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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 24, 2017 3:03am-4:00am EDT

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say, almost the opposite, that i felt you had her with you even when she was distant. >> tom: there you go. [ cheers and applause ] >> exactly. >> tom: bruno? >> gripping, magnetic sto storytelling. what you did is amazing, you stretch every movement to the maximum extent, and yet it feels effortless. it springs out of you, and it's wonderful dancing. he did the back thing. >> tom: sit down, gumby. let's get your scores right now. let's get them. >> announcer: carrie ann inaba. >> 10.
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>> announcer: shania twain. >> 10. >> announcer: bruno tonioli. >> 10! >> tom: there we go. 39 out of 40. that's really good. that's really good. just because they're safe this week doesn't mean they don't need your help. you got to vote. last up with their interpretation of a sci-fi movie, lindsey and mark. when we come back, they'll dance an argentine tango and then one couple will be eliminated, live. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> tom: hey, welcome back. closing out our night at the movies competition, the billboard music award-winning violinist who, last week, earned her first 10 and her highest score of the season. this week, lindsey sterling and mark concocted a sci-fi themed argentine tango. >> 6, 5, 4. >> last week was very stressful leading up to the dance. our morning camera blocking went terribly. and our next run-through was the show. i'm sorry, mark. >> you got this. >> but it all set in last minute. >> i absolutely loved that. >> 10. >> i know we had a rough one, but it paid off. great job. >> oh, thank you so much. >> our g
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>> that's cool. >> and we have the argentine tango. this is about creating a world inside the dance. >> mark is playing a mad scientist this week. it's not much of a stretch for him. >> i'm obsessive when it comes to building dances. make me do it. make me. [ laughter ] my mind is going. i can feel it. i've always dreamt of a perfect partner. my creation. will she work? she'll be perfect. [ laughter ] finally. i have created her! this could change everything. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ ♪ i am i have i breathe in and out ♪ ♪ i own a heart an ear and an eye i've only been here one time ♪ ♪ it's passing me by been in and out and in front of my judgmental eyes ♪ ♪ i am flesh, bones
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i am skin soul ♪ ♪ i am human nothing more than human ♪ ♪ i am human human human ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> tom: lindsey and mark! come here. come on, come
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that was sexy and freaky and wonderful. >> it's the best compliment i've ever happen. >> tom: len? >> i know it's a science fiction, but let me tell you a fact. i thought the choreography was phenomenal. [ cheers and applause ] i thought the dancing was brilliant. i gave you a 10 last week because you deserved it. and you deserve another 10 today, i'm not going to lie. >> tom: not such a tease this time, are you? shania? >> it was so graphic and intense. i just wanted to say that the sharp, i've never seen such sharp edges look so elegant. >> tom: yes. >> so graceful. >> tom: bruno?
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>> professor ballas, you've created another work of genius. but what i liked, at times it reminded me of fritz lang's "metropolis," and a bit of "ex machina." and it was a superb argentine tango. at no time was there any doubt, this was the best dance of the season. amazing. >> tom: there you go. carrie ann. >> this is week six, when everything matters, we're looking for mistakes, and it gets serious. you upped your game. you played that dance. well done. >> tom: all right. i got to say, mark, my friend
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creative crazy from you, but what changed for you between yesterday, having all the trouble, and that amazing performance tonight? >> it's a mindset. and sometimes you have to work on something until the last minute, and in the 11th hour, all the hard work clicks and pays off in the last second. anyways, this was fun. >> tom: you're staring at me, it's really creeping me out. but i got a feeling this won't creep anybody out. let's get the scores. >> announcer: carrie ann inaba. >> 10! >> announcer: len goodman. >> from len, the 10! >> announcer: shania twain. >> 10! >> announcer: bruno tonioli. >> 10! >> tom: 40 out of 40. a perfect score for lindsey and mark. the coupl
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are going to need your votes next week. congratulations, guys. head over there. >> thank you so much! >> tom: we've revealed the three couples who are in jeopardy. >> erin: with the judges' scores from last week combined with last week's viewer votes, we can now tell one more couple that they're safe to dance next week. >> tom: the next couple who is safe is victoria and val. [ cheers and applause ] >> erin: nick and peta and terrell and cheryl, one of these two couples had the lowest combined total of judges' scores and viewer votes and will be eliminated. >> tom: nick and peta, terrell and cheryl, on this sixth week of competition, the couple leaving right now
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peta. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> erin: let me grab you guys. enjoy this. i just was reading peta's tweet today after you danced tonight, and she just said, you need to know, you're exactly what we love having a part of the show. you're not supposed to come on and be a professional dancer. >> i enjoyed it, i came in not a very good dancer, going to leave not a very good dancer, but it was a blast. >> tom: and selfishly, i assume you'll be here next week to cheer on somebody else. >> i'll play dad,
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my wife. but i can't say enough about this wonderful woman. >> tom: take a bow. take center stage for a final bow. you can see them tomorrow morning in new york on "gma." our remaining couples need your votes. here are the numbers. you can call until one hour after the show and vote online at and on facebook until 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 pacific tomorrow night. the couple with the lowest combined total of viewer votes and judges' scores will be eliminated next monday night. >> erin: lindsey and mark at the top of the leaderboard, at the bottom, drew and emma. >> tom: don't leave it up to the judges, you have to vote. special thanks to shania twain for joining us this week. >> tom: join us next monday for halloween team dances. it's going to be scary. >> tom: we'll see you monday, . the world series, 96 degrees at first pitch, but there's a lot to know.
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ah, look at the scene in los angeles. they're getting ready. and for baseball fans, the dodgers/astros are an exciting matchup. >> question is, who should you root for? let's break down each team starting with the astros, shall we? >> that's in to left center field. >> reporter: the houston astros scored this season, a lot. they averaged more runs per game than any other team. houston also has a loaded roster. let's start with jose altuve, all 5'6" of him. he's possibly the most exciting player in baseball. big game and a big heart. >> we want to win the world series to give it to our city. >> reporter: houston also has justin verlander. they have yet to lose with hem on the mound. and it's always fun to spot his fiance, super model kate upton in the stands. then one
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sport and the one of the all-time best beards. the astros brought a boost to their city as it struggled to recover from hurricane harvey, houston strong. >> hugh ouston strong, baby. >> all compelling arguments, but, my former home, what about l.a. the dodgers won more games than anyone. they had their best regular season since moving to l.a. back in 1958. they also have dodger stadium. i mean, the pope and the beatles have headlined thereby. at 55, it's as loved as the team and its hot dogs. and hollywood's hometown team is packed with as far as. >> cody bellinger, only22 years old with 39 home runs, an a.l. record for rookies, rich hill, dropped from the majors two summers ago. he was in a small league in long island.
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third baseman justin turner, because game of thrones, but the dodgers' main man, clayton kershaw, considered the best of his generation. >> i'm not going to do anything differently, i guess, except try not to give up a home run. >> reporter: he's married to his high school sweetheart, has three cy young awards and a mvp but no world series ring, yet. yet. >> i don't know about that. >> this is fun to watch. it's 1988 since the dodgers were in the world series. can you guess who had the number one song that october? ♪ when i'm feelin' blue >> oh, phil collins. ♪ all i have to do is take a look at you ♪ >> oh, my god, yes. >> it's a little bit different. >> it's taking me back to the elementary school dance. >> when the astros won in 2005, you know what was the number one
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♪ all right, people, time for "t "the mix", and tall is upon us, which means that your lawns are going to be covered in leaves. and now we have new motivation to get the kids out there to rake them for you. a couple in massachusetts are offering to buy leaves for $1 per leaf, as long as they're in good condition and bundled by the hundreds. >> i'm going to hit up central park. >> they preserve the leaves and resins and sell them. last year they made almost $15,600 selling leaves. so this year they're asking you for your leaves. >> when we think they are suckers f
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we're going to rake up and ship to them they're the smart ones. quesadilla's on to something. taco bell is on to something. >> i bit it has to do with quesadillas. >> the chocoladilla. >> what do they taste like? >> we kind of made it ourselves. >> you didn't have to do that. >> for you, anything. >> you shouldn't have. >> here it is, your little quesadilla, but since it's like a quesadilla. >> put some of that sea salt on there. >> you're going high brow with it. >> himalayan sea salt. >> really? >> i put too much. >>
3:27 am
what do you think, kendis? >> do that thing! >> chocolate mixed with the salt is actually kind of good. >> taco bell, might want to add some himalayan pink salt to the recipe, noted. all right. over to niagara falls. are you all right over there? >> hello! >> that was a ringing endorsement. >> oh, my god, that was gross. [ laughter ] >> i don't know whether to spare you or not. watch you flounder around. >> this is why you can't have good things that i eat on tv. >> let's head over to niagara falls now, that image was hilarious. we have other ones for you. this is at an abandoned coffin factory, said to be haunted by its old owner, and these are all the reaction photos. whatever they're doing, it seems to be very, very effective. >> the
3:28 am
tasted the kit kat quesadilla, and that's their reaction to it. >> i think it's delicious. >>
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this morning on "world news now," officials revealing new details about how the niger attack unfolded. those americans ambushed, four killed and now the widow of one of them speaking out with her concerns about just what went wrong. plus tampa on edge as the search for a possible serial killer intensifies. we have the latest in the manhunt. and new this half hour, the vietnam veteran recognized for his heroic actions nearly 50 years ago. >> so why did it take so long? ♪ hooray for hollywood and it was moving night on "dancing with the stars."
3:31 am
and even some trolling, but one couple isn't going to get their hollywood happy ending. we'll break it down in "the skinny," it is tuesday, october 24th. ♪ from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you can almost get it that little leg kick going. >> that leg going. maybe not while sitting in the chair. we'll try it a little later. but we're going to start this half hour out with new information trickling in. >> an american who actually survived the ambush that claimed the lives of the four special operations soldiers is sharing details of la david johnson's courage under fire. and president trump is disputing the way his widow says he handled his call.
3:32 am
abc's lana zak has more. >> reporter: for the first time, joseph dunford outlined a timeline for the fatal october 4th ambush. of american troops in niger. >> midmorning on october 4th the patrol began to take fire as they were returning to their operating base. approximately one hour after taking fire, the team requested support. >> reporter: by the time the firefight was over, four americans were dead at the hands of isis-pledged fighters, including la david johnson. >> why it took them 48 hours to find my husband. why couldn't i see my husband? i don't know what's in that box. it could be empty for all i know. >> reporter: there are nearly 1,000 troops in niger, and members of congress are asking questions too, including why the team was traveling in unarmed vehicles and why support took so long to arrive. president trump has yet to answer questions on the specifics of the ambush. >> did you authorize -- >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: but he did weigh in on t
3:33 am
a conversation she says made her cry even more. >> if my husband is out here fighting for our country, and he risked his life for our country, why can't you remember his name. >> reporter: an american survivor tells abc news that sergeant johnson's bravery was beyond expectations and that he died a true war hero. mrs. johnson says their children, including a third to be born in january will know that their father passed away in service to the country. kendis, diane. >> our thanks to you. the pentagon will tell myesha johnson a little later on today what exactly was inside that box that she was referring to. in the meantime, the president is having lunch with republican senators on capitol hill today trying to hammer out details of y for deep tax cuts.ways to eet there will be no change to
3:34 am
401(k)s. his reassurance follows reports that congress was considering putting a cap on the apartment -- amount of money americans can save through the retirement plans. senator john mccain insists he was not taking a shot at president trump when he referred to wealthy getting deferments in the vietnam war. he stopped short of calling the president a draft dodger. here's abc's cecelia vega. >> reporter: coming from war hero senator john mccain, it sounded like a swipe at president trump who got five deferments to avoid serving in vietnam, including one for bone spurs. >> we drafted the lowest-income level of america and the highest-income level found a doctor that would say that they had a bone spur. that is wrong. >> reporter: so was mccain talking about the president? he was asked on "the view" >> people thought you were talking about -- >> trump. >> mr. trump. because he had a doctor's note that said he had bone spurs. >> i think more than once, yes. >> more than once. [ laughter ]
3:35 am
>> do you consider him a draft dodger? >> i don't consider him so much a draft dodger is that i feel that the system was so wrong that certain americans could evade their responsibilities to serve the country. >> reporter: their public sparring goes back to the campaign trail when then candidate trump took a shot at the arizona senator who spent more than five years as a prisoner of war. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured, okay? i hate to tell you. >> reporter: mccain has not forgotten. >> what i cared about was when he was talking about other prisoners of war. >> mm-hm. >> including or world war ii guys who were still around. there's an individual that lives in phoenix, and he's 92. and he weighed 110 pounds when he got out of the german prison camp. and he said to me, he said senator mccain, why does the president not like me? you know, that's hard to explain
3:36 am
to a 92-year-old man. >> reporter: now as he battles brain cancer, the 81-year-old senator has become one of the president's toughest critics, and the president has not held back. >> people have to be careful, because at some point i fight back, you know. i'm being very nice, but at some point i fight back, and it won't be pretty. >> are you scared? [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] >> reporter: senator mccain was also asked what his relationship is like with president trump. he says he has almost no relationship. he did, though, try to clarify those comments about bone spurs. he told reporters this was not a swipe at president trump, but you heard him. he was not holding back. this white house so far, no comment. cecelia vega, abc news, washington. army sergeant bowe bergdahl will have to wait at least another couple days to learn what his punishment will be. the military judge now considering his sentence now says he's concerned that
3:37 am
president trump's comments about the case would raise doubts over whether his court-martial was conducted fairly. bergdahl faces life in prison after pleading guilty to deserting his post in afghanistan before being kidnapped by the taliban. the judge is expected to rule on bergdahl's motion to dismiss the case entirely. to san francisco where testimony resumes in the trial of an undocumented immigrant. he admitted he shot kate steinle. at issue is whether he fired intentionally or the gun went offer accidently. his immigration status is not a factor, but the shooting two years ago kicked off that national debate on immigration. the city had released him from jail even though the federal government wanted to deport him. tampa, florida police are escorting children to and from bus stops after
3:38 am
all three victims were transit bus riders. so the transit agency has changed a route through seminole heights. the police say they don't have any suspects or motives but are confident the cases are related. philadelphia's welcome to the police chief's convention didn't go quite as planned. three members of the city's highway patrol team were injured as they performed motorcycle stunts. outside the convention center. two were hurt in a chain reaction crash. the third was injured as part of a dragging stunt. all three were treated at the hospital and released. >> okay. the nfl is making something completely clear. janet jackson has not been banned from the super bowl. >> the league said in a statement after jackson's fans demanded that justin timberlake at least apologize for the wardrobe incident at the 2004 super bowl. the statement included a no comment about the speculation, regarding potential guests when timberlake performs. at next februa
3:39 am
minneapolis. some people are worked up about this one online. >> that sounds like a non-denial denial. that means janet jackson is going to minneapolis. >> they say she's not banned in any way, but #justiceforjanet is now trending. >> she says minneapolis in one of her songs. >> that's true. you're digging deep on it this one. investigative journalism over here. and fans heading to tonight's game, one of the world series are told to stay hydrated. when the dodgers and astros take the field, temperatures are expected to be near 100 degrees. >> so the dodgers haven't been in the series since 1988. the astros only other trip was in 2005 when they lost in consecutive games to the white sox. >> ticket prices are through the roof. the average seat is going for more than $3300. >> average. >> we'll be watching from the couch. so we don't cover much volleyball here on the show. but you have to see this play.
3:40 am
senior in texas. >> check out autumn finney of decatur high, hitting over a teammate. hitting the ball back over the net. the video has gone viral and the play is now being called super human. >> so finney's team went on to win the point, clearly. she told a volleyball magazine that she doesn't even remember doing it. >> wow, was that good? she blacked out. >> just automatic. >> she said i thought the ball has to go that way. i'm flying this way. how am i going to do it? that's how. >> i love how many angles captured that play. >> never knew volleyball had so much coverage. >> i had no idea, jack. >> you know her other sport? >> what? >> she's a long jumper. >> so there. >> came in handy. coming up, melania trump's new message to school kids about how to treat each other inside and outside the classroom. and later in "the skinny," relationship goals. how one a-list
3:41 am
trolling each other in a very public way. you're watching "world news now." in a very public way. you're watching "world news now."
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i had this chest cold, but my medicine kept wearing off. (coughs! i missed you! then i discovered mucinex. one pill lasts 12 hours,and i'm good. why take 4-hour medicine? one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. feven being the backng half of a unicorn. fortunately, the front half washed his shirt with gain. ah... the irresistible scent of gain flings laundry detergent. first lady melania trump urging students to choose kindness, part of her message.
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as national bullying prevention month gets under way. >> she traveled with betsy devos to a middle school outside detroit. they visited with students in a cafeteria raising awareness of the no-child-eats-alone initiative. >> i encourage you to find a new friend and eat lunch with a new friend. and ask them what they like, what their hobbies are. and so nobody is sad, stressed, and everybody feels included. >> mrs. trump also spent time inside a sixth grade classroom that focuses on social emotional learning. and one of america's greatest unsung heroes has given the recognition he deserves. >> for decades, gary rose was forced to keep his acts of valor secret, even from his wife. now he's singled out for
3:45 am
here's david wright. >> reporter: gary michael rose enlisted as a combat medic in vietnam. at age 22 on a secret mission behind enemy lines his unit came under attack. he was the only medic for more than 100 men. so for four days in the jungle he treated his comrades even though he was injured too. when the choppers finally extracted him, his got shot down. all 16 soldiers on board from his unit were injured, all of them came home alive. that's sergeant rose on crutches there. he saved every one of them. at the white house, retired captain rose now 70, received the nation's highest honor. plus, a pat on the shoulders, a handshake and a well-deserved salute. david wright, abc news, new york. [ applause ]
3:46 am
>> his wife actually says up until last year she had never really heard him tell the story about what happened. >> quite a secret he's kept all those years, congrats to him. and when we come back, blake lively's birthday wish to her husband has a lot of people talking. >> we'll explain why. the jen skinny's next. >> we'll explain why. there's airborne plus beta-immune booster™. the only one made th vitamins and nerals, plus an ingredient proven to boost your natural defenses. airborne.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny it's a big skinny here on a tuesday, because we're going to head straight on to the ballroom. it was movie night on dancing with the stars. let's just say the theme was fitting. because there are enough plot twists and drama to earn an oscar nomination. >> they brought in shania twain as a guest judge. sometimes the guest judges want to be nice and hand out prizes to everyone. not shania, no. she did hand out a couple tens. there were a couple where she scored lower than all the other judges. >> it was surprising to many of the other judges. they're like, you're supposed to be nice. >> the perfect score of the night went to lindsey, the
3:49 am
violinist and mark for their futuristic sci-fi tango. jordan and lindsey were one point back with the dramatic rhumba. >> these couples are the front runners, and watching them dance is just beautiful. >> jordan's best known for what show? >> "hamilton." >> that's it. >> kendis. >> that means he's a ringer. now we need to take a moment to address frankie and whitney's toll-themed costumes and the faces. >> i mean, if you're going to dress like a troll, you have to make cheesy faces to go along with it. >> the judges actually liked it. maybe the mushrooms had something to do with it. >> it was very colorful. >> there were no surprise endings. the bottom two were, there you go, terrell and cheryl and nick and peta.
3:50 am
>> and after the incredibly long pause, it was nick and peta who got the boot. ending his mirror ball trophy dreams. he said he got there as a bad dancer. he left there as a bad dancer. >> but he still got that point move down. all those years in 98 degrees served him well in that department. by the way, revenge is a dish best served cold and we're learning that from blake lively this morning. >> she and her husband, oscar nominee in 2018. ryan reynolds, are used to have be conversations online for the world to see, why would their birthday wishes be any different? >> nope. she posted this to instagram, wishing her hubby a happy 41st. but the picture is of ryan gosling. see, even blake lively likes ryan gosling better.
3:51 am
>> hess his wife is like i'd rather be with the other ryan. >> the best part about it is it's not just a picture of ryan gosling, she cropped out ryan reynolds. >> he sent out a tweet, saying my kids tried to surprise me. i totally heard them coming and snuck out to start a new life somewhere else. >> this might help with that. >> but this was from the birthdays earlier. >> he posted happy birthday to her and cropped her out of the photo. but she's winning this insta-battle. for creative use of the ryan. so katy perry was touring over the weekend and stopped at the four seasons hotel in st. louis while a wedding reception was in full swing. so of course the pop star crashed a party. >> got to do it. she congratulated the couple, chatted with them, took some pics. with some people who were actually invited to the wedding. >> and then she hit the floor. oh, yeah. and the wedding became a dance par-tay. >> i can see her being a fun
3:52 am
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ewwww oh eat it! lysol kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft and hard surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. ♪ ♪ ah-oh let's go ♪ let's go crazy ♪ >> ooh, purple. ♪ ♪ let's go >> wish i was wearing purple. because we are getting a never before seen look at photos of prince. >> his close friend and photographer took the photos. we get them now as part of a super star project that chris conne connolly got to sit down about. >> reporter: one on one with the man responsible for "purple in
3:56 am
prince's personal photographer, shahidi. 20 years capturing hem at home, on stage and behind the scenes. >> for me, each team i was with prince i was still like wow, i'm standing here with prince. >> reporter: his royal badness always clicked with shahidi. sharing some of his finest images and memories in his new book "prince, a private view." you say that he looked at tapes of every performance he ever did. >> he did. and he would sit there and watch it. >> reporter: while prince knew how to pose, knew his angles, fans would be drawn to more intimate moments. the shahidi's daughter became an actor. prince rented out a movie theater to watch. yara would later star on "black-ish." later a note would show a family friend was still rooting for her. >> two months before he passed
3:57 am
saying i love your show "black-ish," and your character is one of my favorite characters on the show, and say hi to your pops. >> reporter: he had left prince by 2011. news of his death in 2016 hit hard. >> the day he passed away i was at home. and i got a text from somebody saying there's something going on at paisley park. and i turned on the news and shortly thereafter it was confirmed that it was prince. sorry. >> reporter: afterwards, from prince, a tender tribute, to their years together. >> after he passed i went into prince's office, and there's a picture of yara in his office. it was incredible. >> and "prince, a private view" is out today. still heartbreaking for him
3:58 am
his creativity. >> don't miss our updates on facebook at >> more news, let's go from abc.
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you . making news in america this morning, extreme weather from coast to coast. in the east, severe storms tossed planes and cars and even uprooted trees. in the west, blazing heat is prompting critical wildfire warnings and setting the stage for a world series scorcher. the check in the mail. this morning the family of a fallen soldier getting their gift from president trump. new details about this presidential promise. bill o'reilly fights back amid a growing sexual harassment scandal. >> am i mad at god? yeah, i'm mad at him. >> hear who he is blaming and new claims overnight against harvey weinstein. plus, consumer alert. one


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