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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  October 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. breaking news out of virginia, state police with new word this morning about an amber alert. the message they want you to hear. more holmes hid in a bizarre shooting spree. the targets in prince george's county. autria: and
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his own words, what one of the faces of national baseball is saying about his chances in court now that he has been charged with assault. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] with us hereou are on this tuesday morning. not a good morning to start out, wet. but it's going to change? veronica: that's right, you may have for the rain overnight, quite a bit of it came down in some locations, but now the rain out there,ill breezy but we picked up half of integrate in virginia. annandale, 1/10 to one quarter of an inch in some locations overnight, and now a little breezy east of interstate 95. the wind will be with us through the morning hours and maybe in the afternoon we will see some occasional higher gusts. sunshine with mild temperatures yet again. highs later today, getting into the lower 70 plus. julie, you can always
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track the and those up-and-down temperatures by tracking them in our stormwatch weather app. at thewe are looking crash with police on the scene, police directing you buy one direction at a time at this point, 66 out of gainesville, coming southbound on the bw parkway, and earlier crash after interstate 195. the metro orange line dealing with delays in the and of this morning because of a stalled car out of chevrolet. back in the next 10 minutes that you know if it is a know or if it's slow out of germantown. larry? larry: breaking news out of virginia overnight. autria: state police put out an amber alert. adrianna: the amber alert has been canceled because that three-year-old has been found safe and sound. the search for the suspect is not over. police are looking for 40-year-old james king, who you see here on your
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kayden merchant. he was last seen around 6:30 last night just north of richmond. he is believed to be in a honda mantra with virginia plates. police say he might be headed towards petersburg. they are asking you to keep your eyes open and if you see him or see the car, they are asking you to call 911. larry: we now know that carlos balcom a former teacher's aide, faces more charges and investigators say the list of victims keeps growing. accused of sexually abusing at least 40 students. he has hiv but so far prosecutors say that none of his alleged victims have tested possible -- positive for the virus. assert for anders -- answers underway right now after a swastika was found painted on the school in prince william county
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after the owner of the school found the graffiti. investigators believe it happened sometime between 6:00 friday night and 6:00 on saturday and if you saw anything, please want to hear from you. autria: it has happened again, even more homes shot is williams county. ryan hughes is live in dumfries, where new information has surfaced overnight. ryan? ryan: i just spoke with a woman whose home was hit out here. as you can imagine, she is too scared to go on camera but she says she was home with her husband and young on early saturday morning and heard the gunshot that hit her home here in the 2500 block of sedgwick place. this home, the home next to it and the will home next to that one as well. three homes in total were struck by bullets and police believe that the shots were fired from behind the homes really early in the morning, between 5:00 and five: wordy, but
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shell casings were found. her home was only hit once in the back, the other two on the end were hit multiple times. one car in another townhome were also shot on eileen court between 3:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the morning as well. police have been trying to get to the bottom of this dangerous pattern for a long time now. abc 7 has been closely following this area 20 homes were hit by ,unshots in woodbridge manassas, dumfries, and a couple of cases and fairfax county of bullets flying through windows and homes. luckily in each case here no one was injured but there have also been no arrests. police are trying to figure out if these cases are possibly connected, but speaking with neighbors they tell me that they heard several gunshots between 5:00 and 10:00 saturday morning and as you can imagine, their nerves are still rattled from all of this.
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shoot and run caught on camera in d.c., police are asking for your help to find this guy who fired shots in northeast on saturday night just before 9:00 and if you know asked to callare mpd. developing right now, a former world series m.v.p. turned baseball analyst facing serious charges. larry: he eventually went on to become an analyst for the nationals. autria: accused of assault and battery after neighbors say that they saw him attacking someone at his apartment. he said he plans to clear his name. >> do you think you did anything wrong? >> i think i will be exonerated. >> use out on bail in due back in court in january. the redskins, with another disappointing loss. stings,his one really it was against the eagles last night, their division rival. they had no answer for the second season quarterback who had second -- several big plays. kirk
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touchdowns, but it wasn't enough to avoid the 30 to 24 loss. >> that's where we have been in the series since i have been in it. the nfc east is kind of like that. the losing team says two or three plays, could have been different. the winning team is very happy. we've got to figure out a way to make those plays. >> tied for second place in the nfc east with dallas, the cowboys come to town this sunday. autria: a look at dodgers stadium and los angeles. it's only 14 hours until first pitch for game one of the world series where the dodgers host the astros for the best-of-seven. today, kings dominion, closed at the direct request of the fbi. you they are doing and why need to stay out of their today. plus, a d.c. tradition, strutting strong.
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you may have had rain overnight, it's now moving out of here, but unlike this morning we have got some win this morning. it was really sick and stay with us for a while. pretty mild for a morning temperature. rain exiting, clouds clearing, your temperatures move from the mid-to-upper 50 fossil by 8 a.m. to 70 degrees by lunchtime, 74 by 4:00, breezy and clear this the 50's,ack into quite cool, if not 40's in some pockets early tomorrow morning, getting back to the taste of fall with a high temperature tomorrow only 64 degrees with sunshine and we will stay in the 60's through the end of the work week. but what about the rest of the month of october, julie? there's only seven days left after today? julie:
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now, we are looking at delays out of college park towards 270. we had an earlier crash at that location and in virginia we had 29 that is still under police direction. a 17 minute ride to, and earlier crash at interstate 195 has been cleared to the shoulder and the orange line has a stalled train outside of chevrolet. that's the traffic watch, back in the next 10 minutes with an updated ride out to the west. autria: you're lucky lotto numbers might have to work overtime. what is changing with one jack not drying that they sit even harder to win but sweeter if you do?
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ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. rrator: they call him enron ed.rtham, because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas.
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now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. >> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. severe weather in southeast, parts of georgia and the carolinas are under 20 to watches overnight. an airport in charlotte, the wind was so strong that they flipped planes
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while you were sleeping, rain and wind in the system hitting us at home. but the wind advisories have no expired and everything should dry out by midmorning. adrianna? adrianna: thousands of kids headed back to class in puerto rico for the first time since -- hurricane maria devastated the island, but they will be going back to classrooms that are still without power. only 1/10 of the classrooms can function right now. larry, over the to you. happening today, the fbi is holding an emergency preparedness exercise at kings dominion. the entire park will be turned into a training ground for the day. it'srill begins at 10:00 morning and will last throughout the day. the park is closed to the public. named three schools
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confederate generals in oklahoma city are getting new names. it's estimated to lost about $3000 to switch out the signage. the changes should be done by next year. keep an eye on a story coming to a head in virginia. the debate to rename jeb stuart high school comes to a vote in just a few days. several names have been proposed and will be at the top of the school board decision on thursday. be sure to glad -- grab the free news app to get the latest information at your fingertips. autria: the proposal to install cell towers throughout montgomery county has hundreds of people upset. communication companies want to beef up service. one key concern, the effective radiofrequency emissions. ike leggett has said that he wants the federal government to do more research. >> it could start coming in with the birth defects or disabilities. autria:
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was the first of four public hearings on the issue. officials have not yet made a decision, there is still time to weigh in. larry: an everyday appliance leaving a home destroyed. a malfunctioning blunder caused $300,000 in damage at this house in newington. firefighters were able to contain the fire to the basement that not before the damage was done. six people are now displaced. adrianna: starting sunday you will need a bigger stroke of luck to win the mega millions. it will cost you one dollar more to get the ticket and you will have a longer shot in winning. the one in 300 million. enter a chance for winning any at one in 24. but if you do hit, you will hit big. the jackpot jumps from $15 million to $40 million. best of luck to you. larry? [laughter] larry:
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washington. today they are celebrating with whiskeyl -- special distilling, barrel filling, and a toast. they made it just as washington would himself after researchers found the old recipe ledgers in the distillery. tradition going 31 years strong, the annual high heel race in dupont circle. runners lace up their best pumps and raced down 17th street. at 6:30.ures begin that, we have a yearly tradition, the third annual "good morning washington closed out high heel race and this is some serious stuff. the grand marshall will be counting us down and the big question everyone is talking about this morning, can this man right here, our reigning champion, brian van de graaff,
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we will find out this morning when we switch over to news channel 8. this year he is going up against josh. so we will see. larry: looking like another warm day? veronica: fantastically warm, really nice for getting outdoors . what a warm october we have had. month, days, 90% of this the afternoon temperatures have been above average. only three days where the afternoon temperature was at or below average, really incredible. a cooler pattern for us now as we move forward after today. look at the 70's throughout the mid-atlantic. west, it'sto the burg, columbus, ohio, high temperatures today, pretty seasonable for them. waiting on a cold front coming to the area, there's the rain in
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that's the one we will be waiting for and it comes through tomorrow, taking our high temperatures back down. the rain ending this morning, the sunshine popping out on the other side of sunrise. a gorgeous day today. tomorrow's not going to be bad, just cooler. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, all great days for halloween decorating. not too greasy at all. halloween right now between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., 55 degrees for a temperature, dropping in the outlying suburbs, a jacket may be required. hollow ween at 6:36. drive through the end of the work week, and we will take an hourly look at your sunday coming up in 10 minutes. julie: the ride for those on the outer loop this morning, a 35 minute commute out of college park
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georgia avenue. 270, towards 121, accident at the ready on the right side of the highway. into clarksburg that's a 52 minute ride southbound, or is line dealing with delays in the anna because of a stalled train in chevrolet. back in the next 10 minutes and we will update the right out of dale city. autria: ato you problem in the skies leading to a close call on the ground. the scramble after a plane coming in for a landing loses all contact. real-life drama from "sex in the city." how did the show keep her from doing
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. the rain is moving out, what a difference from 24 hours ago, when we couldn't even see the capitol dome through the thick fog
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your tuesday forecast in just a few minutes. ,utria: actress kim cattrall opening up and giving surprising new details about her time on the megahit show "sex and the ." y she blames the schedule of the show for her not having children. played theyears she glamorous and outspoken samantha jones on "sex and the city." but now, she sang the role that skyrocketed her to worldwide fame in 1998 prevented her from having a baby. that.ut work before telling piers morgan that she and her husband considered ivf, but her grueling work hours made it impossible. myself, i have 19 hour days on this series
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how could i possibly continue to do that? especially in my early 40's. >> coming up, more on her revealing interview. i'm linzie janis, abc news, new york.
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i'm i'm up earlyax, for my most important job. -more peanut butter, daddy. -more peanut butter, daddy. as prosecutor, justin fairfax fought drugs, crime, and human trafficking. that's why he's endorsed by virginia law enforcement. buckle up. nothing's more important than keeping them safe and helping them prosper. as your lieutenant governor, i'll work to grow the economy and invest in schools and career training, because virginia's families need more results, not more politics.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. now,a: happening right neighbors on, holmes shot up, one them telling us is money to you scared to go on camera area the shooting spree that terrorizing people in northern a man, outea larry: of jail and then arrested again, i use of trying to rape in kill a different woman. we are trying to figure out why he was back on the street in the first place. autria: let's start things out this morning with a check on your forecast. veronica johnson is tracking a little bit of rain. talking about the extensive fog, the roads are wet , that's what you really need to watch out for in the morning hours. cloud cover heading
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out, the rain is at least ending. it will be a breezy day with mid 70's throughout the area. a look at doppler, conditions are quiet now, all the rain is gone. dry conditions for the next five days, including saturday right now. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, all looking dry. we will be tracking rain for the second half of the weekend. this afternoon could not be better. it's still going to be mild so for afterschool sports the kids pressure and a bit of a breeze by 6:00, upper 60's by 7:00, so practice might go a little later, but look at tomorrow morning, my goodness, we are back to needing the warm jackets. 30's, 40's, all showing up on the board for tomorrow morning. we will talk about how cool your neighborhood will feel in the
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days, coming up. julie: 95, slowing in separate ,tretches, a 31 minute commute dale city to the beltway, a 31 minute ride there as well. towards9 minute commute the bridge. a crash towards georgia avenue tying of the left lane, a 32 minute ride headed west out of college park, this 10 mile stretch is going to cost you an hour in travel time. there was also the wreck north wound tying up the right lane. the bailout of feel in each telegraph roaden and interstate 97. that's the traffic watching them back in 10 minutes with the possibility of another crash on the beltway. autria? autria: a shooting spree in prince william county. larry: one dozen townhomes have been shot and you can now add two more to the list. we have been follo
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ryan is live in dumfries where the crime just keeps on happening. ryan? ryan: it sure does, larry. one woman whose home was hit by bullets, she tells us she was home with her husband and young son when they first thought they heard fireworks. when they went outside they found the bullet in the back of their home in here you can see the others on the end, they were hit multiple times. three townhomes in all in this neighborhood. to show youhe map another area, seven miles away from here, in woodbridge, one car and another townhome also shot on eileen court saturday morning between 3:00 and i've talked. police believe that someone on the other side of the homes fire the bullets in the came crashing into these homes. luckily no one was hurt but police have been trying to get to the bottom of this for a long time now. last year more than 20 homes were hit by gunshots here in
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woodbridge, and manassas. there were a couple of other cases in fairfax county area the lets fly into windows and doors as he bore inside. as we said in all of these cases, no one has been injured, but police are trying to figure out if the cases are connected. police say that one of the major problems is that they get the call a day or two later when they realize it, so they are actively working to aggressively figure out how these bullets got into these homes. thanks for that, ryan. a search for answers after a swastika was found in prince william county found on a school. the school's owner found the graffiti on saturday. if you saw anything, police want to hear from you. autria: we know that the man accused of killing six people last week
6:35 am
trial in delaware. the crime scene stretch from advanced granite solutions in edgewood in, delaware. that is where he shot and wounded one man hours after shooting of the granite company. he believed that his coworkers cheated him. he could face life without parole. tampa police in scrambling for answers as a possible serial killer remains on the loose. all the killings happened with anyone mile radius in a normally quiet neighborhood. we don't know who the person is. everyone at this point is a suspect. there's a good likelihood that someone in this room knows who is doing it. someone knows something, but they don't realize it. only lead so far is grainy surveillance video showing a person of interest
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spotted near the scene of the first murder. autria: most call at a busy air. an air canada flight losing contact with the tower, essentially forced to land line. blind. this happened sunday at san francisco international air or. the tower, trying to give instructions five times to an incoming plane to change runways, but they never got the message. the plane landed without incident, but this is the second close call involving air canada. one flight came just 59 feet from hitting another after it landed on a taxiway. two gold star mothers are getting a lot of praise this morning for organizing honor flights for veterans. side -- they lost their sons in combat. spirit ofeping the their children alive by giving back to the commun
6:37 am
flights, but each flight has 185 people, that's him and he we have touched. honoring the service and you stop focusing on how they died. american airlines, welcoming its 600 honor flight. an honor guard was on hand for the ceremony. autria: gives you chills, seeing that. we are trying out the rain eventually leaving.
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right now, "good morning washington" has to advance screenings to the new marvel for movie. , colorw, 703-528-7334 number seven wins area do but. outside this morning things are not too bad. temperatures very mild for this time of year, starting out in throughout the area. temperatures, almost 20 degrees cooler tomorrow morning
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that will be the trend for the remainder of the month. this morning we are seeing one front already for the area with the rain across gaithersburg and fredericksburg, all the way into sylvania with a secondary coming through late today and early tomorrow. it will be much cooler behind the system. there is your clearing sky by 8 a.m., sunshine, low-to-mid 70's today, very mild indeed. high pressure tomorrow bringing us sunshine. the other big weather maker coming sunday, bringing a chilly rain to the area. i will show you how much in your travel forecast, coming up. julie: outer loop, the accident avenue, youshire may want to start thinking about the icc or randolph road as an alternate. we also had southbound 270 on the brakes area 51 minute ride into hearts. crash reported
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telegraph road and interstate 97, watch for police responding. headed outbound on 66, there has been a wreck. north bend 95, dale city to the beltway, a 26 minute commute, starting to see the delays towards the 14th street bridge. that is our traffic watch and i'm back in the next 10 minutes with troubles along new hampshire avenue and i will show you where area larry? larry: a disturbing crime that some people say he never should have happened. what's going on, john gonzalez? john: that's right, read the defender, a woman attacked in her own home. this morning residents wondering i this man wasn't kind bars. he had a run-in with police just weeks ago.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: developing right now, a manic is of trying to ape in kill a woman in camp springs weeks after he was arr
6:46 am
another sex crime. larry: police are working to get answers as to why the suspected predator was on the streets in the first place. john? great russian this morning. we understand this all ended on saturday with a police chase on foot. the suspect was new for part of it. it happened right here at this dead-end street here in camp springs maryland. we are told that this is where the 23-year-old broke into a woman's home in broad daylight saturday morning. he allegedly robbed her, tried to rape her, and try to kill her. the suspect, from southeast d.c., behind bars again. less than one month ago he was charged with first-degree sexual abuse of another woman. a d.c. judge chose to release him under what was supposed to be high-intensity supervision. wellso
6:47 am
camp springs, maryland, where he allegedly attacked again. now he is facing 17 new criminal charges connected to this attack on saturday, living first-degree attempted murder. the wording live, john gonzales, "good morning washington." adrianna: breaking early this morning, one man shot in the back, police say he was conscious and breathing when the emergency crews took him away in an ambulance. you will notice in the video that a dog is a leash. the dog also hopped into the ambulance with the victim but we do not believe the dog was injured in the shooting. no word yet on a suspect or exactly what happened. larry, autria, back over to you. larry:
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a late-night for white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders, taking part in a panel discussion on the first year of the trump administration. >> so many things get lost in process and it's hard to push things through, regardless of whether or not you have a republican majority, particularly when it's a narrow majority, it makes it tough to change,big and bold like donald trump would like to do. but we are making a lot of progress. maybe not as fast as, certain the, the president wants, and certainly not as much as america one. about his lowked approval rating, she said his numbers are better than that of congress. autria: suzanne kennedy has the details on accusations of assault and that are in. suzanne: the incident took place early sunday morning. both night and
6:49 am
alleged victim were treated at a local hospital. in the end he will be charged with assault and battery and he was taken to the fairfax county jail. neighbors here said that they heard yelling coming from the apartment after a small gathering at his home. one woman said that she saw a man swing at another. networkbaseball covering the washington nationals, a former pro baseball player himself. the victim did -- the victim described as acquaintance of his. this is what he had to say last night. anything wrong? >> i will be exonerated. he will be in court on january 8. reporting live in fairfax county, suzanne kennedy. suzanne: the redskins -- autria: the redskins, hoping they can keep it together by the time they take on their archrivals, the dallas c
6:50 am
this after a disappointing loss against the eagles. carson wind through 44 touchdown passes. four touchdown passes. >> it's kind of like that on the nfc, the losing team says just a few plays could have made a difference and the winning team moves on very happy. we've got to figure out how to make those plays. larry: they are now three and three, tied with alice. -- dallas. autria: taking a look at dodger stadium, it's 14 hours to go until first pitch for game one of the world series. did you know that this is going to be one of the hottest names in history? temperatures out there could hit 96 degrees by first pitch. veronica:
6:51 am
autria: ok? veronica: off by a degree. i defer to the -- autria: i don't know, i defer to you. [laughter] larry: still omg weather out there, crazy weather. travels: the ball different in different humidity. but that's for another day. [laughter] larry: is it a good day to travel? veronica: yes and no. it will be dry, they won't have to deal with the umbrella, but towardsll be some wind boston, philadelphia, new york city, flights could be bumpy. the roads, just a little bit wet. taking it easy out there this morning. here's a look at the wind out there, look at ocean city, new york city, philadelphia, wind gusts, 35 miles per hour in new york city later tod
6:52 am
for us here locally we will be getting sunshine. i like the fact that humidity will be lower, too. lightrees, feeling the will later today. the weekend, 70's, 68 sealable. to develop intart the morning hours and then it will get heavier in them evening hours. not much rain this time, but look at the computer guidance here, breaking up with an inch to two inches of rain into the early part of next. the high days. can picking are looking great, even on sunday, i think it's ok to take in the fall color, kind of dull but the rain will help to make for some brilliant photos. ever done that, julie? taking the photos when the leaves are no. julie: [laughter] julie:
6:53 am
pulled to the shoulder, randolph road, the icy the, with well as an alternate from interstate 70 back into clarksburg. the crash was northbound tying up the far right lane and still we are dealing with a ramp that's closed towards westbound 66 at the roosevelt bridge, shut down until further notice. inbound on 50 we have reports of an accident pulled to the shoulder according to authorities. 15 minute ride to travel to the beltway out of new carrollton. small week road, as you guys travel north down expected to be a 25 minute road from -- ride from there to the capital beltway. that's the traffic watch and i'm back in the next 10 minutes to let you know about the ride out of oxon hill but this morning it's time to say good morning to our pet of the day. this is due, not spooked by the elephant beside him. definitely in the halloween spirit.
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so. if you want your pet to be the pet of the day, why not? and is teachers. pictures. your look at that. autria: all right, it is everyone's favorite time of the year. the capitals are snuggling up for the canine calendar. the wives and girlfriends of the team came up with the idea and all proceeds benefit homeward animal rescue. some brought their own pets, but most of these dogs are up adoption and in need of a good home. both of those things you wouldn't mind snuggling up with. was nohe nfl says there ban on janet jackson and there never was and she would be welcome at the upcoming super bowl halftime show. the internet has been buzzing since
6:55 am
wondering if he will bring her on stage. i said yesterday, absolutely it has to happen. ladies and gentlemen, i have already come up with the first three songs of the super bowl halftime show. it starts with insync coming out, they sing i want you back. then janet comes out and sings together again. and then we go to justin timberlake's rock your body. are you producing the halftime show? kidd: give me a call, folks. [laughter] "mean girls" the rod way musical is set to hit washington dc before it hits new york in about a year. tina fey is in the city and i will share my conversation with her tomorrow.
6:56 am
her. autria: i'm excited for this. kidd: mean girls is one of my favorite movies. i have been asked for a return of mean girls. so, there are strict rules about questions, we can only ask about the musical. autria: you can't ask about lindsay lohan? kidd: for the movie. just as well. the talk of the director and the people behind the music and everything, super excited for that. in movie news, dora the explorer is coming to the big screen as a live-action film. yes, it's real, and is being directed by michael bay. the director of "the transformers." she's a teenager who moves to the city to hang out with her cousin, diego. time now for your 60 second express. >> they are searching for the details surrounding the death of
6:57 am
whose home was hit. she was home with her husband and young son early saturday morning when she heard those gunshots. >> here on capitol hill, we parked mobile track seven here on the corner, virginia avenue underwater this morning. that sports car was submerged. >> basically covered in water. spotlight,ht in the facing criminal charges. >> do you think you did anything wrong? >> i will be exonerated. >> staying on the
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, tornadoes and violent thunderstorms tearing through the southeast forcing swift water rescues, trees toppling onto homes. dangerous winds flipping planes and trucks. 30 million in the northeast are on alert as flash flooding and severe storms move in. chilling new details about that deadly ambush in niger. a survivor of the attack that left four special ops soldiers dead revealed what happened in those terrifying hours. inside the battle, the questions this morning. why did it take more than 48 hours to find sergeant la david johnson. serial killer on the loose.


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