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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  September 4, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] to larry from a group hogan to stop cutting trees along the capital crescent trail, due to the purple line, along with irreversible damage construction may cause. brianne carter is live for us right now. what are you learning? good afternoon to you. look behind me. you can see the group has gathered. moments away from the press
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capital crescent tray asking larry hogan to stop local harm to occur. a week after we saw governor larry hogan behind the wheel of an excavator, working to tear down a building, to begin construction on the purple line. following the press conference, they will walk along the trail, and that is a big concern. we learned from maryland transportation officials that the trail is expected to close tomorrow. this comes as school students go back, many of whom use this trail. it also comes as a number of folks, even local leaders in montgomery county, have said they were caught by surprise by the announcement of this closure. many say they needed more notice before the closure was going to begin for the trail. in just a matter of minutes, a press conference expected to get underway as folks continue together. much more throughout the day. reporting li
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-- president trump is expected to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. trump will ends the program which gives work permits to young, undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children. the cancellation could come with a six-month delay that could give congress time to step in. eyes, and see his that was it. i was like, i have to get out of here. time, oner the first of the survivors of a shooting at the congressional baseball practice in alexandria that wounded steve scalise and three others is speaking out, in an exclusive interview with abc. matt metcalf, a washington lobbyist caught in the gunfire, shared his harrowing story. sam sweeney with what he had to say. matt: i could see his eyes and the gun area that was it. after that, i was like, i got to get out of here.
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since the morning when the sun the baseball field turned into a battlefield. [gunshots] sam: matt is speaking up for the first time since he was critically wounded. >> what do you think when you walk through the gates again? sam: mika was shot multiple times. >> the incident took six minutes, according to the police report. it felt like 45. time stopped. sam/l -- sa the lobbyistm: took us back -- sam: the lobbyist took us back to the field where it began. " and somebody said "gun started running, and i ran that way. that might've been when i got hit, or when i was over there. aroundnow is, when i got to the date, i had blood all over my chest, on my pants. sam: as he runs, a gaping hole in his chest, his instincts
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he sees congressman joe barton's 10-year-old son and pushes him into the safety of this concrete dugout. matt: i thought, there is a kid out here. sam: he ducks behind an suv and his hands cover his head when he was hit again. matt: i was on the ground. >> you are protecting your head. matt: the next shot, a headshot or another shot to the chest. steve scalise's security detail jumped to protect him. he says the capitol police officers saved everyone that day. matt: you would have been talking a massacre. sam: he continues to recover in physical therapy and plans to be on the field next year. i am sam sweeney, abc 7. kellye: at this hour, all eyes are on north korea and the escalating threat of nuclear weapons use. the u.n. security council called another emergency meeting amid new concerns about the country's alleged testf
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over the weekend. emily rao reports from washington. >> the security council is called to order. amalie: the second emergency u.n. security council meeting in a week, after another nuclear test from north korea -- their largest to date. never something the united states wants. we don't want it now. country's patience is not unlimited. emily: a new layer of urgency for the global community as experts say kim jong-un has made major progress in his nuclear program. north koreans cheering as state television reports the hydrogen bomb could be mounted on a long-range icbm. the latest test launch triggering a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. >> it was six times more -- what we saw yesterday was six times more explosive than what they have previously done. it was a times more than the u.s. dropped on hiroshima. kellye: overnight, south korean fire
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the north. president trump leaving church service sunday, doing a vague answer when asked directly about a u.s. military response. >> mr. president, will you attack north korea? annalee: defense secretary james mattis with this ominous warning. u.s.s: any threat to territories, including guam or our allies, to be met with a massive military response -- a response both effective and overwhelming. emily: reports say kim jong-un could be preparing for another missile test as early as next weekend. annalee rao, abc news, washington. kellye: we're following the latest as tensions with north korea escalate. and be sureonline to follow us on twitter as well as . right now, millions across the country are celebrating the unofficial end of
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all kinds of labor day celebrations. john gonzalez is in kensington, with the 50th annual labor day parade just wrapped up. john: this labor day marks the 50th time residents in kensington, maryland -- hundreds, if not thousands, have gathered for quite a tradition through the decades. this labor day parade in grown.n kensington has dozens of school marching bands , blair high,burg dozens of groups traveling down connecticut avenue, and st. paul park, toward the town hall, and along the way we even found local girl scouts. today, you get to spend time with your family, enjoy a day off work, if you work like i do. you got to go to a parade with your kids. john: what is your group?
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scout,ou are a girl obviously. how long have you been a girl scout? >> one year. john: you like it? you excited about this parade? >> yeah. john: a large community parade usually has a political undertone. very popular with local politicians today. andrnor larry hogan democrat james raskin, bill conway -- all are well represented here, pushing for votes about a year away from early voting in montgomery , election day4 november 6, 2014. . plan a cookout, take a look at this. it is beautiful out there. brian van de graaff is here with a check of the forecast. we could not ask for better weather.
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and about and enjoy things. lots of activity happening, with parades across the area. even the tall ships which are now visiting alexandria. the u.s. coast guard -- it will be in town a couple of days. you can pretty between 1:00 and 7:00 p.m. a beautiful shot thanks to our friends. let's take a look at here. a beautiful picture at the midday. capitol hill, 78 degrees. temperatures finally getting up to where they should be this time of year. the average is 84. a good afternoon for the pool. plenty of sunshine. don't forget the spf. tomorrow, we could push 90. on armagh. it is a category three storm, a major hurricane. i talked about the top of the show. they have hurricane warnings up, but they have now placed hurricane watches up for the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. there are new tropical storm watches
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warnings for the northern section of the northern antilles. quite a bit of intensity. the model still trying to get a graph of where it goes. any impacts will be late weekend, early next week. a brush is will take not a direct impact. we look at the next 10 days in just a bit. next, in news up at noon, the west reeling from wildfires. the progress being made in the city of angels. find out how close firefighters are to putting out the worst wildfire in los angeles history. plus, a helping hand for women still dealing with harvey. the unique supplies gathered locally for female victims of the storm. and that you did not think this would happen. unlvd university stunning and leaving gamblers shaking their heads. find out how much you
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. kellye: firefighters in california are finally gaining ground against the largest wildfire in the history of los angeles. and a vacuous an order for 750 homes were lifted after firefighters got the upper hand on the latuna fire. it is now 30% contained. and we want you to check this out. also out of california -- beach umbrellas and other items going all over the place, flying as a fast-moving storm moves through the santa barbara area. the storm believed to be a microburst. left behind a huge missed.
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were reported. while hurricane irma continues to push toward the atlantic, recovery efforts are still underway in southeast texas after hurricane harvey week havoc. at least 34 deaths are being blamed on the storm and 180,000 homes are damaged or destroyed. just outside houston, a controlled burn overnight at a chemical plant went out without a hitch. to continue to maintain air quality testing for some time to come. have seen no evidence of any issues with any of those results. kellye: mandatory evacuations are still being enforced in some areas. power to more than 4500 homes has been cut off to prevent electrocutions. a group of volunteers is working hard to protect women and girls harvey.s affected by suzanne kennedy is in vienna, where they are packing up essential donations.
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three days for the vienna-based organization, bringing resources to aid women's shelters. this group has been around for three years, collecting supplies for women in local shelters. now, they are gathering donations for people impacted by hurricane harvey. the group has gotten nearly a thousand donations in the first two days of this drive. they are collecting items such as tampons, pads, underwear, and bronze, all of it to be shipped to several shelters in the houston area. >> we are based in the washington, d.c. area. we try to focus on helping women and girls in our area. but when we started watching the news and seeing what is happening in texas, we had to help. anit is important to me as individual and as a woman to be able to help other women out and get them on their feet. any little thing we can do. this effort continues on thursday. suzanne: you can donate at the
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braws headquarters, or you can make a financial donation by going to in vienna, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. j.j.e: houston texans star watt continues to tackle his goal of keeping houston strong as the city recovers from harvey. what has raised more than $18 million for harvey victims. he led teammates through the streets, handing out meals, water, and dozens of boxes filled with supplies to the hundreds of people in need. a great effort. the more you watch the coverage of this, the more you realize there is so much that needs to be done in so many ways, if you can help. brian: talking to my aunt today -- she has a house outside of houston. they have a house on stilts, built off the ground, because they got hit before. one of the houses on stilts still had water
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ground. puts it in perspective. the weather here is beautiful. for many days, we will be talking about it. impacts could be as early as next week. but it could be felt sooner. we will watch that carefully in the coming days. a highiful shot from school in laurel, maryland. 78 degrees right now. a high in the low to mid 80's. the average is 84. we are going for 84 later this afternoon. us, low and mid 80's. high pressure is in charge. very pleasant weather. we will drop across the area. that drops through our area tomorrow -- not today, but tomorrow. it could bring us the threat for showers and storms. tomorrow, there is a marginal risk for a couple of gusty thunderstorms. we will keep an eye on it. it is not the whole day. it is just throught
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the trendwe will keep going off milder temperatures with mid and upper 80's. we stay cool as the front does not quite clear our area wednesday. scattered showers, gray skies, and chilly. mid-70's for thursday. the later half of the week, pretty solid. look at this well-defined eye on a category three storm. we showed you the track a little bit earlier, but here is the latest as the track works west to east. a category four storm, with winds 145 mph heading across the northern section of the lesser antilles, possibly toward hispaniola, the dominican republic and haiti, before moving toward cuba. a powerful category four storm. the mountainous areas could cause it to lose a little bit of
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the track keeps shifting a little west and south. we have to watch it carefully. the models want it to curve, but where does that happen? impacts around here could be felt as early as next week. we have to watch this carefully. we know it is a big storm. know is what is going to happen in the longer term locally. we will keep a close eye on that as we move through time. the nice weather anzmann week with some showers, then drying out. i next weekend, we are good to go. u.s. landfall impacts the early portion of next week. kellye: sounds good. did you watch any college football? brian: all day yesterday. kellye: the season is officially underway, as you know. with all kindsf of male biters and comebacks. howard university pulling off a miracle, with the biggest upset in college football history
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pointspread standards. howard entered the road game against unlv as 45-point underdogs. you know what they say in the betting world. the house always wins. the rebels,stunned winning 43-40. howard quarterback kayla newton, the younger brother of cam newton, scored three touchdowns in the win. on the howard when would have paid $55,000. speaking of upsets, unranked maryland went into texas and stunned the longhorns. the terps put up a whopping 51 points to beat texas. was 51-41.core the loss will likely not texas out of the top 25. noon, the royal family is about to get even bigger. mo
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kellye: we are back with breaking baby news. the duke and duchess of cambridge announcing they are expecting their third bundle of joy. a new sibling for george and charlotte. nick watt has details on the soon to be new edition of the royal family. net: baby news from the royal family. revealing theace duke m duchess of cambridge will welcome their third child. the queen is said to be delighted with the news of a new great-grandchild. the duchess of cambridge is once again being treated for severe morning sickness at kensington palace, canceling her planned engagement this morning at a children's center. the condition know
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hospitalized the duchess during her first pregnancy. it requires extra hydration, medication, and nutrients. the new royal -- a baby brother or sister for charlotte and george -- will now be fifth in line to the throne, after grandfather, father, big brother, and big sister, pushing uncle prince harry down one spot. meanwhile, tennis star serena williams is celebrating her own bundle of joy. the 35-year-old gave birth on friday in palm beach, florida. pounds, 13ighs six ounces. both mother and baby are said to be doing just fine. still more ahead on the news at noon. -- let'ske a quick take a quick look ou
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kellye: if you have outdoor plans today, you are in for a treat. perfect weather. brian: the pollen is up a little bit out there today for the ragweed, and mold in the high category. outdoors, mid-80's. poolside tomorrow, pushing 90. storms into wednesday may for a cool midweek. a pleasant late stretch into the early weekend. watching irma carefully. at 4:00, a fresh look at that. kellye: thank you for joining us
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