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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 11, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the massive fires burning across northern california. >> the fires devouring more than 2,000 homes and businesses, and sending thousands of people from their homes. there are new evacuation orders overnight and the weather forecast does not look good for fire crews. we have the very latest. plus new details in the scandal surrounding harvey weinstein. his wife is weighing in as more a-list actresses claim he harassed and in some case abused them and
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health care crisis. and i believe is that we will win, i believe that we will win! with world cup right around the corner, we'll take a look at what will happen, what didn't happen, what certainly will happen. we have football! on this wednesday, october 11th is. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it's tough to say venezuela. even sober, you sound drunk. >> i've got my tickets booked for russia. i can't wait to see team usa in russia. but we start with the devastation in northern california, the wildf
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out entire neighborhoods and incinerating everything in their path. >> the death toll is rising, more than 100,000 acres have burned so far, leaving piles of smoldering debris where homes once stood. it instantly turned world famous wineries into ruins. more than 2,000 homes and other buildings were destroyed. >> new evacuation orders have been issued. a va hospital has just been evacuated and the winds are expected to kick up again. matt gut mp man has the latest santa rosa. >> reporter: firefighters trying to gain the upper hand in some of the most destructive fires in california history. >> we have firefighters working on their third shift who have not been relieved. >> reporter: the fire now twice the size of washington, d.c. and still
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at least 2,000 structures destroyed, including entire neighborhoods, shopping centers, restaurants and hotels. this was a hilton hotel complex. you can feel the intensity of the heat coming off it. firefighters are so strapped they're not worried about the flam flames inside, but they are worried about the embers flying out of it. crews forced to let homes burn because they didn't have enough water. >> we didn't have enough water, so the water supply is difficult. we have to let it burn. >> reporter: the fires erupted sunday night as strong so-called diablo winds pushed hot, dry air across california wine country and exploded in size, now well over 100,000 acres. when you look at this scene you get a sense of the explosions that this fire triggered. this engine block belonged to that car. the explosions flipping car after car after car. >> it's with sorrow that i t
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fatalities. charles and sara rippey, ages 100 and 98. >> my father was sleeping in a different room, and we found him halfway to her room. and so he never made it to her room. and but even if he had made it, there was no way he was going to leave her. >> reporter: nearly 200 people reported missing. one of them, steve liner. we met his brother al earlier. >> i am very worried about him. >> reporter: they served in vietnam together but al hasn't been able to get into the destruction zone, but our press passes gave us access, so we drove him in. >> i've called him god knows how many times, and the phones are all down. >> reporter: then turned down his brother's street. is that him? >> that's him! i've been looking for two days for you guys! >> reporter: and then that reunion, brothers in arms. sheriff's officials tell me they expect most but not all of the missing to be found alive. these f
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catastrophic for these communities. this was a kmart. and you can see aisle after charred aisle behind my. one city official saying it will take years to rebuild santa rosa. matt gutman, abc news, santa rosa. >> just unbelievable to see those images. and we hope to see more reunions like that with these people who are missing. meanwhile, firefighters in southern california are having a better time of containing fires near disneyland. >> that fire is 40% contained after dozens of homes were damaged or destroyed. firefighters are hoping to go on the offensive. >> and the firefighters are hoping for cooler weather and calmer winds. >> accuweather's paul williams is here to tell us what they are in store for. good morning paul. >> good morning kendis, diane. we still have a high pressure system keeping it bone dry as a whole. it would be nice if this
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would meander and bring a little wet weather but that's not happening. there will be a deeper dip in the jet stream, which will drop the temps and a little more moisture from los angeles to san diego. but still mainly staying dry. a little relief possibly as we go into friday, but even this little bit of an onshore flow will dissipate as we go into a drier weekend. and tensions with north korea may actually be rising after another show of force by the u.s. two bombers flew over the sea of japan in a nighttime mission and in an unprecedented move, they were escorted by south korean and japanese fighters. the mission came as the white house said the president and military officials discussed options to respond to north korea. and the supreme court has dismissed one of two challenges to the trump administration's travel ban. the suit from maryland took issue with the anti-muslim language of the policy. the white house said the case should be set aside because of a new version of the ban which takes effect next wednesday. the high court did not address a separate case from hawaii related to refugees.
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president trump was just joking when he appeared to suggest he was more intelligent than secretary of state rex tillerson. the president dismissed reports that tillerson called him a moron but added that if it were true they should compare iq tests. the president also escalated his feud with senator bob corker, calling him liddle bob corker, that follows his criticism that the president could set the country on a path to world war iii. we have new information in the movements of the las vegas shooter. sources tell abc news that he had access to a service aelevatr at the mandalay bay hotel, and it's believed that could be one reason he went there. it reveals a change in the timeline that reveals staff knew about the active shooter six minutes before the rampage started. >> you have that human factor, where it
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they end up logging into computer and they may call dispatch at the same time he may have already started firing. >> reporte >> we have new images of items being removed from the home he shared with his girlfriend. authorities have searched the property twice. on capitol hill, bipartisan legislation was introduced to ban the bump stock devices used in the shooting. it bans the use and sale and similar devices that allow you to make a semi-automatic fire like a fully automatic weapon. meanwhile, a gun control group is suing the top maker of those bump stocks on behalf of the victims. puerto rico is facing a crisis. hospitals are in desperate need of medication and overwhelmed by patients. in some cases,
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patients are not receiving needed treatment. half of the workers have returned to work. the death toll is growing, now 43. in the meantime, the white house is asking congress for $5 billion for the cash-strapped territory. first lady melania trump says she wants to be an advocate for victims of the opioid epidemic. >> she visited a clinic that treats babies born addicted to drugs. she says she wants to break down the stigma to opioid abuse. she talk the with a former user. and duchess of cambridge turned out with princes william and harry for world mental health day, she showed off her baby bump, looking amazing as always. severe morning sickness has kept her out of the public eye for a well. so fans are delighted t
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out in public. >> her morning sickness has improved. >> yes. and the three of them have done so much work with mental health. nice to see her being able to come to an event that clearly is so important to the three of them. coming up, the brand-new bombshell in the harvey weinstein scandal. hear the new audio released during a police sting. it was never prosecuted. and later we're getting geared up for the world cup with team usa fighting for a chance to go to russia next year. we'll see how they d and join us on getter at @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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the 2012 nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role, congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein. >> and we laughed at that comment four years ago, but nobody's laughing now. >> the harvey weinstein scandal is widening by the day with b
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>> his wife announces that she's leaving him saying that his actions are unforgivable. >> and the obamas and hillary clinton are joining a growing list of celebrities condemning the hollywood mogul. >> and weinstein's production company is now launching its own investigation denying any prior knowledge of this. here's lindsey davis. >> reporter: the newest bombshell allegation from gwyneth paltrow. she was 22 years old. and he had just cast her in a role that would catapult her career. paltrow tells the "new york times" the movie mogul summoned her to his hotel room for a meeting and placed his hands on her and suggested they head to his bedroom for massages. she refused and then later told brad pitt who confronted weinstein. pitt told him to never touch her again. several years later, paltrow thanked weinstein when she won an oscar in one of her other films. >> i would like to thank hve
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weinstein. >> reporter: now she's coming forward saying this quay of treating women ends now. angelina yoe l angelina jolie also says she had a bad experience and that his behavior is unacceptable. and now new questions about how much hollywood knew about harvey weinstein. this by seth mcfarland. >> congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein. >> reporter: and now possibly more damaging evidence against the former hollywood chief. "the new yorker" magazine, obtained this secretly-recorded audio during a sting operation by the nypd. weinstein is heard admitting to inappropriately touching an italian model. it has been verified by abc news. >> you're used to that? >> reporter: this misdemeanor sexual abuse case was never prosecuted, according to the
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insufficient to prove a crime under new york law. rhonen pharaoh rote the expose. he says three women claim they were raped or forced into a sex act. ten others told him weinstein s sexually harassed them. weinstein's wife tells "people" magazine, she's leaving him. weinstein has been fired. and a spokesperson told "the new yorker," quote, any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by weinstein. if they could have prosecuted him they would have. now they are urging any one who feels they were victimized by weinstein to contact them. >> we'll have more on that throughout the morning. in the meantime, coming up
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appears to break with its players over the national anthem protest. >> abc news has obtained a copy of the memo roger goodell sent to teams. but first, if you're boycotting the nfl, how about soccer! team usa's big moment! we are going do the world cup! >> woo! >> we think. highlights next. let's see thousand ahow this al. let's get dressed. why do the best things in life create so much mess! tackle it all with finish® quantum. even on the toughest messes you get an unbeatable clean. d now get 25% more loads then cascade® platinum™ switch to finish® quantum.
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i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! >> i believe that we will win. >> yes. of course. >> usa. time for some football. >> we are getting pumped to root for usa. >> so our squad took on trinidad and tobago last night for a qualifying match
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>> so let's go to the match. >> there was concern it would be too wet. some players had to be carried onto the field. >> the usa couldn't get in a good practice. but that shouldn't be a problem, it's the number 99 team in the world. there's a cross to the center a and omar gonzalez scores! usa! usa! >> oh, wait, he's a defender. >> what do you mean? >> that was the other team's goal. all right, all right, all right, 1-0 trinidad. 20 minutes later, oh, that was trinidad's alvin jones, 45 yards out. that didn't look like it was going in, but it did. okay, 2-0, trinidad, we got this. >> christian paliisic knocks one home. >> we are back,
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we are back! we are back! >> so the soccer star delivering for team usa, plenty of time left until there is a 2-1 trinidad in the end. that's okay. that's all right. it's all right. it's okay. >> we'll do better in the next round. >> yeah, we'll get you next time. >> can't win them all. we'll get you in the next round. we're still in this thing. >> what do you mean? >> what do you mean? >> usa is out. >> so we're not going to the world -- no chance we're going to the world cup? >> we're not going to russia? >> no. >> so what -- >> but we bought the suits. >> i know. >> we were all ready to go. >> i already, like i started drinking the moscow mule. we'll just have to figure out a different team. the french are in it. >> how's your viking clap doing? >> oh, yeah. >> because ice land's still in it.
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it is tougher than your stomach's harsh environment, so it surivies a hundred times better than the leading probiotic. get the digestive advantage. so mix time, and an interesting story here out of the detroit area. this guy who was wanted for a home invasion sort of like trolling the cops on facebook. so here he is. his name, by the way, is champagne torino. this is after the police published that they are looking for the person responsible for the home invasion. and this guy goes, you guys suck. >> that's not nice. >> he says i'm not worried about this. if your next post gets 1,000 shares i'll turn myself in along with a dozen donuts, and that's
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>> ooh. >> the redford township police department says it's amazing the support we will get from the community. so mr. tareno, holidd our beer. we accept your challenge. within an hour, more than a thousand shares, and tareno was remapded. more than 242 shares now. he hasn't turned himself in. the suspect, not a man of his word. >> shocker. now to another man. those two should go bowling together, maybe. because this one got arrested for, or accused of public intoxication. >> oh. >> and remember the dog ate my homework excuse? >> yeah. >> how about the aliens got me hammered excuse. police brought him in and he claims, no, no, it's not his fault he's drunk. he traveled from the year 2048 to warn man kind of an
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invasion by extraterrestrials. the reason he smelled of alcohol and his speech was slightly slurred was because the aliens got him hammered. and it was because his body was full of alcohol that he was able to travel through time and give us this amazing warning. >> all right. well, here's somebody who's not totally hammered. a 23-year-old who has come up with a great way to get people to swipe left or right on tinder. if you tap on his tinder profile. he posted these photos. he keeps losing. >> ooh. >> losing clothes. he's like slightly overdressed and then >> hey, now. >> no, more, really? >> is there more? >> whoa! >> jesse. there are no more layers. >> is there more? >> jesse, that's one way to keep swiping, isn't it? >> it's like the rock deejay video. over to byu. >> oh, we got more
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jesse, very good creativity. let's go to byu where the mascot is getting a lot of attention
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this morning on "world news now," the deadly and destructive wildfires sweeping across northern california. homes and businesses burned to the ground, and there are new evacuation orders overnight and high winds returning today. and new tension between the president and his secretary of state. days after rex tillerson was accused of having called the president a moron, the president is now challenging tillerson to an iq test. and a couple discovers a hidden camera in an air b and b home. they were reptding while on vacation. >> and the camera was pointed right at their bed. and there's no hiding from mom, especially if you're a big star like seth rogen. hear what she did to shame him into calling h b


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