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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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driver. his emergency lights and sign board are already on. authorities say the mustang then struck the vdot worker. >> i hear thump. it was loud. i heard the thump and i looked again. all i seen was legs fly. that is why i said he hit somebody! but he didn't pull over. i said oh, hell, no. i took my cell phone and i followed him. i got his license plate number and i called 911. >> a few hours later the state police called charles taylor to let him know because of the help, he located the green mustang. >> hopefully any human seeing someone in trouble would try to help. that is natural. >> thanks mr. taylor for feeling the sense of community on the roadway. >> highway drivers must also watch for the safety of s.s.p. the men and women helping others in need. >> they are not a piece of guardrail or a cone. they are a human being. they have families
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jeff: the worker was transported to inova fairfax hospital with serious injuries but we are told he will be okay. the police have located the vehicle and were questioning the individual. we have been asking for updates all day but at this point no word whether the gentleman or the female or the person has been arrested or any charges have been filed. live in springfield, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you. new at 5:00, mitt row police need your -- metro police need your help finding this man. he is accused of inappropriately touching a woman on a blue line train in july. he also approached other women near capitol heights. he was also involved in a separate incident last year where he put a condom on a woman's shoulder. michelle: happening now, hurricane maria powering north after leaving devastating damage in puerto rico and the
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dark. and are now in need of the basic supplies. elizabeth hur now with how volunteers across the u.s. are mobilizing massive relief efforts. >> days after hurricane maria pummeled puerto rico. rescues are continuing around the clock. with the national guard wading through waist-deep water pulling residents out of flooded homes. the coast guard plucking this family from the overturned boat and the navy flying evacuees out of the virgin islands. all of this as those who survived maria are desperate for help. >> we need diesel for generator. we need light. we need water. >> this is personal. this is a lot of puerto ricans in new york. elizabeth: new york governor andrew cuomo among those answering the call, taking supplies to puerto rico to help with the recovery.
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puerto rico we will do. >> puerto ricans in florida are also on the way, some with generators and food. >> those on the island don't have anything. no communication. search dogs are also joining the mission. their goal to help rescuers find people still missing. >> a lot of stuff is knocked down. trees are downed. elizabeth: now that puerto rico is a federal disaster zone fema is there to provide the region with food, water and generators and temporary shelters. elizabeth hur, new york. michelle: abc7 and newschannel8 are keeping a close eye on the tropics. stay up to date with the latest on maria and jose with the stormwatch7 app.
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home now. a live look outside. you know fall is officially here today. but it's safe to say it feels more like august outside. meteorologist josh knight has a check of the forecast. josh: that is right. for most of us the temperatures feel like they are in the mid-80's. that is even with the cloud cover today. now things are starting to clear out from north to south. we are starting off here with a picture for you from frederick. you see more blue skies showing up. we switch over to show you the big picture. the cloud cover we had today is still in response to what is left of jose. still spinning out there in the same place that it has been to bring rain to new england and long island. that is about it. we had a few clouds today. you will notice even with the clouds, temperature is warming up. it's fall officially and it feels like 84 in warrenton. 82 for leesburg. 85 at quantico and fredericksburg. as we go throughout the everything, as long as the clouds stick around, the temperatures are slow to
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still at 77. by 9:00 we get extra clearing and the temperatures are down to 71 degrees. we are heating back up again tomorrow. 88 degrees with a good bit of sunshine. 89 on sunday. getting even hotter. again as we get to next week it will start to feel like fall and it will get cooler than average. i'll time it out for you in ten minutes. alison: thank you. meanwhile, developing now. race against time in mexico city as the rescue workers try to find anyone still trapped in the rubble. the death toll now stands at 286. days after a massive earthquake shattered that region, the first responders, the military, countless volunteers are all just clawing their way through the crumbled buildings, searching for any signs of life. several more people reportedly rescued today. officials say only one person still missing from the collapsed
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>> we did our best to locate any type of survivors. unfortunately at this point we are not getting any. alison: experts say those trapped can live for a week or even more. alison: we are getting more information on the expensive plan to add toll lanes to the beltway and i-270 in maryland. governor larry hogan hopes it will help ease rush hour traffic. as brad bell reports the lanes are already in northern virginia. brad: if maryland governor larry hogan has his way, four express toll lanes will be added to the full length of i-270. the entire maryland portion of the beltway and the b.w. parkway. >> the projects will substantially and dramatically improve our state highway system. >> all of it to be built with a public/private partnership. a so-called p3. not tax revenue. following the model virginia used with the private partner transurban to build and
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and 95. spokesman says it works. >> you can leverage private financing and funding to help bring the project out faster. >> time saving of over two hours for some trip along portion of the corridor. >> they help ease traffic on the regular non-toll lanes. goal of hogan. there is no way to know what the toll rates will be but as in virginia, in maryland they will likely fluctuate. as demand for the travel lanes goes up, so will the prices. the reason is to keep express lanes from becoming clogged as well. drivers in virginia expressed differing opinions about the cost. >> i avoid them as much as possible. >> it's handy if there is traffic. if you can afford it. it gets expensive. >> coming up at 6:00, we ask marylanders what they think of
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abc7 news. michelle: new details about a fire at a new police station under construction in prince william county. flames broke out on davis ford road in woodbridge. roofer using a propane torch caught construction materials on fire damaging two floors and the roof. no one was hurt. the $30 million police station wasn't expected to open until january. but now the opening may be even more delayed. alison: in montgomery county, police are showing us this evidence after a body was found at wheaton regional park earlier this month. investigators are releasing the photos of the victim's clothing. they are hoping anyone with information will give them a call. detectives believe the man may have been killed between december and march. he was possibly from annapolis right now, north korean leader kim jong un is threatening to test hydrogen bomb as they face economic sanctions and pressure from the u.n. to sto
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this follows president trump's fiery u.n. speech. and back and forth of insults between the two leaders. the u.n. calling for the rogue country to stop testing nuclear weapons. >> we will continue our effort in the diplomatic arena. but all of our military options as the president said is on the table. once we can assess the nature of the threat the president will make a decision regarding the appropriate action. alison: kim jong un calling president trump mentally deranged, gangster, unfit for office. michelle: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- another hit to healthcare. the latest blow to the lawmaker efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. plus this -- >> so that is my baby. alison: "7 on your side" tackling a problem. ugly issue that car owners are having and one owner's plans to get revenge. michelle: a special reunion in the district. 6-year-old boy meets the fi
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responder who helped save his life. >> the temperatures feeling like summer on the first day of fall. how the heat is your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools.
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ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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alison: on the hill today, senator john mccain deals a big blow to the latest efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. mccain said late today he will not vote for the republican bill. likely ending the g.o.p. push. this comeses a vice president mike pence continued healthcare discussions today. vice president pence: the american people know obamacare failed. the average family is paying $3,000 more for health insurance today. alison: a sticking point for many lawmakers on the fence is coverage for people with preexisting conditions. vice president pence: graham-cassidy requires coverage for people with preexisting conditions and it creates the protections. it creates equity distribution of resources over time. the states around the country on a per-person basis. alison: meanwhile, jimmy kimmel tweeted, "thank you mccain for being a hero." kimmel has been speaking out
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bill since his son was born with a heart condition. michelle: a popular pharmacy chain helping fight the opioid crisis. c.v.s. plans to limit some opioid prescriptions to seven days and consult with doctors before renewing them. it applies to patients who are new to pain therapy. daily dosages of pain meds will be limited and pharmacists will counsel patients on addiction risk. also new, c.v.s. is doubling the drug disposal units in the district. all the changes will start in february. alison: happening tomorrow, the national museum of african american history and culture is celebrating the first anniversary. can you believe it? already? one year ago this month, the museum opened on the national mall. 3 million visitors walked through the stores. two community day celebrations are held outside the museum. that is tomorrow and sunday. there will be free activities, musical performances. everyone is invited. michelle: fall kicked off today but it fee
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as amy aubert shows us, this heat means a busy harvest time for a local winery. >> for workers in leesburg -- >> we thought it would be an early year. then it slowed down and now picked back up again. >> it's a matter of heating up. >> the heat coming on has us concerned. i want to keep things moving. >> keeping things moving. to the next step. trying to keep all the grapes from ripening at once. >> party as the guests keep coming and coming and coming. then you have a full house. you are really working. >> he sent friday crushing and sorting merlot. a day after hitting the vineyards and hand picking ripened fruit. >> if the grapes are waiting to come off the vine and this is stiller ifmenting away, now i have a bottlenecks. >> he always keeps an eye on the forecast. as we get tighter and further and it gets hotter, they will ripen faster.
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off a little bit. that fruit is just screaming to come into wine. >> the wet autumn brought on his its own issues. like the mildew on this leaf that could spread to some of the grapes. >> things slowed down because of august. now they have picked back up again. >> picking back up under summer-like temperatures. forecast that fabioli is staying on top of and planning accordingly. >> thank god it wasn't maria, jose or the other hurricanes threatening. i feel bad for those people. >> amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: good points there. michelle: absolutely. the heat longer, sticking around longer than we anticipate. this time of the year you have ups and downs. josh: that is what i wanted to start with here. for the month of september, the first couple of weeks we are cooler than average. now we are back above average. all in all we are a degree and a half below what would b
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we have to see how it wraps up. i think this weekend adding in some of the heat will bring it closer to overall a completely normal month. why have we been so warm. we have a dip in the jetstream farther west. for us it means quite the opposite. if you think we are hot, minneapolis is 94. 94 in omaha, chicago at 94. detroit even hotter than we are. our temperature hanging closer to 82. the area of high pressure continues to build our way. so our temperatures continue to go up over the next couple of days. right now our 82 with a breeze of 10 miles per hour making it feel nice outside. a little on the muggy side. but not like middle of summer sort of muggy. so feeling once again nice as you get out toward the evening. mid-70's to low 70's. it stays dry. clouds break down and all in all, a nice night. tomorrow we start off cooler than the last few mornings. as you get s
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have a crisp fall feeling. we get to lunchtime up to 81. 88 degrees for high temperature tomorrow. that puts us easily on the hot side of things. with the average high around 78. we will be there by 8:00 tomorrow everything. all in all a warm day. it does set us up for nice evening for d.c. united. the game starts at 7:00. temperature bess gin in the low 80's. then we are in the mid-70's toward the end of the game. working our way to sunday morning. taste of georgetown kicking off at 11:00. with that the temperatures in the low 80's. up to 88, 89 for the high temperature in the day. so just keep in mind as you are out there tasting the food for more than 30 restaurants, you have to keep in mind it's on the hot side. let's get the latest with maria. this is the update as of 5:00. still a category three, 125-mile-per-hour max sustained winds. so that part hasn't changed. what has changed is a cone. as we get farther out. expect it to work its way to the north/northwest getting farther away
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good news there. weakening as it moves farther north. what has changed is bringing the cone a little bit farther to the west. you can see now the cone rubbing up against the outer banks. at that point it's weaker. expected to be down to category one storm. keep in mind it doesn't mean that maria has to stay in the middle of the line. what we have to expect or anticipate it could be over to the right side of the cone or to the left side of the cone as well. this takes us out five days, taking us to wednesday. something we will keep a close eye on for you as we work throughout the weekend. talking about the weekend again, the temperatures are back in the upper 80's staying well above what would be normal for this time of year. 89 again on monday. the cooler weather does start to move in. this happens more or less at once. mid-80 to the mid-70's. by the time we get to next weekend, the highs are actually topping out in the upper 60's. summer this weekend. fall by the next one. alison: it
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michelle: coming up for us, the trump administration planning new travel restrictions. alison: when they would go into effect and which countries could be on the list. >> a 6-year-old boy was reunited today with the d.c. firefighters who help save his life. i'm mike carter-conneen in southeast washington. coming up, the important role his father also played that day. alison: coming up on abc7 -- but first, here is what the "good morning washington" team is working on for monday morning. >> thanks, guys. monday on "good morning washington" -- >> long distance relationships can be very challenging. but you don't have to let the miles tear you apart. we reveal secrets to surviving a long distance relationship. >> plus, i'm one-on-one with the stars of the abc hottest drama series "the good doctor." >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes monday morn
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alison: now to a heart-warming story. a young boy reunited with a group of firefighters who helped save his life. michelle: as mik
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years old he went into cardiac arrest. mike: at first he was shy about meeting the men at the d.c. fire station who brought him back to life. but a t-shirt and tour of the engine did the trick. july 8 his father heard a crash and found his son on the floor. >> i checked his neck, no pulse. >> his dad learned c.p.r. ten years ago. >> every parent should know how to save his child's life. >> he began c.p.r. his mom happened to come home and called 911. >> i never seen nothing like that. >> minutes later the firefighters arrived and they got the pulse
5:25 pm
hills heart stopped. >> nobody would give us diagnosis. >> like any 6-year-old, even with a pace-maker wisdom has a lot of energy. maybe now a new dream job or few new friends. >> they are friends for life. what a story. and the range of option new restrictions on the travel ban would cover. michelle: new details in the russian investigation. president trump takes to
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. michelle: a family is heartbroken after the loss of a 16-year-old at the hands of an alleged robber. alison: the 19-year-old robbery suspect was also killed. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in southeast with the latest today. sam: alison, it'
5:29 pm
many lives this young man zaire kelly touched in his 16 years. as we moved around the city, talking to people about him today. right now we are in front of his school. the thurgood marshall academy. they had grief counselors at the school today. it closed at 12:00 noon in memory of the 16-year-old senior zaire kelly. the family released the video of him announcing the college bound program what school he planned to attend -- florida a&m. according to family members he was walking near the park when he was accosted by a robber. he stabbed the roche, the robber shot him. both died. he and his twin brother had been robbed before. zaerie of his tennis shoes. >> we don't know anything about him carrying a knife. he carried it secretly but he carried it under pressure because he is tired of being robbed. >> the father told us the twin barely escaped being robbed in the park and texted
5:30 pm
we spoke to zaire's god sister and godmother. >> the first thing went through my mind when i found out about this was, you know, never see him laugh again. >> he would talk about girls. he would talk about education. he would talk about his dreams. >> he was active in a number of city programs including the mayor youth leadership at d.c. employment services. >> he was a super sharp guy. definitely energetic. funny. sam: this is a picture of 19-year-old sequan gillis, whom police say was the shooter. his sister sent me this picture saying his family is grieving as well. as for zaire kelly's family, they are extremely busy. basically planning memorials, a vigil and a funeral for a young man whose life was cut short.
5:31 pm
washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: so sad. sam, thank you very much. we have new developments after a tractor trailer catches fire, clogging traffic for miles on i-95 in howard county. tonight, all of those southbound lanes are back open. it happened this morning near route 100 in howard county. as you can see here from skytrak7, the truck just destroyed. the morning rush was a nightmare because of this. no one was hurt but it's not clear what started the fire. michelle: checking the top stories, vdot worker is treated in injuries on what police are calling hit-and-run accident on i-95 in springfield this morning. the worker was struck setting up the cones near a broken down car. witness took down the tag number of the car that hit the worker and called police. they tracked down the driver. alison: the entire island of puerto rico now faces weeks perhaps months without power in the wake of hurricane maria. in western puerto rico, resi
5:32 pm
from an area of a dam now flailing causing flash flooding. it's blamed for 27 deaths across the caribbean >> the death toll from the earthquake in mexico is up to 286. workers are in a race against time trying to find survivors in the rubble of the collapsed buildings. 60 people have been pulled alive from the rubble. experts say the chance of finding survivors is growing smaller. alison: new tonight the trump administration planning a new set of the travel restrictions. you would replace the travel ban on six majority muslim countries. >> president trump ice controversial travel ban could be replaced. senior administration source tells abc7 news a new set of the travel restrictions tailored to countries will be announced soon.
5:33 pm
tweet about the issue saying the travel ban in the united states should be larger, tougher and more specific. but stupidly that would not be policecally correct. >> national security adviser h.r. mcmaster last sunday hinted at the change to the travel ban. >> we are looking at how to protect the american people better. >> the policy blocking the travelers from seven majority muslim countries causing the chaos at airports and brought protests coast to coast. was blocked in federal court. the supreme court ruled in june the second ban on travelers with six nations could continue.
5:34 pm
>> it's unclear when president trump will finalize the decision. michelle: president trump taken to twitter to respond to the latest developments in the russian meddling investigation. yesterday, they said they would turn over fake accounts linked to russia. earlier today trump continued the russia hoax conditions. now it's ads on facebook. robert mueller is looking into actions since he became president. alison: with the fall of mosul the so-called caliphate is without a capital. they are reduced isis territory by 60% in iraq. this summer in one philippine city, a three-month gun battle between isis
5:35 pm
the military left more than 700 people dead. >> they are terrorists that survived. the people are not dumb. to survivor that long, only the best guys survived that long. alison: "full measure" travels to the southern philippines on the next front on terror. watch it sunday at abc7. still ahead, a 95-year-old who fought for our country and was held prisoner finally earned a well-deserved honor. 7 salutes him coming up. michelle: ahead at 6:00, how a little girl's typo got her a loveable new pet courtesy of
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josh: we are looking at the weekend forecast. it's going to stay summer like. today is the mid-80's. it will be 89 on sunday. the average is 78 degrees. there is a lot going on. clarendon day is saturday. we top out at 88. if you get out there early it's more comfortable. music and food going on with clarendon. working our way throughout the rest of the weekend d.c. united on saturday night and sunday is the redskins game. temperatures in the upper 70's for the kickoff and down to the low 70's. comfortable for the redskins game. if you are out there early tailgating keep in mind it's hot. the temperatures are close to 90. it's not too humid. next weekend will feel like fall. we talk more about that in a bit. "abc7 news at 5:
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which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand, six hundred dollars. or, 0% financing for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. in tonight's 7 salutes a man who fought for our country was held prisoner for more than a year and earned something he never got. because he never asked for it. a purple heart. how old were you when you signed on to the service? >> i was 19 years old. i lost all my crew. i'm the so
5:40 pm
living part of history. his friends, his generation went off to fight world war ii. he remembers it all. bombardier in the army air corps flying missions over germany. one day -- >> the plane started to burn after they shot us out. we got the order to bail out at 27,000 feet. >> he parachuted. despite being injured he avoided detection for two days but he was captured. held in horrible conditions with very little food. for one year and five days. >> it was 160 pounds. when i was returned to the isle i weighed 96 pounds. >> 73 years passed. the crew and the war memory live on.
5:41 pm
background and realized he was wounded and never given the purple heart. >> i never had any decoration decorations. >> at 95, he received this purple heart. >> i was honored. the greatest honor and privilege to me was being able to serve my country in war. >> mantra of his generation. but sadly every day we are losing hundreds of them. >> there were 350 men a day and in two or three years it will be the end of all the world war ii vets. >> when you are gone how do you want people to remember you as? >> a man who tried his best. who had a great love of country. >> it was a pleasure to meet him and his d
5:42 pm
with me. if you know someone to give a salute to. you can get me on twitter. michelle: one of the best and one of the finest. thank you for your service. >> it's so humble. it took his daughter to make that happen. he wouldn't have pushed for it himself. what a story. still to come here at 5:00, tiny cars plagued by the big problems. "7 on your side" goes to bat for the owners who aren't feeling so smart about the rides. that's next. michelle: police bust a drunk man. the person he made drive them around and where th
5:43 pm
ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools
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you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. alison: "7 on your side" consumer alert about the tiny smart cars that can fit in any space. a few drivers complained to the consumer investigator kimberly suiters about a peeling problem they can't fix without spending thousands of dollars. >> it started in this little bubble back here.
5:46 pm
you will see many blisters. >> this is right here. yeah. >> this part went. >> the problem is the peeling plastic on the smart cars. >> i'm upset. i like my car. i should get in the car and be joyous about it. >> they found dozen of other disheartened people around the country. one was successful in small claims court and others said repairs were hundreds of dollars. on the high end there was an estimate for $2800. and king, $6,000. we asked the
5:47 pm
distributor if they would. the spokesman answered in part they believe they have taken a careful and a customer operated approach to both customers' concern, offering good will financial assistance . >> we want to know how many reports of peeling smart cars like these does mercedes have? does the 2008-2009 batch have the most problems? what can consumers do if they are outside the warrantee period? they answer i'm afraid we have no more info to provide. that is all we can offer at this time. >> for due mont, they offered $350 credit to repair. for king, $1,000 credit. to both, $1,000 off the purchase of a new car. >> i think that is crazy. i don't want a mercedes. i want my
5:48 pm
>> she drives around with giant signs warning that she thinks her smart car purchase wasn't. kimberly suiters, abc7 news. michelle: mazda is recalling 60,000 cars because a wiring problem can knock out power steering and the passenger air bag. it covers the mazda 6 sedans from 2015 and 2016. if you woan one you should see warning lights. >> police in pennsylvania says a man forced 8-year-old girl to drive his car because he was too drunk to take the wheel. someone saw this. they called 911. >> to have an 8-year-old drive, that is just wrong. >> the man couldn't stand up for a sobriety test. he wanted her to drive him to
5:49 pm
somebody caught that. ahead tonight at 6:00, the thief targeting parents outside of daycare. plus, shutting down the street to play hockey. a treat from great eight, alex ovechkin. a video you will have to see to believe. a thief swiping a plant. that and more in a few minutes at "abc7 news at 6:00". plant. alison: yeah. okay. first, hard to believe the weather. first day of fall but it feels like summer. michelle: cloudy out there today but the temperatures, as you mention, are toasty. josh? josh: that makes it more impressive is how little sunshine we got today. the temperatures still made it in the low to the mid-80's. that is the story now. we take a look at the top of the studio in arlington. the cloud cover still holding on strong for us. what that means is the temperatures fall slowly.
5:50 pm
you can see jose churning in the ocean. i want to point out the reason it looks like it is disappearing this is a vizm satellite picture. as the sun starts to set we can't see the clouds in the shot. zooming around here the temperatures are working itself way in the low 80's for a lot of us. feels like 82 in warrenton. it feels like 84 in d.c. as long as the clouds stick around the temperatures are pretty slow to fall. so for most of friday night we are heading in the mid-70's. comfortable. you are going out to dinner or something like that try to grab a table outside. it will feel nice. you know a few more weeks where we will have the temperatures. we are warming up heading to saturday, sunday and monday. still 89 degrees. we start to come down for the middle of next week. even more so by next weekend. we will see the fall temperatures move in. the next chance of rain, too. big dry period. we will talk more about when the wet weather moves in and the drastic change on the way coming up at
5:51 pm
michelle: sounds good. check in on sports. scott abraham hanging out in hyattsville. alison: big game out there. good night for it. how are you doing? scott: how are you? i tell you what. you hit the nail on the head. we are getting lucky with the weather of late. so far, 4 for 4 in a high school football season during friday nights. our abc7 game of the week takes us to the prince george's sports and learning complex in hyattsville. dematha ready to take on friendship collegiate. and there you see the knights getting warmed up. getting hyped for the big game with dematha. speaking of the stags since the season opening loss in week one against national power house bishop gordon, they have been playing really good footballment they have won throw straight games giving up a total of only 14 points during the stretch. meanwhile the knights are undefeated coming off big win. stags head coach broo
5:52 pm
tonight's game will be a battle. >> this will be a hard fought game because they are athletic. they are as physical as anything we have seen. they are not intimidated by nine. the areas pose a huge threat to us. >> couple of games and won all of them. take the last game before the league play. this is a big one. get into the week. this team is building. we still haven't found the right recipe. the right guys in the right places but we will find that out. take it to league play. go after it. >> now there are plenty of high school football games around the d.m.v. tonight. are you going to the gae?
5:53 pm
pictures and the video could be featured online and on air. opening kickoff is set for 7:00. keep it here on abc7. at 11:00 we have post game reaction from the final game. it's a good one tonight. alison: thank you. still to come at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- efforts to protect the future u.s. elections. michelle: facebook turning over thousands of the russian linked ads. how to prevent this from happening again is next.
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alison: yesterday at 50:00 we told you facebook had platform for outside enties the like russia to interfere in our elections. with thousands of targeted political ads the question moving forward is how to pro vent this happening again -- prevent this happening again. kristine frazao takes a closer look. kristine: it may not look like a wild, wild west, but when it comes to enforcing the law it's become clear. there are few out there. now some are wondering if it's time to bring a new sheriff to town. in light of revelation that they spent money on ads leading up to the election. >> this is a very successful operation. this is a problem for nation. what we as a nation have to address. >> the federal election commission vowed a forceful response. citing a federal election campaign act that prohibits foreign spending on the u.s. elections. but new stringent laws might not be the best answer. says the founder of the national security institute
5:58 pm
george mason school of law. >> the government is not good at technology. the idea that the members of congress or regulator toes of the f.t.c. will regulate technology strikes me as nutty. kristine: for its part, facebook has taken a more active role, handing over ads linked to russia to special counsel robert mueller. >> we are looking to foreign actors and other former soviet states as well as the organization like campaign to further the understanding of how they used the tools. >> is it enough? can facebook regulate itself? >> industry and the government working together are creating a more viable and sustainable ecosystem and providing innovation is the right approach. kristine: for now that is just what is being done with the resurrected debate over the rules governing the world wide web. in washington, kristine frazao, reporting. michelle: now at 6:00 -- [cheering] cheers amidst
5:59 pm
the race against time in the middle of a disaster zone. nancy: plus, gone in 20 seconds. how thieves are targeting and how to protect yourself. alison: plus the typo behind an unusual gift and what could be a life-long friendship. nancy: developing now the frantic race against time in mexico to find survivors four days after the catastrophic earthquake. the death toll at this hour just under 300 people. the loved ones of the missing aren't giving up hope. nancy: rescues like these breaking silence at crumbling buildings where the loved ones wait outside hoping for any word of survivors. we are told more than 60 people have been pulled f
6:00 pm
experts say survivors can last a week or more in the debris. michelle: there is a race against time in puerto rico to evacuate a community near a dam that is about to burst. that is complicating the race to save lives and recover in the aftermath of hurricane maria. at this hour 27 people are confirmed dead in the caribbean. millions more are in the dark and running out of supplies. virginia governor mcauliffe activated the national guard to rush more than 100 members and supplies to puerto rico. virginia task force one is already on the ground there and in the virgin islands to help in the rescue efforts. nancy: caught on video, a daring rescue in the hours after hurricane maria. look here. these are members right there of the u.s. coast guard and the british royal navy saving three people. they were stranded on the capsized boat off puerto rico coast. the boat capsized earlier and


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