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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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but not what they were looking for on this possession. still based on what we saw the noncall on the fake in the end zone, buckeyes lucky to have any hope alive at this point. and northern bester does his job. 31-16. 6:30 to play. some programs over time have a way of showing up on the road. and pulling off upsets and just handling hostile environments. oklahoma is that program. baker mayfield is that quarterback. the role he's played tonight, of leadership. >> kirk: remember, we saw him limping off the field earlier with camps, we didn't know what the injury was. in warmups he was warming one a chip on his shoulder. he was talking to his te
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defense, the coaches, the trainers, every rallies around number 6. how many new faces are around him, freshmen, transfers, incredible to see what he's been able to do tonight. this defense feels different under mike stoops. totally different group than what they've had the last couple yea years. >> chris: they were gassed by houston, gave up a ton of points tcu. he feels much, much better about this group. >> kirk: lot of people will talk about lincoln riley, we'll see what mike stoops did. >> chris: onside kick. haubeil gave these guys a chance. oklahoma will get the football back. it's 15-point lead. a two-score game. 6:30 to play. >> kirk: we
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our report card for baker mayfield, what does he have to do, here's three things we talked about. ball placement, which he has done a very good job tonight. get the ball under his hands quickly. under 2.7 seconds and we've seen a lot of this creativity, really his signature play of the night and what we have seen so many times over the night. there are the intangibles if you wanted to add a fourth element to what he could do. >> chris: one of the great quarterbacks in nfl history that's a big praise. >> kirk: i'm talk about how he plays the game the passion the love, young brett favre at southern miss. early at the green bay packers. i'm saying, the way he plays the game, some of the things that he does the leadership he provides, the way his team rallies behind him --
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this is sermon, one of those freshman for oklahoma who has showed up big tonight on the road. in a tough environment. >> kirk: not only oklahoma wins this game, you're talking about having guys who are become, even in the second game of the year, because of a willingness to play this game, you get ready for your next game the next game into conference play, these young players, this atmosphere will prepare them for everything they'll see the rest of the year. they're becoming more seasoned just by playing in this game tonight. guys like lamb and talked earlier about sermon and what he's done. calcaterra. >> chris: mayfield under center. on second and short. just bulldozes for the first down. baker mayfield worked hard this summer on his golf game. he plays golf
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hits it far. working on the short game. he said he may not have the future. does he have the temperament for golf? >> kirk: i'm sure, he has a good time out there. he has a real good time. >> chris: heck of a baseball player. lefty hitter in baseball, too. >> kirk: that's why he's golfing. >> chris: again, wrestled down behind the line by sam hubbard. reminder, pop back to new york city. wheels up. nadal around and anderson, the men's championship at the u.s. open. >> kirk: give me a quick assessment, breakdown. >> chris: anderson's big serves against nadal's returns. we know what he can do in a
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biggest match of his life. nadal's been there lots of time. >> kirk: is anybody close to nadal as far as conditioning? you always talk about that aspect to his game being unique, is there anybody close? >> chris: i think it's a up many more physical sport. what's interesting about tennis, football is the ultimate team sport. you got mayfield and all these guys together, encouraging each other. tennis is lonely. >> kirk: you got your box and your team. >> chris: but they can't do anything for you, they can clap for you. i love both sports for different reasons. hope you'll watch tomorrow. >> kirk: i will. i'm all over the u.s. open. i appreciate it. i'm in for the grand slams. you go over to montreal and som
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of the others i might veer off. >> chris: i know you're up in the middle of the night watching from australia. mayfield, 19 of 20 against utep. it was a beatdown. played just a half. you come in here and you do this kind of fperformance with all te intangibles. three touchdowns against a defense that made life miserable for most passers last year. i know it's early. baker mayfield is twice been in the top four and has been a finalist last year, i mean he just continues to string amazing performances together. >> kirk: a guy three times -- >> chris: tebow was around. >> chris: you don't see that happen. he's off to a pretty good start at making that a reality. >> chris: long way to go but this was a huge hurdle to clear.
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mayfield off to flowers out of the baker mayfield spun down inside. mayfield's mother, gone ina mak the trip up here. to come back almost 12 months later and have this result against ohio state -- >> kirk: i thought it was interesting to see him come out publicly and say, we put that one behind us. we won ten in row after that loss. we're not thinking about that. he said, no, that stung. not only to lose the game but sing their song on our field, that was something that we'll never forget. he said that this week. that kind of gave you the idea -- >> chris: it started in the pregame. >> kirk: but this is what he does. not just this game. this i
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when you see 6 doing this, put on your hard hat. >> chris: by the way, he'd do this if there were no tv cameras. he would be doing the same thing. that's what's cool about it. since that loss now, 39 touchdown passes and 6 interceptions and now, oklahoma will begin to join the conversation of those teams that are very serious playoff contenders and the big 12 is going to get a much-needed big respect road win. this will shut up some of the skeptics. fourth down. and three play.
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they come after him. handoff inside. they're going to pick up the first down with sermon barreling inside the 30. bleed off some more clock. >> kirk: start thinking about that big 12 and some of the teams in there and some of the road trips they have, they're on the road in manhattan in october. >> chris: 55-0 last time they played on the road. >> chris: bedlam on the road in t . >> chris: mindful of that big 12 championship game for the first time. tcu. a serious test. west virginia at home. >> chris: suffice to say they should be picking up some victories in the coming weeks. >> kirk: what it's about now handling this. we talk a lot about baker mayfield, a new head coach, a lot of freshmen, all of a
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how the media and everybody reacts. okay, oklahoma and how do they respond to that? can they block all the compliments out? keep this edge. if you don't show up and play like this with this edge they have had tonight, that toughness, you can lose to anybody. that will be lincoln riley's big challenge trying to get his team to show up upset and angry when they play in these games. because they're a handful when they do as we saw. >> chris: the wrap-up show coming up with cassidy. if you think about it the head coach just turned 34 this week how rare that is at his age to take over a program like this, way back when, paul bryant was a head coach at 32. most don't remember he began his
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bob knight, west point basketball coach at 24. brad stevens, very young guy at butler. celtics head coach at 36. not many 34 yeermds -- actually 33-year-old when he gets the job. handle this kind of situation and have that kind of respect from his team. >> kirk: he has an old soul when you talk to him. because of the poise and the way he carries himself, kind of feels like he's been a head coach before. >> chris: helping us find great team work. your allstate all -hands in pic of the week. >> kirk: the team that came together, strongest on the field. how can you not pick oklahoma? up right
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baker mayfield, second half, three touchdowns. holding ohio state to 16 points and shutting down j.t. barrett. >> chris: oklahoma faithful, tucked away in the upper corners of the horseshoe, where the visiting folks usually seat. haven't left. this is a satisfying memory because not everybody around the country believed they would come in here and win much less dominate ohio state. sermon, again, a flag is down. breaks free into the secondary. barreling down near the 5. but we'll check the penalty flag right at the line of scrimmage. >> kirk: oklahoma had t
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>> referee: illegal formation, five men in the backfield on the offense. five-yard penalty from the previous spot. >> kirk: something to keep in mind, week two, but last year because of the willingness to play a home and home, ohio state ended up going down to penn state. when the dust settled at the end, the committee rewarded ohio state for going on the road and winning in norman in the fashion xh which they did. 2017, who knows what's going to happen the rest of the year with the playoff and the committee and how it will shape up. but oklahoma coming to columbus, right now if they hold on 31-16 that is a major, major reward and something to remember as they get ready for the rest of their season and the rest of their resume depending on what happens. >> chris: much like last week's wi
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>> kirk: i'm saying that this boost your discussion, any time you get into an either or and you're sitting there at three, four, five, and late november, early december, people are going to point to this performance, 31-16 in columbus, just like they pointed to ohio state last year going to norman and beating the sooners. >> chris: fourth and eight. a homefield loss hasn't knocked teams out. >> kirk: ohio state did that in 2014 when they lost to virginia tech early. ole miss. yeah. >> chris: that's the final play as they don't make the first down. ohio state will take over.
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reminder that monday night football doubleheader on espn kicks off at 6:55, saints/vikings. and then the broncos battle the chargers at 10:15. eastern time. we talked about the impact on oklahoma. what about the buckeyes here who did not accomplish tonight anything close to what the offseason emphasis was, stretch the defense, we know barrett can run the ball and beyond that, what can they count on? >> kirk: facing defenses that don't respect their vertical passing game. they'll deal with people crowding the line of scrimmage, crowding their short, intermediate passing and trying to get j.t. barrett uncomfortable make him sit in that pocket hesitating and hesitating. and they'll have to come up with plan and find some personnel that can help them stretch the field
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that's a hold. >> chris: yeah, flags are down. catch is made at midfield. but okoronkwo was dragged to the ground. this will come back. >> referee: holding, offense. ten-yard penalty. >> kirk: 31 in white against ohio state's tackles, unless they'll chip or slide to protection one way, he could have a field day and he's been -- he's been in that backfield all night when they turned him loose. some nfl action. >> chris: "sunday nfl countdown" is on at 10:00 a.m. rex ryan, charles woodson, matt hasselbeck, randy moss, schefty, mort and sam ponder makes her debut. we'll be watching. from the pocket.
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campbell makes the catch. spins free. knocked down, though, at the 4. inside a minute to play. mayfield will end this game with 14 straight completions. after hitting his first 16 a week ago. in the flat. the catch is made by weber who just runs out of bounds. well, this will end with an almost empty house in the horseshoe. and some questions, you know how tough this town can be, how loud the questions will be for urban meyer, about this ohio state offense. barrett hit and hammered and knocked down.
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mark jackson, okoronkwo's backup, gets involved. lincoln riley is going to come to the horseshoe and beat ohio state. 40 years ago, the oklahoma comeback was known as the kick. this is the kick butt. 15-point margin. and riley and the sooners win their 12th straight and continue their road mastery. final play. that's it. oklahoma with 28 points after halftime. they had 21 unanswered after ohio state had taken a 13-10 lead. come to columbus. and dominate the number two team. and the lincoln riley era with bob stoops looking on from the press box in delight is off to a great start. in norman. >> kirk: that's
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the sooners. impressive start to their season after the utep game and to come to columbus and beat ohio state. lincoln riley, man oh man, what a start to what i'm sure a very brilliant future. >> chris: maria taylor with lincoln. >> maria: what do you say to your quarterback after this match? >> i didn't say anything to him. he was ready to play this game. he's the best quarterback in america. >> maria: this team had to battled back in the second half, what allowed you to score 21 unanswered points. >> we played well the whole first half. our guys just kept our belief. we're just a bunch of pretenders trying to win some games. >> maria: you're head coach on the road for the first time. how did it feel getting the win? great environment here. to win here.
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>> maria: i got to talk to your quarterback. what worked for you in is second half coming out of the locker room? >> i think we just stayed to our game plan. i thought we -- stayed with it. the good plays will come. >> maria: the good plays came a lot. what was the difference, the connections that you were able to make down field in the second half. >> got great receivers. i got great receivers. they make it easy. i have had trust in them. i'm just giving them a chance. >> maria: now you didn't want to hear ohio state sing o-h-i-o. what are you going to sing. >> boomer sooner. maybe some j.t. >> maria: go get after it. >> chris: oh, yeah, they had to file off right behind ohio state which was doing their tradition swaying and singing the
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mater and now oklahoma is having a party at the closed end of the horseshoe. this is a well-earned party. 16 of 17 after halftime. 228 and 3 touchdowns. ohio state's now given up 800 passing yards. >> kirk: the thing about this, it was 3-3 at halftime. they had oklahoma had moved the ball and felt like they were in control and they weren't able to finish and put points on the board and in is second half they scored 28. >> chris: he still has enough energy to direct the band here. says, give me the flag. >> kirk: help my man unwrap the flag. >> chris: what a second half.
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they don't play every year. the home and home series is over. so, ohio state, unless they play another 30 years from now don't have this to worry about. but this is pretty sweet. he's going to do a victory lap. some of you might not love this, but it's authentic and this is because what he and his team felt because of the. he's going to plant it midfield. wow. oh, yes, he is. ooh. the ohio state band have come out of their seats. they didn't like that. no one here to defend it except the band. if the buckeyes in the locker room saw that, now they're going to bounce
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this was their statement if they felt disrespected. wow that will be talked about a little bit as will the result in and the second half performance by baker mayfield and the sooners. 31-16, is the final, furious second half by the sooners. tonight's game produced by bill and we thank our crew here. in the booth. and the wrap-up show is coming up next. mayfield taking selfies. a night to savor for the sooners. the road victory for the sooners as they extend the nation's longest winning streak. time for cassidy in the studio with that wrap-up show. thanks, chris, baker mailed feeling pretty comfortable on the road there. actually in his ten road games
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perfect 10-0 and has thrown 35 touchdowns to just 5 interceptions. welcome into the ford wrap-up. so, number 2 goes down. number 3 clemson looking to continue their early season ways enter their matchup with theaub. with that streak stay alive tonight? to death valley we go. we start closing seconds of the second. clemson took the 7-6 lead at the half and in the third, clemson and bryant were looking for more. in fact, bryant accounted for 240 of the team's 283 yards on the night. rushed for clemson's only two touchdowns. they get the 14-6 win and keep that pre-november streak alive. now last week, number 1 alabama was in a top three battle under the lights. today, a 41-10 win over fresno state. behind
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three total touchdowns. penn state, a convincing win over pitt. and getting their first win at pittsburgh since 1999. and speaking of exacting revenge, usc looking to avoid a fourth straight loss to stanford. sam darnold finds burnett for the diving catch. usc, right now, on top 35-17 with under 8:00 to play in the fourth. now staying in the pac-12, number 7 washington rolled over montana. pettis had his seventh return for a touchdown. number 8 michigan's defense continues to show it's not having a hard time rebuilding. scoring two defensive touchdowns over cincinnati. three this season. they had three all of last season. staying in the big ten, wisconsin ran over florida
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atlantic. jonathan taylor with three touchdowns. most rushing yards by a wisconsin player since melvin gordon and 12th ranked lsu had no issues with chattanooga. there were once again led by guys. meanwhile, unc's andre smith said midweek the tar heels would stop anything lamar jackson tried to do. ing 393 passing, 132 rushing and 6 touchdowns. how about number 15 georgia and number 24, notre dame. the catch of the early season. godwin, absolutely unbelievable. originally ruled incomplete. overturned. odell beckham esque.
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over notre dame. going on right now, how about the 90-second all-time meeting utah and byu? tune in as the last four holy wars have been decided by seven points or fewer. reminder, you can watch both of those games on the espn app as well. our schedule primetime matchup next week between florida state and miami has been postponed due to the potential damage from hurricane irma coming ashore. the game will now be played on october 7th. our thoughts continue to be with the people of florida and the southeast and we hope that everyone remains safe and sound. >> announcer: you've been watching the ford wrap up presented by the 2018 ford escape. always unstoppable. (imitating e) ( ♪ )
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