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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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just the news they were hoping for. >> this group of virginia families of children with disabilities was waiting to meet with senator tim kaine when they heard the news the healthcare vote wouldn't happen this week. >> there were applause. we were happy. >> samantha and justin are the parents of 20-month-old josephine that relies on medicaid for chronic lung disease. they like the other family visiting with senator kaine said they are relieved that the g.o.p. failed at least for now. >> i know the fight is not over but for right now i'm hoping that this will encourage the lawmakers to come to the table and do something bipartisan. >> right now this is about feeling good about this today. passing this on to the family. thanking them for the support. >> the republican effort suffering a major setback last night when g.o.p. senator of maine said she would oppose the bill joining rand paul and john mccain, effectively killing the
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graham-cassidy bill was not the answer. >> earlier today opponents staging a so-called die-in. blocking the entrance to the capitol subway inside the russell senate building. nine people laying down in protest over proposed healthcare cuts. campos traveled from new york to be part of the resistance. >> healthcare is a right for all. if you start cutting back healthcare you affect livelihood of millions of people. >> republican senators ted cruz of texas and and also senator from alaska expressed concerns about the bill. further hurting the chances. earlier today mitch mcconnell was asked what happens now, and he said where we go from here is tax reform. live on capitol hill, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. in the midst of the debate, word that the cost of long-term care is surging. the median cost of care at adult daycare and assisted
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this year. that is the second largest increase since the yearly survey started in 2004. the cost of home health aides went up the most. 6% to $21.50 an hour. the most expensive option private room in a nursing home costs more than $97,000 a year. larry: another set of protesters making their case outside of the capitol. they are calling to congress to approve the clean dream act. it's for the dreamers that are brought here by the parents when they were children. president trump rescinded president obamas executive order that protected them from deportation. it's hard to miss as you drive along i-95 in virginia. a confederate flag waving off the road in stafford county. opponents tried to have it removed for years. now they have a new s
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explain the developments. richard? richard: the flag behind me. as you said, if you are driving on i-95 south, there is no way you can miss it. now opponents have a new tactic. they call it "zoning." when is a flag including this one not a flag? when it's a sign. >> too big and too tall. under the zoning order. >> i think some people find it offensive. some people don't want it there for economic reasons. personally i share the done certain -- share the concern of the community. richard: they argue it doesn't represent the nation, state or geopolitical entity. they say the large size and the 990-foot pole violates the zoning ordinances for the residential area. opponents call the flag is symbol of hatred but supporters including the group virginia flaggers that put up the flag says it's a freedom of speech issue and a way to honor confederate soldiers. >> it's an absurd way to go around and try to do
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take away the honor of the confederate soldier which is what the flag pole is. richard: susan says if it doesn't come down she will put a black lives matter flag in her backyard and she has the zoning paperwork to do it. >> my daughter who is 8 a african-american. i want her to know we are fighting for her future and for all people to be welcome here. richard: the next step a zoning supervisor could come here to inspect the flag itself. after that there is a zoning board of appeals and we are hearing that perhaps it may end up in court. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news >> last month white nationalists rally cost the charlottesville police department nearly $70,000. the money was spent on the police overtime, food, water and other supplies. the costs do not include the 600 some virginia state police personnel on duty during the rally and the counterprotest. you will remember heather heyer died and two state
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helicopter crash at the time of the rally and the protest. larry: a day after being honored in arkansas, the six surviving mem -- members will take part in the national museum of african american history and culture. alison: to the weather now. still a bit sticky outside for the last week of september. but nice and pleasant today. meteorologist steve rudin in the stormwatch7 weather center with a check on the forecast. it's changing now. steve: it is changing a little bit. the temperatures are wonderful. moving in the everything hours. if you have outdoor dining plans it looks fantastic. fredericksburg is 79. lower 80's in acin his and woodbridge. look at the forecast and the temperatures are eventually going to fall to the upper 70's. if you are not going to eat outdoors go for a walk and hang out on the porch. this is the perfect everything to do it. bigger changes are on the way as we move to the end of the week and the upcoming weeke.
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tropical storm maria with maximum winds at 70 miles per hour. the new 5:00 update that came in a half hour or so, downgraded the system from a hurricane to a tropical storm with the lower wind speeds. but still winds gusts up to 85 miles per hour. coming up, we will talk about a cold front that arrives here late tomorrow night. the impact on our area and looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. if you like fall-like temperatures you will love what is on the way. larry? larry: talk to you in a few. we are tracking maria tonight. recovery efforts in puerto rico. today president trump is announcing he will head to the island territory next tuesday. members of the d.c. police department are going earlier. tim barber is live outside the d.c. police headquarters to explain why. tim? tim: larry, they are trading in the squad cars for a military aircraft tomorrow morning. they are flying down first thing in the morning to puerto rico. for many officers this trip is personnel. they have family down there. the
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paid administrative leave days for the mission. after that the men and the women will take personal days. they will be helping the state police with anything needed. the chief says he could not be more proud of the officers who asked him and the union to go down there and help. >> as you know the motto on the metropolitan police department we are here to help. this illustrates it better than ever. tim: one of the officers teared up when he told me what the trip meant to him. his sister is down there now and he still has not had contact with her. i'm going through the interview now and i vel the latest coming up. that is latest from headquarters, i tim barber, abc7 news. alison: after a nasty five hours on the baltimore parkway this morning between 2:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. a.m. there were 11 crahe
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road. five for near route 197. no one was killed by the traffic did back up for hours. coming up at 6:00, a look at the dangerous stretch of the federal road and what the state wants to do about it. larry: leesburg police need help tracking down a man they say assaulted a woman near the russ line rare sunday morning. -- russ library sunday morning. if you have any idea who it could be, call the police. alison: there are questions tonight whether a teacher convicted of sexting with a student can return to the classroom now that he has been taken off the sex offender registry. kevin lewis is working to find answers for us tonight. kevin: what made you plead guilty? in 2014, richard shemer a former social studies teacher at albert einstein high school in kensington confessed to sending a female student dozens of sexually explicit e-mails. he was sentenced to a year in prison of which he served a few weeks. now th
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probation, judge david boynton allowed shemer to scrub his name off maryland sex offender registry. >> parents, quite frankly, told me they are horrified. kevin: she writes for the "montgomery county sentinel" newspaper. >> if the judge can wipe it clean he can wipe it clean for any teacher. what implication will that have on a county level, state level or a national level? kevin: but shemer's attorney explains the 54-year-old lost his wife, hours, job and baseball coaching career. forcing him to live with his olderly parents -- elderly parents. >> he is penniless and menial job, whatever he can get. the judge felt it was enough punishment. kevin: shemer's attorney adds nothing physical happened. >> he paid the price. it was a terrific price to pay.
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kevin: in three more years shemer could have the sex abuse case wiped from the public record. that in theory would allow him to a ply for new teaching positions though shemer claims to have no plans of doing so. outside sir cult court in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: thank you. coming up at 5:00, why protesters took a knee in silence at a local university today. alison: and later, another shoe drops in the fallout over the massive data breach at equifax. larry: but first, a message from puerto rico for lawmakers in washington as they struggle to recover from hurricane maria. kimberly: i'm consumer investigator kimberly suiters. can you make six consequences of high blood pressure? we will tell you coming up. or call 703-236-9220.
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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larry: a fresh look at a wildfire raging in anaheim community. hundreds of firefighters are toe to toe with the canyon fire. it has burned 2,000 acres and dammed one home as well. 1,500 residents have been told to leave their homes as the fire threatens neighborhoods. alison: amazon says it plans to stream
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game around the world to help raise money for puerto rico in the wake of hurricane maria. tonight residents of the island nation have a message for lawmakers in washington. "we are americans too." after criticism about the white house response, today president trump held a meeting with the key advisers about how to move forward. president trump: we are working very hard on puerto rico and we are getting tremendous efforts and we are sending tremendous supplies to the virgin islands. >> that s.o.s. needs to be heard lout and clear. we should talk about that. alison: most of the island is still without water and health service. ryan says they will get the same help as texas and florida. >> in the last hour maria was downgraded to a tropical storm turning off the coast of north carolina. justin hinton is live there. what are you seeing
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>> in the past couple of minutes the winds started to pick up. it's the worst we have seen it since it's been on this section of the island. i will step out of the way. you can see the waves crashing on the shore again. this is the strongest we have seen. but what people experience depends where they are on the outer banks. it's a sight to see, the water pouring over the driveway. >> did things like this to keep it out of the house. that is it. >> maria off the coast of the outer banks and not expected to make landfall but expected to cause stronger winds. storm surge hour-by-hour. one of the reasons why he is here but he is no stranger to hurricanes. >> after a wile you get tired of it. >> before he leaves is a final battle between him and the wind. >> trying to get to the back side of the house, for one final check of his
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keep out maria's wrath. not wasting more time he gets out. >> a few more touches of protection. trying to hit the road before the conditions along highway 12 deteriorate more. on the southern banks they are trying to prevent the flooding. the officials with this warning to people still here. stay out of the water. even the most experienced swimmers. >> back out live again, maria downgraded to a tropical storm but still feeling the effects of those wind gusts. i just got another gust that almost knocked me over a little bit. the governor did make an announcement earlier today. sending out a relief saying roughly 900 peop
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on the southern tip of the outer banks. taking it seriously. they do tell folks to prepare for the next couple of days. reporting live, justin hinton. alison: thank you. well, after a career spent creating heroes, comic book legend stan lee has become one. lee is working with the organizers of a comic and a sci-fi convention in tampa to raise money both. larry: that will definitely raise money! are you kidding me? alison: it sounds like you want to go. larry: i would like to look into that. [laughter] alison: it's nice to see so many people doing what they can because there are so many areas that need help right now. steve: florida, houston, puerto rico. some of the areas we have talked about. there is a
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we have heard a lot less about. larry: all the other islands. alison: all the caribbeans. steve: thankfully the 5:00 update came in early for maria which is downgraded, which we just learned. it will continue to weaken. alison: that is good news. steve: talk about what is going on here. for late september. alison didn't think it was too hot today. a little humid, right? alison: it was pleasant. steve: awesome, i like that. alison: not that it matters what i think. steve: my goodness. please! outside we go. we have cloud cover out there. if you have plans, eating outdoors or taking your dog for a walk, it looks fantastic. it will will stay dry. any plans outdoors will be fine. the september, 86 in martinsburg. 82 in winchester. it's 83 at reagan national airport. if you are planning to walk
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temperatures by 8:00, 80's. there are clouds here and there. it will stay dry. this is what it looks like. zero clouds anticipated. that is why temperatures rebounded higher than we thought. 90 was the high in frederick earlier this afternoon. head south and east, maria, now a tropical storm with the maximum winds at 7miles per hour. we still have wind gusts upward of 85. the track continues to the north at around 7. it will continue the track heading through the next 24 hours or so. that is why we still have the tropical storm warning in effect for the outer bank of north carolina. wind gusts upward of 40 to 60 earn many. beach erosion. the strong rip currents. if you have plans to head to rehoboth beach, dewey, be careful. the surf is still rough for
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few more days or so. the forecast as we track maria in the next five days we look for the storm to lose the punch and move east away from the mainland of the united states. and indeed that is fantastic news. the storm becomes history and it will be well north of bermuda. no need to worry there. 64 to 72, overnight low. mostly to partly cloudy skies. patchy fog, west of d.c. around the i-81 corridor. it won't cause delays early tomorrow morning. if you are worried about the fog, leave a few extra minutes if you live in the mountains. winds are north at 5 to 10. waking up tomorrow morning it's wednesday. upper 60's to around 70 degrees. so a warm start to the day. dress in shorts if you can. or short sleeves and grab sunglasses heading out the doors. highs tomorrow are the middle to the upper 80's. feels like the lower 90's. the weekend looks fantastic. saturday and sunday is around 70 degrees. the average is 74. 80 tomorrow and th
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conditions after cold front moves through. 75 on friday. look at saturday and sunday, leer 70's. we stay in the 70's monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. back to the lower 80's by the end of next week. late september and early october this is what we come to expect around the area. sunshine, comfortable temperatures. nighttime lows in the 50's. larry: good sleeping weather. get the comforter out! alison: all right. steve: i will think of your la,ry. larry: please do. 7:00 a.m. wakeup call. oh, larry is already there, he's on the tv. alison: thank you. larry: well, from that to this. something nasty brewing under the streets of baltimore. alison: a look at that and why women may be at a greater risk of developing an addiction to opioids. that is when we come back. larry: first, here is a look at what is coming up tonight
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alison: "7 on your side" in health matters for you today. this is world heart day. so we have experts standing by to answer your heart health questions. in the abc7 help center. call them.
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i did what they said. i followed up with my doctor. i trusted him. alison: it did not keep the mother of three from becoming addicted to painkillers after routine surgical procedure. she is one of the million of americans fighting the opioid epidemic. michelle marsh are at the "live desk" to explain why women are at a higher risk than men. michigan painkillers were prescribed last year. we are talking about oxon oxycon and vicodin. for this woman it came after she had a cyst removed in the ovaries. she became addicted to painkillers and overdosed twice before recovery. >> i hated what i was. i was embarrassed and ashamed and content my family would be better off without me. >> what is startling and bothersome is the number of the patients on opioids well
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completed. michelle: specifically a new report finds that the patients undergoing seven common surgeries often being provided more pills than they really need. women have a higher risk of being addicted. larry: health officials say there is a record increase in sexually transmitted diseases. last year there were many 2 muslim cases in the u.s. -- 2 million cases in the u.s. of those, 1.6 million were chlamydia. prevention programs have been hurt by budget cuts. kimberly: i'm consumer investigators kimberly suiters. the phone calls are still coming in. we are focusing on heart health. call 703
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six consequences of high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, erectile dysfunction, vision loss, heart attack and kidney disease and failure. don't take a risk. check your blood pressure. give us a call. the experts are standing by waiting for you. 703-236-9220. now closed, the macy's store at the old land mark mall in alexandria was once a bustling center of commerce. i'm mike carter-conneen. coming up, details on the plan to turn the former department store to a homeless shelter. alison: plus taking a knee. what the protesters are trying to call attention to on the georgetown university campus. q: it's been the hot topic on high school football fields. as we found out today around dining room table. i'm q mccray. i spoke to parents today about how they are talking to the children about the nfl protests.
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larry: more than 200 nfl players took a knee or sat on the bench in the national anthem in week three. the ratings were up 3% last year. this is off president trump called on the league to fire or suspend players who protested last week. today's instapoll is asking if you thi
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mandate that players stand in the national anthem as the president suggested. cast your vote at right now q mccray is live in arlington after speaking with parents ahead of the high school games this weekend. q? q: yeah, larry. i found out today that is a very touchy subject for some parents. i approached maybe a dozen parents today. only two agreed to talk to me on camera about what they are telling their high schoolers. one can only imagine what they are thinking after what they saw on tv this weekend. parents say they are dealing with this on a case-by-case basis if you will. friday night football. the grand stage for high school sports. possibly high school demonstrations come friday. search the words "high school" and "kneel" online and you will find countless pictures of student athletes taking a knee. the majority dated 2
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friday. >> get that son of a [bleep] off the field. q: hundreds players responded by kneeling or not being on the field for the singing of the national anthem on sunday. now will students do the same? >> i don't know what to expect on if local front where the kids will interimmize this. q: richard talked to his son about the demonstration. >> if i see a protest and the kids ask about a protest and how it's handled i point to how the leaders deal with it. q: but others have a different approach. >> i keep them away from that. i need them to stay focus on the schooling. q: if your daughter or son came up to you and said mom, i'm going to protest or kneel on friday, what would you say? >> they have a right to do that. q: but she wants them to do it for the right reason. >> if they do it because other people are doing it, me as the parent of my kids i have to teach them. q: i contacted six school districts around the d.m.v. and i got responses from five
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stays online at but they all told me they will allow student athletes to protest as they want come friday. that is the latest live from arlington, i'm q mccray, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. republican voters are casting ballots in alabama. recent poll showed luther strange trailing former judge roy moore heading in to today's primary. strange was appointed to fill the seat left empty when jeff sessions became attorney general. moore is best known for his opposition to gay marriage and his support of displaying the ten commandments in public. larry: investigators working for special counsel robert mueller could start interviewing current and former white house staff this week as part of a russia probe. this comes as the ranking member demanded oversight on the e-mail used in the white house. jared kushner, stephen bannon and reince priebus used whist e-mails to discuss w
5:34 pm
matt -- used white house e-mails to discuss -- used private e-mails to discuss white house matters. alison: this was the scene at georgetown university as dozens protested an address by attorney general jeff sessions. inside, some sat with tape over their mouths, sessions said free speech and the president's criticism of the nfl protests are not incompatible. >> i note the players are not suspect to prosecution but if they take provocative act they can expect to be condemned. the president has a right to condemn them. i condemn their actions not them as human beings. alison: some seats were empty because georgetown law reportedly disinvited a number of students over fears they would disrupt the event. larry: tonight congressional democrats are criticizing the secretary of interior after he said a third of the employees at the department of the interior aren't loyal to him or th
5:35 pm
ryan zinke comments with compared to talk of 1950's and 1960's in the mccarthy era. congressman is calling for him to apologize to the public servants he is supposed to be leading. alison: tomorrow morning, crews are supposed to begin paverring the parkway trail. they will start and work north until they get to liberia avenue. the work will take place each day from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. so expect delays and detours. the project should be finished this fall. larry: macy's at the land mark mall in alexandria was a bustling department store. now the empty building can be used as a homeless shelter. as mike carter-conneen reports this is only for two years to help the local homeless shelter in need of the temporary home. mike: landmark mall is a ghosttown with only sears still open and mostly empty parking lot. >> this is like the forgotten mall. it's been that way for
5:36 pm
mike: as first reported by the "washington business journal" the alexandria carpenter shelter needs a temporary home while the current facility is renovated. as the howard hughes corporation transforms this into a mixed use development, it might lease out the old macy's, saying while nothing can be confirmed we are working on details to hope to move the project forward. we welcome the opportunity to play a role in helping the community. >> the timeline seemed to match up in terms of the redevelopment plan and the need for a temporary site for current shelter. mike: former alexandria mayor and shelter member said it would need metro fitting. room, showers, laundry and deeping facilities. it's a blank slate. >> it works out well for us. mike: even if it's only temporary is this the best shape for the homeless shelter? there is plenty of transportation with service by dash bus and met
5:37 pm
and the van dorn metro station is only a mile away. >> there are city services that can support the population. >> long-time residents are anxious to see the mall redevelop. they welcome the temporary shelter idea. >> it's better to have somebody in there than nothing. >> he hopes to wrap up the lease negotiations for the weeks. >> in alexandria, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. larry: tonight, the montgomery county council holding a hearing about increasing the minimum wage to $15. it is open to the public and it begins at 7:30 tonight. alison: equifax c.e.o. richard smith is out. they named an interim c.e.o. the credit reporting agency pushed smith out as they try to pick up the mess left by the big data breach. this comes after the company revealed hackers exploited a software flaw that the company did not fix. larry:
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learning . about brain. kimberly: we are here to help you with the heart health. we have nurses and doctors and we have a 41-year-old survivor of stroke. all here to help you. call 703-236-9220. alison: take a look at this. the teacher tries to help a parent figure out where to go and ends up on the hood of the car. what happens next is new at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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steve: all right. even though it's only tuesday it's never too early to talk about the upcoming weekend. this weekend is going to be fantastic. we are talking lots of sunshine. low humidity. daytime highs around 70 degrees. night time lows in the 50's. waking up early saturday morning and sunday morning you might need a light jacket. if you are headed
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ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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alison: we have a ways to go before christmas but the white house is already preparing. this is the tree that will take center stage in the blue room. this year's tree is coming from wisconsin. it's the third time that the same family has provided the first family's tree. it's a 19-foot basa
5:42 pm
it should arrive sometime in november. larry: nice. alison: a beauty. larry: video games may be high on the kids' holiday list this year and they are having 9-year-olds who love them to learn about the brain. there is a massive research project to track the brains of 1,000 or more kids for the next ten years. they will use m.r.i. to scan the brain while kids play video games, answer questions, even while they watch movies. >> we'll do the m.r.i. scan and look to see how the activity in the brain and the structure of the brain changes in the course as they go throughed adolescents to adulthood. larry: the abcd stoleddy as it is called is the largest brain development study ever undertaken. alison: wow! amazing. hard to find 9-year-old boys who like to play video games. >> i don't know where they wi
5:43 pm
alison: oh, i know. fatburg ray head. after two under the streets of london find out where in the u.s. the crews fight one now. >> a non-profit says they are in need of donations.
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larry: tonight the death toll from the massive earthquake in mexico last week is now up to 333 people. mexican officials are just starting to figure out how much it will cost the country financially. 500 buildings in mexico city need to be torn down or undergo major repairs. alison: meanwhile, a non-profit in montgomery county that offers food and financial aid to people in need now need help itself. amy aubert caught up with the executive director of only helps who says lately it's tough to keep up with the demand. amy: for volunteers with only help, lately it can be tough to keep these shelves stocked. >> we are nerve every year are we going to make for we are nervous every year, are we going to make it? amy: she has been in charge for a year and a half and she has seen the need spike. where they get ten new clients in a m
5:47 pm
>> the way the numbers continue to climb lately, i am getting anxious. amy: only help, does just that. helping area families with food and financial assistance. >> the economy really affects people and their ability to put food on the table. which bills you are going to pay. amy: they put together specific bags for families that last three to five days to fill it with things like tea and pasta. from there they deliver directly to families in need. >> i wish you could see the faces and the gratefulness when you meet them at the door. they are so thrilled to see us come there. amy: it can be hard to keep up. >> for 48 years we have been able to encoo it going but you are nervous -- able to keep it going but you are nervous every time. amy: a weekend food drive helped stock the shelves. >> they were low. amy: a single shelve can be cleared in a week or two. they rely on donations for the fall and n
5:48 pm
rest of the year. >> what they can do every piece helps but it makes part of the puzzle fall through. it doesn't happen. >> in olney, amy aubert, abc7 news. larry: "7 on your side" to help your health. investigator kimberly suiters in the abc7 help center with a panel of experts ready to answer your questions on world heart day. kimberly? kimberly: the stories are just incredible. starting with the stroke survivor here. 41 years old walking around with a cane. he is giving out wonderful advice. we heard from a bride was stressed and her blood pressure is high. we heard from someone from the hospital bed who wants to know about taking care of the blood pressure after they get out. finally a heart-breaking story about a 32-year-old who just died of stroke. her family wants to provide information about heart help at her funeral. call 703-236-9220 with your questions. now back to you in the studio. alison: a great resource, kim
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only things that can get clogged. baltimore, it was fat, when wipes and oil. it's causing a massive sewage overflow. this is gross. this is a picture of what the sewer pipe looked like when crews got to it. after a million gallons of sewage flowed out of the pipe last week. crews say it was 85% clogged. but the good news is it has since been cleared. they were having this issue in london and now here it's popping up around here, too. larry: gross. alison: yeah. the poor people who have to work on cleaning that up. i cannot think of a worse job. larry: be thankful if for job you have. god bless you guys. alison: let's check in with the weather now. a nice pleasant afternoon. larry: steve rudin has a great job. talk about the nice weather. steve: what a nice lead-in on that. visuals were great. look outside. temperature wise, leesburg at 86.
5:50 pm
cooler for you in fredericksburg. now in the upper 70's. any way you look at it we have a nice evening shaping up for us around the d.m.v. for today we go above average for the record temperature or the daytime high temperature, well in the upper 80's. wakeup temperatures tomorrow morning, another warm start to wednesday. upper 60's to lower 70's inside the beltway. wear shorts and grab sunglasses. there is a lot of sun on the way tomorrow afternoon. the latest stormwatch7 satellite and radar for you. it's quiet and dry out there. we will show you what is going on with tropical storm maria. the 5:00 update came in. it's no longer a hurricane. maximum winds at 70 miles per hour. we still have wind gusts around 85. it will take a sharp turn to the east as we move through the next 24 hours or so. that will lessen the impact on the delmarva beaches. rough for ocean city, rehoboth beach, dewey and
5:51 pm
not anything like the severe beach erosion in north carolina. tomorrow highs in the upper 80's. a lot of sunshine. moving through the evening hours tomorrow looking nice as a cold front moves through. a cold front moves through as a dry cold front. so tomorrow, them whattest day of the next seven -- warmest day of the next seven. cooler on thursday around 80. it will be on the breezy side with the wind gusts upward of 20 miles per hour. cooler for the upcoming weekend. highs around 70 degrees. erin: thank you, steve. we have the story of a retired teacher from mclean who broke the "guinness book of world records" becoming the oldest female bicyclists to cross the united states solo. scott abraham introduces us to today's rising star. scott: a woman and her bike. >> it's the one place i completely relax. scott: lane was able to have the sense of calm for 59 straight days while biking across the country. >> it's
5:52 pm
scott: 3,163 miles and 13 states. >> i'm stubborn. the other side of that is determined. scott: the mclean resident set a "guinness book of world records." becoming the oldest woman at 67 years old to cross the united states by bicycle. >> when i got to delaware i was extremely happy. all the pictures of me that day have a smile wide across my face. scott: you would think after her cross-country trip she would be satisfied and content on what she accomplished but not so fast. lynn is planning her next adventure in the spring. she wants to bike the pacific coast highway and bike across canada. she is one tough woman on a mission. >> because i can still ride. i still love it. i can still do it. my legs are still there for me. i still have the will and the determination. scott:
5:53 pm
message to her generation. >> you have to do what you with what you have. you will astonish yourself with what you can do. scott: peddling hard to the next great adventure -- pedaling hard to the next great adventure. erin: pacific coast highway is a beautiful bike ride. i have done it in a car. good for her. inspiring. she looks fantastic, too. alison: she does. so healthy. erin: cycling is the secret.
5:54 pm
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larry: we are back with breaking news. the department of of veterans affairs says the private healthcare could money out of money by desir pite the $1.2 million emergency funding for program weeks ago. without more money hundreds of thousands of veterans could have disruption in their care. we will keep you posted as we get more information on the story. michelle: special counsel robert mueller is probing whether to charge president trump with obstruction of
5:57 pm
director james comey. the national correspondent looks into whether a sitting president can use the pardon power if he is charged with a crime. >> former trump adviser roger stone testified tuesday behind closed doors about his knowledge of russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. his testimony comes as special counsel robert mueller zeros in on president trump campaign chairman paul manafort and probes whether trump obstructed justice when he fired former f.b.i. director james comey. >> the only possible way of bringing obstruction of justice charges is through the impeachment method which is what happened with richard nixon and what happened with bill clinton. >> now analysts are beginning to act whether a look of cooperation could constitute obstruction of justice and if so whether a president can pardon his allies or
5:58 pm
himself? >> the real question is could the president use the power to pardon him and use the power to control the justice department? >> law professor beliefs if a president tried to use the pardon power then the house of representatives would most likely proceed with impeachment. >> the way the president voiced it is not provide a clause to think about impeaching him. >> some scholars say the constitution is effective remedy for the illegal actions taken by the president or the government officials. the house first impeach and then trial in the senate. >> obstruction of justice is obstruction of justice. it would -- the president would be treated same as anybody else. >> congress is handling an aspect of resistance to the investigation. two bipartisan bills introduced in the senate would make it harder to fire the special prosecutor. >> both bills we are considering today provide extra layers of protection for the special counsel. >> meanwhile chairman of the committee, iowa republican senator chuck gra
5:59 pm
believes blocking trump from firing mueller could violate separation of powers. on capitol hill, i'm michelle macaluso. j right now at 6:00, a dangerous highway exposed. 11 crashes in five hours. on a day that didn't see a drop of rain. jonathan: caught on video a teacher run down outside of a school. michelle: from husband and wife to hero and wife. a groom's life-saving move moments after he said, "i do." announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: right now at 6:00, sounding the alarm over a dangerous stretch of roadway. these are just a few of the crashes that clogged the baltimore-washington parkway this morning. in five hours the police responded to 11 separate crashes in a 16-mile stretch of the roadway. police who patrol the area say it was bound to happen.
6:00 pm
bell is look into the reasons behind the crashes. what have you uncovered? brad: this is a dangerous road by statistic. we can show you some of the reasons right here. this is a 1950's highway. it has not been improved or expanded over the years. look at this. virtually non-existent showers. if you get off of the road you will almost instantly into the trees. two of the cars this morning did hit trees. brad: it was a terrible morning on the b.w. parkway. this is just one of 11 total crashes between 2:20 and 7:30 a.m. some were single vehicles. some multi-vehicle. half northbound and half southbound. none a surprise to those like lydell mcneill that travel the parkway. >> i do worry every time i get on there just for that reason because of crashes. brad: the statistics from a


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