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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 19, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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so i can do this. so i can race my friends. children's national didn't just help us grow up, they helped us grow up stronger. good morning, america. breaking news, hurricane maria makes landfall. the category 5 storm slamming into the already hard hit caribbean island. packing 160-mile-an-hour winds and torrential rain pummeling the island of dominica overnight destroying hopes. now the storm taking aim at puerto rico. the new warnings of catastrophic damage while hurricane jose threatens the east coast with strong winds, heavy rain and flooding. president trump takes center stage at the u.n. this morning calling for big changes in his first address to the world putting north korea and iran on notice. and new developments in the russia investigation. the new report about trump's former campaign chairman.
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could paul manafort be indicted? violent protests erupting overnight on georgia tech's campus. the crowd setting a police car on fire, rioting over the shooting death of a student killed by a campus officer. now new major questions about what really happened. and an abc news exclusive. apple's ceo tim cook here live. his first interview since the big announcement. >> this is iphone phone x. >> what he's telling us about the revolutionary new iphone and the new technology helping you reimage your home and your life. wait until you see what he's showing us right here on "gma." and we do say good morning, america on this these morning. we're looking forward to sharing that interview with tim cook live here later. >> quite a way there from tim cook. maria is lashing the
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overnight. hit hard. >> the hurricane leaving disaster in its path making landfall as a category 5 storm in dominica, the prime minister there rescued from the debris. he says so many homes around him have been destroyed, michael. >> yes, they have, robin. sadly enough and take a look at hurricane maria from space. this video shows it approaching the island and now it's heading toward puerto rico where they're warning of catastrophic damage. >> of course, it is not the only storm. also watching another hurricane, jose as it moves towards the northeast. watches and warnings from virginia to maine. lots of concerns about coastal flooding. >> let's get right to ginger tracking both hurricane maria and jose in our extreme weather center. good morning. >> good morning to you, robin. you know what, maria, the first category 5 hurricane to make landfall in dominica ever. so we are watching that and we're going to give you the track. first we want to focus in. a lot are waking up on the east coast and saying what is up with jose. it's
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miles away from the coast, the piling of water has happened. eight to ten foot waves in the central jersey short. islip up through connecticut and rhode island up through plymouth, massachusetts, and the warning and, of course, have to talk about beyond the piling of water this one, hurricane maria moves west-northwest. next up the u.s. and british virgin islands and puerto rico all in a hurricane warning and you can see as that track takes it just northeast of puerto rico and that landfall would put it close to farharta. even in the parts of the northeastern part of the dominican republic and turns into the atlantic east of the turks, east of the bahamas and away from florida and hopefully the carolinas as we go into the weekend. we've got, of course, got to go to puerto rico because that's where rob marciano is and it's been two decades almost since they've have had a land falling hurricane. what does it look like now. >> the sun is out. you wouldn't know there is a major hurricane cat 5 n
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and east of us. the surf picking up just a little bit but people are going about their day having eight morning swim, a morning jog. it really wasn't until yesterday afternoon we started seeing people boarding up. there's going to be a surge that slams into area so starting to make prep but there wasn't a huge lack of urgency but today the anxiety level is rising and certainly after what they've seen was done to the leeward islands. overnight hurricane maria pummeling the tiny island nation of guadeloupe. winds up to 160 miles per hour and intense rain already causing flooding. thrashing waters in the neighboring island of martinique leaving boats bobbing violently in the seas. >> it's crazy. there's no flashlights. no battery, a lot of places are out of water. >> reporter: the island of dominica totally destroyed after the storm made landfall there as a category 5. the prime minister writing on facebook, so far the winds have swept away the
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every person i've spoken to or otherwise made contact with. >> this is not a time for heroism. >> reporter: maria now barreling towards puerto rico. people nervous, scared? >> definitely. >> reporter: residents bracing for landfall. >> you got to be prepared for a week, week and a half. >> the rationing of water, milk and canned goods already beginning. but many areas simply won't be able to take a direct impact. just outside some of these protective walls shantytowns exposed to the atlantic ocean and no match for a major hurricane. residents who have stuck it out through hurricane irma now ordered to abandon flood-prone areas. if not, you will die. >> all of the debris that's piled up behind me, we're worried about that becoming pro-correct tiles. >> reporter: other aisles in the hurricane's path still in ruins after irma. now preparing again for the worst. not a lot of debris here from irma. we just took a glancing blow but maria as you
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direct strike and winds off the water out of the north-northeast and all of these hotels that line the beaches are exposed to that hurricane wind. this hotel has hurricane resistant glass but not all of them do. the governor here admitting the infrastructure especially inland is poor. there are 450 shelters open and he's warning those who live in flood and wind-prone areas need to get to she's shelters today if they haven't already. >> dominica has already felt the brunt of maria and i understand that we have been in contact with the prime minister's office there. >> we have, robin. they relayed this harrowing story where the prime minister, when he talked to his citizens when they told him about roofs being ripped off their home, the roof off his house has been ripped off. now we lost contact with him and his team unable to reach them and that certainly is an uneasy feeling whenever anybody falls off the grid especially the prime minister of a country, robin. >> absolutely, all right, rob, thank you. >> that is
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hurricane jose is causing trouble expected to bring dangerous waves, flooding to the northeast and tropical storm watches and warnings in effect up to the mid-atlantic and we have more from belmar. >> reporter: jose bringing wind, rain, rough surf and those deadly rip currents. just look at these waves behind me already up to ten feet in some spots, expected to get up to 15 feet and that is why there is so much concern about storm surge and flooding. this morning, the northeast feeling the effects of hurricane jose. the category 1 storm bringing flooding, rough surf and dangerous rip currents to the east coast. officials now preparing for the volatile conditions to intensify. deploying heavy equipment to build up protective dunes and many beaches banning swimming and surfing altogether. in atlantic city, lifeguards even staying on duty just to protect walkers.
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>> we were concerned with just people walking along the shoreline, the riptides have been vicious. >> reporter: washing away beaches that were ravaged from bea beach beachesle during sandy. >> we'll prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> reporter: these photos show flooding and beach erosion to the town of belmar, before and after sandy. the u.s. army corps of engineers replenishing beaches after that storm. but years later in some towns say they are in desperate need of more. the mayor here says this beach needs reinforcing so that it can absorb these storms and pro-vent hope answer businesses from seeing water. he also says this beach is essentially closed for the season because of jose. it is just too dangerous out here. guys, this area expecting wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour later on this afternoon. >> all right, well, thank you, linzie. jose's effect could be felt on long island on alert for rough
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flooding. adrienne bankert is in montauk with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. what a difference an hour makes. right here on the easternmost tip of long island in montauk right up on the sand dunes we've seen waves just crashing up, in fact, coming up very close to myself and my crew, properties right here along the beach concerned about that flooding and possible damage but these waves, very dangerous with rip currents and swells expected that long the east coast, even days after jose moves out east and that storm is gone, but, again, a lot of concerns for surfers and these waves keep moving closer and closer, michael. >> thank you, adrienne. move away. you're too close to the water. for more on where jose is headed let's go back to ginger. >> the tropical storm-force winds extend 2 or 310 miles from the center. more than 600 miles across. that's why you see gusts to atlantic city, 51 miles per hour this afternoon. i think this will
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the airports especially into new england tomorrow. so if you have a flight tomorrow, boston, and look at provincetown and nantucket both closing in for that 40 to 60-mile-per-hour gusting of course with one to three or thee to five inches of rain. like a nor'easter, really focused in new england. let's head back down to you. >> thank you, ginger. for all the latest on the warnings in the northeast, and hurricanes in the atlantic download the abc news app and sign up to get breaking news alerts to stay on top of it all. president trump and his first address to the u.n. general assembly. the president will lay out his vision for america's reel in the world fleshing out his america first approach with tough talk for north korea and iran. our chief white house correspondent jon karl here and the nuclear threat from those two nations the top of the president's agenda. >> this, trump's first address before the united nations is his biggest moment yet on the world stage. white house aides are daulg it an enormous opportunity addressing nearly every country on the globe including north korea which, george,
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after a busy debut at the u.n., president trump is preparing to take center stage with his first address to the world. the president gave a preview of his message at his first meeting on monday, vowing to improve and reform the united nations. >> in recent years the united nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement, we must ensure that no one and no member state shoulders a disproportionate share of the burden. and that's militarily or financially. >> reporter: president trump told reporters his main message is, quote, to make the united nations great, not again, but make the united nations great. administration officials say the president will use his first address to the general assembly to call for less bureaucracy and more accountability. to insist other cups share more of the f
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call out by name venezuela, north korea and iran for their threatening behavior. >> mr. president, do you have any comment about north korea? >> this will be a great week. we look forward to it. as far as north korea is concerned, i think most of you know how i feel. >> reporter: today president trump's audience will include u.s. allies, but also in the room, iran's president rouhani who will be closely listening for what trump will say about the 2014 iran nuclear deal. >> mr. president, do you plan to stay in the iranian knock deal? >> you'll see very soon. we're talking about it constantly. >> reporter: on day one at the u.n. trump made little mex of north korea but make no mistake, it will be a major subject of his speech today. you'll remember it was just a month ago that he warned of fire and fury, since then north korea's launched three missile tests. officials say the president will
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george, indeed, the entire world must do more to rein in kim jong-un or, of course, that military option is there. >> the biggest threat we face, jon karl, thanks very much. >> we bring in chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz to talk more about this. okay, so the president's speech today, expecting tough talk when it comes to north korea. those are words, what about actions, martha? >> well, as jon said, robin, he will call on the world to help but a military option does remain on the table. defense secretary jim mattis emphasized that again on monday. but he added something very intriguing to his comments saying there are military options that would not put south korea's capital seoul at grave risk if the u.s. acted against north korea. when you have seoul with 10 million people just 35 miles from the north korean border and you know that kim jong-un would retaliate, that is one reason a military option is so ugly but mattis would not go into detail but experts say i
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cyberattack or something they believe kim would not respond to or could not respond to militarily, robin. >> what about the recent military exercises? do they at least send some sort of message to north korea? >> robin, these most recent exercises are live fire exercises. they are real bombs on the warplanes and i went up in an f-16 fighter jet to the border which the u.s. patrols constantly. they were not armed. this week's exercises do send a strong message but kim knows what the u.s. is capable of doing and knows very well it is an option that no one wants to use and he surely factors that in, as well. which is why he continues with his nuclear program, robin. >> that's it. all right, martha, thank you very much. stay tuned later this morning, george will anchor our live coverage joined by martha and jon at 10:30 eastern time. >> we'll be here all morning long. 9 latest on the rust investigation. robert mueller and his team are zeroing in o p
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former campaign manager paul manafort as the senate intelligence committee prepares to question trump's personal lawyer michael cohen today. brian ross here with the details and, brian, it is clear that paul manafort in the crosshairs of the special counsel. >> that's right, george. the counsel appears to be closing in on its first indictment in the russia investigation. one-time campaign chairman paul manafort is the target. fbi agents raided his home over the summer and "the new york times" reports this morning that prosecutors have threatened him with indictment. it was just last friday that manafort's own public relations person jason maloni spent two hours before robert mueller. maloni declined to answer questions as he left the courthouse. veteran prosecutor andrew weissman, 1 of 16 seasoned attorneys working for mueller. weissman, the former hid of the fraud section is known as an aggressive prosecutor, best known for taking down major mafia figures
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crooks. manafort has made millions of dollars as a washington lobbyists whose clients are people tied to russia and people close to him say he's preparing for a serious and strenuous legal battle. >> we know he was wiretapped. one of the big questions is whether president trump was picked up in those taps. michael cohen going into the senate intelligence committee today. >> cohen is a guy that knows all of trump's secrets, both business and personal. michael cohen was deeply involved in the negotiations to build a trump tower in moscow. all at the very time candidate trump denied doing any business in russia. >> i don't deal there. i have no businesses -- i have no loans from russia. >> i have nothing to do with russia. i don't owe money. i don't have deals in russia. i don't know putin. >> i have nothing to do with russia. >> reporter: today cohen will be asked if what his boss and client said is true. he already turned over documents that showed trump signed a nonbinding letter of intent with a russian company to build the
7:17 am
to a $4 million initial payment to trump. to broker the deal cohen used a russian board middleman with a criminal record, felix sater who wrote in one e-mail to cohen, buddy, our boy can become president of the usa and we can engineer it. i will get all of putin's team to buy in on this. >> if you believe the reports about mr. cohen and the effort to try to create trump tower moscow, to me that's a relevant piece of information. we'll want to follow anyone who has got ties to russia. >> reporter: cohen will tell investigators he briefed trump at least three types about the moscow tower deal. saying that he ultimately abandoned the project because of difficulties obtaining financing and government approval. george, robin. >> all right. >> brian, let's get over to ginger with more on hurricane maria. >> we're watching that hurricane now next up would be st. croix, vieques and a lot of the islands make ware wray into the hurricane-force wi
7:18 am
you see there and they extend quite far beyond that. gusts at certain times, wednesday afternoon looks like san juan could see at least a 90 plus-mile-per-hour gust then as it passes north and east of the dominican republic, punta kana could pick up 102-mile-per-hour wind gusts and the heavy rain and other impacts. st - dry & unseasonably warm through this weekend - fall arrives friday (4:02pm) - maria remains a major category 5 hurricane -- heading for puerto rico today: mix of clouds
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highs: 81-84 winds: n 5-15 mph tonight: partly cloudy. lows: 59-68 winds: n 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly sunny and unseasonably warm. highs: 84-88 winds: nw 5-10 mph guy, the last time we had two category 5 hurricanes landfalling or otherwise was 2007. it's been a decade. it's been a while. >> ginger, thanks very much. coming up those violent protests at georgia tech over the shooting death of a student. we'll tell you what that student's family is now saying. apple ceo tim cook, there he is, live in our studio. his first interview since unveiling the new iphone. the technology he thinks will change your life and wait until you see what he's going to show us right here on "gma." come on back. he drops back got a man wdown field, he throws., it's intercepted philips! he's at the 40,
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>> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. storm watch 7 is tracking 2 hurricanes, maria slamming the car cashingian, a category 5. jose is impacting local beaches. suzanne kennedy is live, how is it hooking out this? >> good morning melanie. hurricane jose, a category 1. we are feeling winds up to 20 miles an hour along the board walk in delaware. you can see there is intense suffer here. we are expecting rough surf throughout the day. they're expecting global flood ing and high winds as the storm moves up the atl
7:24 am
very serious concerns in the new england area, the outer cape and islands. we'll monitor this situation throughout the morning, bring you live errors.
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>> reporter: the one thing that could slow you down this morning is the fog. burning off until 9 orten am first baseman this morning. temperatures from the inner 60ss to the lower 70s. expected a high of 80 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds, breezy and humid. no travel delays, except around boston as jose stays off the coast. big waves at the beach, strong rip currents. remainder of the work week, quiet, seasonally warm in the 80 s. >> reporter: we're still looking at those delays on the outer loop of the beltway in prince georges county, the accident near joint base andrews near allen
7:27 am
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ber® healthy shape is a clear, taste-free, 100% natural daily fiber... that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! [000:30:11;00] welcome back to "gma." and you're looking at the new iphone x in action. it's got incredible new technology that's called augmented reality. dinosaurs everywhere, robin. it can help you do so much from organizing your home to organizing your life without spending a penny. i think we'd all like that and tim cook is here with much more on how it can change our live. >> that doesn't mean dinosaurs in your living room. >> there's so much you can do with it. tim will explain coming up. also right now, hurricane maria is slamming the caribbean making landfall overnight as a category 5 storm in dominica. that area already seeing so much
7:31 am
destruction this morning. to puerto rico where they're warning of catastrophic damage. this as the northeast braces for hurricane jose's effects. there are coasting flood watches and warnings from new england to the mid-atlantic. president trump is preparing to deliver his first address to the united nations general assembly this morning. a crucial speech where he's expected to lay out his america first ideology and call out adversaries like north korea and iran. >> we'll cover that starting around 10:30 eastern. we begin with chaos on georgia tech's campus overnight. protests erupted and two officers injured as crowds demonstrated over a student killed by campus police. there are new questions about the incident this morning. abc's steve osunsami is in atlanta with the details. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, george. what happened at this campus police station behind me was not the work of the peaceful demonstrators marching in the streets last night but people who were here who we know tell us instead what happened was the
7:32 am
result of outsiders who came here ihi campus police. the protests over a police shooting death at georgia tech turned violent overnight. it's not clear if the people who broke from the crowd and attacked campus police were even students but they torched this campus police car and wounded two georgia tech officers who had to be hospitalized. drop the knife. >> drop it. >> drop the knife. >> reporter: students on campus were outraged and upset after the shooting seen in this cell phone video. 21-year-old scout schultz a fourth year computer engineering major was killed saturday after police responded to calls that someone was outside a residence hall with a knife and a gun. police say that schultz was suicidal and was the one who made that call to 911. and in the cell phone video you hear him tell police to shoot him. >> no, drop the gun. >> reporter: his parents say it's clear in the video their son was having a mental
7:33 am
breakdown and say the officer who shot him >> he was having a mental health crisis so you have to expect him to not follow orders. >> there's a huge gaping hole in our family without scott. >> reporter: scott was the head of georgia pride alliance, an lgbt group on campus. in a statement overnight the family asked that those who wish to protest scout's death do so peacefully. answering violence with violence is not the answer. scout's family tells us scout tried to kill himself a few years ago on campus and has been on medication and in treatment since so this is a lot more complicated, the shooting. they want officers here to have tasers and not just guns. >>ing 0, steve, thanks very much. michael. >> all right, george, coming up apple's ceo tim cook one-on-one with robin. he is here live showing us the new technology he says will change our lives. we can't wait to see it. it looks pretty cool.
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try new light & fit with zero artificial sweeteners. upstairs early because i'm back now with apple's ceo tim cook. here for his first interview since the launch of the highly anticipated and revolutionary new iphones 8 and x with facial recognition and cutting-edge augmented reality technology. ar. something you can have in your hands and use for the first time today. it's going to be downloaded
7:38 am
today in all these phones you have here and tim change our lives and so wonderful to have you here live with us, tim cook, ladies and gentlemen. >> thank you, thank you. thank you. >> yes. thank you for the live demo yesterday and earlier this morning ginger and some kids had a great time with ar. they were playing with various games and people want to know, augmented reality. it's different. >> yep. >> it's new. that's on apple right now, in fact, it's going to be downloaded later today. tell us why it's a big deal. >> this is huge because it's the first time that hundreds of millions of customers actually later today hundreds of millions of customers will be able to use ar for the first time. so we're bringing it to mainstream. if you have an iphone 6s or later you have augmented reality today. we've made it really simple for developers to design apps with their passion and bring it to everybody.
7:39 am
>> explain what it is, ar. >> it's taking the virtual world world. and so you saw a democrat poe earlier to position chairs in a living room. >> we're seeing that right now. >> it's a fantastic way to shop. it's a fantastic way to learn. you might even want to look at your favorite car and actually go in the car and so you have to do that in a showroom today, you can now do that right from your living room. it's unbelievable. [ applause ] >> well, it's fun. face it as you're talking about we're look at the set and looking at how we just saw it -- see, that's what we're seeing right now and then when we had the demonstration earlier it shows such a difference. now we have to admit ar has been around for awhile but apple is putting its stamp on it. what's making it different. >> we're taking the complex and making it simple. i mean, this is what apple is so
7:40 am
fantasticat we want everybody to be able to use ar and so we've taken the complexity that developers would normally have to do in their apps and made it simple for them to convert all of their apps to an ar experience. and the thing that's very different about apple is in one day, we can make ar available for hundreds of millions of people and that will happen in a few hours from now. >> get ready for the download. you know when it says a download that's what's going to happen on your phone. >> this is a day to remember. this is a day to remember. this is a profound day. >> let's talk a little about the 8 and 10. the two new phones and wonderful options part of it. but there's one facial recognition that's getting a lot of attention. people are saying, wait a minute here. what is the potential of -- because we're talking about this facial data, millions of people and the potential that it could be misused or hacked. should people be concerned about that, tim?
7:41 am
>> not wit because we're about your privacy. we want to protect your data because we know it's yours, not ours. and so once you place your face in the phone, it's in the phone. apple doesn't have it. we've encrypted on your device. you make the decisions about who has it. not us. we're very protective of our customers' data because we believe that privacy is very important in this world, that there are hackers everywhere trying to steal your information. we want it to be yours. it is not ours. >> that's been the hallmark of apple from the very beginning. >> we fought very hard for it. >> the headphone jack gone. now the home button gone. i know you said the space is a premium on the phone. what's next? why the home button. >> you know, the home button is belogged but we think having an
7:42 am
edge-to-edge display such that the whole phone is will be loved even more and so we're doing that for all of us. >> okay. well, we have a couple of questions from our viewers but i do want to ask you one question, though, your response to when president trump announced that he was going to change the laws that protect d.r.e.a.m.ers, daca, you mentioned to your beloved apple employees that there were 250 d.r.e.a.m.ers that you have and you encouraged them and said you were dismayed by that but now that the president seems to be willing to at least compromise with the democrats are you encouraged by that at all? >> i am encouraged about it. these folk, i think this is really important for everybody to understand, these folks came to the country when they were very young. most of them don't even remember coming to the country because they were 1, 2, 3 years old at the time and these kids, if you talk to them, they deeply love this country. they have great jobs. they pay taxes.
7:43 am
these guys they're our co-workers and so we feel it's essential that we not only allow them to stay in our country but we welcome them, that we desire that they be here. i hope everyone reaches out and meets some of the d.r.e.a.m.ers, because it will really warm your heart in meeting them. and so i am encouraged that congress will pass a law to make this permanent and we're doing everything we can to advocate for that. >> good we're having this dialogue. thank you for discussing that. okay. back to the phone and the questions from -- they didn't hold back. you know that. you know they never hold back. one viewer asks, you knew this was coming. i understand inflation, et cetera, but don't you find the price tag for the iphone x out of reach for the average american? >> well, it's a value price actually for the technology that you're getting and as it turns
7:44 am
out, you periods of time. and so very few people will pay the price tag of the phone initially. also most people actually trade in their current phone and so that reduces the price further and some carriers even throw in subsidies and discounts. and so when we look at it, the phone -- the iphone in particular has become so essential in our daily lives, people want it to do more and more and more and so we built more and more technology in to be able to do that. >> i love how you told me you don't want to sell the most, you want to sell the best. >> apple has never been about selling the most of anything. we don't -- that is not our objective. our objectives are not big revenues. our objective is to make the best product that enriches people's lives. >> all right. >> we want to help people. >> i know you do. here's another question. this one says about face i.d.
7:45 am
can more than -- can more than one person use facial re kids on parents' phone, spouses, for instance? >> oh, that's a good question. i wouldn't recommend that one. i wouldn't recommend that. >> no. okay. so just leave it at that. >> i'd leave it at that. i wouldn't recommend that. >> steve jobs, when you had your announcement last week you got really emotional. his dna is still so much of apple. >> i walked in the theater that day and from the moment i walked in there, i know this may strange to your viewers, but i could feel him there. his dna is very much the dna of apple. and the way that his philosophy of life is how we run the company. we don't sit and think about what would steve do? but we think about the principles that apple is based on, a values-based company that is making insanely great products that are simple to use
7:46 am
for the technology takes backseat, not the front seat. the user experience is top for us. we want users to be happy. and so this company still runs like that today. and you can feel him in there. you can feel him in the products and in everything and i love it that way. >> very grateful and appreciate your passion and creativity. you and your team. get ready for that download. ar. >> you guys are going to love it. check it out. >> tim cook, thank you very much. always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you, robin. thank you. >> we'll be right back. [ applause ] o might mean a trip back to the doctor's office, just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home... ...with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. neulasta helps reduce infection risk by boosting your white blood cell count, which strengthens your immune system. in a key study, neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%... ...a 94% decrease.
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available at lowe's. on today's big board a moment of inspiration. take a look at this determined marathon runner. just would not quit. >> she would not quit at all. that is devon bieling. she collapsed just before she completed the race but refused to give up and rolled, as you can see, over the finish line. what a way to finish. we've seen top runners get a helping hand before to the finish line. remember these two famous moments right here, family members helping a loved one complete their races but devon would not be stopped. she didn't want anybody's help. she did it herself determined to finish this race in washington state. a race she needed to complete to possibly get into the boston marathon. you think she -- >> i don't know whether she'll get in but that looks like tough
7:51 am
road. just for being glad she got across the finish line. when we come back we'll come back to a red hot start to "dancing with the stars." early handicapping on who will take home the trophy. tony dovolani will break it all down. i'm a migraine sufferer and i'm an emt. when i get a migraine at work, it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community. i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works
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7:55 am
now we've "good morning america" is brought to you by geico.
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15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. storm watch 7 has been tracking hurricanes today. let's check in with v.j. for a look at the forecast. >> reporter: one thing that could slow you touch is the fog. probably not burning off until 9 or 10:00 a.m. temperatures from the upper 60s to the mid 70s by lunchtime. expect a high of 80 degrees with a mixture of clouds around sunshine. no travel delays until areas like new york city, around boston for today as jose stays off the coast but there will be big waves at the beach and strong represent currents. remainder looking quiet, high, seasonally warm in in the mid 80
7:57 am
s. >> hovering off the midatlantic coast. suzanne kennedy live. how are conditions there? >> reporter: well, right now we just got wind and rain coming through our area. we just had high tide about 7:3. this is going to be the case throughout the day here as wear expecting high winds in the neighborhood of 20 to 30 miles an hour, high seas about 67 to 10 feet. these conditions will be dangerous to be on the beach. we have seen people checking out 2 conditions. right now just wind and rain in the area. reporting live,, back to you. >> anchor: now a check on the rose. steve how is it moving? >> reporter: not too badly considering we have an accident here. looking at the accident. looks like it's just about to clear, northbound i95 toward the occoquan. in the existing backup, looks like they're moving out of the
7:58 am
way. we'll head over to the seat of that all morning north of branch avenue near allen town road. cleared away now, very slow. north on the beltway toward joint base andrews. on the beltway near colesville road, the accident cleared away. now we have the usual volume from 95 around georgia avenue.
7:59 am
that back yip still with us on ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans
8:00 am
to good paying jobs in virginia. corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking at this hour hurricane maria makes landfall as a category 5 storm pummeling the caribbean aisles. dominica hit hard and the prime minister there says they will need help of all kinds after 160-mile-an-hour winds and rain and it's taking aim at puerto rico and jose threatening the east coast. our team tracking both. the new alert from ginger ahead. daring escape. this woman faking a seizure to avoid being mugged after this note was dropped in her lap saying guns were pointed at her telling her to hand over her wallet and her phone if she wanted to live. how the tv show "law & order"
8:01 am
helped her get away. health alert. dollars on fertility tests by using at home versions right from the drugstore? how they work and are they right for you? dr. ashton here with the latest. and we're getting animated. it's the most anticipated new movie about it in theaters and we're lucky enough to be on it. >> everyone is on pins and needles. >> the cast of the new lego movie taking over times square this morning. they're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. >> so nice our co-stars could be here. wasn't it, michael? >> i'm a little hurt. the cast of "lego ninjago movie" here this morning. you made the final cut. >> yeah, we made the final cut. co-stars may be pushing it but
8:02 am
we were hosts of "good morning, ninjago or >> we were surprised we made the cut because you never know. great to have the whole cast here. >> i keep telling them we've all worked together. you know i worked with you in the movie. >> we have a lot to get to. homecoming time for a lot of students. what would you do 23 your child's school asked them to turn in photos of what they're wearing before they go to the dance, the prom. one school district is doing that and that's sparking a big debate. >> i bet it is. that top story in our morning rundown. ginger, straight to you. a new alert from the national hurricane center. >> still 160-mile-per-hour max sustained winds with hurricane maria which made history overnight being the first category 5 landfalling hurricane in dominica. and what you're seeing here is guadeloupe so that's the island to the north. that's only the video we're seeing so far. unfortunately, haven't seen any images out of dominica. we've just heard reports of a lot of damage. you can see some of the flooding there lashing some of those islands. st. croix, the u.s. virgin islands, british virgin islands and puerto rico up next as far
8:03 am
as direct hits and this, even if it is a category 4, that is still creating catastrophic damage so you have a hurricane warning as the track right now passes just over the northeast corner of puerto rico. that's fajardo and that's wednesday into early thursday north and east of the dominican republic and east of most of the islands of turks and bahamas and stays away from florida and looks like late into the weekend we'll still watch it out in the atlantic. that is maria. really quickly just want to mention jose could bring high surf up to ten feet and tropical storm-force winds 60 miles per hour for places like nantucket. >> mike, what do you got? >> i have linzie janis on the jersey shore in belmar. you're starting to see the effects of hurricane jose already. >> reporter: we sure are, michael. wind, rain and rough surf. these waves behind me have been reaching up to ten feet in some spots. they're expected to get up to 15
8:04 am
feet and that is why there is concern about storm surge and it's also extremely dangerous out there in the water. they do not want swimmers or surfers in these waters. there are deadly dangerous rip currents. over the weekend this beach was open. they had to do a couple of saves. it was already starting to get bad. and in atlantic city they are keeping lifeguards on duty just to protect walkers. there's concern that people walking too close to the water could end up getting swept away. this beach essentially closed for the season because of jose. even the pier behind me closed for safety reasons. they're also expecting big wind gusts in this area up to 40 miles per hour. it's going to be even worse further up the coast. mike. >> we can see the surf kicking up behind her. to you to rob in san juan, puerto rico, where they're bracing for a possible direct hit from hurricane maria. it could happen in the next, what, 36 hour, rob? >> yeah, 24, robin. i mean tomorrow this time it will look a whole lot different than it is right now and really
8:05 am
some of the tourists are still the preparations though are being rushed to completion for sure after seeing some of the images that came out of guadeloupe and dominica overnight when folks saw some of those reports anxiety jumped up. roofs ripped off and some parts complete devastation. storm surge here that comes up against some of these hotels. some of them are well fortified. others not. the governor admitting that the infrastructure in many areas is poor and begging some of the people that live in those homes to get to 1 of the 450 shelters open on this island and could hold over 100,000 people and rationing food, water and supplies for the hurricane. want to make sure there's enough of those survival supplies for people here. that may be without some of those things without power for days or weeks. a storm we haven't seen since maybe 1928, a cat 5, talking about generations. >> thank you very much.
8:06 am
our weather team have been out there nonsp. coming up, one in eight couples struggle to get pregnant. could you help your chances and save thousands of dollars with at home fertility tests? dr. ashton is here. and one woman's daring escape after being threatened on a train. did she figure out out to do it from an episode of "law & order" and, lara, what is going on upstairs. >> big night on "dancing with the stars." maks and vanessa teaming up burning up the ballroom, right? so good. who will come out on top? we'll break it all down. we have a fabulous audience here so get up here, you guys. "good morning america," coming up. ♪ ah the moon belongs to everyone ♪ ♪ the best things in life they're free ♪ ♪ stars belong to everyone ♪ ♪ they cling there for you and for me ♪ ♪ flowers in spring ♪ the robins that sing ♪ the sunbeams that shine ♪ they're yours and their mine
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♪ good morning, ninjago. >> yes. >> yes. >> i saw the whole cast. >> the whole cast. >> i know. they'll be here in the last half hour to talk with us. >> do we get to keep these? >> why? >> if you want to, michael. >> who doesn't want to see a lego. >> there you have it. >> that's all -- >> for your viewing pleasure while i do "pop news." are we ready? >> yeah. good morning, everybody. great audience here. good-bye, good-bye, lego robin. good-bye, lego michael and good morning, america. >> hey. [ applause ] so you guys, i don't know if you heard about lady gaga. we are hoping lady gaga is doing okay this morning. the grammy winner announcing she has to postpone her european leg of the world tour due to a medical situation. taking to instagram to describe her battle with fibromyalgia
8:12 am
saying i have to be with my doctors so i can be strong and 60 year or so and included a statement from live nation confirming her shows won't be back until early 2018. until then she'll spend the next seven months healing from her chronic pain that this causes. her european shows were set to begin on september 21st in barcelona. gaga, you know we love you. rooting for you. take your time and come back strong. [ applause ] so, if you are a fan of the hbo show "girls," we have good news for you. lena dunham one of the smartest gals in the biz is busy reteaming with her co-star for a brand-new show. what that show is is still unclear. the pair remaining tight-lipped while discussing their upcoming project simply saying we're back in business, people. and fans will definitely get to see -- this is from lena. she says i promise you get to see awkward situations, check.
8:13 am
characters showing their selves, check. that's right up your alley, in addition to this untitled project they have a new movie coming out and documentary series in the works, both for hbo. >> working girls. >> busy, yeah. >> congratulations, ladies. looking forward to that. quirky, creative and smart. finally abba has figured out a way to tour even without showing up. the swedish pop stars have announced they will be re-created into digital many after virginia tars for a virtual reality tour in 2019. yes. [ applause ] or you can just stay home and listen to abba albums. the holograms will be projected in front of a live band and use vocals from their 1977 australian world tour. until now we have only seen holograms used in musical performances by artists who were deceased but the members of abba are still very much alive. >> we're not going to hear any
8:14 am
of their music. >> i requested it and decided didn't notice that there was no music playing. no abba. so just in your head sing an abba song for me, will you? "dancing queen." thank you, fonsi. band member bennie anderson tells "the herald sun," quote, it's perfect. we can be on stage while i'm home walking the dogs. >> serious? >> that's a quote from benny and this is really happening in 2019 so get ready for abba, the avatar tour. >> if they do it, others will follow if it's successful. >> sure will. >> like a dance party with music that you can hopefully hear. >> nope. >> no? all right. i tried. i know. we love you. you brought it up. i just want to say. want me to move on. >> yes. >> thank you. [ applause ] we got a wild story right now about a quick thinking woman
8:15 am
who saved herself from a robbery turns out it's something she learned by watching tv and diane macedo has the story. >> anyone who rides the subway has seen some weird stuff but in this case even the police say they've never seen anything like this. first someone slips in woman a threatening note. then she fakes a seizure to avoid handing over her wallet. now we're hearing from her and self-defense expert on how we can all stay safe. julie dragland was on a san francisco train when a note landed in her lap. >> i was really scared. probably maybe the most scared i have a ever been. >> reporter: the note read there are two guns pointed at you now. if you want to live, hand back your wallet and phone now. do not turn around and be discreet. >> i was thinking about leaving the country today. >> reporter: too scared to confront the suspect dragland decided to fake a seizure, apparently her plan worked. other passengers ran over to make sure she was okay and the suspect got off at the next
8:16 am
stop. years. the first time i've heard of anything happening as it reeled to that. >> reporter: these surveillance videos were released after a possible suspect. >> fortunately the victim had the presence of mind to look at the number of the train car and give that information to our police officer. so with that information we were able to download the video and review the video. >> reporter: dragland says she may have a television show to thank. >> it might have been "law & order." i don't know why i did it. >> reporter: fitness and self-defense expert says while the faked seizure worked for dragland he has more practical tips on how to stay safe. >> the biggest suggestion i'd give is make noise, yell, say help. that actually really does work. >> reporter: but if things do get physical, try this. >> what i want you to do is grab my wrist here and then reach back as asghar farhadi, scoot your hips back toward me. >> right there but that's exactly what would happen.
8:17 am
so, you know, in these scenarios the element of surprise and you only have seconds to really do something which is why you need to train these. >> you heard the man. you need to train so i think we should do more training and i think ginger should come and help me out. >> okay. >> why not. love a little defense. we saw what to do if they grab you from behind. easier if they grab you from the front. i'm going to hold the back of your neck. >> help. >> okay. we decided that's not working. no one here will help you. so you lift this shoulder as high as you can and turn that way and it automatically. >> what happens is the strength of your hole is pushing against your wrist. that wasn't me letting go. it works every time and works with two hand, as well. >> with both hands. >> you still get away like that. >> ready? >> just like that. i didn't let go. >> he says that what happens in most of these cases especially
8:18 am
if you're caught off guard is that you freeze and so the biggest thing is to try to avoid this. be aware of your surroundings, don't be buried in your phone because you become a target. >> that's good advice. >> great advice. >> thank you, diane and ginger, thank you for the help, as well. now we go to that high school dress code that is spark a backlash. a cool in wisconsin is requiring students to submit photos of their dresses before they can buy tickets to the homecoming dance. amy is here with the details. good morning, amy. >> good morning. more than half of school districts in the united states enforce some sort of dress code but this particular high school is taking things to a new level and sparking outrageous before its homecoming dance. some are saying it seems to just be targeting female students. strapless, low back and cutouts were some of the hottest dress trends at the emmys but these hollywood looks won't be allowed at one high school's homecomeing. >> we're not allowed to wear two-priest dress, have not been able to show any of our back, strapless, low cut, anything like that.
8:19 am
>> >> reporter: nicole is wisconsin where dress codes have been strict and recently the administration sent an e-mail reminding parents and students that before purchasing a ticket, we are requiring all dress-wearing students or non-phs guests to provide a picture of themselves in their homecoming attire. >> i think the fact we have to submit a photo of ourselves wearing it front and back is a little bit kind of creepy to me. >> reporter: but nicole's friend calista who carefully chose her dress according to guidelines are concerned it may not make the cut. >> it has a little cutout at the chest which i'm worried about. >> reporter: the school says they require these dress photos in advance so students aren't turned away at the night of the dance. >> honestly i'd much rather get turned away at the door than to send a picture of myself wearing a dress. >> i just don't want them to go too far to the point where when you go shopping and can't find anything because you're worried about the back, the front, worried about everything.
8:20 am
>> reporter: while almost 64% of schools have dress codes some thinks this sends the wrong message. >> what we're looking at arbitrary standards that an adult gets to decide and what to does is shame the young person and says you don't get to belong here because of the way that your body looks. >> reporter: on monday they updated their policy saying if someone feels uncomfortable sending in a picture, a parent can e-mail an administrator saying their child understands the guidelines and will comply with the dress code. >> and amy and i are joined by ericka souter from and thanks for joining us. but this dress code, it seemed to target female students and what a message is it accepting to young girl sfs we try to teach our kids that girls and boys are equal. this is the exact opposite message and what parents are telling us they're worried if there's too much focus on their young girls' bodies and may make them more self-conscious and
8:21 am
make them feel like sexual objects an teaches are problems and what they wear is a problem. >> amy, we both have girls about the same age so i'm curious, with you, do you think the dress codes for dances are even a good idea necessarily. >> my daughters have gone to a school where they have a school uniform and it was very strict. now my daughter da is in public high school and, whoa, is it different. i do think an institution has a right to say we want to set certain standards but they should apply to both girl answer boys and shouldn't just be targeted toward girls. i think it's ridiculous and offensive to ask you to send a picture of your daughter front and back for them to inspect. that to me is outrageous. >> yeah, i agree on that point. but if you do have your child and amy said, whoa. and walking out the house or they want to wear something you're not too sure about how do you have the conversation with them. >> quell, you know it's okay for parents to set rules. you can tell your i hads can there is an appropriate way to dress. that's what our job is as
8:22 am
parents. but you also them for the reality and reality is that the world can judge you by what you look like. and they may make assumptions. on the other end for boys prepare them to an tell them ow to treat women. no matter what they wear they should be treated with respect. >> when they're in my house they dress by my rules. >> mama robach has smokin'. >> more than 200 miles north of cape hatteras. 40-mile-per-hour gusts for virginia and north carolina and tropical storm watches and warnings from long island up to - dry & unseasonably warm through this weekend - fall arrives friday (4:02pm) - maria remains a major category 5 hurricane -- heading for puerto rico today: mix of clouds and sun. breezy. highs: 81-84 winds: n 5-15 mph tonight: partly cloudy. lows: 59-68 winds: n 5-10 mph
8:23 am
wednesday: mostly sunny and unseasonably warm. winds: nw 5-10 mph >> now to our "gma" home consumer lab. this morning we're taking a closer look at at home fertility tests and whether they can help you save money and start your family. abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: at home fertility kit, more and more couples are turing to them. >> oh, thank you. >> reporter: meet utah native melissa holmes. a 30-year-old blogger and stay-at-home mom of three and virginia native jennifer brennan, a 42-year-old i.t. specialist blogger and mom to three kids under the age of 5. though they now have the families they dreamed of, conceiving wasn't always so easy. in fact, resolve, the national infertility association estimates one in eight american
8:24 am
couples struggle to get pregna conceive my first child. it didn't happen right away for me and for most of us women it does not happen right away. >> reporter: but melissa and her husband tried for months with little success. >> we tried and had a miscarriage. so we assumed we could get pregnant. but after almost a year of trying again, we weren't able to get pregnant. >> reporter: she turned to at home fertility testing. there are several options available at most drugstores. ovulation trackers, fertility monitors and ovarian reserve tests for women and even fertility tests for men. >> after five months of using the sticks we found out we were pregnant. >> reporter: melissa and jennifer did the most common, ovulation sticks. jennifer echoing the same success with her first and second child. >> i was 35 when i started trying for my first baby. and i think i started using them pretty much right away just to try to figure out when i could
8:25 am
get >> reporter: at home one month supply costs on average $40 compared to inclinic testing which could cost upwards of $10 per round of testing. >> i know it saved us thousands of dollars. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to mara and senior medical contributor dr. jen ashton is here. your wheelhouse. ob/gyn. when you talk about these tests in your office, what do you tell your patients? >> so fertility 101 let's get right into it. a couple of things, number one i think it's important as a society and medically we shift this paradigm from one of infertility to for felt and helps to do that. two, you have to remember there are multiple factors that go on in fertility, so a good result on a test doesn't mean you'll get pregnant just like a bad result doesn't mean you won't get pregnant. in fact, for any average healthy young couple their chances of conception per cycle only about 20%. so that's important and lastly,
8:26 am
it takes two. contributes about 30% of the time. a lot of these home testing not all focus on women. we need to include the men on these as well. >> so when you talk about this, this isn't in lieu of going to the doctor. >> no, absolutely. it's just the beginning. i want you to think of it as this analogy of this beautiful rose. the rose -- see, it took me weeks to grow this at home. the rose signifying a live birth or a pregnancy and we have to remember soil, leave, water, sun, a lot goes into fertility including anatomy. hormonal factors, male factors and female factors. >> a lot of apps out there. >> yeah. >> concerns? >> bottom line is in medicine you shouldn't do a test unless ideally you know what you'll do with the results of that test. >> amen to that. all right, jen, thanks so much. coming up we're breaking down all the action on "dancing
8:27 am
with the stars." [ applause ] >> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. there are several flights leav ing our area for puerto rico set to get hit by hurricane maria. sam sweeney is live this morning. sam, the clock is ticking right now for those that want to get down to puerto rico and those who want to get out of puerto rico. we just checked in with southwest, one more night at 8:50 this morning. there are more than 106 people booked. every one said they are going down to be there with family members and help to board up their homes. if you're flying out and want to switch your ticket most of the
8:28 am
airlines are offering waivers, head to the airport. reporting live, sam sweeney, now back to you. >> anchor: thank you very much around here you can expect a warm and humid day. here is veronica johnson. >> reporter: one thing that could slow you down is the fog. probably not burning off until 9 or 10:00 a.m. temperatures from the upper 60s to the mid 70s by lunchtime. expect a high of 80 degrees with a mixture of clouds around sunshine. still breezy and humid. no travel delays until areas like new york city, around boston for today as jose stays off the coast but there will be big waves at the beach and strong rip currents. remainder looking quiet, high, seasonally warm in in the mid 80s. >> reporter: and another thing slowing you down is the beltway. on the early of the beltway, new hampshire avenue in that backup from 95 and college park around to georgia avenue and silver spring. right now no accidents or incidents, gist very heavy volume there.
8:29 am
head over to the be virginia, now we see the traffic on the inner loop on the left headed northbound on 495 through
8:30 am
tyson's corner, slowing you down as well. the earlier accident, ♪ wonderful. wonderful to have you all here and michael, it was great to see you out there on the field with your teammates ten years ago the super bowl champion new york giants. >> yes. ten years. [ applause ] time really flies. it was great to see those guys. i haven't seen most of those guys in ten years so great to catch up with everybody. big night. coach coughlin came in. he's running the jacksonville jaguars and came back to show his love and the city and fans are amazing here. it was nothing like winning that super bowl because it kind of improbable that we had a chance so great to see the guy, great
8:31 am
to be a part of it and >> it was worth it. >> it was worth it. but thank you. >> coming down the line holding -- >> you know, i said, touch this trophy. you earn i had it. speaking of bedtime i dreamed -- who here remembers your dreams? >> i do. >> you do? >> i do. >> yeah, i'm like my man, yeah, i think i do but i'm going to bring something to you, there's something in a new article in "time" magazine. it looks at the different theories why we dream and one theory is dreams is a data dump. just dumping all that stuff that's in your head throughout the day. useless memories to keep the important ones. another terry says they represent your wishes, what you're hoping for and who has dreamt of flying? you almost fell off that chair back there. [ laughter ] >> she's so embarrassed. you are so red right now. >> well, if you -- my man there
8:32 am
he's dreamt of flying and gave us well, you know what that means. >> what does it mean? what does it mean? >> oh, look at the cameras, too, ladies. you're supposed to be at work. you're fired. dreaming of flying means that you need to be free of something. >> ooh. so it got me thinking why don't we see if you have any idea what some of these common things that occur in your dreams really mean so with some research and we went deep into this. we'll test your knowledge. what does it mean if you have a dream that you are back in school? >> what does it mean? >> yeah. what do you think it means if you dream -- >> there's something you haven't finished. >> i have that dream a lot. >> yeah? >> that i haven't gone to class all semester long and then it's the final and i'm panicking. >> you know what it means? >> what? >> you're connected to your job. >> are you sure? i thought it meant something like unfinished. >> okay. okay.
8:33 am
>> i'm conne ladies and gentlemen. >> what does it mean if you dream about a dog? >> it means the dog came into your bed. >> that's reality. >> loyalty. loyalty. >> you know, that's good. loyalty and friendship. yeah, come on. you know that. her little dog is running around backstage right now. >> i know. >> what does it mean not that you're flying but if you dream of airplanes? >> i don't know but i do dream about that. >> because we're always on them. >> i don't know what it means. >> it means a journey for which you have high hopes. >> oh, okay. >> yeah. >> okay. >> this is all positive stuff. don't be scared. >> i'm not scared. >> anyone ever dream about a baby. >> ali did last week. >> oh, george, congratulations. it means something new. don't worry. something new. >> i wouldn't mind a baby. >> that's the thing. you want another baby?
8:34 am
>> too late. >> never too late. favorite dreams, what if you dream about -- >> food. >> yum. >> don't try to read it. trying to cheat on the test. what if you dream about food? >> you're hungry. >> you're hungry. >> that's what i thought too. it means energy, knowledge or nourishment. >> what does that mean. >> hey, i just read -- certain times don't ask me questions about what i'm awking about. this is one. >> no follow-up rule. >> someone was tweeting me and i got a lot of tweets. they have the dream of their teeth falling out. >> i looked that one up. >> brush your teeth. >> it means fear of aging. >> okay. >> yeah. getting older and ageing? >> that's a very common dream. >> really? >> i don't have that dream. >> i didn't have that dream. i had that reality. >> all right. thank you, guys. now to all the excitement in
8:35 am
the ballroom, season 25 of "dancing with e got dancing pro season 15 mirror ball champ tony is here. [ applause ] >> hi. >> in you go. there you go. >> no, no, no. >> george. >> nice to see you. >> hello, baby. nice to see you. >> how you doing, man. >> congratulations on last night. >> thank you. >> you did awesome. >> i think season 26 we'll see lara spencer out there after that. >> no. >> i would love to see these two out there. >> oh, would you. >> you know, i've been like begging you to do the show. >> i'd love to see these two out there. >> yes. >> george is pretty busy with political interesting things. >> we just got finished with that dream segment. that will be a dream. >> i was looking at that and my whole life i've been pretty much dieting and when you retire
8:36 am
guess what you do, diet because you can't eat. this is a good look on you. >> my wife likes me with a beard? that's all that matters. >> are you sure sure? sometimes we see the dancers take a break and come back. >> listen, i love the show. it's one of my favorite shows that, you know, even as an audience member so i enjoy it at home and my 12-year-old daughter says something really interesting to me. she said, watching the show, she says, daddy, you know, do you miss it? i go, well, i do miss it. >> she goes but do you love being home? i go, absolutely. so that's the most important part. >> last night. >> what really caught you? what were the emotions? >> it was amazing. [ applause ] i thought the show did such a fantastic job on presenting all the stars. i thought victoria was the breakout for me with val. i thought that was such an amazing, you know, background story. paralyzed and then shows up on the ballroom floor. that's amazing to me. i don't think anything could
8:37 am
ever surpass that as far as a first week thought nick was the front runer. >> yeah, i totally -- yeah, no. he did not do very well for me considering drew is his brother, i thought he would have, you know, pretty much the same genes. obviously he got the hype but not the beat. >> oh, man. >> listen, good thing is the trophy might stay in the same family because vanessa was my biggest surprise. because i thought her and maks looked fantastic. the routine was great. very creative with the babies and the strollers and the whole thing and then she got on the floor and mama could shake it. >> that didn't surprise me. >> she had like personality and so on. >> i like her. i'm rooting for her. >> i was surprised with that. in fact, the one that really like i was pleased to see because my expectation was pretty high was jordan. jordan fisher. to me i mean this kid is a disney kid, broadway kid. all right.
8:38 am
let's see what you got and i was like, wow, he's >> he's a pro. >> he is. >> when i saw ink goer she was talking about the same thing. he was head and shoulders above everybody else. >> underdog? >> i was surprised and pleased actually in so many ways frankie. i think he did such an emotional -- [ applause ] you know, it was an emotional type of thing. you could see like he was getting shy. the package was wonderful. i thought it was really great to watch him kind of shine, you know, because he's been on tv all his life and just to see him get on the dance floor and really represent himself in such a wonderful way. >> he was excited about it. >> he really was. >> we have a special surprise question from an audience member. where is that audience member? oh, there he is right there. everybody. [ applause ] >> mr. donald driver himself. what's your question, sir, since you are a dancing expert. >> champion.
8:39 am
>> let me say this, we know that i'm probably the best athlete >> oh. >> but i have to say this to you, tony. do you think athletes make great dancers? >> absolutely. i think because not only because they are actually rhythmically much better in a sense that they work out with rhythm. you have to have rhythm in order to have a good workout and build yourself up. as an athlete you are used to the workout regimen. when you come to a dance show like ours if you don't have a work ethic you're not going to make it. that's why athletes always do well. they have a work ethic. it's why they're obviously successful, michael. get you there. but you are definitely one of the fittest by far the fittest i believe we've ever had. >> for sure. >> oh, boy. >> oh. there. >> remember. >> what a loaded question.
8:40 am
that's all i'm going to say. 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. we got more of donald coming up. plus the cast of "lego ninjago movie." they are herei'm a lawyer, and i have clients,
8:41 am
and i am proud to do of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general,
8:42 am
and i sponsored this ad. arrr. welcome back. good morning, new world. ahoy, mateys.
8:43 am
land lovers, pirate africans, i'm trying to talk like a pirate >> you be doing fantastic. >> across america we're celebrating national talk like a pirate day with pirate jordan right here on my left. >> ahoy. >> here from our sponsor long john silver's restaurants and they across the country today are celebrating the special day with a golden treasure so tell us about it. >> absolutely. so today for national talk like a pirate day if you go into any long john silver's compliments of myself and my friend twinkie the kid you can get a golden delicious bar of gold, deep fried twinkie. now, everyone here will get a deep fried twinkie. that is if, if you can translate the mother tongue of buccaneers. are you ready? long john silver's is battening down the hatches and giving away free bars of gold. >> it means that everybody gets a golden treasure. they're battening down the hatches for national talk like a
8:44 am
pirate day. we got it guys. showers east - dry & unseasonably warm through this weekend - fall arrives friday (4:02pm) - maria remains a major category 5 hurricane -- heading for puerto rico today: mix of clouds and sun. breezy. highs: 81-84 winds: n 5-15 mph we're here with the star-studded cast of the new movie "lego ninjago" fighting to defend their island home. >> it's great to have dave franco, welcome, dave, justing they are row, olivia munn, fred armisen and michael pena. i don't know about -- so exciting. i mean, saw you with your legos. how excited are your family members about seeing it. >> mine are excited. i play his favorite lego and we've been building it for five years. well not one thing for five
8:45 am
years but we've little things because they have this whole like a tv show for two seasons. not six seasons apparently. >> oh, wow. >> that's it. that's my story, i'm sticking to it. >> well, you know, dave, you're the youngest of three boys. >> yep. >> and your, of course, james franco, another actor. but i understand your nephews are big into ninjas, i mean, legos. >> yeah, they came to the premiere. i don't know if they are big into legos but they are now. >> because of you. >> well, one of them is saying he'll be the green ninja for halloween so i think i did my job. >> get it for free now. >> exactly. good uncle. >> well, the cool thing about "lego ninjago" is when we all signed on we wanted to do a lego movie because they were so amazing and loved them so much. but then we all found out that lego ninjago is like the fight club for kids like kids are obsessed with it and you don't really talk about it until
8:46 am
you're in it and find it and it's this whole world where they go crazy. like his son will tell you they go crazy over it. >> fight club for kids. >> they just fight with the l o legos, you know what i mean. he doesn't come home with bruises. >> justin, do you agree with that analogy. >> yeah, like i got the job when i had no clue this ninjago was even a thing and tell a friend, oh, my god, you're playing who and they freak out and you become this celebrity for 10 and unders. >> you are garmadon. can you give us a little of the evil -- >> come on. >> do it, do it. do it. >> you were clapping. you couldn't hear it. >> you clapped over it which is great. >> it was there. >> well, we are humbled that we could play just -- >> you are in the open of the movie. >> teeny part. >> how was the experience? oh, now we feel like we're being
8:47 am
interviewed. it was really was cool to sit -- >> did you do it together. >> you really get it into. >> you got big laughs. you guys were in it a lot. >> did you record at the same time. >> yes. >> feed off each other. >> yes, we did but did you record -- >> we did one epic recording session. >> well, it just so happens we have a clip and it's of us. >> oh. >> good morning, ninjago. i am robin roberts? and i'm michael strahan and i am pumped to be bringing you the news. >> pumped! [ applause ] >> you know this man, fred. >> i was pumped! but you know speaking of like voices for us it was kind of we're being ourselves but, fred, you've been on "saturday night live" and was on for 11 years. >> yeah. >> now, you've done so many amazing characters. did any one character in particular get your voice ready for the one you play in the
8:48 am
movie. >> it was me as me. sounding like ourselves except for justin. >> i recorded without them for the longest time and we went in to do a group record, i was like, wait, aren't you guys doing voices? >> why am i the only one. >> yeah. >> just me as me pretty much so i was preparing my whole life. [ laughter ] >> olivia, i love the instagram photos. quite ninja-like. >> yes. >> in some of these videos. >> yeah, well, i'm a practicing ninja. oh, yeah, that is me. yes. >> is that you training? >> well, that -- she was my fight trainer during all of "x-men" one of my best friends and i grew up doing tae kwon do so my asian mother is happy it's used in animation and real life. very happy. >> let me just say, it's wonderful, this movie and for everybody, young, old, doesn't
8:49 am
matter and it's wonderful at this time to be able to go into yourselves like that. >> yeah. >> i mean that. [ applause ] >> and it's wonderful to have you guys here. i mean i'm thinked. every time i get to see everybody i'm so happy. thank you guys for coming in. >> we love you. thanks for having it. >> "lego ninjago" hits theaters this friday.
8:50 am
8:51 am
coming up we're working out super bowl and "dancing with the stars" champion donald driver. >> yeah. and the man has a new fitness book out called "the 3d body revolution." you'll show us some of your favorite workout moves that you can do when you watch the big game or when you're dancing. >> yes, yes. so many people don't understand that you can do a lot of things when you're sitting at home watching the game. so what i did is i saidant wanted implement all these
8:52 am
things you can do w >> good idea. i knew that growing up. push-ups and sit-ups in between commercial breaks. >> that's why you are who you are. we'll make that happen for all of us right now. we have a -- we have a classic game time setup. living room couch. tables loaded with snacks. you have done the math. you are going to tell us what does it take off if you indulge in these things what will it take to work off these calories. this will make you think before you work out this way. >> here we go. now if you get a slice of pizza, okay, you would have to do 1,425 sit-ups. >> what? >> just to burn that off. now, as my kids they like to eat glazed doughnuts in the morning, for breakfast, for a glazed doughnut it's 190 calories but you would have to do 53 minutes of lunges. >> 53 minutes of lunges. >> this is like the diet right there, just say that and i'm never having one again. >> last but not least everybody
8:53 am
loves to have, what, fnc fries. >> i do love a pry. >> if you eat fries, now, it's 600 calories in fries. but you would have to do one hour and a half of swimming just to burn it. so y'all better stop eating all this stuff. >> we're quickly going to show moves. >> let's do it. >> come on up, everybody. >> audience participation here. >> the first thing we'll work on is we're going to not just do normal standard squats but a chair squat. push your butt back a bit and go. everybody looks good. there you go. there you go. good, good. okay. now, that's something you can do while you're sitting at home watching the game. >> lower body workout. >> now we're going to implement upper body workout and do the incline push-ups. let's go. >> okay. >> all right. here we go.
8:54 am
>> while we do this, we' g
8:55 am
you guys, we'll be right back you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today.
8:56 am
let's get it, america.
8:57 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm la hurricane maria slamming the caribbean as a category 5 storm. overnight the storm hit dominica with winds up to 160 miles an hour. puerto rico and the virgin islands are set to take a direct hit next. president trump set to deliver the first ever speak to the ninu general assembly at 10:30. focusing on the threats from north korea and president trump 's problems with the iron nuclear deal. you can watch at 10:30. now for the forecast, veronica johnson is here with that. >> reporter: one thing that could slow you down this morning is the fog. probably not burning off until 9 or 10:00 a.m. temperatures from the upper 60s to the mid 70s by lunchtime. expect a high of 80 degrees with a mixture of clouds around sunshine. still breezy and humid. no travel delays until areas
8:58 am
like new y boston for today as jose stays off the coast but there will be big waves at the beach and strong rip currents. remainder looking quiet, high, seasonally warm in in the mid 80s.please stand by. >> reporter: and we're seeing some local tramp delays headed -- travel delays headed north at the 14th street bridge. heavy leafing arlington county, over to 66. moving well both ways making your way eastbound and westbound route 50 inbound near 202 also very heavy and von the way from prince georges county in toward the district. on the beltway, new hampshire avenue still very slow on that stretch, outer loop, college park around to silver spring. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> anchor: all right.
8:59 am
9:00 am
more news, traffic and weather right now on good morning washington on news >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the hit series of "empire," demi moore. and anchor of "world news tonight," david muir. plus, see what happens when kelly put on her tapping shoes when we continue "live"'s "do it week." all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause]


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