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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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was a problem. the images are a sample of what the teachers found when they return from summer break. they were taken inside mobile classrooms and they saw all of it. q mccray is there with a story they will see only on 7. q? q: well, jonathan, as you know in the 5:00 hour we talked about the students were affected by this and the parents. if you think about it, the teachers were here at school a week before the students in some cases. the trailer we are talking about on the other side of the baseball field. sparta. that's where the issue was. we got our hands on the pictures of mold on west springfield high the friday before the first day of class. the following monday the fairfax county school district tells us the mold was a nonissue because they cleaned it up over the weekend. we know now mold was in fact still an issue. this is a copy of the mold test results. ideally the ratio of t
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be 1:1. 5:1 is considered undesirable. you can see at least one of the sparta trailer classrooms had a ratio of 58:1. the district knew about it on the second day of school. but still let students and teachers use the trailer. they were exposed to what is considered dangerous amount of mold for the entire first week of school. >> unfathomable that this would happen and the students would be put in a situation. q: williams is the president of the teachers union in the county. she says teachers have been complaining about the irritated eyes and the breathing issues for weeks now but the district told them they have nothing to worry about. >> fairfax county has a ratio of teachers that is concerned about the look of openness and timely communication. >> in an e-mail last night, the parents, the principal said it was caused by the a.c. units left on for the entire summer
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district today. part of the statement reads in part the most recent air quality test results show the total classroom indoor to the outdoor total mold ratios are at the lower levels than outdoors. the classrooms in the sparta trailers have been digitally cleaned. that is the good news here today. we also found out there will be a meeting come wednesday in one of the trailers where the principal will talk to parents about the issue. that is the latest live from springfield. i'm q mccray, abc7 news. jonathan: q, thanks. there are some things that the parents need to know about mold. first, there is no test to confirm if your child has been exposed to mold. nothing you can do about that. there are allergy tests that can show if your child is susceptible to mold allergies that can rain from a runny nose to full on flu and cold symptoms. if you are worried that your child is exposed you should
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doctor. alison: thousands of people were ordered indoors for hours today after a chemical spill at a plant near baltimore. skytrak7 showed the plume in the air. you can see it there. it took fire crews three hours to contain the spill. and ensure the air around the facility was safe. no one was hurt. cooking accident is now being blamed for a row house fire that killed a family dog. and forced ten people from the homes. d.c. fire and e.m.s. sent out the images this afternoon at the fire they battled on kennedy street northwest. all of the people inside are okay. jonathan: now to the tropics where a triple threat is brewing. not one, not two, three hurricanes out there. the hurricane threat is felt on the beaches and we are keeping an eye on maria. she is huge. and tropical depression lee. meteorologist josh knight keeping tabs on all of it. jon it has been busy for --
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josh: it has been because for us and it continues to stay that way. the winds are gusting to 26 miles per hour. the clouds from jose start to move in. the winds will continue to pick up tonight. this is the three named storms. lee is farther east. not much more to come from that. not much of an issue but just to have three systems at once. hurricane maria is now 40 miles away from the leeward islands. here is hurricane jose. category one storm. we will talk more about maria in a bit. i want to start off with jose. that is happening with us more quickly. getting closer to fenwick island and rehoboth beach north we will see the tropical storm watches. as you get to the new england and the tropical storm warnings. wind gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour with beach erosion possible. the track goes north and it meanders over the next few days but it's not expected to
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more on maria in a bit jonathan: thank you. keeping track of what is brewing in the tropics and your own backyard. it's free, the weather app. it's on google play or the itunes store. >> now caught on video and you won't believe it. a deadly bus crash as it happened. look at that. this was early this morning in queens. you can see there one bus turns and then the other broad sides it. right there. appearing to never even hit the brakes. now we are learning more about what happened here. jeff goldberg has the newest information tonight. jeff: you don't see the brake lights on the bus as it goes into the other bus. the driver of the city bus is the one turning. ten-year veteran on the job. he is recovering in the hospital. speaking with the investigators. but many questions may go unanswered as the driver of the other bus died in this crash. the surveillance video is shocking. new york city bus making a
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routine right turn when a charter bus slams into it, shaking everything and everyone nearby. >> i felt the vibration shake my truck. >> mike ramos rushed to the scene moments after the crash. >> i ran there and there was a lady pinned, screaming in the back of the city bus. >> it happened at 6:15 this morning as the city bus made a right turn to the northern boulevard from main street in the flushing neighborhood of queens. out of nowhere the charter bus from valiant travel and tours heads straight into it. the tour bus crashed into a kennedy fried chicken restaurant igniting a fire. >> spun around. enormous speed. jeff: of the three people killed one was a pedestrian. one was a passenger on the city bus. the third was the driver of the charter bus. 16 people were also hurt. >> it's hard to compare it to anything i have seen. the sheer destruction from the impact of this collision. >> in february of 2016, a
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owned by dahlia travel and tours overturned in a snowstorm on a trip to a casino in connecticut. killing one-and-jurying 36. the federal records show in the past year the drivers for the company had been cited for driving violations on several occasions. meanwhile the investigators in new york are continuing to review survey footage and speak with witnesses to try and determine what caused the horrific crash. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: a manhunt in college park after someone broke in a university of maryland student apartment and sexually assaulted her. it happened saturday morning inside an apartment on guilford road off campus. the woman woke up to find a man touching her and she scream and he ran off. so far, no arrests. alison: warning tonight where police say masseur sexually assaulted a client. investigators say it happened in a massage yesterday at the massage envy location on wisconsin avenue. the woman immediately called police
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he worked in two locations. police are concerned there could be more victims. jonathan: it is shocking video months later and now there is a new image of a warning sign that went missed moments before the fair ride turned deadly. alison: plus video from london showing the moment before a terror attack unfolded. what it showed n ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports.
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alison: in the air on the ground the u.s. military conducting drills with japan and south korea. all three countries dropped weapons on a firing range east of seoul after north korea fired another mid-range ballistic missile over japan on friday. of course north korea is on the minds of many as the united nations general assembly in new york. tonight president trump will host a working dinner with latin american leaders. earlier the president attended a meeting of 120 countries all focused onup me form -- on u.n. reform. trump we support the area to look across the system to find ways to be better at development, management, peace and security. alison: tomorrow morning the president will deliver his first ever s
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you can watch it live on abc7 at 10:30. jonathan: update on friday's terror attack in britain. "the sun" obtained this video that shows a man carrying a bucket that turned out to be a bomb. they arrested two refugees that carried out the attack. the coal could have been worse because the bomb did not fully detonate. alison: coming up at 6:00, clearing up the confusion as one of the busiest commuter routes make a transition to the toll road. jonathan: caught on video. high speed police chase followed by a takedown and a nearly deadly mistake. how i i just saved a bunch of money on my car insurhuh. with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico can help with way more than car insurance. boats, homes, motorcycles... even umbrella coverage.
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giant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. : so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. alison: caught on video. incredible moments from a police chase. we pick it up when police officers spin out the truck they are chasing and they order the two people to get out. while they are arresting one of the people look what happens behind them. another officer jumped out to help but he didn't put his car in park. the arresting officer tried to pull the woman out of the w
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top of her. amazingly, she is not hurt. get this, prosecutors later dropped all of the charges against the couple. jonathan: well confusion on what will soon be the area's newest toll road. internate -- interstate 66 in december but the drivers are not ready. brianne carter explains what commuters need to know. brianne: the new bright lights along a section of 66 causing concern for drivers. >> i fear i will get a ticket. >> no tickets are issued. the camera flashes are ongoing testing of the virginia department of transportation new automated toll system. the lives are going on at all time of the day, once activated the tolls will only be in place in rush hour. >> we are working to see if we can shorten the window for
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but you might see even the toll pricing signs are illuminated. brianne: this toll is different from the ones on express lanes on i-95 and 495. the cameras use infrared technology taking picture of the front and the back license plate and this does not. >> our technology is a camera system that needs the flash. >> provide better quality image of the license plate. >> the h.o.v. rules will be the same. h.o.v. two along the stretch inside the beltway. it will change come mid-2022. when outside the beltway 66 project kicks in. it could cause confusion because it's different than the existing toll lanes. >> we understand there are glitches and customer service that will have to go with the decision. we are ready to handle that. brianne: in arlington, brianne carter, abc7 news.
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terrifying video from the summer in ohio? a ride came apart and killed someone. marine corps recruit killed and seven people injured? there is new video to show what is a crack in that part of the ride before it came apart. the attorney for the victims releasing the image claiming similar damage was found on other part of the fireball ride as well. alison: new developments in the aftermath of hurricane irma. 94-year-old resident of the florida thursing home where eight people died is suing the facility. the suit accuses operators of showing negligence and the reckless indifference toward the residents. since then florida governor ordered all nursing homes to purchase generators and have enough fuel on hand to power them for four days. jonathan: we are getting the first video in of hurricane maria deadly march through
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path. this is one of several islands battered from hurricane irma a week ago. that has the islands there as you can imagine working to secure what they can. in some cases there is not much to secure. alison: hard to imagine they are faced with this again. josh: 40 miles from doe minca. category -- dominica. category four storm. this has grown exponentially. the people are bracing as much as they can. show you the satellite image. it's a scary looking picture. you see the pinhole eye. that is never a good sign. this continues to rapidly intensify. the wind speed now around 130 miles per hour. expected to get to top edge of the category four. hurricane center saying it could go stronger than that. keeping a close eye on it. again, you can see we are 35 miles away from domenica. the strongest winds on the eastern s
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the northeastern side is going to affect the same areas hit really hard by irma. let's put it in motion for you. 130 miles per hour winds now up to 155. as it works its way closer to st. croix. 150 on top of puerto rico. so really not a good track for puerto rico. not a good track for us here as we get closer to the domenica republic. it does start to lose steam as it makes the turn beyond the bahamas but a strong mayor hurricane even into saturday as a category three. watching this closely as it does continue to develop and intensify. let's talk closer to home. 76 degrees. beautiful evening for us. the skies continue to clear out. breezy as jose does start to get closer to us. the winds now around 13 miles per hour. 7:00 this evening at 74. it's 70 at 9:00. almost a little on the muggy side. jose is spinning here. a lot of the cloud cover now 300 mil
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and rehoboth beach. most of jose's impact remain in the ocean. what won't stay there is the windy weather. that is showing up for us closer to the coast with winds around 30 to 50 miles per hour times for us. not quite as strong closer to home. it continues to move north. by wednesday we are dry. show you ocean city. 27 miles per hour gusts for us this evening. by the time we get to tomorrow morning is 44 miles per hour. even stronger as the storm moves farther north. closer to d.c. the gusts tomorrow are just about 26 miles per hour. but you will notice you don't have to go too far east. you don't have to get to the beach before it picks up. it's cooler farther west. all in all is a mild start. the high temperature around 80 degrees. but again, hanging on to the breezy weather. 86 degrees on wednesday. thursday the first day of fall is five degrees above average staying warm in the weekend. if you are lucky maybe your pool is still open. we see more sunshine and the temperat
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mid-80's. robert, to you. robert: i think my pool is still open. coming up, why cravens might never see the field again for the redskins and who kirk cousins has to thank for the big game-winning play on
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robert: breaki
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redskins. cravens will not be on the field not for this season. the team released a statement today saying they officially placed him on the reserve left squad list. according to the nfl rule he is will not be permitted to return to the club for the remainder of the 2017 nfl season. including the postseason. they also said that he uses this time away from the club to reflect on whether or not he would like to resume his career in the national football league in 2018. you have to feel a little better after the redskins after watching sunday, especially after what we saw week one. the run game on point. 229 yards on the ground. the other star of the imgame was kirk cousins's arm. it won the game. kirk wants to be the franchise player and he has to make the big plays. he did just that. he can thank jay gruden. >> i challenged kirk a little bit. we had six minutes to go so we weren't in a hurryup mode.
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continue with the plan. fourth quarter. it's time. time to make the plays that he says he would make. we had confidence in him. he had confidence walking out there. performed well. robert: finally the caps kick off the preseason on the road at the new jersey devils. should be fun. kirk wants to make the big money, make the big plays. jonathan: that was good. robert: great. a big play. alison: all right. meantime, it feels like summer around here. jon it does. the temperatures by 9:00 are still in the 70's. it's nice this everything. tomorrow is breezy and extra cloud cover from jose but aside from that it's not a bad day. really feeling nice and hot. wednesday, thursday, friday. the first day of fall. we hang in the mid-80's through the weekend. good bit of sunshine, too. hard to knock the forecast around here. alison: thank you. all right. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. we'll be back here tonight at 11:00. hope to see you then. have a great night.
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control of your health. it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way. tonight, breaking news. bracing for two hurricanes. one, affecting the u.s. coast right now. hurricane jose, the warnings up the coast from new york city through new england. and the other major concern tonight, hurricane maria. late today, growing to a category 4, now heading straight for the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. what it could then mean for the east coast of the u.s. st. louis bracing for new protests at this hour. outrage over a judge's decision in a deadly police shooting. what does the video show? also tonight, two deadly shootings in both cases, police say a car pulling up, the gunman shooting victims at close range. are the shootings driven by race? president trump tonight, after saying the u.n. is not a friend of the u.s., that


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