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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> they got more than upset when we told them about the latest mold test results. most know about the mold, i in the sparta trailers but the district says it's all cleaned up now. >> the e-mail i got this week said they had they were aware of it and took care of it. it's all new. >> the issue is according to the test results district found out about excessive mold contamination and at least one of the trailers. but still, the student and the staff used the trailer whale it was disinfected and they were exposed to what is considered unsafe amount of mold for the entire first week of school. >> my gosh. i'm mortified. >> to make matters worse, they didn't tell parents. >> yeah, i think they missed the boat there. they should have. one that took care of business. >> he has class in one of the contaminated rooms. >> it gets hard to breathe and i get itchy
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q:/just received an e-mail from the district and it says here all the classrooms associated with sparta have been disinfected. they are clean and safe. that may be the case now but as far as the teacher's union is concerned, it's unacceptable they let the staff and students use the classroom while they were still an issue. you will hear from the union president coming up in the 6:00 hour. stay tuned for that. reporting live from springfield and virginia, i'm q mccray. alison: we will see you at 6:00. thank you. look at this. hundreds of residents in anne arundel county were told to stay inside and shut their windows because of this. a huge cloud of smoke hovering after a chemical spill at the solvay plant. a valve on the tanker truck carried it, separated and caused a leak and it sparked a serious hazmat situation. all-clear has now been given, hazmat teams are still working to dilute the chemical with
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larry: 7 on storm watch as two hurricanes and a tropical depression churn in the atlantic. member of the elite virginia task force one rescue team are standing by in puerto rico tonight as hurricane maria bears down on the island. in the last five minutes now the storm has been upgraded to category four. along the east coast of the u.s., all eyes are on jose and exactly where the storm will go. meteorologist josh knight in the stormwatch7 weather center tracking the tropics for us. josh: it's busy. we have two named storms but we won't see much more out of lee but hurricane maria of this 5:00 update from the national hurricane center, the category four storms with the max winds 130 miles per hour. hurricane jose barely hanging on to the cat one strength. still, even though not maiming landfall it will take a toll on the beaches. let's point out where we have the tropical storm watches in the brighter pink color. the darker red are actually going to be for the oceans there. we work our way from
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city northward, all the way up to new england, that is where we are looking at a chance to see beach erosion and the wind gusts of 30 to 50 miles per hour. that is what we are watching in those areas. then a tropical storm warning farther up to the north of that. take a look at the latest track. 75-mile-per-hour winds. it moves north before it reanders and gets stuck. it does hang out in the area. it loses the strong winds. the tropical energies that go along with you. it will hang there more or less until maria moves in and bumps it out of the way. keeping it on jose but maria is the big talker. i will tell you track with that in a bit. enjoy the mild temperatures. feeling like a summer everything as the temperatures are down in the 60's. we are back to 80 tomorrow with the windy weather. larry: we will see you in a few minute. you can track the tropics anytime with the stormwatch7 app. download it to your phone or tablet and have the forecast at yo
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alison: developing now a 24-year-old man in court accused of inappropriately touching a woman in a professional massage. d.c. bureau chief sam ford live outside superior court with the latest. sam in sam: well, alison, police are asking if anyone else has had similar experiences to come forward after a compliant complained of a masseur at the many saj place in northwest. accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior. the masseur identified as 24-year-old habtamu gebreslassie. he was arraigned here in d.c. superior court this afternoon charged with first degree sexual abuse. according to the charging documents, papers, it happened yesterday afternoon at the franchise massage. the female client told police that gebreslassie was giving her massage and started to perform unwanted oral sex. the charging doc
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complain tant demanded the therapist to leave the room. she clothed herself and called 911. the police came and she pointed the man out to police who arrested him. workers at other businesses were stunned to learn what had allegedly happened. >> kind of scary. not good. not good no. >> awful. >> if it's true, i can't really imagine that happening. >> the company issued a statement saying that all of the therapists underwent extensive background checks adding that this particular therapist is no longer employed there. gebreslassie's facebook page noted he worked with other franchises of this particular company. reporting live from d.c. superior court, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. larry: the serge is on for a man -- search is on for a man
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in her own home. not far from the campus in college park. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live tonight. brad, what do we know about this guy? brad: we don't know anything about this guy. but we know a lot about what he did. so look, this is route one. just south of campus. quarter mile up to the main body of campus. this here, mostly student housing the fringe of where the houses are rented out to students. what we are hearing is that people on the street suspect that this person might have done other break-ins as well. 2 crime happened saturday morning and by the afternoon an alert sent campus wide had students on edge. >> i lives two doors down from where it happened. it doesn't make me feel safe about coming and going at night. >> we won't show the exact home where the assault happened but it was a block of houses rented out to maryland students off route
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the former resident says it has been targeted by thieves twice before. nothing like this. >> we have been robbed but no one made physical contact with us. we have never seen them. that is crazy. brad: the intruder was touching her when she arrived. the victim is uninjured but shaken. >> it's terrifying to wake up and have someone in your home that you don't know. warning to the off campus student population to be on the look-out and safety minded. >> we are all scared about walking in the area and sleeping at night to make sure doors are locked and stuff. brad: the police are saying that is what the students in the offcampus housing should do. make sure your windows are closed and locked. make sure the doors are closed and locked. we talkt
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the block here. he said they are getting an alarm installed. that is how rattled the community is. in college park, brad bell. abc7 news. larry: thank you. we are getting a look at the moment a tour bus smashed into a new york city transit bus. there is the early morning deadly crash. caught on surveillance. the charter bus appears to zoom through a red light as the city bus makes a turn and slamming into the store front. three people died. alison: president trump was in new york today for the first talk of the united nations. as we report the first address to the assembly is scheduled for tomorrow. >> president trump returns to his hometown for a critical week of foreign policy. >> this will be a great week. we look forward to it. >> it's unclear if world leaders share the sent. candidate trump blasted
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first platform continues to stir international unease. >> the first remarks of monday's unreform meeting reinforcing the rhetoric. >> we encourage all member states to look at ways to take bold stands at the united nations. with an eye toward changing business as usual. >> antonio gutierrez echoed the call to overhaul the institution. >> someone recently asked what keeps me up at night? my answer is simple. bureaucracy. >> it unfolds much like a high stakes game of speed dating. the president convenes talks with a dozen world leaders tackle issue including climate change, global terrorism and north korea. the first meeting with israel benjamin netanyahu. >> i look forward to discuss with you how we can address together what you likely call terrible nuclear deal with iran. >> trump's disdain for iran deal is documented but the
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iran president hassan rouhani warns against withdrawal. >> exiting an agreement would have a high cost for the united states of america. >> president rouhani said pulling out of the agreement tells those negotiating with america is a waste of time. stacy cohan, abc7 news. larry: new information tonight from interior secretary ryan zinke. the report proposing expanded logging and hunting and changes to marine monumenteds. environmental group will go to court to watch changes. alison: still to come. testing the road. what else is being done on i-66 this week? other -- >> it's as loud as a freight train coming by your house. >> how residents are fighting
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alison: right now hurricane maria strengthened to a category four storm. it's heading toward the caribbean. it could hit the leeward islands tonight. puerto rico on wednesday. the winds are already starting to pick up in st. lucia where the strong surf there and low visibility. so tough there, larry. larry: already. well, hurricane jose isn't quite as strong. but is expected to be felt in the next 24 hours. alexa ashwell is live where the winds are beginning to pick up. >> in past 30 minutes we noticed that the winds start to pick up. i had to tighten my hat to make sure it didn't fly off. we are in downtown ocean city on the boardwalk, fifth street. you can see the officials put up the gates up here because of the anticipated winds. the winds we have been experiencing to keep the beach sand flowing on the boardwalk. the big concern is officials say this riptide.
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in ocean city. since we have been here in the past few hours we have not seen anyone in the water. we see lifeguards out here. we also see a number of people, families saying that they will continue to enjoy the vacation despite hurricane jose. reporting live in ocean city. larry: thank you so much. as we talk to meteorologist josh knight, it's amazeing to think about what we are dealing with. josh: one of the remarkable things and in a bad way is how we have had irma, jose as well as maria all strengthen quickly. the rapid intensification going from a category one to a category four in 24 hours. larry: all of this immediately after harvey and irma. incredible devastation and now here we go again. josh: that is right. this went from a situation. looking bad to now maria looking really bad. start with jose. this is closer
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this is expected to say. we heard from the beach it's getting windy. now the storm center is hard to see. it doesn't have the typical hurricane structure that you would see on the satellite. the max winds around 75-mile-per-hour. we are looking about 250 miles off to the east/southeast of hatteris. this afternoon we will fast forward to work our way to tomorrow. we will get up to a 45 or even 50-mile-per-hour gusts. it's not out of the question. we get to wednesday, step out of the way you can see the new england coast and nantucket. you could see stronger gusts. up to 60 miles per hour. jose not making landfall but it certainly will be felt. closer to home we are in the 70's this everything. cloud cover
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mug gid and warm and it feels like a summer evening. get out there, fire up the grill. enjoy it. a lot happening in the tropics but it's nice closer to home. we work our way throughout the day we will start off with the patchy fog again. the temperatures are in the mid-60's. mostly cloudy skies. breeze for jose going for us in the morning. lunchtime is 77. isolated shower is a possibility. today would i bother with the umbrella? probably not. the better chance of rain to the bay. of course as you get closer to the beaches. high temperatures tomorrow. on the way home to 80 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. things dry out. you might notice the sunset is 7:10. the sun is sething earlier and earlier. it's getting dark quickly. 86 for wednesday. 86 on wednesday. first day of fall. at 83. the average temperature for this time of year is 79 degrees. switch gears. i want to talk about maria. this is what you think of when yo
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the satellite. the wind is around 130 miles per hour. it does give us a category four status and 45 miles east of domenica. this is 45 miles away. this takes aim at the island and maintain the strength. it's not getting stronger in the next day or so. pause wednesday afternoon and tuesday afternoon to 155-mile-per-hour winds expected working its way to st. croix and puerto rico. it will put us on the edge of the category five storm. like we saw with irma, this could get stronger than it is originally forecast and forecast right now. it starts to make a turn to the bahamas. it then gets caught up in the wind shear. it will rip apart and start to weaken. where it goes after saturday. we have to keep a close eye. it will take out to sea.
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breezy from jose tomorrow. a nice, wednesday and thursday and friday. more summary and staying nice for the weekend. partly cloudy and the mid-80's. it's not feeling much like fall. the temperatures well above average for the next ten days. larry: these are the days we were missing at the end of august. great stuff. thank you again for that. we'll talk to you in a bit. new player and new poll in the maryland and the virginia races for governor. alison: we have a look at those. plus -- >> i'm excited. i like the weather. alison: who doesn't like the weather? we look inside a key forecasting tool that is in our backyard. >> plus what this woman did to get this hero's welcome at reagan national airport. alison: what is coming up tonight on abc. we have the premier of the 25th season of "dancing with the stars." larry: now veronica johnson has a l
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morning washington." >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington," get the latest track on hurricane jose and maria. the impact high winds and rain could have on the travel plans. >> plus, from your morning cup of coffee to daily stops at the vending machine. the shocking amount of cash you could save changing your spending habits. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes starting at 4:25
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ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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larry: "7 on your side" in health matters. most genetic testing can cost thousands of dollars. but a new affordable at home test can determine your risk of developing breast cancer. as mike carter-conneen reports test screen for two gene mutations braca 1 and 2. mike: at $149 and now on sale for $99 the new at-home kit is the cheapest test available screening for the braca 1 and 2 gene. still, a positive test result is not a breast cancer diagnosis. >> you have an increased risk and there are things to do to better take care of you to keep you healthy. >> the test is covered by most insurance plans when an individual has family history of other risk factors. but genetic counselor elizabeth starks says ma
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fit the criteria and it could make out of pocket payment possible making the testing more accessible. >> we are missing people. the old criteria may not be catching everyone we thought it was. >> i think every woman over the age of 30 should be tested for braca. maybe younger. >> this is the chief medical officer. >> there is no woman with a braca mutation should die of breast or ovarian cancer. >> on the website the komen organization says the u.s. food and drug, federal trade commission and the centers for disease control caution against the use of at-home testing kit. the result of any genetic test should be interpreted by a trained healthcare provider or genetic councillor. this is not available in pharmacies. you have to go to the company website, purchase it and you will get it in the mail and give a saliva sa
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mail it to the lab and you should get tests results in three to six weeks with complimentary consultation. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: meanwhile an access who starred as an actress on two tv shows is sharing how she had to turn to the professionals for help. kate walsh reveals she suffered physical and cognitive problems until she had a benign brain tumor removed. it was a lemonnized -- lemon size tumor. she is encouraging people to get annual checkups. >> i'm kellye lynn in prince william county where a $300,000 gift is taking science class to a new level. that story is coming up in "spotlight on education." larry: later people from the local airports are fighting back against the noise. >> lights, camera, not ready for action. the tolls along 66 now being
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much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: you have to start paying to use i-66 inside the beltway as soon as december. but today, plenty of t
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for the new toll system is happening. the transportation reporter brianne carter clears up some of the confusion. >> driving along interstate 56 inside the beltway. you may have seen them. the bright flashing lights. >> see all the cameras. >> this is all part of testing the virginia department of transportation doing ahead of the new toll system coming along this stretch of the road at the end of the year. >> it was like testing. i don't know what they are testing. brianne: to try to clear up and win. they launched this website. 56 express to educate drivers on how the lanes will work and how to get an easy pass and how to calculate the new cost. >> if you want to go in, in the morning to see the approximate tolls you can check the website. we are hoping to change for that soon. >> the expss
5:30 pm
effect monday through friday 5:30 to 9:30 a.m. on the eastbound side. 3:00 to 7:00 in the afternoon westbound. official tolling is months away but part of the project is raising concerns for drivers. we will outline that and get answers to that at 6:00. larry: thank you, brianne carter. covering metro tonight after a nasty morning on the orange line. trains had to single track in both directions between the new carrollton and cheverly station. alison: another candidate joined the crowded field of the maryland democrats seeking to challenge republican governor larry hogan next year. kevin comenets entered the rate today. seven democrats seeking the party nomination including rushern baker of prince george's county. two new polls now show a tight race for virginia governor. a new
5:31 pm
washington survey gives democratic lieutenant governor ralph northam of four-point lead over ed gillespie. a suffolk university poll has the candidates tied. each point have more than 10% of voters are undecided. larry: we update plans to rename jeb stewart high school. the top three names ash ra rose john. supreme court justice thurgood marshall. and stewart raiders. it's up to the superintendent to make a recommendation to the fairfax county school board. it's named for a general fed rate general right -- for a confederate general right now. still ahead the redskins leaving a statement in the last hour. we have details coming up in sports. q: have you seen this man? he is an accused burglar at a
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alison: ahead at 6:00, an unforgettable image. a fair ride coming apart. killing a marine corps recruit. now there is a new image that shows the warning sign missed moments before the cata
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we do work our way throughout the next couple of days. breezy day thanks to jose off the atlantic. but for us is predominantly a dry day. good news there. isolated showers farther east. overnight temperatures down to 68. tomorrow is 80. 86 on wednesday. jump ahead to the weekend. we will officially be in fall. friday, saturday and sunday. with that temperature hanging in the mid-80's, even a little bit on the muggy side. so feeling more like summer as we do kick off fall. le
5:34 pm
all ten days. tomorrow is the breezy day with jose. then warm, wednesday, thursday, and friday. looking great for d.c. united. sunday it's good, too. a little on the warm side. we'll be right back.
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born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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alison: so the nfl season kicked off and already the ratings are off to a bad start. what is causing the drop in ratings? national correspondent michelle macaluso looks at the factors contributing to the decline in viewership. reporter: the nfl is back but the league tv ratings are taking a hit. this season's opening game drew 21.8 million. down 13% from last year. and overall nfl viewership dropped 8% last year compared to 2015. why are fans watching fewer games? according to a 2017 j.d. power survey national anthem protests were the number one reason why fans tuned out. followed grocery by do mestk violence and game -- domestic violence, and game delays. >> i was an avid fan. i will not
5:37 pm
attention to the million-dollar spoiled brats who do not stand up for the flag and do not honor our country. i am done with nfl football. >> in weeks one and two multiple nfl players protested during the national anthem over racial oppression and police brutality. >> i stand against specific police brutality but i don't want to stereotype an entire class of people over a few. >> it comes a year after former san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick started the movement. in a memo to team owners last year, the nfl refused to blame the national anthem protest as a factor in a drop in ratings. instead saying that confluence of events led to declining viewership. >> the colin kaepernick controversy does seem to have been a factor in where we are right now with the nfl television ratings. it is not the only one. mr. sports media an
5:38 pm
historic storms and the medical impact playing football are pulling viewers away from games. the questions this season might be do such protests make a difference? >> sunday's tv ratings were a mixed bag. fox saw a jump in viewership while cbs and nbc saw a drop. tonight is monday night football where the new york giants take on detroit lions. alison? alison: thank you very much. q: welcome to "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray and we have a special alert from the metropolitan police department. they are looking for this guy here. he is an accused cat burglar more like a sloth. 5:52 in the morning on 9/11 when he is first caught on camera. he tries jimmying the door open and fails. he eventually looks to make sure the coast is clear. he use it is weight to pry the door open and failed
5:39 pm
his way in. it takes a few hits but he mulsals his way in the business. the -- muscles his way in the business. it takes ten minutes to pull off. if you have any information about this man give the metropolitan police department a call. now let's look at the wall of justice. arguetta is wanted for abduction and assault and battery. johnson faces malicious wounding charge for beating and biting a woman. in anne arundel county, carlos montoya is facing child abuse charges. and this man is accused of beating up a roommate and in calvert county johnson wanted for attempted burglary. if you recognize any of the fugitives call the police. we'll see you next week with another edition of fighting back wall of justice. larry: meanwhile a man facing
5:40 pm
charges in pennsylvania because he broke in a house because he didn't want to drink alone. alison: all right. police say he forced his way inside a pennsylvania woman's home with the two 12-pack of beer. he sat down and refused to leave. >> he was already drunk and did the same thing another house earlier in the day. maybe they had to go to the store. alison: that what bars are for. there are a lot of people there to drink with. all right. still ahead tonight, clearing up the confusion at the united nations about where the trump administration stands on the agreement to tackle climate change. >> a noise making a lot of folks crazy. airplane noise. but can something be done about it? we take a
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we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way.
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larry: check this out. a plane crashed in the middle of the road. they began leaking fuel but the firefighters got there in time to prevent explosion.
5:44 pm
go to the hospital. alison: the sounds of airplanes are common around the area. but in three airports in a 60-mile span around maryland and virginia, outside are you have heard a few go by. we have a look at how residents in the flight paths are calling for quiet. >> the noise is spreading and some are falling complaints. others, lawsuits. you expect to hear airplane noise. >> a snooze button that won't go off. >> ann wakes up to the roar at her bethesda home all morning. every two or three minutes. >> it sounds like something coming at me. that is part of why it's a
5:45 pm
it's a very unnatural noise. >> she complained to the f.a.a. with 42,000 others in the d.m.v. four times the complaint the year before. >> this is what it is like every three minutes on average all day long. >> j.p. who lives in fox wall village says it has gotten worse since the end of 2015. that is when the f.a.a. launched a new g.p.s. to allow planes to use more direct routes at closer distances. >> the intense and the frequency is worse. >> upset residents call the flight paths sacrificial noise corridors the same routes again and again. >> we were having dinner last night on the porch. every two minutes you can't hear. >> peter is a member of the fares sky collision suing to move the routes back over the potomac and other waterways. >> they just, they say we won't do anything. it's to help the airlines save money on gas and help the
5:46 pm
scheduling. >> they say they are working with airlines throughout the country to improve the air travel but the actions have noise implications. they say they are trying to work with the communities out there. meanwhile, the lawsuit is moving forward. possibly in the next few months. richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: rich, thank you. defense giant northrup grumon is buying orbital. the sale must be approved by the federal regulators. larry: in solitaire for nine months in the -- in solitary for nine months in the name of science. they were cooped up in a remote hawaii volcano. they went right to the buffet after eating mostly freeze-dried food in isolation. the four men and two women part of the
5:47 pm
impact of the long-term space mission. nasa hopes to have mission on the way to mars in 2030. alison: this was a warm welcome at reagan national airport today for america's longest working rosie the riveter. they are the women who stepped in the so-called man shoes at home in world war ii. 97-year-old eleanor otto received a lifetime achievement award from the air force association. she says she would still be working if the plant hadn't shut down two years ago. >> i just thought go to work, so what. all of a sudden everybody started appreciating what i did. i didn't think about it. alison: man, otto did a lot of physical work and she credits that for helping her live a long life. her work created meaning for so many young girls. she looks fantastic.
5:48 pm
larry: 97 years old. how amazing that the girls are able to reach out and touch someone like that. inspirationm. incredible. ahead tonight at 6:00, abc7 exclusive. students exposed to mold at local school even after the school system denied problems if the start of the new school year. plus, cault on video. new -- caught on video. new information about what went wrong. >> we got videos moments before the subway attack in london. what it shows coming up at 6:00. alison: developing now the white house disputing the published report that the president is reconsidering whether to pull out the paris climate accord. this morning at a meeting of the united nations climate ministers the top economic adviser confirmed the u.s. will pull out of the deal unless there is a new agreement that is more favorable to the u.s. other american representatives say we've got
5:49 pm
>> that up ises up the response to president trump's decision to pull of the of the paris climate agreement. they came out to confirm the commitment to the paris agreement and say we can do this. >> the scientists forecast how they watch weather across america. >> we are producing them for alaska as well. >> they look how they use hurricane hunters. alison: they are busy, busy right now. unfortunately we are watching things heat up more in t
5:50 pm
josh has been all over it all day long. go to him. for latest. j i want to give -- josh: i want to give you a look at what is happening locally. you can see the surf of is rough as well. show you what is happening on the biger picture. how far away jose is from rehoboth beach. we are talk about 320 miles. it might be tough to see that. we have the cloud cover from jose but it is throwing gusty winds toward the beaches. that will pick up more adds we work our way throughout the day tomorrow. let me show you what happens on the future cast. this takes us through the rest of the evening. it's quiet. isolated shower. the bulk of the rain is on the ocean. we get to tuesday, that is when we see rain to the beaches and new jersey. and into new england. for us closer to home the cloud cover farther east you live to the bay. a
5:51 pm
as far as the rain chances, they are minimal but not out of the question you get a quick shower tomorrow. worth carrying around the umbrella? probably not. get to tuesday night the system moves out of here. we will look for better weather as we fast forward to wednesday. temperature wise we are 69 degrees in the morning. topping out around 80. staying on the breezy side for tomorrow with the wind gusts around d.c. close to 25 miles per hour. stronger as you get farther east and closer to the bay. 80 for us tomorrow. 86 on wednesday. 86 on thursday. starting fall on friday. the temperatures are feeling more summer like. we are dry throughout the majority of the forecast. more coming up on maria and the jose track in a bit. but for now, robert, i'll send it to you. robert: breaking news. the safety cravens will not be back on the field, not for this season. the team released a statement they have placed cravens
5:52 pm
the return left squad list. according to the rules he will not be permitted to return to the club for the remainder of the season including the postseason. team said they hope that he uses this time away from the club to reflect whether or not he would like to resume his career in the nfl. in 2018. you have to feel a little better about the redskins after sunday against the rams, especially after week one. that was rough. erin hawksworth headed out to get the pulse of the city. >> why did the redskins win? we will take your calls. erin: the redskins first victory monday of the season. >> as you are watching the pre-game shows, a lot of the rams insignia at the bot 2078. -- in the bottom. going in the week i thought they'd lose as well. erin: we stopped by to get their assessment. >> they staved off the chance to stay relevant. you can still have a season you want to. erin: most didn't expect washington to beat
5:53 pm
maryland and virginia never seemed to have lost faith. >> i wasn't cop certained. >> everyone freaks out at the beginning of the season if we get a loss. they bounce back and now they are .500. it's a long season. see if they get more winds string together and make the playoffs. >> interviewing the high school football coach i couldn't help but ask about the first victory of the season. >> it's a good win. i don't think they want to start the season 0-2. erin: erin hawksworth. >> it's not great but it's not terrible. alison: it could be worse. robert: we'll take it. larry: next week, sunday night. raiders who look good. >> beast mode. larry: long time since we said the raiders were good. >> hopefully they don't blow us out and beast mode dances on the sideline. larry: don't talk about that. alison: robert thank you. good to see you.
5:54 pm
difference in a child's life. larry: we look
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in a noisy world ... northern virginia's own novec is listening to its cust who want reliable,
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renewable energy options, and ways to save energy and money. novec delivers the most reliable power in the region. and customers are paying less for electricity than they did eight years ago. novec is listening and responding. that's because this not-for-profit cooperative is owned by the people it serves. novec. listening. responding.
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larry: three school presidents are getting a raise after they discovered they are making less than the peers. president of the umd wallace park getting $75,000 to add to the $600,000 he makes now. the university of college counterpart makes more than $360,000 a year and is getting $50,000 raise. and university president is $385,000 to increase by $20,000. in tonight's "spotlight on education" 90,000 students are benefiting from the general ross donation. kellye lynn goes to gainesville to see how a gift is changing the science class. >> do you see that in there?
5:58 pm
seeing science through a different lens. >> they are getting more interested it when they started talking about cells and the interactive, i like it. >> this year i got really into it since we are doing more cool stuff. >> cool stuff with new equipment. 18 new microscopes. we have three 3d microscopes and several things for the kids to use. we have several battery-powered cars. kellye: the $300,000 in equipment comes from the manassas base scientific that is spread across schools in prince william county. before the equipment reached the students the teachers attended professional development workshop to clab raise on the ways to maximize had on learning. >> when they can put their hands on what they are learning to see it and create it themselves it's more exciting and it brings the real life experience
5:59 pm
>> we can all have fun and do cool experiments. >> now we get to do more interactive things in science. >> it's very cool! kellye: in gainesville, kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: right now at 6:00, mold in the classrooms at a local high school. only on 7 evidence that the school system knew it and kept classes in session. alison: and shocking video. two buses collide in the middle of queens. what we are learning about the crash and what happened moments earlier. jonathan: new evidence in the deadly fair catastrophe. we just obtained a picture that shows a major warning sign missed moments before the crash. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: first at 6:00, a story we're breaking. students going to school in mold fill classrooms even as
6:00 pm
was a problem. the images are a sample of what the teachers found when they return from summer break. they were taken inside mobile classrooms and they saw all of it. q mccray is there with a story they will see only on 7. q? q: well, jonathan, as you know in the 5:00 hour we talked about the students were affected by this and the parents. if you think about it, the teachers were here at school a week before the students in some cases. the trailer we are talking about on the other side of the baseball field. sparta. that's where the issue was. we got our hands on the pictures of mold on west springfield high the friday before the first day of class. the following monday the fairfax county school district tells us the mold was a nonissue because they cleaned it up over the weekend. we know now mold was in fact still an issue. this is a copy of the mold test results. ideally the ratio of t


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