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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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driving? nancy: a man helped if police track down that driver. alison: jeff goldberg talked to the man. this is a story you'll see only here on 7. jeff? jeff: this is the story of a commuter driving on i-95. witnessing a hit-and-run. immediately without thinking about taking action to try and catch that driver. here is footage from earlier in morning. this is charles taylor. he was commuting from the home in woodbridge to work in arlington. at 6:20 this morning, north on i-95 springfield he noticed a green mustang changed across early lanes for what looked like an exit to get to the effort near fort bellvere. he saw a green mustang strike a ddot service patroler setting up cones in the
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process and this is what he witnessed. >> i heard a thump and i look and all i seen was legs flying. thought he hit somebody. but he didn't pull over. hell, no. i took my car and followed him. i got his license plate number and i called 911. jeff: a few hours after that, state police contacted mr. taylor and told him that because of his efforts, they were able to locate that green mustang. last we heard from police they were questioning the driver but no charges. the worker was transported to the hospital with serious injuries and still being treated. we'll have more at 5:00. until then, live in silver spring. nancy: good to see the man step up. thank you, jeff. all lanes are ba
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a tractor trailer caught on fire this morning. this happened before maryland 100. you can see from skytrak7 it backed up traffic for miles. the truck driver was able to get out and is okay. alison: skytrak7 meanwhile over a fire at $30 million police station under construction. the fire is now out. fire officials say the roofers using a propane torch accidently started the fire. no one was hunter. the station was not slated to open until january. but we are told that may be pushed back following the fire. nancy: tracking hurricane maria, a drone flying over puerto rico capturing some of the damage left behind by maria. flooding still a major issue there. now the national weather service says a dam is failing on the island so buses are evacuating as many people as possible. as quickly as possible. virginia governor terry mcauliffe in the last hour announcing 124 junior national
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the u.s. virgin islands to help out. right now hurricane maria is still a category three storm that is turning away, heading away from turks and caicos. josh knight is in the weather center with more on where the storm heads next. josh: getting ready to make the turn farther north. the issue is we are still looking at tropical storm force winds in the turks and caicos. the 125-mile-per-hour max winds are still really close to the middle of the storm. you can see that area is just off in the ocean on its own. turks and caicos in yellow. still feeling the tropical storm force winds. let me put this in motion for you. what you will see this tracks north and ultimately turning down to category two as we work our way to sunday morning. but you notice just open the ocean water there and continuing to decrease in energy for wednesday. this looks like it will weave between the east coast and bermuda. keeping an eye on maria. still, what is left of jose looking impressive o
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some of the cloud cover we have had around here for the afternoon is thanks to the system. even with the clouds temperatures are able to warm up. we have 85 in leesburg. 87 for quantico. it feels like 84 in d.c. as we work our way throughout the everything it's similar to the last few. stays mild, stays comfortable. the temperatures working their way down through the 70's. i think the only downer on this is the sunset is 7:08. first day of fall. we are officially there. happy fall, guys. alison: you too, josh. thank you. breaking right now from capitol hill. start john mccain says he will oppose republicans' latest version of a bill to repeal the affordable care act. our abc7 chief political correspondent scott thuman at the "live desk." what does this mccain no mean for the entire plan? scott: well, it means it's in real jeopardy. there are 52 republicans in the senate. i talked to a white house official yesterday and they know it will be a razor thin
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get on board. if they lose two more votes it's effectively dead. keep in mind, senator mccain you will see coming up in a minute was the one who effectively shot down the last republican attempts to repeal obamacare. he says he is not comfortable with this one, how it's being crafted. there is only one hearing scheduled. that is monday. it's a non, it's not a bipartisan effort. no real full analysis by the congressional budget office is going to occur before they have to vote. that is why he and many others argue it's pushed through too quickly. why the rush? well, due to the congressional rules they can pass a bill right now with 51 votes in the senate. but after september 30, they would need 60. that looks impossible on this particular one. so republicans want it done this coming week so they won't be scrambling to convince the fence-sitters like rand paul and murkowske to vote
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john mccain is saying no. and jimmy kimmel is pleading to senators' to shoot down this bill. he said thank you again calling john mccain a hero for his efforts to stop the bill. it appears to be a major hurdle. it's not done yet. we'll see next week. nancy: thank you. d.c. mayor muriel bowser announcing she will seek re-election in 2018. she tweeted today asking for four more years saying together we'll see that the best days are yet to come. she has been mayor since 2014. alison: dozens of chanting protesters disrupted a former f.b.i. director james comey address at howard university today. the students chanting there saying, "get out james comey, you're not our homey." james comey waited as they continued the protest and it delayed his speech by 15 minutes. >> i love the enthusiasm of the young folks. i just wish th
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is. a conversation is where you speak and i listen. then i speak and you listen. we go back and fort and back and forth. alison: there at the end, you see comey got a standing ovation at the end of the speech. the protesters say comey promoted something as the ferguson effect, which claims that police officers don't fully enforce the law out of fear of being accused of brutality. nancy? nancy: new threats right now from north korea. one day after president trump approved strict new stations against kim jong un regime. the north korean leader is threatening to test a hydrojohn bomb over the pacific ocean. as we report, it comes as president trump and kim jong un trade insults from across the globe. reporter: north korea's latest threat garnering widespread condemnation. the u.n. calling for rogue nuclear power to stop testing nuclear weapons.
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reporter: kim jong un calling president trump mentally deranged, unfit for office. saying in a statement now that trump has denied existence of and insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world and made the most ferocious declaration of a war in history we will consider corresponding highest level of the countermeasure in history. the north korean foreign minister announcing the highest level could include testing a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean. >> we will continue our efforts in the diplomatic arena. but all of our military options as the president has said is on the table. once we can assess the nature of the threat, the president will make a decision regarding appropriate actions. reporter: president trump tweeting kim jong un of north korea who is obviously a
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starving or killing his people will be tested like never before. president trump: if it's forced to defend itself or it allies we'll have to choice but to totally destroy north korea. reporter: president trump announced more economic sanctions against north korea this week. the north's biggest trading partner china agreed to new measures intended to isolate kim jong un including the biggest banks and ending business with pyongyang. alison: former congressman bob dole is in the hospital. a spokes penn says the 94-year-old -- a spokesperson says the 94-year-old republican has been in the medical center since last week and is being treated for low blood pressure discovered in a routine check-up. he posted a message to twitter. he said he hopes to be home in a few days. "sipping a coz -- cosme." nancy: there you go! coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a health alert about the flu season. what i
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alison: look at this masked man dit. he wasn't trying to get away from a cop. he was holding on for dear life. hear how it all ended coming up. >> when i cried, i was also laughing. nancy: our kidd o'shea sitting down with jake gyllenhaal about his emotional role based on a real life survivor. what the star says you need to know about the film next.
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nancy: a creepy situation for a good samaritan. this is alabama, a man was driving when he noticed something fall out of the back of another seem. he stopped to help. that is when he made a rather grim discovery. >> when i come in to get closer i realize it's an act actual body. fell out of a hearse. nancy: that is right. the body fell out of a hearse. despite being shaken by what he has seen he helped with the body and put it back in the hearse. the funeral home is blaming this incident on what they are calling a mechanical failure. alison: also today, gatorade is in hot water because of water. cafo
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says they violated a law. gatorade tells users to keep the performance level high avoiding water. the company settled now. they are going to pay $300,000 and part of that is used to execute kids on the importance of drinking water and nutrition. also today, students at brigham young university can now order up cold, caffeinated soft drinks. this ends a 60-year caffeine ban at the school which is owned by the mormon church. leaders say they are teaching to not specifically forbid caffeinated soft drinks. hot drinks like coffee and tea are still off-limits. nancy: tracking maria now. the virginia red cross heading to the u.s. virgin islands in the wake of hurricane maria. alison: ryan hughes caught up with the clue before they deployed. nancy: hurricane maria is called the worst start to hit puerto rico in 90 years. today, volunteers from the area are heading down
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four volunteers with the american red cross national capital region are getting ready to head down. they will fly to atlanta and head to puerto rico and the virgin island where they will help set up shelter, distribute food and provide emotional support. maria caused widespread devastation. flooding towns, and crashing homes. killing two people in puerto rico alone. the number could rise. residents are now battling tropical heat without electricity. we are told it could be weeks if not months before the power is restored. i just spoke to a volunteer. he returned from texas on sunday helping after harvey. and now he is being deployed again. >> it's a great feeling. at the same time it's a bitter suite thing because i have to pick up and leave my family and leave everybody behind. but i know it's better for everyone. they need more than my family needs me. ryan: more than 100 volunteers deployed after harvey, irma and now
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number of volunteers across the country in the thousands. in fairfax, ryan hughes, abc7 news. nancy: maria sill a category three at this point. alison: it is. we were just saying it's hard to keep track it is so active. josh: it is. it is getting farther away from the island leaving behind turks and caicos but they are dealing with the tropical storm force winds. it's not like clean-up or getting back to normal is starting yet. we have a hurricane hunter flying through this afternoon. what you are going to see is it did clock winds around 130 miles per hour. if you look closely. but it looks like at this point we still have the official forecast from the hurricane center at 1:25. we have to see at 5:00 if they update that. right now either way, still a major hurricane with the winds at 125, gusting up to 155. let's stay with the tropical theme. i want to talk about jose. now this is what we call post tropical. all that means it still has the wind speed to make it a tropical storm but it do
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makeup of a tropical system anymore. it's more like a traditional nor'easter, that idea. i want to put the track on it to show what it does. it just does meandering. it continues through the weekend and into monday morning. here we are still sitting in the same spot. but weakening along the way with the wind speeds dropping down from the 40 to 45 where we are now to 30 miles per hour. that means it's still hanging off the coast and it is going to continue to bring northerly breeze for a lot of the area. keeping things relatively comfortable. 82 degrees for us outside right now. cloudy skies are thanks jose wrapping in the extra moisture. at the same time the northerly breeze, 10 miles per hour. working to keep things from getting too humid. just a little muggy outside. but only giving up two additional degrees there for the feels like temperature. running throughout the rest of the evening for the drive home the weather is not an issue. staying on the mild side. we will watch temperatures fall slowly this evening thanks to the clouds.
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7:00. friday night out the temperatures working their way down to 70 as we get closer to midnight. really nice out. the clouds are doing us a favor. stop the temperature from dropping too fast. overnight we will watch the clouds clear. break down and that allows us to see one of thal cooest nights we have had in several days. 65 in d.c. 56 for winchester. 59 in luray. 68 in annapolis. if you are waking up early for 5k, it should be more comfortable to get going. but then the temperatures climb quickly. we are going to see the highs tomorrow in the upper 80's. 88 degrees for the dulles so if you are going to be part of that. brian van de graaff is there but it is on the toasty side. we work to the d.c. united game. by the time we get to game time it's comfortable. temperatures are working their way through the 70's. a little hot for players but for the fans it should make for a nice night. we have a
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temperatures in the mid-80's this weekend. starting to drop as we work to next week. finally feeling more fall-like by next friday. watch this. this happened so fast. we go from the mid-80 to the mid-70's. next weekend the highs in the 60's. it's almost a 20-degree difference from the weekend to next week. alison: wow! nancy: fast turn there. josh: enjoy summer while we have it. alison: thank you. jake gyllenhaal stars in the new movie "stronger." based on the true story of jeff bauman who lost his legs in the 2013 bosstan marathon bombing. nancy: a very inspirational man and kidd o'shea sat down with both men for a preview of the film. >> i'm going to make a big sign for you. >> he doesn't show up for anything. >> then he shows up. >> those explosion, the legs, they're gone, bro.
4:20 pm
>> jake, how did you get involved? you coproduced and when did you decide it's a story to tell? >> from the moment i read the first draft of the screen play. i was surprised by the humor. humor laced throughout the whole story even in the moments where i was really moved and even when i first read the screen play, when i cried i was also laughing. so in that space, that just got me immediately. just like when you hang out with jeff, you feel if same way -- feel the same way. >> good to be back. >> what are you doing? >> talking to you. what are you doing? >> dancing. kidd: when did you find out the film would be made? >> couple of months ago. kidd: couple months? >> probably like two years ago but i didn't believe it. i thought no way, it will never get this far. here we are. >> i'm going to walk. i'm going to walk with you ag
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♪ rise up alison: wow! it looks like a movie that is very meaningful for so many people. nancy: i know we covered a lot of people covered jeff in days after the marathon bombing so this will be interesting to see the stories behind it. alison: right. they say he was a symbol of the boston strong but didn't always want to be necessarily. they talk about that a lot in the movie. nancy: looking forward to seeing it. powerful. alison: still ahead for us at 4:00 today -- our rising star. a 13-year-old with down syndrome and not letting anything stop him from playing three sports. the inspiring story straight ahead. nancy: plus, continuing war of words between north korea's leader and president trump. but one word in particular has everyone talking, including us out here. the social media reaction to that. still
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nancy: a three-star athlete rising above all odds. scott abraham introduces us to 13-year-old aiden smith. today's rising star. scott: aiden smith is your typical active 13-year-old. >> i play baseball,
4:25 pm
scott: always keeping busy. the arlington resident was born with down syndrome. >> like all parents we had an idea of wanting our kid to have a great life and to enjoy things. scott: aiden plays on a special olympics basketball team. but the favorite sport hockey stars for the last six years on the nova cool cats. a team comprised of special needs athletes. what do you do when you score? >> i do this. scott: the best thing about aiden is his energy and passion for life. he always has a smile on his face. in his world there is never a bad day. sports has provided that important outlet to be like every other kid his age. >> help players. i teach them how to skate. scott: aiden already has goals and dreams outside of sports. >> i
4:26 pm
scott: who do you know that is a policeman? >> my dad. scott: refusing to be anything less than successful. i'm scott abraham with our rising star. nancy: still ahead, the desperate search for survivors continuing in mexico at this hour. the latest after this week's deadly earthquake next. q: it's almost that time of the year again. flu season is on the way. everyone is suggested to get a flu shot. word is, this year's season is expected to be worse than last year's. i'm q mccray. i'll have everything you need to know coming up. alison: new at 5:00 tonight, temperatures feeling like summer on the first day of fall. so how the heat is affecting a local winery coming up at 5:00. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory.
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nancy: welcome back. unfortunately the dreaded flu season on the way. fears are this could be the worst we've had in a long time. q mccray spoke to a specialist about what we can expect this year in the "7 on your side" health matters report. >> hi, how are you? q: it's about to get busier for the doctor and staff at the hospital center. the flu season is right
4:30 pm
the corner. >> we get some stories of patients coming in, feeling ill. sometimes they have to be admitted to hospital. sometimes they have mild influenza and they can be treated in the office. q: the problem is the u.s. may be in for a bad season. experts usually look to the southern hemisphere flu season to predict what might happen in america. right now it's not looking up down under. australia recorded more than 168,000 influenza cases so far this year. compared to 91,000 in 2016. and 100,000 in 2015. still, doctor feels confident. >> from what we know from the c.d.c., the vaccines we have here in the united states this year should do an adequate job at protecting patients from influenza. q: doctors says getting the shot doesn't mean you won't get the flu but it lowers your chances. if you get sick the symptoms won't be as bad. if you decide to get flu shots this season, make sure you do so before the end
4:31 pm
because that's when the flu season gets in full swing. in arlington, q mccray, abc7 news. michelle: it just switched. josh: 4:02. we made it! michelle: in fall but it feels like summer. josh: it is going to feel more like summer heading in the weekend. cloudy skies and mostly thanks to jose. still spinning in the atlantic. as we get in the weekend we are going to see more sunshine. temperatures are hanging close to 82 at nats park. we are looking at the same number as we take a look here for reagan national. 82 degrees. even with the cloudy skies that is what we will get up to ed to. factor in more sunshine. less cloud cover. we are only going up. go throughout the evening by 7:00. 78 at
4:32 pm
70. this temperature for what we expect out of d.c. tomorrow morning is 60. tomorrow, the high temperature is 88. mostly sunny. we fast forward to sunday. 89 degrees and mostly sunny skies. humidity is up a bit. but not going to feel too soupy for us. but certainly not what you expect for the first weekend of fall. next weekend is a different story. we have more coming up in a bit. michelle: thank you. with time running out. first responders, the military and the countless volunteers are clawing their way through the rubble of troubles buildings across central mexico. the death toll is now 300. abc's carlos grande re in mexico -- in mexico city have more. carlos: several more p
4:33 pm
search for survivors stretch to another day they need to locate those trapped beneath rubble grows more dire. rescuers raising their arms above their head to signal for silence repeated over and over again. the wait for news, any news is excruciating. "my good son. his dream is to be an accountant." the mother waiting with her husband for two days at the site. among the disaimportantment the dashing of a dearly held belief that a young girl was alive caught inside the collapsed school. but there was no student. the only person missing is a school employee.
4:34 pm
carlos: experts say those trapped under the rubble can live for a week or more raising the chances of survival, about sex to -- with the access to oxygen and water. and something to cover them like a blanket. but the risk of high thermia is growing and that has the medical communities and the loved ones worried. in mexico city, carlos grande, abc news. michelle: the name-calling continues between north korea leader and president trump. nancy: this time a word has people talking. lindsey mastis is joining us with the definition and the reaction online. i had to look it up. lindsey: dotar. a lot of us are surprised that kim jong un use a word we don't use. it
4:35 pm
dotard meant imbecile. another person asks can you see if donald trump looked up the definition. someone responds general kelly totally had to tell trump what it meant. this reads sad day when the north korean dictatorship has a better command of the u.s. language than the u.s. president. finally, i'm feeling wicked smart today. people will learning something through all of this. nancy: now you go out and you use that, right? is that not nice? lindsey: in an inadult competition, whip it out -- in an insult competition, you can whip it out. nancy: this is a vocabulary lesson. thank you. "7 on ou
4:36 pm
consumer alert about holiday hiring. j.c. penney plans to hire 40,000 people as the holiday help, the same number as last year. they are looking for cashier, stockers and beauty consultant. retailers usually start hiring holiday help in october. j.c. penney has job fair october 17. michelle: mazda recalling 60,000 cars to correct a wiring problem. the recall covers 2015 and 2016 mazda 6 sedans. mazda says the wires could short out and disable the power steering and the passenger air bags. mazda says the faulty wiring has not caused any accidents or injuries. nancy: next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the call for help answered. you won't believe the heavy that fell right into. michelle: plus, desperate plea from a desperate man. the $2,000 reward for back pac
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>> in the back of my mind, why didn't i get a new one? michelle: what is inside can't be replaced. we have a look at how to start your week next week with "good morning washington." >> thanks. monday on "good morning washington," long distance relationships can be very challenging. but you don't have to let the miles tear you apart. we have secrets to survive the long distant relationship. >> i'm one-on-one with "good doctor." stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes monday morning starting at 4:25 a.m. o
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dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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michelle: the call for help answered. a woman and two children waving, hoping they would be seen off puerto rico. michelle: the distress call came out a day before they were found. members of the u.s. coast guard as well as the british royal navy flew in to lift them to safety. you can see them right there. that boat was adrift in 20 feet of water. the winds gusting more than 100 miles per hour when the call was made. michelle: you can imagine how helpless they must have felt. you never know what you will find working the graveyard shift. nancy: meet the new little friend. raccoon. hitched a ride with an officer out in colorado springs. the officer was trying to respond to an emergency call when this guy
4:41 pm
michelle: he got to pull over. the officer, not the raccoon. to safely take pictures. stunning he decided to just stay on there. he looks so comfortable. nancy: he looks like abandoned in some ways. maybe he is trying to turn himself in, too. michelle: interesting to see. nancy: photographer in new york city trying to locate the lost backpack which contained the only copies of a newlywed couple wedding photos. michelle: it happened over the weekend. the photographer left his bag on the subway on his way back from that wedding event. that backpack contained his camera and memory card. those cards are so important because the photographer didn't have time to back up the photos on a computer. nancy: oh, no. michelle: he has put up fliers and created a social media hashtag with hopes that someone will return the precious memory of the couple's big day. >> yeah. i hope no one has thrown it awayment hopefully the person
4:42 pm
someone's wedding photos. michelle: that is so important to that couple. the photographer is offering $2,000 reward for whoever returns the bag, the same amount he was paid to shoot the wedding photos. nancy: he needs to up the amount. >> i feel so bad for him. i bet after this he wants to switch to portraits. you can do over portraits. wedding day, you can't recreate that. nancy: switch over to take uber like he said. michelle: next for us on abc7. nancy: we are chasing an asteroid after a year in space. michelle: cyrus rex was back for a moment and how it is using our planet to propel itself and hurdling through the solar system. plus darns nancy: scary scene at yankee
4:43 pm
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michelle: painting an asteroid and passing right by home. the osiris-rex blasted off a year ago. and it just made a flyby this afternoon. i knew something was off it's using the earth's gravitationm pull as a slingshot to put it right on a path toward a space rock hurdling through the solar system. the osiris-rex still has at least another year flight to reach the destination and hopefully land on it. nancy: very cool to see. one of president trump's central campaign promises is one of building the wall along the u.s. mexico border. but the wall appears to be on the back burner after democrats claim to reach a deal with trump last week to protect young undocumented immigrants from being deported. our national correspondent has the story from capitol hill. reporter: it was president trump's signature campaign promise. president trump: tall, powerful, beautiful, southern
4:47 pm
>> some fear the president's idea is evolving. after trump tweeted last week the wall which is already under construction in the form of new renovation of old and existing fences and walls will be built. some of trump's most passionate supporters consider the change a downgrade, since they want to see a brand new 2,000-mile wall along the mexican border. conservative writer ann coulter slammed trump on twitter. if we are not getting a wall i prefer president pence. others disagree. >> it's a way of keeps his promise. >> cornyn introduced a multifaceted border security infrastructure bill including funding for a wall system, pencing and technology. but not a stand-alone wall. >> we are working with the department of homeland security. general kelly and others to try to present that to the president as a way to keep that campaign promise. >> meanwhile, democrats say trump's vision of a border wall won't work.
4:48 pm
smart way. border security is important. it's part of a comprehensive immigration policy. >> president trump has yet to get new money from congress to pay for improvements to the border barrier. another challenge is california is suing the administration over the plan to build a border wall. the lawsuit charges that the government failed to comply with federal and state environmental regulations. and it violates the constitution. jeff sessions believes that the administration will win the case. >> the united states of america has a border. the united states government has control of the border and responsibility to secure it. >> experts' predict trump's wall would cost over $20 billion. on capitol hill i'm michelle macaluso. nancy: the seattle mariners are among one of four teams pledging to add more netting at the
4:49 pm
parks. the mariners, the reds, colorado rockies and the san diego padres are all going to increase the amount of netting now at the ballparks. but not this year. ten teams already though have more than mandated netting behind home plate. michelle: "7 on your side" consumer alert. mercedes-benz going to spend $1 billion to upgrade the production plant in alabama. i plans to make new electric s.u.v.'s in tuscaloosa and that includes building a battery plant. mercedes claims it will add 600 new jobs and i wants electric options for vehicles from sedans to survivor's by 2022. inspectors shut down a thrill ride at a fair in central pennsylvania weeks after a similar ride was involved a deadly accident. the ride is called "the wild claw." it's the same model. not the exact same ride as one that broke apart at the ohio state fair in july. one person was killed and serve were seriously injured in
4:50 pm
>> this is great. that is what should be done. that is the purpose of having rides inspected. >> think they they are smart to close it down. i love the fair. i wouldn't want it to have a bad reputation. michelle: the owner of the ride plans to remove it from the fairgrounds even though they are not required to do so. nancy: 4,000-mile cable running from spain all the way to virginia beach now completed. transfer the information. 16 million times faster than the average home internet connection. representative from facebook as well as microsoft and the virginia leaders were all on hand as the high speed communication cable was completed. quite the distance there. michelle: yes. nancy: all right. this is so cool to see. michelle: this looks like fun. dozens of teams will line up on the tarmac as you see behind us and they will pull the massive passenger jet down the taxiway for charity. nancy: and we go behind the
4:51 pm
>> tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the dulles plane pull. you can see the planes pulled by people. also this. brand new this year, the b-52 bomber. you can chat with some of the pilots. rob here to tell us a little bit more about just a great family friendly day. >> tomorrow from 10:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. we open up the doors of dulles to the public. for a huge open house with over 40 aircraft on display. 50 classic cars. ten places to buy food and drink. 100 teams pulling two aircraft for charity for special olympics in virginia. with reproud to be the originator of the event 25 years ago. we have come a long way. a great opportunity for things to do. >> exactly. brian van de graaff is out here. for people at home do they pay to get in. do you have to get tickets? tell us about that. >> it's free parking and free admission for dulles day. come on over, you can take silver line
4:52 pm
running from the wheely avenue station. we can't wait to welcome the families and those that are interested in aviation to see it up close at the airport. >> you couldn't have gotten better weather for the event tomorrow. back to you. michelle: that is cool. nancy: it is. michelle: the weather is nice for that. josh: they are working up a sweat. that is any day but especially tomorrow. along with that, early in the morning, they have a 5k. you can run down part of the runway. it's a neat event. it's all for a great cause. what we have going on out there this evening. tickets are nice. we are dealing with the cloud cover from jose. we are talking about host for two weeks now. this is still churning out there. it's not a tropical storm technically anymore. but it still has gusty winds. the rain associated with it is bringing the beach erosion issues closer to new england. temperatures warm up quite a bit.
4:53 pm
that is how it feels. that's how it stays throughout the everything. cloudy skies are the rule by 8:00. we have a few breaks in the clouds. tomorrow, we are expecting a lot of sunshine. here is the 5k and the 10k at dulles. get out there at 6:30. that is when check-in begins. tomorrow morning is one of the cooler mornings we have had in a little while. that part of the day is going to feel nice. warming quickly throughout the day. another run for you on sunday. this is in clarendon. we have temperatures starting off warmer. closer to the 70's to get things going. by the time we get in the afternoon, temperatures in the mid-80's across the area. upper 80's for some of us. 88 on saturday. 89 for the high on sunday. as we get to monday it's still hot. cooling off to mid-80's during the week. if you look for the taste of fall you is to wait until friday. a week from now. then next weekend we are in the 60's. another shout out for kidsfest in fairfax. all sor
4:54 pm
weekend to next weekend. nancy: thank you very much. heads up for you here. "7 on your side" consumer alert next. someone can put a change in address from afar and you don't know about it until it's too late. how you can protect yourself next. i work overtime when i can get it. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. weekends are my time. i need an insulin that fits my schedule.
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we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. from scandalous romance, to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way. nancy: an identity theft scam that doesn't include hacking.
4:57 pm
reporter shows us what to watch out for so you don't waste your money. john: couple trying to rebuild the credit after becoming identity theft victims. the scary part, there is nothing they could have done to prevent it. it started with a change of address form at the post office. it's a lesson for us a of us. bob and angel clark didn't get mail for a few days and then they'ved a letter confirming -- received a letter confirming change of address. >> the letter said there is a change of address. john: it came with coupons and a welcome to the new neighborhood from progressive. but they weren't moving. >> they said someone put a two-week change of address on the home mail. john: the credit nightmare had begun. someone diverted the mail to a new florida address where they then applied for credit cards and loans in their names. >> we applied for new credit cards. they sent them to us in the mail and we never got them. john: in the old days if you want to change your address you had to go in person to a local pot
4:58 pm
one. but now days you can do it online. making it easier for you. and for identity thieves. >> if you set up at a new house and you have to set up your electric, you have to go down there and do that. >> anyone can go online and change an address. john: the online form is actually more secure, a speaksperson told me, because you must confirm it with a credit card. but bob suspects that the thief had a robert clark credit card. maybe that is why he was targeted. if you don't get mail for two days, call the post office. if you learn someone diverted your mail file fraud report with credit bureaus immediately. the change of address rules should be made tougher, according to bob and angel, so you don't waste your money. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: only on 7 tonight, a vdot worker is hit by a car while working by the sid
4:59 pm
this happened in fairfax county. police say the driver took off. michigan -- michelle: but thanks to a hit-and-run thinker, that is now questioned. jeff goldberg is live with the story you will see only on abc7. jeff? jeff: well, served in operation desert storm in the u.s. army and he says he has always been someone who likes to help other people. this morn leg was driving along 95 north in springfield like every morning. he saw something happen. he took action. >> traffic started to get congested. >> charles taylor noticed a backup on 95 north at 6:20 while commuting from woodbridge to arlington. then he saw a green mustang dart across a few lanes in what looked like an effort to get to the exit. >> he was going a little bit faster than he should have been. >> at that moment, ddot safety patroler was setting up cones ch
5:00 pm
driver. his emergency lights and sign board are already on. authorities say the mustang then struck the vdot worker. >> i hear thump. it was loud. i heard the thump and i looked again. all i seen was legs fly. that is why i said he hit somebody! but he didn't pull over. i said oh, hell, no. i took my cell phone and i followed him. i got his license plate number and i called 911. >> a few hours later the state police called charles taylor to let him know because of the help, he located the green mustang. >> hopefully any human seeing someone in trouble would try to help. that is natural. >> thanks mr. taylor for feeling the sense of community on the roadway. >> highway drivers must also watch for the safety of s.s.p. the men and women helping others in need. >> they are not a piece of guardrail or a cone. they are a human being. they have families


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