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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  October 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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announcer: this is a breaking news alert. a virginia campus on lockdown. shots fired, at least one person hit. adrianna: another disturbing fine. what workers found in a montgomery county post office that has the fbi investigating. autria: marafona weekend is here. we have last-minute prep and the runners -- marathon
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is here. we have last-minute prep and the runners getting ready. adrianna: speaking of the marathon, there are summertime temperatures out there. eileen: it will be cool to start. high temperatures will reach the upper 70's. getting out your front door, temperatures start off cool, in the 40's and 50's. 42 in warrenton. 43 and culpeper. in annapolis. clear skies. after 7:00, we will have a lot of sunshine. climbing into the 60's. we top out around 74 degrees. don't leave home without the sunglasses. if you're heading out, staying clear and cool.
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tonight, look up to see the meteor shower. so many events going on. i will take you through them at 6:10. julie: a couple of things we are keeping an ion. 210 northbound to four road south. -- fort road south, that is where we are following -- finding delays. -- headingo do see into d.c., another crash reported. on 95 in maryland, check of the -- thent coming out of accident coming out of laurel. a busy ride starting to shape up. i will have more on your commute in the next 10 minutes. adrianna: following breaking news from virginia.
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are tracking more on the late-night lockdown. >> this is the second shooting at virginia state university, putting the campus on lockdown. on haven street with gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the lockdown has been lifted. police believe this is an isolated incident and there is no further threat. no word on a possible sus act. new's found at a gaithersburg post office. found at aa noose gaithersburg post office. the fbi is investigating. it is unclear when it was put up. it does not appear there are threats to employees. adrianna:
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you head out in loudoun county. break-ins has sterling residents on edge. they are breaking into cars and use zynga raw store openers to walk into homes. using garage door openers to walk into homes. scary. this happened through the night while we were sleeping. we had no idea. they took rings and walked out. double and triple check that your cars are locked at night. this is video from quebec terrace in silver spring. caused thewhat driver to lose control. we have calls
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where things stand now. republicans barely passing a $4 trillion budget through the senate. it is a major step forward for trump's promise of tax cuts and reform. adrianna: barack obama back in the political spotlight, stumping for ralph northam. the speech was one of his first campaign speeches since he left the white house in january. northam is hoping to get voters out to turn out for him. on november 7, the race is looking closer. the latest poll shows northam and gillespie deadlocked.
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pence. is no plan for the president to join gillespie on the campaign trail. adrianna: the marine corps marathon is almost here. signs are out. suzanne kennedy is live at the gaylord national resort. some runners are already checking in. here for us. are runners will check in around 10:00. pickup takespacket place. i am here with three siblings who are going to run the event together. two of the three have run it before. we have a new be in the group. -- they have a newbie in the group. about how you are feeling. >> i have run four before. >> had a you feel?
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it is going to be amazing to share a love that i have of running with him. thanll probably be faster i am. it will be fun doing it with each other. suzanne: they were taught to run by their father, who was a marathon runner. , he is going to be with you when you run. to properly us how run, how to lengthen our stride when we were tired and stretch out our arms. it will carry us through the race together. >> i am excited.
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over the course of the next few years. suzanne: they have work ahead of them. you guys are tapering this week. that is an enjoyable event. here fore coming packet pickup, it starts at 10:00. take a free shuttle over here and get ready to go on sunday. autria: the news we have been waiting to hear. the up date from tina frost's mother.
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>> it is caught in the ball game is over. -- loss angeles dodgers have the los angeles dodgers have won the pennant. autria: the final
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, 11-1. eileen: fantastic weather into the weekend. mid 70's.he low to the parade kicking off at 10:00. feeling great out there. the game against morgan state university at 1:00. temperatures topping out in the mid-70's. you can watch the game on our sister station tomorrow. sunday is the marine corps marathon. you have been training hard. some up will be comfortably -- sun up will be comfortably cool. highs in the upper 70's
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big changes next week. we are looking for a crash. we have the delays on 210 northbound. keep that in mind. .low arriving on 295 an accident southbound 95, 198 in laurel. that is our traffic watch. i am back to update the road on 95 in virginia. adrianna: a time-honored tradition in d.c.. about tofirst lady is take part in that the first ladies have been part of for nearly 100 years. autria: what you can do at the
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autria: great news and a long road to recovery for the maryland natives shot in the vegas massacre. >> she is on the road to recovery. frost underwent a second surgery. doctors are saying it was a success. surgeons were able to seal the brain barrier to stop further drainage and risk of infection. she was able to take 163 steps. this comes days after she came out of it,. her road to recovery is far from over. she will have to undergo several surgeries in the next few weeks to reconstruct parts of her skull after she was shot in the head. her family is calling her a warrior. lessnna:
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after the las vegas massacre, some are saying and mgm ad is not appropriate. is set to a somber version of "this little light of mine." some say it appears mgm is trying to exploit the tragedy. a girl scout leader banned from his troop and facing child pornography charges. they searched his home in delicate city. there is no indication of images involving children involved -- enrolled in the girl scouts. background check when he registered as a troop leader. another actress is accusing harvey weinstein of abuse. lupi
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ta says he invited her to his home to watch a film with his family. ace there, he led her to bedroom and tried to initiate a sexual encounter. he denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex. autria: a special gift for the smithsonian. melania will donate her gown.ural ball dow the tradition of donating dates back to helen taft. a d.c. hotel notorious for what happened inside its walls. you can stay in the room where the scandal unfolded that would
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over 45 years ago, two people checked into this room. it was the first act of what would be the greatest american political scandals. you can sleep in the room known for scandals. front pages screaming the headlines of the day from nixon toss presidency -- nixon's presidency. there is a personal story here. >> one of our employees gave us some of the original collection her mother kept. we are excited to have them here. i imagine getting a reservation, you will have to wait a while. the smallest of details on mind you you
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the key cards say no need to complementaryhe pencils say -- i stole this from the watergate hotel. you helped create this room. you are responsible for bringing the items from that era into today. , awe have a tape recorder typewriter, which actually works. you already referenced the pencils, which i am in love with. >> not to tie it in with the show, but to tie it in with -- it is a scandal-related thing. is available now starting at $800 a night.
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it is really cool. i don't have the money for it. i am glad i got a preview. it is very pricey. save your pennies if you plan on going. nicen: i am bringing you weather. big changes next week. sun up at 7:22. high today, 74. we are going to climb through the weekend. with the clear skies, could not have timed it out better. the meteor shower peaks tonight. the best of you will be tomorrow morning. by tomorrow morning, look south.
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it will be cold. maybe you're heading to manassas. ryan hughes will be there. you will probably want long sleeves. monday into tuesday, a strong cold front will bring us rain and wind. cooler temperatures by wednesday. the last weekend of october trending cooler than average. another look at temperatures as you walk out the front door. ride out of a slow virginia. two right lanes get by. to 10,sh is northbound -- southbound 210.
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that is our traffic watch. adrianna: fighting the war
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>> diet soda under fire. coca-cola, pepsi, dr pepper snapple group, all facing class-action lawsuits, alleging the marketing of their diet, products marketed as diet products should be helpful in helping people lose weight. isthe suits claim aspartame likely to cause weight gain rather than to help in weight loss or healthy weight management. coming up, what the agencies representing the soda companies is saying.
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to end a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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autria: a big weekend
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washington with two major events getting underway. are gettingations underway for the marine corps marathon. being billed for the howard university homecoming celebration. veronica: i am excited to be out here and to be part of this event. behind me, thousands of people. in six hours.ere it will be preceded by the president's address. over my shoulder, that is the stage. list of who will be singing. lawrence alonso, rick ross, tori lane will be coming up.
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drake was a surprise. that was about five years ago. the vendors are coming in. take a look at these cool purses. yearis your second participating in the event. why did you come back. >> our chief fashion officer is a howard alum. we wanted to come back again. our motto is to carry what you care about. we have custom clutches that feature all of the sororities. we just rolled out our hbc university line. we even have michelle obama on our clutch. we want to support something we really care about. >> thank you so much.
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tweeting out a list of stars who will be performing. for your weekend, upper 70's. perfect weather for homecoming. eileen: a lot of people getting down to the campus to get the festivities started. friday with temperatures that are cool, not quite cold. .7 in waldorf temperatures this afternoon climbing to the mid-70's. i will show you your hourly forecast for the football game and the parade, but also a look at the marine corps marathon. julie: road closures can be found out on our new news app. loop of the capital beltway coming from virginia to maryland, the crash year on the american legion bridge. -- the
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here on the american legion bridge. delays from cabin john towards the dulles toll road. seventeenth street is closed off until 4:00. that is between constitution avenue and independence avenue. 210, a crash before old fort road south. coming up, we will let you know how slow the right is on the west ride. autria: trump is going on the offensive, taking aim at the congresswoman who criticize the way he spoke to the widow of a fallen soldier. adrianna:'s chief of staff has come to his defense. trump called the congresswoman wacky and said she gave a total lie on content. he has denied he told the
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woman that her husband knew what he signed up for. --n kelly opened up on his on the loss of his own son and said there is no way to make that call it -- no good way to make that call. a very rare moment in the press briefing room. lost his son when he stepped on a landmine in 2010. at the center of the controversy, sergeant la david johnson. his funeral is tomorrow. adrianna: republicans barely passed a $4 trillion budget through the senate. the president is tweeting about it. passed 51-49. they got zero democratic votes.
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cuts and reform, which will be the biggest in the history of our country. we will watches suites through the morning -- watch his tweets through the morning. who sneak into metro without paying would only get a citation. as it stands, police can arrest those offenders. the law targets the poor. police say it has cut crime by 20%. in dupont circle, the parking restrictions are in effect south of dupont circle. to rhodeut avenue island avenue is impacted. parking is not allowed between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. thursday, friday, and saturday nights. some drivers
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even harder to find a parking spot. city planners say it makes drop-offs easier. >> we will make a drop-off and pickup zone for hire vehicles. we will prohibit parking on a two-block-based area. big crowds often gather in that area in the late night and early morning hours. autria: a growing trend among kids. new word about how much time your kid spends in front of a screen. we have your chance to win. color seven wins tickets to -- caller number seven wins.
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eileen: cool mornings, warm afternoons. is looking dry. so many events. veronica johnson at howard university previewing their homecoming weekend. comfortably cool, 61. warming up to 70 by lunch.
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70 degrees at kickoff. it will be warm. high temperatures 10 degrees above average. game on ourh the sister station, newschannel 8 tomorrow. sunday, the marine corps marathon. a comfortably cool start. at 7:55.starting 63 by 10:00. 73 at 1:00. a warm finish. stay hydrated. we need rain. i will let you know what day you need the umbrella. of thethe inner loop beltway, a crash at the american legion bridge pulled over to the shoulder. the levy testing has begun on this portion of 17th street between constitution and inde
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, wemarine corps marathon will discuss that. street closures go into effect beginning at 5:00 a.m. themplete listing of closures can be found on our news app. coming up, when you leave for work, taylor swift dropped new music overnight. plus, i went to a group of first graders and asked them what the hottest hallowing costumes were this year. we will have that coming up on this week toss kidd's class. of runnersousands are about to converge on the national gaylord hotel. another disturbing noose has been found at a post office in montgomery county.
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. adrianna:
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the search for a gunman after a shooting at virginia state university. this is the second shooting at virginia state university and less than a week, putting the campus on lockdown. they say a man was found on streettreet -- hayden with gunshot wounds. the lockdown has been lifted. anice believe this is isolated incident. there is no word on a possible suspect. we first alerted you to this overnight with our app. a symbol of hate found that a local post office. john gonzalez has the details. afterthis comes days this. the u.s. postal service unveiled the national museum of african american h
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and culture stamp. in gaithersburg, the fbi is investigating the postal inspector's office. this is off of shady grove road. that is the post office. vehiclesoss the way, come in and out. there is a parking lot where you have these postal facility maintenance vehicles and trucks. is the vehicle maintenance facility building. that is where this act of hate occurred. tiedn tell you this rope, into a noose was found inside recently. the fbi is investigating now. they are not sure when it was there. who put it authorities are interviewing employees here. they are going through
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figure out when it was done and who is responsible. reporting live, john gonzalez, good morning washington. adrianna: erratic and a loose cannon. new rose a show and -- new revelations about a man accused shooting employees. the state's attorney says the maximum sentence of life in prison without parole is not enough. frost, we have tina have learned a she is doing well in her recovery. her second surgery was a success. surgeons sealed up a brain barrier to stop any drainage. earlier, doctors say she took 163 steps.
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from over. she will have several surgeries in the next few weeks. it is to reconstruct parts of hearst's goal after she was shot in the head. -- one patiente was hospitalized, but has since been released. parents need to pay close attention to a study. kids are spending too much time watching their screens. olddren under nine years are spending 10 times longer watching their screens than they did six years ago. spend about two hours and 19 minutes a day watching some form of electronic media.
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adrianna: there is a lot happening there. here is a heartwarming story. a three-year lease for a brand-new car. and that of taking the ride, she insisted the owner donate to the fundraiser for her child's program. when we switche to newschannel 8. hope you will join us. autria: a party in the streets. fans spilling out of bars and restaurants in l.a. the dodgers clinched a world series spot. its firsts heads to world series in 29 years. congratulations to them. let us know how
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for a world-class event of our own. the marine corps marathon is here. suzanne kennedy is live. runners will be checking in in a few hours, around 10:00. suzanne: packet pickup begins here. .lso, the health expo 30,000 runners will race in this event. come down here, you might want to take metro to eisenhower or van dorn. one note for runners, metro will open two hours early. that is important information. the pentagon stop will be exit only until eight: morning. we will talk to the race director
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reporting live, suzanne kennedy. list of: we have a full the road closures and metro times. visit our app for everything you need to know. a historic homecoming at howard university. autria: they are celebrating their 150th anniversary. live thisohnson is morning. veronica: always a star-studded weekend. rising behindun the clock tower. the colors of red and blue. vendors are setting up.
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a lot of the fraternity and sorority --. the football game, one thing we know for sure, the weather could not be better. eileen: picture-perfect. temperatures are warm in the 70's. temperatures are in the 60's and game time is at 1:00. warm and so many events going on around town. with a dry weekend, maybe you are looking to do a little leaf peeping. higher elevations is where you will see the best color. the weather this
6:54 am
dry and warm. tuesday will be rainy. wendy -- wendy is a cold front slides through. 62 on wednesday. it will continue through october. more rain arriving by sunday. another look at temperatures outside the door at the top of the hour. julie, any accidents? a crash at the american legion bridge. maryland, delays are pushing into montgomery county. maryland, southbound 270, better the next acted. the beltway is a 31 minute commute.
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that is our traffic watch. i am back within the next 10 minutes. we will look at 66. right now, our pets of the day. look at melvin and cocoa. your you for sending in for babies. they are adorable. if you want your pet to be pet to be pat of the day, send us their picture. kidd: it is time for kidd's this week. if you are trying to figure out what to be for halloween, i asked a class for hallowing costume ideas. >> a zombie. guy.metal >> a cat. >> a zombie football player. >> a vampire costume
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, or any costume you like. kidd: where do you get a vampire costume? >> toys "r" us. >> could you make a costume? is --n you're costume -- when're costume rips your costume rips, you can fix it. kidd: what would you do with paper and a box? >> you could tape it on. paper and a box for halloween. that is not a bad idea. kidd: every class does that. asked them to?
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taylor swift, there is new music. she dropped her new song. they are going crazy. take a listen. take it a compliment and missed part of the way you talk. kidd: i gave it a 2.5 on a scale of one to five. it is terribly great. she talks about going home to her cats by herself.
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. that's because this not-for-profit cooperative is owned by the people it serves. novec. listening. responding. cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned.
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i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. good morning, america. firing back, in a stunningly raw moment at the white house, the president's chief of staff general kelly lashes out at the president's critics. >> there's no perfect way to make that call. >> emotional as he describes losing his own son and both presidents obama and bush step back into the spotlight taking veiled swipes at trump. thwarted. a terrifying discovery. police discovering an arsenal of weapon, explosive device, maps of schools and the terrifying message on a handwritten note. new bombshell. oscar winner lupita nyong'o now taking on harvey weinstein, detailing her own repeated


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