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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 6, 2017 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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woman. jonathan: as the morning commute wisconsin beginning in gaithersburg. alison: on the bus stop in the area at watkins mill road at travis lane. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is there to explain what happened there. kevin? kevin: a team of montgomery county detectives just arrived here on scene. you can see three of their undercover cars right here. they are walking, assessing the scene. the victim here is in her 20's. we are told she was waiting for a ride-on bus at a stop 20 feet from where i'm standing. a man approached her and dragged her down the hill to a patch of woods. you can see the detectives including the woman in the black looking through the scene. 5:30 this morning when it all happened. nearly two hours before sunrise. multiple law enforcement sources confirming that the victim became unconscious during the sexual assault. when she came to, she was missing many articles of her clothing, had injuries to her
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the attacker was long gone. the victim managed to get home where a relative called 911. but the lapse in time provided the suspect around 45 minutes to get away. as of this afternoon he remains at large with worry that he could attack at random again. >> you have an individual waiting at the bus stop. somebody just comes up and grabs them. takes them into a wooded area and sexually assaults them. it's one of the worst things to probably have happen to you. >> i'm surprised to hear that. you don't expect it in gaithersburg. we hear it other places but i'm surprised that it could happen here in our neighborhood. kevin: now the victim says her attacker is a young black male with a skinny build. but more specifically he was wearing a dark colored checkered shirt or jacket. if you were in the area around 5:30 a.m. and you saw anyone matching description, call the police. we are live in
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kevin lewis, abc7 news. cking the tropics as tropical storm nate moves over open water. right now along the gulf coast, some communities there are facing mandatory evacuations. hurricane watches and warnings are being posted as states of emergency are being declared. in new orleans, residents there stocking up to ride up what could be yet another hurricane to make landfall in the country. stormwatch7's meteorologist steve rudin tracking nate. steve? steve: the winds are at 50 miles per hour. those are the maximum winds. wind gusts up to 65. it moves over warmer waters in the next 24 to 36 hours. it is expected to strengthen in the hurricane, a category one storm. this is what it looks like late tomorrow night to early sunday morning. that is when it isn't xed to make landfall -- expected to make landfall along the louisiana gulf coast and the panhandle of florida. it will take a sharp turn north and east and that means beneficial rains
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sunday and monday and in the day on tuesday. talk about what it is going on out there now. it does not get much better than this for the beginning of october. 82 degrees at reagan national airport. if you are going to the baseball game tonight, dress for comfort. temperatures will hold in the 70's. partly cloudy skies. winds will be light. looking at patchy fog early in the morning and we look at the rest of the weekend in a few minutes. alison: you can track tropical storm nate on your phone. it's all available at the app store and on google play. under the affordable care act businesses must provide a birth control option but the president is expanding the religious exemption. lindsey mastis at the abc7 "live desk" with the "7 on your side" health alert today. lindsey: alison, right now, most companies have to provide birth control for free because it's considered preventive care. but under president trump's new revision that will change. he is expanding a
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before that exemption only covered religiously affiliated non-profits. certain private companies and places of worship. now employers can opt out for religious or moral reasons. already the aclu filed a lawsuit challenging the latest directive and some state attorneys general are considering legal action. at the "live desk," i'm lindsey mastis. jonathan: thank you. now to the vegas massacre where 58 people were killed at a concert last weekend. now 58 crosses stand before the famous welcome to fabulous las vegas sign. each with the name of a victim. the hand made crosses were placed by crosses for losses, a non-profit group. they did a same thing as a tribute to the pulse nightclub shooting victims. today investigators are trying to find out why someone would carry out such a horrific act. marci gonzalez is in las vegas where the detectives are working around the clock to come up with answers. marci: officials tell abc news investigators trying to figure out i
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murder acted alone now believe the woman he was seen with in the days before the attack was a prostitute. but they believe someone may have helped him based on the elaborate planning, the amount of guns he had in the he toll room and -- hotel room and some of the ammo was bought under someone else's name. there are people who know the individual and people who could help us understand the individual. marci: with reports he may have looked at other targets searching for hotels across from fenway park and booking rooms at lollapalooza, some are increasing security for big events including in this chicago for this weekend's marathon. >> there is a double and a triple checking of everything. marci: in nevada, a somber reminder of the overwhelping loss. under the welcome to vegas, 58 crosses, one for each life taken. >> las vegas is having one of the darkest days in american history. but trying to shed a light on that by bringing
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marci: one of the victims charleston hartfield. they gathered to honor the army veteran, police officer and father of three. >> if there is a checklist to be an american he hit every box and he made up boxes. >> donations to help all the victims' families and the survivors are still pouring in with more than $9.5 million raised so far. in las vegas, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. nancy: runs of people will begin a long process of recovery and rehab. plastic surgery practice is helping victims cope with the scars to offer free procedures like skin grafts. >> we thought we could help with the smaller things. >> the woman there survived. she was shot in the chest as well as
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alison: a week ago house majority whip steve scalise made his return to the chamber. today we are getting a clearer picture of the ballpark ambush, what happened leading up to the attack that injured scalise and others in the baseball practice. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg with a report just out today. jeff, what did we learn from this? jeff: well, a lot. the report released this afternoon. 41 pages from alexandria commonwealth attorney brian porter talking about the shooting that took place here. two big findings. number one, porter determines that the shooting was gistfied by officers. number two, because of the rage against republican lawmakers according to the report this is considered an act of terror. the shooting happened june 14 at 7 zephyr a.m. at simpson stadium park in alexandria as members of congress and aides were practicing for the congressional baseball team. they were republican members of congress. according to the report, the suspect 66-year-old james
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semi-automatic rifle and a .9-millimeter handgun during the ambush and fired 70 to 80 rounds while the officers fired in return 30 to 40 rounds in total. hodgkinson told family members he, "wouldn't be around much longer" and he was unhappy with the results of the 2016 election as a supporter of bernie sanders. a member of the baseball team told police he had seen hodgkinson sitting in the stands watching the team practice the day before the shooting. hodgkinson's phone also later reveal video taken to the field in april, two months before the incident. >> it's a very solid inference he was motivated by his perceived political agenda. maybe not a rational political agenda but angry about what he perceived to be the political state of the united states. >> another interesting tidbit that the report points out. look at this. this chain
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padlocked on the day of the shooting. that an link fence and not actually be able to get on to the field. potentially saving lives and certainly possibly eliminating the damage. obviously that was one of the many things that took place in limiting what happened on the field. obviously the heroics of officers were considerable. we'll have more on that at 5:00. coming up tonight as the washington nationals begin the playoff series against the chicago cubs. the man throwing out the first pitch is majority whip, steve scalise. live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: great to see him on the mound. have you noticed cubbies blue, nats red. nancy: natitude. nancy: mine was not intentional. it's already festive out there. alison: we close in on first pitch for the game one against the cubs. we want to know do you think the nats will break
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first round. and q mccray isill be an electrc atmosphere out there tonight. q: you can feel the excitement here in southeast d.c. especially here at the bullpen. there might be blues around the park but there is nothing but red here at the bullpen. the fans are in line for a free t-shirt giveaway. there are a couple of cubbies. the guys here are uber confident in their team. you have cubbies here who say last year was not a fluke; that their team will win again and repeat after 100-year championship drought. then you have the nats fans -- [cheering] all right! they are tired of if bridesmaid. they want to bring home the championship ring. take listen. >> from a pure talent aspect, nationals have the advantage. they have a guy managing the team, dusty
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>> the fans love to travel. but this is our year.for us at . >> nats in four. >> all right. the first pitch at 7:30 this everything. which means that the fans here in the bullpen have time before they make their way down the street to nats park. as jonathan mentioned the gates open in an hour's time so that is where you expect us at 5:00 in front of nats park cheering on the nationals. reporting live, i'm q mccray. back to you inside. jonathan: all right. less caffeine, q. thank you, buddy. abc7 is on your side with a reminder about metro hours. you don't have to leave the game early unless it goes to extra inning. rail system will close up at 1:00 in the morning. if you are heading back downtown for a transfer it will leave 12:52. if you head in the other direction to branch avenue the last train will pull away at 1:18 in the morning. this is by the way for friday
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nancy: quiz us on that. joo midterms. alison: all right. still to come, you can't miss all the tents going up along the national mall. we will show you a big event starting tonight. >> a bold proposal from a member of the d.c. city council to take a new approach to the world oldest profession. >> mr. president, what did you mean by "calm before the storm"? nancy: everyone in the world wondering what it meant. guessing game
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jonathan: some d.c. leaders want to criminalize prostitution because they believe arrests sex workers doesn't solve the problem. stephen tschida explains the reason why. stephen: prostitution a highly visible and persistent problem in the nation's capital. despite crackdown and mass arrests. >> i had to jump out of a car to save my life or i've been stabbed, raped. >> since making her profession in the sex trade she didn't go to police, afraid of getting busted. those who help sex workers escape the profession believe criminalizing prostitution makes it harder to get away. >> we have people working because they lost the food service job because they had a misdemeanor prostitution arrest from 15 years ago.
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to legalize the buying and the selling of sex. he maintains his will improve public safety and is more of a human rights issue. >> it will create a space for sex workers to debt the assistance they need. housing or support and get off the streets. >> the bill would not go as bad as setting up red light districts or regulating the sex trade as is done in nevada and some foreign countries but they think it will add a layer of safety and provide easier access out of the profession. >> decriminalization of the sex workers will allow them to go to police more often. there is no trust there. there is a worry you may incarcerate yourself. >> it has a chance to pass the city council. however, even if it does, it must pass muster on capitol hill. the conservative congress could put the brakes on it. stephen tschida, abc7
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nancy: an entire tent city on the national mall. what they want it to look like. the massive christian religious festival taking place starting tonight. people from all around the world come in to this so you can expect to see large crowds this weekend. alison: another note about the weekend. this is also the annual sailboat show in annapolis. it runs through monday at the city dock. they are pledging $5,000 to hurricane relief efforts. they are asking voters to make a donation. jonathan: there is an offer from one of the world's richest men to help rebuild puerto rico shattered electrical kid. elon musk and solar technology can get the island up and running again. in a tweet, see it here, he says solar panels are powering smaller islands so the governor tweeted back, "let's talk." nancy: we want to thank the viewers who have helped donate supplies that we are sending
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members of his spanish law enforcement national association collected food, supplies and clothes and they are all on their way. also a 30,000-pound donation comes from the fauquier county sheriff's office. so a big, big thank you to everyone who contributed. jonathan: we have the best and the most generous viewers. nancy: we really do. jonathan: awesome. gorgeous day. did you get out and enjoy it? nancy: i did. alison: it's warm today. steve: it feels like the middle of august. it will stay that way with the amount of moisture that the air can hold. lower 70 this weekend. jonathan: beautiful. steve: not normal for the second week of og but i'm not going to complain. we will enjoy it while we can. changes on the horizon. outside we go, dulles airport at 85 degrees. it's cooler west of us. oakland maryland in the middle 60's. 79 in cumberland. national airport at 82.
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we talk about baseball tonight. big game. dress for comfort. wear shorts and short sleeves. no need to worry about rain here. it will range from 73 to 78. first pitch at 7:30. it will be picture perfect. if you are going to the game, check out the moon as it rises at 7:03 this evening. satellite and the radar from the stormwatch7, cloudiness remains around the mason dixon line. any showers are well north in pennsylvania and stay there overnight. dry for overnight. we are keeping a close eye on tropical storm nate that is expected to intensify in the coming days. we have winds at 50 miles per hour. wind gusts to 65. this is 2:00 advisory. we are waiting for the next advisory that should be in, in the next half hour. movement north/northwest at 12 miles per hour. that will take it across the track for warm waters and the
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landfall late saturday to early sunday morning. once that happens, the storm will lose punch. it will bring us the areas of rain on monday. even tuesday. beneficial rain. breezy monday and tuesday around the d.m.v. the forecast tonight 58 to 68. partly, mostly cloudy skies. early saturday get up to grab coffee and maybe go to the farm ears market. temperatures in the lower 60's. we see a nice warmup to afternoon hours. middle 80's. added clouds in the day. it will stay dry for the baseball game tomorrow evening. showers, period of rain arrive on sunday. columbus day is wet around here. temperatures around 80. then we cool things down heading toward the middle and the end of next week. daytime high temperature in the lower 70's. at this point we are all focused on tonight and tomorrow night. so make sure that the baseball game goes on without problems. it will be dry and beautiful.
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steve: just win. nancy: get off the schneid. steve: how do you spell that? nancy: i don't know. the entire world trying to decode a crippic message from president trump -- cryptic message from president trump. >> what did you mean by "calm before the storm"? >> you will find out. nancy: what does it mean? white house facing questions about this and north korea ahead. >> a local police chief reveals a of ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned,
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i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. but the living room's pretty blank. we did a lot of research online. we just need to have a designer put it all together. mmm hmm. so, it's really nice when clients come in and have... done some of their own research. what do you think about these chairs and that table? working with a bassett designer was really easy. us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. we love it!
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪
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for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. nancy: three bodies found in anne arundel county. three separate murders but there is a common thread. in this crime alert, maryland bureau chief brad bell say police believe it's gang-related. brad: anne arundel county police chief tim altomare revealing a terrible series of crimes at a dramatic afternoon press conference. >> the anne arundel police found three bodies. the murders are gang related. brad: the chief saying he couldn't share details but according to multiple sources the victims were found in annapolis, in crownsville in the last five weeks. the murders being kept secret by police until now because the chief says others may be in dag
4:25 pm
>> if you a gang wants to hurt you, i'm begging you to come and talk to us. >> the chief urging people with information to call a new anti-gang tip line at 410-222-4700. he said all levels of law enforcement are attacking this outburst of violence. >> gangs won't take over anne arundel county. period. >> the chief wouldn't reveal it, multiple sources tell me the gang involved is ms-13. five suspects are in custody. each of the murders was targeted. in millersville, brad bell, abc7 news. president trump: this is the calm before the storm. alison: what storm? isis? the iran nuclear deal? north korea? trying to decode the cryptic message up next. jonathan: when i join you next at 5:00, inside the d.m.v. sam sweeney ju
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and he shows us what it's (upbeat music) - [announcer] presenting the shark ion flex 2x. the free-standing, cord free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. with duo clean, multiflex, and powerful suction so you can go, and go, and go again. welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark.
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we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. alison: you have likely heard this by gnaw. "the calm before the storm." words from the president. what do they mean? could
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against north korea? decertifying iran nuclear deal? shift on the war on terror? all things the president considered. maggie rulli has the response from the white house today. president trump: north korea, the goal is denuclearization. maggie: president trump again saying when it comes to north korea nuclear plans all options are on the table. president trump: we will do what we must do to prevent it from happening. it will be done if necessary. believe me. maggie: as they threaten increased nuclear power and test missiles capable of reaching the u.s. the leader watches every move president trump makes. there are new concerns over how north korea will respond after president trump doubles down on last night's cryptic "calm before the storm" comment. >> what did you mean by "qualm -- calm before the storm"? >> you'll have to wait and find out. >>
4:30 pm
comment. i'm not aware of anything specific t was in reference to. >> nobel commission has given the award to the national campaign to abolish nuclear weapons some are given creasing the nuclear arsenal and there is a danger more countries try to procure nuclear weapons. >> the president's comments could be referring to iran. sources tell abc news that the president is expected to decertify the iran nuclear deal next week saying that the 2015 agreement no longer serves the interest of the country. northwest, maggie rulli, abc7 news. nancy: the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or ican is the recipient of the nobel peace prize. >> this means everything for the people tha
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tirelessly. against nhundreds of non-governmental groups around the world. while 53 countries have signed the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons, the world's largest nuclear power including the united states, russia and china have not. lindsey: i'm lindsey mastis at the abc7 "live desk." breaking news in the newsroom. montgomery county high school substitute teacher and football coach accused of having sex with a student. corey boatman 2706 wheaton is charged with sexual abuse. police say he had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student from monterey blair high school where -- montgomery blair high school where he is also the coach. he began s
4:32 pm
and later he picked the student up and drove her to his home where they engaged in sexual intercourse. he is charged with sexual abuse. when we get more information we will let you know. at the "live desk," i'm lindsey mastis. alison: thank you. we have made our way to the stormwatch7 weather center to talk about the weekend ahead. boy, it feels more like summer. you have to remind yourself it's october. steve: i know. you look outside at the belle haven country club, folks are still playing golf. notice the shadows get longer and longer. the sun angle is changing. it is harder to get warm days. hey, we have it for now. it will stick around for weekend. humidity is there. i like it. i'm not going to complain. look at the temperature in warrenton. 86 at this hour. 84 in leesburg. 81 in andrews. head to annapolis. it's cooler thanks to the bay waters at 77 degrees. show you the forecast tonight. a lot of folks are going to the big baseball game. starts at 7:30. temperatures around 73 to 78 degrees. it will
4:33 pm
dry out there. we'll see the similar conditions for the game tomorrow. good news there also. the seven-day temperature trend shows the temperature on sunday with added clouds and rain in the afternoon at 80. 80 on monday. in the upper 80's by tuesday. then cooler as we move to next week. fresh new update on what is now tropical storm nate. more coming up in a few minutes. >> we will see you then. eight years after pamela butler's disappearance the investigators may finally close what has been a murder mystery. sam ford has the new developments. a plea deal. sam: eight years ago, face hidden jose rodriguez-cruz told abc7 he had nothing to do with his girlfriend pamela butler's disappearance. >> i did not find blood and other evidence showing that she was harmed. no. because i didn't do anything to her. sam: today in court he agreed to a deal for prosecutors to switch the chargef
4:34 pm
to second-degree murder and in exchange he will lead them to butler's body. the family agreed to the deal. although thelma butler in and out of court said of rodriguez-cruz -- >> i didn't know him that well. brad: the prosecutor read agreed upon statement of what happened february 13, 2009, saying in the basement of pamela butler's home she and cruz got into an argument about him getting a job. he punched her in the face, straddled her and choked her to death and lowered the body out the window not covered by the security cameras and drove away with the body. under the deal, cruz gets 12 years in prison for leading authorities to the remains. >> pamela butler said in court and repeated again out here, what was most important to him is not how much time the killer got. >> the thing that is more important to us is that we get the body. he wants to negotiate the time down to give us the body. i didn't like it but it was important that we got a bo
4:35 pm
sam: the family wants a proper burial. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00", what if they d the body? what do prosecutors have to say about that? the northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: to see all of abc7's original reporting on the disappearance of pamela butler, you can log on to our website. nancy: turning to this. no laughing matter for some. it's rather unusual. ambulance turned into a doughnut delivery service. real surprise you might imagine for recipients. in iowa, a clown has been making the rounds with the ambulancal called -- wait for it -- hurts doughnuts. it's tripping out some people and confusing some people which is the aim for some of the customers. >> wives will call us to scare their husbands. some people are scared and they run. other people don't know what to think. nancy: a college s
4:36 pm
his mother sent him doughnut for his birthday. but he was excited to see the selection of doughnuts he got. it does look like a nice selection. alison: fancy. nancy: no thank you on so many levels. no thank you. alison: the fangs are the worst part. nancy: that is one way to scare people. there is a haunted house at the weekend, that time of year. alison: what gets you jumping? how do you scare someone when you want to? kidd o'shea takes us to nottingham elementary school for this edition of kids class where he learned from the experts. >> halloween is a scary time, right? so if you were going to scare your parents or your brother, sister, how do you like, how do you scare somebody? >> you could wear a costume that would scare people. like a mummy or a monster. >> like you could go into the room. if th
4:37 pm
and they are in there, you could hide there. you could jump out. and they'd be scared. >> your words. >> your words? what are some words that you could possibly use that would -- >> jump out and say something scary. like jump! if you have a blow horn behind you. and boo. >> more than boo. you could do anything. >> how else do you scare somebody? >> if you ever had a book that made creepy sound, you could pretend if they were coming near you. you could press the button to make sound and creep up with them and tap them on the back. nobody would be there. but then you'd be in front of them and say "boo!" >> my goodness. you actually scared me. [laughter] alison: so cute. nancy: boo! nancy: you can't go wong with kids. alison: from scary to
4:38 pm
hopefully very exciting and fun nationals have taken the field for batting practice. first pitch is three hours away. just ahead we show you how far a nats fan is willing to go to see his favorite team win it all. >> i put it in my mouth. i chewed on it and it hurt. >> what she found in the oyster brings good fortune. we'll show you that next. >> a first look at how to start next week with "good morning washington" on monday. >> thanks, guys. monday on "good morning washington" -- we are keeping an eye on another tropical weather maker. how nate could produce flooding and damaging wind along the gulf coast and how the monday morning commute could be impacted. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes monday morning starting at 4:25
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nancy: a list. fish oil and water and compost. alison: this what a couple relies on the grow giant pumpkin. we mean giant. >> this is growing 43 pounds a day for two weeks. >> six foot by six foot so taller than me. alison: their largest pumpkin this year is 1800 pounds. nancy: wow! alison: couple and the giant gourd compete in the contests all over the
4:42 pm
>> what do you do if you win? >> contact cinderella. >> make a lot of pumpkin pie. if you are a chance of oyster you know you could find a pearl. >> but it's rare to find one so perfect. a woman in boston was chewing and she thought she got a shell but instead a perfect white pearl. this is during an office party. caterer says they have only seen it a couple of times before. my thought on all of this is what a nice office party to offer up oysters. alison: that is true, too. >> coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- harvey and irma impact on the job market. first time in six years more jobs lost than gained and we explain why it's likely not a downward trend. >> i'm scott abraham at na
4:43 pm
counting you down to first pitch of nlds. wew nats nation has a passionate fan base. we will introduce you to a fan in particular going all i
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nancy: we are learning more about the man who set up a bomb last year. he practiced in the backyard. according to the prosecutors. ahmad khan rahimi is charged in the chelsea neighborhood bombing from september of 2016. 30 people were hurt in this. another bomb was found blocks away. rahimi faces life in prison if convicted. he has pleaded not guilty. alison: it's one of congress top priority. immigration reform. advocacy groups say most immigrants are a vital part of the society that contributes greatly. another group claims it now has a tally of how much undocumented immigrants cost taxpayers. chief political correspondent scott thuman has both sides in this breakdown. >> we need people in the white house to hear us. scott: in the ongoing debate over who should be allowed to stay in the united states and who should be deported. one group calculated the cost
4:47 pm
>> its a shocking number. scott: matt o'brien crumpled the figure for confederation for american immigration reform and he claims each illegal immigrant here or someone as a direct result like a u.s. born child of that person costs the government $8,075 a year. >> we spend money on foreigners who don't have a right to be in the united states. there is $116 billion in net expenses we are bearing. you could probably fund nationalized healthcare with that for significant amount of time. scott: costs include everything from the use of public schools to the water utility to the justice system. and what the immigrants do pay in taxes. roughly $19 billion a year. >> people pay their taxes and the back taxes. they don't get actually return because they are not considered citizens. scott: we caught up with a woman wh
4:48 pm
from peru in a recent rally outside the white argn on society? >> no. i have never gotten any help. i earned three scholarships. none of them were given to me. secretary of state she and others say they contribute much more if allowed to come out of the dark and become more traditional taxpayers. o'brien contend either way legal or not, added people, added strain. >> allowing the people to work, whether it's under the table or through fraud combined with the benefits they can collect when they are here is a huge drive. if we don't shut it off we will go bankrupt. scott: in washington, scott thuman, abc7 news. nancy: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. the u.s. economy losing 33,000 jobs in september. this is the first time in six years the nation saw more people lose jobs than find work. now this is being blamed on hurricanes harvey and irma. last month 105,000 restaurant and bar employees lost their
4:49 pm
jobs, sign of the damage to florida's tourism industry. still the unemployment rate fell to 4.2%. economists help hiring to pick up. russian hackers stole information to detail how the u.s. infiltrate foreign networks and prevent cyber attack. abc news report the theft happened when a contractor uploaded classified material to the personal computer in 2015. hackers targeted contractor through his use of antivirus software. the company based in moscow has denied involvement. alison: back at home, switch gears now to talk about what everybody seems to be talking about around here. washington's road to the championship. it begins tonight. it's against the defending champs. nancy: if you have not heard the cubs are in town. we are less than three hours from first pitch
4:50 pm
alison: scott abraham is at nats park. for years, nats fan said this is our year. >> for the fourth time in six years the playoff baseball is back inside nats park. font is game one between if nats and the cubs take center stage. this fan base, the city is starving for a championship. in a few hours 42,000 fans will pack the ball pac hoping for a big curly w. our own erin hawksworth caught up with one nats fan in particular who was going all in this postseason. >> i do miss a shaver, getting a nice shave from a barber. erin: that fan took the term "playoff beard" to a new level. >> my mom hates it. she absolutely hates it. she thinks i'm a handsome young man and i need to show my face. erin: he started growing his beard in january of
4:51 pm
>> i'm not going to shave until the nationals win the world series. erin: he has been true to his word. well, it hasn't always been easy. >> i try not to eat in public. erin: he can't enjoy the favorite foods. >> i want to enjoy ice cream, sandwich, a burger. not have to brush back and bite. push back, hold and go. if not, it tapers in. erin: his students at manassas park middle school had to warm up to the idea. >> the first time they meet me they are scared to death. they don't get it. think think i'm a big burly angry guy. after a week they catch on that, that is not who i am. erin: not only do the students love it. but jayson werth does, too. >> i sit in 108 by the foul pole in left field right by him. so we kind of go back and forth and talk. erin: we
4:52 pm
player and he's werth's biggest fan. >> when they clinched he had my shirt and was wearing it. erin: is this their year? >> hopefully they win so i can get it over with. erin: erin hawksworth, abc7 sports. >> fear the beard. a fan that is truly invested in the scheme. the first pitch at nats park set for 7:30. it will be a good one. the nats and the cubs getting the nlds started. buckle up. let's do this. nancy: he looks like tom hanks from "castaway." little bit. alison: thank you. they have a bromance going on. very funny. a friendly bet is going on between the mayor of chicago and d.c. muriel bowser if the nationals lose have to send bowls from ben's chili bowl to chicago. relief efforts to puerto rico will also be made. >> is get this, they will have to send the
4:53 pm
republican quality meat and pope-in ribeye from the stake stake -- steaks and also donation to puerto rico. steve: that sounds good to me. a butch afternoon. national harbor. clouds here and there. i will stay dry. it's 81 in andrews. we are still waiting on the 5:00 p.m. update regarding tropical storm nate. winds around 50 miles per hour. it will make landfall time late tomorrow night and early sunday morning. it will make landsfall and it loo lose the punch to bring beneficial rain to the mid-atlantic late sunday to monday and tuesday.
4:54 pm
tomorrow, upper 50's to lower 60's. hour-by-hour forecast shows the highs to make it in the middle 80s. so well above average for this time of year. nationals game tomorrow night, game two. look at the temperatures to fall to the 80's and the 70's. take it out to the look at the ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. we get through the unsettled weather early in the week, we cool down to lower 70's for daytime highs. we're back after this.
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josh takes me to a home that is a labor of love for his family. the dad and the three kids spent months stripping wallpaper and restoring the old home they inherited from grandma when she passed away. >> everything had to be replaced. the old plaster was starting to come off. we are doing patch work. >> my boys done a lot of work. my daughter has done a lot of work. >> everything was proceeding great until the day they received a letter from the bank telling them they owed money. a lot of money. >> did you know there was a $30,000 mortgage? >> no. i didn't kn
4:58 pm
thought they inherited the house free and clear but not so. >> my mom had taken a mortgage out on the plate to work on it and she passed away. >> the bank holding the new mortgage wants a lump sum. we contacted the bank that now says it will try to work something out with the family. so protect yourself. remember the contractor, liens, back taxes and second mortgages are attached to the house and survive the death of the owner. >> the house means a lot to me, my brother and my family. >> there is a lesson here. if you inherit a house have a lawyer make sure it's free and clare -- clear of liens, mortgages and tax claims. john matarese, abc7 news. alison: right now at 5:00, the final report on the alexandria ambush. it tells the story of a determined meticulous gunman prepping for maximum damage. fake
4:59 pm
stairdown. walk with sam sweeney to see what makes the d.m.v. down right strange. superheroes ban together on a mission to lift spirits and save halloween. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: it took more than oh rounds to stop the man shooting at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria last june. it injured six people including steve scalise. jeff goldberg is live with the new information from the just released report. jeff? jeff: the report giving new information including on the day of the shooting the padlock was locked. that is not always the case but it forced the shooter to fire the rifle through the chain link fence. he couldn't get on the field and shoot at the members of the baseball team. we also now knowm
5:00 pm
according to the report the shooting ohe morning of june 14 had been months in the making. after the incident a member of the republican baseball team told police he had seen 66-year-old james hodgkinson sitting in the stands watching the team practice. the day before the shooting. analysis of hodgkinson's phone revealed video taken of the field in april. two months before the shooting. >> it's solid inference he was motivated by the perceived political agenda. >> alexandria commonwealth attorney brian porter spent four months composing the 41-page report. according to the findings hodgkinson told family members he wouldn't be around much longer and that he was unhappy with the results of the 2016 election as a supporter of democrat bernie sanders. >> so therefore he decided he would take action against the people he perceived to be the political enemies. >> he used a semi-automatic rifle


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