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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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going to have to pay the tolls if you ride in the two new lanes that are added in each direction. the governor says look, this is a daily problem for so many people. it just has to be tackled. governor larry hogan says traffic is a d.c. region eats up too much time. costs too much money. >> today we are finally going to do something about it. >> after a transfer of ownership from the department of interior to the state, i-295. following the virginia beltway hot lanes model all of it is to be built and paid for through the public-private partnership with the companies which will finance $9 billion cost in exchange for future toll revenue.
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>> if you take a toll road it's fast. brad: there is opposition. some think it seems too costly. >> the project he is proposing would mean enormous devastation for communities along the beltway. brad: the governor admits there are questions to be answered but too early to predict toll fees. he said very it will if any land will need to be acquiredded by the state. >> the three massive unprecedented projects will be transformative. >> so it seems that the governor can move ahead without legislative approval on at least two of the projects. congress needs to approve the handover of the b.w. parkway to the state but the governor says he has ordered his people to start the planning process today. in college park, brad bell,
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nancy: thank you. metro insists it resolved a dangerous problem that led to a morning commuter mess. it started last night when one of the two 7,000-series trains shocked a metro mechanic. metro in turn responded to pull the cars to inspect them. that meant fewer trains for the morning rush. transit agency all the cars are safe and now back on the track. michelle: tonight two teenagers are dead after the robbery that claimed life of the victim and the suspect. it happened last night near 13th and brentwood in northeast d.c. police say a gunman tried to hold up 16-year-old zaire kelly. that is when the popular student athlete fought back stabbing his attacker with a pocket life. the gunman shot him. both died at the scene. hours earlier, he announced he would attend college at florida a&m university. now to a crime alert in prince william county where a woman says
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4:30 this morning near south park court. the woman fought her attacker and screamed until he ran off. a manhunt so far has not turned up a suspect. nancy: desperate calls and a frantic search for a third straight night in mexico where the dozens are still believed to be trapped in the mangled ruins of buildings ripped apart by tuesday's quake. so far, authorities confirmed at least 273 people died. the number is rising in the past five minutes. rescue crews, they are working to keep the number from going up even more. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg spoke with the elite local team trained for the rescue and he is tracking the developing story. jeff? jeff: this is a race against time in mexico as the rescue cues continue to search for -- rescue crews continue to search for survivors trapped under the rubble after so many buildings collapsed in the earthquake. but late today authorities who had been searching for trapped 12-year-old
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determined all the children had been accounted for. from the moment to quake hit mexico city, much attention focused on elementary school that folded in on itself. >> just when we were going to run down part of the building collapsedded. everything was dust. we couldn't see anything. jeff: 19 children and six teachers died. until late today workers believed that a 12-year-old girl remained trapped but alive. now authorities, though, believe the sound they had been responding to may have come from maintenance worker. >> the sense of urgency for trapped victims rises with each passing day. >> assistant fire chief chuck ryan helps lead virginia fairfax -- tars -- lead virginia's task force one, fairfax's elite rescue team. they are relying on sonar, cameras and experience. >> when we find evidence there is a live victim the crews will go to
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across the city moments of triumph as the first responders pulled 50 people alive from crushed buildings. chief ryan says the crews will keep searching for victims until every one is accounted for. >> your heart goes out to them. having seen it first hand you know devastation. jeff: another big challenge is the rescuers have to be careful surveying the huge piles of rubble in an effort not to injure themselves or anyone who could potentially still be trapped. death toll is expected to climb in mexico as mexico's president is calling for three days of mourning. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. earlier this year abc7's tim barber got exclusive access to virginia task force one as the members train by crawling through shattered concrete and crushed buildings. you can watch that story now at michelle: the other natural disaster we are keeping an eye on. still a major hurricane. maria.
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storm. churning in the caribbean. warnings posted from the dominican public through the turks and caicos island. 19 are confirmed dead. joe torres from wabc shows us what it's like. >> this used to be somebody's bedroom. michelle: just in, a gas can knocked over and roofs ripped from the homes and the downed power lines. the effect of the storm is far from over. puerto rico and much of the caribbean pick up after irma, the big question is where w
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maria. first it was irma and now it's maria. josh knight tracking the tropics. a lot to keep track of here. josh: it's been so busy. it continues. there is a well-established eye with maria. category three storms. winds are around 120 miles per hour gusting up to 150. this is the turks and caicos. that is the next land it will get the closest to. put a track on there to give you an idea. first start off with the yellow circle. that is how far the tropical storm force winds go. there are hurricane force winds in red and not out over land at this point. we maintain the category three through the middle of the day tomorrow. then the storm will weaken. you have to keep in mind how wide the cone is for maria as we get to early next week. this could be on far
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of this. we expect the storm to stay out to see. nancy: thank you. vice president's plane skidded off the runway and what went wrong and the what pilot says the moment it stopped moving. >> she says i wasn't trying to kill them. she shot at a trooper after high-speed chase. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs.
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ld trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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nancy: caught on video a horrifying crash that sent sparks flying. a woman speeding out of control when she slammed into this car dealership wiping out four cars as well as power lines. amazingly police say she appeared to be fine when she got out of the car. but they are investigating whether the drugs or the alcohol played a role in this crash. michelle: a chilling admission from a woman accused of shooting and wounding a virginia state trooper after a high-speed chase tuesday night near richmond. >> okay. so he is going to shoot me if i run. i turned around and i shot him. that is the worst mistake i made in my life. i was high. i was drunk. i was scared. i did not want t
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michelle: that is cariss daniels, mother of two and also a convicted felon and was not allowed to own a gun. but she says charging her with attempted capital murder is unfair. her reasoning is because she shot the trooper in the arm. that trooper is expected to survive. nancy: scary moments for a woman driving through leesburg last night. this happened on route 7 near the charlestown pike. someone came up behind her and then someone passed her and wavered a gun at the woman and sped off. they are still looking for the hiker. michelle: homes falling apart rounded by weeds. we are learning they are more than an eyesore. they cost d.c. millions of dollars. nancy: first, though, show of power on the caribbean peninsula as president trump announced the newest plan to stop north korea's
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michelle: explosions at see captured on video as they
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drills. this focused being ready for military response with little to no warning. breaking news now from north korea where the state news agency there reports that kim jong un said president trump will "pay dearly for his threats." this comes today after trump approved economic sanctions against north korea. mr. trump made it clear his goal is to force pyongyang to abandon the nuclear program. president trump: foreign banks will face a clear choice, do business with the united states or facilitate trade with the lawless regime in north korea. they won't have so much trade. michelle: president trump praised the central bank for shutting off trade with north korea. nancy: also "my career just ended." that is the report from the pilot of the plane who skidded off the runway with then vice presidential candidate mike pence on board. ntsb report listing a series of mistakes by the copilot and the pi
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included the two not talking in the landing. and actually jockeying for control of the plane's controls. no one with us hurt in the incident. michelle: the former site of the walter reed army medical center now home to hundreds of d.c. students. mayor muriel bowser cut the ribbon for the opening of two charter school at the site today. district of columbia international and latin american montessori bilong wall now called the parks. nancy: d.c. is not enforcing the law that could cost it millions. that is a finding from the auditor after they found vie can't homes across the district were unaccounted for, ignore and untaxed. as "7 on your side" government watchdog nathan baca explains
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nathan: this vacant property is one of three dozen flagged by the d.c. auditor. >> boarded up, vacant and run down homes found in many d.c. neighborhoods. they create hazards for neighbors. >> rat infestations, there could be drug deals going on and all kind of things putting blight on individual neighborhoods. >> vacant homes are supposed to be charged property tax five times the amount occupied homes are charged. blighted dangerous properties are charged ten times the amount. the d.c. auditor says the higher taxes are meant to get property owners to do something about rundown buildings. >> the department was not doing a good job at all. in fact, there is very little they did. >> the auditor says the d.c. government often hasn't inspected properties and hasn't charged a higher tax. simply let them slide. increase scrutiny in the investigation auditor says the district has renewed focus on blighted homes.
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and the administration attention as well. >> the d.c. auder to doesn't know how much it cost taxpayers but they estimate tens of millions of property went uncollected. in southeast washington, nathan baca, abc7 news. nancy: the d.c. counsel taking on another type of the vacant building, those owned by the foreign governments. district leaders are getting complaint of the foreign owned property falling apart. d.c. council president phil mendleson is proposing legislation to allow them to tax and fine the foreign government that owned the blighted properties. josh: we are taking a look around the area. you can see jose on satellite and radar bringing rain to new england. we are just far enough away that the cloud cover is not an issue for us. zoom in closer to home. there have been a few clouds but now starting to clear out. we see the sunshine setting near after 7:00. the temp
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if not warm. 87 degrees for right now for feels like in d.c. 82 for culpeper. one of the cooler spots. winchester, hanging close to 80. annapolis still feels like 86 degrees. so the summertime feel. we go throughout the evening we'll fall to the 70's. it will turn mostly clear but the warm weather does stick around. overnight lows in the 60's again. pretty mild for this time of the year. it means a more comfortable start tomorrow morning as well. we start off at the bus stop. around 70's. 79 by recess. the kids on the way home we are back to mid-80's. that does carry over to a really nice everything. officially the first day of fall tomorrow. 86 by 4:00. 83 by 6:00. 78 at 8:00. it's not feeling like fall. but kicking off the fallfest that ircaries through to halloween. great time out there. keep in mind it will feel summary for tomorrow.
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de graaff is out there and it's a fun time. if you head out, plenty of sunscreen. hot again. make sure you stay hydrated. always a fun show. we get into sunday that is great weather again. you notice a trend here? we are hanging off with the temperatures in the mid-70's. low 70's in the redskins game. mainly clear skies. keep in mind the game is at 8:30. for tailgating before that it's on the hot side. temperatures again in the upper 80's on sunday. by the time the game starts it's looking nice. we work our way into the next few days. you will notice the warming trend. d.c. united game comfortable for that evening as well. the warmest days are monday and tuesday. heading back to work and school next week. that is when we see it kick in high gear. we are still in the 80's for wednesday and thursday. looking for the fall, cool, crisp weather it will move in toward the end of next week. enjoy the summer
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while we have it because the real fall feeling isn't far off. erin: thank you, josh. when it comes to tackling, terrell pryor wants you do stay away from his knees. and why redskins linebacker lana: brown doesn't want -- linebacker zac brown doesn't want skittles sund this season do your holiday shopping on us. introducing the monumental gift shop at mgm national harbor. just use your m life rewards card when you play
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erin: for the first time this season redskins are heading to primetime sunday night as they host the silver and black at fedex field. both teams boast top five running games. washington is number three and oakland is number five. the key for redskins is stop marshawn lynch. no skittles. >> he runs a route but more of a running back. we're just trying to win. erin: meanwhile, terrell pryor used social media to voice his attention in a tackle in the game against the rams. he was clipped by rams' safety cody davis after a nine-yard catch. davis
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into pryor's legs. the redskins wide receiver addressed comments on twitter earlier today. >> usually, i don't do that. i don't whine about the things that happen or bad things happen to me. it doesn't matter how big i am or smaller the guy is than me. before the ball got to my hands he's chopping my legs out. this is a brotherhood. we started from the bottom. michelle: bring it home this weekend! nancy: gorgeous night. josh: it is. temperatures are in the mid-750's now. overnight lows dropping to the mid-60's. tomorrow is 87 again on saturday. beautiful weekend. but again, just feeling more like summer than fall. michelle: love it. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. nancy: join us back at 1
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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tonight, we're on the scene. the race against time. and the stunning moments. the woman visibly shaken, pulled through the debris. the child pulled from a crumbled school. our team in mexico city. also breaking, from puerto rico, for the first time, rob marciano takes us to the part of the island where the hurricane made landfall. the urgent plea tonight. the woman waving our team inside and what rob found. we have news on north korea. president trump revealing punishing new sanctions and that china will now help. facebook's founder mark zuckerberg tonight and the video message he just put out. the russians did buy thousands of ads on facebook during the election.


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