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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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oaks area. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live along one of the trails where a woman was grabbed. jeff, what is the latest here? jeff: in the last few minutes we got word that fairfax county police say they are close to an arrest in this case. they are actively working strong leads and trying to bring the suspect into custody. this is the path where one of the assaults happen in the past few weeks. off monument drive near the fairfax county government center. the most serious incident happening last night after 5:00. a woman walking off random hills road near maples mill road when police say a man grabbed her from behind in a bear hug and grobeed her. the man got scared and ran off after noticing a car. the victim was not hurt. they are looking into if the man is responsible for four other assaults on nearby trails in the last few weeks where the man grabbed a woman's backside and took off. each of the
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4:00 or 5:00 in the evening, in theafternoon, full daylight with plenty of traffic nearby. >> the person is very bold in what they are trying to do. again, that makes you want to be more cautious and a little more frightening because the person clearly doesn't care if anybody sees. >> as a police officer and especially as a woman i would be concerned. i like running outside, exercising outside. that is why we want women and everyone to be careful of what is going on around them. jeff: that is why police are encouraging everybody walking in the area to try to walk in pairs. do not wear ear buds and be aware of your surroundings. an active investigation. police believe they are close to making an arrest in this case. we will stay on it and bring you an update at 5 verz. live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. the search is on for several men who stole a uhaul truck and tried to take an a.t.m. from the front great of
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this comes a week before the nats host the first postseason game this year. ryan hughes has more on the failed heist. ryan: the brazen thieves tried to use a uhaul. but they struck out. the a.t.m. was destroyed and lying outside the main box office area. a window is also busted out. the f.b.i. is leading this investigation. agents out here taking photos and gathering evidence for more than seven hours. four suspects use a stolen uhaul and rammed the a.t.m. several times with the back of the truck. a burglar alarm went off around 7:45 this morning and likely scared them away. they didn't get away with the machine but they managed to get away in a pickup truck. we confirmed the uhaul was stolen from the location just around the corner on south capitol street and we are told it was stole enovernight from
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crews are scanning through surveillance cameras trying to see if the four suspects were captured on the video. in southeast, ryan hughes, abc7 news. alison: new at 4:00 today, this man right here is in custody accused of putting hateful notes on the front door of a predominantly black church in prince william county. michael birkl is now facing charges. the notes included a swastika and mentioned the k.k.k. they were posted in august on the greater praise ministry in dumfries. nancy: just in at 4:00, 26 national guard members from maryland will head to puerto rico to help with recovery efforts after hurricane maria. roughly half of the people there are still without running water even today. the situation is dire. maggie rulli explains that the trump administration is pushing back against criticism that the u.s. government has been slow to respond.
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trump administration touching down in puerto rico defending the president's response to the crisis ten days after maria devastated the island. [inaudible] from d.c., president trump pledging to not rest until the people of puerto rico are safe. but also saying item location and outstanding debt makes relief efforts more difficult. president trump: the government of puerto rico will have to work with us to determine how this massive rebuilding effort will end up being one of the biggest ever to be funded. maggie: this comes amid a growing backlash on cnn the mayor of san juan blasted them for calling it a good news story. >> saying it's a good news story. when you are drinking from a creek, it's not a good news story. if you don't have food for a baby, it's
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story. maggie: and they admit the response is not enough. >> this recovery is going to take a very long time. maggie: roughly half of puerto ricans are still without running water. some hospitals on the puerto rican island have been reduced to triage tents. thousands of cargo containers filled with life saving supplies are stuck at san juan's port unable to distribute it. look of communication, diesel for trucks and manpower are blamed for the hold-up. both the president and the vice president plan to visit puerto rico next week. president trump on tuesday. mike pence will go later in the week and he will visit the virgin islands. maggie rulli, abc7 news. alison: now to the weekend weather today. let's take a live look outside. this is just beautiful. a more fall like day. how will it last? meteorologist brian van de graaff has the weekend forecast. what a nice day. brian: it was a
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hopefully you got to enjoy it. it was brisk out we had 40's out there. this is a live camera from georgetown showing green. let's talk about the numbers today. no 80's and 90's as we have seen in the last couple of days. mid-70's in the city. 74. 76 in warrenton. the friends in hagerstown, 73. they kicked off the morning in the mid-40's this morning. i'm sure some heaters did kick in. the commute cast on the way home temperatures will fall from the 70's to the 60's quickly. now overnight we have a few clouds that will build in. a few clouds moving in and breezes picking up means it won't be colder than this morning. it will be chilly but not as cold as this morning. the coolest night comes tomorrow. reinforcing shot of cold air moves in. we talk about that and activities for the weekend. how to dress as you head out for saturday and sunday coming up alison: okay. we'll see you then. only on 7, check out this video. this is stunning. it shows a police officer
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george's county and he is wrestling on the ground with a suspect. this is in hill crest heights on sunday. today this video is going viral. p.g. police are praising the officer for showing incredible restraint. his commander just spoke with our mike carter-conneen outside police headquarters in hyattsville. so mike, what did he have to say about this? mike: the fourth district commander says based on the aggressive actions that the man in the video that this officer showed tremendous restraint, that he easily was warranted to use more force, to use his baton or pepper spray. but he used that restraint in this video. it happened 2:30 p.m. on sunday at the hill crest heights shopping center on iverson street. they say the suspect actually approached the officer before this and the officer recognized him. knew this man had a stay-away order for that location and warned him that he was fres -- trespassing.
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officer attempted to arrest him for trespassing, the struggle started, so did the video recording. two bystanders step in and pull the suspect off the officer on the ground. the officer chases him down and police say after the video he arrested him at a second location. and a second physical struggle happens between the men. both the officer and the suspect suffered minor injuries, abrasions, bruises. the officer even strained his hand we are told. he is not being identified because of department policy. >> i'm very proud of him. extremely pleased with the amount of restraint he showed in this situation. we are trained, we have a use of force continuum. we are trained to use force that is necessary. he could have used more force than what was used in this situation but he showed that restraint. used the least amount he could to affect the arrest. mike: the suspect 41-year-old temple
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murray faces multiple charges, second-degree assault on law enforcement officer, resisted arrest and trespassing among them. he has a long criminal record and twice before he has assaulted officers. he is now out of jail on bond. coming up at 5:00 on abc7 news, we have more on what we have learned about the two bystanders who checked in and the message police here have for them. reporting live in hyattsville, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. nancy: thank you, mike. developing right now the u.s. state department warning americans against visiting cuba and ordering more than half of the employees and their families to leave the island. officials also say the united states will stop issuing visas in cuba. the american embassy will continue to operate with a 60% reduction in staff. this is after a string of mysterious attacks against u.s. diplomats. federal authorities say 21 americans got sick after apparent sonic attacks. most recent was last month. cuba denies any involvement.
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fairfax county. the superintendent released top five choices to rename jeb stuart high school. the number one choice is to drop "jeb" and call it stewart high. the next ones on the list -- in july, the school board decided to drop the name of the confederate military leader from the school. alison: new at 4:00 today, skytrak7 over the scene of a prison van crash in frederick. it -- six inmates were on board but no one was hurt. a man was found dead in a car in montgomery county. joseph ndyamukama was found monday in the parking lot of the white flint plaza in kensington. it's not clear how he died and the police are looking for his family. nancy: a sad update from florida where a 12th person has died after a nursing home lost power and air conditioning during hurrican
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a criminal investigation is now underway and body temperatures as high as 109 degrees. florida governor gave nursing homes 60 days to require new rules that require them to have generators provide backup power for four days. alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- air force lieutenant general strong words out on social media after the racial slurs were found at the academy. the reaction to his speech coming up next. nancy: a deadly stampede in india. what triggered this chaos at a train station? alison: plus, o.j. simpson days away from freedom. what he plans to do when he gets out of prison and what he
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alison: air force is investigating after racial slurs were directed to several cadet candidates at the academy in colorado. lindsey mastis joins with us the outrage expressed by the air force academy superintendent and reaction to his strong speech. lindsey: the lieutenant general talked to several hundred of the cadets. this is what he had to say. take a listen. >> that kind of behavior has no place at the prep school. it has no place here and no place in the united states air force. if you can't street someone
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need to get out. lindsey: that is striking a chord on social media and with the lawmakers. representative robin kelly writes powerful words. hate has no place in our armed forces. here is another sweet. the true leader and a true american and a true human being. we need more leaders like him at every level of the government and the private sector. finally, this is the america i am proud of. many more people are reacting to what he has had to say. nancy: 30 people are dead after a some peed at a train station in india after a crowd surged to a pedestrian bridge. people dashed on to the bridge to avoid a rain shower. then they panicked when they thought that bridge was going to collapse.
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alison: five people are dead. 25 others following suicide bombing in afghanistan. this happens at a mosque outside they were ending. the bomber blew himself up when they tried to detail him at a security checkpoint. nancy: o.j. simpson will be a free man in days from now. according to the attorneys simpson is scheduled to be released from nevada prison as early as monday. he spent the last nine years behind bars for armed rob rained kidnapping. friends say -- robbing and kidnapping. friends say he plans to enjoy the simple things in life when he gets out. >> all he wants to do is spending time with family, friends and kids and play golf. nancy: simpson plans to live in florida with two of his children. he wants to get a new aphone. alison: white nationalist richard spencer is asking to speak at the university of
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colleges turn him down. the school is now considering safety concerns of this. spencer heed put together the rally in charlottesville which turned deadly in august. he sued michigan state after his speaking request was rejected there. nancy: happening now, tens of thousands of people trying to escape two volcanos that could erupt at any moment in southeast asia. geologists there monitoring an active volcano on the island of bali and villages are racing to save the livestock. it's a pure coincidence that both volcanos show signs of erupting at the same time. all right. turning now to weather at home. it was a really cool start to the day. wasn't it? alison: then it warmed up nicely. brian: this beautiful thing about this time of year. you get a crisp start and need a light coat and by the end of the day it's pretty warm. my test today is see if the kids came home with the jackets. alison: did that?
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i have to check. put the name in there because it doesn't always make it home. the weekend is gorgeous. more of the same. cooler by sunday morning. get ready. take a look outside. we talk about the next couple of days. fall has finally arrived. typically this time of the year it's 74. in the next couple of days it will be below average. heading to next week we see temperatures start to work their way back up. we are getting to the mid-to-the upper 70's heading to tuesday and wednesday. fall like feel with us for the foreseeable future the way it looks. friday night football. big. it's back. it's happening across the d.m.v. tonight we will see the scattered clouds for the games. temperature wise the numbers will drop back. bring a jacket or bring a blanket. it will be getting cold. heading deeper in the evening we will see a few clouds heading through here. there is another cold front. reinforcing shot of cooler air that will be drifting in the area tonight.
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this is a cooler push of air moving in, we have scattered clouds. i don't think it's cooler than yesterday for tonight. it's sunday when we see the effect of the cooler air spilling in. we watch the front come through. notice your lain of moisture. shower action in charleston and up through pennsylvania and new york. it looks like it basically fizzles through your neck of the wood. i don't anticipate much in the moisture tonight. tomorrow we are back to sunshine but it will be breezy. notice northerly winds and the dry wind but it will be breezy and brisk. highs tomorrow in the low 70's. for saturday and sunday, both days low 70's. we will get milder on monday. the morning lows, to pay attention to. if you are heading out early any day this weekend, make sure that you have an extra layer. heading out to get the paper, it will be brisk. the nationals play tomorrow at 7:05. the sun will be down. chilly night for the game against the pirates tomorrow. by sunday, 3:05 game and it will be better because it's the middle of the afternoon.
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we are proud to be the sponsors. i will be there tomorrow starting at 10:00. come say hi. gorgeous activity next week. low to middle 70's. still nice but we have a warming trend through next week getting our way to the middle 80's. as far as precipitation we may get a shot of rain next week but when you are dry like this, often tames the rain chances don't come to fruition. nancy: all right, thank you. coming up, unusual facebook post. why a woman trying to sell a tombstone on social media. alison: plus, a mother facing charges now for leaving her kids alone for days. as she vacations.
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nancy: a woman in new york is facing a firestorm of criticism after e tried to sell a tombstone on social media. she said it was broken into three pieces renovating her entrance to the home. when put together it has the name of a man who died in 1850. but her home wasn't built until 1950. she said she put the tomestone up for sale. many were not happy about it. >> i had a lot of people telling me i'm disgusting and disrespectful and i'm going to be haunted. nancy: it is not believed the person is buried on the property but the woman says she has been in con
4:24 pm
historical organizations about a possible donation. alison: caught on video. a police officer jokes about shooting a man. it happened at the university of nevada reno. the officer activated his body cam after he pulled over a suspected drunk driver. she passed a field sobriety test and she let her go with a warning. but the officer then said this about one of the passengers. >> holy [bleep] glad you're not fighting. you're too big. i'm just going to shoot him. [bleep] alison: the police chief apologized and placed the officer on administrative leave pending an investigation. this is like a real life version of the movie "home alone" but a mother is accused of deliberately leaving her four children home alone while she traveled to europe. thankfully police were called before anything bad happened to the kids. this woman is from iowa and was arrested for leaving two
4:25 pm
12-year-olds, a 6-year-old and 7-year-old all alone for six days while she took a trip to germany. police say she was planning to leave her kids alone for ten days. nancy: caught on video, dramatic rescue at a cell phone tower. this is in charlotte, north carolina. two men were working on that tower when one of them passed out. the other man tried to bring his down. but got stuck. firefighters had trouble reaching the men because they were beyond the reach of the truck's ladder. in the end, neither man was seriously hurt. >> coming up here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- maryland task force back home after a busy week abroad. the challenges they face while helping with hurricane relief efforts is coming up next. nancy: plus a town home up in flames. we are learning what sparked the fire and what woke up the man who was inside. alison: new at 5:00, after the demand for help soars after the recent hurricanes, some of it is coming from places you might not expect. "7
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couple's story of survive and rescue out i join you here at 5:00.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: maryland task force one
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deployed to puerto rico. the team helping fema in the wake of hurricane maria. melissa dipane has more on the rescue mission. >> going there we could see there was total destruction, no electricity. there was no traffic on the roads. most of the trees had been snapped off. a lot of roots had been damaged and the infrastructure was basically damaged. melissa: it's been a busy seven days for medical specialists captain jeffrey york who was part of a team in montgomery county sent to help with serge and rescue in puerto rico -- search and rescue in puerto rico. >> we could go from area to area to reconnaissance on how well roads were passible, if the bridges were out. if an individual needed medical attention or evacuation. melissa: the team was able to he an village get needed supplies setting up a cable high line over dangerous river rapids. >> the bridge completely washed out. they had a large amount of rain with the hurricane.
4:30 pm
mudslides already because of the steep hills. melissa: the crews were only allowed to bring number of supplies they carried in the backpacks. they brought medical supplies, food and water. anything they could use to take care of themselves and the mission. thinking they didn't use they left behind for additional missions taking care of the folks in puerto rico. so many people to help and grateful for the support. >> they were appreciative and resilient. they were welcoming. i thought they had a great spirit about them. they were able to be self-sustained. they even have limits so they were in need of food and water. melissa: in rockville, melissa dipane, abc7 news. michelle: in the weather center now with meteorologist brian van de graaff. gosh, it's beautiful outside. brian: you're welcome. michelle: i know. send all the thank you notes to you. brian: the first couple of days of fall we had 90-degree weather and humidity. now it feels crisp. cool this morning. the next couple of days it will feel the same af
4:31 pm
temperatures comfortable and slightly chilly. michelle: stick around for the weekend? brian: yeah. all weekend long. michelle: perfect. brian: do your fall activities. look adds for dining outside. we -- look at what we have for dining outside. there are no big issues weather wise. you may bring a jacket. it depends how late you are dining. anything you have going on outside tonight have an extra layer. it will be cool. maybe thinking of the leaf peeping. we are starting to see a little color showing up to the west. i will tell you the best time really to see it going to october. that is not that far away because sunday is the start of october. but the first week we will see more color. you have to head deep to far western maryland or west virginia for the higher elevations to see color emerging out there. for the weekend, if you want to enjoy yourself, do so. it will be beautiful weather. tomorrow is breezy. we have another shot of the cooler air pushing in
4:32 pm
still near 70. slightly below the average of 74. it's brisk at times. saturday when the winds lie down saturday and sunday the coolest morning. widespread 40's on sunday. next week is calm and dry. but we have a gradual warming trend. we talk about the next ten days in a bit. nancy: thank you. in haymarket a man waking up to the sound of shattering glass. the townhome filling with fire. the cause was a shouldering cigar in a planter. kevin lewis has details on the damage done. kevin: it's hard to miss the charred level of the town home and the scent of fire fresh in the air. officials tell me a couple lived here. last night around 10:00, the husband was enjoying a cigar on the back deck. his wife was out of town. the man placed his cigar in a planter thinking it was out. nearly five hours later around 3:00, the man woke up in his third floor bedroom. his house
4:33 pm
he called 911 and he got out with minor injuries. he is already out of the hospital. firefighters are credited with keeping flames spreading to the garage. a classic white car and the red jeep wrangler full of gasoline unscathed. they require new construction to include fire walls and the benefit on display here as the neighboring townhomes are damaged. >> right now the conditions that were under in the area two or 3 weeks are dry. the low humidity. so the flower pots and things normally used to discard the smoking material are dry. the plants aren't growing right now so they are even drier. kevin: the damage estimated at $450,000. the officials recommend putting out cigars and cigarettes in water and storing them in a metal
4:34 pm
container. in haymarket, kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: whole food customers check your credit card statement. the grocery chain is the latest in a hack attack. credit and the debit card information may have been stolen. this includes customers visiting in-store tap room and restrooms. no word on which locations were hit or the customers that may have been impacted. it's not affecting the checkout registers or shoppers. nancy: this weekend new laws go on the books in maryland. biggest among them is amber's law that allows people to can protection if they feel threatened. this is named after amber, killed by an ex-boyfriend after she repeatedly told the police she felt her life was in danger. maryland is cracking down on companies that try to inflate prices on generic drugs. there are new protection in place for the public school
4:35 pm
employees who report their boss doing something illegal. michelle: a short time ago, president trump told reporters he will make a decision tonight on the future of health and human secretary tom price. this comes after prays announced he is giving back $52,000 after spending more than $1 million taxpayers dollars on private planes. we have more as they are asking for the travel records from all 24 federal agencies. >> interior secretary ryan zinke, the latest administration official who chose expensive flights for hi s travel. >> i would to address in the words of general schwarzkopf a little b.s. on flights today. >> he admitted to taking the flight totaling $12,000 but he justified taking the private flight over cheaper commercial ones. >> we have to
4:36 pm
areas because we often travel in areas under circumstances we don't have other flight options. >> similar arguments made by other secretaries. including steven mnuchin and e.p.a. director scott pruitt and tom price. they have not reimbursed the cost of the plane or the crew. >> it was deemed appropriate. that was the necessary way to make my other obligations within the department. >> but the white house not ruling out price losing his job over the scandal. >> would you fire him, sir? >> this was not white house approved travel. >> the oversight committee opening bipartisan investigation asking for travel records from all 24 federal agencies.
4:37 pm
>> they prohibit the use private travel if it's not the most economic travel. >> god chose us to survive. all of a sudden the car started to fill with smoke. nancy: coming up, two straight days of the massive rock slides. how close a family came to danger in california. >> the iphone 8 is out but it comes with a big price tag. great ways to get the new smart phone without spending a fortune. but first, a look at what "good morning washington" team is working on for monday. >> thanks, guys. monday on "good morning washington," get ready for the next generation of fierce female leaders. how a local group is inspiring teen girls to take girl power to a new level. >> plus, we are one on win with patricia heaton as we kick off "the middle." >> stay with us
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and weather every ten minutes monday morning starting at
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michelle: rock climbers at yosemite national park are being extra cautious after two rockslides in two days. it happened on the fails of el capitan. on wednesday a rockslide killed one climber and injured another. yesterday's slide sent rocks and debris through a sunroof
4:41 pm
>> my husband reached up. he was like my head, my head. because it was bleeding profusely. michelle: gosh. so frightening. that man suffered a possible skull fracture. but he is expected to recover. nancy: china telling the car makers to speed up the production of the electric cars. electric vehicles will have to make up at least 10% of each manufacturer output. however, they delay the mandate by one year 2019. they seize electric cars as -- see electric car as growth energy and way to reduce pollution. michelle: season nine of "shark tank" premiers on a new night this sunday on abc7. marci gonzalez has a preview. marci: entrepreneurs with big dreams are again taking the big dive in the shark tank. >> why not quit the job and go for it? marci: pitching their ideas to the self-made millionaire and billionaire sharks in hoping of getting them to invest. >> i get the honor to invest
4:42 pm
>> in the process getting helpful and at times brutally honest feedback. >> people start to cry. i feel i'm their best friend. marci: it's not just mr. wonderful, they are all making the deals. >> take that. we'll take that. marci: they are joined by celebrity guest sharks including former baseball slugger alex rodriguez. >> it was awesome. you are cheering for them. >> and the creator of the skinny girl brand. >> i love to mold hi own. going in the shark tanks and seeing i can hold my own. marci: the guest sharks are stirring thinks up in season nine. >> there was a lot of drawma on richard branson did not get along. >> the drawma starting right away in -- the drama starting right away in the two-hour season premier. >> not to be missed. i was shattered by it and i was very
4:43 pm
marci: a little tension because a lot of inspiration which the sharks say is what the show is all about. >> you know, entrepreneurs, you will fall in love with at home, people that you can relate to and say it could be me and should be me. marci gonzalez, abc7 news, los angeles. nancy: still to come, taking a live outside as the setup conditions at kids-fest in fairfax. preview of the activities and
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
michelle: he put d.c. public schools on the map and today he got the keys to the city. going back to school to receive a big honor. sam ford is live with a look it at the special presentation. sam? zach we are outside duke -- sam: we are outside duke ellington high school. when dave chappelle gave a shoutout to the d.c. public schools in the emmy, you could take it either way. the city took it as a compliment and pulled out the stops as dave returned to the alma mater, duke ellington high. the city just spent
4:47 pm
million renovating the school. and he noted that looking at the school. mayor bowser gave him the keys to the city and he talked to students about why this was so important to him and served him well in his career. >> i did my entire professional career based off the education i received here at duke ellington. when we went to school from 8:30 to 5:00, i won't lie to you. i hated school. i didn't understand what was happening. but years later when i had my television show and i was working 16-hour days, felt easy to me. sam: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00", we will tell you about a special gift that chappelle gave to the school. reporting live from northwest
4:48 pm
news. michelle: sam, thank you. we have breaking news in the newsroom from the white house. tom price has resigned as health and human services secretary. you are looking on the screen at the brief statement that came out from the white house moments ago indicating that price authored his resignation earlier today and the president accepted. we have much more on this story throughout this hour and throughout the evening on abc7 and abc7 news at 5:00 and and 60 and nancy: a viral video of a girl singing her favorite song has become a huge inspiration. [singing] take a look at her. singing along to her favorite song. this was shot in her hospital room
4:49 pm
rare blood disorder. she will meet the person two saved her life. >> she encapsulates that song. she is an overcoming. i told her you're changing the world. she said, "i know." nancy: she is expected to make a full recovery after her second bone marrow transplant. she has become a poster child for to help increase the number of donors. to see her like that, you can't have a smile on your face. michelle: it warrants your heart. she is going through a serious battle there. the smile, even for one day, great to see. nancy: absolutely. michelle: speaking of kids, fall for fairfax kid-fest kicks off tomorrow. we have a preview. nancy: this is exciting. there is fun for the whole family. amy aubert joins us live from fairfax with what is on the agenda. hey, there.
4:50 pm
amy: this is exciting for kids and families. take a look. we are inside a fun house at the fall for fairfax kid-fest. they actually climb up the rock wall, they go over it and slide down the slide next to me. take a look here. how much funds are kids going to have going through the punching bags. if i can make my way through. this is one of the 75 activities they have for the kids. i will start up tomorrow morning. i'm joined by barry, the c.e.o. what does it mean for the kids and families to come out here and have this free event? >> this event is based on the concept of engaging kids, helping them with creativity. and edutainment. it's educational but it's fun. we think those two go well together. we have public safety exhibits and the touch truck. there is a helicopter landing here. we have environmental educ
4:51 pm
amy: you tell me that you got out here on tuesday night. some of the carnival rides arrived tuesday night. setting them up since. >> they started to come in on tuesday. amy: thank you. it's a lot of fun. tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 72:00 p.m. they will open back up on sunday at 10:00 a.m. come on out and join in on the fun. for now we are live in fairfax, amy aubert, abc7 news. nancy: it does look like fun. amy there battling it out. brian: a good time. this is geared toward the kids. i will be there tomorrow at 10:00. we have the stormwatch7. michelle: you are a big kid. brian: right? i'll be on the rides. we have prize wheel. get some swag. we'll have fun. it will be cool. bring a sweater but once the sun is out it's good with a little breeze. around 70.
4:52 pm
look at how it's shapal fur us for the everything outside. 70 at langely school, mclean. the last of the stragglers heading out of school this afternoon. temperature wise is 70 or so. in the everything the temperatures will drop back. we have a few more clouds around and we will have a persistent breeze. if you have a constant winds it keeps it from reaching the potential. we will see the 50s, maybe 40's. not as widespread of this morning. we head through tonight and the front is coming through. showers on pennsylvania.
4:53 pm
north and west. it's 501 on leesburg. 58 in annapolis. 53 in leonardtown. in the afternoon plenty of sunshine. partly to mostly sunny. only near 70 degrees or so. strong wind out of the north but it will keep us on the cool side. talk about the fall for fairfax kids-fest all weekend long. 10:00 to 7:00 on saturday. 10:00 to 5:00 on sunday. any plans you have going on this weekend. just know it will be cooler through the afternoon. for sure each morning is cold. talk about the beach. what is good at the shore. if you want real warmth you have to create some of your own. 68 the high for saturday. it will be a dry and calm pattern heading to the first full week of october. nancy: brian, thank you very much. sounds good. next at abc7 -- the iphone 8 is now out but it comes with a big price tag. great ways to get the new smartphone without spending a
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
4:56 pm
sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network? i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife. counting on you guys. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. and now get our fastest internet ever plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. alison: the new iphone 8 is out but the price tag may leave you wondering if you should hold on to the old phone you have. john matarese show us deals that could offset the cost. john: with the new iphone 8 on sale and the much anticipated iphone 10 coming soon many folks from the d.c. area would love to trade up but worry about the
4:57 pm
remember the rush on the apple store when the new iphone debuted? true fans are waiting for the iphone 10. which means one thing. sprint has a new iphone 8 if you trade in a phone. and they will give you a $300 credit if you trade in older phones. at&t has a buy one get one free offer if you have directv or uverse. from the doesn't that stink file why none of those are as good as the iphone 7 deals. only sprint comes close. doesn't it
4:58 pm
bottom line for the deal is to buy an older model iphone. don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc7 news. >> i'm proud of him with the restraint he showed in the situation. larry: only on 7, this local police officer is being credited for doing everything right while wrestling with a suspect. see the video going viral and who stepped in to help. a matter of life or death is what people who need weekly medical treatment are dealing with probable cause. the -- dealing with puerto rico. the local group trying to save lives miles away. >> "7 on your side." on your side. larry: breaking news out of the white house now where in the last half hour health and human services human services secretary -- health and human services secretary tom price resigned. he had travel that was
4:59 pm
they are investigating. alison: the search is on for the man police believe sexually assaulted a woman on a trail last night. it may not be his only attack. this happened in fairfax near the intersection of maples mill and random hills road. that is where where our northern virginia bureau chief is. what did police know about the guy, jeff? jeff: that is what they are trying to figure out. they are chasing down leads and they believe they are close to arrest but no major developments yesterday. this is all happening to women as they were exercising. for the past 20 years rita spent many lunch breaks walking the trails in fairfax. >> i never felt unsafe in the area. jeff: but she fells differently today after hearing multiple women have been assaulted in the area in the past two weeks. each case happ
5:00 pm
5:00 p.m. with plenty of traffic nearby. >> that person is bold. it makes you want to be more cautious. a little more frightening because the person clearly doesn't care if anybody sees. >> the most serious incident happened thursday 5:00. as am woman was walking off random hills near waples mill road when police say a man grabbed her from behind in a bear hug and grobeed her. but the man got scared and ran off after noticing a passing car. >> the fairfax county police are trying to determine if the suspect is the same man responsible for four other assaults unnerve trails. >> touching their buttocks and running off. >> it's scary. >> i am surprised but in today's world anything


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