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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 8, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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to be repaired, but i don't think buildings are going to completely collapse. >> reporter: 25 cranes are being secured. and those who live near them told to evacuate. developers and builders abc news spoke with told us buildings in downtown miami will hold up but could sway up to 12 inches. >> i do expect to feel some here. we did feel it during matthew, and it was basically a tropical storm. >> reporter: being in a high rise, you're less likely to get hit by debris. but the wind up here is much more powerful. hurricane researchers tell us that high up a category four hurricane with wind the at 1 had -- 140 miles per hour would be 250 miles up high. >> my plan is it gets too crazy to go to the elevator shaft of the building which is like a fortress. >> reporter: other miami
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residents are like up for supplies. in some stores, even water is getting tough to find. >> and as people prepare for hurricane irma, there are reports of price gouging throughout the state of florida. the office of the attorney general tells me they've received 4,000 complaints since monday. tom llamas, abc news, miami beach. and a teenager surfing off the coast of barbados was killed as hurricane irma tore through the caribbean. >> the boy was a pro surfer who died in a freak accident when a certain type of wave for make dumped itself directly on top of him and sucked him under. >> it completely surrounded him. hurricane irma hasn't reached the u.s. but is already giving us story the of compassion. >> this is pam and ramon, they were strangers until he gave her the generator he just bought. brecky had spent days searching
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her sick father. >> she broke into tears when it santiago bought what turned out to be the last one in the store. he gave it to her without even knowing why she needed it. >> it's okay. >> brecky says her father is on oxygen and she has another ill relative to care for. >> and the store's manager says he doesn't know if he'll get another shipment of generators before irma arrives. >> very generous for him to give that up then. but nice to see these stories of people working together to get themselves through the storm. >> the only upside, the only possible upside to this story. coming up, why nearly two dozen college professors have been arrested. the protest that was triggered by president trump's decision to rescind daca, and what those professors were doing that got them in trouble. and later, remembering hurricane andrew, 25 years later, h
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hurricane ever to hit florida now compares to irma and how we covered it back then. we're opening up our abc news vault coming up. "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol.
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it's not clear what caused the fire, but no injuries were reported, believe it or not. traffic was backed up in the area, but firefighters were finally able to get that fire extinguished. and today the house is expected to easily pass a $15 billion aid package for victims of hurricane harvey after it was overwhelmingly approved by the senate. it nearly doubles president trump's initial request for relief for harvey, and it appears the deal he made with democrats to avert a government shutdown for lthree months. the white house is getting rid of campus sex assault policies created by the obama administration. devoss says survivors must be taken seriously. she emphasized guilt must not be predetermined for those who are accused. and the trump administration has sided with a colorado baker who refused to make
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cake for a same-sex couple on religious grounds. it will be argued before the supreme court this fall. the justice department filed a brief in support of jack phillips who was found to have violated colorado's antidiscrimination laws. and a group of harvard professors spending the night in jail. they stopped traffic near harvard's campus to express anger over the president's reskippeding of the program that presents protects undocumented immigrants who came as children. pope francis is calling on people to help their country heal. more than a million people flocked to an open-air mass in bogota. he told them to look to the future without burden of hatred. colombians remain deeply divided over a peace deal with leftist rebels that brought an end to a half a century-long conflict.
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away from hitting florida, we're looking back at another historic hurricane. >> we'll compare irma to andrew next. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through... even burnt-on gravy. nice. cascade. (cough) i'm never gonna i'll take a sick day tomorrow. on our daughter's birthday? moms don't take sick days & moms take nyquil severe. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold &medicine.
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hurricane irma is on a collision course with south florida. landfall is expected late tomorrow night or early sunday as a category four before it heads north. >> and more than a million florida residents have been ordered to rack wait. many others want to leave as well. the airlines are assigning bigger jets to their flights to try to carry more passengers, but it's still tough to get a flight. northbound highways are jammed and gas short a.mages are repor as far north as jacksonville and forget about amtrak. it's canceled trains. >>
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more than 25,000 homes. >> but we want to look at this graphic. that's hurricane andrew in comparison to irma now. you can see andrew was only about half the size of what irma is right now. and that's especially alarming if you remember the level of devastation from hiurricane andrew. again, that picture is just incredible. two day the after andrew first hit florida, that was when we started seeing the extent of the devastation there. let's take a look back at that coverage from the abc news vault. ♪ >> this is world news tonight with peter jennings. >> in florida, where the hurricane wreaked so much havoc monday morning, assurance agent in miami said there's a pattern after disasters like this. first you only think of is survival, then comes the accept of loss and you later think about rebuilding. in southern florida most people are at the second stage, stunned by the loss.
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who lost their homes than everybody first believed. >> reporter: officials now estimate that there are at least 180,000 homeless in florida. that's the size of dayton, ohio and glendale, california. >> i lost everything i own except a few trinkets. >> reporter: while some people are trying to stay with what remains of their homes, thousands are lining up at emergency shelters. this is the only one in homestead, one of the hardest-hit areas. >> took 25 years to build, two and a half hours to destroy. >> five-month old baby. >> reporter: there's no way to tell how many of these homeless will find homes in the future and how many will require long-term quarcare. for now there are an abundance of shortages and a shortage of one thing --
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homestead, florida. ♪ this is abc news "nightline." reporting from washington. ted koppel. >> hurricane andrew's impact sliced into more than concrete, wood and metal. the brunt of its force swept south florida and cruelly twisted innumerable lives. as linda pattillo found, there is a growing desperation. >> reporter: for decades, route one has been the main artery through south miami, a commercial route with everything from convenience stores to upscale malls. now there is little left. >> it's gone. we used to shop at the shopping centeren the street. there's just nothing left. >> reporter: but further up route one, don lee lost everything. for three generations of the lee family, home is now don's van, parked by the side of the road. >> the hurricane tried to blow me away. >> reporter: were you scared? >> i was
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>> we're very fortunate. >> reporter: at the end of route one, amidst the rubble of a community that no longer exists, reality is setting in. >> i can say that right now we have food. we have water. supplies we salvaged and kept. but today we don't need anything. tomorrow's going to be a different story. >> reporter: help may be a long time coming. this is linda pattillo for "nightline" in homestead, florida. >> it's important to remember and terrifying to think that andrew caused $25 billion worth of damage in florida alone and claimed 26 lives in the u.s. >> and additional people died as a result of the storm but sort of not directly because of it. i just want to holook at the ime again. we want to look at the size of irma in comparison to andrew. this means even those areas not directly in line with the eye of the storm will still experience extremely powerful winds. so for those of y
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♪ time now for "insomniac theater." >> we start with a reboot of stephen king's "it." a group of young kids facing their biggest fears as they square off against an evil clown known as "penny-wise" whose evil reputation dates back for centuries. >> no! >> hi, georgie! what a nice boy. do you want it back? >>
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>> here. take it. >> don't take it, georgie! don't take it j. >> as faithful it is to king's story, the reboot leaves half of king's material on the table. so they're already gearing up for a sequel. critics are mixed. tasha robinson writing that it piles on the jump scares until they become irrelevant. and another writes, while a marked improvement on the tedious 1990 tv many series, it has the same shortcomings of king's original material, burning stephen king. >> ooh, scary stuff, though. a little levity now. from the produ
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bride", nancy myers is bringing us "home again." the rom-com stars reese witherspoon, starting over by moving back to her hometown of los angeles with her two young daughters and falls for a hot young film make ir. >> wh -- film make ir. >> just reel it back to normal. >> did you wash these? >> i did. but only because i was doing a load, and i've been up since 5:30. >> critics are not loving "home again." giving it a 31% splat on rotten tomatoes. and one calls it a patently bogus rom-com. and a glib and shallow take on female mid-life crisis. but reese witherspoon is good. >> a
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>> you don't want
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now." hurricane irma takes aim. >> florida is bracing for the worst of the deadly category five storm. miami is forecast now to take a direct hit. we have team coverage, the mass evacuations, the traffic, the rn on supplies, and we'll bring you the accuweather forecast live. also breaking right now, a powerful earthquake hits mexico, sending people running. we're tracking the very latest. then a massive security breach involving eck which fax that could effect more than 143 million americans and their personal private information. what you need to know. then meet irma and harvey. different irma and harvey, though, a real-life cou


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