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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. >> we are going to die, dude! kimberly: inside the inferno, a desperate escape in california. the race to contain the flames. plus, colluding against colin kaepernick? a
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quarterback against the nfl. gubernatorial candidates in virginia face hundreds of people. i will have the latest coming up. news at 11:00, on your side. >> dude, we've got to get out of here! >> i can't breathe, dude. first, inside the inferno, dramatic new video coming in from california. flames and smoke closing in as these roommates have just minutes to evacuate. just unbelievable. embers flying everywhere. this video was taken last sunday, showing the roommates narrowly escaping the first of the flames. there are now 40 confirmed fatalities in what has become the deadliest why unfair
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wildfire outbreak in california history. there are still 15 large blazes burning across the state. fire officials say they are making progress, but worn they are not out of the burning woods yet. we have this report from santa rosa. reporter: after a week of heart breaking destruction and harrowing escapes -- >> we are not dead yet. reporter: signs that things are starting to turn the corner. >> cautious optimism. we are starting to gain the lead on the fires. reporter: firefighters battling with everything they've got. they increased containment numbers on every major fire. the authorities are allowing at least 25,000 people to return home. >> over the next 24 hours, we will see a lot of re-population plans coming up. reporter: firefighters warn we are not out of the woods yet. >> these fires are uncontained. reporter: many homes remain destroyed, ash falling on us
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that is why the authorities do not want people in this neighborhood. for those who come back home, many find nothing but ashes. >> our house is gone. our whole street is gone. reporter: as his house burned, he went to work, opening all the grocery stores that he manages in the area and feeding first responders for free. >> we are doing what we can. we got all the stores open. reporter: finding hope in each other when there is nothing to go back to. now an incredible story of recovery. two weeks after the las vegas massacre, a young maryland woman shot in the head at the country music festival is now out of her coma and taking her first apps. tina frost's mother is speaking out tonight. q mccray has more. q: 27-year-old
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weeks after being shot in the head, surviving the mass shooting in las vegas. >>it went and threw her right eye. q: family and friends describing the terrifying evening. >> i did not even recognize her. it was all i could do to keep composed. >> you cannot put into words what you feel when somebody that you love and have known your whole life is going through something like this and you cannot be there. q: after a fun filled night with her longtime boyfriend, this young accountant was left in a coma. >> i thought she would be fine, but they said she was in a coma and not breathing. awoke friday and is showing remarkable progress. >> each day something good is happening. q: now tapping her foot to music and squeezing her parents' hands. >> it will be such a long road,
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but we are in it for the long haul. she has made it this far. q: the community banding together, raising money for her recovery. q: take a look at this. this is her gofundme page. her goal was to raise $50,000. they are well above that. they have raised more than half $1 million for tina frost. if you want to contribute to the cause, visit our website,, to find all the information you need to make a difference. from the live desk, q mccray, abc 7 news. kimberly: just incredible, thank you. a stunning accusation from former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. the quarterback for years and has filed a grievance against nfl owners, claiming he is the victim of collusion. that owners allegedly work together against him. he claims the reason is taking the knee
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to protest police mistreatment of african-americans during the national anthem. in a tweet he said he filed a grievance after only pursuing every possible avenue with all nfl teams. turning now to the weather, a beautiful, summerlike evening in october. let's get with meteorologist ryan van de graaff for what we can expect the rest of the week. brian: a lot going on tonight. .airlycalm, muggy singhstern suburbs showers moving in, part of a cold front that is moving in. live radar picking up on a few showers towards hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester. line ofe view, the showers from upstate new york to west virginia. that is a cold front moving through overnight. outside right now, looking at numbers that continue to be in the low 70's. tomorrow the high will be right at midnight. through the morning, the temperatures drop back. there could be morning showers. they
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and east of town. plenty of sunshine, breezes, and cooler temperatures in the afternoon. kimberly: the police say they have found a missing 16-year-old prince william county girl who was likely abducted by a man sunday morning for stop witnesses say she was shoved into a car by a 21-year-old man. it happened after an argument between the two at a party. virginia state police are questioning the man to determine if she was taken against her will. they will decide if charges are necessary. also developing, a death investigation in arlington after a body was found near the popular four mile run trail. it is not clear how the person died, but the police say it does not appear to be suspicious. we are still waiting on the police to identify the body. a shooting near the university of maryland sent two students to the hospital.
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happening around 8:30 saturday night just off campus on rhode island avenue. the police say one man was shot, the second was assaulted. no word on a motive and so far no arrests. we are just three weeks away from election day in virginia. it has been a busy campaign-filled with and for ralph northam and ed gillespie. from bothn't candidates at a form with nearly 40 religious representatives. richard: it was a packed meeting. more than 1500 at this interfaith forum. >> there is so much divisiveness in this country for stop richard: listening to ralph northam. >> the fearmonger ring and hatred and bigotry we are seeing from washington. : richard and ed gillespie. >> we should accommodate the dreamers.
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different. this was the largest nonpartisan non-denominational gathering in the campaign. for some, it gave them a sense of hope. an assaulthing for weapons ban, for dreamers to stay against the travel ban. gillespie touting police endorsements, concerns about affordable housing and education. >> you have to fight to make sure every child in virginia has access to a safe public school. richard: outside, dreamer disagreement. >> this country has opened its arms to you guys and you are complaining. richard: fears about the future. >> i'm from syria and this country has struggled. i'm not sure if we will stay here or be kicked out. richard: civil discourse got the yes vote. >> if the noise gets in the way of our thinking through what the issues are and how we will respond to them, we will fail.
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news. kimberly: tomorrow is the deadline to register for next months gubernatorial elections. you have to register in person monday by 5:00, on line by been i, or get a written application postmarked by october 16. election day is november 7. to the white house and the former chief strategist. hearing up for all out political war. steve bannon telling trump loyalists at a summit that he is willing to take on the republican establishment and any lawmakers standing in the way of the president's agenda. >> right now come it is a season of war against the gop establishment. bossrly: bannon's old appears to have a different idea, playing a friendly round of golf with key members of the gop establishment. tomorrow he is set to meet with mitch mcconnell, hoping to strike a deal on health care and tax reform. coming up
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dangerous inmates on the run after escaping a jail. the massive manhunt happening now. plus, held up at gunpoint on a date? a new crime trend targeting people using online dating apps. ♪ classly: an ordinary caught and extraordinary moment.
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anberly: happening now, urgent manhunt after a jailbreak in missouri. two inmates escaped this morning. they were caught on surveillance video heading towards the mississippi river. one inmate currently faces a first-degree murder charge. the other was being held on several felony charges, including kidnapping and violent domestic
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fallout following sexual assault allegations against harvey weinstein. amongrench actresses are the growing list of women to accuse weinstein of sexual wrongdoing. france's president has said he is started the procedure to revoke weinstein's legion of honor award, which he received after the french film "the artist" won multiple oscars. and on social media, people are sharing"me too," sexual assault experiences to show this is pervasive around the world. rico,e crisis in puerto nearly a month after hurricane maria made landfall, 50% of the island has power, with many u.s. citizens in need of help. some are leaving for good. we have this report from san juan. reporter: some in puerto rico
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like this and try to survive or leave the island. a staggering 85% are still without power and may not get it back until after christmas. residents in facing a bigger crisis, the feeling they are cut off. thatwas the main bridge connected them to the rest of puerto rico, washed away by the hurricane. some take a more extreme approach to ferry people to the other side. we met this person at the bridge. she said it nearly cost her mother her life. how long did it take to get her to the hospital? >> about two hours and a half. reporter: we went to her home less than five minutes from the bridge and met her mother, now recovering. she said she just lost her job in san juan because her commute was four hours long. tonight, like so many other puerto ricans, she feels like she is at the end of her road. would you pack up and leave? >> i would like to. reporter: where would you go? >>
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reporter: some to wonder thousand puerto ricans may leave the mainland because of the economic hardship. this person says she will be one of them. tonight, more help on the way to puerto rico thanks to a local church. a disaster relief drive was held today at the world mission society church of god in northeast. it was one of 350 drop-off sites across the country. church of god members will hand deliver the items to the island. right now, another storm is churning in the atlantic, this time taking aim at an unusual spot -- ireland. this is a look at the satellite imagery of cecilia. the storm is packing hurricane pere wind of up to 85 miles hour. it is expected to make landfall monday in ireland. ireland is used to lots of rain, but necessarily hurricanes. brian:
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storm briefly. that was the strongest we have ever seen in a hurricane so far east. the national hurricane center said it is no longer considered a tropical system because of certain characteristics. but it is still packing a punch and still a powerful cyclone and the folks in ireland and the u.k. will feel the impact. tracke, the latest on the , 75 mile-per-hour wind. still hurricane force wind. it is not called a hurricane, but still hurricane force wind for portions of ireland. atis moving to the north about 40 formato miles per hour, packing a punch. around here, a cold front moving through, dropping temperatures back into the low 60's. mid 60's monday and tuesday, above average wednesday. the average now is 69. this evening it is mild, low 70's across the area, 74 annapolis, 71 manassas. 66
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front crosses. with that, the wind is shifting and the temperatures are dropping. winchester come northwesterly wind that 20. the front swings through later tonight with spotty showers. by the morning rush with have lingering rain south and east of 95. i think the best chance will be south and east for the early morning. then in the afternoon, breezy and color, in the 60's. -- breezy and cooler. we can slip into the 40's downtown. it will be one of the coolest mornings we have had in quite some time. tomorrow, clouds in the morning, showers could linger metro south and east through about 7:00, then the air dries out and the wind picks up and becomes gusty. beautiful sunshine in the afternoon, just cool. a warming pattern eventually, but after the brisk mornings tuesday and wednesday, we are pretty warm. by the end of the
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week, the marine corps marathon, may be too warm. kimberly: like northern florida. i know that everybody wants to see the highlights, but i want to see the baby. hands wrapped around. that is a ball he will not drop. robert: he better not. reaction to the redskins' win next.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: redskins came back from the bye week. thing should not be a stressful. we were wrong, too stressful. kyle shanahan, now the 49ers head coach. the redskins up 7-0. kirk cousins with a pass, he dives in.
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third quarter, vernon davis mix the catch, but he's stripped. picked up by jimmy ward, down the sidelines. after review, he was ruled out at the 2. niners punch it in and it was tied at 17-17. 20-17 redskins, cousins keeps it on the read option. the 49ers made it close, but the redskins improved to 3-2 on the season. coach gruden: this is a great competitive sport. everybody has great players. you can see we are starting to turn the corner a little bit, but we are not quite as ecstatic as we could be. think there a lot of things we could correct and cleanup, but i'm impressed. anytime you get a victory on a sunday afternoon at home, it special. but i know we can play a lot better. robert: before the game, we had our first cooper cousins siding, the brand-new baby boy
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kirk and mommy julie. cooper's 1-0 so far in his career. and stay up with us for abc 7 "sports sunday," coming your way in minutes. thoughts on the redskins and the nats at 11:35, after the news. soccer, d.c. united on the road. check out these moves. weaving through the defense, finds the back of the net. 4-0. the final home match his next sunday. and finally, game two of thenlcs, the dodgers beat the cubs. justin turner had a dramatic walkoff home run. dating appp next, dangers.
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kimberly: 7 on your side with a warning for millions of americans using online dating apps. thieves are using online dating profiles to lure you into traps. they target users on
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plenty of fish. one victim showed up for a date tead held up at gunpoint. >> he was running up with a gun drawn. kimberly: similar incidents have been reported in michigan, georgia, ohio, and florida. the victims in these robberies tend to be men. tinder says they are disturbed by the incidence and will work closely with law enforcement.
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kimberly: you never know what will catch fire on the world wide web, but seems millions of people were inspired by this gospel middle school choir. up ♪i'll rise kimberly: those sweet, amazing


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