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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the deadly video from queens. alison: the moments the buses collide. this is just coming out at this hour. jeff goldberg has more on what police are saying about this. jeff? jeff: the stunning surveillance video shows the moment of impact. it could give investigators key information. as they try to determine what happened in this horrific crash that kidded three people. take -- that killed three people. look at this. 6:15. the new york city bus making a right turn at the intersection of main street and northern boulevard in the flushing neighborhood in queens. the other bus drives in the city bus. it then slammed in the kennedy fried chick and lights fire. three people were killed. the big question is what caused the charter bus to slam into the city bus? 16 people were also hurt. >> just shocking.
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it's hard to compare it to anything i have ever seen. the sheer destruction from the impact of this collision. jeff: the tour bus involved in the crash was from dahlia travel and tourism. a bus owned by the company overturned in a snowstorm and a trip to casino in connecticut killing one person and injuring 36 people. more on the because company history coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. live in the satellite center, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you for that. only on 7, mold at west springfield high school. alison: abc7 started working on this story before the school year started. >> officials at the fairfax county public schools said everything was okay for the start of the school year. alison: but tests results show that is not the case. q mccray at west springfield high school. q, the teachers around the parents are upset feeling like they have been misled, right? q: exactly. can y
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some of the students and the staff here were exposed to dangerous amount of to mold for at least five days. the school and the district knew about it and did nothing about it. they didn't even tell parents. we are talking about west springfield high. it's being renovated right now. if you pan to the left you will notice sparta, a group of trailer classrooms on the other side of the baseball field. that is where the issue is. you have to look at the pictures. i got them before school started. i showed the district. they told me they knew about the mold issue and cleaned it up and disinfected everything and are running tests. now, i have test results. when it comes to mold testing a ratio of indoor to outdoor mold of 1:1 is what you strive for 5. 1 is an -- 5:1 is an issue and needs to be cleaned up. at least one trailer had a ratio of 58:1. to make matters wor
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second day of school and still let classes happen inside that trailer. again, students and staff were exposed to dangerous amounts of mold for up to five days. now school just ended a short time ago. i spoke to students. i spoke to parents. you can imagine they are upset. i just got an e-mail from the district to explain what is going on here. we have more coming up. that is the latest from springfield. i'm q mccray. alison: see you then. thank you very much. important information from the c.d.c. directly about mold in school. if you believe your children are sick because of that talk to your doctor first and do that right away. then contact the school's administration to express concern. the most common reaction to mold are stuffy nose, eye or skin irritation and wheezing. more severe reactions are possible for those with more severe allergies. jonathan: a scary situation. a couple h
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shelter-in-place orders were lifted after a camp can leak at the solvay industries plant outside of baltimore. this is video from outside. you can still see steam coming out of the plant. everybody in the mile of the plant was told to stay inside and close their windows. last check, no report of illnesses reported. anything everything they tell us now is under control. as far north as atlantic city the beaches are preparing for what could come as a result of hurricane jose. not necessarily making landfall but close enough to cause problems. this is as hurricane maria now is strengthening to a major hurricane slamming in islands hit twice before by jose and irma. horrible situation there. stormwatch7's meteorologist josh knight tracking the tropics. we are really in the height of hurricane season. josh: so true. we get one after another. they continue to follow the trend of that rapid intensification. dog off with what is happening fir
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is just north of ocean city. up to new england those are tropical storm watches. in the red color it's a warning. things would happen sooner closer to the outer banks. it is expected to get closer to boston and nantucket. the beach erosion will likely be an issue and the winds are gusting 35 to 50 miles per hour. a few places even stronger than that. still though, hurricane jose, and hurricane maria to talk about. we'll get to that in a second. i want to show you the latest track with jose. it's moving north with the max winds right at the edge of category one. expected to eck whatten. even staying that far out to see likely to bring issues to the coast. keeping an eye on that. it will bring us more rain closer to the weekend. we talk about that and what to expect in the coming days. alison: thank you, josh. a woman was attacked. someone broke in her home and assaulted her late friday night in
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university of maryland campus. our maryland bureau chief brad bell outside route one with more. brad? brad: let me give you a lay of the land. it's relevant to those concerned about the maryland campus. this is route 1. we are south of the campus, quarter mile up that way is the first entrance to the main university of maryland campus. so the communities are filled with offcampus student housing. the assault happened right down here on guilford road. it happened at 3:30 a.m. saturday. a maryland student woke in terror at the strange man was touching her. she was in bed in an offcampus home on guilford road off of route 1. police believe the man came through an open window. the victim wasn't able to give police a description. this area isn't covered by maryland's extensive camera network. prince george's county police say it is a good time to share a wor
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>> cooler weather to just try to remember to do things like keep the doors lock and the windows locked for your own safety. brad: we have seen students coming and going. a lot of folks that live in the neighborhood. this crime has rattled them. when we come back at 5:00, you will hear from students and how they are reacting to the campus wide alert that went out as a result of this assault. >> the police are looking for a person who stabbed a woman in triangle. this happened before 12:00 noon near graham park middle school. that is where the medevac helicopter had to land to try to help the victim. we are told she is expected to survive but the injuries are serious. as far as the suspect we only know that police are looking now for a woman wearing pink pants. jonathan: masseur at a business arrested for
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assaulting a client. >> 24-year-old habtamu gebreslassie was arrested this afternoon, arraigned i should say, arraigned this afternoon of after being arrested yesterday on the charge of first-degree sexual abuse. his accuser says it happened at a national franchise that recently opened a shop. the masseur was giving her a massage and began unwanted oral sex. she told him to stop, called 911 and was standing in front of the business when the police arrived. she said he walked out while she was talking to police, the police arrested him. reaction in the neighborhood today. >> that is awful. >> if it's
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really imagine that happening. i have never been in a situation like that. >> habtamu gebreslassie denied any inappropriate behavior in court this afternoon. the facebook page he indicates that he has worked at at least one other massage store police are asking anyone who might have had a similar experience to come forward. reporting live from d.c. superior court, sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. legal defense fund created for the former national security adviser michael flynn. his family started it. investigations into russia's meddling in the 2016 election has at times focused on flynn who served on the association. president trump arrived for his first united nations generalsy essentialably meeting since --
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office. one of the first is to speak before the room full of world leaders. and adversaries. speaking today he took a critical and a forward looking approach. president trump: in the recent years the united nations has not reached the full potential because of the bureaucracy and the mismanagement. we encouraged all member states to look at ways to take bold stands at the united nations. with an eye toward changing business as usual. >> his generalsy essentialably is tomorrow -- his general assembly speech is tomorrow and we will have coverage of that. alison: powerful bombers and jets over the peninsula and this comes three days after north korea fired intermediate range missile over japan. that was the second one in a matter of weeks. meanwhile closer to home,
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u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says the state department is now considering closing the u.s. embassy in havana, cuba. the mysterious acoustic attacks injured employees and have prompted review of the operations. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 -- sean spicer emmy cameo. alison: and the surprise shout out to the d.c. public schools that had it trending on twitter worldwide. plus we show you this. a ferris wheel scare. the mother describes helplessly watching from the ground. jonathan: the run-away cop car. the moment the officer realized no one is behind the wheel. and what happens to the woman
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dams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. jonathan: the stage was set to celebrate tv. the emmy awards. alison: it was a popular event. >> is there anyone who can say how big the audience is? sean, do you know? [laughter] jonathan: yeah, that had the whole room going. so did a surprise shout out to d.c. public schools. >> folks in person and
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the world. alison: there you go. sean spicer making a big appearance there. as you mentioned d.c. public schools was talked about, too. john gonzalez shows us how comedian dave chappelle and john oliver got the school system trending. >> well-known comedian dave chappelee took home a golden statue at the emmy last night so d.c. public school is probably proud. he attended eastern high school here r.f.c. stadium and he graduated from this school here. the duke ellington school of the arts in northwest d.c. but it's what he said on stage as a presenter that really put the school system on the national stage. take a listen. >> i'm going to read the teleprompter. please forgive me. shout out to d.c. public schools. here we go. >> like dave chappelle i would like to unexpectedly shout out d.
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get it started on twitter for no reason whatsoever. jonathan: it was trending overnight. the school system with the 47,000 students took advantage of the spotlight, sharing their link on twitter, saying it was an unexpected honor on a national program such as the emmys. if people are talking about dcps, that is great. they come up and look up dcps they see we see increased graduation rate. enrollment climbing. the state test scores are soaring. >> anytime the focus is directed toward the young people, because you know, like we need that encouragement from the older generation. >> it seemed to start off as a bit of a joke on stage at the emmys but as a twitter user put it, let's make sure the trend means something. big night for hollywood. maybe a bigger night for d.c. public schools. in northwest washington, john gonzalez, abc7 news. alison: good p.r. at the end of the day. take a look at this. unreal. this is
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north carolina. a fair worker was hurt after the fall from the ferris wheel. the man trying to turn a tilted good la. there were two -- tilted gondola. there were two children. he was not hurt. it was scary for the mother of the 5-year-old. >> he risked his own life. he did fall but he didn't know that. i'm thankful he did. >> i will go back to another fair. i will never put him on another ride like that. alison: well, the ride was back up and running for the rest of the fair following a state inspection. no word on what caused the ferris wheel to malfunction in the first place. jonathan: scary. the crews are inspecting and taking apart a fair ride that killed a high school student and hurt seven other people in ohio. carriage on the ride tossed in the air in july after the arm of the ride snapped. you see
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it was rusted out. it just snapped. now there is a new image showing a large crack in the fireball before it broke apart. >> i mean you can see it from the ground up. it would be very, very shocking to me that with us not noticeable to them. >> the crews have spotted the same sort of corrosion on other carriages. alison: scary. wow! so we are tracking hurricane jose. the delmarva beaches are preparing for windy couple days. jonathan: no direct hit forecast but you feel the effects even if they blowing close enough to mainland. hopefully this is as close as jose will get to us. >> there is a rip tide advisory in effect from hurricane jose. in the next couple of days people should expect some rain, strong winds experiencing
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they made a decision to close the gates to prevent the sand and the beach blowing to the boardwalk. the biggest danger are the rough waters. rip tide advisory in effect. we still see a number of people here on the boardwalk. jonathan: the sound of jets taking off and lapping at 4:30. residents taking on the f.a.a. we'll have more in a second or two. but talk about our weather. is josh: this is a hurricane but it's weakening. it doesn't
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hurricane or have landfall to see impact in ocean city. or eng new england as well. we are tracking jose. winds are 75-mile-per-hour and moving north around 9 miles per hour. rhode island and massachusetts could see the rainy weather f several days. this will take to us saturday. there is a slim chance it could work back to bring us just rain as we get to next week. more than likely, though, what we see tomorrow will be most of the effects out of jose. 75 for degrees. the big difference today is where the clouds set up.
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24 has been overcast. we are -- we have been overcast but it's still a nice evening. temperatures are 70 degrees by 9:00. tonight similar to the last few nights. the temperatures are in the 60's. looking for patchy fog developing tomorrow. show you jose on future cast. it will bring us showers tomorrow and closer to the bay and southern maryland. this is an event for the beaches. not too much in our area. 80 degrees for the majority of the area. the breezy weather will get up to 25 and 26 miles per hour. farther east you will see the winds get stronger. between 40 to 50 miles per hour. not out of the question at the beach. 80 fo
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check out the first day of fall on friday. the temperatures are back in the mid-80's. the average temperature is 79 and the temperatures are warming back up. things will stay dry as we head to the week. jonathan: all right, josh. remember what i talked about with the roaring sound of jets? sometimes they are deafening. coming up at 4:30 the residents are taking on the f.a. in hoping of changing flight plans that seem to be getter closer to their home. alison: but first, season 25 of "dancing with the stars." can you believe it? it kicks off tonight. the early favorites to take on the mirror ball are coming up
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alison: well, this is always a lot of fun. exciting. "dancing with the stars" is back. so this season we have got a shark, a diva, a pretty little liar. those are a few of the celebrities competing against each other for the trophy. jonathan: athletes, too. alison: yes. jonathan: danya bacchus is in hollywood with a preview of season 25 which begins tonight on abc7. ♪ danya: this season "dancing with the stars" is taking the competition to a new level. >> this is like wife swap "dancing with the stars" edition. >> pitting two married couples against each other. nick lashaa teaming up to take on the spouses i
4:26 pm
>> you know what will be weird. doing the cha-cha. >> barbara from shark tank is now swimming in unchartered waters. one half of the property revels, they are trading that in for the dancing shoes. >> i can't come in with an ego. i never danced before. >> former laker derek fisher and tara owens are hoping to score big points in the ballroom. and athlete looking to take on another challenge. >> i was 10 years old i told my mom i'm going to dance on that show some day. >> "malcolm in the middle" star and jordan fisher and pretty little liars are studying dance moves. w.w.e. star nicky bell looking to body slam her way to the
4:27 pm
violinist putting down her instrument. and debbie gibson hoping to make her dream of bringing home the trophy a reality. after taking the two seasons off, they teamed up with the favorite judges. the -- are also back. in hollywood, abc7 news. alison: have to love it. and our buddy from the cherry blossom parade. >> it's amazing. you get people with no dancing skill whatsoever. they don't do it for a living. they have never done it. alison: they will also tell you how hard it is. jonathan: they lose a it lot of weight to get in shape. they should have a boot camp for that. next the new in-home test for the breast cancer gene that could help patients make critical life-saving decisions. >> if the noise is making more folks crazy. airplane noise. can anything be done about it? we look at that in a live report coming up
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taking you inside noaa's center for weather and climate prediction. as forecasters track three
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side.
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noise. but for some they are saying that the flight plans changed. the noise now is louder. unbearable. richard reeve reports that some are taking matters in their own hands. rich, what exactly are they doing or hoping to have done? richard: yeah, john, some folks are filing formal complaints with the f.a.a. some are actually suing that agency to quiet things down. here at gravelly point, this is a plane watcher's paradise. people love it here but the noise is spreading to the suburbs. all you have to do is listen. ann who lives in bethesda hears the noise literally every couple of minutes. 5:50 in the morning until after midnight. she sleeps with ear plugs and pillow over her head and sound proof windows. he's like a news button that won't go off. she is not alone. new f.a.a. reports lists complaints from
4:32 pm
to 10,000 the year before. three-quarters from reagan national. the focus is the f.a.a. next-gen system that allows more planes to travel safely closer distances with more direct routings. residents say that causes airplanes to create noise corridors flying above the same homes and neighborhoods again and again. >> it sounds like something coming at me. i think that is part of why it's a disturbing quality of noise. it's a very unnatural noise. you hear it coming from a distance. it feels like it's approaching you and coming right at you. richard she filed repeated complaints and say why not disburse the flight path and share the pain so to speak. but she is not the only one taking action. she says it's with the f.a.a. has to say at 5:00. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. we have moved here into the weather
4:33 pm
devastation that could happen. we have maria here that may hit the same islands and possibly rain for us up here. >> dealing with jose as well. it's just one storm after another. if there is good news lee didn't amount to anything but we have a busy two weeks considering maria. work our way through what is going on closer to home. we talk about the storm system we have max winds with maria. you can see the organization of the storm. it's apartment on the satellite imagery -- apparent on the satellite imagery. we are now not very far at all from the islands. close to them experiencing the hurricane force winds. we put a track on it for you and we'll have it for you in 15 minutes to show where it is going over the next five days. for us it has been quiet. 75 force around d.c.
4:34 pm
8 for warrenton. a like and a more summerlike evening sticking around. overnight we have to get temperatures unhidden but only to the mid-60's. things are going to stay mild again tonight. a lot like the last few nights. what we have in store for us. temperatures today are around 80. we are down to the 60's tonight. tomorrow is back to 80. looking at breezy weather thanks to jose. never making landfall for us. bring us a bit more gusty afternoon. we take a closer look at that and next weekend coming up in a bit. alison: okay. thank you very much. it's a new and a cheaper way to determine the risk for developing breast cancer and it can be done at home. it tests for the gene mutation associated with the high breast cancer risks. adrian banker has a look at the new test launching today. reporter: gant has her whole life ahead of her. the last thing she expected is to test positive for the gene
4:35 pm
of getting breast cancer. >> a black cloud when i guess. the thing that is looming in the future. >> there is a silver lining. genetic tests can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars so she took an early version of a new test coming out today called color. right in her own home. at $149 now it's the least expensive genetictist for the br -- genetic test on the market. >> one out of eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. it's important for women who are high risk, we want them to have access to the test. >> provide a saliva sample that carries the d.n.a. and send it to the lab. once analyzed you receive the online results in three or four weeks with a complementary consultation. >> is there any point you felt like this is just not fair? >> yes. definitely. it's a higher risk. not a guarantee. it's not a death
4:36 pm
>> she was prompted to take the test with the aunt lauren color test came back positive and she was sent for life-changing m.r.i. >> i found spots. they didn't think it was anything. it came back it was cancer. >> with the gene testing and the early detection, lauren is now cancer-free. >> thank god. >> it would been a different outcome, the next february when i went from my ma -- mammograp ey. jonathan: lady gaga pushing back the next tour until next year. it was set to kick off in barcelona spain on thursday but last week the pop star pulling out of the performance in brazil for being in what she described severe physical pain. alison:
4:37 pm
signed 237 years ago yesterday in philadelphia. i formed a new government for the united states and get this. 4400 words our constitution is the shortest of any major government in the world. it's also the oldest. jonathan: so if you think your kid sitting there playing the x-box too much and say what will come of that? how about this? the u.s. navy is considering using the x box 360 controllers to operate periscopes on the highest tech submarines. the "virginia pilot" reported the news over the weekend and it turns out it is expected to cost less than $30 compared to $38,000 for the old control panel. trust me when i tell you the kids have mastered the controls. that is the air force brass in house for "good morning sh
4:38 pm
are playing to celebrate the anniversary of the branch's founding. it was the 70th for the c.i.a. it used to be the u.s. army air corps and they got their own wings breaking from the army and became the air force. alison: i could listen to that for a long time. it sounds great. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a gator, hundreds of miles from where you'd expect it. you won't believe where it was wrestled into custody. we'll show you. jonathan: plus, caught on camera, the officer leads the cruiser without putting it in park. really? the moment his partner realizes the mistake and what happens next.
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i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife. counting on you guys. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. and now get our fastest internet ever plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. alison: you might expect an alligator in florida but not a camp ground in rhode island. jonathan: look at him beside the rocks. there it was. it happened and a brave guy jumped in. he wanted to keep it away from nearby children. he made a move and jumped on top of it. the officer had him by the
4:42 pm
having a heard attack, anybody? jonathan: it us unclear how the gator got there. it's safe with the wildfire officials. he is glad he saw the gator because it could have been a different story. jonathan: an arrest caught on the dash camera. alison: nobody behind the wheel. see the moment an officer realizes that and what happens to the woman he took down. watch this. massive launch failure. the company behind it sold for $8 billion. we let you know who put the face orbit talks up next.
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and at these prices, i can make it all happen. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. jonathan: this is a must-see video. look at this. >> get on the ground. jonathan: video f
4:46 pm
released from a new mexico chase that ended when the troopers spin out after a couple they were chasing after. everything is good. not so much. keep watching. one of the last officers on the scene fails to put the cruiser in park. that is what the p is for. park. another woman tried to pull -- another officer tried to pull the woman out of way and can't. she is knocked back several feet. the tire bumps into here. she had to be taken to the hospital with scrapes and bruises but not seriously hurt. the car stops on top of her. the court record shows the action from the man and the woman in the video have been dismissed. again, no serious injuries. kind of amazing. protests continue for a fourth day in and around st. louis after a white former police officer was acquitted in the shooting death of a black man. a group of 150 people took to the streets this morning after a night of violence that included 80 arrests. hundreds of high school students walked out of class
4:47 pm
decision. more protests expected tonight. alison: a deadly crash in fairfax county. police today identifying the victim. they say a young couple was heading back from the grocery store last night when benjamin lost control and slammed into a tree. this is beach mill road. he and his girlfriend died. her 15-year-old sister who was also in the cash was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. neighbors say this is not the first crash in this area. >> there had been a few in this general area. i think this tree had been hit once before. but it is pretty straight. it has curves to it. but the curves are up on the opposite end where we are in the middle of the stretch. alison: so sad. the police tell us they are still investigating whether speed may have been a factor here. jonathan: let's talk about hollywood for a second. if you watched the emmys you know that it turned political in the first 60
4:48 pm
show starting. president trump and washington politics became the but of plenty of jokes in the show last night. alison: the film and the tv industry, is it just reflecting how the rest of america feels or is it out of touch with middle america that elected president trump? abc7 chief political correspondent scott thuman has more. scott: a common place conflict. l.a. against d.c. with president trump often the prime target. >> nominated multiple times for celebrity apprentice. >> fe had won an emmy, i bet he wouldn't have won for president. so in a way this is all your fault. >> hollywood does not like congress. hollywood does not like authority. >> associate professor of the political management, michael corpfield said while the emmy, "saturday night live" and the sitcoms have taken beltway, money m
4:49 pm
personal hollywood. >> do you think hollywood would reach across the aisle the way politicians do? >> i think if there is a market, then there is a conservative entertainment, hollywood will meet it. >> polls drive the direction. a love-hate relationship with a long history. >> president obama and hollywood usually dance to the same tune. ronald reagan was making films before laws and even trump himself has a star on the walk of fame. >> remember, he hosted "saturday night live" last fall. so they are not completely averse to him but they would prefer to have him on his own show than being in the white house. >> at times there could be more divide on the street than truly exist in the hall of congress. >> president trump twice in two weeks, sided with democrats on key issues. senators say it's not all
4:50 pm
>> certainly on the issue, there is so much more than we have in common than what separates us. scott: we haven't heard from president trump yet on the emmy. but we heard from kellyanne conway who said the constant criticism of her boss by hollywood alienates the 63 million americans who supported him and additionally anyone else who wants him to succeed. jonathan: he has gone dark for twitter on this. maybe he is moving to a different place. thicker skin. scott: we'll wait. the jury is still out on that. i won't be shocked if he is asked about the response to last night and we will probably hear an earful when we do. alison: thank you. jonathan: check in to check in with larry smith. larry: we are starting to get information about which national monuments could face changes after a massive review by the trump administration. the generous donation changing science classes at one of the largest counties in our area. the reason a drunken
4:51 pm
one but two houses and refusing to leave. that is coming up at 5:00. see you in a few minute. alison: see you then. thank you. so two major local contractors are now involved in a massive multibillion dollar buyout. northrup grummond buying orbital in a deal and the stockholders will get $130 per share. the company is infamous for the massive rocket explosion at wallis island that cost millions in damage and shut down the launch pad in 2014. jonathan: if you are frustrated with u.s. airlines how about this? riyana air the irish budget flyer is canceling 50 flight agency day in the next month and a half because it says, i love this, they messed up. messed up the pilot holiday schedule. they are canceling 50 flights a day to make up for that. europe's biggest carrier by passengers flown.
4:52 pm
what happened. jonathan: better to be honest and come out. everybody can understand that. they are entitled to holiday. alison: people can relate to that. josh is here now to talk about the weather. it's certainly an active time. jon it is. we are just getting pieces on the update of hurricane maria. officially a category four storm. yesterday in this time category one. start off closer to home. 73 in alexandria. getting more sunshine working in the area to make more a nicer evening for us. things are more summerlike than getting closer to fall. looking for temperatures. 5:00 to get out for jog after work. 78 degrees. down to 70 at 9:00. staying mild for us. on the muggy side for the evening. get to tomorrow, 80 degrees for the highs. mostly breezy with jose off the coast. there is a different
4:53 pm
look at the winds from jose. you can see as it moves farther north, gusting to 34. and closer to d.c. again, just up to 20, 25 miles per hour. the latest on maria, you can see the organization and that eye is clearly showing up for us on the satellite image. now a category four storm with the 5:00 update. winds up to 130 miles per hour. so intensifying quickly. i want to put a track on this for you to show winds are up to 155 expected by tomorrow afternoon. that is right on threshold of a category five storm. expecting us to stay category four working across the island to puerto rico. working its way north beyond the bahamas. expected to weaken some as it makes the track. a lot of the guidance does turn it to sea beyond day five. if you remember anything from irma there is still a lot to watch to see where it goes. 84 on soared. 86 on sunday. making the weekend plans, things look good.
4:54 pm
kicking off fall with heat. jonathan? jonathan: thank you, josh. nice to look ahead and see the weather for the weekend on monday. coming up next would you use eqifax identity monitoring after they were hacked? three steps to take that may be easier for signing up for the
4:55 pm
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we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way.
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john: you can now be at risk of identity theft because of the recent data breach at equifax. offering a year of free credit monitoring. but is that enough? jesse heads to the court clerk's office to file a lawsuit against equifax. >> i want to file a suit for small claims? john: he asked them to do more. >> free credit monitoring from a company they own. john: some agree saying letting them protect your data that exposed the data is letting the wolf guard the henhouse. >> they told me there was a cell phone and table set up in my name. >> companies typically offer a year of free credit monitoring. but the security experts tells me that is better than anything. better way to protect themselves
4:58 pm
like lifelock. >> they have plans that are $10 to $50. john: there is a less expensive option that works as well. freeze your credit which locks it like a bank vault. >> you put a freeze on the credit account. >> to initiate a freeze go to the three credit bureau websites. you need a separate freeze at each one. you will pay a one-time fee at $10 but it's better than being a victim like leslie. >> who is doing this to me? john: equifax won't comment on the lawsuits but they won't profit from it or from the monitoring that it's providing so you don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. larry: right now at 5:00, the teachers around parents are fuming after an extreme case of mold and what is not done about it. also tonight, cameras and complaints on of
4:59 pm
attention-getting light show is about. >> the moment of impact. two buses on a collision course in new york city. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: imagine arriving to the first day of school to find this in the classroom. we obtained these photos of mold at west springfield high school. they assured us the issue but resolved before anyone went back to class but tonight we know otherwise. q mccray is live in springfield tonight with a story that you will only see on 7. q? q: you know, larry, i know you are a parent. i'm a parent myself. when we send our kids to school we send them to get an education. not to potentially get sick. that is what was happening here at west springfield high school. the issue were the trailer classrooms on the other side of the baseball field. they are called sparta. that's where the issue was.
5:00 pm
>> they got more than upset when we told them about the latest mold test results. most know about the mold, i in the sparta trailers but the district says it's all cleaned up now. >> the e-mail i got this week said they had they were aware of it and took care of it. it's all new. >> the issue is according to the test results district found out about excessive mold contamination and at least one of the trailers. but still, the student and the staff used the trailer whale it was disinfected and they were exposed to what is considered unsafe amount of mold for the entire first week of school. >> my gosh. i'm mortified. >> to make matters worse, they didn't tell parents. >> yeah, i think they missed the boat there. they should have. one that took care of business. >> he has class in one of the contaminated rooms. >> it gets hard to breathe and i get itchy


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