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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 26, 2017 4:00am-4:29am EDT

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making news in america this morning, crisis in puerto rico. conditions there are growing desperate as the governor pleads for help. plus maria is not going away. now setting its sights on the east coast. breaking overnight, a fast-moving wildfire rages on in southern california. threatening home evacuations under way as firefighters struggle to control this fire. a possible kidnapping caught on camera. new video appears to show a woman grabbed off the street and forced into a car. hear what investigators are saying. and the cowboys, america's team, taking a knee with owner, jerry jones. the latest show of solidarity, and why one player says h
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and standing alone for the anthem. and we can say good morning to you, everybody, on this tuesday, and at this hour, hurricane maria is causing new havoc. more than one week after it started pounding the caribbean. >> here's a look at maria. the category 1 storm is lurking a few hundred miles off the carolinas. >> and maria has left nearly 3 million puerto ricans trying to survive. the governor there is begging for more help, warning of a humanitarian crisis. >> the storm is forcing evacuations along north carolina's outer banks, but the major focus is on the flight of millions in puerto rico. here's abc's lana zak,. >> reporter: you can see the destruction inflicted on puerto rico. houses clutching at the sides of cliffs after mud slides rip the ground from
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foundations. the island's governor says it is a humanitarian disaster for all the 3.4 million u.s. citizens on the island. >> the palm trees are down. the trees broke. and at night, you can't feel the air because nothing. there's no wind. it's horrible. there's no water, electricity. >> reporter: at the san juan airport, residents and tourists wait for days hoping for a plane and a lifeline. >> i want to get home, and here i'm fighting my life because my insulin is my life, and they don't have no ice here. they don't have anything to help me keep my insulin safe. >> people are running out of food. they are fighting. i just went to the bathroom and the bathroom, they have water all over the floor because people are trying to take baths here, or, you know, it's -- it's really, really survival mode right now. >> reporter: while here in the continental u.s., preparations for maria are under way in north carolina
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>> they need to get out as quickly as they can. we can start to see roads flooding, so they need to be going now. >> reporter: lana zak abc news washington. now to the health care battle in washington at a televised debate last night. the sponsors of the debate say they are pressing on even though the bill now seems to be doomed without senator susan collins' support. >> the proposal was the subject of a hearing that erupted into chaos on capitol hill. look at these scenes. abc's danya bacchus shows us more. >> i would like to welcome everyone, and i do mean everyone. >> reporter: before the senate finance committee could even begin -- protesters were removed. some from their wheelchairs as they chanted in anger over the newly revised graham/cassidy health care bill. this was the one and only public hearing on the latest plan. >> they don't want us to testify. they don't want us to be here. it's fraud. it's a fake. it's just a fas sad.
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>> reporter: the congressional budget office released an analysis of the bill that influenced senator susan collins to speak out against it. >> it would have a negative impact on millions of americans who are now insured, so it was that final piece of the puzzle that i had been waiting to -- to confirm. >> reporter: the main lawmaker joins senators rand paul and john mccain as poepts of the bill. monday morning, even the president seemed to acknowledge defeat. >> we have 52 votes, so we can't lose any votes, i mean practically, so we'll lose two or three votes and that's the end of that. >> reporter: the bill needs 52 votes to pass before the deadline, and with three republican senators standing in opposition, the graham/cassidy bill is essentially dead on rival. >> our thanks to danya from l.a. now overseas. right now, north korea reportedly boosting its defenses along its east coast. kim jong-un's regime is
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war planes flying near the korean peninsula. this after accusing president trump of declaring war on that country. it comes as the north releases a new propaganda video shows the destruction of u.s. targets. the white house is dismissing north korea's talk of war. the national security adviser, h.r. mcmaster said, what we hope to do is avoid war. week three of the nfl ended with a display of unity during the national anthem. jerry jones has staunchly supported president trump, but on monday night, jones was kneeling on the field while arm in arm with his players before their game against arizona. they all stood together before singing the national anthem, and the cardell in as also locked arms. the president's comments about players on the field, sparked the controversy. his press secretary tried to dlarfy his position. >> this isn't about the president being aga
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something, this is what everybody wants to drive. this is about the president being for something. this is about the president being for respect in our country through symbols like the american flag, like the national anthem, and the hundreds of thousands of people that actually stand versus the few hundred that may have knelt. >> and president trump tweeted again, late monday saying, there has been a tremendous backlash against the nfl and its players for disrespecting the country. firefighters have been working through the night, dropping water and chemicals on a dangerous wildfire in southern california. more than 1,000 people have been ordered out of their homes in corona about 20 miles east of disneyland, and the fire has closed two lanes of a major freeway, and several area schools are closed today. and now a closer look at your weather. the calendar may say autumn, but it feels more like summer in a lot of the midwest and the interior northeast. people in chicago will have anot
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beach today with more warm and humid weather on tap. the high there will be 89 around the same as detroit, memphis, atlanta and miami. but minneapolis will only reach 63, just 67 in kansas city. here in the northeast, mercury will look at the 80s while the southwest sees 90s again. still ahead right here, new reaction from hillary clinton after reports of white house officials using private e-mails. also coming up, pistol-packing senate candidate. why the man on the ballot in alabama today pulled out a gun at his rally. and the football player hailed as a hero for standing alone during the anthem. why he now says he regrets that move.
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and it's completely false. that i don't believe in the second amendment. i believe in the second amendment. >> that's alabama republican senate candidate, roy moore, sporting his support for gun rights. this comes as alabama republicans head to the polls today for a primary runoff that's largely being seen as a referendum on president trump. the battle is essentially pitting president trump against his ousted chief strategist, steve bannon. bannon is endorsing moore while declaring more on what he calls the out of touch establishment. >> they think you're a pack of morons. they think you're nothing but a ruse. they have no interest at all in what you have to say, what you have to think or what you want to do. >> president trump meanwhile is
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endorsing luther strange, who was appointed to fill jeff sessions' seat, and he is trailing in the polls. another headline about steve bannon this morning. this one concerning his time before he joined the trump campaign. reports saying he tried to spy on facebook by planting a mole to gain insight into the hiring process. hillary clinton is talking about the use of private e-mail by trump administration officials. the height of hypocrisy. the white house is not disputing a report that at least six white house officials conducted business from their personal accounts, including jared kushner, steve bannon and reince priebus. it is not illegal to use private e-mail. messages must be forwarded to official accounts to be preserved. the fbi is reporting an increase in violent crime for the second consecutive year. new numbers reveal a 4% jump last year compared to the year before, largely because of a nearly 9% ris
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murders. the fbi says 20% of that increase and the murder rate can be blamed on violence in chicago. despite the increase nationwide remains near historic lows. beginning next month, the retail giant is raising its minimum hourly wage from $10 to $11, efferently hitting $15 an hour by the end of 2020. that pay raise will outpace walmart's recent increase. when we come back, the common mistake firefighters made that had them racing to put out flames at their own fire station. and a woman grabbed off the street, thrown into a car. the apparent kidnapping caught on camera.
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october 1st. irma destroyed about 25% of homes there, but power and water has been restored. key west has welcomed the first cruise ship. the police are trying to solve an apparent kiddal napping caught on camera. >> a man forced her into a car. a witness described the frightening scene. >> she was saying, no, no. leave me alone. please, help me. someone help me, and you could hear the girl banging the window hard. hard saying, please let go of me, let go, and crying. >> police say they got the video after someone called 911 reporting a woman screaming. the video shows the woman trying to escape from the car, and then another suspect apparently grabs her and holds her inside before the car drives off. and hundreds of people attended a vigil at the tennessee church where a gunman opened fire. they brought flowers to remember the woman killed and seven worshippers killed. the usher was
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stayed silent in the back as others sang his praises. >> we are so thankful for caleb who stopped the gunman as he entered into the church and, you know, put his own life in danger. that just speaks so highly of the fact that, you know, he wanted to step up and make sure -- he won't call himself a hero, but i'm going to call him a hero. >> the 25-year-old suspect, emanuel samson has been charged with murder. police say he carried two handguns into the church and had two other weapons in his suv. anthony weiner will report to prison after being sentenced to 21 months behind bars for sexting a minor. weiner cried after admitting he was a very sick man for a very long time. he will be forced to enroll in a sex offender treatment after serving his sentence. and a warning for everyone taking a daily dose of aspirin to prevent heart attacks. research shows stopping that
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attack boosting your risk by nearly 40%. a sudden withdrawal could cause sudden blood clots. for the second time in two years, a massive iceberg has broken off of antarctica. the latest one seep in the satellite image is four times the size of manhattan. scientists worry this could contribute to sea level rise. and the fire chief in portland, maine says firefighters are human just like everyone else, and that was certainly the case the other night when they forgot to turn the stove in the fire station off before rushing out to a call. they had been cooking dinner at the time, and well, the result was a fire which caused enough damage to force them to relocate to another fire station while they made repairs. and all right. let's cool down a little bit. head over to sports and get the highlights. >> yes, we have monday night football action and baseball history in the making. details from espn.
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i'm scott van belt. the cowboys took on the cardell in as. this was a game that the cowboys needed to get, and they were able to. despite the fact they started very, very slowly. you see 1:15 on the clock when dak prescott takes it into the end zone to tie things up at sevens. prescott had a couple of touchdown passes in the game, and here 21-17, late going in the fourth quarter. ezekiel elliott held to just eight rushing yards in denver last weekend, and 80 in this one, and that touchdown, as the cowboys knock off the cardinals, 28-17. day game in the boogie down bronx and a bit of history for a team that has got plenty of it. aaron judge, sitting on 48 homers. his opposite field power is just insane. to right center, t gone. yankees ahead of the orioles 2-0.
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home run mark at 49, and this one, at even 50, puts him all by himself. the first ever rookie to hit 50 home runs. judge, incredibly humble young man, didn't want to take the curtain call, but was forced out of the dugout by his teammates to tip the cap. those that know he is as good a guy as he seems. enjoy your tuesday. >> thanks, scott. up next in the pulse, a town is putting an age limit on trick or treating. so how old is too old? >> no such thing. and why the steelers player who broke from his teammates during the national anthem to stand and now poiing. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe.
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♪ time for the pulse, and we begin with one of the lasting images this week in the nfl. so that was alejandro villanueva of the steelers standing for the national anthem by himself. >> villanueva is an army ranger who served three tours in afghanistan. his jersey is the nfl's best seller since sunday's game. >> but he is now apologizing for the whole thing. he says, a mix-up led to him standing alone and that there is no division between himself and the team. >> meanwhile, a stadium worker in buffalo has quit his job, blaming the players' actions. he worked there for nearly 30 years, but he says he cannot continue to work at a place where, quote, multimillionaires cry that they are being oppressed. and over to baseball now where the cubs may have been dealt a blow to the cardinals in their playoff hoax, but one chicago player has new fans in
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>> addison russell dove in to grab a foul ball, and he sent a plate of nachos flying and cheese sauce all over his hand, but between innings, russell brought a new plate of nachos to that fan while posing for a selfie. >> not only did he deliver the nachos, but a three-run double. the cubs win 10-2. >> not bad. >> where are our nachos? >> please. so believe it or not, they are already thinking christmas at the white house. >> too soon. but the white house usher and others went to northern wisconsin to pick out the christmas tree for the blue room. it's a 19 1/2-foot fir. it will be trucked to washington and delivered to the white house by horse and wagon the week before thanksgiving. >> it's waerd to hear the music so soon. >> we have to get through halloween first. yes, and speaking of halloween, barely a month to go before halloween, and one town in canada is considering a new age limit for trick or treaters. >>
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so the current law on the books bans anyone under 14 from trick or treating. now some are proposing they raise that and ban anyone under 16 from trick or treating. the old curfew used to end all halloween festivities at 7:00:p.m. and some are proposing they make that 8:00 p.m. to give people time to trick or treat. the mayor calls a whole thing an example of government overreach, and that's inbreakinc news- baltimore washington parkway shut down after a crash. park police tell us a driver wrapped his car around a tree north of route 197. he was trapped for a half hour- before he flown to shock trauma. he is listed in critical condition at this time. no word
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road is expected to open. evacuations ordered in the carolinas as hurricane maria ordered in the carolinas as hurricane maria pushes north. the storm is expected to cause high surf, rain, and wind gusts over the day or two in north carolina. meanwhile-- puerto rico-- is requesting more emergency aid after it was crippled by the storm. a major dam is on the verge of collapse, and more than 3 million u-s citizens could remain in the dark for months. democrats and republicans lock horns in a debate over healthcare last night, as the issues boils over on capitol hill. republican leadership now scrambling for a solution, after another senator comes out against the g-o-p's t
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act. good morning washington. toss to eileen - clouds from maria today; still warm - maria moving north off the se u.s. coast - hot and humid tomorrow; changes thursday - much cooler, less humid friday through the weekend today: mostly cloudy. not as hot, still warm and humid. highs: 83-86 winds: ne 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. staying mild. lows: 64-72 winds: n 5-10 mph wednesday: partly sunny. warm and humid. highs: 85-89 feels: 90-95 winds: n 5-10 mph
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congressman anthony weiner is
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affairs in order, before reporting to prison. weiner was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison for sexting a 15 year old girl. weiner pleaded guilty in may -- admitting to sending graphic photos and having obscene video chats with the teen. he was also fined 10-thousand dollars. weiner must report to jail by november 6th. a fast moving wildfire in anaheim california-- has grown overnight. s
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more than 22 hundred acres. firefighters say the blaze has grown considerably in less than 24 hours. more than 5-hundred residents have been ordered to evacuate their homes. so far, there are no reports of any injuries. at last chect-- the fire was only 5-percent contained. back here-- we got an inside a special camp - for kids who have suffered severe burns. 41 students- and 41 counselors from all over the continent- here in d-c this week. they came together to talk, to tour, and most of all -- to support each other. the camp is sponsored by the international association of firefighters. it's xx and we're just getting started. just getting started. all eyes on maria. the hurricane forcing more all eyes on maria. the hurricane forcing more evac
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race to get supplies to islands decimated by the storm. nfl protests continue on monday night football. what cowboys owner jerry jones, is saying about the league-wide unrest. good morning washington. - clouds from maria today; still warm - maria moving north off the se u.s. coast - hot and humid tomorrow; changes thursday - much cooler, less humid friday through the weekend today: mostly cloudy. not as hot, still warm and humid. highs: 83-86 winds: ne 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. staying mild. lows: 64-72 winds: n 5-10 mph wednesday: partly sunny. warm and humid. highs: 85-89 feels: 90-95 winds: n 5-10 mph


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