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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 5, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. happening now, hurricane irma gaining strength in the atlantic. florida and puerto rico declaring states of emergency as the major category 4 storm barrels toward the caribbean. people bracing for the worst, clearing store shelves, boarding up their homes. we're tracking its path this morning. the trump administration condemns north korea in the wake of that hydrogen bomb test. now new signs kim jong-un is preparing another missile launch. south korea's military on high alert conducting live fire drills overnight. and the white house just hours away from revealing their immigration plan affecting hundreds of thousands of immigrant young people called d.r.e.a.m.ers. their futures hang in t
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business leaders put pressure on the president. ♪ i've got the heart of a hero and road to recovery. michael is live from his hometown of houston this morning as thousands of families try to get back on the their feet after hurricane harvey. the emotional moment they return home. and the students displaced, their schools damaged coming together to help each other. this morning a hall of fame sized surprise. >> one, two, three. >> for a high school football team that lost so much. and good morning, america. back from labor day to a busy september and millions are bracing right now for hurricane irma. >> that's right, george. the entire state of florida is now on alert as the category 4 storm gains strength with winds topping 150 miles an hour. both florida and
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in states of emergency and all this as so many are still recovering, of course, from the devastation left by hurricane harvey. michael is live in his hometown of houston, texas, for us this morning. good morning, michael. >> hey, good morning, guys. i am here in houston, my hometown, robin, at c.e. king high school where this was a place that has been ravaged by hurricane harvey just like so many communities here in this area and i got to show you something. check this out. looks like i'm at a skate park. this is actually the basketball court for the school so you can see what they're dealing with here. but within all of this there's so many great stories of survival and resilience and, you know, for communities that is starting to rebuild i just can't wait to share some of those with you. >> it is a long road to recovery in houston. as that continues new threat, hurricane irma picking up steam. state of florida getting ready. everyone stocking up on supplies, some stores already short on water. first it's going to hit puerto rico and abc's linzie janis is in san juan right in the path of
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>> reporter: good morning, george. residents in puerto rico and a long list of caribbean islands are bracing for the worst as irma is expected to hit as early as tonight. government officials are ordering people to be ready. this morning, puerto rico and florida residents aren't taking any chances. stocking up on water, batteries, generators and plywood. stores struggling to keep up with the demand. shelves emptying quickly. ahead of irma's landfall. >> i don't want to be stuck out like everyone else is usually late shopping going for last-minute things and there's nothing there in i think everybody is preparing more since what went on in it can and that's why we're here. >> reporter: here's a look at irma from above. noaa's hurricane hunter collecting data flying through its eye and in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands fema is at the ready with more than 700,000 liters of water and 500,000 meals. the national guard
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schools closed. cruise ships rerouted. american airlines adding additional flights to get tourists out early. but for the more than 100,000 people who live in the u.s. virgin islands like kansas native ashley and her family. >> if you're here you're here at this point. >> reporter: they're locking themselves down hoping for the best. >> you just need to be prepared for flying debris, everything in your house to be completely soaked. >> reporter: here in puerto rico the glover governor declaring a state of emergency. the first effects expected with the brunt coming tomorrow. robin. >> want everybody to stay safe. linzie, hangenithank you. ginger zee has the latest on hurricane irma's path. >> it's about 300 miles east of the leeward islands and now moving west pretty quickly. so we're going to watch this thing go through warm waters, hurricane warnings as linzie was detailing that include puerto rico, the
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storm looks to pass north of most of them. that means the worst side of the storm is on the north side. so on that right side. still, though, you could see major effects from wind and certainly 8 to 16 inches of rain on some of those islands if you have any mountains. then by sunday morning it's just south of the florida keys. still as a category 4 and this current track, the cone includes all of south florida. that cone is a cone of probability. remember, this could move in the coming days, because we have a couple of steering factors which i'm going to get into a little later. that high keeping itself south and a lot of those coming together and florida right in the cross hairs. >> that's right. that is why president trump spoke with florida's governor rick scott last night offering help to prepare for the storm and this comes as tensions escalate over north korea's nuclear program after that powerful hydrogen bomb test explosion. u.n. ambassador nikki haley said north korea is begging for
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our chief attorney correspondent terry moran is on the scene in seoul. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. the war of words is escalating. that's for sure. a north korean foreign ministry official now saying that massive nuclear test was a, quote, gift package addressed to the u.s. and that there would be more of those gift packages unless the u.s. stops what he called its reckless provocations. this morning, south korean warships carrying out live fire exercises and checking their combat positions off the korean coast. just hours after u.s. ambassador nikki haley deliberately escalated the rhetoric at the united nations issuing a blunt belligerent warning to north korean dictator kim jong-un. >> his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. >> reporter: president trump emphasizing all options to address the north korean threat are on the table in a call to german chancellor angela merkel who is pleading for more diplomacy and another military move. the president
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powerful warheads on its missiles all this to keep north korea and the world guessing about a possible u.s. military strike. >> mr. president, will you attack north korea? >> we'll see. >> reporter: world leaders are demanding the u.s. tone down the rhetoric. vladimir putin saying today in north korea they will eat grass but still not give up this nuclear program if they don't feel themselves to be secure. we need to bring all the interested sides to a dialogue. but that nuclear test may have changed the equation. a u.s. intelligence official now confirming to abc news the huge blast was a test of an advanced nuclear device. north korea saying it was a hydrogen bomb and that threat may cross america's red line. for south koreans the shadow of war is deepening by the day. at a market we visited in seoul, a young family tells us it's all getting too real. are you scared at all?
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he says, "i will have to leave my children and wife behind and fight." the fear is real. one thing you don't see is any kind of real civil defense preparations. no one knows their muster points. no one has an exit point. no one is stocking food or water. almost as if for the people here war is unthinkable but not impossible. >> that's the point. we'll bring in our military analyst colonel steve ganyard for more on this discussion and we heard what whail haley had to say, north korea begging for war. how do you see it, steve? >> robin, ambassador haley is doing her job trying to rally a community and nations to get them all to put pressure on north korea but he's not really begging for war. he knows if it comes it will be the end of his regime and nothing matters more. what he's doing is on a deliberate pat to create a nuclear capability he can use to threaten his neighbors and the united states. >> overall the
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response effective or not, which one? >> not effective, robin. but to be fair this is a failure that goes back 30 years. it's both democratic and republican presidents have failed to bring them to heal so there's plenty of plame to go around including the community of nations in china in particular. >> remind people, i mean here we are talking about a possible test again, the h bomb, a missile that can reach the u.s., so just bring people up to speed again on what is going on there. >> well, robin, what we saw over the weekend was a thermonuclear device, a bomb that is up to ail to ten times more powerful than the original atomic bomb that they exploded, so there's a huge step change in their ability to threaten the united states, not on term -- only on terms of missiles but bigger and better bombs, an now we're seeing south korean intelligence report that they're apparently preparing another long-range icbm test so things will continue to march and nothing that anybody seems to do i
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jong-un down. >> well, hopefully that will change at some point. all right, steve, thank you. >> they're going much more quickly than experts expected. it's just one of many crucial issues facing washington. they will announce the president's decision on the d.r.e.a.m.ers. 700,000 undocumented immigrants who came here as children and he will meet with leaders on tax return and hope to reduce taxes by the end of the year. ahead of that daunting deadlines for extending the debt limit keeping the government open and providing help to the victims of hurricane harvey. it is a full agenda so let's bring in jon karl with more on the president's decision on the d.r.e.a.m.ers. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning. the decision will be announced later this morning. i am told that the program that has provided legal status for hundreds of thousands of d.r.e.a.m.ers will be phased out over the next six months putting the burden on congress to find a way to get them out of limbo. >> should the d.r.e.a.m.ers be
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>> we love the d.r.e.a.m.ers. we love everybody. >> reporter: that was the president on friday. but this morning, the nearly 00,000 so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers currently living in the u.s. are waiting to hear if they will be stripped of their legal status. >> when you love somebody you protect them and you care for them. and if the administration does decide to rescind the program that doesn't show any love or caring for our community. >> reporter: protesters are already taking to the streets across the country. in houston a large population of d.r.e.a.m.ers is also dealing with the aftermath of hurricane harvey. we asked vice president pence about them last week when he toured the disaster zone. there are more than 120,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers here in the state of texas. they would lose their legal status as a result of that. >> well -- >> is this really the time to do it. >> president trump has said all along that he's giving very careful consideration to that issue and that when he makes his decision he'll make it as he
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likes to say with big heart and i know that he will. >> reporter: as the president prepares to roll out his decision, the pressure is mounting. several republican leaders have urged the president to leave daca in place. and more than 350 business and tech leaders including apple's tim cook and facebook's mark zuckerberg are demanding the president protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers calling them vital to the future of our companies and our economy. >> it's definitely scary not knowing what's going to happen, the uncertainty of everything. >> reporter: the president has opted to keep the program largely in place for another six months to give congress a way to provide legal status to those d.r.e.a.m.ers in a way that is clearly constitutional but, george, there is no guarantee that that will happen, in fact, since 2001 congress has brought this -- this issue was brought up in one way or another in congress a dozen times and never passed. >> the divisions are so deep. some people have floated poss
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pass the border wall along with the d.r.e.a.m.ers. that's not going to fly. >> reporter: it's not going to fly, although i will say one thing different this time you now have the republican leadership on board in the person of paul ryan saying that something should be done to provide legal status for these d.r.e.a.m.ers. but the divisions as you say are incredibly deep. >> jon karl, thanks very much. more on what will be a packed month on capitol hill with our congressional correspondent mary bruce and first up, emergency aid for the victims of hurricane harvey. >> reporter: george, good morning. congress has a daunting to do list here and they are getting straight to work providing relief from hurricane harvey. now, the white house has already asked for nearly $8 billion in relief. that is expected to be approved quickly but it's really just a down payment on a bill that could be tens of billions of dollars more. now, there is a possible wrinkle. the white house wants to tie the hurricane aid to a must pass increase in the debt limit and that's a move that some conservatives say they oppose. >> it's also looking more likely that the goveren
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the big item on the agenda for the president and the republican leadership right now, tax reform. >> reporter: yeah, as if the workload up here isn't daunting enough the white house and republicans are chasing tax reform. republican leaders and the president will sit down to try to chart a path forward. the president has been arguing tax reform is key to unlocking the economy, to growing wages but he's offered very few specifics leaving the onus on lawmakers to get this done, but, george, with so many other must do items they have to get to first, a big overhaul in the tax code, simply doesn't seem likely any time soon. >> it will be difficult. okay, mary, thanks very much. >> george, we'll turn to the road to recovery. after hurricane harvey killed at least 60 people, damage at 185,000 homes and forced thousands of opportunities to relocate for the school year, michael is on the ground seeing this all firsthand in houston. good morning again, michael. >> hey, good morning,
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one of the gyms at c.e. king high school and at one point the water as at such a level there was fish swimming on the gym floor and this is what the students are returning to as the school year is coming up but also those same students along with their teachers and the community members who have all volunteered to come help clean up their school when a lot of these community members and a lot of these students are displaced and living in shelters themselves. that just shows the resolve of this community. and you know what, september 18th they set for the school to open up again and have those students come in this gymnasium so you see there's still so much work to do here and victor oquendo is also here in houston. he has the latest on what's going on as so many families are struggling to recover. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we're in west houston where the water is still flooding neighborhoods. there's an abandoned car right behind me and for many people in this area, it could be like this for weeks.
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this morning, parts of texas still underwater and desperate for clean water. in beaumont, the more than 100,000 residents still without safe drinking water. the water system damaged by the flooding and overnight officials say their repair work to the main pump could take several weeks until the river recedes. authorities now working to get drinking water into the hands of thousands. another staggering number, 85% of residents in houston don't have flood insurance. >> we didn't get flood insurance and so -- we didn't need it for 0 years. >> reporter: these homeowners were told they didn't need it. they're now living in this hotel room after their home was flooded by the reservoir. >> when we opened the door it was like a tidal wave coming through the house. >> reporter: at least 60 people killed in the storm, among them sergeant steve perez with the houston police department, almost 100 officers gathered to pay their respects to the veteran officer on monday who drowned late last week while
7:17 am
height of the floods. sergeant perez was with the force for 34 years before leaving that day he told his wife, i've got work to do. michael. >> all right, thank you, victor. and when we come back we'll have much more on the recovery in houston. we'll get a chance to talk to the coordinating officer for fema, you guys. so many people here need help and we're going to them them how they can get it. robin and george. >> okay, thank you, michael. >> so many have been providing help as well. we'll have an update on the day of giving that we had and where all that money is going and how it's being used to help people in need. >> now getting ready for another hurricane and ginger has more. >> everyone is so sensitive and they should be. we're in the heart of hurricane season and this category 4 storm with 155 max sustained winds moving toward the u.s. this is by this weekend and everyone wants a definitive answer as to when. let me show you when and where and why this is still a broad topic.
7:18 am
that's parked in the atlantic is driving it. keeping it south and keeping it moving west. so that's the first steering factor. but there's a cold front ahead of another disturbance that moves into the southeast that eventually becomes stationary. guys, this is what scares me. that could slow it down enough to make inland flooding even worse from this storm. no matter where it sets up on the west or east side of florida, florida should be on alert as should much of the gulf and panhandle and up through georgia and south carolina.
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feel like the low 90s in the afternoon. an approaching cold front will trigger late day thunderstorms (best chance 5-10pm). a line of storms will develop along the i-81 corridor early afternoon and spread east. i expect some wet weather within the d.c. metro by about 6pm. the area is under a marginal risk for severe weather northwest of d.c. rain and thunderstorms will continue on and off overnight. have the umbrella wednesday with showers likely. temperatures will be cooler, too, in the low 70s. after on and off rain most of wednesday and coming up new developments in that bizarre murder mystery. a husband reportedly admitting he killed his wife after taking cold medicine. now he's heading to court this morning. and we'll have more with michael live in his hometown of houston. what do you do if you've lost everything? the important first steps for thousands of families. we gave people cottonelle® to try and asked "how clean do you feel after going to the bathroom?"
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♪ i'm alive, i'm alive ♪ alive! gives you more vitamins and minerals than leading brands. because when you start with more, you own the morning. alive! outside this morning good to go. temperatures in the 70s. comfortable in the afternoon. we're going to look for a few scattered showers and eventually a few showers and thunderstorms. into the evening a couple thunder showers will make their way through. this model puts it to the north. we'll have several chances for some showers and storms as we head through tonight. even into tomorrow as a little unsettled. temperatures only in the 70s with those rains. warming irma. could impact us locally possibly by next week. on the roads right n
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this tuesday morning ride, we're doing okay around the capital beltway but not so well inside the belt way. delays on 295 due to eastbound z2gv6z zi0z y2gv6y yi0y ♪ ♪ ♪ with the company trusted for more than 75 years,
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good morning, washington. a check of the top stories this morning. today will be a very busy day on the roads. the workweek is just getting started after the long labor day weekend. and with the unofficial end of summer also comes the official start of the school year for hundreds of thousands of students. nearly all maryland public schools returned today with the exception of prince george's county which starts tomorrow. a handful of virginia schools also return today including arlington and alexandria. and take a look at this line. "american idol" was in the dmv after months of waiting. the bus rolled into annapolis early this morning. hundreds of hopefuls started lining up around 5:00 this morning but the first auditions don't start until
7:27 am
out there live all day as singers from all over the country try to make it to the next round. weather and traffic coming
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so swing by your local walgreens today. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy. welcome back to "gma" and you're looking at footage of hurricane irma right from the center of the storm. that's because hurricane hunters flew into it gathering crucial information to predict its path. the category 4 storm is making its way toward florida. a state of emergency has already been declared in puerto rico and florida. ginger, as you know, following all the latest for us this morning. >> also right now tensions escalating with north korea after their latest and largest nuclear test. u.s. ambassador nikki haley says kim jong-un is begging for war and now there are new signs that formay be preparing another missile test. and the trump administration will announce today whether or not they will end the program called daca
7:31 am
protests have erupted anticipating the president's decision. as you know many around the state of texas and in louisiana, they are recovering from that devastation from hurricane harvey. let's go back to michael who is in his hometown in houston at the school's damaged auditorium. michael. >> i thank you, robin. i'm here in the auditorium. workers are ripping out each and every seat here in the auditorium and it doesn't look like much now but this is what it looked like just a few days ago and the water level rose to the point where i walked over and looked at the water line, the water would have been up to my waist which is a lot of water in this auditorium so remedying that and i had a chance to go home. you'll meet them. an incredible family who lost everything and just listen to their story, visited their home to see the devastation firsthand and they're looking for answers and looking for somewhere to turn, trying to figure out what the next steps are and we're going to have a chance to meet them in a lite
7:32 am
george. >> thank you. >> a long road ahead. right now new developments in that newlywed murder case out of north carolina where a young husband is charged with killing his wife after taking cold medicine. amy, you got the story. >> this is a bizarre story. police arrested matthew phelps after a chilling 911 call where he tells the operator he took too much cold medicine, dreamt he killed his wife and woke up to find her dead suspecting he was the one who did it. >> i have blood all over me and there's a bloody knife on the bed. and i think i did it. i can't believe this. >> reporter: this morning 28-year-old matthew phelps is behind bars arrested and charged with murder in connection to the death of his wife of ten months, lauren, a sunday school teacher. >> i think i killed my -- >> what do you mean by that? >> reporter: lauren was found stabbed to death at their home friday morning after this shocking call to 911 in the middle of the night. >> i had a dream and
7:33 am
turned on the lights and she's dead on the floor. >> reporter: the caller, saying he took over-the-counter medication to help sleep just hours before. >> what medicine did you take? >> i took corps seedicidicorici. a lot of types i can't sleep at night. she's not moving. oh, my god. >> reporter: the makers of coricidin telling abc news it continually monitors adverse events regarding all of our products and that there is no evidence to suggest that coricidin is associated with violent behavior. now phelps, a former bible college student waits to be arraigned in court. a community coming to grips with the loss of a woman they describe as vibrant and gone too soon. >> she's going to be terribly missed. this is a tragic situation. we'll keep her in our hearts forever. >> now phelps is being held without bond. he is scheduled for his first court appearance this afternoon. >> a lot coming
7:34 am
here with dan abrams right now. cold medicine. >> yeah, a very tough defense to suggest that somehow cold medicine made you do it. the first thing you'd have to do is be able to have medical literature which would back up the notion that cold medicine can lead to these kinds of violent episodes. and as far as we know there's nothing to indicate that taking a normal amount of this kind of cough cerebral palsy could lead to this kind of violent tendencies and what if you took a lot more of it. okay, maybe but then it's more akin to alcohol which is you drink too much of it, it's your responsibility. you've got to take responsibility for what happens if you abuse any kind of alcohol drug, et cetera. >> when you listen to that 911 call, you can hear that he is clearly under the influence of something or at least his voice sounds affected or impacted. what role will that have. >> i wonder whether it leads to a different kind of defense which is not that the
7:35 am
the cold medicine made me falsely confess. i mean, imagine for a moment if his argument is, i didn't do it. but i was under the influence at the time. i was just waking up. now, they're going to look at other evidence. they'll look at other evidence. maybe someone framed him, et cetera. my point is we're talking about two long shot defenses. the first super long shot defense is cold medicine did it. the second long shot defense could be, oh, using it is some sort of excuse with regard to his confession. either one is not an easy defense but to me the second one is a little bit more likely than the first. >> also looking at were there problems in the marriage. >> right, as of now we don't know that. look, we can look at her facebook postings, his facebook postings, et cetera. she was very happy it looked like in the hours before this happened. so but the police say they don't believe it's a random act. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. back to rob be. coming up the revealingew
7:36 am
interview with meghan markle. what she's saying about her romance with prince harry. in the wake of hurricane harvey, what to do if you are in need of aid. michael is on the scene with fema in houston. come on back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night, you're a better you all day. and for your daytime pain relief, try tylenol® extra strength. back now on "gma" with more on the urgent recovery efforts following hurricane harvey. as we mentioned more than 185,000 homes are
7:40 am
destroyed. about 80% of homeowners impacted by the storm do not have flood insurance and 550,000 people have registered for fema so far. let's go back to michael who is there in houston. so many people in need. so much help there, michael. you're absolutely right, robin and as you said and as we've said, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes here. and you know, we had a chance to go home. i had a chance to go home, the benjamins and as you can see from this piece it's really clear that the road to recovery is just beginning for this familiar. >> do you stay in here and possibly drown? >> reporter: mindy benjamin's family is one of the thousands in houston with no place to call home. >> where do you go once you exit and the water is already to your chest relationship the hard working mom says the hardest hit came after hurricane harvey destroyed her house. >> one of the worst feelings as a parent is feeling helpless. you know, y
7:41 am
that point i didn't feel like i could do it. >> reporter: it was a week ago she was trapped inside a rapidly flooding home. her children at her side. >> my mom was crying. i just gave her a big hug and i just told her i love her. >> reporter: the water rising stranded for 14 hours before help finally arrived. >> so this is home. what's left of it. >> reporter: they returned to what's left of their house. i mean this is your life. >> this is everything. >> literally everything. >> my babies are safe. >> your babies are safe. >> that's what's important. >> and you're safe. trying to salvage what they can but they can't stay here. >> it's been day to day changing hotels, calling, hoping you find a place like it was just maybe 30, 45 minutes ago i finally found somewhere we'll stay tonight. >> reporter: 550,000 victims have now applied for financial assistance from fema including benjamin.
7:42 am
$500 payment but still hasn't received it. so no assistance so far. >> no. >> in any of this and you're renting. >> right. >> this house but you had renter's insurance. >> i had -- i have renters insurance. >> did it cover flooding. >> not a thing. >> reporter: one thing is clear, this mom's love for her family is strong enough to weather any storm. >> i vowed to them we're going to get through this. >> whatever it take. >> whatever it takes. >> it's all right, momma. it'll be okay. well, i'm being joined by kevin hannes, the federal coordinating officer for fema. i want to thank you for coming in this morning. so many victims out there like the family, the benjamin family we just saw. what is important for victims to know on how to apply for aid from fema. >> thanks for having us and thanks for allowing us to talk about how to get the
7:43 am
people can get the assistance they need. first and foremost they're not victims, they're survivors. survivors are able to not only have us help them but they're able to help their community as you saw during the response. texan helping texan and folks from louisiana, the cajun navy helping but now is the critical time where we move from response to recovery and they need to go to start that registration process and let us start helping them work through this recovery. >> i talked to mrs. benjamin. she said she had been turned down for help from fema. so what are some of the reasons that may be behind that. >> several reasons. they could have a duplicate registration in there. we may be missing some critical information from her. we will reach out and contact her and make sure she has the right information in there but it's important that we get the right information in the system so they we can get them the maximum continues they can. so and nev
7:44 am
there's always a appeals that can be done and work with each individual family to maximize. >> you can appeal that process. i know a lot of families are in hotels displaced. a lot of the hotels won't honor vouchers. what do they do. >> we don't give vouchers. we have established through the state of texas our strong partner is called transitional shelter assistance where we -- once they register with us they're given a p.i.n. number and able to go to a local hotel. fema picks up the tab for the hotel so we're paying the hotel. we pay the government rate. we've worked that out with the hotel. call us, we can help get you out of a kong gre gat shelter into a hotel. >> also a $500 immediate assistance for a lot of families out there. what is that designed to help with? >> that's designed to give them some cash to, you know, purchase some new clothing, you know, that they left their hopes with nothing. help them with getting initial food but just that initial
7:45 am
tranche to get them started and we're able to provide additional assistance. >> there's so many help needed in houston. what can you tell us about the steps and progress fema has made. >> across the whole coast of texas from bee county to orange county they're suffering the same impacts. not just houston. houston has the ability to get the media here, but we got to remember across the entire coast we're doing that and so we're bringing in disaster recovery centers. we'll have insurance specialists in here and inspectors in here working very closely with the state of texas to develop a housing solution to house all these people until they can get them permanently back into their homes. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us, kevin. i've had a chance to spend a lot of time here at c.e. king high school with all of these great high school athletes and have a great surprise for them coming up. they have no idea what's coming. hang in there with me. it'll be worth it. >> up next here, baby
7:46 am
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7:49 am
on today's big board we take a look at what the new royal baby news means for succession to the throne. >> for prince harry it means the once third in line will now be sixth but a change also means princess charlotte will not lose her place even if her new sibling is a baby boy. nick, ar
7:50 am
>> the way it used to be if the queen had a baby brother she would not be queen. her baby brother would have elbowed her aside. just before kate and william had their first kid they changed the law, boys and girls all fine so the queen obviously on the throne, charles, first in line, that will always be the same, andrew, bumped down after william was born, harry was fourth then george and charlotte slip in there so with the new baby the new baby will come in between charlotte and harry. charlotte stays where she is. harry moves down to number six. okay. boy or girl. doesn't matter. >> i just love the telestrator. >> the first time i've ever done it and i'm loving it. >> harry doesn't care that much. >> harry doesn't care. if harry cares i would eat my shoes live on tv. one more baby in there in that hole, harry goes down to number seven then he does not need to ask the queen permission to marry. >> ooh. >> i'm not saying he's going to ask anyone to marry but that's just the law, right?
7:51 am
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back here on "gma" now hurricane irma is karg 5 hurricane with max sustained winds of 175 miles per hour. gusts to 185 moving toward the leeward islands. much ♪
7:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ with the company trusted for more than 75 years, you have the compassion and strength of a name. giving you the power to keep pace. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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some top stories now for you. protestors rallied outside the white house on labor day ahead of president donald trump's decision on the daca program. that decision is expected later today and there are reports that the president will phase it out. daca shields undocumented immigrants who arrived in the u.s. as children from deportation. "american idol" is in the dmv after months of waiting the bus rolled into annapolis early this morning. the first auditions don't start until 9:00. abc 7 and news channel 8 will be out there all day long as singers from all over the country try to make it to the next round. an upstate on weather right now. here's brian. >> thank you so much. i'll tell you what, outside this
7:57 am
morning we are look at some sunshine, a few scattered clouds. a warmer and muggier day. shooting few a high this afternoon upper 80s to near 90. comfortable start but mild finish. we do have the potential for a couple showers later this afternoon. shooting for a high of about 88. after about 4:00 or 5:00 some showers and thunderstorms push across the area. cooler and damp tomorrow. still watching irma, a very powerful hurricane that could make a u.s. landfall by the weekend. let's look at the roads now with angela. >> brian, heading into silver spring it's on the outer loop near georgia avenue. we have outer loop stkwhraeuz from interstate 95 but bigger problems inside the belt way. on the southeast southwest freeway creating some major grid lock on 295 wellesley 395. drive times of 60 minutes from the belt way on 395 to the 14th street bridge, 295, 95
7:58 am
from the belt way and oxon hill just to the 11th street bridge. 66, you've got some slow traffic too traveling eastbound fords the belt way. we can always get more traffic, weather and weather updates on good morning washington. have a great day. z2gv6z zi0z
7:59 am
y2gv6y yi0y let me finish downloading gps:this from the cloud.ed. looks like you found a better way to do this, dad. organic, non-gmo feed, 100% veggie diet. if i can raise you two,
8:00 am
perdue. raising more organic chickens than in anyone america. the old man's still got it. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hurricane irma gaping strength overnight. florida and puerto rico declaring states of emergency. now a massive storm. we're tracking the path right now. the white house just hours from revealing their immigration plan that will decide the fate of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants known as d.r.e.a.m.ers. their futures hang in the balance. protests erupt. business leaders put pressure on the president. baby, oh, baby, duchess kate is pregnant. a brand-new sibling on the way for george and charlotte and look who is wild about harry. meghan markle on the brand-new cover of "vanity fair." what she's revealing about their love, being in the spotlight and happiness with harry. >>mi
8:01 am
where thousands are trying to get back on their feet. so many students displaced their school's damaged. this morning a hall of fame size surprise. >> all: one, two, three. >> reporter: for the high school football team that lost so much and the megastar we're bringing in to help pull it off. and demi lovato is here live. her knockout look. her big new cause and what really makes her feel confident. and they're here to say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ you say i'm complicated good morning, america. welcome back to demi lovato and welcome back to all of you. >> on this tuesday morning, michael, as you know, is in his hometown of houston reporting on the recovery efforts under way from hurricane harvey and joining us from that school, boy, they lost so much but they've got big hearts, don't they, michael? >> oh, they absolutely do, robin. i'm outside right as you can seen 0 the football field at one point the only thing you could see here w
8:02 am
the goalpost. that's how much water was here. i'm here in front of this massive pile of debris getting thrown away and a lot of people are wondering why are they throwing away so many things that look like they could air out. it touched category 3 floodwater which means it has to go. there are things in the water we don't want to try to understand or discuss and, you know, this is a city and a school full of pride, full of love and to my right i got so many student athletes, the cheerleaders, parents all came out this morning but they don't know i got a big surprise for them. i got to cover myself so they can't see pie lips. i want to get them on tv. show some school spirit. there we go. c.e. king high school out here representing this morning and they're going to love their surprise. i can't wait for you to see it as well. >> we can't wait either. >> more cheers later on. that new hurricane barreling toward the caribbean. now a category 5 storm. states of emergency already in
8:03 am
course, ginger zee is tracking the path and, ginger, this is powerful. >> huge update from the national hurricane center. my eyes were wide, my jaw dropped to see this. now 175-mile-per-hour max sustained winds gusts to 185 miles per hour. 270 miles east of antigua. those northern leeward aisles are the first in its path. hurricane warnings stretch for much of the caribbean. the other big change, this track keeps it a category 5 as it blows through. the only good news it's kind of north but that means it doesn't hit any land but stays strong and on the right side who would be in that cone, that is key west by the end of sunday into monday. we're talking about weekend impacts beginning for south florida and a lot of those tracks take it around florida on both sides. we're going to be fine-tuning that making it more definitive as we get closer. not looking good for anyone in the path of irma. >> it sure is not. all right, ginger, thank you. also in our morning rundown
8:04 am
trump administration's major plan for immigration policy affecting undocumented immigrants who arrived in the u.s. as children. chief white house correspondent jonathan karl has more on all this. good morning again, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the trump administration will announce this new plan later this morning. i am told it will phase out the program that has provided legal status for hundreds of thousands of the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. those are people would came into the united states as immigrants, as young children who have been given legal status by an order that was put in place by president obama back in 2012. it'll be phased out over six month, robin. the idea is to give congress time to come up with a permanent solution but let me tell you, this is something that congress has considered over and over again about a dozen times since 2001 and it has never passed. so this very much puts the status of those d.r.e.a.m.ers in very uncertain territory, robin. >> it sure does, jon. thank you. coming up,
8:05 am
houston with a high school football team that lost so much in hurricane harvey. and wait until you see the big surprise that is coming. they have no idea. meghan markle opening up about life with prince harry in a brand-new cover story. lara, what's going on upstairs. >> we have big "dancing with the stars" news. we want you to guess which celeb is joining the one and only cheryl burke in the ballroom. he's got moves. we'll tell you who it is coming up on "good morning america." don't go anywhere. perfect.
8:06 am
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8:10 am
morning. it's great to have them here with us. let's get it back to houston where michael is at a very special high school and, boy, that football team, they're all banding together, aren't they, michael? >> oh, yes, they are banding together, robin. very special high school. very special students, all gathered in around me right now and, you know, so many stories as i said earlier about survival and resilience and so many of these kis did just that. i had a chance to meet quite a few of them and i'm sure you're going to love them as much as i did. for c.e. king high school not far from where i played in high school, hurricane harvey's deluge has the school and its football team in crisis. >> it's easy to flood in my neighborhood. i just never seen the water that high. like it was very scary. >> reporter: throughout the storm the principal and football coach relayed frantic messages from the students to rescuers. >> the water was to my -- right here. >> reporter: fearing for their lives, students
8:11 am
out for their loved ones. >> i had to carry my little niece on my shoulder because she is 1 year old. she was holding me so tight and i i was holding her so tight. >> reporter: he's still shaken after rescuing his young brother and sister. >> i just told them it's going to be okay and i got through. >> and i just remember just looking at my dogs and just terrified because they had no idea what was going on and it was so scary and terrifying, i've never been so terrified in my life. >> reporter: but they all made it to safety. >> actually i was not scared getting in the helicopter. it was actually fun to ride for me, but it was a serious surreal moment. >> reporter: as the students and families continue to recover, i thought i'd pay the panthers a visit, their first team meeting. i was a texas kid, houston kid playing football just like you. y'all going through some t
8:12 am
and i'm here to support you. i'm here to help you. i'm here to just be here for you and let you know you are not forgotten. you will never be forgotten. >> we have a good team. a strong team. we don't have a lot of numbers but we do have a lot of heart. >> how's it been for you to go through this? >> how are you going to respond to adversity. this is a great life lesson. for me it's been inspirational and we're not going to lay down and let this hurricane take away our season. >> it's a lot of love in this school. our community is very strong. >> reporter: before i leave, one last cheer. family on three. it's all love. it's all love. and i am here now with coach fit seem, the head coach at c.e. king high school, head football coach. we saw the stories there. so much devastation here but
8:13 am
everybody is coming together and how proud are you that these students have come together to help clean up the school and do all the things they're doing. >> very inspired by what they've shown and how close they've shown what a great family we have here and this is it what we are about. we're about this school and about a family. >> and you're the head football coach here. you know these kids better than anyone. are you surprised in any way by the way they've reacted. >> no, i think just from being here since february, i've seen this family atmosphere we have here, but it's really community oriented and i think that there was a lot of adversity but i think they really love this school and they are ready to get back. >> love this school and ready to get back. yesterday i came out, i was a surprise to you, right, so i decided i want to do something for you and i have a guy, he's like my brother, one of my great friends and you may know him as primetime deion sanders. so
8:14 am
and he has a message. he has a message for you guys, coach. >> what's up? >> night to see you. >> how you doing? how you doing? >> how you doing, deion in how you doing, sir. >> good to see you. hey, pastor, how are you doing. >> also. >> so, deion, so deion decided he's going to drive here from dallas this morning. just so he can be here with us at c.e. king high school and he has something he wants to share with you. >> kevin plank with under armour committed to ensuring that you have a wonderful season and you're outfitted as well so we're really going to bless you. you have been through a lot. >> i really appreciate it. that's going to be awesome for the kids. >> they'll make sure that they outfit your team here to make sure that you guys look as good as you should out there when you're competing and playing. >> that's awesome. that's awesome. >>
8:15 am
texas boy in yes. >> how does it feel for you to see all these young athletes come together to see what they've done in first of all, this is crazy. i've seen the pictures so to understand what has really transpired not until you come here and see it the gym floor, buckled like a roller coaster in there is unbelievable. i don't know -- rip that all up and do that all over but things like this adversity like this brings people together. >> that's right. >> ethnicity and social status, everybody comes together, even in dallas some people that have migrated from houston to dallas at our private school, we're giving away ten free scholarships so they can continue education because as of right now people don't know when they're going back to school or play ball again and these kids need to be involved. >> enormous. >> right. >> something to draw everybody together. i appreciate it, man. >> this is a surprise to you. >> oh, yeah. >>
8:16 am
tear up. we got you. pastor, got to thank you guys. i'm serious, man. appreciate it. we got to thank under armour for taking care of the kids. give me something. thank you guys for coming out this morning and supporting this school. i'm going to go back to you in the studio. >> all right, michael. thank you. [ applause ] thanks again to deion, kevin and under armour and those amazing athletes, the coaches helping each other across the houston region dealing with so much in the wake of the storm in houston. all across the state of texas and louisiana, so many people impacted by hurricane harvey. and they are all in our thoughts and prayers. let's get over now to ginger. >> i have to say south east texas, so sense tiff right now to anything in the way of weather forming in the gulf. we've been watching this disturbance east of mexico saying, please don't let it
8:17 am
looks like it's got a 70% shot of developing in the next five days however it looks to stay south of southeast texas. then we're, of course, watching category 5 irma and a new tropical wave that is out there now, an 80% shot. that will likely get named in the coming days and be right behind irma but let's focus on irma. those leeward aisles are seeing that cat 5 wind speed. that wind 1450e8d all the way into barbuda. if you're in st. martin or have any interest there and then eventually the u.s. and british islands all get into this big wind field that we'll deal with for the next 48 to 72 hours in that eastern caribbean. that's the big picture.into the feel like the low 90s in the afternoon. an approaching cold front will trigger late day thunderstorms (best chance 5-10pm). a line of storms will develop along the i-81 corridor early afternoon and spread east. i expect some wet weather within the d.c. metro by about 6pm. the area is under a marginal risk for severe weather northwest of d.c. rain and thunderstorms will continue on and off
8:18 am
wednesday with showers likely. temperatures will be cooler, too, in the low 70s. after on and off rain most of wednesday and all righty. y'all want a little "pop news" with lara? [ applause ] >> good morning, george and good morning to you, time for "pop news." we begin with houston texan j.j. watt. he has of course led the charge to raise nearly $20 million and counting for those affected by hurricane harvey. he also spent the weekend handing out supplies with his texans teammates, doesn't stop this guy. now the people of texas want to say thank you to j.j. in a meaningful way. houstonian lindsay duke started a page asking the mayor and the governor to rename state highway 99 as the j.j. watt parkway for his work getting 165,000 people so far to come togethe
8:19 am
they can. so now it's texas' turn to get out and sign the highway petition has 150,000 signature goal. they're currently at 81,000. from there the texas department of transportation and state legislature need to sign off on the final decision. get out and sign for j.j. [ applause ] >> $20 million. that's incredible. >> the moment that storm hit, he was on this. >> he was so well spoken here on "good morning america." we are happy to do this for you. the least we can do. also in "pop news" this morning, a little "gma" exclusive on taylor swift. her brand-new single "look what you made me do" has dethroned "despacito" bumping it down to number two after a record tying 16 weeks on top. this, by the way, will be the third lead single in a row of swift's to take the number one spot on the hot 100. the woman is on fire. the songs include "shake it off"
8:20 am
getting back together." that was from "red." the singer also release aid second track off her upcoming album on saturday. we'll listen to it. ♪ "ready for it" is the name. a little paste of it. the full album "reputation" is out november 10th. we can't wait. >> very happy for her. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> come on. >> "despacito" here. >> i know, that was so awesome. >> 16 weeks. >> i know, i know. >> what a nice guy. then finally love this story. the legoland windsor theme park in britain posted an ad looking for designers to help create animated lego figures. they needed that and the applicants, well, here's one of them. it said, dear sir or madam, i am 6 years old and i love lego. i have a box of it. i hide my legos so my brother can't get it. i am 9 man for the job because i have lots of experience. love stanley.
8:21 am
his application was worthy of a second look and offered him to interview at the theme pack for a full day. taff member paula lawton spent several hours with stanley. he helped completes checks and attractions and she said they'll keep a close eye on him and his application when he's just a little bit older. >> adorable is that. >> at least he'll sign it love. >> absolutely. that is "pop news." >> thank you, lara. [ applause ] william and kate, bookies already taking bets on the name. favorites are alice and arthur. amy got a lot more. >> that's right. no matter what baby number three is named, he or she has already claimed their place in line for the throne bumping their uncle prince harry down in the succession line and prince william saying there's not much sleep going on at home but he and kate are celebrating the very happy news. it's soon to be a party of five for prince william and kate with
8:22 am
the royal couple. >> everyone here in this country is very excited about, you know, a royal baby and birth is a big dial. >> reporter: coming earlier than palace officials were anticipating after it was revealed that kate is again suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, sometimes described as acute morning sickness. doctors warn the condition can become dangerous causing severe malnutrition, electrolyte abnormalities and in some cases even organ failure. >> we know at this time it's not as severe as the first pregnancy because she's not been admitted to hospital but she's incredibly unwell and would like to take prince george to his first day of school thursday but royal aides have said she'll probably deciden 0 the morning. >> kate hinting in july at a growing family after a well weishar gave her a gift meant for a newborn baby. >> we'll just have to have more babies. >> reporter: baby number three bumps prince harry down to sixth in line of succession and thanks to a law change in 2013 princess charlotte will remain fourth in line just behind big
8:23 am
george regardless of what whether or not the new baby is a boy or a girl. uncle harry was all smiles stepping out in manchester monday. >> fantastic. great. very, very happy for them. >> reporter: next in line poised to help grow the royal family, prince harry's girlfriend, actress meghan markle in a new candid interview with "vanity fair" markle opening up about their relationship amid engagement speculation, a love story that started in may of 2016 at harry's charity event the invictus games. the "suit" star saying we're two people who are happy and in love. nothing about me changed. i'm still the same person that i am and i've never defined myself by my relationship. >> when we see him in a few weeks in toronto at the invictus games she'll be there. her first chance to experience what that intense media scrutiny is like and i think probably from invictus onwards we will see more of her appearing by his side. >> reporter: with regards to keeping it private, markle says, i hope what people will unde
8:24 am
time. this is for us. it's part of what makes it so special that it's just ours. but we're happy. personally, i love a great love story. >> harry would not want an engagement announcement to detract from what they're doing there but i suspect we may soon get an announcement possibly before christmas. >> oh, see, we all love a great love story but the queen still gets to weigh in. po worth pointing out that rule that changed, the seventh in line to the throne doesn't need the queen's permission to marry. harry is about to be number six so he still has to ask before making that proposal to markle and, you know, lara, so many exciting potential news coming out of -- >> book the ticket already. >> i would like to take us back. remember this photo, lara. oh. this is us waiting for the news that prince george was born. >> in the pouring rain. >> four years ago, a huge awesome london storm decided to shower us with love. he's starting primary school next week. >> where does the time go. >> it's amazing. >> now he's big, big brother.
8:25 am
we will be there, abc news. >> happy to go. >> we got to go. >> you all have your tickets booked. when we come back we'll go back to houston following the money right now and we'll tell you where so much of that cash that we raised, you helped us raise for the red cross is going.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> good morning washington address expert today is the day that thousands of american idol fans have 24. kate o'shea and eileen rail in our life in annapolis. hey guys. >> good morning adriana it is an exciting morning. take a look behind me. for thousands of people have showed appear indianapolis to be the next american idol.
8:28 am
the westfield mall in annapolis. starting at 9 o'clock all the additions go through 5 o'clock and these contestants will know once that audition takes place whether they have made it to final round. there that could be incredible for someone. look at all of the people that have been here since it was dark out this morning. we have much more from the idle auditions on news channel 8 right now. for the meantime we will send to the forecast with brian. we will start you off with the big picture. working just upgraded to category 5 storm. books cannot get any larger than that. 200 mile in our wind. this is heading towards it'll be a devastating store. let's talk about what's happening here locally. the 20 century, 71 degrees at 17 s. southwest at 9. the storms are possible. temperatures near 80s. there right on rose right now you can imagine back to work back to school and a lot of gridlock. especially in the beltway. as you
8:29 am
washington parkway southbound is down. 395 and 295 with major northbound delays. trying to get to the southeast sauce southwest repaired with a crush on the capital beltway. out of loop a
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma." live from times square. we do welcome you back to "gma." this wonderful audience that we have with us on a tuesday morning and it's great to see so many people from all across the country banding together to help those that have been affected by hurricane harvey. >> yeah, and we've got a special. we're inviting you to join us for a telethon called hand in hand a benefit for hurricane harvey relief. special event with celebrity appearances, musical performances all to help raise funds to rebuild texas during this difficult time. >> hearing big names are involved. we want you to be as well. it all happens next tuesday. september 12th 8:00 p.m. we do hope you'll tune in. >> of course, so much money, so manyon
8:31 am
and call after call is coming in with money for those affected by the hurricane harvey and michael has a closer look at the relief efforts and where your dough nations are going. hey, michaele. >> hey, george, that is right. "gma" took part in abc's day of giving raising more than $15 million for the red cross relief efforts and we wanted to see how that money was being put to use so we took a visit to some of the local red cross shelters to talk to some people there. take a look. a heartfelt thank you to the tens of house of viewers who opened their heart answer wallets on disney and abc's day of giving. >> yes, so many people are pitching in for all those affected by hurricane harvey. >> reporter: coming together to donate $15 million and counting for the red cross helping people affected by one of the united states most devastating hurricanes ever right here in southeast texas. >> i have a strong belief to help those who are in need
8:32 am
>> what can i do to help? what can we do to help? >> those affected by the hurricane, i just wanted to let you know the whole country is behind you supporting you. >> reporter: we went to the george r. brown convention center in downtown houston to see how the red cross is putting generous donations like yours to work. >> we are here to wrap our airports around the people of texas to help them in their time of need an can only do it through the generous donations. >> the red cross says 33,000 people sought refuge in 284 red cross and partner shelters across texas. and that they have supplies to support more than 85,000 victims and to date served over 690,000 meals and snacked and distributes more than 30,000 relief items like deodorant, too toothbrushes and diapers. they help people like tab that barnes and her people including four kids under age six who lost their home to harvey. >> we were almost out of food. it was just a horrible experience, so i reached out to
8:33 am
someone to get us. >> reporter: in the shelter the barnes kids were able to unwind in this play area and later in the day choosing their own backpacks filled with coloring books and crayons. >> the feel of love is just -- it's overwhelming. you know, these are strangers, they don't know me. they don't know my kids enand showing so much compassion. >> reporter: this mom of three with one on the way. >> i lost all my birth certificates. everything. we have nothing, but here at the shelter they gave us a lot of stuff. >> reporter: 11-year-old louise staying in the shelter with his family and puppy linda by his side after they were pushed out of their home by floodwaters. >> inside the water reached me to right here. my knee and outside it reached to me to like right here. >> reporter: even though it's tough to be a kid displaced from his home luis is grateful? thanks for
8:34 am
people here that need help. >> reporter: this morning it's just 11 days after harvey ravaged the region and the road to rebuilding and recovering is just beginning. >> we're going to stay here as long as possible and that's why it's important that people are generous with financial donations because it enables us to help them through each part of the recovery path. >> and so, guys, as you can see, a lot of those relief efforts are really helping a lot of people. every dollar that's donated is really appreciated and going to where it needs to go to help so many people out here and when you drive down the street and here on the ground you see furniture all -- everyone's belongings on the side of the road ready for pickup by the garbage trucks. really steph dating to see. overwhelming to see but the one thing that's come out of all this is even more overwhelming is the love and support that everyone here has for each other. the way the community has come together, the way the whole country has come together to support this great city of houston, my hometown, good hold "h" town and i g
8:35 am
so jeff whelming to be here but mostly from the love that everyone here has given to each other and the help they're sharing as well and i'm going to take my "h" town love and throw it back to you in new york city. >> we can feel that spirit here. i know you spent a lot of time across houston yesterday. what's your sense of what the greatest need is right now? >> well, george, when it comes to the greatest need of everyone, to be honest with you, everything. there's nothing that isn't needed here. if you see the pile of equipment back here, that's just from one school. there are hundreds of schools here in this city and then you have people who have lost everything in their homes, i think assistance is needed in every way, shape or form and it doesn't matter what you can give as long as you can give something. you're going to absolutely help somebody and there's nothing better for the human spirit than to give and help those in need and people have shown that through their efforts to help everyone here in houston. >> they sure have. okay, michael, thanks very much. all of you can still donate to
8:36 am
1-855-999-give. or go to when we come back, who is going to partner with cheryl burke in he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice.
8:37 am
expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away. dad,i got it thanks. alright, you're all set. you're welcome. play oldies. nice dad! free-range chickens. organic free-range chickens, non-gmo, 100% vegetarian fed- raised with no antibiotics ever! we should post this. perdue. raising more organic chickens than anyone in america. hashtag organic. hashtag happy. hashtag... well, all the hashtags!
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8:39 am
welcome back to glm gm. new message from the governor of puerto rico saying with this hurricane, the time to act is now. we are talking about a category 5 hurricane, irma, now moving westward at 14 miles per hour. the gusts to 215 miles per hour this. is a terrifying image. if you're in st. martin or st. kitts and this is coming to you in less than 24 hours it moves then wednesday through thursday just north of puerto rico but, remember, the cone is a cone for a reason. it can slide within that cone. it is not just the line that you pay attention to and this latest track keeping it at category 5. that is catastrophic damage anywhere that comes in contact with that eye wall. and then you watch as it becomes a force still strong hurricane sunday 2:00 a.m. just south on the southern tip of florida, keys, key west, including
8:40 am
islamorada. a lot of family and friends are concerned about this. this is late weekend into early next week and a lot of the computer models are taking it through the state of florida. the western side would be, of course, even worse because you get that dirty side of the storm where you have the strongest storm surge and we'll detail this and making moreinto the up feel like the low 90s in the afternoon. an approaching cold front will trigger late day thunderstorms (best chance 5-10pm). a line of storms will develop along the i-81 corridor early afternoon and spread east. >> all that brought to you by mcdonald's. george, lara. >> thank you, ginger. we are back here with cheryl burke. two-time mirror ball champ heading back to the ballroom. >> yes. >> for the 25th season of "dancing with the stars." >> so right now we'll find out who cheryl's celebrity dance partner is. he is right behind our giant mirror ball right there. are you
8:41 am
>> i am. >> some hints for all of you. okay, this young man is 6'3". he weighs, oh, 225 pounds. he is very good with his hands and he goes by the initials t.o. get ready to meet former nfl star six-time nfl pro bowler terrell owens, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i just want to dance with somebody ♪ >> hi, cheryl. >> good to see you. how are you? [ cheers and applause ] >> you're ready to go so you put up some big numbers in the nfl. are you ready for 10s. >> i'm hoping to put up some big numbers with this lovely lady right here. >> so you guys have started practicing. >> just started. yeah, just a little bit. we did a few hours the other day and i have to say, you know, he's got some rhythm. we just, you know, we got to
8:42 am
he's never danced before. >> never? >> no. no. nothing like this. >> but you're smooth on that field. >> what can you take, cheryl, from what we've seen of terrell on the gridiron and use to your advantage? >> well, he's all about light, camera, action. >> we noticed. >> he's a performer so i'm definitely going to use that to our advantage and as long as we do the work in the dance studio and practice hard then he can do whatever he likes on the dance floor. not whatever, tick to the choreography but -- yes. >> used to hard driving coaches and heard you'll have to work pretty hard. are you ready for it. >> yeah, if i can handle bill parcells, definitely i can handle cheryl. it's going to be a challenge. i think just as she said yesterday, we got our first start at trying to learn some stuff so that's the challenge. >> what's the hardest thing for you? >> really just, you know, rhythm is not the issue. it's just really just trying to incorporate everything that she's teaching and i'm just going to let her
8:43 am
and i'm just going to follow. >> that's good. that's a very good thing. >> i'm learning pretty fast. >> yeah, you are. great. >> i'm curious. why did you want to do "dancing with the stars"? what's the goal. >> i think the timing just came about at the right time and i didn't really have much going on at the moment and so i had a couple of options and one they said that cheryl would probably be my partner, i was like, all right, cool. >> good one. >> the bar for you nflers is high. >> it is. >> a lot of champs. >> i know a number of my friends and obviously tealmays have gone on to participate in this thing and so one of my buddies ochocinco, i watched him i think it was the third season. >> also my partner. many seasons ago, yes. >> so i talked to him a bit when he first got on there and he told me it was a lot of work but i expect nothing different. this is going to be a challenge for me definitely. definitely not in my wheelhouse. i danced as a little kid, but this is nothing like what i'm going to expect, i'm sure. >> so i have this written down
8:44 am
the nfl? >> no, i mean, i've always kept myself in shape and kept the option open. i definitely know that i can play. but other than that, you know, this will be my playing field right now. just the dance floor in do you think this is a platform for you to show you are smooth with those moves. >> they should already know that i'm smooth. they should already know that. [ cheers and applause ] >> ready to have fun. anything about this scare you? >> no, i mean it's -- >> your dance partner. >> always the fear of the unknown but for me being an athlete it's always a challenge. i never knew that i was going to play beyond the collegiate level so that was a challenge. >> is that true? >> yeah, absolutely. so what i was able to accomplish was a feat and so this is going to be somewhat similar. >> cheryl, can you give us an idea of what your day looks like with him. how much you'll be working out with him. how many times. >> yeah, i mean it's seven days a week. there's no days off. the turnaround is so fast.
8:45 am
monday. he has just days just to learn a new routine, sometimes two so we have to stay focused. i'm sure it is similar i would think to training for football. except you'll be wearing lots of sparkles and, you know, ruffles. so different but kind of the same, right? >> i'm used to -- >> taking your shirt off once or twice. >> only if we have to. >> late in the season. >> only when we need the numbers. >> thank you guys. don't miss the full cast reveal for "dancing with the stars" season 25, of course, that is right here tomorrow on "gma" and when we come back demi lovato. she's here live.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back now, the very talented demi lovato. give it up for demi. [ applause ] >> thank you.
8:48 am
>> i'm remembering just a few weeks ago you were here for our summer concert series. it was raining and it was like a music video and hit after hit that she sang and now she has a special empowerment campaign and she's going to tell us all about it. but first of all, bless you and thank you for the donations that you have made to texas. i know that you grew up there. the money, the water bottles, just tell people how -- it's going to be a long haul. we cannot forget about what happened. >> we cannot forget about what's happened and i decided to partner with joe and nick jonas and we all kind of developed a fund-raiser with the houston food bank and we, yeah, we partnered together and also water, donated 50,000 water bottles to the cause so i'm really grateful for that and it's just important that we continue to keep houston in our prayers and in our thoughts. >> and we will do that. we will certainly do that and i got to tell you, you know, when
8:49 am
like that, you need some outlets and the vmas, you killed it. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> your performance on the red carpet. all of it. i mean how enjoyable was that for you? >> it was so much fun. the vmas are always a blast. you know, you get to see people you know and love and the performances are always exciting and, you never know what people are going to wear on the red carpet so whenever you get the chance to, you know -- >> you brought it. >> you go big or go home. >> i know. that's how you do it. you are were always someone that makes it up with your routine and your fitness and you just reached a very cool milestone. tell everybody about that. >> i did. i got a blue belt in jujitsu. [ applause ] >> all right. >> so i fell in love with brazilian jujitsu about a year and a half ago and i've been training like two to three times a week ever since and so i just got my blue bell and i was so
8:50 am
excited. it's a big accomplishment when you work so hard for something. it's definitely different than music. >> you are a hard worker. no matter what it is, i just have such admiration for how you carry yourself. >> thank you. >> and you will you do and this new -- you're going again with fabletics. >> yes, i am. >> tell us about it. >> so i have a line with fabletics and we have the lovely models over here that are wearing the clothes. >> has a special message, doesn't it? doesn't it have a cause to it. >> a portion of the proceeds go to girl up which is an organization that is all about women empower many and girl empowerment so we're very excited about it. >> girl up. come on. let's see. girl up. [ applause ] can you all stand so we can see you. priyanka, can you tell us what this -- you all can stand together. what this program has meant to you. >> yeah, absolutely. i think girl up has really empowered me to un
8:51 am
we can do as young women to empower girls all around the world. with things as simple as education and health and safety and we're so excited that fabletics is benefiting the school cycle program which is going to help girls in malawi get bikes so they can get to school. [ applause ] >> wonderful. >> looks good too. you're ready to work out with it. if do you that you could put on some demi lovato music. you've got new music that's coming out, right? >> i do. >> what were you working on? >> i do. >> tell us about it. >> i'm very excited because i'm coming out with my new album on september 29th called "tell me you love me." yes, she's excited. but i'm very, very excited right now. i've got a song out called "sorry not sorry" and it's doing well and i'm happy with that and another song called "tell me you love me" that you get when you preorder the album. >> wonderful. "sorry not
8:52 am
not sorry. you are surrounded. you have fans back there as well. such a good feeling to foe, demi, in all seriousness, you know, the journey you've had and that people look to you and they're so thankful and draw something from you. what do you think it is about you that makes them feel better about they willsomes and making them feel they can accomplish whatever want to. >> i think when you're open with people it leaves them to be able to relate to you and when, you know, people have somebody to look to to relate to when they're going through the same things that maybe you have or other people have gone through, just to know that you can overcome it is very helpful and so that's why i decided to be so open with my story. >> yeah, well, you are an overcomer and i got to tell you, thank you so much. so proud of this woman. demi's album "tell me you love me" out september
8:53 am
or 29th. >> 29th. >> we'll be right back.
8:54 am
born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
8:55 am
>> announcer: tomorrow you're about to find out which stars will be dancing. because the full cast of "dancing with the stars" season 25 will be revealed live only on "gma." >> who is ready to meet the full cast? >> tomorrow on -- >> all: good morning, america.
8:56 am
talking about with irma. >> plenty to talk about in the coming days and still thinking about everybody impacted by hurricane harvey. let's say good-bye again to michael and that incredible team there in houston. banding together after harvey and we're thinking of you all and everyone impacted by harvey and thinking of those that may be in the path of irma. >> yeah. >> have a great day.
8:57 am
>> good morning to you washington i'm adriana hopkins prevents get back out to eileen o'reilly threats american idol happening right now in annapolis. >> such an exciting morning here in annapolis. i would say a thousand people have aarti showed up for auditions. take a look at the line behind his ear. >> unbelievable. these people have been standing in line since 5 o'clock this morning. we are now minutes away from the auditions starting at 9 o'clock this morning. >> watch the life process on news channel 8 if you want to join us over there. so many people here from all over the place. would you
8:58 am
parent staten island new york. there you drove all the way here for the nurse american idol additions? can i guess we did.>> was could be the next mercantile? >> deal the song that you gonna do? good luck to you appeared much more for the idle auditions. right now on news channel 8. first, here is your 4 case from brian. >> meteorologist: outside this point we are looking at some sunshine and scatter clouds produce 71 degrees, mild and muggy for this afternoon. it will push to 90 degrees per keep our eye out this afternoon for a couple of thunderstorms above are up to the west at 3 o'clock. a few will come across sitting in early evening. can't tonight and tomorrow! scatter the storms that will remain. it will remain much cooler at 72 degrees per refreshing into the week. all eyes on armor next week. category 5 storm. if we can impact it will not be
8:59 am
9:00 am
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