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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 6, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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chargers. >> reporter: stranded travelers stuck with her family in the u.s. virgin islands. >> i think we're going to hunker down here and hope for the best. >> reporter: the governor of puerto rico says the latest forecast shows the eye moving close to the islands. as fort leeward islands, they're expecting hurricane-force wind in the coming hours. san juan, puerto rico. and breaking overnight, a training mission involving an f-16 unit from the arizona national guard had a fatal end. it was flying over south eastern arizona when the crash took place, killing the pilot. it's not clear what caused the plane to go down. a woman who was allegedly kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend in california is now back safely with her family. she was abducted
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work last friday. he was arrested without incident last night in las vegas. she was left at a nevada hotel on monday. he is now charged with kidnapping and held on a $1 million bond. and a man who killed his wife after taking cold medicine didn't enter a plea. he made a shocking 911 call, telling an operator, he fell asleep after taking the medicine, when he woke up, he found his wife stabbed to death. he'll be back in court at the end of this month. scientists think the potentially deadly zika virus may be able to save lives. zika could be a possible treatment for certain cancers in adults. now the virus causes near logical problems in babies by affecting stem cells, but doctors say the same quality could be effective in fighting brain cancers caused by stem cell mutations. and there's mixed
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ezekiel elliott as he fights a league-imposed suspension. an arbitrator has upheld the six-game ban, however, he will be allowed to play in the opener sunday night. a federal judge is still considering the players' union's request for a temporary restraining order. and seian spicer has landeda new job. according to politico, he will be paid to do what he is trained to do, speak. he was hired by a company called worldwide speakers group to give speeches. and his first fwigs gigg giggs next week. and he apparently fell through an open trapdoor on a stage in amsterdam. you sigh the fall right there. >> it happened while he was
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playing a rip playing the song "now that we're dead." a couple of roadies helped him up. he even joked about it. >> yes, i'm okay. my ego, not so much. >> i think his ego's going to be okay. the fan ts didn't seem to mind. and the show, as usual went on. >> i was never a metallica fan. i was in a room when they were rehearsing and it blew me away, and i finally got it. i understood what it's all about. >> all right, we have a fan. and you said you have the music taste of a 12 year old girl. see, are agree involving. >> and a 45-year-old man. >> coming up, the escalating situation in north korea, hear how kim jong un responded after the usa said he's begging for war. and the mission to rescue people trapped 17 stories high, next on "world news now."
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nice. cascade. your toilet is germ-ridden with mineral buildup. clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match against limescale. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner has 10x more cleaning power against limescale. so switch to lysol. what it takes to protect. 13 people, including a 11 week old spent three hours trapped on a 170-foot hightower in edge land. the coast guard was called in for the rescue at the jurassic skyline tower. it normally rotates to allow visitors a 360 degree view, but somehow it got
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everyone got off safely, but the tower is closed today while officials try to determine what happened. >> um, yeah. i mean, just don't go on something like that in the first place, right? >> i'm sure it's a very enjoyable ride when it doesn't get stuck. >> really? >> you're not buying it? >> i mean, i'm just, ooh, no. no. not for me. north korea is promising more quote, gift packages for the united states. >> as the south is preparing for another intercontinental ballistic missile test. >> reporter: the south korean navy conducting live fire exercises. and president trump, after approving south korea's request for more powerful warheads on its own missiles signaled that more hardware's on its way to
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allowing japan and south korea to buy a substantially increased am of highly sophisticated military equipment from the united states. north korea's response? a gleeful threat. an official describing that massive nuclear test as a gift package fort u.s. >> the u.s. will receive more gift packages. >> reporter: and hijacking nikki haley's words, saying it's the u.s. begging for war. many south koreans feel helpless. he says it's about family for koreans, not politics and sending an emotional message to the white house. >> translator: i plead with president trump, he says, to stop talking tough and work towards a peaceful resolution. >> reporter: both sides are urged to de-escalate. president putin says tough talk out of washington won't work. he says the north koreans will eat grass before they give up their cl
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terry moran, abc news, seoul, south korea. >> and the crisis in north korea is weighing on stock markets. all the asian markets lost ground overnight. >> there was a 234-point slide by the dow. the s&p also suffered sharp declines. >> all three of the major averages are still firmly in positive territory for the year. >> a lot going on there, vladimir putin and his south korean counterpart met to discuss all this going on. with lots of people watching north korea, south korea, russia and the u.s. coming up, the potential for american princess. >> meghan markle is opening up about prince harry. i smell an engagement. you're watching "world news now." to become dangerous. new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer.
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♪ ♪ and we'll never be royals ♪ that kind of love just ain't for us ♪ ♪ we crave a different kind of buzz ♪ ♪ let me be your ruler >> now to royal baby watch. prince william says there's not much sleep going on at home with baby number three on the way, but he and kate are celebrating the happy news. >> now the baby will bump prince harry down in the line of succession, doesn't seem to bother his paramour, meghan markle. >> reporter: it's soon to be a party of five with baby number three on the way for the royal couple. >> everybody's very excited about a royal baby. all right announcement coming earlier than palace officials anticipating after it was revealed that kate is again suffering from hyperemesis
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gravidarum. the situation can become dangerous, causing severe malnutrition, electrolyte abnormalities and in some cases organ failure. >> it's not been as severe as the first pregnancy. she's been unwell. she would like to take george to his school on friday. >> reporter: kate hinting in july at a growing family after a well-wisher gave her a gift meant for newborn baby. baby number three bumps prince harry down to sixth in line of succession. and thanks to a law change in 2013, princess charlotte will remain fourth in line, just behind big brother george, regardless of whether or not the new baby is a boy or girl. uncle harry was all smiles, stepping out in manchester on monday. >> fantastic, great, very, very happy for them. >> reporter: next in line poised to help grow the royal family? prince harry's girl friend, tr
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opening up about their relationship amid engagement speculation. the suit star telling the magazine, we're two people who are really happy and in love. nothing about me changed. i'm still the same person that i am and i've never defined myself by my relationship. >> when we see him in a few days at the invictus games, she will be there. it will be her chance to see what the intense media scrutiny is like. >> reporter: and with regards to keeping their relationship private, markle says, i hope what people will understand is that this is our time. this is for us. it's part of what makes it so special that it's just ours. but we're happy. personally, i love a great love story. >> harry would not want an engagement to detract from what they're doing there. but i suspect we'll see an announcement possibly before christmas. >> before
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born to outperform the #1... prestige eye cream for better hydration. and your best look yet. olay eyes collection. ageless. ♪ okay, we're going to start with something that's frankly totally ridiculous, you should never try this at home. you should never try this anywhere. i don't now why this man is doing this. this man is shooting his wife, watch, she is wearing a bulletproof vest. look at that. he designs these bulletproof vests. he's shot her before, he's shot 230 people. his name is miguel in colombia, don't do it again. quit while you're ahead. in pennsylvania, police are getting a scare of their own. you know the movie "it" is coming out, >> stephen king? >> in the
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around a small maine town, snatching children and leaving balloons on the sewers to mark where he took the children. well, over in pennsylvania, a prankster has apparently tied red balloons to several sewers. >> and are people finding it funny? >> the cops found it and wrote, we give creds for creativity. we respectfully request you not do that again. and now to detectives searching for fingerprints, because clowns wear gloves, no fenger prints left behind. next we have an excuse even worse than the dog ate my homework. we have a guy, what is his name? jesse lawrence posted on twitter that he had this package delivered and you know how you try to block a doorway sometimes by putting a chair under the handle. the parcel did that to him and there you go. >> what if the door
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other way. >> you're ruining the story. you're ruining my big story here. >> i was playing detective. all right, despacito may have been dethroned as the number one song on the charts. however a musical genius in japan is giving us a new version to appreciate. yes, there he is, playing "despacito" on two calculators. >> that is genius. i can play "star wars" on one. >> this video has now been viewed over 400,000 times. >> really? this is a funny world. >> you can play "star wars" on a calculator. >> one, four three two eight, four three two eight. >> does any one have a calculator? i used to play heart and soul on the dial tone phones, but they don't make that noise anymore. >> this is amazing. >>
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>> double fisting it. >> nick, please bring your calculator tomorrow. >>
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this morning on "world news now," hurricane irma. >> the category five hurricane is churning through the caribbean, aimed at florida. mandatory evacuations have already begun in the keys. preparations in full swing. gasoline flr short supply. we'll bring you the latest and the accuweather forecast live. and protests across the country as president trump moves to end daca. the program protects 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought here as children. now it's up to congress to determine their fate. also happening right now, the battle against dozens of wildfires across the west. one of the largest now jumping straight borders and making air in one major


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