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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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international airport. power outages, gas leaks and fires are widely reported. you get a sense of damage here when you see it from the sky from the abc7 drone. part of mexico city, this is interesting are built on what used to be a lakebed. the u.s. joe lage call survey says it can amplify the effects of a quake hundreds of miles away. as we get more information and pictures we will bring them to you. alison: lisa, thank you very much for that. the quake hit just as we are tracking the tropics tonight and two big storms being felt on land tonight. hurricane jose causing strong winds and rough surf along the eastern seeboard. then maria is wreaking havoc on the caribbean. in the last hour maria became category five storm again. >> in the caribbean it's the worst day va view. island battered by hurricane
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maria. a massive category five storm that you pummeled dominica tuesday morning. trees splitterred as maria's 160 miles per hour winds left doe minca in ruins. >> the first is search and rescue. >> puerto rico is in line for a direct hit. the island is home to 3 million u.s. citizens and chaptering hundreds of irma refugees. the governor is warning everyone on island to take shelter. >> complacency worries me the most. some people might not understand the magnitude of the hurricane. but it rooks to be catastrophic.
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above normal levels. all residents can do is worry and wait. for what may be the first category four or five storm to hit the island in 85 years. larry: live in the stormwatch7 weather center with josh knight. maria takes a similar path of irma, jose is off the east coast. josh: exactly. dealing with both. jose is bringing gusty winds to the beaches and miria with winds of -- maria of the winds of 165 miles per hour. gusts up to 200 miles per hour. incredibly strong storm. we getting a close view on the satellite. the high cloud tops and the power and convection in the storm. let's put a track on this. the latest update. category
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fast forward to morm morning wednesday around 2:00 in the afternoon off on the edge of puerto rico. hitting the island as a category four and continuing to track north. heavy rain is a problem there. hurricane jose off the coast of the mid-atlantic to bring us rain and gusty winds to the beaches. we look at what it means for us throughout the rest of the everything and heading later in the week coming up in a bit. larry: okay. thank you, josh. you can track the tropics yourself. alison: new information today about the police shooting that killed a 15-year-old in haymarket last week. today the police and the prosecutors say it was justified. but it not ease his family's painment >> oscar urbina's pain -- >> our lives have been es
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>> matched only by his outrage. >> this is a murder. the police brutality. >> on friday morning outside the home in haymarket his 15-year-old son ruben was shot and killed by a prince william county police officer. oscar says ruben stood five feet tall. >> it was a justifiable shooting. >> at 10:45 he called 911 claiming he was holding his mother hostage. he said he had a knife and a bomb strapped to the chest and saying that he did not mind if he was killed by police. four officers arrived and witnessed the 15-year-old striking his brother's girlfriend with the crowbar. >> they gave numerous commands, at least five to drop the crowbar but he came at the police with the crowbar raised. at which point one officer fired two shots at the upper body. >> to protect
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>> the officer were not wearing body camera and they are unable to locate video. >> they don't have cameras so they can say whatever they want. >> oscar urbina does not believe police but he forgives them. >> i woke up and i wrote a letter of forgiveness for the person i didn't even know that took my kid. i forgive you. >> the night before the shooting the young man tried to hang himself and he was dealing with mental health issues. the urbina family plans to hire an attorney. >> the correspondent scott thousandman reports president trump issued toughest threats yet in the speech to united nations general assembly. >> the u.s. continues to build military muscle, president
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warning, too. president trump: rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself. >> demanding the pursuit of a nuclear weapon that could reach the mainland. >> the united states has great strength and patience. if it is forced to defend itself or the allies we have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> but this is talk not all are comfortable with. >> do other world leaders think they are at odds with the style and the tone? >> they understand the gravity of the situation. >> former d.o.d. official says they could cripple north korea financially to convince people like china to stop doing business with the neighbor. >> do business with the united states or the mad man in pyongyang. they can't
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>> president trump told us this is a top priority. but all this month later he is getting a chance. >> this is a moment calling for the general presidential leadership. >> if jong attacks first the united states has credible option. if kim jong un attacks it's the last thing he does. >> there is mixed reaction to the speech. no, ma'am applauding the president tough talk. critics call it bluster. at the "live desk," scott thuman, abc7
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alison: thank you. the national park service trying to repair vandalism at if lincoln memorial. >> police say a man used a penny to scratch a message in a pillar on the memorial north side. the man faces up to 10 years in prison. $25,000 fine if convicted. already this year other vandals defaced the monument with the spray paint and permanent marker. larry: developing now police in louisiana matched d.n.a. from a shell casing to a pair of murders that the investigators believe was racially motivated. gleason accused of killing a homeless man and a dishwasher walking to work. both victims were black. >> i feel confidence that the killer probably would have killed again. >> the universities found copy of an
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the home. >> lee joined the congregation after the civil war when he started to teach at what is now washington and lee university. the church was renamed in 1903. the cost of replacing parks covering charlottesville statue of lee and stonewall jackson adding up. evidence time they removed it the city spent $5400 on a dozen tarps. they have been covered following violence last month but are now uncovered again. alison: now to a "7 on your side" consumer alert. arlington county police warn about skimming. several people have reported having the banking and personal information
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so if you have fueled up there, you are urged to check the bank statement for anything fraudulent. larry: two local heros are honored this week. the carnegie hero fund commission investigates heroism and award medals and cash prizes several times a year. this morning list included naylor that saved a woman from a burn home in 2015. alison: well, "7 on your side" wants to be now hero tonight. nathan baca is live to explain how to answer your call for action. hi, nathan. nathan: how is it going? if you are a victim of a fraud or think you are a victim of a scam. we are taking calls now. the number is 301-652-help. 301-652-4357
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the phones are ringing constantly but you can get through. we explain the step-by-step process to get the money back. we show you that in a live report. >> man, this is a similartary back here. alison: coming up the rat infestation in multimillion dollar homes. used air b&b's. larry: later, what toys "r" us mean for you and the toys "r" us kids. alison: why girls at a high school are asked to send photo of themselves to the homecoming dresses to the school administrators before the big dance. >> hurricane harvey 200 miles offshore but is putting on a
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larry: fema is planning to look at ways to get people back in the flood-damaged homes faster. the norm of the storm damage home surpassed the agency supplies of the manufactured
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housing unit. the florida department of transportation will collect tolls on thursday. they have been suspended for two weeks to help with the evacuation and the relief effort surrounding hurricane irma. larry: in florida keys swimming is off-limits for now. >> people from maryland eastern shore to new england are advised to stay out of the atlantic tonight as the hurricane jose is now churning offshore. brad bell is live in rehoboth beach, delaware, today. where even 200 miles from the eye of the storm is power of jose is really impressive. right, brad? brad: this is amazing. we are feeling the strongest winds we felt all day. the storm is 200 miles due east. i'm saying we have steady 30, 35 gusts higher
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there is a gust up to 40 miles an hour. look at the suffer of. there -- look at the surf. the waves are coming in at 12, maybe 15 feet high. they will creating a concern of their own. the pounding, scouring surf has a noticeable impact. >> there is beach erosion. the sand is getting warbled away. >> -- getting washed away. brad: that is bad news and expected. a series of storms hammered the delaware coast and most of the breach washed away and the protective sand dune destroyed. it was rebuilt last year. but now much of that sand is being eaten up by hurricane jose. >> tonight the high tide is
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there is sand erosion. >> some of the sand will walk back as the season current and the wind directions change. the good news is that the dune is here to protect the town and the homes and the businesses from the damaging storm surge. still, locals say it's hard to watch. >> we got more coming i'm afraid this winter. >> well, i want to show you something. the waves are really coming crashing in. you can see the white seafood making its way up to us. but there is a concern here when the high tide approaches at 8:00 it will get to the sand dune. we are seeing a little bit of water and a silly man right here right now. serious issue is that there is erosion. if it gets in the dune it will cause problems. rehoboth beach, brad bell, abc7 news. josh: thank you, brad. we are
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the wind gusts is reported up to 37 miles per hour in rehoboth beach. you can see we are looking at the waves there. but from this picture on the boardwalk, still menacing surf. that is the story up and down part of the east coast right now. at least as we get in the mid-atlantic. the middle of hurricane jose. category once. it hasn't changed much. we will slowly start to weaken as it moves north. this here is showing us the cloud cover. we have a yellow circle the tropical storm force wind. so just off the edge of the beaches there. then you can see working our way up there to new england. those are sustained winds. brad was out there feeling tropical storm force gusts easily. most of the really strong winds are farther in the ocean. in the red here that is where we have the category one, 74, 75 miles per hour winds. just right in the middle of the storm. as we saw with irma, it doesn't have to be making landfall to have serious effects early on. that is
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with the wind and the beach erosion and the high tide issues later on. its will dissipate and me yander in the area. there is just wet weather for next weekend. i don't think that is the case. we have to watch and see where jose bounces around. hanging in the same area. wind gusts reported at the airport. 25 miles per hour and up to 32 in nantucket. same for virginia beach. that is predominantly inland from the shore. that is why the numbers are lower. let's talk closer to home. you can't ask for nicer evening. look at the national harbor. 83 degrees. the breeze is up there at 16 miles per hour. not really too gusty across the area today. the cloud cover from jose, get closer to the bay. annapolis we have some. calvert county. around d.c. it's sunny. especially as you go farther west a nice night. the rain also hanging farther east for the m
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a few showers along the bay farther south. get to the commute cast as we go throughout the rest of the everything. the temperatures are hanging strong. pretty warm. 78 degrees at 7:00. nice and quiet for the ride. no problems there. overnight we might get patchy fog. but in general it's clear skies. temperatures are back in the 60's for most of the area. as we get in to tomorrow we'll bring the heat back up. this number for wednesday should be closer for 86 degrees. the numbers on the rise. we are looking for the heat to stick around right on in the weekend as well. saturday, partly cloudy skies. up to 86. 87 and sunny for you on sunday. the average temperature for weekend is 77 degrees. so we are ten degrees above what is normal for this time of year. go throughout the rest of the week. 86, 86. wednesday and thursday and fall begins on friday. up to 85 for d.c. united game on saturday. 86. for redskins game, topping out around 87. looking for things to be on
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comfortable as we get to game time at 8:30 sunday night. next week temperatures will stay warm to the end of the week and to the low 80's. alison: funny to be almost 90. >> it is. not out of the question we could hit 90. >> thanks. tonight part of the area is upping the ante. to land amazon's new headquarters. alison: we have on your side with a call for action phone bank. let us know how our team can help you calling 301-652-help. 301-652-4357. sam: i'm sam ford inside the farmer's market. larry: but first a look at
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al, and i sponsored this ad. alison: tonight a community meeting is scheduled to discuss the future of eastern market. some residents say they are concerned about the southeast staple now that a trader joe's is set to open nearby. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live with the latest.
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about storms. sam: but there is even a bigger problem when they meet. they are concerned about 7th street. the street outfront and whether it is open or closed on weekends. the merchants are feeling squeezed. >> this is so hard to find a place to park. >> they have beautiful food. but glasgow has seen 30% drop in business in recent years and he blames decision to close on the weekends, 7th street to vehicle traffic. d.c. did that after a 2007 fire destroyed the market and they needed manufacture space. 2 her chants say the older customers are having trouble navigating. >> the customers are the best in the world to stick with us this long but a point in time where they are not going to wa
5:26 pm
the market. some question if the eastern market may be suffering from the changing time. >> the demographics have changed to the degree that the millennials never think of shopping to the eastern market. >> the major living complexes are about to open here, mikely more millennials and that may be better news for trader joe's. >> i think it should be closed. >> this should be an interesting meeting tonight. e
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they fear to the street will remain closed and they will continue to suffer the question how >> we explain what they are doing in a live report coming up.
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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larry: the images were horrifying. crews scrambling to save a family trapped in a car. two women are pushing for changes in the intersection on evergreen mills road where it happened. richard reeve is live in leesburg to explain why. rich, good evening. richard: kelly mcgin calls her
5:31 pm
evergreen mills road safe. >> to have four fatalities within the matter of a six-week period and in a three to four-mile radius is not okay. richard: mcgin and a friend began the page the day after this terrible crash on september 8. police say just before 5:00 p.m. the driver of a converted food truck ran a stop sign on watson road and smashed into erin caplan's station wagon. caplan was killed. and the mother and the daughters were injured. >> i had just gone to the intersection 30 minutes prior with my children. it could have been myself or anyone. richard: she hopes she and the members will push the political leaders to make the road safer. the idea is widening it to four lanes. they like to alert people if someone is turning to evergreen and consistent speed limit. >> i'm happy she established the page. >> the next door neighbor
5:32 pm
will make a difference. she was among those taking part for a neighborhood welcome home celebration for caplan's mother and her two girls. >> every act of kindness big or small nice to do for somebody else. you feel good and they feel good. >> the captain's 12 grade boy is in the hospital. the two girls are injured with broken bones. she hopes to establish a citizen task force to pressure politicians to make changes here. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you. now we have new developments in the case to reopen a popular trail that was closed by work on the purple line. today lawyers on both sides were back in court. making their argument about a preliminary injunction. to keep the capital crescent trail open until the appeal is decided but the judge says he needs more time and more paperwork and he is wants to see all of this from the lawyers tomorrow. we will keep you posted.
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consumer alert. kohl's making it easier for amazon shoppers to return the unwanted packages after opening some in-store shops in los angeles and chicago. now you can pick up your packages but you can return them there as well. they will pack and ship eligible return items for free. >> we are getting a closer look at a local place to secure amazon second headquarters. amazon is promising to invest $5 billion in the community that chooses to make the new home. prince george's county executive rushern baker revealed the local sites vying for the chance to welcome amazon, college park, greenbelt and new carrollton. >> this is an opportunity we are ready for. >> we didn't have to get ready. we are ready. we can pull everything together. that wouldn't have happened 70 years ago. >> baker touted the economic development in past six years. the locations would be up against baltimore, chicago, boston and several other cities worldwide.
5:34 pm
christmastime but toys r us is joining the growing list of the retailers struggling to stay afloat. as danya bacchus explains it's filed for bankruptcy protection ahead of the busiest shopping season. >> the largest toy store chain in the u.s. >> ♪ i want to be a toys r us kid ♪ >> filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it struggles with $5 billion in debt and increased online competition. the move comes as retailers head to the busiest shopping time of the year. >> right now it's do or die for retailers. >> toys are us isn't the only one struggling and it now joins a list of 18 other retailers that filed for bankruptcy since the beginning of the year. the toy chain was a major force in retailing in the 1980's and the early 1990's and started losing shoppers to discounters like wal-mart, target and amazon. >> the amazon eff
5:35 pm
they want it now. >> by filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. toys "r" us can refinance and stay open while it restructures. relief for loyal shoppers. >> the day after christmas every birthday and any special occasion. >> the company says it already made changes including a web store. it's approximately 1600 toys r us and babies r us stores worldwide will continue to operate as usual. danya bacchus, abc7 news. larry: virginia could see increase in prices on the vehicles title, registration and driver's license because the state department of motor vehicles is facing estimated operating shortfall of $16 million. alison: well, a quick heads fun your travels take you near pittsburgh this weekend. 18 miles of the pennsylvania turnpike could be closed. this is between newcastle and cranberry interchanges and it will force you to take an 80-mile detour
5:36 pm
that is not good on a road trip. this is between friday night and monday morning so plan ahead. >> or you may be late. >> a long planned parking garage at the national zoo may be moving forward. washington business journal reporting that requests for proposals will begin next month. the garage would replace surface line. the business journal reports construction could begin next year. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen at george washington university hospital where this cutting-edge technology is taking surgery to new frontiers inside the body. how it works coming up. >> so far we haven't been allowed to show any part of our back, strapless, low cut. nothing like that. >> at first the homecoming dance dress code has some wondering how far is too far. right now head to and get ready for today's instapoll. we have the story so you can weigh in coming up next. alison: new at 6:00 tonight, look at this. one of the
5:37 pm
police chases you are ever going to see. look. how officers finally manage to catch
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jon mid-80's for the weekend. if you are going to the d.c. unite game mid-70's. redskins game tailgating is hot but the game time is comfortable in the mid-60's to mid-70's.
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in a noisy world ... northern virginia's own novec is listening to its cust who want reliable, affordable electricity, renewable energy options, and ways to save energy and money. novec delivers the most reliable power in the region. and customers are paying less for electricity than they did eight years ago. novec is listening and responding. that's because this not-for-profit cooperative is owned by the people it serves. novec. listening. responding.
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alison: we are back with an update on a woman in the running forteacher of the year. she won and we first introduced you last week. we found out today she is the winner. congratulations to her. so exciting. speaking of schools you know tonight there is outrag
5:41 pm
what some high school girls are asked to do before they can go to the school homecoming dance. larry: right now you can go to they are being asked to take photos of themselves in the dress before the big dance. >> it's arbitrary standards. and it says you don't belong here because of the way the body looks. the
5:42 pm
turned away. larry: my daughter is going to her first homecoming dance saturday night. i can tell you that my wife is going to be very much involved in what she wears. it's touchy. parents are different. alison: what would your daughter think of sending in a picture? larry: i don't think she would care but she wouldn't wear a dress to be turned away. that's the way she is. alison: everyone is talking about that story. larry: they are. see how it comes out. still to come -- >> i cry when i'm happy and i cry when i'm proud. >> how the olympian touched the heart of so many in the rising star. >> you know the rat problem in the district is out of control but in one neighborhood the rats are eating people's
5:43 pm
we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way.
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ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law
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sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. larry: now to a "7 on your side" exclusive. rat infestation inside three delab tated --
5:46 pm
town home and two are respected on airbnb. the -- rented on airbnb. it's so bad the rats are eating the car wires. people reached out and sam sweeney stepped up to get results. >> dead rats. holes. oh, man. this is a cemetery back here. >> the rats breathe at the home in logan circle. if for years the neighborhood complaints poured in, to dc 311 and the owner. still little has been done. now the problem is so bad rats have turned cars into food. >> the parking spot was worth $1,000 and now worthless. >> i have lost thousands of dollars out of my own pocket from the damage to the vehicle. >> look at the engine
5:47 pm
block that chewed through number of the wiring and the computer components. >> i can smell it emanating. they are intending to develop three family homes to 37 mable row unit apartments and the neighbors blocked them in court. now two of the homes are used as short-term reynolds on airbnb. the other is unlivable. on thursday, "7 on your side" contacted the city and greg bush. after years of inaction by friday the three d.c. department of help trucks arrived to start tackling the problem. >> neighbors confronted the owner greg bush on monday with frustration. >> this is a disgrace. if you can't manage the problem sell the property. >> he paid a pest service $300 a month to fix the problem but
5:48 pm
progress. >> you had in idea it was a problem? >> i knew it was a problem but not to this extent. i didn't realize it had gotten this bad. i had the issue where i had a rat in the engine of my car. sam: now the rats have taken over that bush removed able ses to the backyard for the airbnb guests. after having considered asking the neighborhood to contribute funds to pay the backyard he fired the pest service company. today in front of abc7 cameras, he instead signed with a new company. in full disclosure i live in this neighborhood and i have watched the rats continue to get horse in the last two years. the pest management company will now monitor the situation in there but say it will take three months before they can get the problem under control. in logan circle i'm sam sweeney. abc7 news. alison: wow! what a mess. "7 on your side" teaming up with the call for action to get you help when you need it. bakirov is live at -- nathan
5:49 pm
action headquarters in rockville to explain how. hi, nathan. nathan: first the number is 301-652-help. 301-652-4357. joining me right now is "7 on your side, call for action" shirley. what do people need to do to help you help them? >> they need to have the information available. who is the company? what do they want to have us do to help them? make sure they have the information. receipts, anything else before they call us or go online to file a complaint. nathan: you told me this year alone you have helped half a million dollars recover that amount of money? >> over $500,000. we are proud of that. nathan: wow! call 301-652-help. 301-652-4357. phone bank is going on until 6:30. reporting live in rockville, nathan baca, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. annapolis land mark has a new owner
5:50 pm
ted leavitt sold chicken roof to long time customer keith jones. he decided to sell the delhi started by his parents to spend more time with his wife and children. larry: nearly $13 million going to the chesapeake bay, restoration and conservation. it comes with the national fish and the wildlife foundation and the environmental protection agency. >> so by providing these grants we are hoping to get resources in the hands of the communities so folks can do the right thing to protect and restore the local water quality and the chesapeake bay. larry: the grant will generate $21 million in the matching contributions. this comes at a time when the trump administration proposed cuts to the decade long efforts to clean up the bay. josh: we continue with the water theme. looking at what jose is doing on rehoboth beach. 68 degrees. winds gusting up to 37 miles per hour. if you look closely you can see the massive waves that are rolling to shore. give you a bigger picture. we are tracking the storm now. 200 miles from the coastline. it's s
5:51 pm
weather and the strong surf. the storm won't move much in the next few days. they are dealing with the similar winds. not as strong. for us a lot of sunshine. it's quiet around d.c. area. farther west we have had more sun. more summerlike temperatures. we will watch 77 degrees. we are going to stay clear so that allow for fog in the morning. if you thought today was warm we go up from here. 10:00 in the morning it is feeling like 78. 88 degrees by the time we get to 4:00 in the afternoon. this trend will si
5:52 pm
the week. erin, to you. erin: thank you. ali said champions are not made in gyms. champions are made from something they have deep inside them. somebody embodies that more than kevin boyd. scott abraham introduces to today's rising star. >> a wheelchair can't slow down kevin boyd. >> i keep on going. i don't want to quit. >> he was born with an intellectual disability. and a birth defect. it became his motivation. >> if i want to win the gold medals and stuff. >> the 52-year-old d.c. native is a champion. he has participatessed in special olympics since
5:53 pm
>> i don't want to give it up. >> you can call him a special olympics superstar. he has done it all. at the local, national and the world special olympic games. he is special in his own way. he has an impact on everybody around him. >> i cry when i'm happy and i'm proud. >> he is flashing that smile with no intention of stopping anytime soon.
5:54 pm
>> i'm scott abraham with the rising star. >> he has dozens of medals. >> still to come the cutting edge of technology could be in foggy bottom. larry: when we come back how it's in the name of your
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ook at giant's produce prices. alison: "7 on your side" in health matters now. this summer george washington university hospital became a trail blazer. the first hospital in the world to use a unique flexible robotic tool for surgery. as mike carter-conneen reports, it's much less inveighsive and with faster recovery time. >> unlike traditional surgical instruments, straight and rigid. this animation shows the metrobotics robotic system can bend around the twist and turns giving surgeons access to hard to reach anatomy.
5:58 pm
robotic assisted. >> last month, g.w. hospital used the cutting edge cool for the first time ever in a clo low rectal surgery -- colorectal surgery. that coming after ten head and neck surgeries last year. >> you can use the removal. >> it's used to remove cancerous growth, so precise the surgeon says he doesn't need radius or chemo. >> i don't remember the robotics. i was asleep at that time. >> instead of a week-long hospital recovery with surgical incision with this approach patients can go home the next day or the same day. >> sore throat, yeah. >> robotic arm attaches right here. for each and every procedure it's a new sterile device. issue of getting a transoral procedure done doesn't have to worry about transrectal tools going down their throat. >> it comes out it's out mated process -- automated proc
5:59 pm
track. >> it can go 10 to 12 inches inside the body and future smaller attachments may go deeper and possibly reaching the lungs, esophagus, stomach and beyond through any natural orifice. >> mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. >> breaking now at 6:00. terrified video. we are seeing it now. powerful earthquake collapsing mexico and prompting a race to find seniors. nancy: plus a national treasure defaced again. police say they caught the man in the act. what he told them and abc7 ahead. jonathan: chaos at 5 miles per hour. the dramatic ending to a police chase with a bulldozer. >> from abc7 news, t
6:00 pm
breaking news alert. nancy: breaking news at 6:00. as we come on the air word that 55 people are dead after a powerful earthquake rocked central mexico. jonathan: that is the number that could go up a lot. we are seeing video coming in now from mexico city. there is a race to find survivors. many trapped under the rubble. many have been pulled out from some of the collapsed buildings already. lisa fletcher monitoring the breaking story from the live desk. what is the latest? lisa: the death toll continues to rise as rescue crews are looking for survivors. 55 people are dead. streets are filled with debris. numerous buildings collapsed or suffered millions of damage. moments ago i read an "associated press" report rescue workers cheering as they pulled a woman from a downed building and they immediately called for quiet again as they looked for more people trapped. all schools have been closed and mexico city international airport is shut down. there are


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