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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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to make it a seven-point game. grier will get the football next. mcmillian scores, going into the north sid end zone. but it was jackson up the middle that led to the touchdown. oh boy. looking for adventure this labor day? holy smokes. oh man, that's pretty intense. look no further than chevrolet. this is a fast car. i feel like i left my soul back there. wow. this has power! head to the chevy labor day sales event and ride out the summer in a new chevrolet. current chevy owners can use labor day bonus cash to get a total value of eleven thousand- six hundred dollars on this silverado all star. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on all tahoe and suburban models. find new roads at the chevy labor day sales event.
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a whole lot more than that, but it's about the black diamond trophy, which virginia tech has had for the last 12 years, because they haven't played. west virginia definitely wants to take that back to morgantown. 6:30 to go. out of the end zone as usual by slye. and the touchback. so, there's a twitter handle, blackdiamondtrophy. june 6th, 2015, it started. and they update it every single day. that's 2016, and today, it's updated. virginia tech has held the black diamond trophy for 4,719 days. they're verified, and you're not, griese. the blue
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white, goes up, can't bring it down. alexander thought he should have intercepted the pass. >> brian: i think this is going to be the strategy through the rest of the game for grier and spavital. test the secondary for virginia tech in man coverage, downfield. they're dropping. alexander, with a great play there. how much do they have left in the tank? >> fr >> steve: from the 25, grier to jennings. gets about five yards. west virginia has not started beyond their own 27 all game. they've been dealing with a long field like here, it's third and five. third and fi
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gets rid of it, overthrows jennings. reynolds on the coverage. >> brian: great read by reynolds. tried to trick him, third down, tried to fool him with a little bubble screen pump and go, and reynolds wasn't buying. >> steve: grier took a rare shot. neither quarterback has been hit much tonight. settle put a lick on him. kinney, trying to squeeze a punt out of that right leg. and a fair catch at the 34. hokies fired up, seven-poileads they have the football after the punt. >> brian: and jackson, michael
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vike, the last freshman to start the season for the hokies. we thought, there was no way he could live up to vick's stats. so far, jackson holding his own just fine. >> steve: vick threw the ball six times for 110 yards. virginia tech, they lead in this game by seven for the third time. west virginia has had the lead only once. that was 7-3, way back in the second quarter. an eternity ago. here's mcmillian, with the first down. and the clock spins down, 5:46 to play in the fourth, todd. >> todd: two players that were the biggest question marks coming in, the quarterbacks. grier, 694 days not playing. this is the first game that jackson has ever played. they've been the stars of this game. jackson, his toughness and consistency has impressed me for such a young quarterback. >> steve: flag flies. hokies are pointing.
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other now. we'll let the big ten officials sort it out. >> referee: false start, offense, number 69. five-yard penalty. first down. >> brian: he was reacting to the defensive tackle that jumped offsides, and justin fuente, not happy about it. but todd is talking about jackson, i got to give a little love to this offensive line for virginia tech. >> referee: virginia tech, his first of the game. 15-yard penalty. remains first down. >> steve: that's even. >> brian: it's a point of emphasis. coaches being on the field, they're going to be very aware when these coaches are trying to plead their case. can't come out on the field. >> steve: dana holgorsen got one earlier. now, justin fuente's
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a second would earn you an ejection. much like a player, it works the same way for a head coach. first and 30. is this when you go to a 4:00 offense, try to win the football game and put it away? now, first and 30, just over 5:00 to play. and passing, wanting to stay inbounds, i would think, cam phillips. got a lot of the penalty yardage back. >> brian: this offensive line for virginia tech needs some credit tonight, too. they have taken over in the second half. it's a very complicated defense, they've played outstanding. there is a reason there are holes for jackson to run into. >> steve: throwing, far side, they'll get more yardage. savoy makes the grab. the true
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to play the most in the offense. savoy certainly has been a factor. four catches, 42 yards so far. third and nine. the penalty ott their own coach puts them in a big hole here. >> brian: they've chipped away at it. first down, ten. second down, at least they're in a situation to get a first down. >> steve: just 3 for 14, third-down conversions. jackson takes the play clock all the way down to two. facing pressure, throws it up, man-on-man coverage, and a pass interference call. battle will get flagged. phillips, the intended receiver. >> brian: gibson came with an all-out blitz. >> referee: interference, defense, number 19.
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15-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> brian: that's just inexperience from battle. he's playing for the first time. he's a senior, but hasn't played a whole lot. that looked like he hadn't been coached. >> steve: a little extra emphasis from jerry mcginn on the first down call. he's had just about enough from both head coaches. it's been a testy affair. would you have it any other way? >> brian: great rivalry. >> steve: they're going to play again, a home at home, upcoming. ninth penalty on the mountaineers. 85 penalty yards. jackson, turning the corner. there's a smart youngster. he'll take the slide, stay inbounds, and not take a shot. >> brian: you think about what jackson has done on the last two drives. went down the field and scored a touchdown with his legs and his arm in the previous drive. this time,
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and chips away, gets a first down, now making plays with his legs, he's doing everything right. >> steve: and bleeding the clock, down to now 3:30, with the lead and with the football. jackson has rushed for 102 yards tonight on his 11 carries. good idea, give him a breather, give it to somebody else, keep it on the ground to mcmillian, a gain of one. and a little pushing and shoving after the play. brings up second down. >> brian: if i'm justin fuente, i am not thinking 4:00 offense. there's a very explosive offense on the other side, my defense has been shredded by grier. >> steve: 128 yards on the ground against this gibson defense.
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second and eight. handoff to daniel. i beg your pardon, clark, with his first touch. that will bring up a third down. >> brian: it's been great game. >> steve: both teams with all three time-outs remaining, and we anticipate every game this crew gets being this entertaining all season long. and we look forward to bringing it to you. each and every saturday or sunday night. however it shakes out. >> brian: may go back to phillips one more time on battle. man-to-man. >> steve: third down and five. mcmillian. won't get to the marker. time-out, west virginia takes the time-out. have to think they would kick
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you do have to think that, right? >> brian: you took my silence as questioning you? >> steve: left me hanging a little, that's not like you. >> brian: yes, make it a two-score game. we came into this game thinking that josh jackson was going to throw the ball a little bit more, but we didn't expect him to run the ball as much. and he has been outstanding on the ground. his legs, feet, he's not a burner, but has a good feel. seems like he finds the holes. has been really well blocked up front. but he has some speed to the outside. >> steve: and if you didn't know, to me, he plays like a junior. >> brian: yes. >> steve: plays much more experienced than a redshirt freshman to my eye. >> brian: he was recruited to virginia tech not by justin
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for frank beamer. and one of the first things he did was visit jackson to convince him to stay. he decided, justin fuente, he was the guy for him. >> steve: is this the reason for your silence? fourth and one. >> brian: may be trying to draw them offsides. >> steve: we'll watch for this. got to think west virginia will watch for that, too. >> brian: he's going to call a time-out. it's worth a shot. >> steve: there you have it. why not. >> brian: that was probably the biggest recruiting win that justin fuente got when he first took the job, keeping this kid from going some else. >> steve: lose the recruiter, get the recruit. loeffler, moving on to boston college. a big win the other night over
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northern illinois. coming up, the ford wrap-up show. kevin, mack, and booger are on hand. they'll have complete game analysis, and first half, didn't look like there was a whole lot going on. 10-7 into the locker room. it's been a different story, third and fourth quarter. >> brian: it's been a story of conditioning in the second half. defenses have gotten tired. boog and i were teammates on the buccaneers. >> steve: did not know that. >> brian: i much prefer to be his teammate than an opponent of him. >> steve: slye on for a 32-yard attempt. make it a two-score game. and, oh, no good. >> brian: the second he's missed. >> steve: missed from 38, and now from 31. and
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season, just about automatic. 6 of 7, threatening graham's all-time records as kicker, field goals, points. >> brian: and missed them the same way. they both pushed outside the right upright. >> steve: to the right, yeah. >> brian: snap good, hold good by bradburn. >> steve: don't go anywhere, folks. one-score game. 1:55 to play. holgorsen knows, his squad is still in it. grier. off the draw. to mckoy, he's got the first down. west virginia still has two time-outs left at their disposal. >> brian: this is where this defense has to find something left in that lunch pail. >> steve: sometimes the pass rush can win the game
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the fourth if you have gas left in the tank. no pressure, down the sideline. white couldn't hang on. critical stick by alexander. white had it, and then felt alexander, and couldn't hang on. >> brian: a great example of how you hit a receiver without having targeting. you come with your shoulder, don't hit in the head or neck area, perfectly played by alexander. brings up second down. >> steve: great point, on the way to make that hit. can still be effective. draw play, to mckoy again, and has the first down. out to the 44 yard line. gain of 13 on the play. clock under 1:20 now. with two time-outs left. grier to throw. la
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he steps up and runs. has the first down. 1:06 left. they'll move the chains, and start the clock again. >> brian: quarterbacks, they have gas left in their legs. everyone else is done. >> steve: grier throwing sideline. white couldn't get it done. coverage by alexander again. the incompletion gives them a breather on defense, too. >> todd: and white has had some big plays today, and also alexander coming up with big plays late, especially on this drive. impressive with the way the two have battled. >> brian: good time-out by justin fuente, knowing his defense, with the way they're throwing the ball down the field, these guys need a break. i wouldn't be surprised if he
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on the drive. he just wants his guys with a little breath and some water in them so they can play the scheme the way he knows they can play it. that's a point about quarterbacks running in the fourth quarter, that i don't think is coached enough. the quarterbacks, they should have enough juice left to make guys miss. guys are rushing upfield, and you're running down the field, there's a huge gap for quarterbacks to run. >> steve: it's been an outstanding football game. so glad you're with us on this sunday night, labor day weekend, for this series that started back in 1912. greer, quick throw. quick catch to jennings. and he's brought down at the 37 by deablo. 50 seconds left.
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time-out. each team is down to one. >> brian: an interesting time-out there. you just had a time-out, so you don't need the breath. and you have two more downs here, you got to use two more to get a first down. so, an interesting time for dana holgorsen to call that time-out. still need seven points. so, still at the 37 yard line. bud foster dialed up pressure on that last one. i think he may try to do the same here. force the hand of west virginia. >> steve: 31 years, bud foster has seen it all. he's been in every situation. nothing will surprise him. third and five. 50 seconds left. west virginia trailing by seven. grier going for
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and nearly intercepted! wanted to hit sills, and deablo was there to break it up, and nearly picked it off. >> brian: deablo had an opportunity to slam the door on this game. should have made that play. that was thrown into double coverage, and grier is lucky that wasn't intercepted. last opportunity, fourth down. >> steve: here you go. 1 for 2 on fourth downs in the game. grier getting out of there, needs five. he's got it! got the first down. and he signals to the crowd. >> brian: now you got to run the next play. you have 36 seconds. >> steve: clock stops on first down. half minute to go. grier throwing sideline. white has it, he'll get out. just short of the first down.
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this for the season opener, and the renewal of this great rivalry. number 22 against number 21. greer under pressure, taken down. he is sacked. brought down by motuapuaka. critical sack. his 11th tackle of the game. >> brian: foster decides to bring the pressure again. bringing the twist with edmunds. one of two ways to approach it. you can sit back in zone and let three guys rush, and grier pick you apart, or you come after him. motuapuaka and edmunds, they still have a little gas left in the tank, in the lunch pail
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that's exactly the way i would have coached that up. starting to feel like lane stadium in blacksburg a little bit. 11th play of the drive, upcoming. grier looks to his right. in trouble now. has to get out of there. and does, he'll have the first down. 11 seconds left. clock will start as soon as they set the ball. snap it. and the spike. >> brian: they lost two seconds on the spike. and probably another three
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he knows he should have gotten out of bounds on that run. they'll teach the defenders to keep them inbounds. >> steve: virginia tech has taken their last time-out. there are no more. nine seconds left. west virginia by seven. >> brian: can take a look at the end of this run, see if he could have gotten out of bounds. nice job avoiding the sack. now, it's all about running, can he get to the outside? a great job by the lunch pail defense, keeping him inbounds. >> steve: west virginia down seven, with the ball, nine seconds left, out of time-outs. >> brian: you don't necessarily need to throw the ball to the end zone. you can throw it to the
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get out of bounds, or decide to throw. you have two shots at it. >> steve: white, almost every time, a big play. sills, a couple of touchdown catches. jennings, big play. end zone, he was open, couldn't be handled. i believe it was too low for sills. but you saw it open up, the lane was there. two seconds left. >> brian: no question, he brought just enough time. sills found his way, wiggled his way through the middle of the field. if you're grier, you have one more chance. extend the play, allow your guys to get to the end zone, and take your shot. >> steve: final play of regulation. and there's a flag.
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and there's another flag. incomplete. we'll check the marker. three penalty flags on the field. zeros on the clock. >> referee: multiple fouls on the offense. holding. offense, number 79. personal foul, number 79. time. game is over. >> steve: don't worry about the third one. he had to get out of there. what a finish. what a ball game. >> brian: what a great way to start, to wake up this rivalry, right? people look at this game, say, maybe we should play this a little more
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we saw gut checks in the second half. defenses got a gut check. virginia tech defense gave up a lot of plays. and josh jackson, star of the game. unbelievable game, and there's his dad, freddy. he wore 17, because his dad wore 17. he was a quarterback at jackson state. graduated in 1971. walter payton was a freshman on that team. went to the nfl, wouldn't let him play quarterback. thought it was because of the color of his skin. his son said, i'm going to wear 17, and play quarterback, and do it for my old man. what a
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>> steve: 235 yards passing, 101 yards rushing. and turnovers, goose egg. >> todd: coach, we'll start with you. bring us through the emotion in the second half. >> yards were hard to come by, we knew it would have a hard-fought game. >> steve: let's go to the field. here's todd mcshay. >> todd: coach, take us through the emotions in the second half. >> so many ups and downs. seems like first half, nobody could get anything going
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we knew it would be a tough game. west virginia is a great team. >> todd: how about the starting quarterback? >> he was raised right, and has done everything we've asked him to do. a great young man. >> todd: fred, what are you feeling right now? first time in a collegiate game. >> i feel great, because he managed the game. they protected him a lot, but once they let him do some things, he got more confident. i thought he played very well. >> todd: how nervous were you in the fourth quarter? >> as i could get. i was messed up, really. >> todd: how about you? >> first time you said to us, nothing would be better than rushing in my first touchdown. you do that, and get the victory. how does it feel? >> it's an amazing feeling to start off the season. but we're just getting started. it's a great
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rivalry. it's awesome. >> todd: thank you, congratulations. >> steve: kid has been coached up well. virginia tech, they've held the black diamond trophy for 12 years. why not keep it for another. we welcome you now to the ford wrap-up show. down to kevin, mack, and booger. what a game in landover tonight. >> i just want to say one thing. i love college football. what we just witnessed in the last 30 minutes here at fedexfield and in pasadena with the ucla comeback, it's been fantastic. and you know josh's dad. what do you think a night like this, we heard him talk about it. but what does a night like this mean to him, to watch his son for the first time


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