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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 6, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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undocumented immigrants. the sanctuary state legislation prevents police from asking people about their immigration status and bars officers from taking part in federal immigration enforcement. the department of justice says it undermines national security and public safety. and people go to escape rooms to, well, escape. that's why they call them escape rooms. unfortunately for two canadian women, real life found them. >> that reality came in the form of police, because the two women, the ones you see in the video were actually real escaped prison inmates. >> they made it out of the edmonton institution for women monday night but tuesday night after asking for a tour of the escape room, the police came calling. >> it was sort of funny to think that they weren't going to escape from an escape room after they had escaped from an actual prison. apparently, the women did not know that the police were hot on their tail. a
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in. they just sat and waited for them to come right out. and i don't even think they got to see if they could escape the room after all that. >> what else was there to do? all right, coming up, "insomniac theater," kate winslet and idris elba are strained after a plane crash, and surprise, surprise, they find love, but do the critics love "the mountain between us." plus a republican congressman in a sex scandal. first here's a look at today's high temperatures. you okay ron? >> no. "world news now" weather, brought to you by points of light.
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your toilet is germ-ridden with mineral buildup. clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match against limescale. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner has 10x more cleaning power against limescale. so switch to lysol. what it takes to protect. police in athens, georgia have hit the brakes on the activities of a uber driver. he's accused of stalking the young women he's been drive. >> he's been accused of peeping into their windows and robbing them. he may have used his job as a
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crimes. >> i'm not exactly sure on what his intentions were through you know ir, buber. >> he faces first degree burglary. tim murphy, a husband and father and ardent abortion opponent allegedly urged his mistress to get an abortion. >> reporter: this pennsylvania republican caught in a sex scandal, congressman tim murphy effectively gave two weeks' notice. he's ot he's out of congress effective october 21st. >> i think it's appropriate that he moves on to the next chapter of his life. >> reporter: he is known for his anti-abortion views. >> i don't know if women who go in for abortion really know what happens. >> reporter: but this week, the pittsburgh gazette posted me
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former mistress, making it clear that while he's against abortion he wanted her to have one. in january, she took him to task for posting your pro-life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last week. he texted back, expressing remorse. turns out, it was a false alarm. but the affair became public as a result of her divorce proceedings, much to the congressman's embarrassment. the congressman is married too, he says he'll take personal time to get help, as he and his family sort out their difficulties. abc news. and a top democrat on the house oversight committee is calling on the fibi to investigate e-mail accounts set up by jared kushner and ivanka trump. >> the couple claims those accounts were never used for classified information. and now a bizarre story
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we know it brought so much destruction to the florida keys but also brought this buoy to south florida. >> it's 12 feet long and weighs 1200 pounds. the russian writing on it suggests it floated all the way from cuba to a beach near ft. lauderdale. that writing says the buoy was once the property of the hydro metralcal. >> that's a far trip. >> cuba? it has russian writing. >> still, thanks, irma. coming up, jerry seinfeld's big come back. hear why he's admitting he had to relearn all of his old jokes. i know probiotics can often help. try digestive advantage.
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♪ i have never seen "seinfeld." >> what? say that again. >> i have never seen it. >> he has never seen an episode of "seinfeld." >> is it good? >> yes. you have work to do, ron claiborne. i file like we should be sitting at the diner because of the music, but it has been nearly 20 years now since the end of
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"seinfeld." >> seinfeld is reinventing himself on netflix, bringing his classic brand of stand-up comedy to a whole new generation of viewers. >> you live in the city. people ask you where you live, you live in the city. you don't live on the city. >> reporter: that city, new york of course. seinfeld's city. his classic show was set here. >> yada, yada, the best part. >> reporter: his special was shot here at the comedy club where jerry launched his career. >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: and when we got together to talk. >> hi, george. >> reporter: what's happening? >> how are you? >> reporter: i wasn't expecting this, but it will work. >> this is how i get around. >> reporter: seinfeld picked a classic piece in new york. a park bench. i fieel there should be a plaqu. >> when i was 21 years old and left my
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apartment on 81st and columbus, which was the address we always used on the tv series for my apartment. i sat here with my parents, and i said i'm going to be a comedian. >> reporter: and you haven't been on this bench since? >> no, i actually have not. >> in the '70s, we were the new hot thing. >> reporter: here in this special, you went back to your original stand-up routines. >> mm-hm. mm-hm. >> reporter: is it true you actually had to relearn some of the jokes? >> all of them. >> reporter: i was surprised, too. >> there's a little joke in there about the cotton balls. >> you go to the doctor before you get the shot, he puts the alcohol on there with the cotton, i go for one of mine. he goes for his, and i said maybe you could use this one. why was it funny? there's a certain timing and a move with your hand and a look on your paface. all those things have to be there or it doesn't
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>> reporter: it's not just what's on the paper? >> no, that's 2% of it. 98% is the way you do it. >> reporter: so i could read one of your jokes -- >> it's probably not going to work, no. >> reporter: as the title says, the special takes us back to jerry's beginning, way before the megasuccess of "seinfeld." tell us how it happened. you have an office. >> so i still dot sa the same t. same pen, clear barrel blue and just wait. i don't just wait. because i have things i want to talk about. like i want to talk about when you're texting the three ghosty dots. so why are we so anxious. if before the phone rang it went ra --
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>> reporter: after the biggest comedy success why a special now? >> this is a brand-new kind of experience. worldwide, on tuesday, taiwan, hong kong. romania. they're watching it. >> reporter: where was the biggest? here, i suppose. >> here. hong kong in eastern europe, taiwan? india? >> reporter: have you ever done india? >> no, but i'm going to. going to. and they've had my series for years. it's hugely popular there, and it's all bootlegged. >> reporter: so you're not making a dime. >> not a dime. so that's going to change. i'm going to go over there and get the money. >> jerry before "seinfeld", is currently available to stream on netflix and run, they also have episodes of "seinfeld" streaming on netflix that you can watch. can we get the short list of other shows you haven't seen? >>
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>> long. not a short list. it's long. all right, coming up, the "blade runner" sequel has finally arrived. >> with ryan gosling and harrison ford, what could go wrong? insomniac theater is coming up straight ahead!
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♪ time now for "insomniac theater." >> this morning. it is time now for "insomniac theater." this morning we start with "the monday tape between us." kate winslet and indridris elba two strangers stranded after a plane crash. together they have to trek through hundreds of miles of wilderness. >> do you actually think we're going to make it? >>
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instinct tells me that we're going to die out here. but we do have a choice. we're still alive. >> without giving it away, they turn to cannibalism and the movie ends in 45 minutes. >> no, it doesn't. >> really weird. just kidding. that's not what happens, but the critics consensus is a no. a 53% splat on rotten tomatoes. it's not the acting. michael salve the san francisco chronicle says quote, we end up liking the characters very much even if we aren't simultaneously in love with the movie. >> ah. >> and another viewer hints at "titanic", hinting that kate winslet has rotten traveling luck. >> i'll never let go, idriss.
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"blade runner 2049" stars ryan gosling who uncovers an old secret that has the potential to ruin all of society or what's left of it. so he sets off on a quest to find harrison ford's character, a former blade runner who has been missing for 30 years. ♪ >> i had your job once. i was good at it. >> things were simpler then. >> critics are loving it. it has a certified fresh on rotten tomatoes. this is a movie that takes itself very seriously but saves itself by taking its subject even more seriously. ethen sacks highlights the visual experience. it sure is a bea
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visit. beautiful indeed. >> and joining us live now on the set is ryan gosling from
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this morning on "world news now." other soft targets the vegas shooter may have been looking at. >> and still without a clear motive for the killer's rampage, investigators are searching for new clues. meanwhile, the nra seems ready to come to the negotiating table along with democrats and republicans looking to regulate the firearm add-on that the gunman used. and we're watching hurricane nate. states of emergency have been declared and this storm is already deadly. and the nfl star under fire. the sexist remark that carolina


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