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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  September 5, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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announcer: now "good morning washington" on your side. autria: 6:00 straight up and a nervous eye on the d.o.j. the critical decision hours away and what comes next after president trump makes a ruling on immigration. larry: rise and shine, labor day is done and it's back to school for thousands of you. abc 7 is on your side on this terrible traffic tuesday. the hot spots to avoid and other places you have no choice but to wait it out. autria: all this as we continue tracking a monster storm in the tropics. irma gathering strength. states of emergency being declared ahead of this massive storm. larry: the search for the next "american idol" is hotting in annapolis.
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satellite truck. that's the line an hour after it opened. it only will get longer. we know five that will be at the front of the line. glad you're with us on this tuesday, very busy day ahead. i'm larry smith. autria: and i'm ought tria godfrey. let's get a check of the forecast and head to the weather center. veronica: not a bad start on tuesday with so many kids going back to school today. not bad at all. we're looking at temperatures, fairly warm in the 70's across the area and higher than yesterday, running 5-10 degrees up from yesterday at the same time. we'll be timing out some thunderstorms for later today and also of course tracking hurricane i remembera -- hurricane irma which is a major hurricane. rain chances start after 2:00 and a moderate threat until 5:00 and a best chance of seeing the showers and storms from 5:00 until 10:00 and then a lower threat after midnight. our threat doesn't end completely because even wednesday is looking like we could see some more showers around the area. at least dry to getting out the
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65-70 degrees even around recess time but 88 is the high today and it will feel, julie, more like we're in the lower 90's. i'll show you how much rain we'll get in the next two days in a few minutes. julie: we're looking at the inner loop of the beltway with a car fire near route 1 in college park tying up the right side of the road. as folks travel approaching cherry hills, stay to the center and the left in order to get by. also activity on the service roadworking your way past this scene and delays are starting to build on the outer loops. all lanes open headed from college park to 270. had problems with the signals around 210 near livingston road, they were on flash and treat it as a four-way stop. always crash on 210 near old fort road south tying up your commute in each direction. today is back to school for about 160,000 kids alone in montgomery county. remember, this area has three of the largest school districts including fairfax, montgomery county and prince george's county schools which head
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keep a look out for these yellow buses and allow extra time on the roads. that's our traffic watch and i'll be back in 10 minutes if you want to know how slow it is through college park, i'll show you. autria, back to you. autria: all the folks on the road this morning and that's because in northern virginia alone, alexandria, falls church and spotsylvania county schools back in session, and in frederick and montgomery and st. mar i's counties. brace yourself tomorrow because kids in prince george's county heads back to class. lods of kiddos on the roads. starting kids are their first day. larry: kevin lewis is live at branch paint. lots of changes ahead. larry: good morning. kevin: i'm joined with jack smith, superintendent in his second year with the
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county public schools and like a broken record, another year of record enrollment. jack: we expect 2,500 new students so the ones we gained last spring and this summer should be up quite a bit again this year. kevin: almost like a brand-new high school you have to create every school year to fit that enrollment increase. jack: exactly. montgomery heights schools are 2,000 and 3,000 students each. kevin: staffingwise, i understand a lot of new teachers. tell me a little more about that. jack: almost a thousand new teachers and continuing the effort that the county council put in place with additional funding for class size reduction as well as growth so a lot of new teachers, almost 1,000 hired by last week and we're just under 100% staffed. so we have very few positions open right now. kevin: spanish speaking students enrollment, certainly we've seen an increase in that. how is
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facilitate this and also for native english speakers, what's the new program that creates this? jack: one of the things we're working on, washington grove and brown station elementary and they'll be dual enrollment schools where instruction will be provided in spanish and english and we look forward in the future to continuing to add schools like that, french and english, chinese and english in the coming years because the need for multiple language is so important in this society. kevin: we get more connected in every passing year. what are you most looking forward to for the 2017, 2018 school year? jack: we're doing a lot of work around career and technology education so students as they move through middle school can choose they can go into credit bearing courses in college and a living wage job or do both, part-time student and employee of a company at a living wage school and we want to continue to grow those programs in our community. kevin:es
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the air. throughout the morning, larry and autria, we'll be here greeting students as they come to paint branch high school and there also will be a tour of the school. there's some neat programs going on here and we'll join ou throughout the morning. larry: thank you. we're showing off your back to school photos. you just might see your kiddos here on air. right now at 6:06, all eyes on the department of justice. autria: adrianna is following this story. adrianna: we'll know what happens for daca. deferred action for childhood arrivals and covers a group called the dreamers. those kids very young when their parents brought them to america. we've been following numerous reports that
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going to cut that program, calling it an illegal executive order by president barack obama. but the president trump will not deliver the announcement himself. that will fall to the attorney general jeff sessions. so again, that conference is set for 11:00 this morning. sessions will read the decision and that is all. no questions after the fact. some 800,000 dreamers will be affected one way or another by today's decision. abc 7 is of course posted outside the d.o.j. as soon as word comes down about daca, we'll be sure to let you know. larry, over to you. larry: we'll carry that on our sister station, news channel 8 as well. thank you. hurricane irma churning in the atlantic, setting eyes on puerto rico and florida. the storm is a category 4 prompting governor rick scott to declare a state of emergency. residents are getting ready and gathering supplies like plywood and generators ahead of a possible landfall.
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need the public to stay alert, informed and ready, prepared or the end of this week. larry: governor rick scott preparing resources. it could hit florida by the end of the week. autria: terrible traffic tuesday just getting started. thousands of kids headed to class. julie is tracking the backups and we'll check in with her next. larry: live at the annapolis west testify field mall where hundreds are lining up for their shot to be the next "american idol." that's a live picture of that line right now. all that still ahead on "good morning washington."
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veronica: we may be 10 minutes away from an update on irma with the winds maxed out at 150 miles per hour and we'll talk about that in 10 minutes.
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showers and a few thunderstorms coming into areas of west virginia. it's 13 hours away so it's really rain for the evening. or i should say afternoon and evening rush for us. we'll go from the green light here early morning, hot and sticky to cautionary light by around 5:00, 6:00 this evening. your high today going up to 88 degrees. julie, a little bit of midsummer heat and humidity for us today. we're still going to have the muggies around tomorrow. it will be quite showery in the lower 70's but then thursday, 70's as well, back to sunshine. there's your change. now, in a couple minutes we'll have the latest on irma and what the impact could be for florida. julie: looking right now if you're traveling east boupped on the freeway headed towards the third street tunnel. we are receiving word there may be an accident on the third straight tunnel and heads up as you travel to the 11th street bridge. car fire on the inner loop of the capital beltway and
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working your way south to cherry hills before you reach route 1 and montgomery county with 160,000 plus kids headed back to school joining the likes of alexandria and prince william county and allow extra time on the roads. be alert. those kids kicking it at the bus stop, excited for some. it's the first day of school and may not be watching out for you so keep an eye out for them. that's our traffic watch. i'll shoal you how slowed your ride is in woodbridge. right now let's head out to annapolis with kidd and eileen. kidd: good morning, julie. are you the next "american idol"? eileen: the bus has arrived. auditions begin at 9:00 in annapolis. the line is already superlong. we'll talk to some of those contestants coming up.
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>> this is "good morning washington" live from the "american idol" auditions. kidd: at the westfield mall in annapolis and good morning and welcome to the "american idol" auditions. who is ready to be the next "american idol"?
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crowds forming in annapolis and auditions don't start until 9:00 and let's introduce you to mike pell. and his mother, kathy. i love your outfit. take long to pick it out? >> no, it's kind of a gimmick. kidd: did your mother help you? >> yeah, she helped me pick it out. kidd your mother is wearing a barry manilow t-shirt, one of the greatest performers of all time. will you be singing a barry manilow song? >> no. kidd: have you ever auditioned for a singing competition before? >> i auditioned for "american idol" before. kidd: they said come back? >> yep. kidd: good luck. i think it will be perfect. eileen, who are you with down there? eileen: i'm being serenaded. this line is incredible. everyone is superexcited for their opportunity to become the ne
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so aaron, hey, you're trying out. where are you from? >> spotsylvania, virginia. eileen: what song will you perform? > a brantley gilbert song. eileen: who is your favorite past "american idol" winner? >> scotty mcree. eileen: good luck to you. i wish you the best. are you performing? are you auditioning today? > no, we're not. we're here for them! eileen: they go to 5:00 in annapolis. kidd: i want to show you how many people are here for you a dilingtses right now. wave, you're on tv! we can't get through the entire line. we'll have much more on the "idol" auditions here on "good morning washington." let's take a picture. >> h
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kidd: back to you guys. autria: new this morning flames coming from a jet engine right after takeoff. we show the video and you can see it on the left wing. that was an apparent bird strike that forced the plane to turn around for an emergency landing. there were about 250 aboard that flight. the plane landed without incident and no one was hurt. breaking now 6:18, germany and russia both laying out how they think the situation with north korea should be handled. larry: adrianna is breaking it down for us. adrianna: the german chancellor angela merkel and vladimir putin condemned north korea's latest nuclear test but believe there could be a peaceful solution. merkel called the test a flagrant violation and is in favor of a peaceful, diplomatic solution to this crisis and plans to ask the european union to impose heavier sanctions against the north and russian president vladimir putin ranned -- warned against
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called, quote, military hysteria and said military action would make no sense in this situation. this comes after the united nations held an emergency meeting monday following north korea's sixth nuclear test. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley says kim jong-un is begging for war and the time has come to exhaust all diplomatic options to end this crisis. of course we'll be watching it closely for you. larry, over to you. larry: 6:19. we turn to the path of recovery in texas after hurricane harvey. the death toll has now risen to 60. the texas gulf coast is far from in the clear. new evacuations in fact in houston as water is released from reservoirs leaving homes under water. others now returning home to sal vibbling what they can -- salvage what they can and try to start over. 80% of these homeowners don't have flood insurance. right now the maryland task force 1 and virginia task force 1 are headed home, expected to be back home this afternoon after helping the victims on the ground there in texas.
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autria: still trying to clean up from harvey and already meteorologists are having to track irma which may potentially also have implications in the u.s. veronica: exactly. right now looks as though somewhere down across the southeast, could be anywhere from florida to the georgia coast and possibly even south carolina. we know that the storm is going to make more of a north-northeasterly turn at some point around the u.s. wanted to start by showing you the models. the american model. why is it so important? normally would not show you this but notice the consistency, the colored lines there. those are the two models. the consistency in the trek saying we get out to day four and five, out to friday, skirting across areas of northern cuba and then coming very close to the southern coast of florida, around the miami naples area. what we're seeing out from there is a little bit of inconsistency, when is it going to start to make the turn to
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get in the gulf first and come across florida or come up on the east side of florida and wobble the way matthew did last year? that's really what's in question. right now we know there will be some impacts down across florida. to what degree we don't know yet. we know we'll probably get a little rain from it as it makes its way northward. that wouldn't be until next week. for us today we're tracking rain and afternoon showers and storms so the roads will be wet. here's a look at 8:00 this evening. look at the showers through maryland all the way down to roanoke that could slow your travel and same deal for tomorrow, areas mainly i-95 on east where areas from boston all the way down could see a the bit of that rain. today getting up to 88 degrees, julie. summer is done by a bit of summer heat today and cooling way down the next nine days to follow. julie: the word i don't want to hear, summer is done. inner loop of the capitol hill beltway. we had problems and had reports it was an overheated car on
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out from sky tracker 7 is it's a bus with a radiator issue and explains the smoke we were getting calls about. inner loop of the capitol hill beltway before route 1, the cherry hills overpass. the activity confined to the shoulder and all lanes open with state police on the scene. again, this is an overheated radiator, inner loop of the beltway approaching route 1. back to the maps so we can update the ride elsewhere. in virginia, 21-minute commute from dale ste to the capital beltway and after the exit for the third straight tunnel is where we have the crash tying up the right side of the road. look for delays early coming off the 14th street bridge. and as over 160,000 kids head back to school alone in montgomery county, slow down and keep an eye out for the buses and allow yourself extra time on the roads. that's our traffic watch. i'll be back in 10 minutes to show you how slow the road is.
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do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. >> you're watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: back at 6:25. a murder investigation in north carolina.
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a husband on his way to becoming a pastor calls 911 after he took too much cold medicine and woke to find his wife stabbed to death. >> in this morning's first look, new details on a husband who said he may have killed his wife in his sleep. 28-year-old matthew phelps is behind bars charged with murder in the death of his wife 10 months, lauren. >> what do you mean by what happened? >> found stabbed to death at the couple's raleigh home. he told the 911 operator he took over the counter medication to sleep hours before. >> how many did you take? because i rtacedin need help sleeping at night. 6- >> the makers continually look at adverse effects and there's no evidence to suggest it's
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behavior. dan abrams weighs in live with your first look. abc news, new york.
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went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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announcer: now "good morning washington" on your side. autria: as we come back on the air at 6:30. storm watch 7 tracking hurricane irma, the powerful category 4 storm churning in the islands of caribbean now as florida braces for oppositional impact. larry: plus, terrible traffic tuesday as nearly all maryland schools and the remaining virginia school systems return to class. we're live at the schools and on the roads to help you get out the door on time. also, kidd and eileen. kidd: that's right, "american idol" auditions arrived in annapolis and katherine is ready. we have your preview of all coming up " hopefuls on "good morning washington." autria: a little hawaiian sound as we wrap up summer. good morning, i'm autria godfrey. larry: i'm larry smith and we'll take you back out to the line as the "oidol "auditions
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time to get you out the door. a little hawaiian feel this tuesday. v.j.? veronica: i have on the floral print this morning. i'm trying to think summer because today is going to feel like a summer day for us. might want to dress in the short sleeves and maybe the kids can get to school in the short pants. near 90 for a high today. we're starting out pretty high. the numbers, running some 5-10 degrees up from where they were yesterday at the same time. i've seen a lot of yellow on the map right now. we do have a few clouds this morning. we're 70 degrees in d.c. and 60's elsewhere. look at the temperatures drop by the end of the week and the weekend. the morning temperatures back down into the 50's. today again will be the warmest day out of the next five, out of the next 10 even. 65-70 degrees. nice and dry with showers and storms coming your way for the afternoon hours. in fact, you see the cooler air here on the northeast quarter map for the afternoon. 88 in d.c. 70's from pennsylvania, around
6:33 am
71. charleston in west virginia, 73 for a high today. that's where we'll be tomorrow and the next couple days. that's the end of the week but for the weekend, i'll have a look at that in 10 minutes. julie? julie: we have slow traffic coming off northbound 375 it's slow headed towards the third street tunnel we had the crash and tying up the far right lane. it's 17-minute commute from the beltway trying to get across the 14th street bridge headed over to that freeway crash. with kids going back to school, studies are showing from the national council of safety patrol between the hours of 7:00 and 8:00 and between 3:00 and 4 4:00 this afternoon are the deadliest for the children on the highway. keep an eye out and allow extra time on the roads. looking at how slow it is and how the volume is increasing, it's miss congeniality herself from high school, suzanne kennedy on mobile track. suzanne: how did you know that was what i was voted
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yearbook? listen, we're out here in montgomery county and we've seen some kids out at the bus stop. we're following bus 7418 as it prepares to make its first pickup of the season. we're not sure what school it's going to but obviously they're out here very early. already saw some high schoolers waiting out at the stop just around the corner from where we are right now. 160,000 kids returning to school here in montgomery county. the national partnership estimates there's a 20% to 30% morning traffic being generated for parents taking their kids to school this morning. we're advising folks to don't make this the day you get out the door late. it's hard to get the kids out and going but you really do want to be wise getting out there so you're not rushed to get the kids to school. it's a tricky day and we've fallen out of the good habit of getting our kids up and out early so give yourself extra time and be careful on the roadways this morning. we'll keep an eye on
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minutes. but now reporting live in silver spring, suzanne kennedy, back to you. autria: thank you. abc 7 is always on your side when you hit the road for work or school. go to and sign up for the traffic alert so you can get news of any delays as soon as we do. time is 6:34. following breaking news from the korean peninsula. south korean warships are carrying out more live fire exercises, happening while you were sleeping. the drills are in response to north korea's biggest ever nuclear test. a reported hydrogen bomb on sunday. both washington and seoul have now agreed to lift the warhead restrictions on south korean missile which is means the south can improve and strengthen their strike capabilities. and the north appears to be planning a future missile launch pretty soon. we're following the latest on this situation and bring you more as we get new updates. larry, back to you. larry: right now police are racing to track down a man
6:36 am
suspected in a deadly shooting in st. charles, maryland. 35-year-old brian pierce shot two people at his home after an argument broke out. one died and the other seriously wounded. deputies found pierce's car on friendship landing road which creek.ds into nanjemoy police say he's armed and dangerous. >> keep an eye out for this man, don't approach him but call 911 right away. larry: described as six feet tall and weighing 00 pounds. the trigger included a search in that area. autria: the northbound branch trail closes to make construction of the purple line and has some activists upset. they staged a rally yesterday and plan to file a temporary restraining order today to prevent trees from being cut. the trail is expected to remain closed 4-5 years and runs from woodmont avenue in bethesda to talbot avenue in silver spring. larry: happening today a page turner mystery happening in the streets ofhe
6:37 am
association hid copies of six highly debated books and want you to hunt them down, culminating to banned books week and they're wrapped in a special cover and get clues on where to find them on the d.c. public library foundation, twitter, and instagram pages. good luck. autria: you can't spell fall without it. they started serving drinks on friday but should be available at all locations starting today. 10 years of p.s.l.'s, never been a fan. larry: me either. 'm ok. autria: julie likes them. and zero pumpkin in them. a little bit of s
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and call it a pumpkin spice latte and topped with whip cream. a mix of everything as we head through the workweek. a little rain, a little heat and something else on tap. veronica johnson as her eye on th
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veronica: a nice start to a workweek. 60's the temperature with light wind. 6 5-wood bridge, virginia. good morning to you. rosa parks elementary school at 65. we're also 65 around kings view middle school in germantown and brunswick high school coming in at 63 degrees. our temperatures later today, instead of the 70's, we're going to rise in the 80's and will put us above average for a high temperature later today. a little bit of sun glare and then late day thunderstorms will start to develop after around 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. in fact, when you look at rain chances, it's really two for this workweek and an afternoon, evening threat today and any time the showers move through tomorrow, julie, a look at our weekend, back
6:42 am
but where will irma be on saturday? i'll show you in 10 minutes. julie: you may be back to cool but we're back to school and we're looking at problems around the capital beltway with a overheated bus as you approach route 1. we had reports there was smoke coming from the bus. apparently the radiator overheated. nobody on the bus but the driver and all of it confined to the shoulder, between 95 college park and route 1 after the cherry hill road overpass, traffic is able to get past the scene. back to the map so we can update the ride elsewhere. we want to give you a few reminders about slowing down on the roads and giving yourself extra time out there. we keep talking about the little ones at the bus stop but 13% of the kid headed back to school will either walk or ride a bike. you have to slow down and keep a look out for them. the excitement of the first day of school often means they're not looking out for you.
6:43 am
tying up the far right lane. that's our traffic watch. i'll be back within the next 10 minutes and show you how slide the ride is from 270. more of "good morning washington" coming up right after the brea
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announcer: you're watching "good morning washington," on your side. julie: 6:45. right now it's terrible traffic tuesday with a school bus overheating on the inner loop. expect a lot of company on the roads heading out this morning as hundreds of thousands of students head back to school today. autria: one of the biggest districts back in the swing of things, montgomery county. they're rolling out the red carpet for the students and have changes coming up in the year ahead. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live at paint branch high school breaking it down for you this morning. good morning, kevin. kevin: good morning, autria. 161,000 students going to be attending school for the first day here in montgomery county. and i'm joined with the principal of paint branch high school, dr. miriam
6:47 am
thanks for joining us on the air. enrollment is up. miriam: and climbing. kevin: what's it up leading to the first day of class? miriam: an exciting time. school is marked by the students that come in so it's very busy and you're getting excited, getting ready and working with staff but it's a great time. kevin: there are 25 high schools in montgomery county. what makes paint branch high school unique? miriam: i would say the p.b. spirit and p.b. way makes branch high school unique but if we're speaking specifically about programs, we have a variety of academies and a few of our top academies are the restaurant management academy where we're one of three where we have a fully functioning state-of-the-art kitchen and students are taught by a chef who is also an educator and they learn front of the house as well as the back of the house and actually open and serve the public as well as the school community on a weekly basis. we also
6:48 am
media academy which is one of our top academies where we have a fully functioning studio and students also learn production, editing, they are anchors, etc., and our leader of our program, former teacher from cnn. kevin: could be putting me out of work is what you're saying, or the students could? miriam: they could, they're pretty tough. kevin: best of luck ahead and thanks for joining us live on the air. miriam: absolutely. thank you. kevin: 161,000 students attending school for the first time in montgomery county. the 2017-2018 school year gets underway. live in burtonsville, i'm kevin lewis for "good morning washington." autria: an exciting day for all the kiddos. we're showing you your photos, send emto us at burst dot only/wjla and you may see them on the air. developing now, a nervous day for houses of dreamers. larry: the future of america resting
6:49 am
department of justice where john gonzalez is live with the decision pem are anxiously -- people are anxiously waiting to hear. john: it could an nightmare for the so-called dreamers. the focus shifted from the white house to a few blocks away, the department of justice. this is where we understand attorney general jeff sessions will make the big announcement on daca 3. the press conference is set for 11:00 and we're told the attorney general will not be taking any questions. now, so far during this trump administration, sessions has been a vocal proponent for a dramatic cushing of illegal immigration. today's announcement comes amid reports the president plans to end daca, a program that started in 2012, allowing some 800,000 young, undocumented immigrants to work here, to go to college here. reports are that the president will end the program in si
6:50 am
however, white house officials telling abc news this morning it's not a done deal just yet. now, if it is, two states, washington and new york, have already promised to sue the president on the flip side, about nine republican state attorneys around the country have also threatened to file lawsuits if the president does not end daca. the advocacy group casa will hold a rally and march this morning at the white house. reporting live, john gonzalez, "good morning washington." larry: thank you, john. a immigration debate is playing out in prince george's county and city leaders will meet for a proposal to extend voting rights. under that proposal noncitizens will offensive board loued to vote only in city matters and not in presidential or congressional elections. the meeting set for 7:30 tonight at city hall. autria: happening now, parts of florida bracing for the possible impact of hurricane irma. the storm now a category 4 hurricane is gaini
6:51 am
prompted emergency declarations in florida and puerto rico. public schools in puerto rico have been canceled today as the storm makes its way through the caribbean. irma could hit florida later this week. however, its path remains uncertain. if you're trying to figure out whether or not it's going to hit the gulf area or come up towards us in the northeast? veronica: exactly. and it depends on other systems that will come into play. high pressure in the central atlantic and we have a cold front dropping in down through the southeast and all that could help guide the system in a more north-northeasterly fashion. right now it's moving west and it's moving west at a fairly good rate, 14 miles per hour. the wind at 150 miles an hour and makes it a major category 4 and agree, it still could strengthen as it grazes right across areas of northern puerto rico by late wednesday night and on towards hispanola and
6:52 am
southern florida. the earliest time point there would be sometime latter part of next weekend. you can see it here but again, once you get out towards day four and five it depends on a lot of things. here's what we know. powerful hurricane moving towards the islands, tracking more towards the south there and areas of southeastern u.s. uncertainty after day four. so where will it make landfall? the one area highest on the list is florida and then maybe even the georgia coast or even south carolina if it does take a harder turn to the north and northeast. local impacts here, the earliest for us would be sometime around tuesday, wednesday of next week with the rain moving up. for us we'll have rain today, even tomorrow. in fact, there could be thunderstorms. the highest thunderstorm threlt in areas of pennsylvania but even around here some storms will rumble. our forecast goes like this from temperatures in the 70's to low to mid 80's by lunchtime and to be out at
6:53 am
we'll talk more of the impact with the latest information on irma coming up on news channel 8 in a few minutes. julie: we've been talking about back to school but let's not forget about the rails and those traveling on the blue line, delays towards the lago town center due to a train malfunction outside of springfield. trouble on the freeway. there's reports involving a overturned vehicle and that's tying up your commute east and westbound on 395 this morning. so that's going to cost you some time there. north of the capital beltway, the accident at 197 on the b.w. parkway blocking the left lane and look for delays through laurel and southbound 270, with it's now a 31-minute ride as kids head back to work and school. look for the delays out of fern town headed towards the lane divide. in montgomery county is the one and only suzanne kennedy on mobile 7. how are things shaping up for the first day of school?
6:54 am
suzanne: we haven't seen significant problems and that's good news on the first day back to school. right now we're following this bus headed to wheaton high school. it's a few minutes late to the stops according to the students. it was supposed to be there at 6:30 and was 6:40 but hopefully the kids will get to school on time and certainly is an issue whether you're taking the bus or driving. we haven't seen a significant uptick but it's still early for people on the roads. allow yourself extra time getting the kiddos out the door. don't rush because it makes for a stressful journey no matter where you're going. we'll be out on the roads all morning and we're headed now to wheaton high school where the kids start their first day of class. reporting live from silver spring, suzanne kennedy, good morning washington. autria: it's 6:54 and a date thousands in our area have been waiting for. "american idol" auditions happening in annapolis.
6:55 am
larry: eileen and kidd are there and the line stretches as far as the eye can see a couple hours before it actually opens, right? kidd: this is incredible all the lines we've been seeing here and the people out here today. eileen: so many people have traveled from far away. so far the farthest i've seen, new jersey, family left 2:00 to get down here for this once in a lifetime opportunity to possibly be the next "american idol." kidd: take a look behind us here and you see the end of the line now. we are guessing roughly maybe 500 or so people are lined up right now. now, not all these people in line are actually going to audition. there's a lot of moral support here as well. eileen: everyone brought a entourage with them. i have to say, everyone is so supportive and everyone is singing together, working on getting those vocal chords loosened up. what's really cool is auditions start at 9:00 and go to 5:00 at
6:56 am
they'll do that audition and right afterwards they'll know if they'll be moving on to the next round. kidd: we showed you the back of the line. the front of the line is all the way up there. if you sneak through the trees you see the "american idol" bus where the auditions will take place starting at 9:00 this morning. people have been lined up when it was dark at 5:00 this morning, bright and early. when did you folks get here this morning? >> we got here at 6:30. kidd what's your name? >> chrissy scott. kidd: how old are you? >> 15. coid your father auditions as well or here for support. >> here for support. kidd: first time auditions for "american idol"? >> i was too young before. kidd: you've seen the superstars, kelly clarkson and carrie underwood. they had to do this. are you nervous? >> no, i got that out yesterday. kidd: you know what song you'll sing? >> yeah. "love and touch and squeeze" by journey. kiddwh
6:57 am
give us a sample quickly? >> it's a surprise. kidd: good luck to you and to dad. we'll have more throughout the morning when we move through news channel 8. cup of joe is here and is cup of joe auditioning as well? eileen: look at the microphone. i think so. kidd: our "good morning washington" mascot. it's an exciting morning. are you ready for "american idol"? [cheers and applause] kidd: there you go. back to you guys inside. larry: check cup of joe's age requirements there. autria: best of luck to all those auditioning this morning. larry: that's right. that does it for us here on abc 7. autria: we're heading over to news channel 8, though. three more hours of "good morning washington" to
6:58 am
6:59 am
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good morning, america. happening now, hurricane irma gaining strength in the atlantic. florida and puerto rico declaring states of emergency as the major category 4 storm barrels toward the caribbean. people bracing for the worst, clearing store shelves, boarding up their homes. we're tracking its path this morning. the trump administration condemns north korea in the wake of that hydrogen bomb test. now new signs kim jong-un is preparing another missile launch. south korea's military on high alert conducting live fire drills overnight. and the white house just hours away from revealing their immigration plan affecting hundreds of thousands of immigrant young people called d.r.e.a.m.ers. their futures hang in t


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