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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 8, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, nate comes ashore. making landfall first in louisiana, hours later a second time in mississippi flooding parts of biloxi, cars underwater. roads and streets impassable. >> this is by far the strongest winds we've seen all night. >> this stranded family rescued from the rising water, and nate now heading north with threats of tornadoes and flash flooding. who is in the danger zone this morning? tough tweets. president trump is taking aim at north korea saying that diplomatic efforts by previous presidents went nowhere, and now
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only one thing will work as the president impressed on his calm before the storm comments. >> nothing, nothing to clarify. >> he's now acknowledging he's had disagreements with his own secretary of state. and mind of a mass murderer. what investigators are now saying about las vegas gunman stephen paddock's mental state as we hear from a man who came face-to-face with him. >> he said he was terribly depressed and that his life was miserable. >> plus, the chilling note found in his hotel room, what it reveals. and the pregnant woman at the concert shielded from bullets by her brother celebrating a new life this morning. and good sunday morning. dan is on assignment once again and as promised, jon karl our chief white house correspondent, is back. tony reali is back. ron didn't go anywhere, neither did rob. we'll get to him in a second and we
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hurricane nate making not one but two landfalls along the gulf coast overnight. >> here's a look at what it looked like when nate came ashore near biloxi with maximum winds of 85 miles an hour. this area inundated by the storm surge, the water continuing to flood nearby casinos and their parking garages. >> and here's the scene in downtown mobile. this part of the city underwater. over 100,000 people are reported to be without power this morning. nate now lashing everything in its path with powerful winds, heavy rain and there are concerns about possible tornadoes now as it marches north. we have team coverage beginning right near in the studio with our chief meteorologist rob marciano who is tracking the storm. good morning, rob. >> good morning, paula. you saw that storm surge, four to six feet coming over highway 90 over biloxi, the fourth, if you count maria, the fourth in the last 45 days, actually the eye coming right over keesler air force base where ironically that is where the hurricane air force and squadron are based so they didn h
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right now it's about 100 miles south-southwest of montgomery, alabama, and the pass across the dixie valley, the tennessee valley and ohio valley and what's left of it gets up into the northeast by late tomorrow into tuesday. with it comes some wind. this is a lopsided storm. there are tropical storm force winds that extend about 100 miles east of it. nothing to the west of it. so atlanta later on today could see 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts. so more power outages and potentially some heavy rain along its path. speaking of its path, we have tropical storm warnings posted through much of alabama and outside montgomery as victor oquendo is there. give us a sense of what's happening where you are. >> reporter: good morning, rob. we are the middle of it now. the strongest rain and winds we felt so far this morning north of montgomery off 65. you can see the rain coming down and water just rushing down the hill behind me. central alabama just getting pounded by nate's rains and winds this morning. rainfall rate, we have about two
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expected leading to dangerous conditions. you got a flash flood watch throughout most of the area through sunday and another major concern, of course, with this part of the storm, tornadoes. so much of alabama, especially the central and southern part under a tornado watch throughout the rest of the morning. some 59,000 customers right now without power. the bulk of them according to alabama power in the mobile area. 56,000 of those customers coming from mobile to right now with conditions like this, people are being told to stay inside, shelter in place, stay safe. although nate has weakened, it is still packing quite a punch. jon, paula. >> it certainly is. victor, thanks for your reporting this morning. the city of biloxi, mississippi, was pounded by wind and heavy rain when nate made its second landfall on the gulf coast, and now it is dealing with storm surge. >> this is the first hurricane to make landfall in mississippi since hurricane katrina in 2005. abc's steve osunsami is there with more. >> reporter: good morning to you both. we are right now on the beach,
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there. behind me are the casinos that were flooded in the background but take a look. there's someone out there who is missing something. the winds were strong enough to blow this large sailboat onto the beach. the cleanup here officially begins today. early this morning hurricane nate rushed ashore near biloxi, mississippi. the storm came with near 85-mile-an-hour winds and crashing waves. u.s. 90, the highway on the beach in the way of storm was no match and in places was under several feet of water. with many visiting like ourself, it was the only road in or out. the storm surge came in late and fast. and it's a good thing the bottom of the casinos here are parking garages because they were flooded. the few cars that weren't moved in time were floating in the waves. some of the casino hotels still had guests trapped inside. this is by far the strongest winds we've seen all night.
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the eye wall is right here. we're about to enter the center of this storm, the center of this eye wall. it's about to cross just in the next few moments. the rain came fast. this stranded family had to be rescued after getting stuck in the storm, and this tree brought down by strong winds knocked down power lines. thousands here are in the dark this morning. the president has signed this emergency declaration, already ordering federal aid. city officials this morning say they are thankful no one hurt that they know of, no homes even destroyed that they know of. right now they're going to have to deal with the water that they're cleaning out of the casinos but those hotels should be opening within the next day or two. you know, it's not quite what officials here had feared just a day ago. paula. >> they're breathing a sigh of relief. steve, thank you so much for your reporting from mississippi and just moments ago we spoke with biloxi
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>> we understand you took the brunt of nate's wrath right there in the gulf coast. can you describe what the storm felt like as it was passing through? >> it was not continually battering those -- the wind and the rain, but it was intense there and, again, i think the disorganization and the speed of this storm helped us, you know, in our outcome. i think we were very fortunate. it moved through very fast. it was not like katrina that seemed to linger or some of the other storms this year, especially harvey. >> so this morning you're waking up. the sun is coming out. crews are assessing the damage. you guys are dealing with the aftermath. what are you expecting to see? >> just the normal debris situation is what we're going to -- you know, kind of line up all our recovery and debris removal contractors to get things psa
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this one. >> yeah, mayor, sounds like you're breathing a sigh of relief this morning. >> i am. i surely am. so we're thankful for everybody's prayers who were thinking of us in the middle of it. you know, as you go through these storms, you just never know, so we prepared for the worst and we came out all right. >> sounds good. mayor, our thoughts are with you as the recovery process begins and thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. y'all have a good morning. >> you too. and now to new orleans because they may have dodged a bullet in all of this, as well. >> the big easy is getting off easy. the city spared nate's most ferocious winds. abc's gio benitez is there. gio, good morning. >> reporter: hey, jon and paula, good morning to you. listening, everyone here talks about those water pumps to get water out during a rainstorm because just a few months ago during a regular rainstorm, a lot of new orleans was just flooded because many of those
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pumps weren't working, so with that in mind you saw people just leaving town here. you saw streets that were completely empty. i mean, imagine saturday night the french quarter in new orleans usually bustling with cars and people. it was just totally empty. it looked more like a ghost town and that's because officials weren't taking any chances and put a short curfew in place to make sure people were inside, indoors and safe and away from any potential flooding, so thankfully we did not see any flooding here. but it's incredible to see how this threat of flooding actually shut down this city. in fact, the only police cars -- the only cars we saw were actually police cars. jon and paula, back to you. >> a good sight to see from new orleans. thanks for your reporting, gio. the mayor of san juan is keeping the dire situation in puerto rico from hurricane maria right in the spotlight through a series of tweets. overnight the mayor writing, power collapses in san juan hospital with two patients being transferred out. have requested support from fema, brock, nothing. then this. increasingly painful to understand the american people want to he u
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help. we need water. and finally this tweet, the hospital had requested support from fema and no response. oh, sorry, they are collecting data, and, of course, the criticism of her is she has time to tweet and make t-shirts. >> she might calling the fema director. >> as of last week she had not even met with the director. we want to move on. the mayor sparred with president trump in the past. this is president trump's fourth test from mother nature in two months. >> but it is north korea that has been on the president's mind this weekend with more ominous words directed at kim jong-un. north korea releasing pictures of their leader overnight. abc's cecilia vega is at the white house. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you, my friend. good to see you there in new york. ominous words, as you say, yet again, and despite all of these attempts to get the president to clarify exactly what he means, it seems president trump wants to keep the world in suspense. another day, another vague threat against north korea from president trump. this one as he was leaving the white house headed for an
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overnight fund-raiser in north carolina. asked what the one thing is that will work with pyongyang -- >> well, you'll figure that out pretty soon. >> reporter: a tweet earlier in the day not offering much clarification. the president writing, presidents and their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years. agreements made and massive amounts of money paid hasn't worked. agreements violated before the ink was dry making fools of u.s. negotiators. sorry, but only one thing will work. it follows last week's ominous message delivered while surrounded by his top military leaders. >> maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> reporter: and since then he's refused to explain. we pushed. mr. president, what did you mean by calm before the storm yesterday? what did you mean by that? >> thank you very much. >> reporter: only to be met with a wink. >> you'll find out. >> reporter: and reporters tried again. >> clarify your calm before the storm comment. >> nothing, nothing to clarify. >> reporter: but the president
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secretary of state, despite a report that rex tillerson called his boss a moron and threatened to resign. >> very good relationship. i have a very good -- that was fake news. >> reporter: but that's not all. after the president blasted tillerson saying he was wasting his time trying to negotiate with kim jong-un, now this. >> we disagree on a couple of things. sometimes i'd like him to be a little bit tougher, but other than that, we have a very good relationship. >> reporter: so some tough words there but as for his chief of staff president trump says has nothing but praise for general john kelly despite these reports that are out there that kelly has grown frustrated with his job at the white house. the president says he's doing an incredible job and says he expects him to be in this position for the remainder of his, he says, seven years in the white house. jon, he calls him one of the best people he's ever worked with. >> seven year, huh? cecilia, i've got to ask you, more tweets, a lot of tweets this weekend. this one caught my eye about
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chuck schumer. he said, i called chuck schumer yesterday to see if the dems want to get a great health care bill. obamacare is badly broken. big premiums. who knows. so, who knows. he called chuck schumer and he admitted that he placed the call. what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, so he called him on friday. again he likes to call them chuck and nancy. remember that when both the democratic leaders were at the white house not too long ago. the president wants to cut a temporary deal, a one or two-year deal on health care basically schumer said no dice. the president wants repeal and replace. he can't get that in his own party and, jon, as you know, democrats say that is a nonstarter for them too but, jon, i got to take one issue with you there in new york, i'm loving this, but i thought that we agreed you were going to come to me and call me like living legend, kind of beef up the team. >> award winning, award winning senior white house correspondent. >> yeah. >> the one and only. >> tremendous. >> paula, you let me know if you need any -- >> i'm going to say, i don't know what we owe this pleasure
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of having you join us on the weekend, but we are eternally grateful and will be forever indebted to your services. thank you. thank you, your highness. >> the honorable cecilia vega. >> honestly love having cecilia here on the weekends. >> we do. >> and we want to move on. >> we should do more of it. >> another leading lady that we have here at abc, martha raddatz, our chief global affairs gearing up to host "this week" later on this morning. martha, love to have you on the show. glad you're hosting this weekend. >> following a living legend. >> how do you follow that? so, let's begin with -- >> yeah, it's tough. >> speaking of, let's talk about north korea. let's try to transition. you know, the president saying only one thing will work and when pressed about it says you're going to figure it out pretty soon. how are we supposed to interpret this? are we going to war? >> well, i think what you saw the other day in that photograph and him talking and talking the talk was very much off the cuff. i think there is nothing imminent planned, of course,
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unless north korea does something extremely stupid. but it is that coercive diplomacy, that's the way it's been described to me, they are still trying to stay on a diplomatic track. the sanctions they hope work. but donald trump is going to keep up that chorus of, hey, if you don't do that, there could be military force. that is very donald trump. what you saw there in that photograph surrounded by the military, and i think it was just off the cuff saying what -- the kinds of things he usually says with a wink added in to cecilia. >> and i'll tell you, none of his senior advisers had any idea he was going to say that. that surprised them as much as it surprised all of us but what about john kelly? there's been rampant speculation about his chief of staff. how long will he stay? we heard him say he'll be there for seven years. what are you hearing? >> well, i don't know about
8:16 am
seven years there, jon and paula, but i think this is an extremely challenging job for john kelly, and he has had some very challenging jobs. this is a person who is disciplined, this is a person who is used to discipline. this is a person who is used to giving orders and having those orders followed. but i think john kelly is there to stay as long as he feels he is serving the nation, because his background is a military officer, as a senior officer he does not throw in the towel. despite frustrations, despite all of that and the same with general mattis, secretary mattis now, you have this background of serving the nation. i think both of them feel they will continue to do that as long as they feel they are helping the nation. >> it's that overwhelming sense of duty that usurps everything else. martha, have a great show. we're going to let you go because we know you are preparing for that big show this morning. she has two congre
8:17 am
views on gun control with a rare conversation on how congress should respond to the las vegas shooting. plus the latest details on nate with the director of fema. what he says about what's going on in puerto rico. that's coming up on "this week." time now for weather. let's go back to rob marciano. >> hi, jon. hi, paula again. the threat for tornadoes exists today and have this watch out for the east side of it until 11:00 eastern time and these two waterspouts, i should say, which touched onto gulf shores and orange beach late yesterday afternoon, so proof in the pudding there, and we have to be careful of these spinning up throughout the morning today. also, rain, that's going to be an issue. some moisture getting streamed up into a frontal boundary that's pushing across the northeast. so some tropical rains already well ahead of the center of nate which is going to spin through alabama, georgia and tennessee later on today. we've got flood watches out for birmingham. just north of atlanta. in through asheville. some of these areas need rain, but with all tropical systems, a lot can come too fa
8:18 am
by the way, nate almost got to category 2 status making landfall as a cat 1. the ninth consecutive storm to reach hurricane status. unbelievable how busy it's been. >> i know you're busy in the news department. what's going on? >> well, good morning to all of you. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin in charlottesville, virginia, where a group of white nationalists held a rally around a statue of
8:19 am
robert e. lee saying you will not replace up. two dozen carrying tiki torches turned out in emancipation park. police say there were no incidents of violence unlike the gathering in early august that ended with a counterprotester being struck by a car and killed. and in auburn, washington, the rapper known as nelly was arrested on saturday after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her on his tour bus just before one of his performances. the grammy award winner taking to twitter to proclaim that he is completely innocent. he was booked for investigation of rape and then released without being charged. in london investigators say the out-of-control car that mowed down pedestrians near the natural history museum on saturday injuring 11 people was not a terrorist attack. the incident which at first led to a major security alert is being treated as a traffic accident. that driver was taken into custody briefly and has since been released. the florida nursing home where a dozen people died after hurricane irma knocked out their power leaving the residents in the sweltering heat, it is closed. according to a notice filed with
8:20 am
the state of september 27th, the facility closed its doors and laid off 245 employees a week earlier. the deaths still under investigation. also in florida, j.t. brown of the tampa bay hockey team has become the first nhl play story protest during the playing of the national anthem. he stood for "the star-spangled banth condition saturday night but with his fist raised before his team played the panthers on the panthers home ice. brown, who is the son of former nfl running back ted brown, said he wanted to show support for the football protest. finally a married couple from virginia took home the top prize at the 18th annual north american wife carrying championship. >> okay. >> there you go. >> husbands hauling their spouses over obstacles, physical obstacles and a little water. >> that looks uncomfortable. >> it probably was. the couple who won took home 12 cases of beer and a check for five times the bride's weight which in pounds came out to $630. >> do not try this at home. >> they now advance to the wife
8:21 am
championship taking place in finland if any of you -- >> there's some more exciting championships going on here in the states though. >> baseball. >> baseball. >> and this is very personal. we have chicago, we have washington in the house. are you getting nervous, paula? a little bit deep dish might be going the other way. it was the game of the night. here's paula's favorite moment. anthony rizzo, boom to the moon, look at the fan who catches it. that's a cubs fan in washington reaching over a little bit -- >> no, there was no reach. >> the cubs led it the whole way. nationals looked asleep until the eighth inning where bryce harper and then ryan zimmerman had some clutch moments. now, harper is the best player on the team. zimmerman has been the most clutch player on the team for his entire stay with washington which has been a decade. the series is now even at one. and what was the bet again? chicago and washington. >> i'm giving you garrett's popcorn, eli's cheesecake and a chicago dog. >> pork.
8:22 am
i've got pork for you. all the pork. >> why is washington pork again? >> i don't know. i'll throw in some d.c.brau. we don't have a signature food. >> i'm writing that down. >> all righty, thanks, tony. coming up, i know, i know, but we have new insights about the las vegas gunman stephen paddock. what we're learning about his mental state and the meaning of a cryptic note that he left behind in the hotel room. we're right back on a busy sunday morning. "good morning america" is brought to you by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue.
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carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. this is ac 7 news, good morning washington update. storm,king tropical which continues to weaken. after 24 days of no rain at reagan national we are finally starting to see some wet weather.
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it is all really like that it is very humid. take a look as a zoom in closer. very light precipitation falling. we will see that mainly confined to the morning hours. 76. the dew point, 74. feeling exceptional tropical, humid and a little breezy with the wind out of the south-southwests. cloudy, warm and greedy for the afternoon. overnight tonight mainly dry but expect some heavy rain early tomorrow morning. we could see one to two inches of rain and gusty winds. more coming up in just a little bit.
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welcome back to "good morning america" on this sunday morning, and we are tracking nate, which has now been downgraded to a tropical overnight, however, making not one but two landfalls along the gulf coast. >> nate came ashore as a category 1 hurricane bringing heavy rains and winds of up to 85 miles per hour. let's go back to abc's victor oquendo who has been riding out the storm just north of montgomery, alabama. >> reporter: jon and paula, things are only getting worse here. conditions are deteriorating. strongest winds and rains that we have felt so far, you can see it whipping across my face. the waters and rain just rushing down this hill right here behind me. the early reports of damage,
8:31 am
trees, some 59,000 customers without power in alabama. the bulk of them in mobile. that's where mobile fire rescue already very busy this morning. they've had to rescue four people, two separate high water rescues from their homes. also reports of stranded drivers as well, so the warning stay off the roads for the time being. meanwhile, biloxi, mississippi, hit overnight very hard. many areas in that city underwater. the good news, though, for the people in new orleans, it looks like they were spared. back here in alabama where we are, there are concerns throughout the rest of the morning, tornadoes, so many parts of this, of alabama under a tornado watch this morning so the advice again, stay inside, shelter in place, do not go out there if you do not need to. >> thanks, victor. we'll get another check of the weather and those tornadoes from rob marciano in a moment. now to new clues on that senseless night of violence in las vegas offering possible
8:32 am
mind. >> they come from a note found in stephen paddock's hotel room as well as from a man who claims he spoke to paddock just months before the massacre. abc's kenneth moton joins us from las vegas where vice president pence is remembering the victims overnight, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, jon and paula. the vice president made a stop at this growing memorial. since the shooting we know investigators have interviewed hundreds of people and federal profilers are working to figure out what drove the killer to be calculated and cold-blooded. this morning, disturbing new details about las vegas mass killer stephen paddock. still no motive for opening fire on that music festival one week ago. but sources reveal to abc news investigators increasingly believe paddock had severe mental illness likely undiagnosed. they describe paddock as standoffish, disconnected and anti-social, traits of past mass shooters. that note found on his night. stand in mandalay bay, cbs "60 minutes" reporting it contained written calculations about where he needed to aim to maximize accuracy and kill as many as possible. investigators are hoping to
8:33 am
scott armstrong, the reno card dealer emotional after he says he came face-to-face with paddock on his lot two months ago. >> you know, no smiles, not very friendly at all. he said he was terribly depressed and that his life was miserable. i just was thinking to myself, this guy, i got to get away from because he was so down or negative or -- and i couldn't help him. >> reporter: on sunday night las vegas came face-to-face with pure evil. >> reporter: vice president pence visited the memorial honoring the 58 people killed. ♪ and i won't back down >> reporter: saturday night jason aldean, the country star on stage during the horrific attack spoke out on "snl." >> we're going to walk through these tough times together. >> reporter: cody coffer and his big sister markie were at the festival. markie, 41 weeks pregnant.
8:34 am
>> i was just worried that if i got shot what about the baby. >> reporter: cody covered his sister and got her to safety never revealing he had been shot in the shoulder. >> i didn't want anybody else to worry about it so i just kind of sucked it up and wanted everybody else to get home. >> reporter: cody was released from the hospital saturday. markie gave birth to baby wyatt, 9 pounds 11 ounces, yes, 911 just two days after so many lost their lives. welcome to the world, baby wyatt. as so many were impacted by this, we now know that the family of one of the victims has taken legal action to freeze the gunman's assets for potential lawsuits. remember, paddock has several properties and reported $5 million in earnings in 2015. jon and paula. >> kenneth, thanks for your reporting. and thanks for sharing the story of little baby wyatt bringing a little bit of sunshine to las vegas this morning. and speaking of sunshine, let's talk about the path of hurricane nate and send things back to rob marciano. >> we're going to
8:35 am
on the back side of it. the saving grace of this, what was a category 1 storm, was the speed at which it traveled across the very warm waters of the gulf of mexico and helped it strengthen not as rapidly and it will help rocket it off toward the north and east, right now moving at about 24, 25 miles an hour. and there you see the path across alabama, tennessee, parts of kentucky and tomorrow winds and wind and rain all along the path and some could be flooding. all right. from the tropics to winter which is coming. a winter storm warning is posted for denver, colorado, heavy, wet snow coming in tonight for the morning rush hour tomorrow. could see travel delays potentially out of the airport there, four to eight inches and mountains could see
8:36 am
>> this weather report brought to you by keytruda and by paula's demands, i should mention that winter is coming. >> followed by spring. >> it's got to be "game of thrones." it's got to be a "game of thrones" reference. it's got to be "game of thrones," rob. come on. >> that's what it is. >> khaleesi. >> am i the mother of dragons now? >> yes. >> i have four dragons. all right. coming up on "good morning america," why the woman acting as an adviser to harvey weinstein is speaking out on his allegations of sexual harassment, why she's now calling it quits. and what comes after "the force awakens," "the last jedi." how to watch the brand-new "star wars" trailer ahead in "pop news." >> it's an exclusive. >> right here. only here. >> tony is going to drop it. >> i have the exclusive and you spoiled it.
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i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. and we want to turn to the latest on harvey weinstein and that "new york times" report alleging the famed h
8:41 am
with at least eight women who accused him of sexual assault over the years. >> the high-profile lawyer working as his adviser suddenly anountszing she is stepping down as president trump comments on the hollywood mogul, and abc's eva pilgrim joins us with more. eva. >> reporter: good morning. harvey weinstein once known as the star maker now facing serious allegations from multiple women of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. harvey weinstein, one of the most powerful men in the movie business, now at the center of a sexual harassment scandal, even the president weighing in. >> i've known harvey weinstein for a long time. i'm not at all surprised to see it. >> reporter: president trump pictured with the studio executive at the new york premiere of the weinstein company's 2009 drama "nine." weinstein, who regularly rubbed elbows with politicians and hollywood's elite, now taking an indefinite leave of absence from his company after "the new york times" published a bombshell report detailing allegations by women from over nearly three
8:42 am
decades ranging from an assistant to a model to movie stars rose mcgowan and ashley judd all accusing the studio executive worth an estimated $200 million of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. the article also alleging the media mogul has reached settlements with at least eight sexual harassment accusers through the years. weinstein has vowed to sue "the times" calling the article reckless reporting but admitting to abc news he is working with a therapist, i'm trying to do better. i know i have a long way to go. two of weinstein's legal advisers now resigning including lisa bloom. >> did he sexually harass women? >> i think harvey has acknowledged, yes, that there was misconduct over a period of years. >> reporter: bloom tweeting saturday, my understanding is mr. weinstein and his board are moving toward an agreement. at least three members of his company's all male board also resigning according to "the new york times" amid an internal investigation over the allegations. weinstein is the latest in a
8:43 am
high-powered men fox news' bill owe rile len roger ailes, comedian bill cosby and even the president who have had allegations or details about their past behavior resurface. >> you know, i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet. >> reporter: the president speaking about weinstein's troubles exactly a year after the release of the infamous "access hollywood" tape that brought his own behavior with women in question. >> did harvey weinstein act inappropriate? >> well, he says they were inappropriate. >> a year ago that video came out -- >> that's locker room. that's locker room. >> now, we have seen more women coming out accusing weinstein since "the new york times" story first came out. weinstein saying his family is standing by him. >> i can only imagine the heartache it's causing his family but they're right next to him. thanks, eva, for your reporting. coming up on "good morning america," how to keep your kids healthy in college. this is something you need to listen to, jon. >> yes. >> dr. ashton is here with hel
8:44 am
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♪ and in today's "weekend download," keeping your college student healthy. jon karl, you have one in college. perk your ears up. but this may be the first time they're solely responsible for their own well-being as well as their own laundry. joining us with some advice is abc news chief women's health correspondent, dr. jen ashton. >> good morning, my dear. >> it is so great to see you. our kids in college out on their own for the first time but if they're faced with a medical situation, how should we advise them to handle it? >> listen, it can be tricky. basically you have to learn
8:48 am
distinguish between something that's acute, something that's semi-urgent and something that's a true medical emergency and that can be hard and evolve over time. some will need to go to their health services and some will need to go to the er. some might need to come home depending on what it is, and and in general it's a pretty healthy population and age group but can see medical issues, infectious diseases like flu mono and mental health issues can pop up so can be a busy time not just academically but medically also. >> what if we're talking about chronic condition like diabetes or asthma? >> you know, there are college students that deal with chronic medical conditions and i think the key is you want to make sure your child knows they can't run out of medication when they are there and have to have local contact for providers in case something happens and, you know, they need help while there
8:49 am
and they're learning how to be adults and communication with them is the key. >> yeah, and that chain of communication has to go both ways. they have to know contact numbers there. but parents also need to know numbers of roommates and their academic providers and the health services and pharmacies so if you need to jump in and put your doctor or nurse, medical provider hat on as well as parent hat, you can. i like to tell them take advantage of this age group and opportunity. they might be old enough to vote but if they're old enough to vote, they should be old enough to make a doctor's appointment. >> empower them this. it's the first time on their own. >> but they still need mom and dad. >> to do the laundry. that's right. okay, dr. jen, thanks so much. "pop news" with tony reali is next. with tony reali is next. k the experience. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief uses unique mistpro technology and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. liberty stands with you. welcome back and time now for "pop news" with the great tony reali. >> that buzz you guys are feeling this morning -- >> sugar. >> maybe it's about one thing
8:54 am
but it's also about the new "star wars" movie, "the last jedi," second in line to the sequel trilogy after "the force awakens" and here's all we know. in it rey will continue her journey with finn. the plot is a tightly guarded secret, however, your man right here hooking you up with the info. nobody nows this. the trailer for "the last jedi" will debut tomorrow on espn's monday night football during halftime. >> come on. >> an exclusive. >> news you can use. here's a sneak peek. check it out. ♪ >> hey, come on. >> sneak peek of a sneak peek. >> i still got chills. >> lots more on monday night but i can tell you right now after the trailer you'll be able to buy your movie tickets. "the last jedi" opens december 15th. >> are you ready for some "star wars"? >> we are ready for "star wars." we're ready for some halloween early here. we've got the tricks. we've got the treats in front of us and here it is,
8:55 am
state according to let's do some trivia here. new york state, any guesses, most popular candy? >> sour patch. >> sour patch kids, how did you know that? people from connecticut, rob, they enjoy -- >> i like my candy corn. >> almond joy. >> come on, man. >> the district of columbia has m&ms, m&ms for jon karl. most beloved candy of all is candy corn. it's in about six states. there's one outlier i want to just get to. that outlier is in the state of georgia, it's called swedish fish. >> yes. >> which we have in front of us right here, so if you'll throw in a murder mystery in the state of georgia, maybe have swedish fish. >> is that foghorn leghorn? >> that's -- was it foghorn leghorn? maybe it was. get some pina coladas for garth brooks. he demands two of them. cemented his place
8:56 am
6 million concert tickets sold on his latest tour, it broke his previous record of 5.3 million which he set a decade ago in his last tour. people love themselves some garth brooks. >> hey, want to say that was a sweet "pop news." >> thank you. how about my georgia accent. >> upside down. >> "star wars," everybody. >> thanks for watching everybody. >> starbursts. >> great to have you here. >> this is a good morning washington update. >> definitely have your umbrella. kind of a gray day today and tomorrow as we continue to track tropical storm. we have got a little bit of some
8:57 am
stormwatch 7 weather center. starting to see a break in fairfax county. most of the wet weather is confined to maryland. it is so incredibly humid, feeling exceptionally tropical. in the low to mid 70's for the humidity. a lot of humidity and you will feel that through the day tomorrow. a few of these late scattered showers. nothing having. rainfall totals for the end of the day less than 1/10 of an inch of rain. cloudy around lunchtime and staying cloudy for the afternoon for your sunday with temperatures in the 70's. a little bit of a breeze. with the clouds we only fallen to the upper 60's to low 70's overnight. a mild night. fog developing that the winds will be picking up. the heaviest rain will move in tomorrow and tomorrow morning. not impacting the commute all that much since it is columbus day and people are off.
8:58 am
to east. tomorrow morning around 8:30, heavy rain. by lunchtime most of the wet weather is out of here. mainly the morning hours that will be not only rainy vote windy. check out these wind gusts tomorrow. gusting to the morning hours anywhere from 20 and 30 miles per hour. still breezy to the afternoon. today maybe 1/10 of an inch of rain in d.c. by tuesday we see some improving conditions. much more on our news channel 8 coming up.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: "this week with george stephanopoulos" starts right now. one week of tragedy in las vegas. >> everybody, go. >> america is truly a nation in mourning. >> still so many unanswered questions. >> we are looking at every aspect from birth to death of this suspect. >> what was the gunman's motive? this morning our team with the latest details as we learn more about the attacker. >> this was a sick person, but probably smart. >> and as the gun control debate reignites. >> after newtown and aurora and chorls stone and orlando, now las vegas, how many more must die? >> is the white house open to new


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