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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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worse off a road and smashes into a building. alison: for the first time since he left the white house, president obama is back on the campaign trail. jonathan: a girl scout leader banned. what the police say they found on his home computer. alison: and new parking problems. d.'
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could lead to headaches and one of the hottest neighborhoods, next. now, abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. alison: we begin with a crime alert in loudoun county. homes targeted by criminals, using garage door openers. jonathan: about a dozen home so far have been targeted this way. each one in sterling. alison: we talked with some of the victims and kevin lewis has their story. kevin? kevin: alison and jonathan, at least one house in sterling has been hit every night this week. the victims we spoke with say , evenrglar was so silent loud dogs did not even part. >> we had a purse and while it taken. kevin: a burglar broke into this woman's car and then used
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garage door opener to walk inside her sterling home. it was 4:15 wednesday morning. >> scary, because this happened through the night while we were all sleeping. we had no idea. came in and took a couple things, then walked out. least nine week, at homes have been burglarized in similar fashion across sterling. with worry melting who will be next. >> -- with worry melting who will be next. >> we are triple checking our locks. woman has a security system and electronic door lock on the garage and is keeping every outdoor light on. >> they really need to watch their back every minute of every day. you can see, many of these neighborhoods do not have any streetlights providing a layer of darkness. people to are urging lock car doors and bring inside the garage door openers at
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abc 7 news. jonathan: developing in maryland, a girl scout leader banned from his troop in facing child pornography charges. the police say they search the home in ellicott city early this morning. there is no indication any of the images involved children enrolled in the girl scouts. the scout said the man passed a background check when he registered as a troop leader. in montgomery county, a guidance counselor at a high school has been charged with sexual assault. the police say that colon black met with victims on the dating app tinder. he is on administrative leave tonight. recoveringriver is tonight after his truck went through a fence and smashed into a building. this is from the 1000 block of québec terrace in silver spring. no word on what caused the driver to lose control.
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scene at this hour monitoring now a possible gas leak. and a looseratic cannon, new revelations about the man accused of a deadly shooting at a maryland business. ce is in jail on more than $2 million bond. we spoke with the employees at advanced granite, who said they complained privately about prince for some time and that prince was aware of the chatter. the harford county attorney says the maximum sentence of life in prison without parole is on the table. today spoke with a family who says it is hard to forgive but they will "through god's love only forgive." >> and easy-going and friendly person. everybody loved him. ofathan: he was a father three, grandfather of
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advanced granite continues to grow. you can sign up for breaking news text alerts by going to our website at steve: the first forecast from stormwatch 7 this thursday night, a bit chilly, but not super cold and not looking at any frost advisories tonight. 59 degrees at reagan national airport. grab your sunglasses heading out the door, almost a repeat of earlier today, highs around 75 degrees. ,oming up, the upcoming weekend howard university's big homecoming game saturday. the marine corps marathon sunday. then a cold front that promises to bring a little bit of rain to the d a movie. -- to the dmv. 59-41 vote,n a republicans passed a $4 trillion budget through the senate, a major step forward of president trump's
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cuts and reforms. ♪ there was a massive crowd in richmond tonight as former president barack obama campaigned with gubernatorial candidate ralph northam. this is the first time obama has been in the political spotlight since leaving the white house. tim: president barack obama's first campaign speeches since leaving office, the turnout was enormous, and the line wrapped around the richmond convention center for stop president obama is one of the democratic party's most popular politicians. >> ralph northam! trying toonight he is use his likability and winning slogan to make ralph northam virginia's next governor. president obama: yes, we can. tim: north him was a pediatric neurologist, an army
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and he is in a can that can with republican ed gillespie. >> it will take all of us. tim: gillespie is a former advisor to former president george w. bush. tonight, the democrats likened him to president trump. >> he is nothing more than a washington lobbyist who has become president trump's lobbyist. the 2012 election, prisoner obama beat mitt romney by four points. northam is hoping he can get the same voters to turn out for him. president obama: our democracy is at stake. tim: president obama was at a campaign in new jersey earlier. the virginia election is set for november 7. tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: tim, thank you. as we close in on election day, the race is looking closer. the latest polls showed northam and republican ed gillespie practicably deadlocked. gillespie spent the
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campaigning with vice president mike pence. there are no plans for president trump to join gillespie on the campaign trail. jonathan: reporters in the white house briefing room today said you could hear a pin drop as general kelly came to president trump's defense over the phone call to the fallen soldier's family come even clearing up details about what happened after his own son was killed in action. nancy chen is following the story closely. it was some press conference. nancy: very deeply moving for everyone involved. kelly defending president trump's phone call to the families, including staff sergeant johnson, on his own experience when his son was killed serving in afghanistan. general kelly said presidents always call families and there is no perfect way to make the calls. he four casesed, tjh
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died he was surrounded by the best men in the service. that's what the president tried to say to the families the other day. nancy: kelly also said he was stunned that the congresswoman listened in on the phone call to johnson's widow and went public with it. in the right now, we are final hours of the search for the next home for amazon's headquarters. the online giant is taking proposals from cities and counties until midnight. 100 localities are in the running, including at least eight locations in our region. to invest pledged more than $5 billion and higher 50,000 people wherever it ends up. the decision will come sometime next year. jonathan: it was the first night of new parking restrictions in a very busy d.c. neighborhood. dupont circle will have a stretch of road label
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parking, the whole stretch, aimed at safety. not everybody is on board. anna-lysa gayle is live in the area with the details. anna-lysa? the parkingonathan, restriction went into effect about an hour ago and already we are starting to see the police enforcing the rule. this is one of the first drivers to receive a ticket as a result. typical night in dupont circle, there are hundreds of people enjoying the bars and restaurants and lounges. dupont circle is known for its bustling nightlife and the traffic that comes with it. >> it seems to be really busy. a lot of cars everywhere. >> nowadays, it's car to car backups on almost every street. anna-lysa: the district department of transportation has implemented a possible solution, signs on new connecticut avenue from rhode island to dupont circle preventing drivers from parking between 10 p.m.
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thursday night, friday night, and saturday nights. >> we will create a drop-off pickup zone for vehicles. we will prohibit parking in the area. anna-lysa: some people are not happy about it because it means less parking spots for drivers. >> i think they need to go about it a different way. anna-lysa: others believe it will make the area safer. say ridesharing is the best way to go home if you had a lot to drink. anna-lysa: this is just a pilot program. city officials will evaluate this to see if it's actually working to keep people safe in the area. live in dupont circle, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: she is a bomb school dropout, but she is cute. alison: meet lulu. it withcould not hack the cia and where she is now. jonathan:
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about saving you money when it will whole foods, but hasn't
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose.
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ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. jonathan:
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to a college campus since the deadly clash in charlottesville and tonight richard spencer's speech in florida was loud but peaceful. hundreds of protesters rallied outside where he spoke. inside, more protesters. they stood and tried to shout him down. the university of first rejected his request to speak, but they relented on grounds of free speech. >> it's not where we should be going as a nation. >> it's an embarrassment. jonathan: authorities were determined to avoid a repeat of charlottesville, the governor declaring a state of emergency and asked her resources were on hand to keep order. alison:\tonight about an ad released by mgm. some say the commercial is inappropriate. an ad.lash about
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"this little light of mine." it dared tuesday and immediately drew criticism on social media. some said that it appeared that mgm was trying to exploit the tragedy. mgm says it is a tribute to the city policy unity in the wake of the massacre, and that is a point that the security guard stressed on the ellen degeneres show. >> everyone came together to help out. confrontingro for the gunman at the mandalay bay resort, possibly saving lives. jonathan: does the punishment fit the crime, that is what the d.c. council is considering about metro fare evaders. people bill proposed, who sneak into the metro without paying would only get a citation. right now metro transit police can actually arrest those defenders. the say the law targets poor, but metro transit police say it has cut crime on metro abou
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health matters and word of the first flu cases of the season in maryland. so far, three adults tested positive, each of those cases in baltimore metro area. one was hospitalized but has since been released. this havehow could happened -- a marathon mishap is sending some runners back to the training circuit. or evenuse they have to want to come it's because they have to. the course for the milwaukee marathon was too short. tot means anyone trying qualify for another race like the boston marathon was disqualified. 26.2, it was 25.4. it was an error on the route certification map. this is the second year in a row that the distance was all. last year the course was too long. hopefully they figure out how to measure. marathonarine corps
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always 26.2 miles, 30,000 runners will wind through the district and arlington sunday. whether you are running more washing, plan for security to be very tight. sunday,ens at 6 a.m. and the road closures are on our website at all runners, best of luck. alison: you know the marines will not mess that up. when amazon bought whole foods, they promised lower prices on certain items. we sent the 7 on your side i-team into see if they delivered. we bought items were amazon promised to cut prices. that list cost $75 and $.43. three weeks after the amazon $66.80,, the total was a saving of about $10. the list included a variety of items including produce, meat, and fish. and bad news for blue apron -- just
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the meal kit makers laid off about 300 people, most affected are salaried employees. blue apron's stock is down almost 50%. jonathan: you have heard of beauty school dropouts, but what about bomb sniffing school dropouts? alison: that is exactly what one pup from fairfax county is. this is lulu. jonathan: aw. alison: she was enrolled in the cia's bomb detection school. even though she tested well, she made it perfectly clear it was not the life for her, she was not into it. jonathan: while she will not have a career in law enforcement, lulu does have a very happy home. she was adopted by her handler who is an officer in fairfax county. lulu said to her trainer, i love you, i mean it, but bombs are not my thing. alison: not into it. steve:
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things to sniff on a walk. jonathan: some but he once said when your dog sniffs, they are reading the paper, catching up on what's going on. alison: that's one way to look at it. steve: the winter weather outlook came in from noaa earlier today. it shows for the mid-atlantic we have a better chance of temperatures above average for this winter, typical for a lie niño winter. in terms of snowfall, it looks like it will be below average because we will not see as many cold days. i could mean reduced snowfall stopped on average we get about 15 inches of snow at reagan national airport. it is 50 degrees right now at dulles, 59 reagan national. 47 is the cool spot right now in culpeper. early friday morning, waking up, no frost to worry about, upper 50's, lower to middle 50's.
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heading out the door. food truck friday for a lot of you come around 70 degrees noontime, lower 70's in the afternoon. highs eventually make it into the mid-70's, about 75. much of the area warmer, culpeper in charlottesville could see upper 70's. this saturday, howard university is pulling morgan state university. degrees, and you can always watch that all new's channel 8 if you cannot make it in person. and the marine corps marathon sunday, a little clouds at the start, 64 degrees at 10 a.m. noontime, lower 70's. good time to download the stormwatch 7 weather app. showers on the way late monday into tuesday, part of a cold front. we go from a high monday of 78 degrees, feeling humid. but wednesday, thursday, friday, lower 60'
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alison: two d.c. restaurants earned the coveted michelin stars. a couple of the restaurants receive dimensions in the guidebook, but is there a downside to the accolades? >> there are many restaurants all over town. who doesn't want to have the first?? alison: the star can bring big crowds, but costs them regular customers. generalushi taro's manager said he will keep the star. 7e the full list on the abc smartphone app. pros and cons. jonathan: speaking of stars. robert:th
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coming up monday. alison: we met you. robert: oh, you guys. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the redskins-eagles monday night. kirk cousins 0-5 when
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the last meeting the redskins had with him made him look like aaron rodgers, creating things from broken plays. what's the secret to stopping of? up and take him down, make him feel at the next morning, hit him as many times as we can, get him frustrated, then go home and celebrate. the dodgers punch their ticket to the world series, taking away the suspense early. hernandez with a grand slam. three home runs. 11-1.dgers win first look at the new oklahoma city thunder, and yes, they made it rain. this one from downtown. and guess who had another triple-double -- russell westbrook, surprise, surprise. and one.
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he had 28 tonight. big.oma city wins and d.c. united will play their final game at rfk sunday, and
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alison: almost friday. steve: we hit 72 today. a couple more degrees tomorrow and grabbed the sunglasses heading out the door. for the weekend, 75to 78 both saturday and sunday. monday we are looking at a cold front bringing clouds and a chance of rain late monday into tuesday. and then wednesday through friday, lower 60's the highs. morning temperatures will be in the 40's. jonathan:
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alison: have a great night. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. hey! >> you're going to have to pay for this! >> you guys live together? >> abc doesn't make you two live together? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no. >> guillermo: no. >> so weird. >> strange. >> jimmy: no it isn't. >> guillermo: all right, let's keep playing. >> dicky: from brooklyn it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, billy joel. and tracy morgan. brought to you by coke zero sugar. with cleto and the cletones featuring paul shaffer.


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