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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 6, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, bracing for nate. >> we're going to hunker down and get through this and be fine. >> the killer storm moves north with states of emergency in effect from louisiana to florida. see where the watches and warnings are right now. ♪ >> and the emotional tribute for the officer killed in the vegas rampage as details emerge about the other city the shooter may have considered. plus the nra's new statement about gun regulations. bombshell allegations against one of hollywood's most powerful men. a star actress is among his alleged victims. hear how the legendary producer
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the strange sight on radar. even the weather service couldn't explain it. president trump's ex-wife and her relationship with the president. >> hear ivana trump's take on his habit. a good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm ron claiborne in for kendis gibson. we'll begin with tropical storm nate drenching central america leaving 22 dead. >> the storm on track to make landfall near new orleans early sunday possibly as a hurricane. evacuations are already under way in some coastal areas. this morning, the gulf coast is bracing for hurricane conditions once again. >> you need to prepare for outages that could last up to seven days. >> reporter: a state of emergency is in place for new orleans where the storm could make landfall this weekend as a category 1 hurricane. the city says
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pumps are working to protect against flooding. >> we think we're going to be okay but we won't be okay during this storm if we don't take the time that's been given to us to prepare. >> reporter: watches and warnings posted in three states including florida where the panhandle is facing a threat. >> we already started having phone calls with people around the state, utilities, with the sheriff's office and so the whole goal is always make sure we coordinate local, federal and state resources. >> reporter: nate's already causing widespread damage in central america. up to 20 inches of rain has triggered flooding and mudslides killing at least 22 people and forcing thousands into shelters. and the storm's already impacting the oil industry. exxon and shell shut down some falls in the gulf, about 15% of local production already offline. power outage rather than flooding are the big concern with this storm
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guard is already mobilized. we have more on the storm's track in just a few minutes. but first we have new details about the las vegas shooting rampage. >> the killer may have planned to target other cities, meanwhile, as investigators search for more clues at the crime scene the gun control debate is heating up with that new statement from the nra overnight. abc's serena marshall has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane, ron. and as police continue to unravel the shooter's past in search of a motive they discovered he may have targeted other music festivals not just in las vegas but as far away as boston and chicago. in las vegas, thousands gathering to pay tribute. ♪ charleston hartfield, one of the 58 lives taken in the deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history. >> we have officials identified all 58 victims. >> reporter: as we learn more about the victims, fbi agents continue picking through the chaos left behind.
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and on the ground as the shoote. abc news learned stephen paddock may have scouted other targets. sources say phone records show google searches for hotels around fenway park in boston and in august, he booked rooms at chicago's blackstone hotel across the street from grant park on the same dates as the lollapalooza festival but no evidence he traveled to either. democrats introduced legislation to ban those bump stock adapters like the one found on a dozen of the shooter's weapons and a growing number of top republicans opened to the idea. >> i think there will be bipartisan support to deal with it. >> reporter: overnight the nation's most powerful gun lobbyists declaring their original statement that bump stocks should be subject to additional regulations and the nra president on fox news. >> that being said we didn't say ban. we didn't say confiscate. >> reporter: as for the president's position. >> we'll be looking into that
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over the next short period. >> reporter: and while nearly a week after the shooting his unc federal homeland security officials have reached out to local police departments warning them of possible copycats. diane, ron. >> okay, serena marshall, thanks for that. a cryptic comment made by president trump last night has many wondering what he was talking about posing for a picture when he described the moment as the calm before the storm. not surprisingly that unleashed a slew of questions from reporters and here's how it played out. >> you guys know what this represents? >> tell us, sir. >> maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what's the storm. >> could be the calm. the calm before the storm. >> on iran, isis or what? >> we've got the world's greatest military people in this room. i will tell you that and we're going to have a great evening. thank you all for coming. >> what storm, mr.
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>> you'll find out. >> now the exchange set off a social media. so far the white house has not clarified what the president meant. >> that someone bizarre moment in the oval office comes as we learn that president trump is planning to decertify the iran nuclear deal next week. he is expected to say it's no longer in america's national interest although defense secretary jim mattis said just the opposite this week. not certifying the deal would trigger a congressional review, congress will have to decide whether to reimpose sanctions killing the deal. the trump administration is reversing the federal mandate for birth control coverage allowing employers to opt out on moral or religious grounds. the obamacare rule allows contraception in the plans and under the new rule hundreds of thousands of women could lose free birth control benefits. the justice department is rolling back protections
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transpla transgender workers. jeff sessions says it does not extend to gender identity. now a look at your weather for this friday morning. good morning, the latest on tropical storm nate as re-emerged over the caribbean strengthening expected as we go throughout the day. yucatan peninsula and merges into the gulf of mexico this weekend, further strengthening and again we're concerned here over the central gulf coast states as it intensifies into a hurricane. . watches, gulfport all the way back into southern portions of louisiana. damaging winds, flooding rains and tornadoes all going to be possible. i'm justin povick with your accuweather forecast. coming up a woman who worked 159 hours of overtime in one
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month. fuels new debate over rules in the workplace. how quarterback cam newton is now saying sorry for his sexist comment to a female reporter. subscribing to netflix is ab
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pennsylvania congressman timothy piaztim murphy is resigning after his extramarital affair has come to light. he is accused of asking his mistress to get an abortion when he thought that she was pregnant. he sponsored anti-abortion legislation in the past. his resignation will be effective october 21st. white house chief of staff john kelly may have had his personal cell phone compromised by hackers. the suspected breach may have happened as far back as last de
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of homeland security. it's not clear what data, if any, w accessed. new investigation reveals that treasury secretary steven mnuchin racked up more than $00,000 in air travel expenses. the inspector general report says the secretary did not violate any laws when he took seven flights on military jets but it found the flights were poorly justified. the investigation was prompted by his trip to kentucky with his wife who described on social media the designer clothes that she wore. now to a shocking story from japan. a woman has died after working 159 hours of overtime in just one month. the 31-year-old was a reporter at the public tv channel and she died from heart failure. her death is fueling more debate over japan's work culture and prompting new calls to limit overtime there. if you have netflix get ready to pay, guess what, more. the company is raising the price of its standard plan by 10% and the cost of the premium plan
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will rise to $13.99 trying to compete with amazon and hbo for programming. netflix stock hit a record high after the price hike was announced. when we come back the strange sight on radar that baffled even the weather service. also ahead, the danger, the danger of pumpkin spice. why the flavor caused a hazmat situation at a school. first the bombshell allegations against one of the most powerful men in hollywood and how he's fighting back this morning. ve been trying to find a knee specialist... but nobody has an opening for months! uuuggghhh!!! uuurrrggghhh!!! mr. powers? you can't always control your feelings... i found one in-network next tuesday. but choosing unitedhealthcare can help you control your care. thanks, stephanie. i see on your preventive checklist, you're due for a colonoscopy. it's covered at no additional cost to you. great! no green. unitedhealthcare
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when food is good and clean and real, it's ok to crave. and with panera catering, there's more to go around. panera. food as it should be. check this out, diane. and everybody else, there are so many butterflies migrating over colorado they're showing up on radar. >> oh, wow. >> the national weather service first thought they were birdied even labeled the radar with birds. but they are painted lady butterflies stretching for about 100 miles. >> pretty cool. now to that bhom report about a famous hollywood producer and allegations of sexual harassment.
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producer harvey weinstein's alleged victims. linsey davis has details. >> reporter: explosive new allegations about harvey weinstein, the studio exec known for producing movies like "good will hunting and "pulp fiction." now he is planning to take a leave of absence to deal with it head on. "the new york times" describe some from ashley judd who told "variety" i was sexually harassed by one of our industry's most famous admired slash reviled bosses. he kept summoning to his hotel room under the pretense of talking about roles in movies and tried to get judd to watch him take a shower. weinstein reached settlements with at least eight women. in response to the allegations weinstein staid in a statement i came of age in the '60s and '70s when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. i appreciate t
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behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain and i sinlo gize it. attorney lisa bloom, daughter of feminist lawyer gloria allred is advising weinstein and released a statement calling him an old dinosaur learning new ways but also says he denies many of the accusations as patently false. weinstein's lawyer tells abc news they plan to sue "the new york times" saying the story is saturated with false and defamatory statements. "the new york times" says they are confident in their reporting. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> a wisconsin teenager broke down in court as she recounted the moment she stabbed her sixth grade classmate in the slender man case. morgan geyser described how she and another lured her into the woods and tackled her and repeatedly stabbed her and claim it was all to please a fictional character named slender man. >> i stabbed her with the knife. >> at what part
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>> everywhere. >> do you know how many types you did it? >> 19. >> 19 times. geyser described that as part of her plea deal. prosecutors acknowledged she has early onset schizophrenia and won her sentence to 40 years in a mental hospital. star quarterback cam newton of the carolina panthers apologizing for the comments he made to a female reporter, newton posted a video on social media in which he called his comment degrading and disrespectful. on wednesday newton laughed and said it was funny to hear a female talk about running routes in football. now he's changed his tune. >> i'm a father to two beautiful daughters and at their age i try to instill in them this they can do and be anything that they want to be. the fact that during this whole process i've already lost sponsors and countless fans, i realize that the joke was really
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>> on thursday yogurt maker dannon ended his endorsement deal with them. thursday night football and the game that came down to the final seconds. >> excitement, excitement. our guys at espn have the highlights. guys. >> good morning, "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett, neil everett. you handle baseball. >> he has patriots. i got red sox. where's sam adams? after we get done. >> there we go. astros, altuve have a was hopped up on jolly ranchers. home run, first postseason homer ever felt so good in the bottom of the fifth. did it again. off chris sale. 5'6". 5'6". >> thursday night football, tom brady, another 300-yard game hooking up with chris hogan. didn't have rob gronkowski out with a thigh injury. hogan crossed the plane and patriots take a 10-7 lead. all tough have a with three home
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nick had three missed field goals. nfl kicker you cannot miss that. >> nine points could have been the difference maker. jameis winston, incomplete and patriots hang to win it, 19-14. also the other american league series indians over the yankees, 4-0 in game one of that one. now, back to you. >> all right. thanks, fellas. president trump's ex-wife ivana is breaking her silence. and coming up, the job that she turned down in the trump administration. despite bringing an entourage of 1500 people with him, we'll tell you why the king of saudi arabia was left high and dry. ♪ ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38%
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time for "the pulse" and we start with revealing comments from president trump's first wife, ivana. in a new interview ivana trump says the president offered her the position of ambassador to the czech republic but she refused saying she has the perfect life. >> but she says she does give her advice to her ex-husband, actually pretty often. >> we speak to each other. >> how often? >> yeah, maybe once a week. >> he asks for your advice. >> and he still asking me for advice, yes. >> what will he ask advice about. >> he ask me about should i tweet, should i not tweet. >> he asks should you tweet. >> yeah. >> what have you told him. >> i said i think you should tweet. >> she went on to tell cbs that she advised the president that twitter is the best way to get his message out. >> so not only is he asking her for advice but apparently taking her advice. and next talk about getting off on the wrong foot, the king of saudi arabia arrived for a state visit to russia and tc
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what happened. >> his golden escalator, yep, he has a golden escalator, unfortunately, it malfunctioned so the king stood there for about 20 seconds not knowing what to do. go down the stairs is the answer. eventually he figured that out and actually had to physically walk down the stairs. >> the horror. mind you, he brought ang entourage of 1500 people on this trip. along with his own furniture and carpets and about 1800 pounds of food. maybe he's never walked down a normal staircase that doesn't move. he's hungry, i don't know. by the way there was a pumpkin spice emergency in baltimore and it had nothing to do with coffee. >> a school had to be evacuated when teachers got worried about a strong aroma that they couldn't identify, a hazmat crew called in. >> it went down because of a pumpkin spice scented aerosol plug-in. five people were treated for upset stomachs. >> from the odor? >> i suppose from -- maybe
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spice. school will be back in session today. cue the music. ♪ don't worry, be happy, buddy, because today is world smile day. >> now check this out. an artist from -- hold still -- distracting me from massachusetts named harvey ball who created the yellow smiley face in 1963 which became famous as a symbol of good cheer. >> that may come as a surprise to forrest gump fans who believe it came from hank's facial mud print on his shirt. we should devote one--- today a afterschool employee is facing charges.... we'll tell you what he's accused of. and the latest out of the las vegas massacre, hear what investigators are learning and why we could be seeing the first movements towards gun control on capitol hill. and the road to the championship begins today. the nationals opening their national-league division series against the world series defending champion chicago cubs.
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coverage all morning long good morning washington, i'm larry smith. and i'm autria godfrey. toss to eileen - remaining unseasonably warm through early next week - tracking t.s. nate - could become a hurricane this weekend - rain chances return late weekend & early next week today: partly to mostly cloudy. warm. highs: 81-85 winds: sw 5 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. mild. lows: 56-65 winds: s 5 mph saturday: mix of sun and clouds. warm and breezy. spotty shower possible. highs: 82-86 winds: s 5-10+ mph we begin this ory delopingght now out of we begin this morning with a story developing right now out of
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story developing right now out of potomac. an afterschool worker is accused of inappropriately touching a child.
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simmons the third the third turned himself in and confessed to police yesterday. he faces charges related to an incident that happened last year in which a girl alleges she was grabbed by simmons during an after school program at carderrock springs elementary school. last night we spoke to roy simmons' father... he says his son is a good person. today detectives are standing by their investigation. they're now asking the public to come forward if they know about any more potential incidents involving simmons. and today school officials in montgomery county in the middle of a debate over a new school calendar. this is because of governor larry hogan's new rules that extend summer vacation until after labor day. public schools need to get in 180 days of class- so they say they may be forced to cut some days off... that means some religious holidays and spring
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risk. they will discuss it more at next week's school board meeting. governor hogan is responding. he says it's outrageous that schools would consider eliminating religious holidays- and should focus on cutting union service days. and today metro bus driver are demanding changes -- claiming unsafe work conditions. it comes after an incident this week when a teen threw a can at a driver. transit union members are now calling on metro to make six major safety changes. they include putting more uniformed officers on buses. increasing penalties for people who assault drivers, and moving the fare boxes away from drivers to decrease interactions with passangers. metro says it is already working with the union to improve saftey, including pushing for enhanced penalties as well as equipping buses with cameras and alarms. wamata has also added saftey shields to 530 buses, which is more than a third of its' fleet. it's xx and we're just getting started. just getting started.
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washington. good morning washington. - remaining unseasonably warm through early next week - tracking t.s. nate - could become a hurricane this weekend - rain chances return late weekend & early next week today: partly to mostly cloudy. warm. highs: 81-85 winds: sw 5 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. mild. lows: 56-65 winds: s 5 mph saturday: mix of sun and clouds. warm and breezy. spotty shower possible. highs: 82-86 winds: s 5-10+ mph this morning its what a lot of people are talking about.
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