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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  October 16, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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as of right now we have seven that have been transported to the hospital. breaking -- autria: breaking right now, an oil rig in flames. why can cruise not get close to the structure? larry: i, an incredible progress as a local woman covers from the las vegas shooting. autria: it's a rainy start your work week with roller coaster temperatures in the forecast. veronica johnson is in this morning with the more on what you need to know to head out. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] let's get started with that forecast. strap in, get ready, we got a lot going on this week. veronica: that even includes today within those 24 hours. 60'sratures in the lower and breezy sunshine coming our way. to
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64 degrees. talk about a big-time temperature drop. yes, the roads are wet, you are seeing the green or, nothing heavy but showers will continue to move through until 9 a.m., 10 a.m. this morning. roads this morning. the wind later today, the breezy cool that i mentioned, the wind gust could be up to 25 miles per hour, by late tonight or early tomorrow morning, this time tomorrow, 39 degrees in gaithersburg and germantown. i know you will be all bundled up. maybe not bundled up, but hopefully you will have on a jacket because it will be our since mid-may around here. we will take a look at when the temperatures will go right back up, coming up in 10 minutes. 39 degrees, i will officially look like kenny from south park. the 16 minute ride out of college park by 7:00, look for
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to 270.rom college park grabbed a cup of joe and go. on the 11th street bridge in southeast, only one lane getting 95 coming backa towards quantico the crash on the right side of the road. don't forget about the gas main break closing off of war showed columbia pike and four mile run until further notice. i am back in the next 10 minutes to let you know how slow or how fast it goes on 495. >> one person's unaccounted for. seven have been transported to the hospital. adrianna: breaking news, one person is still missing after this oil rig exploded. that massive structure the still exploding and crews cannot get anywhe
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officials in jefferson parish say that there were cleaning chemicals on board the platform that may have led to the blast but they cannot know for sure until they get in closer. there are also concerns about what it will do to the person -- to the drinking water of people in the area. larry, autria? >> we are going to die, dude, we have got to get out of here. breathe, dude. it will be all right. adrianna: threat -- autria: automatic video of one of the two men escaping from the wildfire in california. 15 around the state are still burning. have destroyed at least 5700 homes and businesses.
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conditions are expected to improve this week with cooler temperatures and even some rain on the way. >> each day we see something good happening. tina frost, taking her first steps in nearly two weeks after being shot in the head. larry: the high school graduate was shot in las vegas and was in a coma, but new overnight she is ,ack in her home state continuing her recovery. autria: her family calling for progress america will. >> it's amerco that she was shot at all. 90% of folks shot and the head don't. not only did she wake up from her coma and yesterday she was well enough to be transported back to her home state of florida -- a virginia, she's at john's hopkins hospital. 27 years
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old, she grew up in maryland, graduate of our rundle high. had moved to california and was at that country concert in las vegas with her boyfriend a thele of weeks ago when shooting began. it was veryaid touch and go as to whether she would survive. he had to remove her right eye and take out some bones to allow her brain to swell but her recovery has been sometimes going well, sometimes you have been set back, but overall the church act or he has been upwards. "goodther spoke with morning america" about what it was like to see her after the shooting. >> i went in and i didn't recognize her. it was all i could do to stay composed. >> after she was shot in las vegas, her boyfriend helped to get her out of there and
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a brain surgeon was able to save her life. again, over the weekend it was a big deal, she was transported here but before that, in las vegas on friday she opened her eyes for the first time and woke up from her coma and was even able to, with some help, take about three steps in las vegas. her mother said she has a long recovery ahead now her recovery inl be near her family and her home state of maryland. reporting live in baltimore. larry: happening today, president trump holding a high-stakes meeting with mitch mcconnell. they are expected to discuss health care, tax or form, and agenda this as steve bannon speaks out against top republicans, making it clear he's ready for all out political war. not everyone agrees with bannon's tactics
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>> his over-the-top rhetoric is not helpful. mitch mcconnell is the senate majority leader. the president needs him. larry: another target for bannon is bob corker, who says the let a castration of the secretary of state. rex tillerson denies that was the case. colin kaepernick, the current free agent is filing grievance, saying that he's a victim of collusion, that owners worked together against him. he says the reason he took a knee last season was to protest police violence against african americans. he said he filed a grievance after pursuing every possible avenue with all teams. nfl game action, the redskins coming off of their buy week. cut the lead down to just three. in the fou
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it in for the touchdown and that sealed the deal, the redskins win, 26 to 24. two major stories developing right now, five girls missing in d.c. over the weekend. one case even has the fbi stepping in. plus, a store making history. we are tracking affiliate an
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see
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i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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autria: new overnight, hurricane ophelia, a post-tropical cyclone as it heads for the u.k. and ireland, expected to bring heavy rain and a dangerous storm surge. just a little bit of rain is what we are dealing with this morning. veronica: that's right. felipe would be next on the list after affiliate and we are watching the turks and caicos as we watch
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,he roads this morning are wet showers moving through, no downpours out there, but wet weather that will start picking up later today giving way to clearing skies. by the time we get an lunchtime, we should be just fine, just watch your speed on area roads. ,he temperatures today yesterday after 70's, today upper 60's, closer to 70 by wednesday, warming by the end of the work week. more roller coaster temperatures, as mentioned. the kids at the bus stop this morning, they will need to take a light jacket. tomorrow morning we are looking at the readings. when i return, we will show you who is in the 30's. julie: on the roads right now, the crash
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of the roadway, heads up, working your way back towards newington. we have delays for those continuing out of white oak on new hampshire avenue. the crash with police on the scene, directing you buy one direction at a time. southbound 95 in virginia, the crash on the shoulder, expect delays headed south. that's the traffic watch and i will be back in the next 10 minutes to let you know how slow that ride is. larry? 13 after right now, allegations are growing, the new people speaking out now against harvey weinstein. and what is the french president saying he's trying to do in the wake of the scandal? >> the fbi is now assisting in the case of a missing girl here in southeast. we will bring you the latest
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: breaking newsautria: coming in from overseas. bombing in somalia over the weekend. officials confirmed the death toll has risen, topping 300 people killed. it happened near a popular hotel in the capital city. the death toll continues to climb as the cruise sifts through a nearby building that also collapsed and we are learning this morning that the alshabab is how shoul claiming responsibility. larry: five teenage girls have gone missing in the district. of those cases, the fbi is stepping in to investigate. cheryl conner is stepping in with the latest. >> good morning. this flyer is now circulating on social me -- media. r
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, last seen on saturday in southeast. the fbi now assisting the d.c. police on this case. her picture is on the homepage for the washington field office. she is described as a black female with a medium brown complexion, five feet four inches tall, 110 pounds, brown eyes with black hair. she was last seen wearing a purple shirt, black pants and 11:40 five at around saturday morning. if you have any information on the whereabouts of dajana houston, you are asked to call the fbi or d.c. police. we are live at the district police headquarters not far from where she went missing. thank you, cheryl. a sigh of relief and princely and county as police say they have found the missing 16 or of girl who was likely abducted by a man gessert a morning. shoved i
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a 21-year-old. this happened after an argument between them outside a party. state police are now questioning her to see if she was taken against her will so that they can decided charges are necessary. ofria: dale city, named one the best cities to live in. number six out of 50. columbia, maryland may the top 10. waldorf ranked 18th. arlington came in at number 50. the number one city on the list, carmel, indiana. this morning,lout more sexual assault allegations being leveled against harvey weinstein. some french actresses have grown of ained the growing list users emmanuel macron says that he has started the procedure to revoke the legion of honor award. the movie "tighten -- the movie tighte
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tan won the award in 2000 12. james cordon, delivering a series of jokes as the aids research gala. leading to women who accuse weinstein of rape, slammed him for missing the point of the scandal. james cordon said he was truly sorry, that you trying to shame weinstein, not the victims. our grand prize winner is getting round-trip airfare for two to nashville. two nights of lodging and tickets to the cma awards and tickets to the country music hall of fame. valued as a prize at more than $2600. call or number seven was entered all last week to be the grand prize winner. all right, i need a kesner -- anita
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to the cma. kidd o'shea will be the reporting and he says the you guys should meet up for a cocktail. drinks on him. veronica: i like that part, drink on him autria: i just threw that him -- on him. autria: i just do that in. hope you brings his wallet. [laughter] veronica: light showers moving through, one quarter of an inch in fort washington, maryland, upper 50's to around 60, george c elementary school, 59 degrees. this morning we will see that we to about 64, 65 degrees. the rate shuts off at 8 a.m., 9 a.m. this morning with clouds clearing as the wind picks up. it will be a breezy day that is much colder than yesterday and he will probably need a jacket. all the rain is making its way from southwest
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as temperatures get into the 60's. tonight they will really drop. ofin town, that's where some the higher temperatures will be. 38 degrees in middleburg. to the west. 38 for a temperature early tomorrow. in just a couple of minutes i will tell you where some of the frost advisories have gone up. tomorrow's high is also just 64 degrees. but a little bit of summer towards the end of the work week. northbound 95 in virginia, a crash right here at 123 on the right side of the road. a 37 minute commute coming north , but southbound 95 we have the crash after dale boulevard on the right side of the road. maryland, 495 before branch avenue, the crash in the left lane, with a crash on
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new hampshire avenue and sky track 7. above the accident scene here, accident activity with police here, not much of a delay but something to watch out for on chandler drive. back in the next 10 minutes and we will let you know if it is go or's low southbo
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. a live look at the u.s. capitol this morning. some rain is falling right now and temperatures will be falling as well, later. veronica johnson and julie wright have what you need to know in weather and traffic in about five minutes. autria: two dangerous criminals on the run after a dramatic as an break. here is your gma first look. >> a statewide manhunt for two violent inmates on the run after escaping from missouri jail. they broke out at 1:41 a.m. sunday morning. shortly after 2 a.m., surveillance
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walking down a street, crossing over a levy, heading towards the mississippi river. there has been no sign of them since. william carter faces first-degree murder charges. investigators say that he purposely ran down his estranged wife and another man with his car, killing them. held onman was being several felony charges, cleaning kidnapping, related to what local authorities are calling one of the worst domestic assault cases we they have ever seen. we will have the latest on this genetic manhunt, coming up at 7 a.m.
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a las vegas teenager, and her remarkable recovery. you out the door to work and school on time. autria: good morning, washington, i'm autria godfrey. larry:
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what can we expect when we step out the door today, vj? veronica: a little bit of weather if you step out the door this morning. have your weather app ready to go to track the rain exiting to the east. we have rain covering the area, showers around potomac falls this morning, light rain showers this morning, out the door, wet roads included. temperatures taking a bit of a drop through the morning hours before the inch up only a little bit by a few degrees in the afternoon. from around 60 degrees to 64, 65 this afternoon with a bit of sunshine expected. tomorrow morning the temperature startup in the mid-40's, right now the national weather service issuing a frost advisory around interstate 81, but that could change. if you think that with these cooler overnights that
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getting closer and closer to the holiday season, yes, hollow wean is just 16 days away and i will tell you what i think the rest of october will feel like, coming up. julie: it doesn't feel good here on the roads. major tieups from manassas towards the capital beltway. the shoulder. northbound 95, the wreck we had on the right side, 40 minutes to travel about 17 miles at this from dales eddie to the beltway. southbound 95, the crash after dale boulevard is still on the right side with delays from the cardinal drive overpass. outer loop, a crash in the left lane at st. barnabas road. southbound 270, a 45 minute commute headed south, the outer loop, almost a half hour drive, and now the inner loop headed over to the wilson bridge is just an eight minute commute right now.
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we will update that ride on 395 to see fit is up to speed or if an alternate is what you need. president trump is expected to have lunch with mike pence and mitch mcconnell over a obamacare. amidst this comes reports of friction between the secretary of state and rex tillerson, who reportedly called the president a more on over the summer. >> they are set to break bread today as the former chief strategist of the president prepares for battle. , this is oury war war. >> speaking at the values voters summit, steve bannon made it clear that he's ready for an all-out political war. >> right now it is a seasonal war against the gop establishment. andot everyone agrees with in's tactics. susan collins defended mcconnell. >> is over-the-top rhetoric is not helpful. mitch
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is the senate majority leader. the president needs him. >> another target for bannon, bob corker, who said the president let a castration of the secretary of state. rex tillerson denied that was the case. >> i checked, i'm fully intact. >> he recently tweeted that tillerson was "wasting his time" trying to negotiate with kim jong-un, on the president refers to as little rocket man. >> the president has made it clear to me that he wants this solved diplomatically. .e's not seeking to go to war those diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops. >> the president is looking for some major legislative wins. at the top of the list, tax reform. if you
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washington post," you likely saw this in sunday's paper, of page offering $10 million for information leading to dirt and the impeachment and removal of president trump. who is paying? larry flynt of "hustler" magazine. he said that he felt it was his patriotic duty and the duty of all americans to dump trump before it was too late. he accused the president of having conflict of interests, telling hundreds of all defaced lies, and appointing unqualified persons to high office. he is hoping for a smoking gun. this is not the first time he has made this offer. recently in 2012 he was looking tax returns.ey's for $10 million? maybe someone will rat. larry: that's a big reward. thanks, adrianna. a federal court, hearing
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of the travel ban. the newest band its restrictions on travel to eight countries. this is the third attempt by the administration to pass a travel ban. the countdown is on, we are weeks away from the virginia gubernatorial election. ed gillespie appeared at an interfaith forum. candidates did not debate, but they spoke about various issues, agreeing that dreamers should be protected from deportation, but not everyone their share that viewpoint. >> you guys are complaining? you shouldn't be here. >> i was at dulles airport to make sure. autria: during the event, northam push for an assault weapons ban. the less we discussed the need for affordable housing in all of the education. a remi
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deadline to register to vote for next month's gubernatorial election. you have to register in person by today, 5:00 p.m., online tonight, or get a written application postmarked by the 16th. larry: just in time for the holiday, a controversial costume making waves online. people on twitter furious after an anne frank costume pop up. the product description says that your child can play the role of a world war ii hero. twitter users wanted to know what was going on. the company behind the get up apologized and offered a statement saying that it offered costumes for varieties of reasons and that the anne frank costume has now been pulled. six: 37, new overnight, a maryland native is back home. we are live tracking
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autria: breaking right now, deadly flooding in vietnam. the typhoon is unleashing heavy rain on the country, some of the worst it has seen in decades.
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the worst is still yet to come, the brunt of the storm is expected to hit sometime today. all right, let's get a check on your forecast. veronica: light rain is falling currently, it will last for a couple of hours with wind picking up. 20 miles per hour, the wind gusts. temperatures in the 60's at even in a few locations. 70 degrees hanging on in atlanta, maryland. let's talk about where that front is moving through, coming virginia, of western making its way eastward quickly, the wind could gust of 25 miles per hour during the afternoon. if anything the wind will the cup over southern maryland near today, 70's,g, 64 the return of september weather, coming our way.
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julie: still looking at delays on 6628, a crash blocking the far left lane, a 46 minute ride out of manassas towards the capital beltway. northbound 95, the crash that we had it 123 is on the shoulder, a 33 minute commute to head northbound towards the beltway. southbound 95, a long-standing crash still there after dale boulevard. on 395 a 20 minute commute between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. look for that to be a 41 minute ride. i'm back in the next 10 minutes to update the ride on the south side. kidd: he is the bartender who won over $400,000 on jeopardy. what happened when i showed up at his bar yesterday in new york city? you will see the video, coming up.
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>> the fbi is now on the case of a missing girl in southeast. we have the very latest on dajana houston, coming up. native, back home and recovering after being shot during the massacre in las vegas. we will have the latest on her condition and you will hear from
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. the israeli army confirmed that it attacked and anti-aircraft battery in syria -- syria. the missile missed the planes, but the israeli army hit the battery and destroyed it. think of all the clear provocation said that the would not allow it. larry, autria? julie: a frantic -- larry: a frantic search for a missing person after an oil rig explosion in new orleans. reports on the scene say that cleaning chemicals ignited on the surface
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water quality evaluation. >> we are going to die, dude, we have got to get out of. autria: unbelievable, take a look at this, dramatic video of two men narrowly escaping from one of the wildfires in california. 15 fires across the state are still burning. the death toll stands at 40 in the flames have earned 217,000 ands, destroying 1500 homes businesses. the good news, finally for firefighters, the weather conditions are expected to improve this week. rain is on the way. >> each day we have something good happening. 27-year-old tina frost taking her first steps after -- two weeks after being shot in the head. la
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mass shooting in las vegas but was left in a coma. new overnight she is back in her home state, continuing her recovery at johns hopkins. is there, where her family's calling her progress america. back closer to her family and the friends she grew up with. as i speak right now she's in the hospital behind me. john's hopkins, considered one of the best hospitals there is. this is where she has got a long recovery ahead. an accountant who moved to san diego in recent years, from maryland at heart. went to a rundle high school and graduated from there. thewas shot in the head at concert in las vegas a few weeks ago. it was out all in beginning as to whether she would either -- even survive. but it was a
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to open her i. unfortunately doctors had to remove one of her eyes. her remaining eye was able to open and was even able to take a few steps. this is just the beginning of a long road it will take place in maryland and her mother talked about it to abc. >> we are in it for the long haul, she made it through this far. not the only victim from our area. a woman from martinsburg, west virginia was also shot and unfortunately she did not survive, dying in her husband's arms out there. reporting live this morning in baltimore, "good morning washington." d.c. police investigating five disappearances in just one weekend. autria:
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rooted missing and in one of steppinges the fbi is in. cheryl conner has the latest from southeast. pastl conner and in the the fbi has gotten involved in cases like this. when the missing person is young or possibly taken out of state. isknow that dajana houston 11 years old and was last seen on the 2800 block in southeast. the fbi is helping police to find her and bring her home. a black female, five feet four inches tall, 110 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. arn in a lock style with purple shirt, black pants and black shoes. the fbi is now helping out d.c. police. if you know her whereabouts, you're asked to call police
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--ry: police say they likely virginia state police are questioning her if -- to determine if she was taken against her will. a baltimore middle school choir going viral and it's easy to see why. yes, get it. those amazing stick -- voices choirom the students director. millions agreed that it was something special. ineveryone started calling
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autria: the clip has now been viewed more than 20 million times. larry: wow. veronica: the kind of weather that we will be having around here, jackets on, jackets off. it's kind of a transition season for us. showing you what i think the bottom of october will look like. though, in the 60's, rain moving to the area. lorton, down around spotsylvania, we will see the bigger catches of rain coming our way with rainfall rates here at one quarter of an inch per hour. starting to ease as we get to 9 a.m., 10 a.m. this
6:53 am
degrees to 68 degrees, cool with the sun coming up us morning. , starting toay break, the wind diminishing later today as it falls off. areas, ine outlying the early morning temperatures on friday, as we look ahead we will get to a high of 75. graincorp marathon, 70 degrees by noon. talking about a big warm up. as we get into the bottom of the month here we will start to see cooler air, julie. right now, the extended outlook is in the upper 70's on sunday. cooling off with just final days of october. julie:
6:54 am
ride from manassas towards the beltway. the crash before you reach 28, pulled to the shoulder. 123 on thehere, shoulder, that's the focal point of those delays. southbound i-95 after dale boulevard, still busy cleaning up the crash. a car versus a poll. now on 200 70, crash before route 80 in urbana. the right lane is all that's squeezing by. that's the traffic watch, we are back in the next 10 minutes. autria, over to you. autria: check this out, before we had thes game, first cooper cousins sighting. here is the dad along with a mom, posing for the cameras on the field. looks like little cooper is a good luck charm.
6:55 am
he is 1-0 in his young career. all right, what's going on in the now? he became an internet sensation overnight and yesterday i spent some time with him at the bar he works at in new york city. champion, aning bartender from new york, new york, austin rogers. kidd: what did you do before you worked here? like that was in digital advertising. before that i was a corporate events planner for a cultural institution here in new york. kidd: one day you woke up to say you would become a bartender? >> i got laid off and i became a bartender. kidd: game one, what was your goal? >> my goal with game one was just to win game one. that was my only goal. literally my only goal in the
6:56 am
game and go, cool, i won a game. kidd: before you went on, you had a plan to be known, or have something. >> no, not at all. no. no land. it's a game show, right? i just want to have fun. kidd: how much longer will you be working at this bar? >> i love this bar, i love my friends and family, i don't plan on leaving them in the work -- the lurch, but there are kidd: things in the works. kidd:agents calling you? >> do you get stopped walking down the street, now? -- >> yes. ond: do people take you up the baby offer? >> not saying she's a gold digger. [laughter] autria: he's a hoot. kidd:
6:57 am
from the bar in six months. tmc reporting that he has a story he's written that could be the next hamilton. he's a history buff. the show hosting gigs. autria: that would seem like a good thing. when heasked him realized his life had changed forever and he said it was thursday night when he was on jimmy fallon live. he has been friends with jimmy for 15 years. he thought, that moment, when i was sitting there talking to my friend jimmy, this is pretty cool. much more with him coming up at seven larry: see you there.
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, search for survivors. an oil rig exploding near new orleans overnight with crew members on board. the rush to escape and the coast guard on the scene trying to find the missing. what may have caused the blast and the concerns right now about what could be leaking into the water. the urgent manhunt for two violent inmates on the run this morning. surveillance cameras capture them after their escape from a missouri jail. they could be armed and dangerous. community on edge this morning. an abc news exclusive. army sergeant bowe bergdahl speaking to cameras for the first time after spending five years in a cag


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