left abandoned and they were worried m
7:15 am
that was a classic case, though, of the mayor originally said the curfew would begin at 10:00, but the harris county was opening the new shelter at nrg center and so he and i talked about it and so now it's 12:00 to 5:00 so the volunteers could get there to open the shelter. >> you have to be thinking of how you recover, how you rebuild your entire county after these floodwaters recede. what is the biggest challenge there? >> the biggest challenge is going to get people back in their homes. you know, i went through hurricane ike, a hurricane comes and goes through the area. in this case, we've got probably 30,000 to 40,000 homes that have been destroyed. working with the federal government and state government we've got to get those people back into their normal lives as soon as possible. you know, school is starting. we got to get children in the right schools and parents back to their jobs so that the economy and the natural life can go
7:16 am
judge emmett, i know you're up to it. thanks very much. >> thank you very much, george. >> amy. george, president trump and the first lady traveled to the storm zone in texas on tuesday to meet with local officials dealing with this disaster. the president was full of praise, but cautioned it is too early for congratulations. senior correspondent cecilia vega has more now from rockport. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: amy, good morning. before his trip here to texas the president said that the state would be back up and running very, very quickly but during his trip here, he conceded it is a long road ahead and just look at this. the road to recovery for so many people here still a long way off. president trump returning to the white house overnight after a day trip to that storm zone where he met with emergency workers and state officials but not with victims of the storm. the white house coming to his defense saying the president did not want to interfere with rescue efforts.
7:17 am
on air force one, press secretary sarah sanders said president trump's trip is all about people making sure that we are taking care of the people of texas, that is his number one priority. the president seeming upbeat on that trip. >> we're going to get you back and operating immediately. thank you, everybody. what a crowd, what a turnout. >> reporter: waving a texas flag in front of a crowd of supporters. on the ground the president praising rescue efforts. so far $25 million in emergency relief funds helping repair roads and bridges and at least 8600 federal personnel on the ground in southeast texas. >> it's a real team and we want to do it better than ever before. we want to be looked at in five years and ten years from now as this is the way to do it. >> reporter: victims hoping they see results soon. >> what's the damage like? >> totaled. totalled.
7:18 am
completely. >> reporter: it certainly is and president trump is heading back here to texas on saturday, possibly to louisiana too but not before he heads to missouri today, amy and george, where he will be talking tax reform. >> all right, cecilia. thank you. we'll head straight back to ginger. there is more flooding in houston right now. ginger. >> even though the rain has for the most part stopped in houston and moved east does not mean that the flood concerns are over. there will still be places that haven't flooded yet that will because of rivers, secreeks and bayou, memphis into northern louisiana.
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again, later this morning) - nice for labor day - dry & seasonable for back to school tuesday today: mostly becoming partly cloudy. highs: 77-80 winds: nw 5 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. lows: 56-64 winds: sw 5 mph thursday: partly to mostly cloudy. seasonably warm and humid. stray shower. lows: 81-85 winds: wnw 5-10 mph coming up pastor joel osteen under fire. his mega church accused of being too slow to respond those seeking shelter. he joins us live. >> right in the middle of this disaster reports of incredible price gouging. in one instance $99 for a case of water. ♪
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>> reporter: good morning washington i'm melanie hastings. police are searching for the woman seen on video throwing urine at a metro bus driver. woman urinated in that cup in the back of the bus surrounded by other passengers the worker is call thanksgiving disgusting and demands metro improve safety. >> and now to a terrifying site at a metro station a gunman shooting down an escalator temperature is a neighborhood fight that made its way to the metro station last friday. no one was hurt. police are searching for the guy who pulled the trigger and
7:24 am
asking anyone with information to come forward. we are back in a minute and check weather and traffic for you after the break.
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>> reporter: patchy fog this morning ask clouds moving out of here. afternoon sun, high temperature 78 degrees. tell feel warmer than yesterday's 60 that we stayed locked in. for the labor day weekend we will see the rain. remnants of harvey move in. best chance is saturday thru the day sunday the rain moves out from requestor degrees on monday next week expect temperatures in the lower 80s to mid 70s. >> reporter: we are clear on i95 trying to make that trek from fredericksburg to quantico. delays around the capitol built way on the north
7:27 am
silver spring brake lights. i66 slow drive toward the capitol beltway. we are back with another update in 30 minutes now back to
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welcome back to "gma." this is normal life in houston, texas, right now. water rescue. those roads have become swift rammeds right now. neighbors all across houston now stepping in to save neighbors, so many stranded in that water this morning. >> it is hard to imagine that there are still thousands of people in need of rescue. those who have been rescued flee to rescue centers like lakewood church. pastor joel osteen's mega church in houston. the doors are open but critics say it took too long for one of the largest congregations to pitch in. this morning pastor joel osteen is responding. he will join us live coming up in just a moment. >> for all of you at home looking to help, tomorrow our parent company disney is holding a day of giving
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it's a fund-raising effort that begins with our local affiliates in the morning then here at "gma" and throughout the day on abc freeform and radio disney as well as all our social platforms. tonight i'll anchor a special edition of "20/20" "city underwater" tonight at 10:00. rob marciano has the latest. there's still a lot to get to on this front, rob. >> there certainly is, amy. fortunately here, though, i'm seeing clear skies so they will seen the sun in houston but the waters continue to rise, especially in the rivers here in the county which the majority is under evacuation orders. the center of the storm spinning over lake charles, louisiana but the back side in beaumont and port arthur really dumping heavy rain there. flash flooding continues and really will for the next couple of hours so a chaotic scene no doubt and this thing drifts off to the north and east causing more flooding along its path potentially right in through the middle of the mississippi river valley. harveyn
7:32 am
done yet. george and amy. >> all right, rob, thank you. we move on to joel osteen. he is one of america's most popular preachers but faced some fire when they were slow to take in flood victims. busloads are taking shelter there now and we'll talk to pastor osteen about the turnaround after this report from victor oquendo at lakewood. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, george. once the church started accepting those donations they started piling up quickly. the volunteers are lining up once again this morning. you can take a look at part of the work they've done so far. a mountain of towels on one side and this side a ton of baby supplies. >> i promise you we'll make you feel right at home. >> reporter: he's the famous tv pastor leading one of the largest congregations in the country. >> if you're ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services. >> reporter: joel osteen head of houston's lakewood church but for the past few days his megachurch has come under me megacriticism. some questioning why the
7:33 am
fair foot facility didn't immediately open its doors. >> we'll come right back. >> reporter: as the floodwaters rose the church posting online that it was inaccessible due to severe flooding. the reaction on line fierce. tweets like this saying when joel osteen has a gigantic church and $10 million home in houston but is only offering prayers to people affected by harvey. and the already heavily criticized joel osteen isn't helping himself by not hoping that mega church of his and leads me to ask what would jesus do. some posting feet tphotos like this seeming to be flood-free. but lakewood officials providing these pictures to prove there was lots of water the foot from the top of their floodgates and saying the doors have been opened. >> we've all -- our doors have always been open. we have been a 14e89er like they were a shelter from the very beginning. >> reporter: now the church up and running as an official sheller already filled with giant piles of
7:34 am
lines of cars with volunteers waiting to sign up to help. and speaking with a lot of those volunteers we learned a lot aren't necessarily joel osteen viewers or part of the congregation. they discuss told us they're from houston and they want to help. george. >> okay, victor, thanks. pastor osteen joins us from lakewood church as well. thank you for joining us this morning. pastor osteen, let's get right to the controversy and saw that post on sunday from your church saying it was inaccessible yet so many weighed in saying that didn't seem to be the case. what went wrong here? >> well, george, first off the building was inaccessible. the floodwaters went down, i mean this building flooded in 2001 and had ten feet of water in the lower ball and we put up floodgates to kept it from going over, only a foot away. the narrative is we didn't want to take people in or we didn't open in time, you know, is totally not true. we were here for people. we were a shelter and taking peep as soon as the floodwaters receded when several people came here to t
7:35 am
city has a shelter four miles from here. we work with the city all the time and when their shelter was totally full they started bringing people over here and here we are again today doing it like we did in 2001 when we housed 3,000 people. so i don't know. i think somebody created that narrative that somehow we were high and dry and none of that is true. this building was a safety issue and we took people in from the very beginning. >> you do seem to be up and running now but any lessons learned from this? >> well, i think there always is you about i think, george, sometimes you know when somebody is not in this situation where we had nobody in this facility, we had -- we were fearing that it would flood. the last thing we would do is put people in it right at the beginning but, yeah, you know, we would probably be, you know, do some things differently obviously but my niece was stranded right across the street from this building, the first two days of the flood on -- one day of the flood on the freeway so it was a big flood and it affected all of the people that run this facility as well, but, you know what, we've been h
7:36 am
we'll be here long after this dies down helping these people as well. >> we know the recovery effort from this hurricane is going to take weeks, months, even years for the city of houston for harris county. how do you see lakewood's mission in that recovery effort? >> well, just what you said. it's long term. this -- we'll get them out of the shelters over time when we can, but they need help rebuilding their lives and so we have teams set up and we have hundreds of pastors that have already called and organizations like samaritans purse and world vision. we'll come in here and help rebuild. they will be here for a couple of years with us and that's just, you know, it's just pulling out the sheetrock, helping those especially the elderly and just being in it for the long haul. that's the key. >> certainly is pastor osteen. thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. with so many people in need coming up next mountains of harvey victims desperate for just the essentials, but look at this. some businesses accused of
7:37 am
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kohl's. gouging. right in the mid the of the devastation in texas some businesses accused this morning of raising prices on essentials in one instance, $99 for a case of water. abc's senior national correspondent matt gutman is in houston with more on this story. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, amy. imagine selling this bottle of
7:41 am
now, the texas state attorney general says it's not only cruel, it is criminal and he's investigating hundreds of cases of gouging here. texas tempers flaring. furious over markups on necessities like this man selling water out of his truck accused of marking up bottles by 500%. >> you ought to be ashamed of yourself. >> reporter: now in the middle of this massive crisis, the texas attorney general says he's already received over 600 reports of price gouging. just check out one woman's receipt from a corpus christi convenience store. she says she was charged 65 bucks for just two cases of beer at a raceway gas station. >> i think this is ridiculous. >> reporter: then this photo of water for sale at best buy for $42. raceway says it's investigating. the store manager apologizing telling abc news overnight it was a clerical error and
7:42 am
price gouging. adding, we did give a full refund. best buy also apologizing telling abc news it doesn't even sell cases of water. this was a big mistake on the part of a few employees at one store. as a company we are focused on helping, not hurting affected people. nearby, best western telling us it's severing any affiliation with its hotel in corpus christi, refunding 40 guests after it was accused of nearly tripling room rates. the hotel chain saying we do not tolerate this type of egregious and unethical behavior. >> we've seen water up to $99 for a case of water. we've seen fuel prices up to $20 a gallon. we've seen hotels jack prices up sometimes six, seven times. >> reporter: officials now laying down the law. in texas offenders can face fines up to $20,000 per offense. and up to $250,000 in a victim is 65 or older in we're looking at prices over the last three
7:43 am
by more than 10% we'll look at it. >> reporter: that's not the only kind of prove tearing. yesterday we were at a shelter and somebody said they could bring a semi truck to take away all of the surplus dough nations to another location but officials suspected that person was trying to steal the donations in order to sell them but it is worth noting, guys, that most people here, the vast majority are actually giving away donations rather than trying to sell anything. amy, george. >> these tragedies bring out the best and worth in some people. it's good to see officials are cracking down. >> absolutely, thank you, matt. more of the best in just a minute. this rescue of jet ski that went viral and amy's going to speak to that grandfather when we return. ♪ it's time for the biggest sale of the year with the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable.
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we have seen so many incredible rescues out of texas following hurricane harvey and this morning photos going viral of a grandmother and grandfather being evacuated on the back of a jet ski after their home flooded and spoke with that grateful grandfather just moments ago. j.c. spencer joins us. i know your wife karen is resting. you've been through so much over the past few days but i'm sure you know that that picture on the jet ski has now gone viral. tell me how you ended up on a jet ski heading out of your flooded home. >> well, monday morning we realized we had to evacuate. we had to get out o
7:48 am
and so i called chick-fil-a. now that sounds kind of funny but i ordered two chicken burritos with egg and a boat and can you believe the manager, one of the managers of chick-fil-a, she sent her husband to pick us up. and we are so grateful and so thankful. >> that is incredible. i know you loaded your possessions on to that boat and there wasn't a lot of room for you and karen to get in so all of a sudden some jet skis showed up. >> yes, and so karen jumped on the back of the jet ski and i jumped on the back of another one and they evacuated us to higher ground and we are ever so grateful. >> oh grateful. i know she had a big smile on her face but karen said that she was actually on the verge of tears. it was probably a surreal moment for you both. >> absolutely. future of houston is indeed, very, very brht
7:49 am
houston -- the medical capital of the world, the space capital of the world, the energy capital of the world and about to become the port capital of the world. >> j.c. and karen, the world is certainly brighter with both of you in it. thanks for joining us. we're so glad you're okay. >> thank you. >> and there's even more to the story. amazingly rescuers took j.c. back to the house because he had forgotten his wedding ring and wallet. i couldn't save my house but i had to save my marriage. i love that he had a sense of humor. they have four children, ten grandchildren and five great grandchildren who are all very happy they are safe and sound and i didn't know if he actually got the chick-fil-a order, though. that was unclear. >> quite an order. extra egg especially. also told you he killed a snake on the way back. >> he is. resilient just like texas? a lot more hometown heroes coming up. you'farewell, cookie betdough ice cream.e! what's that you're drinking? it's trop50. it's fine.
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only dr. scholl's stylish step has insoles that are clinically proven to provide all-day comfort. dr. scholl's. born to move. back here on "good morning america" i have good news. tropical storm harvey is now moving faster than it has since it moved landfall north at nine miles per hour the update from the national hurricane center. bridge city, louisiana, still raining heavily this morning. areas from beaumont to port arthur picking up more than 20 inches overnight. those are the spots that are saying thank goodness it's moving faster because that rain shield is so heavy right along the state line of louisiana and texas there. still in a flash flood emergency and the flash flood watches now extend all the way up into parts of arkansas and even memphis. you know what, even cincinnati will get some rain from this. how much rain looks like a lot of the places in the red here anywhere between 4 and 6 inches locally you could see heavier spots and then just as i said before, just because the rain stopped in houston for the
7:54 am
part does not mean it's over. the san jacinto river is a place we're concerned about because river levels are so high they're backing up into communities like kingwood and humble still as we speak and will for days to come. the west and east fork come together in lake houston which is where houston gets its water by the way and eventually makes its way to galveston
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by dr. scholl's stylish step insoles.
7:56 am
>> reporter: good morning washington i'm melanie hastings with your top stories. crews from the red cross are getting ready to head to texas. the storm making land fall this morning for a third time now louisiana is getting flooding the death toll reached double digits. this morning truck loads of dogs and cats are here after rescued from harvey. dozens a livelihood at the last chancean ma'am malrescue before the hurricane hit texas. 80 more will get here this week. response has been overwhelming people rush to open their homes to pet in need. after a cool start a nice day
7:57 am
>> reporter: all right we'll head over to the roads now. >> melanie on the roads we are following volume delays trying to get to the capitol beltway on i270 and new, activity for branch avenue am maryland 5 northbound approaching the beltway in camp springs right lane blocked. we have heavy delayed and making your ride i66 eastbound you see pretty much jammed from the prince william park way. a drive time of 47 minutes. we have reports of a possible incident for folks making the ride through the centerville interchanges. if you are traveling a lock at the beltway delays headed to oct on hill. cameras are showing delays. this is the outer loop of the beltway.
7:58 am
i95. and headed toward silver spring and the i270 spur you will continue at this slow pace that is traffic. we'll be back, melanie? back to you >> get more updates on good morning washington now. have a great day
7:59 am
z2gv6z zi0z
8:00 am
y2gv6y yi0y good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. happening now harvey makes landfall again. massive storm slams into louisiana this morning. flash flood watches from florida to tennessee and new threats overnight. even more peril for those who already evacuated as the waters in houston just keep rising. a mandatory curfew now for houston. everyday heroes, people traveling from across the country to help the victims of hurricane harvey from this trucker with his big rig driving into the floodwaters. >> they'll just keeping boatloads of people out to the truck. to the real estate opening up her own home. >> my home is literally your home. >> reporter: to the military vets
8:01 am
incredible stories. cracking the nutrition code, the oil marketed as a healthy fat substitute but could it be driving your cholesterol way up? the truth behind coconut oil right here. george clooney on being a dad. he's doing diaper duty, says fatherhood is terrifying and amal is adjusting as we say, good morning, america. good morning, america. hope you are having a good wednesday. houston, of course, facing so much devastation right now. we want to show you this big rig that one man drove nearly 200 miles to help rescue people. his name is nick sheridan and joins us live ahead. take a look at these workers. they were trapped at their bakery for two days with the floodwaters. what do they do? they used up the 4200 pounds
8:02 am
bread for all of those affected by the floods. it was a gesture that was both literally and figuratively sweet. >> well done. okay. thank you, amy. south texas, you know, east of houston is getting hit hard. there's a new flood emergency right now after two feet of rain overnight. abc's steve osunsami is just across the texas state line in lake charles, louisiana. here's his story. >> reporter: good morning, george. these flash floods are for real. there is an urgent situation happening right now in port arthur and beaumont, texas, where the rain is just dropping and just continues to fall. they've seen about 25 inches of rain overnight. we're hearing reports of the civic center where they're actually housing residents taken from their homes is taking water. they're seeing three to four feet of water in some places. numerous reports of people who are trapped in their homes. right now the eye of the storm is sitting on top of us right now here in louisiana. behind me is lake charles, in front of me
8:03 am
who were taken from their flooded homes who are sleeping there right now. the fear, of course, is that the ground is saturated. there is just no more room for a drop of water more. in new orleans, they're very concerned about even an inch of rain because of the city's pumps. about a dozen of them are not working right now and that work continues. one person who was being very clever in the traditional new orleans spirit and humor put a sign outside of one of the pumping stations that reads, i think i can, i think i can. they sure hope that those pumps are going to work today. >> we hope he's right. steve, thanks very much. >> now we move on to houston where more shelters are having to open or the thousands still being rescued. our chief national skoernts tom llamas is there with the latest on that story. tom, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. earlier on "gma" we heard from the harris county judge would told
8:04 am
homes could be destroyed here in houston and that's why so many are seeking shelter. this is one of the newest shelters in the nrg park where the houston texans play football and the same setup. people come in, get registered and get a cot. 10,000 can sleep here and they say everyone will get a cot. now, one of the reasons they opened this place is because of what we showed you yesterday sleeping on the floor there at the convention center. they had planned for 5,000. more than 9,000 showed up and there were so many people sleeping on the floor at the time. the rescue efforts are still under way here in houston. they were answering 600 calls yesterday so there are still people trapped in their homes and there are still pockets of danger around the houston area. the mayor now implementing a curfew that runs from 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. amy. >> tom, everyone gets a cot there, though, that is important for these people till being rescued. >> we want to go to dpinger and, ginger, there are some
8:05 am
of hope for some because the latest update from the hurricane center has tropical storm harvey moving north at nine miles per hour. that doesn't sound like a lot but that is faster than it has since it made its original landfall. it did make landfall again early this morning. just west of cameron, louisiana. the heaviest rain shield happening, what steve was talking about between beaumont and the state line into louisiana and that's why we see flash flood watches all the way really thursday and friday up to memphis and, of course, those outer bands into panama city. i wanted to quickly show you too just because the rain slowed down or ends in houston does not mean the flood threat is over. i've been in constant contact with travis herzog at ktrk and talking about the buffalo bayou at record stage that throws through downtown houston. why we're so concerned about it and heard of the addicks and barker reservoir, in the '20s and '30s they had huge flos
8:06 am
put up these earthen walls to release it but it's been overflowing on the back end, eastern katy, bear creek flooding on the back to save the front. all eventually has to get to galveston bay. this is one the brazos river, san jacinto. so many stories that will go on for weeks if not months. >> thanks, ginger. coming up here hometown heroes. their remarkable stories just ahead. then george clooney talking fatherhood at 56. what he's sharing about his new life with the twins and what he says is terrifying. and lara is upstairs. >> hi, amy. nothing terrifying up here. just a great audience. how are you guys? and we're counting down to the first "dancing with the stars" celebrity reveal right here. we will we'll find out who is about to hit the dance floor for season number 25. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. maria is an incredible mom. when it comes to helping
8:07 am
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♪ welcome back to "gma." welcome to this great crowd here on wednesday morning. this happens every once in a while on "gma." i was back in the women's locker room -- >> talking clothes. >> now we're going to talk "pop news." >> yes, we are, good morning, everybody. good morning to george and to amy and to you and we begin with the tony award winning musical "hamilton" giving the real-life alexander hamilton another shot in the spotlight. inspiring the library of congress to digitize 880 documents written by the founding father for all of us to now access. lin-nu
8:12 am
lin-manuel miranda gave his seal approval. the collection will include his personal and public drafts like one written when he was just 12 years old as a clerk and then a letter he wrote to his future wife elizabeth, george washington, john adams among the major figures included in these letters and before this the only way to view them was to actually travel to washington and to view them on microfilm. not happening for a lot of people. this makes it easier for us to learn much more about one of the most important figures in our american story. >> so cool. microfiche. you don't even know what it means. >> i didn't in college. not doing it now so that's great news. i think it's so fantastic for all of us to be able to access that story. in "pop news" this morning a new addition to the muppets. matt vogel making his big debut of the new voice of kermit stepping in for steve whitmire lending his pipes to the youtube
8:13 am
channel. listen up, here is the new kermit. >> and now for another muppet thought of the week. ♪ >> dreams are how we figure out where we want to go. life is how we get there. i'm headed this way. >> what do you think? >> i mean, it's good. very good. i'm so impressed. >> we were studying it in the investigative unit of "pop news," we were studying the voice and heard a slight difference but pretty darned close. the new voice sounds so familiar. kermit serving up a wise and witty thought of the day and you know before vogel and whitmire, kermit was portrayed by the late, great muppet creator jim henson. we wish you luck, matt vogel as the new kermit, part of the disney family. finally celebrities showing continued support for the people of texas including beyonce. the grammy winner sharing a tribute on instagram saying, texas, you are in my prayers and the houston native pledging to work closely with her charity be
8:14 am
many hurricane harvey vics as she possibly can. and give it up for actress sandra bullock who has stepped up donating $1 million to the american red cross. specifically to help with harvey. the actress who has a home in austin, texas, writing, quote, there are no politics in eight feet of water. there are human beings in eight feet of water. so an update also on the efforts of houston texans football star j.j. watt. yesterday we loved having him on "good morning america" when we spoke with him. he already raised $1.2 million and this morning, we can report that watts' efforts have led to a new total of over $5 million. i just got chills. harvey relief fund. we cannot thank you enough, j.j. and that, everybody, is "pop news." >> that is great. fantastic, lara.
8:15 am
many everyday heroes out of houston as well. so many braving the floodwaters. they've got boat, big rigs, everyone is coming out taking care of themselves. hand to hand as well. you see that human chain. want to go back to rob marciano for more on that. hey, rob. >> hey, george, and there's still doing it. we can fly our drone. it gives you a great aerial view of the expanse of the flooding here. kerring the scope of what happened it's really remarkable job that the federal, local and state first responders did. they're professionals with high tech gear doing heroic work. as is so often the times the unsung heroes are the volunteers, everyday man that came from all over to help. >> these are all these boats you see here are just family boats, regular civilians that came down with their trucks. >> reporter: they are everyday heroes. traveling from near and far to help the victims of hurricane harvey. people like kninick sheridan wh
8:16 am
>> i'd say five, maybe six feet deep. >> reporter: driving nearly 200 miles with his big rig to help rescue those stranded in the floodwaters. >> they'll just keeping boatloads of i'm out to the truck and load them up and we'll get them out of the area. >> reporter: nick with the help of two other truck drivers rescuing more than 1,000 people and counting. local members of the community like realtor testifyny frey stepping up to help to. >> people walking with trash bags of clothes and babies on their backs. it's really hard for everybody right now. >> reporter: fry offering up her own apartment to families who needed a place to stay. >> text me if you need anything. i'm right down the street. i'm here for you guys. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> reporter: then there's team rubicon, a nonprofit composed of a group of military veterans. what are the risks here. >> lack of information i'm worried about and lack of communication i'm
8:17 am
because water is getting ready to rise and thee people don't want to leave their hopes. >> reporter: i was there had they came across a family of seven who needed help one by one brought to safety by the team. the emotion there is just palpable. i'm glad team rubicon is here to help them out. there's the water tower here in richmond. the sun coming up. brazos river behind it swollen and rising. expected to come to record levels this weekend, likely flooding part of this historic town and a lot of other towns here in ft. bend county, one of the largest counties in the country, the majority of which is under mandatory evacuation orders. that's tens of thousands of people that will be trying to get out of the way of rising floodwaters here right through this weekend and we certainly will need more help from volunteers into next week and beyond. george and amy. >> it is good to see the sun out there right now and we'll join -- joined by one of the many you saw in the piece, nick sheridan who had the big rig and drove more than
8:18 am
morning. we heard what -- you rescued more than a thousand people. are you going back out there today. >> yeah, the rescues are still going on. a lot of the immediate threat, people that are stuck in really bad areas have gotten out but we're more on a standby. see what they need us to do but we've been working in collaboration with police, fire, military, coast guard and then our own civilian units too. >> nick, it's so remarkable what you're doing. what spurred you into action? >> well, i mean my whole life i've held different roles, i served for a short while in the military, i was a fire explorer in new england when i was younger. my whole life i've kind of been in that civil service role and -- but being on my own gave me the ability to just go where they needed me rather than be stationed to go direct traffic on a street corner or something like that. so i was really able to put my equipment to use here being a freelance rescuer. >> it's so incredible what you've been doing, nick.
8:19 am
these rescues take place. is there one that stands out to you? >> not just this whole weekend stands out. it's been something i hope i never experience again just because hard to see but just between me and the other two truck drivers i was working with all day on sunday and monday, we like people have said over a thousand people between the three of us and worked together and drove through the streets in teams so that if one of us got stuck we had each other to keep moving because you can't see where the gullies are and one of the tractor trailers went into one and almost rolled over so we had -- i used the front of my truck to pull him out of the gully because you can't judge where the curbs are so it's tough. >> yeah. it's clear you're a humble guy. whatten sample you are setting. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> keep it up, nick
8:20 am
"20/20." "city underwater catastrophe in houston" at 10:00 on abc and tomorrow we're kicking off a special day of giving to help victims of the storm with our parent company disney going on all day an freeform, radio disnis and all our social platforms. to ginger. george, as if the water wasn't enough we also saw tornadoes. i want to show you this from lyons point, louisiana. three reported just around that part of louisiana and now the heaviest bands, the strongest really moving not just around that northwest shield but east into mobile bay and far western parts of the florida panhandle. that's where some of the heaviest training thunderstorms are coming and then that little track that takes it into the northeast of louisiana by thursday morning and by memphis by thursday into friday. very heavy rain still along with this. (harvey makes landfall, again, later this morning) - nice for labor day - dry & seasonable for back to school tuesday today: mostly
8:21 am
winds: nw 5 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. lows: 56-64 winds: sw 5 mph thursday: partly to mostly cloudy. seasonably warm and humid. stray shower. lows: 81-85 winds: wnw 5-10 mph we're going to switch gears to george clooney opening up about his newest role. it's one he calls terrifying. that would be dad to twins. adrienne bankert is here now with more on the story. good morning to you. >> good morning, lara. this is not a movie, okay. george and amal clooney's bouncing babies now almost three months old and the reality of fatherhood is now sinking in. george clooney may be new to the role of daddy but the magnitude of being a parent isn't lost on the seasoned actor. telling the associated press it's terrifying saying suddenly you're responsible for other people. >> george clooney's life has
8:22 am
changed a lot in the last few years. he went from being one of the most eligible bachelors to now being a doting father of twins. >> reporter: it's a complete 180 for the once perennial bachelor, the 56-year-old and wife amal welcomed twins ella and alexander on june 6th. clooney describes his duties as changing diapers and walking them around a little bit. commending his bride who he describes like an olympic athlete she's doing so beautifully. >> george clooney and amal are both very high-profile and very supportive of each other. so it's obvious that when it comes to raising kids, they're there for each other and looking forward to the future with their family. >> reporter: clooney, a new man who spoke about not wanting kids back in the day. >> i don't have any biological clock ticking. i don't have any interest in 15ing chirp at all. >> he now admits it's wise to never say never telling the associated press i didn't think at 56 i would be the parent of twins. don't make plans.
8:23 am
the ride. and while it's clooney's first time being a daddy he's getting ready for the latest release of "subu "suburbicon." >> getting a lot of buzz. don't make plan, enjoy the ride. >> i think he needs to talk to mick jagger. the dad of like seven. >> amy, over to you. thanks so much. now to our series "cracking the code: nutrition edition," this morning we're breaking down coconut oil, some marketing campaigns say it has an overwhelming number of health benefits, but abc's mara schiavocampo is here with the truth behind the trend. good morning, mara. >> good morning, amy. you know, fans love this stuff. it's extremely popular, ex-employeed a few years ago, many believing it's a healthy fat option but now some experts are saying it may not be so good for you after all even comparing it to butter and lard. coconut oil, for some it's become the golden child of oils, marketed as a healthy fat substitute and
8:24 am
everything from skin ailments to brittle hair to weight loss. >> i use it on my skin and use scrubs and use it in my coffee. >> reporter: loera that loves the stuff using it on her skin and hair and eating it almost every day. so you started because you thought it had a health benefit. >> way, i see it as a healthier oil. >> reporter: she is not alone. its popularity helped increase prices with the cost of coconut oil more than doubling since 2013. but this morning, new information that public perception may be way off. a recent american heart association report advising consumers coconut oil and some other vegetable oils should be used in moderation. >> the science behind it is that coconut oil is saturated fat, saturated fat is not the good fat. it's the bad fat. it basically has more fat in it than lard or butter. >> reporter: in fact, coconut oil is 82% saturated fat. bad fats can raise your
8:25 am
cholesterol levels potentially leading to serious health problems. >> once you raise your ldl, you put yourself at risk for heart disease. >> reporter: now, heart health experts are advising americans to cut back on eating vegetables oil like coconut oil that are high in saturated fat. >> i think i am shocked a little astonished. >> reporter: the institute of shortening and edible oils tells abc iseo that contain saturated fats will continue to play a role in food preparation and give certain foods, for example, bakery foods and confection, the texture, mouth feel and taste that consumers expect. >> will this change the way you use coconut oil? >> it sure will. i mean, i think i'll still use it because i love the flavor and i have gotten used to it and i still feel good but i think that i would be a little bit more careful in the future as how i use coconut oil. >> and full disclosure i cook with it and
8:26 am
coconut derived oil but the big headline here is how do those fats in coconut oil compare to, say, olive oil. >> this is really about public perception. a lot of people love the stuff. but people don't realize how much saturated fat in it. this is a cup of coconut oil, this has 189 grams of saturated fat compared to a cup of olive oil which has 30 grams of saturated fat so there's just a really stark difference. >> fat is your fuel in certain diets it might not be a bad thing -- science is out on that specifically but this is about moderation at the end of the day. >> it is and if you want to go for something like coconut you'll get much lower fat and healthier option and great for your hair, nail, skin, all that beauty stuff. >> mara, thanks so much. coming up next on "gma," two college roommates would discovered their moms are long lost best friends. an exclusive at reunion you don't want to miss.
8:27 am
>> good morning washington, i'm melanie hasting was a check of your top stories and right now metro police are searching for the woman seen on video throwing a cup of urine at a metro bus driver. metro says the woman urinated in the cup in the back of the bus surrounded by our passengers. they are calling this incident disgusting and demands metro improves safety. >> and a terrifying sight at a metro station. a gunman shooting down an escalator. it is a neighborhood fight that made its way to the columbia heights metro station last friday afternoon. the good news is nobody was hurt but police are searching for the
8:28 am
asking anyone with information to come forward. >> grab the sunglasses, here's veronica with your forecast. >> maybe a little patchy fog this morning and clouds moving out of here. we will have afternoon sunshine. high temperature today 78 degrees. it will feel warmer than yesterday's 60s. and then for the upcoming labor day weekend we will see rain. the remnants of harvey move in. the best chance is saturday through the day. sunday the rain moves out. we start clearing out. we will go from 84 degrees on monday next week expect temperatures in the lower 80s to mid-70s. >> veronica, heading into the district we have breaking news at the 11th street bridge. metropolitan police have blocked all lanes. dc 295 south bound impacted as well as i-295 northbound. you will see traffic basically stopped because we cannot go inbound to the 11th street
8:29 am
drive on 395 northbound. 32 minutes from the capitol beltway to the 14th street bridge. melanie? >> you can get more news, weather and updates
8:30 am
and welcome back to "gma." great crowd here with us. we start off this half hour with a lovely story about friendship and the day it all began when two college roommates realized their moms were long lost best friends out of touch for 16 years. t.j., you were there for the big reunion. >> i'm not really a fate, destiny, soul mate, it's mefrnts to be kind of guy but this story will make you a believer. two women best friends lost touch completely 16 years ago. fast forward 16 years, their daughters end up in college together and roommates together. had no idea about the moms' connection. we just had to do
8:31 am
to make this reunion happen. when you uc berkeleyly students roaya and nissma met their connection was instant. >> we hit it off right away. we're both premed, both canadian. both moroccan. >> reporter: their bond so great they decided to room together for their sophomore year but on move-in day an unbelievable discovery. >> i was facetiming my mom in the other room and i thought i'd bring her out to meet nissma's dad. >> they talked for only a few minutes but in that time span we realized that not only were they neighbors, but our moms were actually best friends 16 years ago. >> reporter: we found out we have baby pictures together. >> all i can think of this is insane. how often do you find out that one of your best friends as a young adult, you actually have baby pictures with that you don't even remember. >> reporter: their moms, saida and naima were pregnant together. >> they lived down the street together. used to talk, used to have
8:32 am
16 years ago roaya's family moves from canada toive vine, california. a year later nissma's family relocated tonorthern virginia their families split by 2,000 miles. >> when they left i don't think they had a phone. they didn't have a computer using library computers so it made it completely impossible to find the other person. >> reporter: but long lost friends are about to reunite. >> they have no idea. >> yeah, they have no idea. >> reporter: so the ladies pack up and hop a plane bound for new york, operation mommy reunion is officially under way. >> somewhere in the car. and new york is looking good. >> reporter: the duo splits up and separately meet their moms both also in manhattan. neither have any idea they're about to reunite. >> my mom is in the other room. she still has no idea. >> reporter: the daughters convince the moms to spend the morning in central park whe
8:33 am
down. roaya and her mom are just through here sitting on a park bench. now, mom has no idea why she's really here. she also doesn't have any idea that her daughter's friend, nissma, and her mom are right down here waiting and the two moms haven't seen each other in 16 years. this is about to happen. and it's about to happen right now. come on. hey, mom. >> hi. >> i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm saida. >> good to meet you. excited about being to new york. >> come with me right now. we're not going far. come on. come on. come on. you might recognize your daughter's friend here. >> hi. >> and then the mom. >> oh, my gosh. i missed you. >> i missed you too.
8:34 am
>> hi, nissma. >> ladies, here you go. here you go. you guys were best friends. >> she was my best friend and my family. >> and now what. now what are we going to do? >> family will get together. >> a happy reunion 16 years in the making. you made the point, robach. weren't they able to stay in touch all they had was back in landlines, no facebook. it would have been easier. no facetiming. so they completely lost touch. now they have plans to actually reconnect, visit. she's like come see me. i'm in san diego. we got nice weather out here. but it was very cool to see but i don't know. it makes you believe in something else. >> how great that they had baby pictures together and randomly ended up as roommates. >> uc berkeley. >> in college. >> at a big collegeoo
8:35 am
together, both premed. just something else is at work here. i'm not that kind of fate, destiny guy. >> now you are. >> why is this guy t.j. holmes coming up to me in the park? >> right. you wouldn't believe how many people have asked themself that question before. spend a lot of time in the park. >> great story, t.j. thanks very much. coming up our big "dancing with the stars" reveal. we're going to tell you the first couple about to hit the dance floor.
8:36 am
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>> announcer: it wouldn't be summer on "gma" without him. >> good morning, merge. ♪ >> announcer: and friday jason derulo does what he does best. >> time to party in the park noelle velentzas one epic live concert only on "gma" presented by king's hawaiian. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "good morning america" and we have seen so many terrible images this morning from port arthur, texas, boep, but this tweet from yesterday was one of my favorites. that is the sun in houston. that's right. gabby's tweet read in caps, the sun is out in houston. i repeat. the sun is out in houston. it is so nice to see even though some light rain on the back end but memphis, all the way up to cincinnati, the folks from ohio behind me just so you know i don't know where from ohio you're in but six inches in that wide swath c
8:39 am
again, later this morning) - nice for labor day - dry & seasonable for back to school tuesday today: mostly becoming partly cloudy. highs: 77-80 winds: nw 5 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. lows: 56-64 winds: sw 5 mph thursday: partly to so now we turn to our exciting "dancing with the stars" season 25 celebrity reveal. it's time. >> very exciting. last week revery vealed the pros. now it's time to reveal the first star gearing up for the ballroom. >> do the honors. >> so before i tell you, guys, couple of hints, he is a twin. and he's known for flipping, fixing houses with his brother. don't say it. i'm about to reveal it. drop that ball. hello! [ cheers and applause ] >> "property brothers" joining us live from los angeles with his new dancing partner winner of season 24 by the wa
8:40 am
slater. hi, emma. >> hi. how are you guys? >> so happy to see you and drew, congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> we did a little digging when we heard the news and we found on facebook this video which i would like to show everybody. >> okay. uh-oh. >> with that video -- with that video preparation for this moment? >> you know, that was actually this morning. that was me getting ready for "good morning america." >> i think he's ready. >> you're there with the reigning champ emma from last year. you're ready to go again. can you tell if she's a taskmaster yet. >> we've done two rehearsals and -- i'm an athletic guy and like taking on a challenge but i've never danced before and she is the best. she won last season, so i want to make it my duty to get her a second mirror ball. >> all right. >> okay.
8:41 am
>> all right. >> do you believe that move. >> i love it. they've already got their moves down. do you feel any extra pressure as reigning champ. >> you know what, i totally feel the pressure but i like that, you know. it's the first time i won last season which was incredible. and i've got another good partner so i can't believe my luck right now. >> you're going to do it. i mean you're going to do it. >> we are, right? >> i've been watching "dancing with the stars" forever. everybody supports everyone. it's not pushing everyone down to win but raise them up and do better like jonathan and me with all our companies. >> the best part. everybody is on the same team like wanting to see and celebrate each other and i've got great partner. so stoked about this. he's going to help me renovate my house. >> i teach her. she teaches me. >> exactly. i need something in return. >> and, drew, we usually see you with a different partner your brother jonathan redoing homes on "property brothers" but what does he think about all
8:42 am
upgraded my partner. at least in the looks department and jonathan is so excited. i mean, you know, jonathan would be here to do it as well if he -- he hurt his shoulder and says instead of beating me on "dancing with the stars" he decided to let me have this. but, no, he -- >> we have the next best thing, he has a message for you. let's listen. >> okay. >> hey, good luck, drew on "dancing with the stars." just remember i am the brother with rhythm so if you need somebody who is going to show you some of the moves. never mind. back to work. >> so good. >> he's very smooth. as you can see he's the smooth brother. [ applause ] >> now, i've been on that dance floor behind you. do you think it needs a fresh coat. this is just me asking for your expertise. >> you know, i haven't spent a lot of time there yet but i'm thinking i could probably fix a few things up, you know. change the floor plan, reconfigure. >> ballroom. >> you'll be my property sister fr
8:43 am
started what do you think will be the biggest challenge for drew. >> i pretty much know his height is going to be the most challenging thing. he has these long arm, long legs and about a foot difference between the two of us so i have to wear my shoes every rehearsal otherwise the hair whips him in the face. >> every time she does her fancy turns the tip of her hair goes right in my eyeball. >> when i turn he always goes -- >> that face is not one i want america to see. >> drew, you have a black belt in karate. are you going to use any of those moves. >> you know what, we've been finding that the coordination and the movement from my karate is actually helping me on the dance floor so, definitely. >> it's really handy like i've never had anybody with that kind of experience before but he knows where to put his body and i'm like, wow, that's similar to ballroom -- >> i won't be doing roundhouse kicks or chuck norris moves. >> maybe. >> you'll be a lot o
8:44 am
dance floor. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> good luck, drew. good luck, emma. >> all right. so tune in next wednesday for "gma's" exclusive "dancing with the stars" full cast reveal, more to come there. coming up right now one of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer, the cast of kids from "it." baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? no sir, no sir, some nincompoop stole all my wool sweaters,
8:45 am
smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online. visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance.
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we are back now with the cast of "it." it is one of the most highly anticipated and frightening flips of the year. it is based on stephen king's best-selling novel and here's an exclusive sneak peek. >> what happened? >> here.
8:47 am
>> turn it off. >> woo! all right. that means pennywise is nearby. we are happy to have jaden lieberher, sophia lilis, finn wolfhard, wyatt oleff, chosen jacobs and jeremy ray taylor. this one is so good. i'm so proud of how you guys have put this together. you're awesome, all six of you. you had to go to losers boot camp. tell me what that was to learn all things 1980s and be the misfits you are in the movie. what was it like? >> yeah, i mean it was pretty awesome. we had an acting coach named ben perk kips and he sort of, yeah. so he really established the trust between us and gave us this big book of '0s like references and clothes and
8:48 am
and all that stuff. >> slang. >> like totally awesome. >> tubular. >> tubular. >> which nobody used. >> we didn't use in the movie. i swear. >> what's your favorite part about the 1980s? i love the clothes. come on, right. >> short-shorts and get to show off your knees. >> bony knees. >> i would say the music is amazing. >> i love the music. >> the music is the best part. i know you guys really did bond as you said on the set and working together, there's some -- i mean this is stephen king so he's known for some of the rougher elms. there's a lot of cursing and violence. did any of you feel uncomfortable with that or was it kind of like, cool -- >> kind of like the opposite. >> being told to do this. >> it just felt freeing like we could do whatever we wanted with our characters. >> like, wow, we're able to do this. >> i can say that because coming from other stuff i'm like, i can say this now? >> what did your parents think. >> mom, it's for the role. it's for the role. i wo
8:49 am
>> it's for my craft. >> i'm an artist, mom. i'm an artist. >> so i grew up absolutely pet fried of pennywise the clown. see, that's my pennywise. this -- i mean look at that clown. were you -- did you feel any of that fear? do you guys like clowns? are you afraid of clowns? don't want to give all clowns a bad rap but this tormented me for my entire childhood. >> our movie is kind of giving it a bad rep right now. >> it would boost their career a little bit. scare them instead of entertainment. >> it could boost it. >> i just want to give a formal apology to all clowns. the clown union of america, international. >> and with this movie like they teased plea with that balloon. balloons are scary now too in this movie. it means he's not far away. >> but there's like an actual fear to that too.
8:50 am
>> a phobia. >> we're dealing with -- >> i think where it comes from. >> favorite part of making the movie. >> i think the relationship that we all had and i think that the bonding that we had on screen was very real because the first month of shooting was all fun, fun summer stuff and then all a sudden it was so dark. >> it was so not fun? and we had to fight pennywise. >> not cool. >> i'm assuming you all watched the original. >> yes. >> how does this compare to the original. >> i kind of think they're in two separate categories. i don't know if you can compare them. one is a lot of people's childhoods fears and this is a new movie and both separate adaptations so comparing them side by side is a little -- >> yeah. >> not reasonable. >> beautifully shot, incredibly well acted. i was really impressed with all of you. finn, a lot know you from account franker things." what do you think is scarier,
8:51 am
"stranger things" or "it"? >> i don't know. i'll say this, i think a lot of people are asking me like, oh, what's the cash what's scarier, pennywise or the demagorgen you can till for real but pennywise can shape shift into anything and kind of immortal in a spence. >> spoilers. >> well, it's not a spoiler. but -- yeah. but, yeah, i think that's why he's scary. >> anyone have a good pennywise imitation. anyone else want to go for it? >> sofia. >> can you do it. >> no, no, i don't have it. >> sofia doesn't seen have one. >> do your famous one. >> all right. thank you all so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> "it" opens nationwide on september 8th and we will be right back.
8:52 am
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platforms. >> do you know in for that. please give and meanwhile, have a great day. see you tomorrow. >>
8:57 am
i'm melanie hastings, here's a check of your top stories. crews from the red cross in fairfax will head down to texas to assist the victims of harvey. the storm making landfall this morning for a third time. and right now louisiana is dealing with flooding. the death toll from the storm has reached the double digits. >> and this friday you can show that the dmv stands strong for texas. abc7 and news channel 8 along with our sister stations across the country are teaming up with the salvation army to raise money for the victims of hurricane harvey. our parent company sinclair broadcast group will match the first $100,000 donated. stay tuned of how you can give as friday approaches. >> no problems in the weather. here's veronica johnson. >> maybe a little patchy fog and clouds moving out of here. we will have afternoon sunshine, high temperature today 78 degrees so it will feel warmer than yesterday's 60s that we stayed locked
8:58 am
and then for the upcoming labor day weekend we will see some of the rain. the remnants of harvey move in. the best chance of that is saturday through the day. sunday the rain moves out. we start clearing out. we go from 84 degrees on monday next week expect temperatures in the lower 80s to mid-70s. >> veronica, we are dealing with a lot of gridlock trying to get into the district at this hour. had the breaking news earlier where metropolitan police were blocking the inbound ramp to the 11th street bridge. we have gridlock north and southbound 295 from the capitol beltway. checking out drive times, toward the 14th street bridge the traffic land camera is giving you a live look at traffic flow at this hour we are getting better on 6 of t-- 66 trying to get to t
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