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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  October 12, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> now, abc seven news at noon on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ >> part of the waterfront now open, a beautiful rendition of the national anthem saying as thousands geared up for the newest attraction in southwest d.c. phase one of the project is now complete. today, there is so much excitement along the waterfront. suzannke
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it has been a long time coming for this. it has been, and if you take a look behind me, they are starting the fireworks along the waterfront. that is official kickoff of the war opening here -- wharf opening here. what an exciting time. years of hard work and local development. what we have here now is a beautiful look. $2 billion three hotels, several restaurants, multiple musical and outstanding new additions. most of this taking place in the last hour.
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one of the council members worked so hard on opening. >> i think this is a project, a development, an opportunity that will help our city and never water in a way that has not been done before. our city is realizing more than ever that we are a city on the water. isanne: certainly, that being shown here as they are celebrating an opening of the wharf. this is phase one of the project. phase two already underway. what else is happening down here today? here, will be performing were the opening ceremony has taken place. , thetonight is the anthem concert venue. that is where the foo fighters concert will be taking place this evening. a tremendous day here
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southwest waterfront. the weather not dampening the spirit. a lot of people excited about the project. back to you. adrianna: thanks. back out to a live picture of the waterfront. a whole lot of events going on down there. the weather not really the best, but the rain is holding off. heavy rain, i should say. they get ready for a big concert tonight.brian van de graaff is here with the forecast. brian: the raindrops on the lens, and i was wondering if they would have the daytime fireworks, and they did it. it is neat. again on sunday at 6:30 p.m. outside right now from that sparked where we return for the big game five tonight, temperatures will be cool and damp and misty. for the afternoon, what you see is what you get. damp, drizzly, maybe a little spotty rain.
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the mid-60's, maybe some upper 60's, but there will not be a lot of movement temperature wise. if you are headed to the game tonight, first page, low 60's, gray skies. dress warmly. it will be cool. a little light and maybe a passing like shower. you will definitely feel a chill in the air. as far as futurecast is concerned, not a lot happening right now, but through the afternoon, sporadic blobs of green. here is the key time. 8:00. gametime. it looks like it will be very intermittent and light at best. just need to dress appropriately.we will talk about what is in store for the rest of the week. the wharf has a four-day string of events. we will look at what is happening locally for the weekend. sunshine is coming back in the mix. in the air to right center field. well hit. back to the wall, and that ball is gone. adrianna: it is the home
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that fans will remember for a long time. michael taylor with a grand slam in game 4 of the end of the s sealing the deal and forcing a winner take all game five tonight at nats park. that grand slam was the first in net postseason history, and i hope to carry that history into nats park tonight. the series is now tied at 2-2. it comes down to one game. the winner punches their ticket to the alcs against the dodgers. we are now eight hours away from first pitch at 8:08 p.m. tonight. >> nats fans are feeling real or just -- feeling reenergized after that win. they hope to keep the momentum going after tying up the series 2-2. stephen strasburg, he was just phenomenal pitching seven innings allowing no runs and having 12 strikeouts. a single game postseason record. earlier in the week, he was battling flulike symptoms, but
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to be under the weather at all. he got a lot of help from the nats. they scored a run in the third inning, but michael taylor sealing the deal. bases loaded in the eighth, hitting a grand slam. now findit 5-0 and themselves facing another game five in the nov s. nlds.neve-- the nov they never made it past that point, but the fans are confident. it.hey definitely have strasburg was unbelievable less like him especially since he was not feeling well. >> it will come down to coaching pitching once again, and the weather may play a factor, so let's keep our fingers crossed. i think the nats will take it. >> gates open up at 6:00 tonight. first page is at 8:08 p.m. seats are sold out, but there is a number of standing room only tickets for tonight. so many people around the city hoping for another curley w and
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adrianna: a heads up if you want to take metro to nats park tonight. metro has just announced the plans to stay open an extra hour until 12:30. after 11:30 p.m., some will remain open for entry only. all other metro stations will be available for exit only. extra $100,000 needed to pay the sure to download the abc 7 news app . get up to the second news and updates. it is free to download. go to the app store or google 7-wjla.d search abc 32 students stung by bees. that happen across the street from the school at a dunkin' donuts. three students went to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. and mystic it is beli
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dunkin' donuts. being offered is for information about recent hate crimes at the university of maryland campus. drawings and words were found three separate times in less than two weeks. all of them in the men's bathroom at the dining hall. authorities are asking for the community's help in finding out who is responsible. the charlottesville city council voted to join a lawsuit. one it says is designed to prevent a repeat of the dudley white nationalists rally. the lawsuit names dozens of people, white nationalists organizations. the plaintiffs argue virginia law prohibits private militia from operating without government permission. the plaintiffs are seeking monetary damages from the august 12 rally and a ban on similar gatherings in the future. right now, the latest on those devastating deadly wildfires in california with 22 fires burning across the state. at least 23 people are now
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hundreds more still missing. at least 3500 structures have been damaged or destroyed. elizabeth hur is in santa rosa with more. elizabeth: the disaster -- elizabeth: the disaster in california now being called the worst-case scenario. >> if fires are burning faster than firefighters can run. the deadly inferno tearing across california wine country for the fourth day in a row, scorching nearly 200,000 acres and forcing town after town to evacuate. police going from door to door ordering all 5000 residents to get out. >> everybody says it is the wind that is going to come our way. you know, we might end up losing the house. elizabeth: fires sweeping across town so fast, this video showing what some residents were up against trying to get to safety. >> 30 years. i am not letting a fire take it. elizabeth:
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raining down on thousands of firefighters from five states now on the ground battling the flames around-the-clock with the governor declaring a state of emergency for network, sonoma, -- napa, sonoma, and another county. ,ust about everywhere you look homes and cars burned to the ground and with more wind and dry air in the forecast today. the danger here is not over yet. elizabeth hur, abc news, santa rosa, california. adrianna: next on abc seven news at noon, harvey weinstein speaking out. the hollywood heavy hitter talking for the first time since the bombshell sexual-harassment allegations surfaced. what he had to say. bless, disturbing details -- plus, disturbing details in an osu student's death in a hazing ritual. find out how much he had to drink. here is a check on traffic with eric smith. eric: thank you.
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for the most part, but we have a big slow spot on the 95 northbound down in the fredericksburg area northbound over the river bridge. you can see the right lane is blocked today for bridgework. northbound lanes very heavy. northbound through fredericksburg and beyond that. --ard d.c., things like not things lighten up. a right shoulder is blocked with a truck involved in a minor incident here. a bit of a distraction through the bottleneck. expect to see a bit of a jam for the southbound right, but nothing severe. not the best quality of camera here, but we have roadwork on new york avenue both ways near the third street tunnel and new jersey avenue. inbound traffic, left lanes block. outbound, one late is open so that section of new york avenue will be struggling heading through d.c.. here is a look at a bit of the jam on 66 eastbound inside the beltway near westm
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into falls church. watch out for a bit of a jim there -- jam there. volume for now. we are looking eastbound at this viewpoint. nothing too bad. the capital beltway is a good start as well. river road, it looks a little bit damp out there. for the most part, everything is running smoothly. that is often the traffic center.
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adrianna: we are back now with new departments in the sex abuse scandal involving harvey weinstein. he is now calling his actions a mistake. the very latest this noon. >> harvey
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worse than his wednesday as allegations of sexual harassment and assault over the past two decades compound. at least 20 women claim they were sexually assaulted, harassed, or rates by weinstein -- raped by weinstein. >> he comes back out, and he is fully naked. ,hat is when i just thought what is happening? >> with hollywood stars from gwyneth paltrow to angelina out, one of the first women to come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct was mcgowan. "theyeeted two days ago knew, they find it, they advised, they covered up. they must be exposed. they must resign." "the new york times" writing the weinstein board likely knew of harvey weinstein's behavior. >> they can certainly face a risk legally, and that wou
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new comes forward and is within the center limitations. >> the ports as they are shocked and dismayed by the reports and it comes as an utter surprise to the poor, adding they are committed to pursuing justice victims. weinstein denied any allegations of nonconsensual sex or retaliating against unwanted sexual advances. questions continue over how much hollywood new. oscarsat the 2013 that seth mcfarlane made this joke. >> congratulations, you've five ladies no longer have to pretend you are attracted to harvey weinstein. >> he tweeted it came from a place of loathing and anger friend and actress jessica barth told him she had been sexually harassed by harvey weinstein in 2011. >> the group behind the oscars city will hold a special meeting to discuss the allegations against the now disgraced mega-producer. adrianna: new developments now in the apparent hazing
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a louisiana college student. nine of the 10 current and former lsu students charged in connection with the death of a fraternity pledge are out on bond. the members of votto with data -- fi delta theta. one member is also charged with negligent homicide. >> this is a young man who lost his life, who had a promising future. this should not happen under any circumstance. adrianna: police say the fraternity members may pledges take part in a game where they had to drink if they answered quiz questions wrong. at the time of his death when he had a blood alcohol level of 0.495. president trump has just signed an executive order to make it easier for small businesses to join together to buy health insurance. the president sent out a series of tweets. in one, he says the federal government's response
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hurricane maria and puerto rico cannot last forever. he accuses journalists of going all out to demean and denigrate. he did not clarify those comments a short time ago. president trump: today is only the beginning. in the coming months, we plan to take new measures to provide our people with even more relief and more freedom. they will allow consumers to buy short-term insurance policies that do not have to comply with obamacare protections. the change is not be immediate and will likely be challenged in court. a rare show of political unity at the congressional football game. lawmakers of both parties and some former nfl players face-off last night against u.s. capitol police. this game started nearly a decade ago. this past summer, a shooting at a baseball practice show just how dangerous police officers and lawmakers's jobs can be. congressman steve scalise was injure
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he hailed the two officers as he rose for their action during the shooting. brian is here. we have had gloom all day. brian: it is rather gloomy out there, but they put the fireworks out. adrianna: they did. brian: brian: again tonight and again tonight and sunday. so they will be better. we will repeat today tomorrow. let's talk about what is happening out there. as far as the chances for rain the next couple of days, here is how it lines up. temperatures will be cool. rain chances a 50% shot. not looking at hefty rains. some waves of light rain and drizzle off and on today. maybe a slightly less chance tomorrow. saturday, there can be a little moisture lingering in the morning. a 10% chance. very minor. there could be lingering rain through the morning. sunday, rain chan
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shot with our next passing front. we need the rain. that is not the case. look at the clouds hanging tough. not a very nice-looking picture. here is a nice picture, foliage. from the city and down through portions of the suburbs just outside of the beltway, a little bit of color. upper frederick, we are definitely seeing more color out there in the higher elevations and deeper into west virginia. almost at peak. in some places, past peak. 60's today. we are cool and damp and gray. not going to see much movement for the temperature. keep the overlap handy -- umbrella handy. i think it will be damp this afternoon. temperatures in the 60's by 8:00 for gametime. should be less chances of rain.
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this lasts until saturday morning. for tonight's game five, 60's. maybe a little bit of drizzle or a light shower possible. tomorrow, more of the same. then we really start to see some improvement. the wharf has activity today. saturday and sunday, those are the days we will start to see some improving conditions for folks down on the wharf. good for them for the festivities happening down there. here is your 10 day average. temperatures should be about 70. you can see cool for the next two days. saturday and sunday, above average and then we go back to a fault like feel. adrianna: a bit of a roller coaster. coming up on abc seven news at noon, girls can now join your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. with fios gigabit connection, you get the fastest internet available with download speeds up to 940 megs.
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a month online for the first year. plus, your choice of hbo or multi-room dvr service included for 2 years, all with a two year agreement. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. hurry and switch now, this offer ends november 4th. go to
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withnna: back now at 12:23 scouts.ange for the boy after more than 100 years, the organization voted unanimously to begin admitting girls to its ranks. that has drawn a fierce reaction from the girl scouts. adrian baker explains why. >> in recent years, the boy scouts have attempted to counter declining membership numbers in a variety of ways. ♪ adrian: admitting girls as members was only recently discussed. >> i think that girls should have the opportunity to join either program. adrian: a 16-year-old is among those celebrating girls. something she has been fighting for years. members of the girl scouts are
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they condemn the boy scouts moved to include girls, telling abc news the boy scouts house is on fire. instead of addressing systemic issues of continuous sexual assault, financial mismanagement, and decision programming, the senior management wants to add an --ellent to the house fire accelerant to the house fire. 2 million boxes of cookies sold a year, which generates almost $1 billion in sales. no word if the scouts will attempt their own cookie franchise. butanna: another jury day, we are excited to get hit with a lot of what weather. another quick check of the forecast with brian coming up, but first, a preview of what is coming up today at 4:00. >> coming up today at 4:00, learning your rights in the workplace. this man suffered an injury off the job and was fired hours later. he says he was fired because he did not have a doctors note. our phone lines will be open today for two hours
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4:30 p.m. to help you protect your job and livelihood. that is, should your
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adrianna: going to be dreary for a while. brian: today, tomorrow, and the start of the weekend. early in the morning on saturday, some sprinkles can linger. we will call for brightening skies by saturday afternoon. back into the 70's above average. 80 and breezy on sunday.
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through monday. next week looking gorgeous and very fall-like. 40's downtown. cool fall air moving into the mix. adrianna: stay with
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>> you're watching abc seven news at noon on your side. adrianna: right now, part of the wharf is open to the public. sam sweeney is live there now. the mayor wrapped up speaking a short while ago. this project has been on everyone's radar for quite some time. sam: 10 years ago, they had their first meetings to get this under way. a lot of people believed it was not going to happen. just over there a few moments ago, your browser and his developers officially dedicated the year and opened it up. a congressman from bc told us this was the hardest bill she has ever worked on. this is along the new southwest
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people are already showing up. the developer said, we worked hard for the last 10 years. it is now party time. on monday morning, we will start phase two, which will extend all the way down to the southwest waterfront. come down here and look at here. this is the new scenery. flew fighters -- foo fighters, that is tonight's show, and it is already sold out. socket little bit about the waterfront and the whole development. it will bring in 6000 permanent jobs. 51% of them will be d.c. residents. they expect 20,000 people a day here over the next four days for the grand opening. over the course of the year, they expect 12 million to 15 million people to visit here. just heard from the councilman, the deputy mayor, and the mayor. they say this hit all of their brought in affordable housing, jobs , and tax revenue. >> a national and international
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this is a destination point for people who are coming to washington, d.c., people who live in washington, d c, or people -- d.c., or people who are thinking about washington wit, d.c. >> this is our waterfront, and we are proud of everyone involved. >> a problem for the mayor, the councilman, and everyone who worked on this. if you want to come out here, your best option is to use public transit. on dollars onet way or $18 round-trip from alexandria or georgetown. you could take the waterfront metro. it is only a five minute walk away. there are very limited number of parking spots in the garage. a total of 1500, but they are hared withh the -- s the hotels and condos and visitors. we hope to see you here. i'm sam sweeney. su
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she will show us some of the activities and fun stuff that has been happening here all morning long and what happens throughout the night. >> this is the combination of more than three years of planning and construction. it is the official grand opening of the wharf developing along the southwest waterfront. this morning, and opening ceremony was held on one of the peers just off of maine avenue. bands helped us are a new era for southwest d.c. several hotels to more than 3 million square feet of restaurants and retail and apartments as well as a music venue d that can hold 6000 concertgoers. a praise for the vision of this project. >> finally the city of washington has embraced this waterfront. finally there is a place for washingtonians, visitors, tourists to enjoy water activities, for them to work, live, shop,in
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experience music and culture. suzanne: if you plan to come down here, you can get here in one of several ways. either a water taxi from alexandria or georgetown, or you can drive your by car and park in one of the 1500 underground spaces, or your best bet is to take the metro and get off at the plaza or the southwest waterfront stop. at the wharf, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. adrianna: back now to a live look at the waterfront. not the 30th day, but it seems like the heavy rain is holding off. brian van de graaff is here to have a look at our forecast. seean: icy shake shack -- i shake shack. [laughter] brian: uh oh. not the prettiest of days out there, but the good news is just a light sprinkle action. no hefty rain. look at our camera lens looking to the city. all of your bec
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raindrops on the lens, but it is not heavy stuff. we are staying in the low-to-mid 60's. 63 in leesburg. quantico at 67. 66 fredericksburg. all of us around the same range in the 60's, and there is not going to be a lot of movement in temperatures. if you have afterschool sports, unless the field is overly wet, which i do not think it will be, you can sneak in some sports afterschool. football practice good to go, just going to be a little wet. 60's is where we will be for tonight's national game, game five, do or die. got to get it done. got to rock the red and bring home the curly w tonight. i will be prepared for a little moisture, but not looking for widespread shower action. definitely some dampness out of their. next couple of nights similar with gray skies and fog and result, but i see -- and drizzle, but i see improvement t
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weekend. we will talk about that in the next sunday outlook. adrianna: thank you so much. developing now in montgomery county, more than's th 30 students -- more than 30 students stung by bees. studentsals say 32 were stung by bees while they were at dunkin' donuts across the street from the high school. sources in the school's only after they were stung, the kids went back to the nurses office at the school. fire and ems recalled. 32 students were evaluated. of the 32, 3 were taken to the hospital for further evaluation. >> a massive response of ems crews. units, including our mass casualty unit, responded to the scene. most of the students did report to the nursing station so it was a coordinated effort of their.
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nest. adrianna: in northern california, a growing wildfire disaster. the return of high winds is pushing the flames into new territory. nearly a dozen fires have been tearing through wine country and forced entire towns to evacuate overnight. at least 23 people are now confirmed dead. officials say the worst is far from over. matt with details on how firefighters are trying to attack these claims. >> officials are calling the inferno a worst-case scenario. >> these fires are just literally burning faster than firefighters can run. >> overnight, the winds picking up speed, spreading the fire at a feverish pace. this seen a chilling reminder of the brutal conditions that more than 8000 firefighters face as this home burns to the ground. firefighters must give up and focus on saving the houses not yet in flames. as the fire looms over downtown sonoma, business
12:39 pm
scrambling to save whatever they can. >> 30 years. not letting a fire take it. >> mandatory evacuations turning thriving communities into ghost towns. an you silence now hanging over the small town in the heart of ine country after police -- w country after police went door-to-door in the community of 5000 to tell everyone to get out now. that advanced warning luxury not afforded to santa rosa. the fire swept through so fast that many first responders and residents were trapped. shows the just shared dramatic escape as a wall of fire tore through his neighborhood. so many could not make it out at all.we arrived at this mobile home park just after bob found his mother's body. >> i could hear people knocking on her door. confirmed toce jessica what she feared. >> i heard the smoke
12:40 pm
going off and she was coughing. telling her i love her. she told me she was going to die, she could not get out of the house. >> this mobile home park has been reduced to a field of ashes. just minutes ago, a victim was identified here in the rubble. law enforcement tells us when you look at the top of the mountain mobile homes, you can understand why they believe there are more victims here. from above, the view nothing but the grim smudged outlines of where so many houses stood. adrianna: be sure to download the abc 7 news at for up to the second updates on the devastation in california. it is free to download. go to the app store or google play and search abc 7-wjla. coming up on abc seven news at noon, where his actions swept under the rug? the new bombshell report coming out
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me.
12:42 pm
but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> you're watching abc seven news at noon on your side. adrianna: new developments in the harvey weinstein sex abuse scandal. the new york times reports that the weinstein company knew about harvey's payoffs for at least two years. therding to the times, board of directors knew about his behavior back into thousand 15, but in statements -- in 2015 , but in statements, they said they were "unaware." involved intein what was called a family dispute outside of his daughter's home. lapd says there were no arrests. authorities in new york are left entering questions about why harvey winds was not prosecuted after this equally recorded audio during a 2015 sting operation.
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just come on. i am used to that. >> you are used to that? >> yes. >> i am not used to that. >> i will not do it again. adrianna: the manhattan da is defending its decision, saying its office did not have enough evidence to prove the model's claim. so far, more than 20 women have now come out saying they were harassed, groped, or raped by weinstein. now to the incident that caused outrage across the country.a passenger dragged off the united flight . the incident is now having major repercussions around the airline industry. abc's david curley explains. incident sente shudders through the airline industry. >> oh my god. david: the doctor refusing to give up his seat, dragged down the aisle.
12:45 pm
but airline cabins are unsettled. >> the minutes of the nose happens, i believe it will escalate higher than it was with him. david: three flight attendants from three different airlines were introduced to us by the union asked that we not show their faces or use their names. >> the incident brought a lot of attention to us. >> that one incident made that big of a difference? >> yes. feelome passengers film -- now that they can be more defiant. that has us on edge. david: now when flight attendants as a passenger to do something, they often see camera phones coming out recording their every move. >> and the fear is not that you're going to be on social media but that the airline might take action against you? >> correct. david: there have been plenty of other incidents. passengers fighting, confronting flight attendants. the rising tensions, according to these flight attendants, is leading each
12:46 pm
lax about enforcing rules to avoid confrontation.everything from seatbelt buckling, cell phone use come a laptop a verbal ok about helping in the exit row. >> now if you do not acknowledge me, i kind of shrug and go my way. >> i will tell you once, maybe twice. i will not get into a major argument with you. david: you are afraid of escalation. >> definitely. definitely. david: they call it informed, not enforced. is this affecting safety in the aircraft? >> i think it is a huge safety issue. if you have one person that is not follow the rules, it can affect the whole airplane. david: the airline says it has not seen it to safety, but the flight attendants remain worried. what is your greatest fear? >> just being attacked. david: physically? >> physically attacked. david: even the airline industry acknowledges the new tensi
12:47 pm
crews to better manage situations, but adds it helps everyone' understands the importance of listening to and working with each other. will it be less tense someday in the future in aircraft? >> i personally think that no. i don't think it will be as good as it was. david: the flight attendants said they came forward because they were worried about safety in the cabin. as time passes, there has been slight improvement in the cabin, but it is still a tense atmosphere. well, we can see at reagan and behind us in the capital, it is dreary out across the dmv. brian: the nats won last night. we have game five, do or die tonight. it will be damp and cool. adrianna: good enough for a win. brian: so much happening. adrianna: yes there is. brian: the next couple of days. you wish the weather could be better, but it is what it is.
12:48 pm
camera over at arlington. 59 degrees. --d of a cool, grat, gray, damp day. 67 in fredericksburg. low 60's from andrews to pax river. 64 down in the city. winds breezier at times out of the east-northeast. basically, this keeps us soft in here. here -- socked in here. mid 50's at 6:00 and 7:00. tonight,f our nats nats park, it is an 8:00 p.m. game. drizzly and damp. bring something for warmth and to keep you dry. it shows a little bit of a
12:49 pm
in the action around gametime, but a little bit of rain tonight, tomorrow a similar setup. temperatures in the 60's and spotty. even saturday morning, this may linger. hopeful we would be out of here by saturday morning, but at this point, it may take a little bit of time. we have to be patient. tonight,harf kickoff damp. tomorrow, off and on showers. saturday, improving. sunday the best day of the stretch. sunday, fireworks in the evening. should be pretty nice out there for that. we see a warmer push as we head up to sunday. monday, a chance for a shower that brings cooler air. tuesday and wednesday, we will be talking temperatures at night in the 40's, and we can see some frost out there. typically, we get our first october.early we have not seen that yet. adrianna:it
12:50 pm
thanks. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, it comes down to one game. awayasked just one curly w from putting their ticket to the championship series. the anticipation ahead of ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge
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as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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>> in the air to right center field.wellhead hit. goes back to the wall, and that ball is gone. adrianna: that is the home run nats fans will remember for a very long time. michael a taylor with a grand slam in game 4 of the an lds -- nlds sealing the deal and forcing a game five winner take
12:53 pm
nationals postseason history, and they hope to carry the momentum tonight. the series is tied 2-2 so it comes down to this one game. the winner punches their ticket s and anlc and meeting with the l.a. dodgers. our reporter is that nats park with anticipation ahead of the game. >> nats fans are feeling reenergized after that win. they have the rally tell us for tonight, hoping to get the momentum going after tying up the series 2-2. stephen strasburg, he was phenomenal, pitching seven innings, allowing no runs, and having 12 strikeouts, a single game postseason record. earlier in the week, he was battling flulike symptoms, but the right-hander did not appear to be under the weather at all. he got a lot of help from the nats. they scored a run in the third inning, but michael taylor sealing the deal. bases loaded in the eighth, hitting a grand slam.
12:54 pm
now face another game five in the ncllcs. fans are feeling for confident. >> they definitely have it. such an amazing lineup. strasburg was just unbelievable. >> i think it'll will come down to coaching and pitching again, and the weather may play a factor so let's give our fingers crossed. i think the nats are going to take it. >> gets open up at 6:00 tonight. p.m. pitch is at 8:08 seeds are sold out for tonight's game, but there are a number of standing room tickets for tonight. so many people around the city hoping for another curly w and a nats win in game five. adrianna: stay with us. we will be back with a look at the forecast for those of you heading down to th
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adrianna: so the good news is first pitch will not be delayed. brian: should not be. it will be damp and cool. so much happening around the area. like wow. a fresh look at the forecast at 4:00, but it looks better as the weekend goes on. adrianna: metro is open until 12:30, one hour later than 11:30.
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announcer: let's get cooking! we're celebrating all hour-long from "the epcot international food and wine festival" at the walt disney world resort in florida. and today, we're cooking up our most requested recipes, just for you! >> totally! >> announcer: clinton's got mind-blowing tips everyone will be buzzing about tomorrow. then, mario's making the social media sensation you asked for! plus, we're helping make your next party stress-free with a dip that'll make you flip. find out how we do it, right now, on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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