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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 23, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, america. happening right now, the north korean earthquake. is this another nuclear test. the latest from the region, as president trump targets north korea's leader again. >> rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. >> his wife-ranging speech overnight on everything from russia to the nfl to the battle to repeal obamacare. >> we're going to win. it's going to be gone. breaking overnight, ready to burst? the light-threatening situation in puerto rico in the wake of hurricane maria, fears that a dam could collapse at any moment. tens of thousands have been told to get out of harm's way. >> me and my cousin still haven't been able t
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our families over there. >> celebrities hoping to hear from loved ones. and we're there for the victories in the fight to save lives. close call. look at this, a small plane crash lands at a neighborhood in california narrowly missing homes. the passengers who walked away. >> basically parallel parked the [mute] plane. lucky to be alive. drone danger, the collision with a blackhawk helicopter in new york city. the drone apparently flying higher than legally allowed. the new concerns about life and risk this morning. good morning, everybody. happy sundaaturday. let's look at drone footage out of puerto rico. they're expecting an imminent failure here which could affect 70,000 people. we'll have the latest from the scene. >> those people told to get to higher ground as soons
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possible. we start with another breaking story. an earthquake in north korea. it comes in the middle of an escalating war of words between president trump and north korean leader, kim jong-un. >> in fact, the president fired off his latest verbal salvos at a speech overnight in balabama. we have team coverage and we start with the latest on that earthquake. >> jennifer eccleston is in london. good morning. >> reporter: chinese media are reporting a 3.2 magnitude earthquake in north korea. the last time an earthquake was registered in north korea it was the result of a nuclear test. no word from pyongyang about a possible detonation but tensions have been escalating after a war of words between the united states and north korea about its nuclear ambitions. that rhetoric following the detonation of a suspected high joe dren bomb on september 3.
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that blast registered a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. all of those tests have been underground. this morning the south koreans are confirming a small quake with some news reports suggesting the tremor was a natural occurrence. but those reports also indicating today's quake is near that september explosion. and just now the usga also saying it was near that explosion but it did not confirm whether it was a blast or a normal seismic event. this follows the north korea's foreign minister threat to test a hydrogen bomb over the pacific oe ocean and a direct threat from kim jong-un to take the highest action against the united states. dan and paula? >> tensions are high this morning. jennifer e thanks for your reporting from london this morning. north korea was clearly on president trump's mind as we spoke overnight in alabama. he was there to campaign on
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luther strange who is facing a tough challenge from a fellow republican. the election is days away. the president is back in new jersey and that's where we find abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: last night president trump on stage in alabama hyping up his accomplishments, jumping from topic to topic, including health care and north korea's leader. the president confident that kim jong-un was watching. and then this morning president trump is up and at 'em, tweeting about health care, posting, john mccain never had any intention of voting for this bill which his governor loves. he campaigned on repeal and replace. let arizona down. overnight the president taking the stage in huntsville, alabama. >> i love this state and i love the people of this state. >> reporter: rallying for embattled senate candidate luther strange. trump going after everything from north korea, even the nfl, to
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the president still vowing to get rid of obamacare. >> we're going to win. it's going to be gone. >> reporter: this morning the gop health care bill is one vote away from failing, with senator john mccain shooting it down again, saying in a statement friday, he cannot in good conscience vote for the latest republican plan. he says a bill of this impact requires a bipartisan approach. it was just a couple of months ago when mccain walked on the senate floor and gave a thumbs down during a vote to repeal obamacare. the president telling the alabama crowd he was shocked. >> totally unexpected thing, terrible. >> reporter: and trump again using a nickname to call out north korea's leader, kim jong-un. ramping up insults toward the dictator. >> rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. >> reporter: north korea's leader kim jong-un says trump is mentally
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old. during that hour and a half speech president trump even urged the nfl to fire players who protest racial and social injustices during the playing of the national anthem, even suggesting that punishments for hard hits are ruining the game. then there's russia, the president continuing to claim that the russian tie to him is a hoax despite the deepening investigation that is narrowed in on trump's closest connections. dan, paula. >> newsy speech overnight and a newsy morning as he continues to tweet. stephanie, thank you. for more let's go to washington and abc news political commentator cokie roberts. cokie, good morning. >> hi, how are you guys? >> great now that you're here. let me start with north korea where we're dealing with this miystifying news about the earthquake. as you know president trump has called the north korean leader rocket man and a mad man. is this the right approach? >> as
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harmless and kim jong-un had all of us looking up the word dotard because that's what he called president trump. it turns out to mean senile old man or something along those lines. the fact is that if the president is correct and if the leader of korea is a mad man, then provoking him is probably not the smartest thing to do. >> let's talk about health care, shift gears a little bit, cokie. once again the health care bill is on life support. the president says he's not giving up, but do you have confidence that he's going to be able to sway crucial republican votes to get that done? he just tweeted, i know rand paul and i think he might find a way to get there for the good of the party. do you think he sidewalk somecaf those votes? >> he might be if he puts some sweeteners in that bill. this is a bill that's opposed by the american pediatric
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is against it, the insurance companies are against it. so the only reason that it would pass is that republicans are saying, well, we promised we would do it so we'll do it. whether that gets it all the way through and to a presidential signature is a very, very big if. >> a long way to go here. let's sneak in a question about what the president was doing in alabama overnight. he was there because he's thrown his weight behind incumbent senator luther strange. strange is facing a pretty tough challenge from a fellow republican. if strange loses, what does that say about trump's influence? >> it says that trump is more important than trump because actually strange's opponent, roy moore, is really much more appealing to trump voters. now, 80% of the republicans in alabama have a favorable impression of donald trump. so it's possible that he can bring luther strange over the top. but it's
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him to get into and to get into on that side, and he said that last night in that long, rambling speech. he did say maybe i made a mistake. he was almost like he was talking to himself because he knows that moore is really much more in his mold, and the president's own cabinet member, ben carson, has been campaigning for moore. sarah palin has been campaigning for moore. and so i think the president's a little bit conflicted there, but he had a great big crowd there in huntsville and of course he always loves that. >> everybody is interested to see how that race shakes out in alabama. cokie, thanks for your insight and analysis this morning. we want to move now to the latest on that dire situation in puerto rico where a dam could collapse at any moment putting 70,000 people in harm's way. >> this is a serious situation and compounding the misery, the entire island, no power. abc's victor oquendo is right there. >> reporter: good morning. th
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devastating and deadly. tens of thousands of people are being told to get out. here in san juan, the winds created all this damage. a new imminent threat forcing 70,000 people in puerto rico to evacuate their homes immediately. a crack discovered in a dam, its surrounding area pummelled by 15 inches of rain. officials warning those in the area to move to higher ground, fearing it could collapse at any moment. this crises as desperate cries for help continue across the island. with communication nearly impossible -- >> i haven't spoken to anyone since midnight on tuesday. >> reporter: hundreds of cars pulling over on a highway, one of the only places with cell services. even stars like jennifer lopez -- >> we haven't been able to hear from our families. >> reporter: ricky martin. >> donate whatever you can. >> reporter: and marc anthony --
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>> reporter: not able to connect with their loved ones. we have had a lot of people from the united states reach out to us saying they haven't been able that get in touch with their loved ones in that port of puerto rico. >> we're desperate for their whe whereabouts and they're doing fine. >> reporter: inside an thoen to julie safe and sound, just without power or any anywway to communicate to the outside world. >> do you have a mess saage to r son? >> i love you. >> reporter: we've been in touch with his family in miami. they are incredibly relieved. for so many others they're stuck waiting for word. dan, paula? >> such a tough time on that island. victor, thank you. our chief meteorologist rob marciano is also in puerto rico this morning. >> he's beenol
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homeworker and her struggle to help the elderly patients in her care. >> reporter: day four since the hurricane hit and conditions haven't changed that much. there's still damage littering this city and people are just trying to survive, especially those that are giving care to folks that are most in need. in the wake of hurricane maria's destruction across the island of puerto rico, finally a moment of happiness for at least one resident. the generator powering the nursing home where caregiver maria ortiz has struggled to keep her elderly patients alive, it's back up and running again. unfortunately, the pure feeling of jubilation will only last so long. >> about how long does a tank last? >> 8 hours. >> reporter: it's a temporary fix to a major problem. when we first met maria and the care center residents two days ago, we found them living in
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clinging to life. the anguish and fear in maria's voice was undeniable. >> we can't let them die. we can't let them die. >> reporter: maria is one of the lucky ones. with communication all but gone on most of the island, she was able to reconnect with her mother. and we were there during the emotional reunion. even though she's up against unimaginable odds, maria says she's not giving up any time soon. >> if i can do something and i can get help now before something happens, i want to do what i have to do, you know? >> reporter: and while the fuel in that generator is likely to run out today, we have seen a visible increase in military personnel and fema staff, so the flow of life-saving supplies should be ramping up today. dan, paula. >> good to hear that the supplies are getting right to where people need it most. rob, thank you. we're going to check in with rob in a few minutes to get the latest track on
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we turn to a close call from an army blackhawk helicopter. >> it was flying security missions here in new york city when it was hit by a drone. abc's erielle reshef is on that story. >> reporter: that collision happened over a residential neighborhood in staten island, believed to be the first between an aircraft and a civilian drone. the pilot was forced to land at a new jersey airport after some tense moments in the sky. this morning the u.s. army is investigating how a drone collided with this blackhawk helicopter in new york city. this damage to the chopper's blade and window after the drone slammed into it at approximately 500 feet around 8:00 p.m. thursday night. in the united states it's against the law for private drone pilots to fly at an altitude greater than 400 feet. the pilot was able to land the aircraft safely. this isn't the first close call in the sky between a drone and a helicopter.
7:15 am
collision with a drone. >> reporter: back in august, massachusetts state police reported a drone came within 100 feet of one of its choppers. >> if people follow the instructions for all the rules, it is an absolutely avoidable scenario. >> reporter: in june a charlotte police pilot said a drone inched towards this helicopter while flying over the city. >> had the drone struck the helicopter at that speed, velocity, through the windshield, it could have been a catastrophic event. >> reporter: now, the army is investigating this latest incident and trying to find the drone pilot. the helicopter is awaiting repairs. most of the damage though was done to the drone itself so kind of lucky in this situation. >> absolutely. >> trying to figure out what was flying the drone. >> raises a lot of questions about drone safety going forward. thank you. we turn to the life or death struggle in mexico city where five days after that earthquake rescue crews are desperately digging through the rubble. >> matt gutman is
7:16 am
where americans are assisting in the search for survivors. matt, good morning to you. >> reporter:paula. this is a scene playing out, heavy machinery moving in, that crane lifting huge chunks of concrete, and you may be able to hear the jackhammers in the background. this is something that nobody here in mexico city wanted to see because it means this is moving from a rescue to a recovery effort. this morning as rescue workers are still swarming over the ruins of this flattened office building, desperation is setting in. the death toll rising to over 290 people, most of them here in mexico city. it's been over 24 hours since rescuers digging out tons of rubble by hand pulled anyone out. and with the cruel reality setting in, these people protesting, accusing the mexican government of moving too slowly and letting their family members die. the rescue effort here has become international. we
7:17 am
search and rescue team with their canines at that same site. they say those six stories collapsed so densely there's no void space and the concern is that nobody could have survived that. they huddled before going in. and within earshot, this tent city of the families of the missing entering their fifth day of waiting. they sat there, praying together. it was right there that we met faviola. her brother believed to be trapped. the accommodations where her family have been camping for days, spare. they've been sleeping, sitting on buckets like this. sitting there she said they needed everyone to see their strength. but i ask her how she koecopes after four case. then even her steel will snaps. she says her brother is very strong. but amidst the flattened buildings and sagging
7:18 am
pride. in the rubble of one building rescuers spontaneously singing the mexican national anthem. ♪ now, minutes ago we saw rescuers recover one of the victims. the mexican government still says there is some hope from the victims but it doesn't have an official list. what has been most impressive here in mexico is not just the hundreds of rescuers you see behind me but the army, the thousands of volunteers who on their own dime have kept up a steady supply chain of food, water, coffee, supplies for everyone here. guys. >> the spirit of solidarity is so nice to see. matt gutman, thanks for your reporting from mexico city this morning. we want to go back to rob who's in puerto rico with the very latest on maria. >> good morning, dan and paula. the sun is trying to spoke out so some hopeful optimism in regards to the weather today.
7:19 am
it is still a category 3 storm but today for the first time in a long time we have no advisories or warnings out for any coastal areas. it's in the open ocean at least for now. 120 or so mile per hour winds. it's forecasted to move north and parallel the u.s. coastline. by the time we get to tuesday or thursday it does weaken but the forecast cone is now shifting a little farther to the west so that brings the carolinas into play and potentially the northeast. we have to keep a very watchful eye on maria. >> 90 degrees on sunday. our average high is only in the upper 70s. so this is well above average. unseasonably warm. probably the last full weekend of summer. but we do have some changes on the way. monday still near
7:20 am
but dropping to the low to mid-80s on power may still be out, guys, here in puerto rico bullet t -- but the people have been good to us and they have a strong spirit. survival will continue and ey'll get over this eventually but it's a long run. >> he's doing such great work there. some scary moments in southern california as people watch a plane narrowly miss their home and it literally falls from the sky. >> and the pilot and passengers all manage to walk away from this thing. marcie go gonzalez is in los ans when this happened. >> reporter: the two people on board and everyone who was right there along that busy street as the plane came down, no doubt feeling incredibly lucky this morning. >> dispatch, we advise a plane with an engine failure coming in.
7:21 am
make it. >> reporter: that terrifying close call, a single engine plane crash landing on a southern california street. >> most scariest thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: clipping trees on its way down but incredibly missing homes and drivers just feet away. >> flying into burbank, lost power to one of the engines for some reason, called in a mayday and glided, trying to find somewhere safe to put us down. he basically parallel parked the fricking plane. lucky to be alive. >> reporter: that passenger and pilot, fraternity brothers, saying they were heading to hollywood airport when their engine failed, somehow managed to glide down onto the street next to this busy shopping center. >> there's a number of passengers. >> appears to be a small cessna type plane. doors are open, no fire, no smoke, checking for injuries. >> reporter: the pilot and passenger walking away from the wreckage without serious injuries. >> those guys are lucky they don't have back injuries or anything else. >> i thought
7:22 am
i mean, i thought it was going to be fiery but we're okay, no injuries. we're a little banged up. >> reporter: incredible. this morning the crash is under investigation. dan and paula. >> thank you very much. coming up on "gma," they were the last known people to see isis hostage kayla mueller alive. the abuses this american mother and daughter were uncovering when they were found alive. and government officials racking up big bills for their pricey flights, when "gma" continues. sarah is a fifth-grade teacher. when it comes to molding young minds, nobody does it better. she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details
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>> hello and good morning, washington, we're continuing to monitor hurricane maria, a category 3 hurricane, a major hurricane with 120 miles per hour winds. and gusts
7:28 am
the farther western portions of the cone does income pass portions of the outer bankses. the storm there slow down and stall before heading out to sea thursday and friday. for our weekend, highs in the upper 80s to 90 degrees. average highs of 77. a very warm weekend ahead of us. that will continue on monday. we may see coastal effects by tuesday and wednesday. breezy winds and more clouds. we're not expecting more rain from maria. we'll continue to monitor. saturday and
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welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. thousands evacuated in puerto rico fearing this dam could collapse at any minute, this in the wake of hurricane maria which devastated the island, leaving it entirely without power, without water in many spots. puerto rico now on a long road to recovery. also right now on a saturday morning, iran missile test. state media reporting that iran has successfully tested a new ballistic missile that can carry multiple war heads and travel more than 1200 miles, easily able to reach israel and saudi arabia, this hours
7:31 am
during a military parade. also, former republican presidential candidate bob dole is in the hospital. his wife saying they're sorry to miss this year's invictus games hosted by prince harry in toronto and they are asking for prayers. he tweeted, i hope to be home sipping a cosmo in a few days because a cosmo puts everybody in a better mood. >> at age 94, roll the dice. >> not just one, how about a couple. >> he spoke at my college graduation. >> what a moment. >> our best to him this morning. we are going to turn now to currently serving government officials including a few trump cabinet secretaries who are under scrutiny for their travel habits. >> one congressman is looking into what's being spent on private flights. gio benitez is here with the
7:32 am
latest. great to have you in the studio. >> reporter: we're talking about expensive private planes. the flights are costing tens of thousands of dollars but spokes people for some of the secretaries say they're necessary. still, some members of congress aren't buying it. this morning treasury secretary steve mnuchin is under investigation for trips on costly jets with american taxpayers footing the bill. mnuchin's flight on a u.s. airforce c-37 costing taxpayers at least $25,000. that ride from new york to washington d.c. less than an hour. that rate on a commercial plane, 210 bucks. it happened after the president's controversial press conference in charlottesville. >> i think there's blame on both sides. >> reporter: mnuchin's travels had already taken center stage after he and his wife took a military jet to kentucky last month, some questioning if the business trip was really used to watch the solar ellipse. also under review, why he
7:33 am
his honeymoon, ultimately withdrawing that request, saying it was just one of the things they explored to ensure security communicatio communication. mnuchin is now one of at least three trump cabinet secretaries under the microscope for their travels. investigators this morning are also looking at secretary tom price who just last week reportedly chartered five flights on private planes. politico reporting the health secretary flew a total of 24 private flights since early may, racking up more than $300,000 in taxpayer bills. >> it's just not right. it's just not right. >> reporter: congressional democrats are sounding off. >> i don't think he really has a justification, and he's taken dozens of charter flights claiming they're an emergency, but basically they're for his own convenience. >> reporter: secretary price's office saying in a statement, commercial travel
7:34 am
feasible. secretary price will continue meeting with the american people outside of the beltway to hear their concerns and ensure hhs makes decisions that best provide for their needs. and meanwhile, mnuchin denies any wrongdoing and says that the kentucky trip was official business, not to see the solar eclipse, and that his wife's ticket was approved and reimbursed, but so many questions this morning, enough to trigger these investigators. >> not what they need in the middle of this health care fight in the senate either. gio, thank you very much. let's check the forecast again with rob marciano who has been reporting from puerto rico. rob, good morning. >> good morning again, dan and paula from old san juan, puerto rico. the hurricane itself still a category 3 storm and as we mentioned, no advisories are out because it's in the open ocean well east of the bahamas but the forecast track is to bring it north towards at as
7:35 am
you see by tuesday, wednesday, a little weaker hurricane at that point and the forecast zone is now scrape is the u.s. shoreline and our spaghetti models which were clustered at one point, now because of the atmosphere and split jet and troughing in the southeast may bring maria closer to shore and maybe some direct impacts wednesday, test test test test it's been a tough go for the folks in puerto rico but 3.5 million americans live here and are struggling and we certainly hope that the supplies and the staff get here
7:36 am
desperately need. i do miss you. back to you guys. >> we miss rob, but it's important to keep the spotlight on puerto rico. it's a serious emergency there. >> and the communication completely down. coming up, the brutal murders of an american-born journalist and her mom and their ties to hostage kayla mueller who was killed while in isis captivity. were they targeted for their criticism of syria. >> and a sneak peek from the new "star wars" movie, the big announcement from the director. contain your excitement, straight ahead from adrienne in popp. hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going.
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we're back now with the double murder mystery. this story involves an american born journalist and her mom. >> they appeared on abc last year because they were friends with kayla mueller, the young aid worker who was kidnapped by isis and killed. >> reporter: she was only 23 but the human rights work of american-born journalist halla barakat and her
7:41 am
powerful team and also put them at great risk. i met them last year in turkey for an abc news report on the young american hostage, kayla mueller, who they had befriended shortly before she died in isis captivity, a death they felt deeply. >> we're two women that we know it's a cruel world out there for women. >> reporter: this week hala and her mother were the victims, found murdered, stabbed and strangled in their istanbul apartment. friends say they had recently been threatened because of their very public criticism of the assad regime in syria. as a reporter for orient tv in istanbul, an anti-syrian regime outlet, the young women had been investigating the horrors of the assad government. >> despite the crises being the worst and most extreme of its kind,
7:42 am
failed to hear syria's warning. >> reporter: last year hala talked about her american roots. she was born in north carolina. and how heartbroken she had been over the death of kayla mueller, the american who had come to the region to help the syrian refugees fleeing war. >> i'm very american. i'm very syrian at the same time. so we fit together very easily. >> she's so young to have this experience to happen. to be dead at this time, at this age. >> reporter: kayla mueller's parents told abc news we are numb and do not understand how anyone could do this to our gracious and beautiful friends. the funeral for halla and orouba barakat will be held today in istanbul. because halla was an american citizen, the fbi says it will investigate. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> such a tragedy. our thanks to brian ross for that
7:43 am
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to volunteer in your community.
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this is something that you've never seen before. espn's college game day bringing the entire crew to the big apple for the first time right there, ringing the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. and game day reporter maria taylor joins us from just outside our studios in times square. maria, good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i know this is a really exciting time for game day. i understand the idea to do game day in times square was born a couple of years ago, but why times square? >> good morning,
7:47 am
college football fans in new york city. they did a little bit of research and found out there's actually 32 fbs bars just within a mile of our setup here and they're opening up at like 8:00 a.m. fans will be there cheering on their teams. it's just kind of cool to bring p su such a great show to the city of new york city, and people were out here at 6:00 a.m. they were already here ready to go. >> this is impressive to see and i know there was controversy when you guys first announced that you would be coming to manhattan because it's not a college football town per se, there are no major college football teams but so many here in manhattan went to those big schools. looks like you're expecting quite a turnout. >> like you, paula, you're still a fan of michigan football. >> go blue. >> they identify with college football and we're bringing it to them for this one week. plus it's kind of cool to be sitting in front of the ball and seeing a bunch of fans here
7:48 am
in the city. >> it's iconic and looks amazing. i hear you're flying to iowa right after the show for the iowa/penn state game. what can you tell us about that matchup? >> i don't know if you know this but iowa actually has pink locker rooms for their visitors and the idea is for them to have passive moods but there might be something to it because iowa actually won their last three home games against top five opponents, all big upsets. story they beat michigan last year by one point. >> i didn't hear that. >> cover your ears. they have a lot of expectations. they're fourth in the nation. they've planning back in the fall knowing it would be one of their toughest road tests. it's going to be a fun one to watch and we know upsets are possible. >> dan harris wants to put in a submission for game day to come to waterville, maine to watch the mules in action. if you can submit that request, we would appreciate it. >> i'll get on the phone right
7:49 am
the mules on. >> by the year 2037. >> we can make it happen. >> maybe they scored a touchdown by then. >> don't hold your breath. >> have a great time and safe travels and by the way, congratulations on being part of the crew this year. thanks for joining us tune into college game day starting at 9:00 eastern on espn and streaming on watch espn. >> go mules. >> pop news is next with adrienne. getting your flu shot at walgreens is easier than ever. just walk right in and pay zero dollars with most insurance. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation. it's that easy to get your flu shot and make a difference. so swing by your local walgreens today. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy.
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time for pop news. adrienne is here. we start with breaking news from the kardashian camp. "people" magazine reporting 20-year-old kylie jenner is expecting a baby with travis
7:54 am
baby girl. the couple has reportedly been dating for five months and she's rumored to be due in february. the last jedi finally ready. post production announced on instagram, three months before it's scheduled to fly into theaters. will we find out who ray's family is, where did she come from, who's her daddy. >> who is the last jedi. >> right. having a staredown and more. "star wars," the last jedi, debuts december 15th. >> i'm really excited. >> i think the world is holding their breath. check out these original supermodels. you're going to like this one, dan. >> i might like it too. >> i think we all like it. carla bruni, naomi campbell, cindy crawford and elena christianson paying tribute to
7:55 am
jionni versace. >> sorry, 00i was distracted by this thing. >> it's not a hanging chad. it's a hanging sheath. >> this is a grilled cheese on a doughnut but not just any doughnut. the chef is here and you got to explain this to us here. >> smells good. >> what we have there is sour cream and onion grilled cheese doughnut over creamy potato soup. >> wait, wait. sour cream onion doughnut? >> yes. >> it's not sweet? >> it's a little sweet. >> how do you eat this? dip it in the soup? >> yes. >> the doughnut grilled cheese sandwich is skinny dipping into a bowl of potato soup. chef, you're from clinton hall. you mashed this up from the creation from the arsenal -- i hope i'm saying that -- sugar factory. >> mix it up. how does it taste? >> really good. >> i was a little skeptical. mind blown. >> mind blown. >> rea
7:56 am
>> again, take a high dive into a bowl of potato soup. >> is this gluten-free? >> not gluten-free. >> we won't talk about the fat. you can actually get this if you're watching at home starting on september 25th here in new york city. >> thank you. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. >> this is a good morning washington update. >> the first official day of fall. after fall began yesterday at 4:02. not going to feel like faulty. a comfortable start but as we
7:57 am
get you to the afternoon hours, 88 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine. one of the things going on today is the dollar -- brian van de graaff will be emceeing supporting special olympics parrots say hi to brian. in the 50's, west of the blue ridge, 67 at reagan national airport at 70 degrees. annapolis closer to the bay. more events going on this weekend. clarendon day. a 5k and 10k in front of our office. temperatures in the 70's to start. the mid 70's more than often bob back into the 80's by the time we get to the afternoon. near 90 degrees for the hydro. here is maria, still a category 3 major hurricane. westwardave more of a drift. it does include portions of the toer banks and rather close portions of the eastern shore by next wednesday and thursday. as far as
7:58 am
grouping closer to the coast or tuesday night into early wednesday. by the time we get to thursday, all these models kick the storm out into the atlantic. that should eventually get it out of our area. the main index the on the coast, kind of like jose. our 10 day. 88 today, 89 tomorrow. near 90 again monday. for tuesday and wednesday, and easterly flow, temperatures back in the low to mid 80's. all those days. cooler temperatures by next friday. more l
7:59 am
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