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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  September 11, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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edition ofa special "good morning washington," tracking irma." larry: irma is marching north. adrianna: brand-new video, orlando and jacksonville are feeling the runt of the storm. downgraded to a category 1 overnight, but still packing a punch, rain coming down side is, with whitecaps forming in the street. adrianna: good morning, washington, i'm adrianna hopkins. larry: i'm larry smith. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: we start
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with our meteorologist, eileen whelan and veronica johnson. veronica: we're happy to say it is,is storm, big as continues to weaken. it's hard to discern and find the eyewall now and looks like it has been lobbed off at the bottom of it with the dry air that has been feeding in. bit of a different system. -- eileen: just to put it into perspective how big it is, those tropical storm force winds extend about 150 miles, but still give you an idea that we're still dealing with a --tty big and strong peaks system. the impact of irma will start to draw closer and closer. cedar keys, mentioned by eileen, with a cloud shield. the spaghetti diagrams, the
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will, still quite consistent in bringing it through the gainesville area. into southwestern georgia is the late today at 8:00. this means heavy rain hitting areas south carolina through north carolina. the big impact will be felt in northern florida through the red , with more moderate impacts tomorrow through north carolina, down into mississippi, even, with a lowered impact as it gets close to us. eileen: for those of you who are just waking up and wondering if any of the strap moisture is going to affect me, it will not will start toe see the rain tapering off at lunchtime f
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georgia and south carolina with clear skies getting chillier as you head out the door. all rain is moving into south-central virginia. overall, a nice and dry day, high temperatures in the upper 70's. tomorrow is when we could deal with tropical showers by the afternoon and evening. coming up, your complete local weather forecast as we head into the work week. for now let's get over to julie wright. got a couple of problems we are keeping a close eye on for you. --h two police clip cruisers police cruisers and an investigation underway, from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, traffic on the mainline is able to these by to the left. in maryland, follow police direction in order to get high. checking for an incident northbound on the
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work your way to the memorial bridge. in maryland and i will show you where. back to you. images comingg out of florida, the state feeling the sheer power of hurricane irma. this is the downtown main drag in miami. the storm has been downgraded to a category 1, but still a heavy storm surge in miami following this storm, tracking north overnight, unleashing in jacksonville and orlando. the storm is being blamed for 32 deaths, most of those in the caribbean. dark, theeft in the storm knocking out power to more than 4 million people. rain, thethe wind, flooding, it's far from over. in west palm beach we have a look at the conditions there. >> good morning. yes, we just got word moments ago that the tropical storm warning that we were under for the pa f
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that tropical storm warning was in effect only because of the strong wind and we are still getting some strong wind here in west palm beach. we drove up your from both the tone earlier because our hotel has been and is still without power for the last 22 hours or so. there was a lot of debris in the road. in some cases hold trees in the road, it was a slow drive to west palm beach. as you just mentioned, irma is now a category one hurricane and there is a sense on the east coast that we dodged a big bullet that west florida wound up catching. million -- over one million -- over 4 million people waking up without power. wind gusts in naples packed category 4 strength 142 miles per hour and on the east coast, heavy rain and coastal flooding
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here in miami. debris in the roads making travel slow, too. transformers blew statewide and are believed to have caused dozens of cars to catch fire in riviera beach. across florida, the governor warned that many residents might have no choice but to be in shelters for a while. back live you are the east coast of florida, where meteorologists are tracking wind gust of 90 miles per hour, category 2 level hurricane. the wind gusts were tracked yesterday. keep in mind we were 100 and 50 miles or so from where irma made her to land falls. most part, airports are closed. miami, fort lauderdale, all over to southwest florida, no flights, but on the beach we heard is good to open its terminal at noon.
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for now we are reporting west palm beach. back to you. adrianna: thanks for the update. as irma bears down, a somber anniversary for the nation. today marks the scene years since the terror attacks that 3000 people. commemoration will be taking place in new york city and near shanksville, pennsylvania. in new york and names of those killed in the attack on the world trade center will be unveiled. president trump will speak at a ceremony there and will be joined by james mattis and the joint chiefs chairman, general joseph dunford. hurricane irma is still pounding the florida coast. flooding has not been reported with water rescues underway. stormwatch 7 is on your side with the new information as it comes in. >> for the latest irma news anytime, from the
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at. download it to your
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6:10 this morning, veronica johnson and i keeping a close eye on hurricane irma, but we also want to make sure the you are prepared getting out the door this morning. temperatures are chilly. it is definitely jacket were the weather. it nice and clear getting out the door this morning with sunshine climbing into the upper 60's by 11:00. take your lunch outside, it will be nice and comfortable, high clouds rolling in from irma later this afternoon and this evening temperatures will be in the 60's overnight, it won't be quite as cool with lows in the low 60's downtown. gray and cool,e we will have a few isolated rain showers anytime after
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you will notice the futurecast tomorrow is on the gray side. heaviest rain tomorrow will be over north carolina and south-central virginia and the best chance for rain is late tuesday night and into wednesday morning, the drive there will be on the wet side and keep that umbrella handy. we will have those tropical showers possible through the end of the work week, less than half of an inch of rain expected. for monica johnson will be here talking about hurricane irma and hurricane jose in 10 minutes. julie: big news for traveling out of maryland. major crash outbound on 32, so heads up this morning if you are traveling on the north onside, you should find lanes open with backup at george jessup and 200 95 is, plan using a workaround. another incident on the inner loop of the beltway and old georgetown road, one car is off the ro
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. stormwatch 7 is tracking irma for you, it's heading up the peninsula as a category 1 hurricane. some 4.5 million people are without power. it's all because of scenes like this, that player is a transformer exploding in the throughoutborhood. the night they are reporting that just shy of 300,000 people are without power, about 60% of the customer base. adrianna:
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after sending employees and contractors from our area to florida, they will utilityut 1800 other workers, including 200 other b.g.e. contractors and employees, working around the clock to restore electricity. it's expected to be one of the nation's largest power restoration efforts ever. the red cross is also mobilizing to help as well. suzanne kennedy's covering those teams in fairfax county. they are wasting no time. arenne: absolutely not, we in the disaster coordination's operations center where today they will spend a lot of time figuring out what is next. the regional disaster officer is here with me this morning. we were here about 10 days ago or so when you deployed some folks to houston. d you estimate the same thing will happen now in the wake of hurricane irma? >> that's correct.
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remaining emergency response vehicles we have today and tomorrow and we will be sending individual , this will be a long and ongoing operation for us. we are at the beginning of the moving into, recovery, so this is not going to be done over the weekend. we will be committed to the communities of houston and florida and their road to recovery. suzanne: this must be challenging from a resource standpoint with two major operations underway. correct, it's hurricane season, we could have multiple strikes. we kept resources from harvey for the next strike. we are working with national nonprofit arbors and drawing upon our volunteer base. the disaster service arm forces, we are deploying them to help. suzanne: obviously there waiting for word to see what is
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how many crews will be deployed. we will be here keeping an eye on the situation was it becomes available to us for. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. 18 minutes after right now, looters taking advantage of a dangerous situation and ransacking stores. people running off with his many subha as they can carry. sam, police are out with a strong message this morning # sam: very strong. that video was the first one to go viral. these thieves are taking advantage of the hurricane. the good news this morning is that all the people who went to that shoe store to steal sneakers are behind bars. a similar situation for the auth in miami, police sending strong message, if you loot, we will get you. we will investigate and we will come for you. a couple of those people already captured. take
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released by miami police. they said that at least nine people there were arrested. 32 people across the state of florida have been arrested for looting. at least one of those was a teenager. the residents were not home but they saw it on the security camera. the police went out there and moved in. in orlando they went into a's wording visit store that sold guns. the swat team showed up. they took several of those people into custody as well. really a bad situation when you take advantage of a storm in the people who have left to evacuate, but now they are behind bars. adrianna: well, thanks, sam. veronica johnson has a check in the latest track of the hurricane in just two minutes. larry: d.c. police investigating a late-night pedestrian accident at around
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the car that hit her state of the scene and there is visible damage to the windshield as well. new this morning, there is a new miss america. is missew miss america north dakota. she is the first north dakota native to win the pageant in its 96 year history. during the talent section she performed at jazz band and her next dream is to become governor of north dakota. during the event the host earned watching the event to donate to red cross. larry: turns out that "it" is a hit. it is the largest opening for a horror movie ever in the first thereillion amber debut. were people protesting it, trying to keep it away from the theater.
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veronica johnson is standing by the weather center area veronica: they will be spending the -- weather center. veronica: there was extensive damage throughout the state and they do have wife every lean out of roadways, the miami all the way up. family and friends around jacksonville, perhaps you have been calling them to see how they are doing and it may be because that is where the most of the storm system is right now. here you can get a better view. what is going on throughout the area? there you go. nothing it over to the other florida, 142les, mile-per-hour wind
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felt. all the way into areas around fort pierce, where they have the heaviest rain, close to 16 inches there. look at naples, close to 12 inches in the could the an five to 10 inches of rain in some isolated locations. they could pick up another five to seven inches this morning as the rain spread throughout georgia. and in the tennessee valley for the next 24 to 36 hours. i was a is just behind it, south and west, taking the storm system around the loop do loop. track,ermost part of the the outermost part of the track is very close to the bahamas. but to the east it will be impacted again. we will talk about your local weather, coming up, and the storm surge today.
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troubles on southbound 95 after 32, close because of a collision involving two vehicles southbound i-95. train number 300 closed due to mechanical issues but now expect a 20 minute delay untrained 300 according to vre. i will be back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on the a.
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a brand-new look right now from orlando, water coming in presumably off a leg. taylor get look at this video, parts of miami and miami beach lately underwater from the dangerous storm surge. check in with stephanie ramos. there were so many shelters filled to capacity, seems that people really heated the morning to evacuate.
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>> absolutely. flock to these shelters seeking protection from the storm. it will be a somewhat slow process to get everyone back into their homes and neighborhoods. it's not clear how much damage there is here in miami, but it seems as though a lot of heated those warnings, seeing what happened in houston with hurricane harvey and they didn't want to take a chance. at least from the people that we wanted to dohey everything they could to protect themselves and their family. all right, stephanie ramos reporting -- family. adrianna: all right, stephanie ramos reporting live there. the latest one hurricane irma, coming up next. for the latest news anytime, click on the abc seven news at,
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hurricane irma, barely north through florida, these are live pictures coming in from orlando. new flooding from orlando to jacksonville, rescues currently underway near daytona beach. spreading out from the coast of florida to the dmz, tracking every move. we don't even know if it's going , but now here it is. adrianna: on its way to atlanta, and people have been escaping to atlanta. veronica johnson and eileen whelan have been tracking this overnight and into the early morning hours. eileen: it is now just barely a category one hurricane. looking at
6:32 am
is losing that center of circulation. veronica: but there is that one sweet spot, the northeast corner, where most of the power is going to be with this storm system. my sister lives in jacksonville and lost our about an hour and a half ago. i know you have a look at the storm surge in the area. eileen: and there is a risk of tornadoes as well. as a 5:00, even though a lot of has ended, weain are seeing heavy rain bands in jacksonville, florida. we thought we were going to see access it -- excessive storm bute, five to 10 feet, fortunately that didn't happen. what you get
6:33 am
is this counterclockwise win rotation. those areas could see a storm surge between three feet and six feet. talking about your sister there in jacksonville? all of that pulled on shore. with the storm surge risk through myrtle beach later today , there could be a risk of tornadoes with heavy rain and wind. a big system that will take some time to rainout. high clouds, it could get breezy during the late evening hours. loweratures this morning, to mid in many neighborhoods. slowly climbing into the mid-60's by late morning. consider that the average high is 81 throughout the area, the numbers are going to be much lower. watch the ride, a little bit
6:34 am
degrees to next weekend, mention the rain and the clouds coming through the areas today. , the rain is over spreading areas of georgia and coming right into our area starting tomorrow area showers nearby and in just a couple of minutes we will detail it hour-by-hour when the rain will be moving through your area and -- here. julie: a very busy commute southbound with multiple accidents cleared to the shoulder, you will see heavy volume delays coming southbound working your way past 32 and towards the scene. even though the wreck have been cleared, it's bumper-to-bumper slow. moving you back over to the national, all lanes are blocked after the memorial rate due to a
6:35 am
authorities to me that they are waiting for a tow truck, but in the meantime all traffic headed northbound is being diverted at the memorial bridge. may what to stick with 66 to avoid disclosure. the re: checking in, holding north of ripon, that has been on the move and we are dealing with delays in a backup due to mechanical issues. i am back in the next 10 minutes to show you how slow your ride is in maryland. back to you guys. it has been a chaotic night in florida. category oneonly a hurricane, still bringing devastation. ryan hughes has more. ryan: powerful new video overnight, irma leaving destruction in its wake live power lines ripping down the storm, starting these massive flames
6:36 am
electrical issues are still a major concern this morning, there are 4.5 million people without power. roadse areas you see the turning into rivers and in some, you see this. the water receding from the bay before it arrives, the wind so strong that it began to pull water from the shore in tampa, something residents have ever seen. these, a show you first look at some of the headlines. "the miami herald," saying swamped i irma. "landwerful word there, -- slammed." a scenic reporter, nearly blown from her feet covering the storm , i have that coming up for you at 6:45. adrianna: all morning long we are tracking irma's every move.
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they come in. the redskins got off to a pretty rough start. , there had been five straight wins abc over the eagles, but they broke tackles into the end zone for the one point lead. taking it in for the score, the eagles take this game 30 to 17. larry: better news, meanwhile, in southwest. >> is a magic number. one. larry: the marlins lost yesterday for the nat, getting it done, heading in the playoffs. they are the first ec major league baseball team to win back-to-back titles. combat -- congrats.
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adrianna: hurricane irma, now tracking north. plus a live each are out of orlando as it moves north and floods neighborhoods there. we have continuing coverage all morning long. stay with us. you can support the victims of hurricane irma by donating to the red cross. text red cross 290999 to give $10 today.
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and we show it every day. this is our town. these are our neighborhoods. and we love this place as much as you do. ♪ ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. veronica:
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we continue to track irma. we will take a beat, a pause, taking a look out for rain or flash flooding out of the jacksonville, florida area, but first, patchy fog all the way around culpeper, winchester, va this morning, the fog not lasting long. you will notice that she'll when you step out the door this morning but we have ample sunshine that will throughout at least much of the day, today, almost all day. clouds will start making their way in late. through the area, temperature wise, 51 the 59, it's a big range. look at the hi, we will do better than yesterday. irmader the clouds with coming in and tomorrow the rain starts moving in from irma. i will show you what's expected for the wednesday morning rush, looking wet. julie:
6:42 am
this one was pulled over to the will find bigu delays from route 100 for those coming south. bumper-to-bumper traffic headed out of jackson, we have the chopper. can we pull that up to see that delay? --s is the traffic man house this is the traffic shot with major backups right now. back to the map we will show you what it looks like on the george washington parkway. accident activity still has the lanes blocked across the memorial bridge, southbound your lanes are open. i will be back in the next 10 minutes at the wilson bridge. larry: 42 after right now, a live look at the pentagon, where they are moments way from unfurling that flag.
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anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. we will get back to that and
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a special edition of "good morning washington," tracking irma. larry: this is miami, which as you may have followed, is not where the eye of the storm hit, that is so massive they were affected. the storm has then downgraded to category 1, but that's still heavy wind and a heavy storm surge in miami, tracking north right now in jacksonville and orlando area the storm is in blamed for 32 deaths, most of those in the caribbean. taking a live look at the pentagon, this is the unfurling of the american flag, a tradition ever since the attacks on 9/11 16 years ago today. there is a ceremony happening in new york and in pennsylvania. in new york, the traditi
6:47 am
there is to read the names of the 3000 victims out loud. also breaking this morning right now, video now coming in of americans being evacuated from saint martin. citizens have been brought home and more are expected to be evacuated later today. irma was a category five hurricane when it rip through there. multiple deaths have been reported coming from there. we are monitoring new video as it comes into the newsroom. larry: ryan hughes has more on that. are hurricane irma weakening to a category one storm earlier. winds gusting up to about 80 miles per hour there. one reporter, struggling to keep her feet. >> this is incredibly strong. the wind is beyond ferocious. the strongest winds that we have seen since we have been here on
6:48 am
event. irma's wind [indiscernible] really, really hard. i am having a hard time even talking to you. because the wind [indiscernible] so hard. isn: job well done, that sarah at cnn. she was holding on tight as she experienced the power of irma. daytona beach, just one of the places getting hit overnight. here's a new look at that first coast news from jacksonville. >> wanted to show you what was going on in the parking lot. ,t's no joke, it's flooding irma is here and she is not sorry. no joke at all. other places saw whitecapped
6:49 am
videos coming in all morning long and it's in his begin get them, we will bring them to you teary a veronica: floridians are just now -- larry: floridians are just now starting to feel the power of irma. sam: getting brand-new images just coming out of jacksonville. him ryan's report, take a look at this. in this video, this is just happening in the last hour or so. water coming through the door, there's a lot happening on social media this morning. there are a lot of videos coming out. , froms actually from dan last night. he is in charge of the president's social media account and said he was talking and advising the president and vice president over the weekend and showed him this video saying that this is miami airport. this is mexico city airport and
6:50 am
ben the president's team can fooled with this so-called fake news. before you share, make sure the video is actually real. --larry: good idea, sam, thanks. a group of pink flamingos needing shelter from the storm. nobody is looking at the funds. exactly. veronica johnson and eileen whelan have been monitoring hurricane irma for us all morning long. overnight,eakening now barely at hurricane status, but we can still see it throughout the day with information, you probably know this. this is the first time since 1851 that we have had to category 4 land falling hurricanes in the same season.
6:51 am
to $290 billion in economic loss. and it's not done yet, we probably have another 24 to 36 hours of rain and wind as irma continues to weaken a bit. veronica: hurricane season doesn't come until the end of november -- doesn't end until the end of november. things still quite serious, tornado threat still high. rivers in theg threat of flooding. the northeast quadrant coming georgia,acksonville, flash flood warnings continued. and likely will all day long, today. the high winds and perhaps another five inches of rain towards areas of southeastern georgia. this area here is whether could be power outages extending outw
6:52 am
of georgia. the folks out there asking, what about jose? that story is expected to stay in the atlantic and east of the bahamas late week, tracking back around to the north and northwest right now. it will stay far to the east of the bahamas and the southeast coast line. that is good for someone trying to vacation. i do think that there could be some rip currents and we will talk more about it on new stem eight. it is beautiful, early september, some of you might be heading to the local beaches, but still, irma, be mindful of that. today, for the umbrella the high clouds from irma are coming in late. tomorrow through friday we are going to be more cloudy than sunny, with tropical showers, a lot aren't expecting
6:53 am
maybe an isolated shower late tomorrow evening. some showers through early tuesday morning, maybe only a quarter of an inch of rain and through friday i think a better shot of more rain, by halfy night we could have of an interbrand with temperatures warming back into the 80 posterior dryer headed into next. : south alabama and, we will show you just how slow it south outright to work your way past at 32 traveling in peru 100 towards that crash scene, 295 is a better alternative for you working your way south down toward capital beltway. delays headed south, accept well before route 100, heating the warning is using it as their bailout.
6:54 am
else we have on the way, we have that crash with all traffic in diverted onto the memorial ridge . southbound, your lanes are open. city, a 20 minute commute between dale city and the capital beltway. ridel show you that northbound on 495. back over to you. veronica: happening today, as company,s down on the americans are bringing in a somber anniversary today. john gonzalez is live your the pentagon, where the memorials are coming in the day ahead. .ohn: adriana, good morning september 11 never gets easier, the day when old wounds are reopened. the day of what happened -- the day when the images of what happened in new york, pennsylvania, and the pentagon are relived.
6:55 am
has been now 16 years in the making. that large u.s. flag has been unfurled, draped over the side of the pentagon that was struck 16 years ago during what is still the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil. lost that morning at the pentagon. the youngest victim, three years old. oldest, 71. it took less than a year to repair and rebuild the building, but the emotional scars will never go away. for donald trump this will be the first anniversary as commander-in-chief. he and the first lady will lead a moment of silence at eight: 45 this morning, the time when the first twin tower hit new york 16 years ago to. will participate in the observance at the pentagon memorial. we understand that around the same time, the arlingto
6:56 am
wreath-laying ceremony of the road in clarendon. the first event of the morning here in our area, the unfurling of the u.s. flag. traditionsmany around the region, perhaps a first in our area on such a somber day. reporting live, john gonzalez. larry: john, thank you so much. stay with abc seven and we will bring you live coverage of the --orials when we come here move over to news channel 8. adrianna: let's get one more check on the weather and hurricane irma, with vrana at johnson. -- veronica johnson. veronica: tropical storm force gust felt across the state. the late morning tropical storm force gust stretching into areas of georgia.
6:57 am
hurricane force winds close to that area there in red. south andking about east of tallahassee, the wind will continue to weaken as the system continues overland. the structural effects helping the storm system to lesson in intensity. high wind from northern georgia today, as well as the tennessee valley. late tuesday, that is when we are going to see southwestern virginia getting clouds and rain . we will talk more about that, the tracking of the rain low early coming up on news channel 8. larry: schools in atlanta shut down today and tomorrow. make the and as we move to news channel
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and let the magic find you. asheville. discovery inside and out. good morning, america. breaking news, hurricane irma envelopes florida. the deadly storm plows through the state making landfall with wind gusts topping 140 miles an hour. blinding rain dumping more than a foot of water. the devastating storm leaves a trail of destruction coast to coast across florida. >> it's just total devastation. >> the keys battle a direct hit. boats tossed onto roads. parts of miami underwater. streets turned to rushing rivers. construction cranes dangling off the tops of buildings and tornadoes tearing through. >> millions across the state losing power. searching for clean water. and the incredible rescues overnight. survivors of this terrifying storm now speaking out on "gma."


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