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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  September 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. breaking overnight, live fire on the korean peninsula. what the south korean military did what you were asleep that signals tensions could be reaching critical mass. >> we love the dreamers. we love everybody. larry: an imminent decision, the new word about president trump's contingency for talk a -- daca . stormwatch 7 is tracking trouble brewing in the tropics. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] autria: good money morning to you.
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as we get going at 6:00. speaking of that forecast, it is a fantastic day ahead. eileen whelan has your interesting information. eileen: i aim to please. today is expected to be the nicest day of the holiday weekend. you can already see a little bit of daylight. a clear and cool start, lots of suburbs waking up in the 50's, we are in for a sunny and warm afternoon. breeze,have a nice check out these temperatures. ,ne of the coolest spots manassas. culpeper, 51. 57 in baltimore, 56 degrees right now, staying in the 60's through 9:00 this morning, 70's by 11:00, seasonably warm. perfect to get out to the pool, maybe you are having a barbecue
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the weather conditions are very pleasant. when i join you in 10 minutes i have that your hot in humid back to school forecast late tomorrow and midweek and i will have the very latest on hurricane irma. let's get over to julie wright anyone is on the roadways. i'm hoping that most of you are laying in bed. peoplei think a lot of are. the busiest rush-hour will be this afternoon with making their at bead inme southeast, coming across the sousa bridge. no accidents to report right now headed into dce of on seven at the western intersection, that had the west and lanes closed. eastbound also affected by this. the georgetown pike is a better alternate for you at
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this hour. we will show you what it looks like in germantown. back over to you guys. sam: 6:02, sad news, a 16-year-old is dead after being hit i at truck while he was out skateboarding. this happened in walkersville, maryland, just outside frederick. skateboarding on devil bridge road around 9:15 last night. the driver stayed on the scene. there is no word of any charges. as soon as we find out more information, we will pass it along. larry: we are looking to learn more about breaking news howard county, police looking for a first shot in harpers farm road last night. the victim was taken to
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there is no word this morning on his condition or a suspect. north korea appears to be gearing up for another missile launch one day after they fired a missile bomb. series of liveof drills in south korea, simulating an attack on that test site. they will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the actions of the north. details on that meeting coming up at 6:15. larry: -- >> we are going to deal with daca at heart. it's difficult for me, i love these kids. autria: new word this morning that daca is done. measure put in place to protect the children of immigrants. john, president trump's official decision isn't expected until tomorrow
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up? john: that's right and it's not just it -- it's not good news for these dreamers. it was months ago when he told the dreamers to rest easy. perhaps the last thing they are doing this morning, in 24 hours the president is expected to mcgahee you jim announcement at the white house. this morning, politico is already were orting that president trump will be ending , the obama era program that has been in place since 2012 that gives two-year work permits and college acceptance to young undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children. democrats, republicans, even 10 attorney general's from around the country have tried to force the president's hand to keep the deferred action for childhood arrivals. that thisroups say will be a devastating blow and a clear signal of an all-out attack on imgr
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understand, with a six-month delay. that might be just enough time for congress to step in and make some modifications. if president trump makes the announcement tomorrow that some are already reporting, the former president will speak out against that decision. reporting live, john gonzalez. >> these cars were already there. i'm just thinking, is this a situation where people are trying to ram something? autria: chaos outside the trump hotel, a driver hitting multiple cars before crashing into another vehicle. the incident landed five evil in the suspect in the hospital police haven't said exactly what started the whole thing, but we know the man is in custody. larry: people gathering must buy for a vigil for unique davis.
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night when all three were shot. unique was the only one who died. want to do is hear her say, molly, i love you. -- mommy, i love you. i would rather that he took me than her. larry: she turned 19 the day before she was killed. last night the mourners left loving messages, sang songs, releasing dozens of balloons into the sky. autria: people protesting at the capital crescent trail because of the purple line. they are going to be out arguing that the consomm -- construction is causing irreversible harm to the landscape. larry: in kensington, a labor day parade kicks off.
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,uns from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. featuring virginia wine and craft beer tastings, live music as well as a craft show. larry: breaking news autria: -- autria: breaking news -- autria: breaking news from
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sam: we are with some breaking news overseas. prince william and his wife, kate, are expecting their third child. kensington palace made the announcement this morning. in a statement they say the queen is delighted and it says that kate is suffering severe morning sickness and will carry out scheduled activities for today. ,hey already have two children congratulations to them both. eileen? i mean: great news on labor day, great news for us at the stormwatch weather cen
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84, seasonably warm, clear and cool outside this morning. getting back to work and school, hot in humid, then temperatures dropping in the middle of the week. tomorrow is terrible traffic tuesday with everyone getting back to their normal routine. fortunately it will be dry, not what is cool, temperatures will milder, a0 degrees late day thunderstorm, so heads up with that. showers on wednesday, drying out thursday, and then the attention turns to hurricane irma. i have the latest in the new track coming in. julie: on the roads you're going to find that lanes are open if you are traveling each way at the wilson bridge. so far, no problems to report there. accident on the inner loop towards river road, you can see the flashing lights where the roadway is blocked now because of a fender bender on
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loop, the outer loop still at speed, with trouble in virginia along outbound seven where they are alternating traffic one direction at a time, so be in the lookout for this. before i toss it back over to the desk i want to say a quick hello to clifford and ethel. wanted to say good morning, thank you for watching, hope you guys have a great day. back over to the rest of you. happening right now, helping women hit by harvey. suzanne kennedy, what are you working on? suzanne: we are live in the end of this morning. this local group collecting items throughout the weekend, we will tell you about the unique supplies they have gathered for the victims of hurricane harvey when we return. first, emergency action from the u.n., a critical meeting" leaders plan to do about the increasingly unruly no
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: the u.n., preparing for an emergency meeting on north korea following the country's sixth nuclear test. sam sweeney is breaking in all down for us this morning. sam: this is their second emergency meeting in about a week. of a hydrogen bomb added another layer of urgency to world leaders contemplating what to do about the weapons program in the north. this morning's session comes days after the council strongly condemned their launch of a ballistic missile over japan. the north suing to ignore the toughest set of sanctions imposed. he willuchin says that be drafting a new sanctions package that could go as far as cutting off all u.s. trade with
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business with north korea. president trump is on the fence in regards to a possible attack, of james mattis gave an idea what could be in store for the north. let's listen. >> any threat to the united states or its territories, allies,g guam or our will be met with a massive military response that is both effective and overwhelming. sam: russia and china have both the -- both suggested two-pronged approach is with the u.s. and south korea suspending joint military exercises. the meeting begins at 10:00 this morning. autria? autria: thousands are back in their homes after an entire town was in fact waited. the discovery of a giant world war ii era bomb forced them out of their homes.
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bomb. 60,000 people in frankfurt had to be evacuated just in case it exploded. while such precautions are common when unexploded bombs are found, this was germany's largest single back to asian since the war ended. biter's in college football this week, one of them was west virginia at virginia tech in the fourth quarter, west virginia was down by a touchdown. catch, breaking the tackle, then off to the races. later in the fourth, the game is tied up at 24, miller taking it in for the score in that was the game winner. better than texas a&m could do. j.j. watt continues to tackle his goal of keeping houston strong as they continue the recovery from harvey. he has raised $18 million for harvey
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members of the texans to the meals,, handing out water, dozens of boxes filled with supplies for hundreds in need. asked for $200,000, ended with 18 million, not a bad payday. a group of people working overtime and fairfax county, their mission is to bring relief to the women had the hardest by harvey. suzanne kennedy is live there, where there's already a busy scene. suzanne? suzanne: good morning to you. has crowd of volunteers been busy for the last few days and the work continues. they have got about two dozen volunteers here at the vienna virginia headquarters here, this organization is bringing resources to women's shelters. the organization already helped shelters and 5000 women and children locally. the executive director is here with me.
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idea to take your efforts from a local effort and take it nationally because of what was going on houston. tell me a bit about what made you say we had to help out. >> we have been doing this work for about three years, helping women and girls in shelters in schools. we looked at the news and said we can't just stand by and not help. we did a call for action with our volunteers who are amazing, our donors, opening our doors for the weekend, we said come on in indra drop off items in the more than delivered. tell me about what you collected. pads, adult, bras, diapers and baby diapers, women are coming in to get the items, then i have children with them. we were happy to accept anything within our mission.
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you are taking donations today and throughout the week. give me your address, if you will. >> we had a couple of trucks that we partnered with that are leaving on thursday and friday. if people have more donations they need to bring, they can drop it off at 303 maple avenue in the anna. suzanne: if people want to donate money? www. n visit our website, suzanne: we believe back in half an hour to talk to the volunteers and what motivated them to be here collecting these items. reporting live in virginia, suzanne kennedy. you were just mentioning the turnout on a holiday. eileen: it's unbelievable.
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closely monitoring. many of you probably heard about ,t this weekend, hurricane irma with a major category three hurricane, winds of 150 miles our moving to the west southwest that could intensify to a category four hurricane with winds of 140 miles per hour early wednesday morning. you can see of rushing to the west around the bahamas and then after that it's a bit uncertain but i will say that anyone in florida or along the southeast coast needs the preparing because this is powerful hurricane. after day for four day five, we don't know where her mobile go. ?ill it make landfall any impact will be tuesday and wednesday of next week.
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today. vibrant colors in the sky, what are you watching? julie: approaching river road, this crash approaching the right lane, still busy cleaning of the crash helge lund seven as you approach the western intersection with alternating traffic one direction at a time. that's the traffic watch, i will be back in two minutes to give you an update on the hov rules virginia.
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pods. diners and china may be able to cash in on their million-dollar smiles. kentucky fried chicken is using a facial recognition system. >> it scans their face and once it matches the photo stored in the system, you have paid for the meal. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. tracking hurricane irma erma, already turning in the atlantic. and the danger of pain -- larry: the danger of paying for those extremely cheap flights on discount airlines. sounds good, isn't always. autria: we want to start things off with eileen whelan for a check on your labor day forecast. absolutely beautiful, hopefully you don't have to labor too hard and
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at that, bright orange on the horizon. nine minutes from now we are going to have a lot of sunshine. still cool this morning, a lot of pools have been open around town. 2:00, 5:00 p.m. temperature, high uv index later on today. hours,o the overnight temperatures tomorrow morning not what is cool is this morning. terrible traffic tuesday, everyone back to their normal routines, it will be milder. hot and humid, we could have some thunderstorms developing, we will time those out at 6:30 with the latest on hurricane erma. beautiful sky out there. julie: pretty easy going on the roads as well.
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it. this is the calm before the storm. the fender bender that we have had has been moved to the shoulder here as you approach river road. moving from the outer loop to tyson's, metro operating on a labor day schedule. operating on a sunday schedule, off week there, free parking and metrorail parking in the garages . hov in virginia, maryland over on 270. next 10e back in the minutes and we will keep a close eye on montgomery county. larry: right now police search for the killer of a southeast he and people continue to mourn her loss. was withnique davis her sister and her friends on
6:34 am
the only one who died. now i want her to say mommy, i love you. autria: she turned 19 the day before she was killed. mourners sang songs yesterday, releasing dozens of balloons into the sky. role --n pomeroy pomeroy road, a boy shot in the chest, he was conscious and breathing when shot in the chest. currently no word on a suspect. expected to dock in old town. the only tall ship in military services. it's used to train students at the coast guard academy in connecticut.
6:35 am
a free tour through wednesday. the ship leaves port on friday. autria: labor day is one of the busiest travel days of the year and airlines are adding tickets were deeply discounted seats. that will paying less cost you more? >> major airlines like delta, united, american, adding basic economy seats to more flights. is it a false economy? >> deep discount airlines are shaking -- shaping the industry. taking traffic from the big carriers. is slicing the cost of international flying. delta, united, american, fighting back with low prices and basic economy tickets. consumer reports magazine knows that the basic economy may save you $60 per seat.
6:36 am
and you could be expected to be the last to board the plane. doesn't that think file, basic economy could cost you more in the long run. airfare watchdog's say that airlines are raising coach fares to compensate for cheaper basic economy. flyers seeing restrictions decide to book coach instead. you may pay more, doesn't that that for allay those reasons, the new basic economy seats may not be the best value, given that the fair is $50 less. , abc 7ce, cheapest seat news. larry: the next american idol, tomorrow is your time to shine. auditions have taken place -- hurting place at the westfield apple mall. find everything you need to know at our website.
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coverage on morning long. trivia and weor give you an inside look. all eyes on the tropics. the questions about where it is headed next. we have it all and we will have an update in the weather center coming up.
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autria: a firefighter who saw his wedding plans go underwater, thinks the harvey, but his peon say will still have address to where. her wedding dress is the only thing that didn't get so. fromund it hanging inches the water without a stain on it. the couple was set to title not next week, but they have postponed the wedding. silver lining there, the wedding dress is a ok. i'm sure that a lot of brides and grooms as well are keeping an eye on the forecast.
6:41 am
honeymoon plans. eileen: the strong category three is expected to impact the leeward islands. expected there as early as late tomorrow night. we could have irma strengthen into a category four hurricane by early thursday. i will say, becoming increasingly more concerned that we could have a u.s. landfall, maybe around florida or the carolinas. after the track, though, that only goes to early saturday morning at 1 a.m., there is still so much that can change. i urge you to stay with us for the latest. i will say that any landfall that be imminent would be early next week and we could have a from erma by rain tuesday and wednesday of next week but that is so far out in the immediate forecast and we have storms to deal with late tomorrow. we will talk about the cool changes coming our way midweek.
6:42 am
julie: let me start off year a long 270, where it is just a 20 minute ride out of clarksburg headed for the lane divide. delay in sight. tomorrow, a terrible tuesday, this picture will look a whole lot different. 395 in virginia, a 12 minute commute towards the 14th street bridge. this fender bender on seven, still there with police alternating traffic one direction at a time. your ride into northeast, kenilworth avenue in 10 minutes. thousands of families this morning anxiously watching the white house. john gonzalez #john coleman that's right, larry, 800,000 dreamers on pins and feels this morning. -- pins and needles this morning.
6:43 am
suzanne: collecting the necessities for women and teenage girls impacted by hurricane harvey.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. sam: we are back on a monday morning. i'm sam sweeney at the live desk following said news out of maryland, where a 16-year-old is dead after being hit a truck out skateboarding. this happened in walkersville. police tell us that the teen was skateboarding on devils bridge and around 9:15 last night he was hit by the truck and taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. the driver stayed on the scene in the is no word of any charges. as soon as we find out more information, we will pass it along. breaking overnight, live fire on the korean peninsula. larry: they are ready to strike back. autria:
6:47 am
security council is ready to hold a meeting. janai norman is live in northwest right now. >> it's the most powerful military act by kym johnson on -- kim jong-il and -- kim jong-i-un ever. overnight toing pyongyang, simulating an attack on north korea's nuclear test site. reported on north korea state television, a hydrogen bomb that could be mounted onto an icbm, said to be a perfect success. estimated to be four times to five times more powerful than the atomic arm dropped on nagasaki in world war ii. back here at home? >> will you attack north korea?
6:48 am
>> james mattis, being more direct on what could be in store for north korea amid steadily rising tensions. >> any threat to the united states and its territories, including guam or our allies, will be met with a message military response both effective and overwhelming. >> treasury secretary steven mnuchin says that north korea needs to be economically cut off and that any country who wants to trade or do business with the , reporting live in northwest, janai norman. 6:40 eight, tough news for millions across the u.s. larry: president trump is expected to end the daca program. john, this decision is expected to come soon? john: very soon and it will affect hundreds of thousands
6:49 am
larry. it was just months ago when donald trump told the dreamers to rest easy. this morning the last thing they're doing, perhaps, 800,000 of them in 24 hours, the huge announcement will be made at the white house. politico already reporting that president trump will end the obama era program known as daca, which gives two-year work permits to young, undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children. democrats, republicans, even 10 attorney general's around the country have tried to force the hand of president trump, trying to get him to keep the deferred action for childhood arrivals in place. locally say that this will be a devastating blow and a clear signal of an all-out attack on immigrant families. they will be hosting a rally at the white house tomorrow morning.
6:50 am
a six-month delay, maybe just a time for congress to step in. if the congress -- if the resident makes the announcement tomorrow, we understand that the former president, barack obama, will likely speak out. autria: take a look at this, a driver hitting multiple cars before crashing into another vehicle. the incident landed five people and the suspect in the hospital. police have not set exactly what started the whole thing but we know that that man is in custody. larry: gas prices rising after harvey knocked refineries offline, the increase is slowing. load gallon ofr regular jumping. only three cents overnight. now, $.30 higher since last
6:51 am
. the height of pierce be slowing as the refineries are starting to come back online. that's good news. minutes until 7:00 right now, let's get another check on your labor day forecast. eileen: lots of sunshine, it's a little cool right now. we will be climbing the sunshine in the upper 70's, low in into for your outdoor activities with weather patterns changing tomorrow, it will feel more like summertime. go figure, it will be hot, high of 88 these. breezyto 91, it will be with the risk for late date thunderstorms as a cold front approaches. in areas of northwest d.c., with green coloring, through montgomery, loudon, frederick, and off into west virginia.
6:52 am
afternoon or evening could contain gusty winds. the kids at the bus stop tomorrow afternoon, not going to be a problem in the dmz, we could see those thunderstorms starting to bubble up with gusty thunderstorms. maybe some of them will even make it to d.c., but still just want to be weather alert as we go through our tuesday evening and overnight hours. wednesday will be cool with scattered showers, 70's on thursday and friday with dry weather conditions taking us into the weekend. also dry, the seas -- susan g komen race for the here. hurricane irma could make , itfall with stormwatch 7 could continue to evolve with more changes. switching over to news channel 8 at the top of the hour, but it's picture-perfect on this labor day monday.
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julie: on the outer loop, we've got a 30 minute ride from college park towards 270. enjoy this while it lasts. terrible tuesday located around the corner, changing tomorrow morning with a multivehicle crash an investigation continuing at the intersection of coleman run. that's the traffic watch. in 10 minutes we will update the right 95 out of dale city. right now it is our pet of the day. coco chanel, meeting coco the kitty. for senate in this cute little pic of that cute little face. i love it. if you want your pet to be our pet of the day. autria: check this out, the very last dog who came to animal rest out of shelter
6:54 am
posted by amy over the weekend and that guy has found a forever home here. probably no, surprise, harvey. out in full force and fairfax county today. larry: their mission is to specifically help women hit the storm. suzanne kennedy in vienna, these folks have an of a bright and early. what a great turnout. >> they worked through the .eekend to collect these items right now they have got a total of 8100 items that range from draws the pad. for babies and adults, getting them ready to be boxed up, the plan is to collect items through the week and then box them up on thursday. i'm joined right now by
6:55 am
thing, state delegate. you are part of the effort here. >> it's the least i can do to help out suzanne:. out.about the -- oh tell us more about it. >> we know what it's like to go through this kind of devastation. after the cameras in the winter gone, people still need help, the thing that people don't understand is that cash will only get you so far. some of the basic stuff that women need. we are providing something so essential. we don't necessarily think to grab these items as we run out the door. , our sisters here keepers. suzanne:
6:56 am
very important, maple avenue west, we will be accepting donations between 9:00 and noon today. money,prefer to donate suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." autria: we want to you one more check on hurricane irma. larry: in about a week we will start to see some effects? autria: forecasting tuesday and wednesday -- eileen: forecasting tuesday and wednesday of next week to be rainy, it's still too soon to determine the impact it will have on the west coast. people should be starting to prepare. it is expected to hit the leeward islands and intensifying over the bahamas by friday. you will want to stay with stormwatch 7 for the latest
6:57 am
we know that this is a powerful hurricane. we are getting into the hurricane season. now is the time to make sure things prepared. that's important. there are still so many unknowns . the stormwatch 7 team is a trusted source, giving you the information that we have. we don't know that track after day four, day five. right now we don't even know if they will make landfall. at the guidance through the overnight hours, looks like there will be an increasing threat that they will be monitoring closely. larry: as we say goodbye here on abc 7 -- autria: we are moving to news channel 8 for three hours, until 10 a.m. stay with us.
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good morning, america. breaking news, concerns growing overnight about another north korean missile test after the largest provocation yet from kim jong-un's regime. saying they successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. now the u.n. security council calling an emergency meeting and the white house keeping all options on the table as a new firestorm brews over immigration and what the president is preparing to announce about the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. all eyes on hurricane irma growing in strength right now. already a major category 3 storm with 115-mile-an-hour winds closing in on the caribbean.


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