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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 29, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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5:00 p.m. with plenty of traffic nearby. >> that person is bold. it makes you want to be more cautious. a little more frightening because the person clearly doesn't care if anybody sees. >> the most serious incident happened thursday 5:00. as am woman was walking off random hills near waples mill road when police say a man grabbed her from behind in a bear hug and grobeed her. but the man got scared and ran off after noticing a passing car. >> the fairfax county police are trying to determine if the suspect is the same man responsible for four other assaults unnerve trails. >> touching their buttocks and running off. >> it's scary. >> i am surprised but in today's world anything
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happen. jeff: this is a developing situation. the police are close to an arrest. we will monitor this closely and bring you updates when we get them. live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: thank you. tonight president trump is pledging relentless effort to help puerto rico recover from the devastation of hurricane maria. >> it's been wiped out. we are starting from scratch. larry: but the federal response is criticized after comments like this. >> i know it is really a good news story. >> maybe where she is standing it's a good news story. if
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baby that is not a good news story. >> a group working to help those in desperate need of life saving analysis. amy aubert spoke to the american kidney fund who said getting them to dialysis centers is a matter of life and death. >> more than a week after hurricane maria pummeled puerto rico, major issues plagued the area. >> i see the dialysis patients go a few days or another week without treatment, they will likely die. >> mike is the vice president with the kidney fund. they have given out $400,000 to the patients impacted by recent hurricanes. >> now we are talking eight to ten days past when maria hit the island there are folks that are beyond desperate need of help. >> he says there is likely several thousand dialysis patients still in
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they typically need treatment three days a week for several hours at a time. >> trying to get them off the island. it's hart wrenching. >> there are some dialysis centers on generators but it can be hard to get there. >> a good number of them are up and running now. many of them are saying we don't know if we will be up and running tomorrow because we could run out of fuel. fuel delivery might not come. >> he says in puerto rico three people in need of dialysis died. he worries that could climb. >> we need to get more help in to assist with this as soon as possible. >> the u.s. naver i have hospital ship comfort left virginia bound for puerto rico. the massive treatment facility should take five days to arrive before help with humanitarian aid. larry: >> this is a 27-membe
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the search and rescue efforts. in a remote video they help deliver supplies setting up a cable high line over dangerous river rapids. >> they had a large amount of rain with the hurricane. susceptible to the mudslides already because of the steep hills. alison: the task force left unused supplies behind to be distributed to the hurricane victims. larry: a taste of fall heading to the last few days of september. the feeling of summer could be back. and brianne carter has a check -- brian van de graaff has a check of the weather. brian: we have a live picture from the nationals park. if you are heading to the game the winds pick up later this everything as the reason forcing shot of cool air moves in. if you are going to the game. 7:05 tonight for the first pitch. in the 60's. it will be cle
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later tonight as the next cold front swings through. the breezes pick up tonight. 53 in ashburg when you wake up, 53 in fairfax downtown. will we warm up in the next ten days? i will let you know coming up. alison: see you then. developing now a bump in the road as the u.s. and cuba try to restore the diplomatic ties? nancy: the united states is pulling ├║nancy: the united stats pulling out non-essential employees out of the embassy in havana. that is 60% of the people working there. then a few minutes later they announced they would stop processing visas in cuba indefinitely. things won't change until cuba government can assure the u.s. the diplomats
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this is after what they call specific attacks to harm the diplomats. at the "live desk," nancy chen, abc7 news. larry: thank you. a cigar that wasn't put out properly is to blame for a house fire in haymarket. one man had minor injuries but it cost half a million in damage. alison: one of two girls accused of slashing a classmate to impress horror man is going to plead guilty. she will remain a mental hospital. they will advice hour long she will be in treatment and the codefendant already pleaded guilty. larry: only on 7 tonight. stunning video showing a prince george's county patrol officer wrestling on the ground with a suspect in hill
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department is raising the officer for showing incredible restraint and the commander spoke with mike carter-conneen outside the police headquarters in hyattsville. mike? >> this has been viewed by 65,000 people shared merely 600 times. the police say it happened sunday, amidst the shopping center around 2:30 p.m. >> p.g. police are commanding the patrol officer seen in the footage wrestling with the suspect trying to make a trespassing arrest. >> when we have video like this. it does show that the larger, some of the things we deal with on a daily basis. >> brian riley says with the choke hold and aggressive action by the suspect the use of more force was warranted. pepper spray or the baton. >> showed restraint. i'm proud of him. >> it was
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bystanders. two men step in to help discouraging the men granning at the officer's waist and pulling him away. police want to know who they were to thank them and talk to them. >> we would love to see what take place that they saw prior to the video starting. what made them record the incident? the 41-year-old murray faces assault on a police officer. he has a long criminal record and twice before he assaulted police officers. murray and officers suffered minor injuries. cuts and bruises. the officer sprained his hand. the police stress that officer opted not to use his baton or the pepper spray, even in the choke hold. his priority was protecting the service weapon. they call the video a snapshot of the restraint shown by the police officers every day. they are praising the officer but they are not identifying him because he is not accused
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alison: thank you. we have new developments in the fight over a confederate flag in virginia. earlier this week we told you about a push to get a flag along i-95 removed through a zoning regulation. well, county attorney says it won't work. so now stafford county is giving another homeowner a permit to fly a black lives matter flag on 80-foot flag pole down the street. larry: big names in the georgia race. bush is going to have a fundraising campaign for ed gillespie. and hillary clinton is a headliner for the fundraiser for ralph northam in new york on wednesday. alison: federal judge giving maryland the go-ahead to stop drug companies from price gouging customers. a group representing makers of several prescription drugs were trying to get an injunction before the st
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law before it goes into effect on sunday. this morning a judge denied that request. it did allow the lawsuit to move forward. larry: coming up at 5:00, dead fish flowing in the potomac. what neighbors say is going on and how the people they blame are responding. >> i was almost in tears. alison: later what has been happening at the restaurant for years that brings tears almost every time. >> crime scene at the ballpark. a.t.m. takedown that didn't work. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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larry: thieves tried to steal an a.t.m. at nationals park this morning. and richard reeve has new information. richard: this is a two-fer. the bad guys first stole a truck from here and drove it across the street to try to take out an a.t.m. but it didn't work. now the police are looking for them. one security guard says it sounded like an explosion. smashed up the packed a.t.m. the focus of the f.b.i.
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park. after an overnight robbery attempt. just before 5:00 friday morning a trio of men pulled up in the rental truck stolen overnight from the uhaul dealer across south capitol street. investigators say they put the truck in reverse and used it as a battering ramp to smash up the a.t.m. you can see the damage on the rear bumper. over and over they rammed the machine with the truck knocking them over in an attempt to steal them. i didn't work. >> ultimately they were unsuccessful. they fled when confronted by the nationals staff on scene. >> it was crazy. if i were going to steal an a.t.m., which i wouldn't, i would never do it here. >> now this ballpark in the area around it are littered with surveillance cameras. still awaiting word for the survey linas video to -- surveillance video. we know they fled
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colored truck. coming up at 6:00, what the fans think about this. a crime scene at the ballpark. richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: rich, thank you very much. we have new information tonight about renovations on part of mount vernon. the blue room of the estate will reopen next thursday after a major restoration, that is when a sixth bedroom on the washington mansion on the banks of the potomac in alexandria. larry: another sign of how d.c. is going upjail. a new trader joe's in the capitol hill neighborhood. the shoppers are showing up in droves. organic foods. of which they are known. this is the third trader joe's in d.c. but likely not the last. they are looking into two other locations. >> i feel like we are at home. i feel like we opened our doors. the neighbors have been gracious. >> we are happy to have options. >> a decade ago t
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hill neighborhood had a chain store. safeway. now it has a giants, whole foods and harrah theater in addition to the trader's joe. alison: brian's favorite is wegman. brian: everybody is excited about that. except for those at safeway. alison: competition. larry: pumpkin farms out there this weekend. brian: going out for a hayride. it will be cool and nice but comfortable in the afternoon. basically saturday and sunday repeat of what we have today. alison: wonderful. brian: refreshing. talk about the month. this is interesting. when we started the first week and a half to two weeks of september. it was cold. it was 30 years since a cool start to september. we have turned that around. we have been nothing but above average. since the 14th. every day beyond. so now it is slightly above average for the mo
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the udvar-hazy center museum. a little bit of color. you can look at the trees here and there. a little color happening out there. typically around here we can see a little bit. as is the case from the camera. usually it's a little bit later in october to november. and the higher elevations, the west virginia. it can happen out there. sundown is 6:54. losing a few minutes of daylight. we head through the evening, we can see the scattered clouds. a secondary cold front is coming through. another reinforcing shot of the cool air.
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the wind will keep the temperatures from dropping back. tomorrow is sunny and nice, cool and breezy. low dew point and windy at times. that is a negative out there. 7 zephyr run. 55. 58 by 9:00. by 11, 63. sunday is better morning because there is less win. sunday could be less. tomorrow, shooting for the high close to 70. some of us around the area likely stick in the 60's through the afternoon. partly to mostly sunny skies. look at the winds. northwest 10 to 20. they could gust 25 to 30 from time to time in the afternoon. be prepared for gusty day tomorrow. tomorrow secondary front is clear. we have a push in tomorrow. breezes keep us from being too cold. by sunday morning. that is when the temperatures drop back.
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winchester, possibly may not get out of the upper 30's. thinking about doing farmer's market visit on sunday morning be prepared for a cold start to the day. the afternoon will warm up nicely. average high is 74, 75. we stay below average for saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday. it is a pleasant pattern. the only thing we don't have a lot of is rain. even latter half of next week it's a dry forecast. maybe saturday and sunday of the following weekend. shower or two. we have breaking news. this is between leonardtown and piney church road. it appears no other vehicles were involved. the driver was taken to the hospital. we wil
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condition as soon as it's in the newsroom >> but still to come here, new images of one of history's most mysterious figures. larry: plus, what is being done after two rock slides at one of the most popular parks in the country. sam: i'm outside duke ellington high where dave chappelle gave a special gift today. i'll tell you what coming up. alison: but first a look at what is coming up on abc -- larry: now we have autria godfrey with a preview of monday's "good morning washington." >> thank you, guys. monday on "good morning washington" -- get ready for the next generation of fierce female leaders. how a local group is inspiring teen girls to take girl power to a new level. >> plus, we are one on one with patricia
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at requested the middle." >> stay with us for tnutes monday morning
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i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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washington, d.c. is selected for the 25th site for kennedy center ensuring the arts for any given child. [applause] alison: that was a boost for arts education in the district today. with today's announcement of the city's first ever long range plan, to expand those programs. the partnership with the kennedy center will make arts education available now to all d.c. public school students in grades k-12. how about that? teachers will receive resources and support from the kennedy center and the other agencies as well. dave chappelle is a graduate of the district's duke ellington school for the arts. larry: d.c. bureau chief sam ford reports today was his day in the city to get love after his show of support at the emmys. sam: to me, dave chappelle gave a shout out at the emmys. >> please forgive me. shout out to d.c. public schools. here we go. sam: he got one back as mayor bowser gave him the keys to the city and welcomed him on
5:25 pm
ellington high. and she told chappelle, the emmy he received he is donating it to the school. >> i want you to have this so you know that even though the odds are against you this can happen for you. >> just know that i started earning this emmy at this school. >> he toured many aspect of the school for the arts. music, theater. how do you feel being back in your old school? >> i love it. this is so far beyond anything i could have imaginedded. as far as the renovation is concerned. there are people i went to school here with and are teaching her now. >> for the students this is an opportunity for them to show the stuff and happy for the attention. >> he hasn't forgot about us. >> that is uplifting. sam: happ told them he gave a shout out to the d.c. public schools it meant something. the f
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here at duke ellington high school and he did not go to college. >> at the beginning of senior year, i said you are really smart. we have to think about college. he said, "not me. i'm going to hollywood." sam: in northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. larry: worked out well for him. alison: that is wonderful. tonight at 5:00, the sight or smell you want to make up to in the morning but if not how "7 on your side" is stepping in tepid fut why dead fish are flow -- stepping in to find out why dead fish are flowing in the potomac. >> it'sizesy to get caught up in we have to go.
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it's mommy time! it's daddy time! i told you not to marry her. seriously?! alright. who's next? the columbus day sale is on now. havertys. life looks good ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan
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and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. larry: who is on your side if you are stranded by a storm in "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters found out it may not be who you think. kimberly: for this artist, a retired
5:30 pm
wife of 42 years, their picturesque perch overlooking coral bay on st. john's was their dream home. after a category five hurricane named irma hit, it was their paradise lost. >> it started to blow. a lot of noises. boom, boom, boom. goodness. it is going to go through the roof. >> it looked like berlin in 1945. >> the storm fortified home survived. but they lost power. water. and an escape route. >> nothing for days and days and days. >> back in arlington, the family feared the 67-year-old mother and the 71-year-old father were trapped. the daughter stephanie whitaker spotted the video a pilot posted online. she thought she saw a land slide below her parent's home. desperate she turned to facebook and mobilized a network of friends to contact congressman, fema, the department of defense and the red cross. >> the official channels didn't work. >> to seventh day with
5:31 pm
word, supplies had run out. delirious with exhaustion, the only choice is venture out with the debris and the downed wires to find help. at that moment, knock at the door. f.b.i. agent in a jeep there to rescue them. >> i go to st. john every year. so i knew exactly where the house was. >> glen arrest chur heard about the smith fight the night before. his wife saw the plea for help. archer is the executive director of the national fusion center association created after 9/11. 79 fusion centers bring law enforcement agencies together to share information in a crisis. >> we help solve crime and stop terrorist attacks every day. i tell stories all day long about people being rescued. this is the first time i ever did it. kimberly: archer contacted the fusion center on st. john. scattered satellite knows and worked through the night. in the morning he was dispatched. he was in a po
5:32 pm
when he got the call. the smiths were safe on a coast guard ship. >> a.t.m. and d.e.a. and f.b.i. people. i just cried. welcome back. >> the savior. kimberly: two weeks after the rescue at the falls church home, they don't know when they will return to paradise. >> thank you for everything. >> but "7 on your side" wanted to make sure they met demand on their side. >> kimberly suiters, abc7 news. larry: while 40,000 federal staff were in place to assist in florida after irma, after maria only 10,000 personnel were on the ground between the virgin islands and puerto rico to help with search and rescue and recovery. alison: wow! what a story. meanwhile, there is word out of florida tonight a 12th person has died after the nursing home lost power during hurricane irma. temperatures soared inside the facility when it happened three days after the storm. so far, no one has been charged.
5:33 pm
from hurricane harvey, co environmental protection agency that dangerous chemicals may have washed down river from a super fund site near houston. the sites are among the most polluted in the u.s. the e.p.a. says the flooding may have carried chemicals linked to birth defects and cancer downstream. it's calling on the company that own the site to take immediate action. larry: two terrifying rock slide at the el capitan. the first killing a tourist on wednesday. yesterday a man was injured exiting the park with his family. alex stone report this comes at the peak of the hiking and the climbing season. >> two giant slabs in two days falling from el capitan, the iconic peak rising up over 3,000 feet. the top destination for the tourists in the owe similarity park. they are not uncommon. 80 times a year. the size and the f
5:34 pm
on wednesday, a british man killed in a climbing visit when granite plunged from el capitan. the slab, height of a 12-story building weighed hundreds of tons. >> this could have killed people on the road. >> then on thursday, rachel evans and her family were driving home from a three-day trip to the park when suddenly a rock burst through the sunroof. >> it shattered. at the same time my husband reached up and he was like my head, my head. because it was bleeding profusely. >> her husband air lifted to a hospital. geologists say it's probably made by the contraction of the granite that makes up the peak. heating up in the summer and getting cold in the winter. the recent rockfalls putting seasoned climbers on edge. >> i'm not going to climb there again buddy. >> they are respectful of nature's power. >> this is nature at its worst and the most amazing and
5:35 pm
finest. >> the park sees 5 million visitors a year and will remain open. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. larry: new video of an adventurer tonight. the home movie of amelia earhart taken in 1928 after she traveled across the country to be the first woman to try across the atlantic ocean. a doctor filmed it and it was found in a box full of items from the estate. alison: interesting the new things about her coming up lately. this weekend you can get up close look at piece of history at the manassas airport. that is right here. world war ii b-17 bomber nicknamed aluminum overcast is on display there through sunday. >> the sear
5:36 pm
souls. she waspart of a party celebrating her daughter's birthday but when they went to pay someone else picked up the tab. the same couple does the same thing every few months at the same restaurant. >> they were surprised. like oh, my god, who, who? they looked around wanting to know who it was. i would not tell them. >> just gratitude. everything that is going on in the world. so much turmoil and protest and hatred. it's good to know there are people that care about each other. >> the couple does it two or three times a month and they have done it for years. now they are all sworn to secrecy but he said the man told him that he grew up poor and now he's not. >> wow! the ripple effect. that was a big party. 16 people. it affects all of those people. hopefully each one of them now will go to do something nice
5:37 pm
>> so on and soth -- so forth. alison: lovely story. still ahead at 5:00. clearly and the family, and meet the working woman trying to make a visit to the eye doctor a better experience for everyone. scott: i'm scott abraham. the countdown to october baseball is here. we explain why the players are looking forward to the big stage. larry: ahead at 6:00, believe it or not. this is video of a car. we will tell you what is all over it and how it got that
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brian: take a look at the weekend. heading through tonight is a crisp one. breezes pick up after dark. temperatures slip in 50's and the 60's. crisp start to saturday. through the afternoon feeling good. the fall for
5:39 pm
at the government center in fairfax happens saturday and sunday, 10:00 to 7:00 on saturday and 10:00 to 5:00 on sunday. both days pleasant to be outside. come out and say hi. more "abc
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gee tonight's working woman is an eye doctor that treats kids to adults. she is trying to create the ill looseive work-life -- elusive work-life balance where patients and her family feel comfortable. this is not the typical visit to doctor's office but with all eyes on rockville they want patients to feel like they are part of the family. a growing family. she encourages people to bring their babies to the appoint. dr. hannah as the patients call her was determined to create as much of a work-life balance as possible like for the patient who came to an appointment with a sleeping child. >> we put her on a sofa w
5:42 pm
blank and she slept in her mom's eye exam. it was wonderful.alison: but itd for her to find a way to opening her own practice. she had eye issues as a child and needed eye surgery at children's hospital. as an adult she battled fertility issues. she realized then that the importance of the personal care. >> listen to the individual. the care for them, medically and emotionally. >> she knows not everyone is lucky enough to have the kids play next to them. be she hopes it will make them happy, whether it involves eyes or not. >> they have the strength and the capability of creating an environment for themselves. in the world that is positive and gives to the world in a positive way. alison: so all eyes on rockville. treats all ages from infants to seniors and they offer no cost health
5:43 pm
babies from 6 to 12 months through the infantasy public health program. if you have a tiny baby and you are worried about their eyes, there is a free service available to have them checked out. larry: incredible. what a juggling act. alison: she has a lot going on. larry: great story. shaping up to be a beautiful weekend for a festival. alison: yeah. a fast festival. >> it absolutely is, you guys. take a look at this. we are getting in on the fun and games before anything opens. i'll have that story coming up. >> popping up in chart county, maryland. they stink. they really do. coming up, the i-t
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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larry: a stink i can mess developing in charles county. up to a shoreline of dead fish. now they want answers. here is "7 on your side" i-team investigator scott taylor. >> if you love the fish, this might
5:47 pm
>> all these dead fish caught on video along the creek in charles county. >> the next day, after 12 hours we end up with thousands of dead fish. thousands of dead fish. scott: residents say this isn't the first time. they popped up after commercial fishing boats were using large nets. they cracked down a fifth generation commercial fishermen who admits the dead fish came from his nets. he declined to be interviewed but hi told the i-team he is in compliance with state law. he says it's blue cat fish and he is going to remove and kill any he catches. the department of environment discourages this. it's illegal to transmit live blue fish to another body of water and those who do face $2,500 fine. some
5:48 pm
released dead, he says, hauling in his nein according to the d.n.r. regulations. residents filed complaints with the state but say no matter what the outcome, this stinks. >> the department got back to me and they are doing nothing illegal. >> wow. thank you. alison: a pennsylvania mother is reminding how important car seats can be. take a moment and look at this picture. jenna says that is all that is left of her 2015 honda c.r.v. after it was hit by another vehicle. her baby and her toddler were both inside, they were not injured. not a scratch because of the car seats. it h
5:49 pm
people are sharing it because it doesn't seem real. it didn't look like the seats came out of the car. but they did. it's easy to stay caught up in we got to go, we got to go. take a moment, slow down. everything else can be replaced. but my kids, no way. >> she posted the picture on facebook saying this is why you buckle your kids in the car seat correctly every time. that post has been shared more than a quarter of a million times. alison: that is a shocking image. it's all about kids this weekend in fairfax county. larry: big kids, small kids. amy aubert is live at kids-fest to explain why. amy? amy: big kids, small kids, the kid in me. i have been out here getting, taking part in the games before they open. take a look at this. forgive me in i'm out of breath. we have been doing this for ten minutes. i don't want to admit o
5:50 pm
we have the bell. this is just one of over 75 activities. look this way. a lot of people are out here setting things up, getting everything ready to go. i'm told varn call rides, arrived tuesday night. they have been setting up since tuesday night. all day, throughout the day. this tent here. they will finish up tonight. can i get a balloon? no, i cannot. maybe you can tomorrow. this opens tomorrow. they are open at 10:00 as well. this will go until 5:00. come out and enjoy the fun. fun for the family. there is more than 75 events going on out here. it's free to get in and join in on the fun. for now we are live in fairfax. amy aubert, abc7 news. brian: thank you. i'll be there tomorrow morning, be there at 10:00
5:51 pm
before it opens and be there throughout the weekend. come check out stormwatch7. it's cool. the weather is finally feeling like fall. a true autumn weekend headed our way. dry, pleasant, crisp in the morning. comfortable in the afternoon. we are in a dry patch. we have a outlook yesterday. everything is okay now but if we don't get rain, we will see the beginning of a trout here. tonight the temperatures drop from the 60's to the 50's. overnight tonight you might want a coat. it's crisp. heading out the door tomorrow, german town is around 50. 53 in ashburn. but unlike this morning we have a breeze around. cooler air sneaking in with a cold front. the next couple of days, ples sand and the low 70's. we have a pattern to linger to monday/tuesday. then we will get a surge of milder air. by the middle of next week the average
5:52 pm
we see temperatures rising. in fact the ten-day outlook shows we could be back in the low to mid-80's. enjoy the comfortably school stretch. late next week the temperatures are above average. almost by ten degrees but it does remain dry. that is the forecast. over to you. nancy: all right. i'll take it. we are following breaking news out of the newsroom where the parents of a teenager from norfolk missing for two weeks, her parents are traveling to charlotte, north carolina, after the body of an unidentified woman discovered near a church. this is a picture of 19-year-old ashanti billie. she was last seen monday september 18 going to work. she has been missing since then. this is the remains of a woman who has been discovered in charlotte, north carolina. her parents are on the way there to see, but nothing confirmedded to the identification of this
5:53 pm
this is something we will bring you the latest developments in the newsroom. larry? alison:ly take it. we are following breaking news. a live picture over new york city. you can see here police officers seem to be surrounding a vehicle here. the reports are a number of the pedestrians were struck in new york city. this happened near penn station, maybe right outside penn station at 31st and 7th. it seems to be an active scene. we will continue to follow this out of new york. larry: switch gears now to sports and go to nats park. scott abraham is there. the final week of the regular season. th
5:54 pm
round one of the playoffs next friday. scott? scott: this is a beautiful night at the ballpark. regular season winding down for the washington nationals. the playoffs around the corner. this is the first time he is back at nats park since a knee injury. for washington, only three games are left in the regular season. then the real fun begins. that is october baseball. the post season just around the corner. this might be the deepest nats team in a number of years. waiting in the wings, the defending world champ. chicago cubs. >> go through a whole baseball season, there are not bad teams in the playoffs. you have to beat someone with talent. they put a great run up there. looking to do it this year. >> match up our guys against anybody. you have to play good
5:55 pm
baseball. every major area they are covered. the line-up is loaded. don't forget about that quality bullpen. radio voice for the nats believes it might be the key to success in the playoffs. >> they will go in the postseason with the best bullpen they have had. they have lost seven consecutive one-run games in postseason play. with the addition of kinsler and doolittle at the trade deadline the nationals have the edge in the bullpen. >> is this the most complete nats team? >> easily. one through 25 are deep. >> you are feeling good. do you think this is the year they break through the nlcs? >> get by the cubs and the dodgers. maybe the indians. take it all the way. don't settle for one round. scott: abc7 has you covered for all things nationals this post season. join us every tonight the nats are in the playoffs this week at 11:30 for the
5:56 pm
special washington's road to the the clock is ticking. looking fo
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michelle: right now at 6:00 -- >> this is not a good news story. this is people are dying story. michelle: growing outrage in the race to save lives nine days after hurricane maria devastated puerto rico. alison: only on 7 tonight a good samaritan steps in to save a prince george's county police officer. michelle: and the act of heroism honored as a good samaritan faces a possible lawsuit. >> from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. michelle: breaking news from new york city where at least three people were struck by a van. that van the red one. this happened a half hour ago at penn s
6:00 pm
survive. it appears that the driver lost control. we'll track this and bring you updates as we get them. alison: breaking news from the white house where health and human services secretary tom price resigned. president trump is among those expressing anger at price. treasury secretary steven mnuchin and the interior secretary also facing criticism for the travel expenses. michelle: as we come on the air, the crisis in puerto rico deepens. millions of americans are bleeding for bare essentials like food and water. only half the island has access to running water. many hospitals are reduced to little more than triage tents. the naver i have hospital shift -- navy hospital ship left today. but it won't arrive for three


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