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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  ABC  October 9, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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from our citizens, from young people to even little babies, i walk on the streets, i get phone calls, people saying mr. williams what's going on in the world with these storms of life? whether it's harvey or irma, we're concerned. what is going on? how do we make meaning of this? how do we rebuild again and i said to them, you know, maybe god is trying to tell us something in these storms of lifesore going to get a little spiritual today. we're going to go back to the church, we're going to land and give you some comfort in the midst of these storms. i'm armstrong williams and join
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's not typical that you see me sitting. normally, i'm standing on the new set of our show, but today, i need to set because i really -- this is like my cup of coffee or my tea because i really need to absorb the blows of what bruce fine, a philosopher, and bishop augustus has to tell us about these storms. you know, i don't know because i've only lived very little time on this earth and the only thing we can do is go back in the history of time and we can go back to the black plague and talk about storms, but are these storms unusual? because people are trying to find
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that, they're asking themselves is there a deeper message? it is amazing to me what happens when people are fearful. they can't explain something and it keeps coming. it's amazing to me how people can find the almighty. bishop? >> the reality is that we are in the hurricane season. we can anticipate that. but the frequency of the hurricanes and the destructive force of these hurricanes would cause all of us to pause and to reflect upon that question. is god trying to tell us something? my response is no. god is not trying to tell us something. he is telling us something. that god doesn't have to attempt or try anything. he is speaking through nature. the father of the reformation by the name of marthen luther said that when nature speaks, god speaks. and that if we can know god through his
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the activities that we're witnessing now have any import or meaning at all is that there is a message behind these storms. and not only the hurricane, not only hurricane harvey and hurricane irma but also the earthquake that struck in mexico in between those two storms. the point is that if we look at the whole course that the hurricanes take, the pathway, through the middle passage, there's a message even there. there's a message even when we look at how we have not become the stewards of this creation, the whole challenge of genesis, the first book of the bible in genesis chapter one verses 26 through 28 is not only that god has created us in his own divine image and likeness, but he has made us the stewards, the trustees, the lords of this earth and we have a responsibility to care for this earth and what these storms, what these hurricanes of life are saying to me
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that we have not been responsible stewards over god's creation. >> so bruce fine, you're a philosopher. i'm going to go a deep dive on you. will you say that the character of the nation, the moral striving of the world, is tied to these storms and the chaos that continues to pursue beyond anything that's even recognizable today? >> well, i think there's a subtext to this, armstrong, and i think it's highlighted by the nature of the storms, and it's caused incredible misery, but when we step back and think of how much even greater misery is inflicted by human beings killing, persecuting other human beings, i'm not trying to downplay the generosity that we need to display towards the victims of these natural disasters, but look, far greater harm than any natural disaster, slaughters of one human being against another, whether it's russia or china or
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now, all around the world. there's warfare everywhere, you don't have my same religion or whatever. and if we're trying to focus on -- we need to help those who are in distress because of natural disasters, but we cannot let these deflect our attention from the greatest evil, the greatest perpetrator of harm in the species is ourselves, our failure to find why we exist and to display the attributes of magnanimity, kindness, self-control rather than the hormonal instincts of domination, money, power. and if we get our minds off that, there are no natural disasters at all, we would still have all these wars wouldn't we? the natural disasters aren't causing, i was just back from nigeria, the persecution of christians, it's not just there, muslims in burma being expelled by hundreds of thousands.
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that are up, israel, and palestine are at logger heads, the jews and the arabs for gosh, knows how long and there's no end in sight. we have north korea and china and the south china sea. so that's where i think we cannot let these natural disasters, as much as we want to display our assistance to those who need to recover, our attention from really the far more significant question is why do i exist, between ashes and ashes and dust to dust, what is my obligation to try to relieve or diminish the misery, the difficulties of mankind? and always being -- being alert to the fact that we should not be distressed. we can react to things that we have no control over. the things that really ought to bother us are the things that we have control over and go astray. and if you focus on that, i think you will live a very rewarding and uplifting life.
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>> you know, time and mortality is truly the great equalizer. it doesn't matter if you're a sloven drunk, an abused slave, the wealthy among the wealthiest, a president of the united states, some forgotten derelict who sleeps on the sidewalk who's homeless. the equalizer is time and mortality because in the end, we all have the same fate. it's the same fate. we all die. we become sick, we're ill. we crave for meaning of who and what we are and we're all psychological beings, totally dependent upon each other and until we realize and come to the understanding that i am my brother's keeper, that i am the protector environment and until we give our best we can create all this technology, all this information age, the finest things we've ever seen in the world but until we find the ability to find the spirit, the life, t
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worthiness of our character, it doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor, up or down, mankind continues to unleash the worst on what's happening to the world. and we'll be getting to see the results of it and we'll be back with much more. i'm armstrong williams, don't go away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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need to constantly ask ourselves is how do we become better? bruce? >> i want to just elaborate on your observation that time and mortality is the great equalizer because although that's true in a direct sense, in some sense it's not complete because the way in which i think you live for the ages is to embody a philosophy, a spirit that lives after you. it can inspire others. you've set a standard. your character that you are speaking of quite properly so that those who are born even 1,000 years after you've been in the grave, they read about you, they understand your ideas and they're inspired by them and i'm sure there are characters in your life and my life surely that have been true, coming from ancient greece or rome or and wow, you really are inspired by the sacrifices he made, the insights he had and they continue. that's how you have in some sense eternal life, living through an idea because that doesn't have
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corporeal existence we have as human beings. >> and you're right on point. you're right on point because once we discover what is our real identity, not just simply human beings attempting to become spiritual, but spiritual beings who are practicing to become human and we find out what that purpose is in having been born, not unto ourselves, not for a very narcissistic or self-centered purpose but in reality living for the sake of others, that we leave a mark on humanity as bruce says so that we live on long beyond the grave, that life is not measured in the context of a mortal or corporeal or finite existence but that this life that we possess is the visible and tangible manifestation of the divine presence within each and every one of us and that, first
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another, that we see the god in each other and that we realize as we often say in the black experience, we may have come over here on different ships, but we're in the same boat now. and that when we live for the sake of each other, when we allow love to be the foundation of our relationship, of true love to be the foundation of our relationship with each other, then we can make a lasting impact. what these hurricanes are stating very clearly, what god is saying to us, is that he's awakening us, he's calling us to our senses. and even though we've had a very brutal political period in our history over the past few months, the reality is that when a storm or hurricane comes, we come to realize our common identity. we come to realize that we need each other and what hurricane harvey has done, and now irma and even the earthquake in mexico is that we will forget about our
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we will push aside our political alliances, our race, our ethnicity, our culture and we will come together as the human race to help each other. and so god is saying to us in these hurricanes, in these earthquakes, that there is something more important and bruce hit that nail right on the head that there are greater atrocities and greater catastrophes that we're experiencing in this world that we tend to forget. but a hurricane will wake us all up and bring us back together. >> why is it, though, this happens every season, the atrocities, the maiming, the genocide that we commit against each other, all always happens. why is it that men need these constant reminders? it seems like we should learn forever. >> well, unfortunately, you know, learning doesn't pass through inheritance.
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anew and i attribute this because built into our dna, this hormonal craving for power and domination and even after we can come together to relieve the plight of somebody, a natural disaster, just wait. once it's settled down, they'll be at each other's throats again. and i tribute this to the fact that if you don't have philosophical depth, an understanding that your first quest is to tame and domesticate your hormonal cravings, to be selfless, to not act with ulterior motives. we want to survive, we want to get rich, we want to have sex, we want to have power and dominate others. and that's where we have to fight against first, and then we can be selfless towards others after we have controlled our own impulses, but that just doesn't happen in our culture anymore. we don't have any philosophical foundations whatsoever. lo a
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the mass media. these aren't people who sit and reflect and understand that your greatness is a greatness to control yourself and to renounce selfishness in favor of being generous and always being kind and respectful of others even if you disagree with them, all the signals are in the opposite direction. and it's hard because our natural instinct is because we are animals is just to do things that enable us to survive. and that's why we just keep going around. going back to -- what's been done will be done again, there's nothing new under the sun, that's what we experience and that's what you pointed out. >> and we are so hedonistic and narcissistic in our way of life today that we cannot see beyond self. not that we cannot, but we're not willing to see beyond self and to realize that my fate is inextricably linked to your
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to your happiness. my peace, my security, my comfort is associated with what you are experiencing in your life. and bruce is right. we get to a point where we cannot see that, when we become so closed, so myopic, so narcissistic in our own needs and desires, and only love self instead of being able to love self because i can see myself in you, and you can see yourself in me, there's that commonality, that mutuality that should exist between us and among the human race. until we get to that point, we're going to have greater hurricanes and greater earthquakes, monsoons, tsunamis, whatever you want to call them that will bring us to our burial grounds rather than causing us to resurrect like the phoenix. >> i'm armstrong williams, provocative, necessary discussion. we'll be back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ peter live from the u.k. is joining us to talk a little about artificial intelligence and why it is so important. welcome to the show. what is the significance of artificial intelligence? >> thanks for having me on the show. i think artificial intelligence and the application of artificial intelligence is probably the most important thing we've witnessed in the last 20 or 30 years. it's very much akin to the industrial revolution in the 18th century where machines started doing what
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been doing by hand. >> so go ahead. continue. >> means is that the things we buy at the moment, whether it's food or cars or insurance, things are going to be made better, safer and cheaper and you probably noticed that. if you look at the spec on the car you have today versus a car you maybe had five years ago, it's a much higher spec vehicle, it's a lot safer, and it's probably the same price. so there is this transformation that is happening, which is driven by ray bots, it's driven by machines that are able to learn very quickly, and it's enabling things to be made far more efficiently? >> but at what cost? >> the
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elimination of humans in a lot of that process, so that, you know, it goes from the guy who maybe is packing a bag or picking things for you at amazon to someone who's a radiologist looking at x-rays. a robot or a computer, if you look at the radiologist, is able to look at 15,000 x-rays in an hour and a radiologist will spend three weeks looking at them. and the machine is probably better at spotting if someone has a growth or a tumor and you look at the person who's operating in a factory, a robot can do that job considerably quicker. >> peter is joining us from
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peter, why is this such an important issue to the united kingdom and you guys are on the cutting edge of it? >> well, it's important to us because if you look at politics of the moment, as you probably know we're leaving europe. the government is keen to encourage industries which have the ability to generate gross sales and also in a situation where the country is becoming more isolated, you know, there are fairly stringent laws being put in place now to reduce immigration. the country needs to be more self-sufficient and obviously, one of the ways of doing that is using robots, using a.i., and also encouraging the businesses and the companies that are developing these products. >> quickly before we say goodbye to you, in the long run, is this a force of good or evil?
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>> i think it's very difficult to say. >> that's scary. >> you know, was the industrial revolution good? it created a great deal of hardship, there are a lot of people who came into the cities and lived in slums. it enabled countries to grow their economies, but there's always been a human cost and the issue here is, you know, we don't really know how to quantify that cost. >> that is frightening, but we'll leave it at that. we look forward to more of those conversations with peter, managing partner, joining us from the united kingdom. thank you for joining us and we'll come back with some final thoughts about the storms of life. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ scary, but encouraging discussion from peter. do you think we're going to see artificial intelligence any time soon? >> i certainly do, and i think it's a terrifying thought. i'm reminded of the words when the first atomic test was done out in new mexico. he said now i'm death, destroyer of worlds and what nis artificial intelligence will do is lower the threshold of danger before you go to war because if you're not risking any death on your
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some robots or artificial intelligence to destroy other human beings because you're not at risk. we're already at too low a threshold for war in my judgment and this will even push it down to almost zero. >> final thoughts on how people can calm the storms of life? they're not ever going to go away, but the personal storms that we can manage ourselves? >> we know that into each life some rain must fall, whereas langston hughes said life ain't no crystal stair. just being human, living on this face of the earth is not easy. it's a challenge each and every day but i think it goes back to what we stated earlier, that if we learn how to live not for self but for the sake of others, if we come to appreciate and to understand that nothing is unique to any of us. what has been will be. we keep moving forward, united with each other and
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we can overcome any difficulty. it's not that we haven't been here before. we've been here before and we'll be here again so let us stay focused and be united with each other, knowing that each man's struggle, each woman's struggle is the other and if we join together, we will make it happen. >> the toughest work we all do is working on ourselves 24 hours a day and when we do that work, the world around us automatically improves. thank you, bruce, thank you bishop, thank you, peter, good day, wjla and newschannel 8, i'm armstrong williams. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top headline the we're following on "world news now." the remnants of hurricane nate are moving on after leaving flooding and destruction across the gulf coast. a rare sign across the las vegas strip. iconic lights dim in honor of the shooting victims there. the shooter's brother is now in nevada speaking with investigators. he's apparently trying to get them to understand his brother's mind-set. and days after announcing a leave of absence, harvey weinstein has been fired from his own company. this follows the revelation of


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