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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 21, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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every year on this day. good morning, america. breaking news, race against time to save schoolchildren trapped by that devastating earthquake in mexico. crews frantically dig through the rubble making contact with the young girl alive. the incredible effort to free her and her classmate. hurricane maria on the move. the monster storm strengthening again. after drenching puerto rico more than two feet of rain triggering catastrophic flash floods. knocking out power to the entire island. the governor and national guard going door to door rescuing people in the darkness. now the storm's new track. where it's headed next. abc news
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sean spicer's first interview since that emmy surprise. >> this will be the largest audience, period. >> what he's saying about his time at the white house. >> have you ever lied to the american people? >> i don't think so. >> his combative relationship working with the press and if he'd do it again only on "gma." the terrifying moment at yankees stadium. a young girl in the stands slammed by a 105-mile-per-hour ball. panic on the players' faces. top athletes in tears. now the batter who hit that ball sending an urgent message this morning. and we do say good morning, america. that little girl was rushed to the hospital but thankfully, thankfully she is doing okay at this hour. it is a very busy thursday morning. we're following multiple breaking stories. the entire island of puerto rico in the dark after hurricane
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his best to help people rescuing people. >> they need as much help as they can get. there is an urgent serve under way for schoolchildren who are still trapped in the rubble from that earthquake. >> that is a live look at it right now in mexico city. a desperate effort to free a young girl and the classmates who may be trapped with her. crews have been working all day through the night, 36 hours straight so far. our senior national correspondent matt gutman on the scene in mexico city. good morning, magnitude. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. i want to give you a sense of what's going on. this used to be the courtyard of the school. it was shaped in a "uth and that pile the center of everybody's attention right now. show you what's going on here, there are welders, there are carpenter, obviously professional rescuers, everybody laser focused on trying to get that little girl out of there. this morning, rescuers are tunneling ever closer to that entombed 12-year-old and at
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least two others. how many people do you think are inside still? >> we don't know yet. probably, probably there are more people there. >> reporter: crews using infrared cameras to scan the debris and something much more basic. their voices. >> rescuers make contact with her. they talk with her. >> they heard her voice. >> yes, yes, the rescue teams heard her voice. >> reporter: every few minutes whilss and calls for silencio, or silence. as they try to talk to her. once in a while cheers rising in the crowd. even teachers reportedly on hand to calm the children inside. amid the frantic effort to rescue the children from the trapped building, what really brings everything home is where they deposited all the children's belongings here, book bag, notebooks and toys. everyone hoping for a repeat of this rescue.
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neighbors plucking kids from the debris dusty and screaming but alive. 21 other children and four teachers died here. over 200 killed in mexico in that 7.1 magnitude quake on tuesday. but as the army of rescuers burrow towards those trapped overnight, a moment of panic. something's happening here, they say. the air suddenly filling with dust. a rescuer says the back part of the building is collapsing. experts say those trapped in the rubble can usually survive for a week, maybe more. helping raise their chances for survival access to water, oxygen and the temperature in that space. now, this is still a very precarious situation for all of the workers here. one of the reasons you don't see anybody on that pile right now is because just moments ago there was a warning that it subside and shifted a bit so there is a concern that either the people inside could be hurt or the rescue workers and just overnight we had seismic warnings.
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to be cleared out. i want to give you a sense of how precarious it is. see that building. that is what's left of the school being propped up by wood and steel beams. there was concern that that might also come down. so still loots of concern here. not only for the people inside but the workers here. george. >> matt, presumably it's taking so long because that building is so fragile right now. >> reporter: that's right. basically what they've been trying to do is build it from the outside in. that's why you see so many carpenters and can see welders. trying to prop it up so they can tunnel through and you see that building up there. that's how high it used to be. it used to be three stories so think of condensed three-story building basically pure concrete and the problem is what they want to do is try to get those children out and want to get them out alive so dug three holes in the building. not just about getting them out but getting them out safely and without hurting them any more than they've already been injured, george. >> since they've b
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dig holes are they able to pump oxygen down there, water, food, anything like that? >> reporter: they've been trying to get oxygen, water. they can't get food down there. the spaces are just far too tight and still too dangerous but know for a fact that little girl is still alive and apparently told rescuers here who just told us that she's just tired right now. my. >> my goodness. >> the issue is it was cold outside and rained and so that also limits the time that officials and workers here have to rescue her so really the race is on right now to get to her but safely and efficiently, george. obviously without hurting anybody else. >> matt gutman, thanks very much. >> you can see they're doing everything they can. hurricane maria also causing mass devastation. emergency officials in puerto rico say the island has been destroyed. the storm knocking out power everywhere. more than two feet of rain sparking major concerns about flash flooding. rob is on the ground there for us again this morning. good morning, rob.
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>> reporter: good morning, robin. the winds have finally died down in san juan but as you can see the damages has been done, fallen tree, utility poes, you name it. debris all over thety and not just the wind, the torrential rains just engulfing this city. those this morning have finally come to an end. overnight, the island of puerto rico submerged. after receiving more than 30 inches of rain and just 24 hours. hurricane maria laying waste to this once tropical paradise. roads now deserted. signs that life here has come to a complete standstill. the catastrophic winds and downpours cutting off this island of 3.5 million people. the governor and national guard going door to door this morning trying to rescue those whose homes are at risk. intense flash floods pouring into small towns like this raging current sweeping through thetown of guaynabo. and a sea of darkness. nightfall here in puerto rico where 100%
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the power grid. anybody with lights on has the luxury of a backup generator. the office of emergency management telling abc news telecommunications have collapsed. 12,000 evacuees remain in shelters this morning. outside dangerous dangling traffic lights threaten the safety of those below. in san juan there's fallen debris all over the roads. the winds taking down these big old trees in old san juan and balcony railings coming crashing down onto these cobblestone streets. this gas station almost unrecognizable. and the damage here to infrastructure is significant. 100% of the island without power. communications extremely difficult. survival mode will be tough not just today but in the weeks going forward. robin. >> got to keep that in mind, rob, thank you. >> absolutely. survival mode is tough. we're also hearing about incredible stori o
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from people directly hit by hurricane maria and abc's victor oquendo, he's also in san juan. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. this is just about what every street in san juan looks like, massive downed trees, debris everywhere. so many hopes damaged by hurricane maria and for those who live in the more vulnerable areas surviving this category 4 wasn't easy. this morning, in the wake of maria, harrowing account of survival begin to surface. ramon caldera and his family rode out this category 4 monster in guaynabo. most homes didn't follow any building codes when they were built. and are extremely vulnerable to powerful storms. their family of five hiding in a kitchen avoiding this near death hit. good thing no one was here. >> yeah, i was worried. >> you were worried? >> yeah, and my sister was screaming like that. >> reporter: the power pole is down, downed power leans and underneath that is a transformer.
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just east of san juan christie and her husband visiting from nashville riding out the storm with their 13-month-old baby. >> we got a call this morning around 3:00 a.m. to go ahead and evacuate our rooms because the wind had picked up so much. >> reporter: the winds upwards of 150 miles per hour, their room flooded. >> we don't have power. we don't have water. >> reporter: less than 100 miles away, the island of st. croix also in maria's crosshairs. search and rescue teams are out and continue to work. for those in a safe place conditions are so dangerous that officials want them to stay put for the time being. michael. >> thank you, still got to be careful. >> good advice there. now, let's go to ginger for a look at where the storm is now and where it's heading. good morning. >> good morning to you, robin. flash flood warning for the entire island of puerto rico as this thing pulls away. dominican republic seeing gusts from punta kana to the west of 60 plus miles per hour and the eye there, a little ragged but it is regaining strength and nothing to stop it for
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24 to 48 hours as it skirts to the north of the turks and caicos and have them in a hurricane warning and certainly southern bahamas and then it gets to go north and that's a good thing away from florida and away from georgia. you should start seeing the kickup of surf for north carolina and south carolina. as far as what happens after, this is the steering factor. this bermuda high will retreat a bit. a good thing and will help that jet stream you see that dip in the arrows they've got there push this to the east. we could see high surf and impacts could be what we saw like with the last hurricane but we'll talk about what happens post-jose and post maria next week. >> we move on to president trump. he's gearing up for his final day of diplomacy in new york. north korea is responding to the president's combative united nations speech where trump threatened to destroy north korea. their foreign minister dismissed the president's speech as the
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sound of a dog barking and iran slammed it and trump made a decision whether to pull out of the nuclear deal but will not say what it is yet and in washington, the russian investigation is intensifying. special counsel robert mueller has asked the white house for documents about the firings of james comey and michael flynn and the oval office meeting between the president and top russian diplomats. let's get more on that from our chief white house correspondent jon karl. mueller really tightening the noose focusing directly on the white house. >> the clearest indication his investigation is going inside the white house and looking at the actions of president trump himself. you remember the president has said over and over again i'm not under investigation. now it sure looks like he is. the firing of mueller, i mean the firing of comey, the firing of flynn, also the blatantly false statement that press secretary sean spicer put out the day that comey was fired explaining why he was fired. all of that is what he's looking to. >> the president clearly under investigation right now. meantime, we know his former
7:13 am
has really been in the crosshairs of robert mueller and now we also know that thousands potentially of e-mails have been turned over to mueller. >> yeah, blockbuster story in "the washington post" on in that shows among many other things that manafort was offering to set up a briefing on the campaign with one of russia's richest oligarchs, interesting response from bloomberg from ty cobb, the president's lawyer, it is truly shocking if manafort was trying to profit on his ties to trump and that he would never have tolerated -- no evidence the briefing actually happened. >> no evidence that briefing happened but with manafort you've seen efforts by the president to distance himself from the former campaign manager going several months back but they appear to be in contact later in the year into the presidency. >> the key thing, the big question, george is whether or not mueller is trying to flip manafort. trying to get him to give evidence against the president. >> we will see. jon karl, thanks very much. >> we will see. now
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and replace the affordable care act. the senate plans to vote on a republican-led bill next week but as time runs out questions are growing about whether the bill has the votes to pass. our congressional correspondent mary bruce is following it all for us on capitol hill. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. republicans are feeling good this morning. hopeful they may finally pull this one off. the president says this bill has a good chance and the republican leader intends to hold a vote next week but the vote tally up here on the hill, well, it tells a different story. republicans can afford to lose just two votes already senator rand paul says he's a no and several other key republicans are wavering concerned about the impacts of this bill and the way it's being rushed through. >> there's so many questions. you know this about this bill including will people with pre-existing conditions will they be protected? do we know that with the bill? >> reporter: the president and republican leaders insist the bill includes coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. and there is language about this
7:15 am
guarantees. so some people with pre-existing conditions could end up paying more. look, this bill overhauls oakla obamacare by ending sub ski dis and medicaid extension giving states more flexibility but less federal funding to get it done. we still don't know how many americans could stand to lose coverage under the plan or how premiums could be impacted. >> still unknown, mary, thank you. >> it would leave it up to the stays which means they could impose lifetime limits and not have the coverage that was now guaranteed under the federal law so it is a big, big change right there. we move on to another cabinet secretary for president trump facing questions about his flights. health secretary tom price chartered five private jets just last week and our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega in washington with more and, cecilia, on this front, this is official government travel which means it's paid for by the taxpayers unless the secretary tries to find a way to reimburse the government. >> it raked up
7:16 am
of dollars and not just the health secretary here but three members of the trump administration are now under scrutiny for their travel. health secretary tom price this morning facing tough questions about why he needed to fly on private jets to conduct official government business. >> the american people need to know that their tax dollars are being spent wisely. >> reporter: a fiscal conservative and former member of congress who once tweeted congress doesn't need to have private jets. but according to politico price took an unpress dented five different flights on privately chartered planes last week alone and the organizations he visited tell abc news, they did not foot the bill. one of those trips, a short 30-minute ride to philadelphia, $10,000 round trip on a private plane compared to about $700 on a commercial flight and less than $300 on the train. >> it's just not right. it's juice not right. >> reporter: democrats now calling for an investigation.
7:17 am
in spending on private planes a good example of spending government money? >> it's not a good example of spending money. it's something we need to investigate and an example of wasteful spending in my mind. >> reporter: price makes for the third member of the administration whose travel is under scrutiny. environmental protection agency investigators are looking into secretary scott pruitt's frequent trips to his home state of oklahoma, taxpayers footing the bill and the treasury department is reviewing secretary steve mnuchin's flight to kentucky on a government jet, a trip where he and his wife viewed the eclipse. mnuchin also requested a government plane to fly him and his new bride on their overseas summer honeymoon but withdrew that request after being told it would look bad. so, as for health secretary price's private jet travel, the white house is not commenting but a health and human service department spokesperson says he has a demanding schedule and say they're trying to maximize his time and while they
7:18 am
commercial travel available, quote, commercial travel is not always feasible, they say? we'll see if they get more questions on that. cecilia, thanks very much. michael. >> we're going to go to ginger with more hurricane maria and how it could affect the east coast, good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you. you know, we look for storm surge and hear those number, dominican republic, you add waves to the turks and caicos who has a 12-foot storm surge so you had a 15-foot wave and that that's going to be major impact on top of the rain and wind. rough surf looks like it will be somewhere in that five to ten range up through north carolina as we go into the weekend.
7:19 am
- more seasonable late next week/weekend - maria regains major hurricane strength (cat. 3, as of 2am nhc update) today: sunny to partly cloudy. warm and humid. highs: 85-88 winds: nne 5-10 mph tonight: mainly clear and comfortable. lows: 62-68 winds: n 5 mph friday: partly to mostly cloudy. continued warm. highs: 83-86 winds: n 5-10 mph coming up that abc news exclusive. paula faris sits down with sean spicer. >> did the president ever ask you to lie or manipulate the truth. >> we'll get ace answer and what the president said to him after that surprise appearance at the emmys. that's coming up on "gma" in a few minutes.
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and with panera catering, there's more to go around. panera. food as it should be. victims have been identified as adult male and juvenile. no word yet on a possible suspect. just into abc 7 news room, disturbing image on campus, a swastika was painted on the resident's bathroom on the
7:24 am
beginning of rosh hashanah. this is the third incident involving swastikas found in resident's haul. we'l ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high.
7:25 am
school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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>> continue to trend seasonably mild conditions, 86 in the afternoon. ac likely to be on. you'll want to grab the sunglass sunglasses, pretty nice day. no travels expected no big storms throughout the atlantic. next couple of days remain quiet. your ten day forecast to follow. your weekend warm 87, chance of rain friday. >> veronica, back up on the outer loop of the beltway. silver
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270 is going to be pretty slow. most of the way down father
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at the rescue efforts under way in mexico. crews there have been working more than 36 hours to try to pull a little girl and the classmates who may be trapped with her from under the rubble and there are small signs of hope after that devastating earthquake. they're still in communication with her and working hard. >> oxygen. >> such a precarious situation right now. very fragile building. also right now hurricane maria is on the move hitting the dominican republic at this hour after causing mass destruction in puerto rico. the entire island without power. the governor going door to door this morning trying to rescue people in the dark
7:31 am
and president trump is gearing up for his final day of meetings at the u.n., participating in an important working lunch with the leaders of south korea and japan. that meeting comes after his speech at the u.n. where he threatened to destroy north korea if it threatened america or its allies. >> north korea responded saying it was barking like a dog. to that abc news exclusive with sean spicer. paula faris is here and interviewed the former white house press secretary coming off that controversial appearance at the emmys and had a lot to talk to him about. >> good morning, everyone. sean spicer has been off the job for less than a month. he's now keeping himself busy on the speaker circuit and most recently a cameo at the emmys which caught the eye of his former boss. >> sean, do you know? [ applause ] >> this will be the largest audience to witness an emmy, period. >> have you spoken with the president about your cameo? >> i have. >> and what did he say?
7:32 am
he thought i did a great job. and so it was very reassuring. >> some argue the reason you did it is because this is step one this trying to rehab your image. >> i feel very good with my image. i'm very happy with myself. i am able to go out and ex-practice ina lot of things. i'm not on a tour but out having fun in it may be fun for spicer but not his critics. people have hard feelings toward you and feel you lied to the american people. have you ever lied to the american people. >> i don't think so. >> you don't think so. >> no, i don't cleat on my tacks. >> unequivocally you can say no. >> again, you want to find something -- i have not knowing done anything to do that, no. >> any regrets about the combative relationship with the press corps? >> i'm sorry, please stop shaking your head again. i mean that's the silliest thing i've ever heard. i'm done. this is silly. okay, next. >> look, i made mistakes. there's no question. some of them i tried to own very publicly. and in some c
7:33 am
things that i did that until someone brought it up i said, gosh, i didn't realize that was a mistake, i'm sorry about that. but to watch some of the personal attacks questioning what my intentions were i think were really over the top? we pressed spicer on some of his most controversial moments like the inaugural crowd size. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. >> he says his delivery could have been better but makes no apologies for doing his job. the photographic evidence was contradictory. >> i think it might have been better to be a lot more specific with what we were talking about in terms of the universe and not focused so much on photographic evidence et cetera so, yes, from that standpoint i think i could have probably had more facts at hand and been more articulate in describing, you know, the entirety of what that day was about. >> when president trump fired then fbi director james comey, there were contradictory stories as to why he was dismissed. >> the deputy attorney general determined that the fbi
7:34 am
lost his confidence. >> i was going to fire regardless. >> reporter: once you learned the truth behind what was going on why didn't you set the record straight? you don't feel you have an obligation as press secretary to set the record straight. >> he set it straight. my job is help give voice to what his thinking is when he can't do it himself. >> did the president ever ask you to lie. >> no. >> the travel ban, you said that it wasn't a travel ban. president trump, as you know, tweeted this is a travel ban no matter what anybody ever says. why didn't you correct. >> i definitely say i wish we had been more consistent in terms of the terms we would use and goals we were trying to achieve. >> you would like a do-over on that. >> i'll take a mulligan on that. >> if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight somehow that's a russian connection. >> the russian interest plaguing the presidency. has the mueller team reached out -- >> i'm not going to discuss that issue at all. >> have you hired a lawyer. >>
7:35 am
>> you haven't been subpoenaed. >> i'm not going to discuss. >> did you ever hear that mueller should be fired. >> i'm not going to discuss that ash at all. >> if you are approached will you testify. >> the white house has been very clear they'll be as cooperative as possible. >> you're not under the auspices of the white house anymore. >> i understand that but i would do anything that there's an issue of executive privilege and as long as that's not invoked i will do everything to further to do my part to further this investigation coming to a swift conclusion. >> there is a report that the big networks won't hire you because of a, quote, lack of credibility. is that true? >> we are still in negotiating with some entities and i also believe that i'm not going to get into some of the private discussions that we are having with those and other companies and outlets. >> do you think you have a credible issue, sean. >> i don't. but it's up to other people's judgment of that
7:36 am
press secretary of moderns he is now a celebrity in his own right. but to some of his detractors there is still unfinished business. so many americans feel they deserve an apology from sean spicer. are they ever going to get one? >> i think that there are things that i did during my time there that i needed to go out and correct. i did that. where there were mistakes that were made that i got something wrong, i think i've owned that. i know that there are some folks that no matter what we say or do, they were never going -- some folks in the media wanted -- never think that everything we did was wrong and want some blanket apology. that's not happening. >> spicer tells us anthony scaramucci was the impetus for him leaving and the president asked him to return to the white house it would be difficult for the president to say no but he doesn't anticipate that call. as for his immediate future you might see him on a reality tv show, george. he says he's been presented several opportunities and
7:37 am
>> you could see his demeanor change when you asked about the mueller investigation. there is a report on a website, mike allen, the reporter, who says spicer kept notebook after notebook during his time at the white house and likely to be a matter of interest with mueller and threatened mike ail ensay i'll go after you if you keep questioning me. >> he clearly doesn't want to go there right now, george. >> okay. paula faris, thanks very much. >> i think it was telling when you flat out asked him have you ever lied, seems to be like a yes or no response and we didn't get a yes or no response. >> we certainly didn't. coming up that frightening scene at yankee stadium. a young girl hit by a fall ball going 105 miles per hour. why was there no netting to protect her seat. come on back.
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we are back with that terrifying accident at yankee stadiumment a little girl hit by a foul ball. some players were actually in tears as she was carried out of the ballpark and taken to the hospital. now, the player who hit the ball is sending a message and ryan smith, abc's ryan smith is here with more. >> a terrifying experience, robin. it was supposed to be a fun afternoon at the ballpark. that little girl attending a game with her grandparents when tragedy struck. 105-mile-per-hour line drive striking her in the face leading many to speak out about what needs to be done to keep fans safe. a wednesday afternoon at the ballpark. >> look out. oh, my goodness. >> reporter: turned into a nightme
7:42 am
eye. a little girl struck by a foul ball at yankee stadium. >> todd frazier is really shaken up. >> reporter: the battle the yankees todd frazier immediately distraught. players on both teams emotionally distraught, some wiping away tears. >> a little too graphic for us to show you. >> reporter: the batter yankees todd frazier speaking out after the game. >> i thought of my kid, you know. i think the netting should be up. i think every stadium should have it. >> reporter: the child the third fan injured by debris. a boy seated behind third base hit in the face by a broken bat piece and this fan bandaged and bloodied after being nailed by a foul ball. >> major league has the answer, netting and they should use it and start using it right now. >> reporter: back in 2015, the league issuing new guidelines for stadiums encouraging teams to install protective netting
7:43 am
feet from home nature in both dire directions. the recommendations coming after a string of serious injuries that season. including this red sox fan who had to be carted out of the stadium in agony after being truck by a broken bat at fenway park. yankees stadium does have netting that meets major league baseball's guidelines but as foul ball incidents continue to occur many teams have extended the netting farther down the baselines to protect fan, something the yankees previously said they were seriously exploring for next season. after wednesday's incident, the yankees telling abc news, the child was given first aid at the ballpark and is receiving medical attention at an area hospital. now overnight the little girl's father speaking out it's too early to tell if she will need surgery adding she's doing all right. just keep her in your thoughts. we will. >> that's a scary moment and seems like there is a simple solution. >> i know
7:44 am
views. >> you would think so. we'll switch gears and remember yesterday, of course, celebrating robin's fifth birthday, anniversary of her bone marrow transplant and got some really encouraging news overnight. >> and you inspired so many people over your journey and you kept inspiring yesterday and just one day be the match received nearly 2300 new reg strayings. >> oh, that's fantastic. >> well done. [ applause ] >> that's adding to the 18,000 right after we disclosed my diagnosis and they said that 173 donors out of that so 173 lives essentially saved and yesterday after the show my friends at be the match gave me this pin i will treasure. 173. 18,000. >> let's get a couple thousand more tonight. >> speaking of that i'm going to have to head out and have my
7:45 am
you have to be diligent about your health and miss you in the next hour. carry on without me. >> we'll hold down the fort. coming up we'll talk to the family struck by lightning on their first ever backpacking trip. they survived and now they're telling their story. mastering the art of refinement one dark chocolate rises above the rest lindt excellence created by our master chocolatiers pure, rich, darkly intense... made like no other crafted elegantly thin to reveal complex layers of flavor experience excellence with all your senses and discover chocolate beyond compare try lindt excellence with a touch of sea salt. we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health.
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7:49 am
their california campsite. gio benitez is here with more and, gio, this could happen to anybody. >> unbelievable. it was labor day weekend and the family was enjoying its first ever backpacking trip. suddenly everything went dark. they had been struck by lightning. all of them and this morning, they're alive to tell the tale. it happened in a heartbeat. bolt of lightning crashing down on christopher lovera and his two children near sequoia national park earlier this month. moments earlier the family had been shooting video of the storm hunkered down under a tree. >> they're not the faces of happy campers or happy backpackers right now. >> reporter: but then lightning passing through that tree and into them sending the family airborne. hikers across the lake capturing the frightening moments. >> it did? >> yeah. they fell into the water. >> after that it was, you know, kind of waking up to kind of individual
7:50 am
trauma. >> reporter: aidan and nadia were the first to wake. >> when i first saw dad, i thought he was dead, but he says i didn't see him moving or breathing or anything. >> we'll help them. >> reporter: good samaritans swarming in to help and the family eventually airlifted to safety christopher suffering second-degree burns. he and his son left with punctured eardrums their clothes shredded. >> their shirt melted together. >> reporter: five times hotter than the surface of the sun they kill an average of 47 people in the u.s. every year injuring hundreds more. and even though experts say not to stand by any trees, the family says they had no choice. they were in a forest. they just had to be there. michael, back to you. >> thank you, gio. >> thank goodness they are okay. >> very scary situation. coming up a "gma" health alert. could diet cheat days actually help you lose weight? i sure hope so.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. "good morning america" is brought to you by safelite autoglass. america's largest vehicle glass experts.
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>> good morning, washington i am melanie hastings with your top stories. disturbing image found on the georgetown campus last night. university officials say a swastika painted in a resident's hall bathroom. same night jews celebrate rosh hashanah, the jewish new year. this is the third incident found in resident's hall. today the massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting his clients makes his first court appearance. he is facing sex abuse charges. second woman claims she was assaulted at that location of
7:57 am
massage envy. another warm day ahead, here is veronica johnson. >> seasonably mild conditions, today back up to 86. ac likely to be on. you'll want to grab the sunglasses pretty nice day albeit warm. next couple of days it is going to remain quiet. your ten day forecast, high of 85, weekend warm, 86-87 next chance of rain, friday. veronica, slow traffic on 395 northbound. we are at the 14th street bridge heading to the district on the beltway outer loop slow
7:58 am
georgia avenue getting to the wilson bridge st. barnabus will start back to route 5. melanie back to you. >> you can get more updates on "good morning washington" over on channel 8. we'll have more
7:59 am
want some inspirational stories for a change? you gotta check out the american dream. saturdays, 1pm, newschannel8
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking at this hour, a frantic race to save children trapped in the rebel of the school in a devastating earthquake in mexico. crews digging all night to try to reach them. the incredible effort right now to free a young girl and her classmates. also this morning, hurricane maria growing in strength, a direct hit on puerto rico. more than two feet of rain, dangerous flash floods. power knocked out on the entire island and now the new track for the monster storm. melania trump center stage, the first lady con depps cyberbullying in a public speech at the u.n. and what she says about setting an example for children and being accountable. her husband's tweets. health alert.
8:01 am
sticking to your diet better and easier? we'll break it down. note that's the power of love ♪ the power of love, the couple who quit their jobs to reboot their relationship. how taking an adventure together can help you hit reset. all ahead this morning as we say good morning, america. ♪ it make you mad i'll bet you they had a better kiss than that. >> didn't look like she was ready for it. >> good morning, america. welcome back this thursday morning. welcome back to amy. we're just getting great details on amy's workout a couple of minutes ago. >> i like hot yoga. it's fun. >> but, no, you are making george and i feel very lazy. we have every parent's dream. trying to make it come true. we've got the key to make your kids want to clean up and declutter. >> oh, i need to pay attention to this. i give my
8:02 am
one to fill up for giveaway and throwaway and they never seem to do. >> want to? i'll pay attention. top story on our morning rundown that break story out of mosquito, the search for children buried in the rubble of that many mexican school, the scene right there. it comes after that devastating earthquake. it is a very precarious situation. they've been working around the clock. let's go straight to matt gutman. >> reporter: george, we're waiting a key announce many but we know some new critical details. right now work has been suspended because it collapsed partially. we spoke to a confined space rescuers inside. he said they're working in a space about 16 inches high but there are only a meter, about three feet away from one of those little girls. now, the concern is they've heard multiple voices over the past couple of days, but over the past 12 hours the knocks they've heard and the voices have grown increase will go i faint. there's rising concern about those children still left inside. also there has been
8:03 am
activity here overnight. the entire courtyard here has been cleared. they are girding this building, the other side with steel beams and woodpiles. still a very precarious situation for rescuers here. >> what a challenging job. we hope they are successful. matt gutman, thanks very much. now the other top story in our morning rundown. hurricane maria on the move hitting the dominican republic after knocking out power to all of puerto rico dumping more than 30 inches of rain in some areas. rob marciano is in san juan with all of those details. good morning, rob. >> hey, good morning, amy. the wind and rain at least for now thankfully has stopped here in san juan but the damage done, as you can see behind me, look at these trees that litter the roadways and buildings in old san juan, the windows and doorways blown out, in some cases balconies came crashing down ripped off the buildings onto the cobblestone streets and streetlights all over the place to. talk talked to one police officer saying there was significant looting. power
8:04 am
9 most part. communications difficult as well. the office of emergency managers saying that communications have collapsed and we can confirm that with our difficulties communicating and broadcasting from this location. today, full on rescue and recovery mode, no doubt about that and for some of the hardest hit areas it will continue to be survival mode. amy. >> all right, rob, thanks so much. so much to clean up in those areas and it's still going. maria still churning. >> hopefully they can get power back as soon as possible. so much devastation in puerto rico many have been left with nothing and our victor oquendo traveled to some of the hardest hit areas. good morning again, victor. >> reporter: the destruction and debris everywhere. hurricane maria left so many families with nothing and those who live in the most vulnerable areas and those living there was not easy. the town of guaynabo, the neighborhood we went into where hopes weren't built with any kind of code, roofs peeled
8:05 am
windows shattered and one coming telling us the wind her house away. officials want those had in a safe place to stay put for the time being. michael. >> thank you, victor. so much destruction in puerto rico. we're going to take a quick break. coming up melania trump center stage. what the first lady is saying about cyberbullying. a lot of reaction. the new research about cheat days. do they help or hurt your diet. dr. ashton is here with that and lara is upstairs. tory is upstairs. time for "deals & steals," everybody. tory johnson has some models here with great fall fashion. guys, the bargains start at $9. come on back, good morning, america. just getting heated up. look at those. i love those. how was practice? good. must've been hot out there today, huh? yeah. yeah. why don't you go put that stuff in the laundry room right now? ok. do your athletes bring home big odors?
8:06 am
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8:10 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." welcome to this great crowd here on thursday morning. welcome back to lara spencer. >> thank you. put my ear in. >> cheer again for "pop news." [ applause ] >> thank you. good morning, everybody. and good morning to you. we're going to begin with arnold schwarzenegger. remember he warned us he'll be back. >> i'll be back. >> wow. am i sick? that sounded scary. anyway he warned us he would be back. now we know he will. arnie returning to the "terminator" franchise along with none other than linda hamilton. >> i love it. >> i do love this. excited to share this. since 1991's "terminator 2: judgment day." 1991. she's going to play tough as nails waitress
8:11 am
arnold will be the unstoppable killing machine sent from the future to hunt her down and producer james cameron made the announcement celebrating the account terminator" series saying it will make a huge statement on ageism in films, which is terrific. >> i love it. >> i wanted to be heifer. she had guns. so strong and -- >> ahead of her. >> she was. >> and now she's right here in this time. further details on the story line top secret. we do know cameron brought in director tim miller who had success with "deadpool" and picks up where "judgment day" left off and expected to hit theaters in 2019. looking forward to that. also in "pop news," "game of thrones," this one for you, girl. [ cheers and applause ] there was a lot of news this morning and i wanted to share this with amy addicted to the series. i don't know if you like this little show, "game of thrones." so popular that hbo is now
8:12 am
prequel series. >> wow. >> ooh. >> they have four in the works and will now go a fifth held by the guy who worked on "throne" since season one and george r.r. martin says he loves them almost as well as he does. the details on all five of these prequel series are top secret. we do know, you will not see any familiar faces, all of the shows will get entirely different casting. >> wow. >> wow. >> all right. >> five different series, though, i can't imagine how they'll do it. >> already confusing enough. i have to rewatch episodes as it is. >> the crazy thing she'll watch all five. >> yeah. >> we may never see amy robach again. so, and some box office news. breaking records. no thanks to me by the way because the idea of a giant evil clown hunting me down is my worst nightmare but apparently not yours because "it" is on
8:13 am
grossing horror film ever even creeping up on "the exorsist." what is it with clowns. stop it. pennywise is the reason why it's closing in on $270 million domestically. >> it's a good film, though. those kid, their acting ability. it's so great. i really love it. >> i will take your word for it. >> it was a family film for me. your daughters went with me. >> your daughters watched it. >> they're just like me and love horror films. >> i want to see "it" but "the exorcist." i'm still scared of the dark. >> you are -- you get scared in horror films. >> we've gone to horror films before. >> he screams louder than me. >> like a girl. >> i let out ah and i didn't realize. >> we
8:14 am
also in "pop news" a woman in the uk seems to have found the fountain of youth. i love this. her fountain of youth is not filled with water but with whiskey. >> ooh. >> my kind of girl. her name grace jones, not the grace jones you're thinking of this. this grace jones is 111 years old. and she says the secret to feeling youthful is a nice big whiskey a day and worry-free mentality. i think one would equal the other. she reveals she's been enjoying her nighttime nip for 60 years. even though she looks different on the outside in her mind and spirit she says she still feels like she's 21 years old. her daughter deidre approaching her 80th birthday says she's the kind of person who doesn't understand why anyone would want to live the quiet life. >> what an inspiration to wrap up "
8:15 am
>> thank you, lara. >> everyone to today's cover story, the first lady. center stage with the u.n. speech on cyberbullying. that initiative has been raising question about the president's twitter habits and tom llamas has the story. >> reporter: good morning. i was there for the speech. the first lady's most extensive remarks since her husband entered the white house and it raised a lot of eyebrows because of some of her husband's actions. she quartered the golden rule and called for better behavior on platforms like twitter. this morning, first lady melania trump taking a public stance against a problem some say her husband is contributing to. >> we must turn our focus right now to the message and content they expose to on a daily basis through social media, the bullying, the experience online and in person. >> reporter: the first lady speaking at the united nations at a luncheon she hosted for spouses of world leaders. >> but our own example,
8:16 am
teach children to be good stewards of the world they will inherit. we must remember that they are watching and listening. as adults we are not merely responsible, we are accountable. >> reporter: swift reaction to mrs. trump's remarks including from hillary clinton. >> i think there would be a lot of people who would be willing to help her about she were serious about actually following through. >> reporter: this all coming just days after president trump retweeted a video of himself hitting hillary clinton with a go golf. before that body slamming cnn. and infamous trolling the hosts of "morning joe" calling them crazy mika and psycho joe and george asking candidate trump about his most vicious tweets. >> "the new york times," all the people you've insulted. >> that's okay. most of them deserved it. >> reporter: during the campaign, president trump making it a sport to
8:17 am
rivals. >> lying ted. a little marco. >> i think his response, his visceral response to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly, my goodness. that happened in junior high. >> i never attacked him on his look and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter right there. that i can tell you. >> reporter: and melania trump who shays she has talked to her husband about some of his tweets defending his response during the campaign. >> as you may know by now, when you attack him, he will punch back ten times harder. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: some criticized the first lady for taking a stance against cyberbullying following her husband's behavior. but others are defending the first lady saying she's courageous for taking up an issue so widespread in today's society. >> if she's going to be mocked for what she's doing, so be it. it doesn't appear to me that that's going to stop her from taking the issue on.
8:18 am
house was fully aware of the content of the speech and it was not lost on advisers to the president that bullying may be an awkward issue for her to tackle but this was important to her and one of the few other issues like the opioid crisis she wants to help tackle as well. we'll hear much more of this. >> tom, thanks very much. >> we turn now to our "gma" health alert. new research breaking down cheat days and whether they help or they hurt your diet. if turns out they could be the key to helping you lose that weight. pizza, candy, junk food galore. cheat days are the indulgent break from the chore of dieting and frequently shared all over social media. jen aniston goes for mexican fare. hugh jackman reaches for timtam cookies and the rock banana chip pancakes. it may improve weight loss long term and scientists found people who dieted for two weeks then paused for two weeks lost more weight and fat
8:19 am
dieted continuously. why would indulging help you diet? it's the diet catch 22. to lose weight you need to eat less. but then your body responds by burning fewer calories. it's a protective measure that goes back to caveman days to conserve energy when you don't have enough to eat so diet cheaters rejoice. breaking your diet may convince your body it's not starving so you can have your cake and eat it too. our senior medical contribute dr. jennifer ashton is here now. so tell us what your thoughts are on this study. the cheat days are actually helpful. >> okay, couple of caveats. this particular study very small numbers. we need to study it more with more people and even the group that had those reset periods of time had their calories restricted to the new lower amount of body weight so, again, it needs more research but let me show you what the theory of this diet approach is. we have two audience members. alessandra will represent the person who gets a reset day so if you think of those bags like the number of the days of the month as she picks them
8:20 am
go ahead. let's say she's doing six days on, one day of reset. when she gets through day six you can eat the whole plate of jelly beans. >> that doesn't do damage to your diet. >> it could potentially but jeremy who will do this indefinitely. you can see it gets harder and harder to pick up the bags if there is no reset or cheat period. by the end of six day, 14 day, 30 days, he's physically, psychologically and metabolically getting -- >> your body can adjusting to the fewer calories, correct? >> look, your body is a very smart machine and it adapts both in ray metabolic standpoint. keep going, jeremy. no. >> so if you are going to cheat, i mean are there downsides and i would imagine eating all of that would derail your diet. >> it obviously potentially could when you reset you eat very poorly. you could undo all of the good that you've done and, again, making new habits is about making
8:21 am
great, jeremy. making things a habit. i always tell people my prescription for weight loss or sustaining a new weight is simple. for anything to work it has to be safe, it has to be simple and it has to be sustainable because any diet approach could work in the short term. >> that's not going to work. >> all right, jeremy. you can stop. >> i like how you call cheat days reset days. they sound better. thanks so much. let's head over to ginger. >> ah, i'm so happy. i had pizza yesterday and feeling a lot better about it. now i'm all bloated. i'm just kidding. pregnant but let's go ahead and talk about maria. that hurricane still some big effects. 150 miles out you'll see tropical storm-force winds represented by the yellow. certainly hurricane-force winds possible in the turks and caicos but watch as it goes out into the atlantic ocean. tomorrowopical storm-force wins - more seasonable late next week/weekend - maria regains major
8:22 am
3, as of 2am nhc update) today: sunny to partly cloudy. warm and humid. highs: 85-88 winds: nne 5-10 mph tonight: mainly clear and comfortable. lows: 62-68 winds: n 5 mph friday: partly to mostly cloudy. continued warm. highs: 83-86 winds: n 5-10 mph >> time now for "deals & steals," fall fashion edition and tory johnson has great looks and you got them for up to 69% off. >> you got it. >> what we got. >> first up, brand-new denim line. it's been called the best new denim launch because they weave their own fabric. we have julie, ariana. what you'll see with these is that all the fabric is designed to hug, lift and sculpt. three fabulous things. >> hug, lift and sculpt. those
8:23 am
inclusive line, won it rave reviews from size zero to plus size, 24, they've got sort of something for everybody. skinny style, boot cut. big assortment you find online and phenomenal pricing. normal a pair, $98. >> what's the deal. >> slashed in half, 49 and free shipping from warp & weft. an unbelievable company, big "gma" favorite called skinny shirt. you get the layered look without the bulk so you get the look of a hoodie or a collar, the bottom tails but then a smooth slimming middle so you put any sweater, crew neck sweatshirt. anything over it and it looks like you're wearing a plaid shirt underneath. a colored shirt underneath. huge assortment of styles to choose from. big variety. normally 32 to 84 all cut in half, 16 to $
8:24 am
shirt? great idea? so in the line of slimming and comfort, yummy by heather thompson. all of these pieces have some kind of slimming but without suffocating so you get that smooth all day comfort without, you know, unable to breathe because it's so tight. you're smiling. you get that. you know what i'm talking about. >> i'm suctioning it in right now. >> you don't have to suck it in and can actually breathe so normally and brand-new coated leggings with compression built in. fabulous. normally 18 to 98. everything slashed in half, 9 to $49. >> okay. a "gma" favorite. all these shoes are made in america. specifically in georgia so we've got the brand-new -- these are bali flats with embellishments that look great with jeans or a dress all the way through the wedge, all these fall colors, comfort, nonslip bottom which is
8:25 am
really great prices on these. 40 to $56 all slashed in half. everything you see here 20 to $28. >> put that in your purse. >> extra fashion tip courtesy of stra. okay, daniela suede fashion jewels. genuine leather. pave crystal. cuff, color, different embellishments own stales. fabulous earrings, i.d. bracelets and like the angel wing, a little bling for day or night. also great prices, 45 to 91. all of these are slashed by 68% so 14 to $29. >> you can't -- 14 to 29. can't beat that. >> one of my new favorite, accessory concierge, a basic twill hat, but it's got this embroidered initial on it you get to choose. there you go. one of three colors of -- six colors of the hat and three colors of the initial. tomorrow i'll be wearing a "j" fo
8:26 am
94-year-old jim johnson having a big important heart procedure. "j" for me. cheer for someone who matters or cheer for a time. 15 bucks for that hat. 61% off. you can't beat it. >> we'll pray for "j." we partnered with all these companies on these great deals and get on the website for these. someone called the quack-erazzi -- it soups weird but a big star getting made up.
8:27 am
>> good morning washington i am melanie hastings with a check of your top stories disturbing new developments from prince george's county a. man who sexually assaulted a woman in college park is likely the same guy of a series of break ins nearby. a strange man found peeping through a window, gillford road near university of maryland. fairfax al bell far woods is a
8:28 am
they are accepting everyday items for people hit by harvey and irma. we have a list of organizations you can contact, go to our website, >> we'll continue the trend of seasonably mild conditions, my goodness, 86 in the afternoon. ac likely to be on. you'll want to grab the sunglasses albeit muggy. no travel warnings. your ten day forecast, high of 85. weekend warm lower humidity, 86-87, next chance of rain friday. >> veronica, inner loop, northbound 495, accident
8:29 am
little river turnpike north of springfield trying to get up to 236 on the 14th street bridge slow heading up towards bridge across you'busted tail.rd.
8:30 am
it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. ♪ welcome back to "gma." and thank you guys for joining us on this thursday morning. as it's called around here friday eve. >> yes. >> yes. and by round of applause who loves a good wedding? [ applause ] okay so when you go to a wedding there are a few things you hope for. one is a beautiful bride. a happy couple. i would sure hope for that and, of course, great music. everybody loves great music at a wedding. so spotify just released data on wedding playlists made by their users. the most popular song
8:31 am
♪ darling i -- >> yeah, by ed sheeran. >> yeah, most popular wedding song and i listened to this yesterday and i was like, boy, this guy is good but -- >> you're just thinking that about ed sheeran? >> no, i know who ed sheeran is. i know who ed sheeran is. i'm not that far behind. well, this time they took it a little step further and broke it down to the unique songs loved by each state. we'll look at the most popular songs from your state. so from some states here and i got them right here for you, guys. and, george, we'll start with you. >> okay. >> so massachusetts. >> where i was born. >> all right. so here's what song from massachusetts when george was born. ♪ take me home tonight i tell you what, what a song -- >> in the '80s. >> hopefully you get your new bride and throw this
8:32 am
probably ready to go, take me home, baby. >> amy wasn't born yet. >> no, i love this song. >> eddie money. amy, you're from georgia. stop looking at my list. here's your song. ♪ i made a little bit of money >> oh, no. no. >>. ♪ whoop wop wop." that's "wop" from j. dash. >> has anyone heard that at a wedding. >> i thought "brick house." >> lara, i went on the list and i'm like you, i never thought about a wedding with some of these songs. you're a new yorker born and raised. the special song, the special song for your state is this right here. ♪ it was all a dream >> of course, it is. >> yes.
8:33 am
by notorious b.i.g. which i was like, what. at a wedding. >> nothing says romance like "juicy." >> it will get everybody on the dance floor. i'm from the big old state of texas. so here is mine. here we go. ♪ i'm a good man and that's why ♪ >> everybody is like, really? well, that song is "she's like texas" by josh -- >> it's a beautiful song. >> so you know, that's good and ed sheeran and michael jackson had the top songs in the most songs in the top 1,000. those two together. >> not a surprise at all. >> not a surprise. >> that was fun. however, "juicy" was a bit of a surprise. >> and from that we will move on. >> we will move on. we have a great guest coming special guest oscar winning actress star of the new movie "kingsman," please welcome jeff bridges.
8:34 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> great to see you. ♪ >> welcome back. >> good to be here. >> yeah. >> so what about your wedding song? >> oh, well, you know, my daughter jesse just got married a couple of weeks ago in montana. yeah, yeah. good guy. kevin. and now when you say wedding song -- this is not the song walking down the aisle. >> first dance. >> first dance. >> well, that was weird. i couldn't guess. >> could you imagine if i walked down the aisle to "juice can." >> that's what i was thinking. come on. >> that sounds amazing. >> it was all a dream. >> my first dance with my daughter, you know at the wedding was "when you're young at heart."
8:35 am
>> did you cry? >> it was tom waite. no, we danced. it was great. >> that's so great. here to talk about your new movie. you play the american version of a kingman called a statesman. what is the difference between the two. >> well, kingmen are in england and we're in america. that's it. that's it. >> i thought it would be something a little more intricate. >> the kingmen are covered dasher's secret agents. they own a tailorring shop, pretending to be tailors and we make booze. >> bourbon. >> well, bourbon, all kinds. the kingsmen are named after king arthur's court. we're named after different alcoholic beverages. all right. and champagne, but my character doesn't like to be called champagne. a little too froufrou for his taste and goe
8:36 am
we got tequila. >> the first one was so great. >> wasn't it good? >> really good. bought our tickets for tomorrow tonight. want to show a clip. >> at what point will you start behaving like a statesman. you want to go back to being a rodeo clown. >> no, sir, i apologize. >> i'm champagne. but i know what's good for them. calls me champ. [ applause ] >> now, at comic-con your co-star halle berry chugged a glass of whiskey. >> a pint it looked like. >> was it a pint? >> if you belly up to the bar who would hold their own better? >> look at that. >> oh, my. >> i mean, she -- >> wow! >> whoo! >> i'd have to go for halley. i could never do that.
8:37 am
>> that was something. >> she said that -- she said it was painful? it looked like it was. >> it came back to haunt her. we'll say that. you're practically a regular around here. i say said it when you came out. you've been here a few times. have a lot going on. will you get time off soon? >> i get a little bit of time off. i got three movies coming out. >> i know. congratulations. >> doing a lot of -- [ applause ] >> thank you, yes. >> you got this one. this one and a movie called "the only living buy in new york." which was out a little while ago and the movie "only the brave" about those hot shots that team of firefighters that lost their lives in arizona, yeah. >> so when you're done promoting and making what's your perfect idea for down time? ? oh, maybe picking a little guitar, you know, doing a little clay thing. maybe painting. >> you're an artist? >> you throw a pot or two. >> ion
8:38 am
i hand build. i used to throw in high school. don't do that. see my grandkids. i got two grandkids now. >> that's nice. >> that will keep you busy. >> oh yeah. >> you're working so much to keep yourself busy, enjoy your downtime. these movies are phenomenal. [ applause ] >> "kingsman: the golden circle" in theaters tomorrow. make sure you check it out, everybody. thank you. we got a big tar in our studio. can this guy get a break from the quack-erazzi. i just saved a bunch of money on my car insurhuh. with geico. i should take a closer look at geico...
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oh, my goodness. we are back on "gma" with a very special guest from our sponsor aflac. the aflac duck is here, everybody. here because of childhood cancer awareness month which aflac has been proudly supporting for 22 years. but the aflac duck, you can hear him right there also here because he teamed up with some other famous ducks from one of my favorite tv shows, "duck tales." i used to come home from school every day and said i wanted to fill the basement with coins and bills so i could dive into it like scrooge mcduck. ♪ duck tales whoo-hoo ♪ every day they're out there
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8:43 am
could quitting your job leaving behind your routine and traveling the globe be the secret to getting back that spark, if you will? they sure gave it a try. ♪ kyle james and ashley grigsby living in north carolina are happy now. but not long ago they were struggling to find the fun in their life. >> we got really wrapped up in those routines and we needed a change. >> reporter: so instead of letting their routines get the best of them they decided to take drastic action. taking a leap of faith. and booking one way tickets to paris in 2015 embarking on a trip that would profoundly change their lives. >> we saved every dollar we could get our hands on knowing that we were going to be in italy and greece and thailand and all these places. >> reporter: 15 countries, 38 cities, 114 days. kyle turning their experience into a book called "not afraid of the fall." >> every single one of those cities we took something
8:44 am
our journey, it was one of those where you go through experience like this and, again, you sick or you float and we came out stronger than ever. >> reporter: in one study researchers found the couple's experienced increased relationship quality. when they tried something new. getting out of their comfort zone. >> traveling can be wonderful but it can be be stressful. you get to see someone through their best times and also their worst. all of these things are clues about not just your partnership but about your partner. >> reporter: as for kyle and ashley they're excited for their next adventure. getting married. >> we're hoping to do some traveling before. some traveling after. some traveling hopefully long after that. [ applause ] >> good for them and we have relationship expert paul carrick brunson with us. a lot would love to do that but can't take off, quit their jobs. what are other things realistic things people can do to try to strengthen or find that spa
8:45 am
>> i would love to do that. to be honest with you. >> i was looking at that. >> so cool. so cool, right? one thing we all have to remember is that if you're in a relationship it's either growing or it's dying. >> ooh. >> so, yes. >> aggressive. >> there's no in between so what we have to do is remember that we always want to experience new things. learn a new dance, a new language, experience new things and that's what kyle and ashley did. >> we have taken two people from the audience going to experience something new and do it on tv. you say a lot of the travel that they did is all about trust. a trust fall is a good way to help. >> lara, this is t this is it right for you. trust -- >> this might be it. >> if you don't have trust you don't have a relationship. so let's see if they have a relationship. >> okay. let's go. just fall back. we're here for you. go ahead. time to fall back. >> trust him.
8:46 am
>> whoo. >> no, no, no. keep on with the blindfold. you stay take it a step further? we have to take it a step further. communication is everything so you have to communicate to exchange ideas and that's what allows you to stay together. >> so, for example, we've done the trust fall. you're blindfolded and you're suggesting to them try taking -- trusting someone to guide you. >> guide her to sit on the chair. >> i'll try my bet. >> poor anetta. >> guy, come on. >> so -- >> without touching. >> words. >> i'm actually nervous for you, anetta. >> forward, another one, another one, you can do a few big steps. okay. stop. okay, back a wee bit. okay, turn to your right. >> turn and back it in. >> to your right. toou
8:47 am
>> oop. >> with the -- turn a little to your right and twist and sit. >> oh, okay. [ applause ] a trusting partner. and activities like this can really help. >> absolutely. activities like this will strengthen and keep your relationship sdmroefr okay, grab your blindfold, everybody. thank you, guys, for trusting. thank you so much. coming up, when we get back, how to make your kids want to clean up. yes, we can make it happen for
8:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:49 am
♪ we are back with what could be the key to getting your kids declutter. marie kondo has taught her unique method and paula faris tried it out with her daughter-in-law caroline. >> life can get messy, especially when you have kids but now marie
8:50 am
two and the woman behind "the life-changing magic of tidying up" is on a mission to help kids get organized so is it possible? would you consider getting rid of any of that stuff? >> no. >> i called lori bergamotto style director at "good housekeeping." i love the condo method but hard to implement in my daughter's room? >> this is the time you can work on it together. it's not just your responsibility anymore. you need to explain to her how to do it. >> the konmari method, tidy all at once and in the right order. >> structure is clothing, books, document, miscellaneous and sentimental items. >> kidding should only keep items that spark joy and say good-bye to those that don't. >> so you will look at the book you're ready to give away and say thank you for the joy you brought me. it is time for you to go. give
8:51 am
>> thank you for bringing me joy. it's time for you to go bring someone else joy. >> do they still spark joy. >> not really. >> reporter: if you decide it's no longer needed donate it. for the items we keep, condo says show them off. we create a hall of fame for the books caroline values most. next up, making useful desk items more accessible. we do a diy project with old soup cans and duct tape to hold pens and pencils. >> when kids see what they have available to use, they'll actually use it and keep it organized. >> for the pick tires she cares most about. >> this was my first day of camp. and then this is a picture of my mom and dad because they mean so much to me. >> we frame them and display them prominently. >> good job, ladies. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love it. paula and her daughter caroline are here as well as "good house keeping" style editor lori bergamotto. thank you all for being with us.
8:52 am
caroline to throw things out or for you to watch her. >> if it were me i would get rid of almost everything except for sentimental things or crafts. how about you. >> >> it wasn't as tough as i thought it would be but tough to let some things go. >> don't you feel free now that they're gone. >> yeah, i have so much more room in my -- >> that's the upside to all this. >> room for more stuff. >> no, can't do that. so, lori, the whole concept is keeping items which spark joy. >> exactly. >> so how early can we start our kids? you can start as early as 3 years old which might surprise some people. the key principle is embolden the child with the ability to choose what sparks joy for them so start them at 3 -- >> the joy of things. >> you have to be a little older like our 8 to 10-year-olds here. are you ready to fold. the konmari method. >>
8:53 am
shirts as possible. >> while they're doing their race, i'll show you. fold it then you want to do it in thirds so fold up. fold again. you roll and want to make it like a little packet and put it in the drawer like that and the thing it does it helps save space and studies have shown if you're able to purge and organize, you're able to let go of things in your life. like a metaphor for life. >> i completely agree with purging. it's fun. they're smiling as they are folding. i'll get my kids started today. lori, thank you, paula and
8:54 am
i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the
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candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. from fields and factories they came looking for opportunity. they worked hard. we helped them work harder. they are the students of strayer university. for 125 years, we've supported as they've rewritten the future. and to all who seek their true potential,
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let's get it, america. "good morning america" is brought to you by the new mccafe espresso menu. nothing comes before coffee. >> you got it. >> thanks for watching. have a great thursday. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning washington i am
8:57 am
stories. the entire island of puerto rico still without power after taking a direct hit from hurricane maria. efforts to restore electricity could take months. unbelievable devastation. category 3 hurricane taking aim at the dominican republic. >> officials are calling dogs on patios a safety issue. district commissioners say they are working on legislation. sunshine for your thursday. here is bj. >> we'll continue the trend of seasonably mild conditions. my goodness, today back to 86. ac likely to be on. it is going to be a pretty nice day. no travel troubles expected. no
8:58 am
atlantic. next couple of days remain quiet. your ten-day forecast, high of 85. your weekend low. 86-87. next chance of rain, friday. >> we'll head to the belt way now. continues on the outer loop college spring. inner loop belt way in virginia northbound 495 slow up to springfield to little river turnpike. inner loop st. barnabus road to get to the wilson bridge to the alexandria side. it is not too bad. that is a look at traffic, melanie, back to you. >> more weather, traffic and updates on
8:59 am
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