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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  October 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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brad: with tears streaming down his cheeks he told us about the overnight fire that claimed the lives of his neighbors for more than 20 years. the elderly mother and her adult son. >> by the time anybody was awake, you couldn't get in. you couldn't get close. there was flames everywhere. the car was on fire. house was on fire. brad: it started at 3:00 a.m. on the first floor in the left half of the big duplex on snyder avenue. the flames trapped occupants upstairs. even though the fire department got water flowing quickly, there is nothing they could do. >> we went to work right away. we did everything to get up and try to make a recovery. brought a person out. a few minutes later brought the other person down. they expired before the fire department was alerted. brad: this afternoon, investigators combed the scene searching for the cause and origin as the neighbors cope with their grief. >> just
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we waited and waited and waited. brad: they waited and there was no happy ending sadly. you can see the house now. the city of hagerstown department of public works is boarding up the windows. the structure is condemned. the fire chief telling us he believes it was accidental in nature but they had not announced a cause. they know who the victims are but they have asked us not to put the names out until they get final confirmation. in hagerstown, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: so tragic. thank you. tonight, ten people are recovering after a car slammed into a restaurant. at lunchtime. it happened marlboro pike at a tavern that is popular with the police, firefighters and judges. sam ford has been there all afternoon. any idea how it happened, sam? >> all we can say is it is under investigation by the prince ge
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if you will look, you will see that the car is still very much inside of this particular restaurant after a woman lost control of her car. if it's completely inside. according to fire authorities 30 people were inside the popular lunchtime spot when 1:15 a car came crashing through sending bricks and cinder blocks flying. >> pure chaos. surprising and shocking a lot of people. there were a lot of people here employees as well as patrons. walk around in shock. >> among those inside was the prince george's judge phillip nichols nichols who had come for lunch in a trial recess. when we saw him, there was blood on one sleeves and the other ripped to shreds. >> there was a boom. the tables turned over close to the car. the table dropped. i fell underneath the
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>> screams i guess. >> by the grace of god nobody else got hurt than they did. >> he said many in the crowd were first responders and that helped but there was fear about the condition of the car. >> everybody was afraid it would catch on fire because the engine was still running. we were getting everybody out as quick as we could. some couldn't move. they were hurt bad enough to stay where they were. sam: was speed a factor here? >> again, that is something the county police will have to determine. but to be able to penetrate the brick wall further in structure i would suspect it was a high rate of speed. sam: mark brady told us two of the people who were injured were in serious condition. they were the worst but non-life threatening injuries. you can see this place is called top of the hill tavern. car is there. we understand that they are waiting to make sure there are no structural
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pull the car out. for that reason, it has been here since 1:15. we have more coming up at 6:00. reporting live from upper marlboro, maryland. sam ford, abc7 news. alison: thank you, sam. see you at 6:00. you can get a text alert from abc7 whenever news breaks. sign up at or through the news app. larry: developing now president trump's worldwide ban on refugees expired. what does it mean for thousands of people waiting to come to the u.s.? nancy chen at the "live desk" with the answer. nancy: refugees will again be allowed in the united states under what the white house previously called extreme vetting. the new requirements have not been announced officially but according to a state department document seen by reuters refugees have to provide information about the whereabouts going back a decade, twice as long as previously required. the government will
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detail information on family and employment history. the changes will go into effect tomorrow but there is not an firm -- official announcement from the white house or state department. new executive order allows 45,000 refugees in the united states next year to be the lowest number since 1980. at the "live desk," nancy chen, abc7 news. back to you. larry: thank you. group of civil rights organizations calling not to detain undocumented immigrants for immigration and custom enforcement. they will make a case to the board of supervisors tonight. the organizers say the goal is simple. >> making sure that our community isn't discriminated against. and that we feel safe in our community. county of fairfax. larry: fairfax county police chief tells abc7 the officers do not go on i.c.e. raids and he wants anyone who is a victim of a crime no matter the immigration status to come forward.
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lunch with the president today. the menu included the budget, tax, judicial nominees and the opioid crisis. feud between the president and another top republican getting all the headlines today. the chief political correspondent scott thuman was in the oval office with the president. he brings us up to speed. [brief pause in captioning]
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scott: many are curious to see how the president's words and tweets from the white house will ultimately affect what happened on capitol hill. hours later an opportunity to make amends as the president strategized with senators over lunch. >> if there is anything that unifies republicans it's tax reform. we have been looking for the opportunity to do this literally for years. scott: but they have little breathing room. even a couple of no votes means vice president pence would have to be tie-breakers but they need wins so they won't let spats get in the way, many believe. scott thuman, abc7 news. larry: 2004s ago another of
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announced he is not running for re-election. jeff flake did not hold back in the comments about president trump. >> the personal attacks, threat against principles, freedom and institution, the flagrant disregard for truth and decency. the reckless provocations most often for the pettiest and most personal reasons. the reasons having nothing to do with the fortunes of people we have been elected to serve. none of these should be regarded as normal. larry: senator flake represents arizona. republican seat is up next year. alison: all right. switching to the weather. take a look at the outside. capitol dome looks peaceful and beautiful from the outside. especially on a day like today. the new chief meteorologist bill kelly in the weather center with a check of the forecast.
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washington. bill: i am telling you. it doesn't get nicer in my opinion. looking at the belle haven country club. earlier, even an hour ago we had more clouds out there. the sun goes down and the energy going away and it will take the cloud cover with it. we are still at 72. i expect the number to drop. definitely once the sun goes down and it will fall off rapidly. here we are at 72. baltimore is also at the 72 degrees. if you get to the west it's cooler but it's still in the 60's for winchester. breaking it down. 70 degrees at of:00. -- at of 6:00. if you are up and about by midnight we should be in the upper 50's to low of 0's at -- low 60's. if you haven't had your jacket lately, dust it off. you will probably want it. the next weather-maker is in sight and it may affect your plans if
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we will break it down in a few minutes. >> thank you. new developments involving the peace cross in bladensburg. larry hogan is coming on attorney general brian frosh to join the fight to keep the monument where it is. hogan wants frosh to support parties challenging an appeals ruling that the cross' placement on public land is unconstitutional. frosh's office says it is reviewing the governor's letter. larry: this just in. actor died this morning at the los angeles home. started on broadway and landing on the silver screen. he is best known for roles on "soap" "benson" and a voice in "the lion king." he had a stroke in 1999 filming episode of "sports night" and was able to return to the cast. in recent years he battled prostate cancer. robert heel was -- robert guillaume
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>> we want to encourage people to take public transit. >> coming up, impact of metro's woes on small businesses near the line. >> later to keep one 30,000 cyclists and the challenging challenging -- challenges for capital bike share. >> they are raising money from - [narrator] the typical vacuum head, it can struggle with large debris and stuck on dust. at shark we asked, what if the vacuum head could do more? so we removed the front wall and added a rotating soft brush. so, while deep cleaning carpets, you can also grab large particles. (dramatic music) even pull in piles. (rumbling) and directly engage floors for a beautiful, polished look. shark duo clean, invented to help you do more on carpets and floors.
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horace: welcome back to the "7 on your side" help center. 703-236-9220. give you the number again. 703-236-9220. here with me are mechanics to answer your questions. mechanics from a.a.a. certified. they can answer any questions you have. if you are having a problem with your car or if you are looking to buy a car and you need advice what to do and how to negotiate, you can call them. now until 6:30. call 703-236-9220. free advice. give us a call. back to you. alison: great resource. thank you. the wildfires that tore through california certainly left their mark across the state. now owners
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county winery say for our vineyardses out there the impact is devastating. as amy aubert shows us, svaiogne sellers want to reach out in a big way. >> they will be the first to tell you how busy this time of year can be. they heard about the wildfires in california, they felt their pain. >> the wineries have lost their life. when you have a vineyard, a vine. we treat it like our own children, like our own family. amy: a family that extends coast to coast. >> when one is hurt we all hurt. it's an obligation. i mean morally and a privilege like i said to be able to help. >> helping by raising money for wineries impacted by the fires. >> a dollar from every bottle is donated. so far they have raised almost $3,000. >> wonderful. this is people's livelihood. >> they spent tsd
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says she is happy to be supporting the cause. >> some of farms are generations old. it's important that they are brought back from the flames so to speak. >> the owners of the fabieoli sellers lived in california for ten years and have ties to area. >> for them it was heart breaking knowing how hard it is to have a vineyard come to fruition and to be successful. >> the proceeds plus the donations and the employee tips will be split down the middle. half going to redwood credit union and the other half the american red cross. >> it's not just monetary loss. emotional loss as well. >> an emotional loss they are feeling across the country. in leesburg, amy aubert, abc7 news. >> 7 on storm watch from carolina clean-up after storms caused flash flooding near the tennessee state line. it sparked one tornad
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>> when you compare that, what we are experiencing here today it's picture perfect. bill: the same line that came through last night that brought us the wind gusts. were you woken up by it at all? larry: no. >> you were long asleep by then. alison: we were both probably woken up from babies crawling in our bed. tornado of its own kind. bill: i don't expect anything crazy anytime soon. larry: good. bill: good stuff. but there is a weather maker in the seven-day we'll get to. or the ten-day in a moment. a beautiful evening. every time i show you the live shot, you see fewer and fewer clouds. this is how it is looking from the station over arlington. frederick. it's beautiful blue sky. a few clouds out there. we travel to annapolis and maryland. a couple more clouds at st. mary's elementary school. but these go down as the sun goes down.
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morning. warrenton at 71. martinsburg at 69. for the most part we are all currently in the upper 60s and the low 70's. it's comfortable for this time of the year. normal highs in the mid-60's. we have been so above normal. we talk about that later in the broadcast. satellite radar showing the gorgeous conditions over the area. no weather related problems for you at all if you are going out and traveling. head south, go up north. it's all good. it will stay there. but what the big story is, at least not a huge story but what our story is for the next couple of days is the cool air. it's off to the west. right now for example. indianapolis at 45 degrees. not the forecast low, that is the right now temperature. some of that air will be working closer to the area. low 70's. they are gone in the next few days. it will feel like
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the temperatures so far above normal. we haven't gotten out to have fall crispness where you have the cider and you bundle up to get pumpkins. it should be good to do that. future cast we will clear skies out. i don't expect the rainfall. leave the umbrella at home. if you are going out. clouds increase by tomorrow morning. so if you head out to the bus stop for the kids or work outside, a few clouds in the morning. in day, noon. take you to the afternoon. notice how clear it is or the look of clouds in area. maybe a few clouds firing up over the mountains because to get clouds you need lift. the mountains help lift the air mass. that is all we are expecting. at most, spotty shower or two well west. for the remainder of the night. 68 at 7:00. 66 by 8:00. by 9:00, 65 degrees. jackets for the kids.
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52 for the metro area. 58 for recess. 64 dismissal. you won't need a jacket in the afternoon if you work outside. dress in layers day. we are dropping down by friday morning we are in the low 40's. mid-to-low 40's. then numbers go up. i mentioned the next weather maker. we will watch another front, stronger, actually, come through on sunday. that will likely bring us rain. even by sunday morning. so if you have a garage sale or head to church services or you have a golf tee time. prepare for rain. then by the afternoon that should kick out of here. as we look ahead to the ten-day forecast for halloween, it might be on the chilly side. notice i have a 39-degree temperature on there for monday night. that is the 30th to tuesday morning. we have not had a 30's temperature in our area since the 8th of april. it's been six and a half months. mother nature will bite you that morning if you are not ready for it.
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here. alison: grad we have a warning -- glad we have a warning. larry: early morning walk. write that down. appreciate it. alison: thank you. great to have you with us. bill: wonderful to be here. alison: still to come, women in business. a man's point of view? still to come. reaction to the panel scheduled for an event on empowering women. larry: plus, why a tiny find is making a big impact on history. alison: later, what is bringing people to mount vernon this weekend to honor the father of our country? ten children deserted. up next texas woman police say is responsible. -- up next, the woman police say is responsible. larry: but fir
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i'm i'm up earlyax, for my most important job. -more peanut butter, daddy. -more peanut butter, daddy. as prosecutor, justin fairfax fought drugs, crime, and human trafficking. that's why he's endorsed by virginia law enforcement. buckle up. nothing's more important than keeping them safe and helping them prosper. as your lieutenant governor, i'll work to grow the economy and invest in schools and career training, because virginia's families need more results, not more politics.
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larry: wesley matthews said he was put outside for refusing to drink milk but now he is saying she choked on her milk and took her body outside believing she died.
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children out on a highway and then left them out alone overnight. the mother is facing charges of night neglect. we have the story you'll see only on 7. >> a terrible thing to do. 36-year-old sherry marshall driving her ten kinds down the capitol beltway when her 12 son mouthed off. left for 36 hours. marshall and the nine remaining kids lived out of the van. it was december. temps in the 20's. one morning the nine essentialings ages 1 to 11 awoke. marral was gone.
5:26 pm
nearby restaurant where the staff fed them and called the police. >> obviously she had other issues that were more important than taken care of the children. >> this woman lives near the rental home that the neighbors say is in constant disarray. >> a couple of generations ago it was common to have eight or ten or 12 children. in society today it's looked upon as an aberration. >> all ten children includes the one left on the interstate are living with relatives. marshall fighting to regain custody had high level of illegal drugs in her system. at the police department, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: well, coming up at 5:00, a beautiful mess. how this scene was exactly that in more ways than one. >> local businesses say metro's problems are hurting their bottom line. sto
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alison: and 7 is on your side tonight so you can ask the mechanic. right now this team is in the abc7 help center ready to answer any of your questions. call 703-236-9220. to speak with one of them. we'll be right back.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: a group of small business owners wants to "save our system." they say metro's failures are having an impact on their bottom line. stephen tschida covering metro live for us to explain how. stephen? stephen: well, it's simple. business owners have come together to ask metro to take them into consideration. especially businesses here in the u street corridor. on friday, saturday night, u street is packed. but the businesses here say they are having trouble packing their restaurants and bars. >> it's an s.o.s., literally. save our system is a plea from businesses such as annie's hardware and the petworth neighborhood of northwest d.c. >> a lot of my employees use
5:31 pm
they are now charges for transfers between bus and rail. it's costly. stephen: the group of businesses, some mom and pops, banded together to form save our system. they are appealing to met reto take steps to help the business community and the workers. >> they are charging more for less service. >> it ranges from employees struggling to afford the commute, bars and restaurants losing customers because they can't get a ride home on metro. to increased traffic and vanishing parking. >> at some point it makes more sense for them to buy up a car and drive. we would prefer they take metro. then they don't use the parking space and the environment, traffic, a number of reasons. there are a dozen of businesses that signed up for save our system but the roster is growing steadily. stephen tschida, abc7 news.
5:32 pm
metro is making progress improving reliability and safety. an area of concern the number of fires sparked by the arcing insulators. there were 19 which is more than last year. metro brame the increase on a wet summer. >> a really wet july. that could make sense. alison: arcing happens when electrical current jumps and leaves the rail usually because of dirt, mud or water. but metro says there are fewer incidents than last year. larry: amazing historical discovery tonight. asteral lob off the coast is the oldest known navigational tools. the reacher ises use laser
5:33 pm
by five degrees. they were used to help the mariners navigate by measuring the angle of the sun. it's believed to date back from 1495-1500 and used on a boat that was part of vasco de gamma's fleet. distillers from across the country descended on the mount vernon estates this week. thursday marks ten year since the distillery was reconstructed. they are working on a special whiskey recipe to honor the founding father. the forecast for tonight's first game of the world series is hovering around 100 degrees on first pitch. alison: danya bacchus has a preview from dodger stadium. danya: the bottle of champagne has been popped. the astros outlasted t
5:34 pm
battle. we get to see two of the best teams in baseball face-off. >> i hope after the week is over they talk about 2017 more and 1988 a lot less. >> the last time the dodgers made it to the big stage was almost three decades ago in 1988. it's hard to tell who is more excited. the players or the fans. >> i can't believe it! dodgers. >> i hope every year since 1988 that this year would come. every year we hope. >> the wait has been less for the astros. they made it to the world series in 2005 but they have never won a championship. this time it would be an emotional victory for a city that has already gone through so much this year with hurricane mar i have. >> this -- with hurricane harvey. >> this one of the reasons we are here. to give it to the city. >> give them something to cheer for and reprieve from a depressing time. >> the first game will be hot literally. it is expected to
5:35 pm
degrees at first pitch. making it the hottest first game of the world series ever. 52 degrees warmer than it was in cleveland last year. >> the heat could be beneficial for the players. according to the statistics a batted baseball travels farther in heat than in cold weather. danya bacchus, abc news, los angeles. larry: the temps are not the only thing hot. tickets are hot. $4300 per seat for the first world series game in 30 years. alison: you see how it's a wonderful distraction for the houston fans to cheer for their team. larry: root for them with all the city has gone through. coming up, back to the drawing board. the redskins lose more than the game in philadelphia. >> a female empowerment event with a panel featuring all men. i'll show you how people are reacting on social media. alison: at 6:00, must-see
5:36 pm
the man who tackled crime literally. how a fig
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bill: i'm chief meteorologist bill kelly. get in the forecast. 70 by 6:00. 66 by 8:00. evening hours is of 4. 61 by midnight. looking out tomorrow, we have 64 degrees. a few morning clouds. otherwise sunshine in the afternoon. it will be close to normal. a little below normal by thursday. notice we will rebound things by friday. we bounce to the 60's. the normal high this time of year is 64. sneak peek we will talk about this in a bit. but the weekend, tale of two different dates. if you want to plan something outside do it saturday. we are expecting rain on sunday. both days in the 6
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larry: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. sears and whirlpool part ways after 100 years since joining forces. the department store said the appliance company was making demand to keep selling the products at competitive price. alison: lord & taylor selling the flagship store in manhattan. now the nearly 100-year-old building will become the headquarter
5:40 pm
sharing company called we work. a lord & taylor store will still be open on the ground floor with the famous fifth avenue holiday displays. maggie: based in new jersey taking heat for organizing a women's empowerful event. one of the panels was featuring all men. larry: the maggie: owned by women and already canceled that panel. lindsey mastis show us what many are saying. lindsey: this is the post of the women empowerment series featuring an all men panel. since then the maggie: put out a statement reading in part saying we believe it's helpful when everyone is part of the conversation. it's never our intention to offend anyone. people are sounding off on social media. the tweet reads the discussion should be had by women. and men should be the ones listening. this one says then call th
5:41 pm
some people believe there is value to listening to an entire panel features men. this woman writes in a way it seems like a missed opportunity. imagine four male business leaders led by a fearless female moderator. and who were committed to being wholly honest about their environment and experiences with women. this discussion is continuing. including with at least one of the men that was supposed to featured on the panel. back to you. larry: thanks. this is just in the newsroom. the concert this weekend organized by all five living former presidents for hurricane relief raised $2.6 million. that is in addition to $31 million before the concert took place. money from the "deep in the heart concert" there go to victims of harvey, irma and maria. alison: back at home, there will be glitz and glitter in dupont circle
5:42 pm
>> are you talking about me? the 17th high heel race takes place this evening. i'm lacing up. what do you say when you put high heels on? probably beaking an ankle. up next in a -- breaking an ankle. up next in a live report. >> have you wondered what it takes to keep capital bike share moving or wonder why there isn't a bike always in your neighborhood? i'm sam sweeney. we are going inside the operation center to answer the question
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horace: welcome back to the "7 on your side" center. 703-236-9220 is the number to call to talk to mechanics. certified mechanics from a.a.a. we have a quick question from a viewer. she is telling us that piece by piece it's rusting out. should she get a new car? >> the best suggestion if the car is solid, there are no safety concerns, it's been a good vehicle it's not unusual to replace it piece by piece. as the syste
5:46 pm
one section to another. the car's design and built in sections. front, midsection and the rear. it's not unusual to do several pieces. horace: it could be one thing after another. it is a 2000 car. 703-236-9220. here until 6:30. give us a call. alison: we appreciate it. from cars to bikes, the bike share is the most successful and the most used bike share in the country. 18 million trips have been taken. it takes a village to keep it moving. >> how come there isn't a bike at a station where live? why isn't there one near my house? >> no wonder that is the question every bike share employee regularly hears. >> we are a victim of our own success. >> on an average day,
5:47 pm
people ride a red bike. for van drivers it's a constant race to keep the docks loaded. >> it's like we are 65 stations -- 465 stations. we race to get those filled. >> we hope to expand next year. >> they are sturdy and they are set to last 1,000 trips but sometimes they -- 10,000 trips. but sometimes they break. when that happens this is where they come. >> on any given day 75 bikes will come in for service. the 4,000 bikes are so durable it's unclear when they will be replaced. they cost $1,000. 32,000 membership the economic and the environmental benefits are worth the cost. >> capital bike share has contributed to the reduction in congestion by 4% in d.c. >> bike share leaders say the future
5:48 pm
prince george's county is expected to get new docks and bikes. they are keeping an eye on the technology. private bike shares also popping up. larry: beautiful mess in new york after run-away garbage truck slammed in a store. this happened in henrietta, new york. truck driver pulled in a gas station. as the truck rolled away and right in the store that just opened four months ago. >> terrible. i don't know what to do. >> he was told it hit the building. he was running after the car. i guess it was a mistake by him. i don't know how he didn't know the park the car. larry: sometimes the truck missed two gas pumps. this happ
5:49 pm
the morning. so no one was injured. but the crash caused serious structural damage to the brick building that is 200 years old. alison: back here tonight, it will be a thing of beauty and dupont circle. it always is. the annual high heel race. larry: we had our own version this morning. third year in a row, look at him. meteorologist brian van de graaff won again. alison: i think he trains. larry: i think he does. alison: all year. larry: in the backyard. alison: all right. kidd o'shea live at dupont circle. you have a preview of the main event. that was just a warm-up. let me show you around to see what is going on around here. 6:30 we will start to get cars off the streets. space you see there is where the mayor will be. this
5:50 pm
race. when you are in high heels and full drag, running a couple of blocks to j.r.'s is a far race. let's bring in dave. talk about the drinks for the high heel race? >> we have the purple heel. tomorrow morning that is what their heels look like. we have a cosmopolitan because there's a cosmopolitan in all of us. kidd: you have to be in drag to do the race. >> this is the festival drag race. we want to see drag queens. >> bobby, this is your first year running in drag. i said i will race you quickly. you brought extra shoes. let's just do it quickly. they will stop ask me to do it. i tell them i don't have heels. we have to go. let's start
5:51 pm
we're just going to cross the street if we can. 30 seconds. let's go. my gosh. be careful. okay. i don't think we've started yet. back to you. larry: he was busy this morning and didn't get a chance to warm up as part of the race. >> not even close. bobby is a flash! larry: incredible! kidd: i think he could run less with tennis shoes on. unbelievable there. bill: all right. let's get to your forecast. good evening. 66 at 8:00. we have 65 at 9:00. it will stay mild. no weather related problems. that is after the high temperatures today. check this out in the mid-70s. 73 in leesburg at 72. 71 in manassas. we are putting together, we were thinking it has been so far above normal this month we want to look to see how many
5:52 pm
we took average temperatures across the board. there have only been two days, two days this month that was on the first and second. and then last week on the 17th and 18th. we have not just been above normal when you look at the days we are 6.7 degrees. that is huge. 6.7 degrees above average. if the month were to end right now it would be the warmest october ever recorded. records go back to the 1800's. of course, it's not the end of the month yet. we will drop down. 60 on thursday. by the weekend we go back up. upper 60's for friday and saturday. the next weather maker comes in sunday. if you plan something outside. if you have an option saturday or sunday do it saturday. it will feel like football weather finally as we get to next week with the temperatures in the 50's. erin: it's been beautiful. thank you, bill. the injuries con
5:53 pm
a loss to the eagles last night. four out of five starting offensive linemen are questionable to play against dallas. morgan moses, sheriff and trent williams and spencer long. while the bodies will eventually heal the eagles may not have recovered. carson wentz made the skins look silly at time. his star power is rising. he has helped the eagles improve to 6-1, the best record in the league. larry: -- >> it's devastating. get out of trouble, breaking tackles. on point. a great quarterback. erin: the terrell pryor experience has not been going so well for the redskins. the skins' wide receiver did not start
5:54 pm
when he did play he had two catches for 14 yards, including at least one drop. when asked after the game about his reduced role he said all the right things. >> that is just, that is a rotation. hey, we believe in coach. we believe in what he represents and how he coaches us. whatever he says goes. i don't have any question. you don't see animosity with me. you won't see me angry or whatever. erin: team player right
5:55 pm
in a noisy world ... northern virginia's own novec is listening to its cust who want reliable, affordable electricity, renewable energy options, and ways to save energy and money. novec delivers the most reliable power in the region. and customers are paying less for electricity than they did eight years ago. novec is listening and responding. that's because this not-for-profit cooperative is owned by the people it serves. novec. listening. responding.
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larry: developing now another rash of homes shot at in prince william county. as ryan hughes reports it includes a house that has been hit before. ryan: people living in the neighborhood are now on edge. this home was hit five times. some of the bullets still lodged in the siding. look how close the bullet came to window with the homeowner sleeping ins
5:58 pm
here. the neighbors say it sounded like fireworks on saturday morning. the police believe they were fired from behind the homes near the shopping center. seven miles away in woodbridge another car and home were hit. this is an ongoing problem in the area for a long time now. last year more than 20 homes were hit in woodbridge, manassas and dumfries. eric is thankful that his family was not hurt. >> it's not safe for my kids. not safe at all right now. i don't know what we are going to do for real. stay or move? ryan: luckily no one was injured in any of the cases. the police telling us they will likely increase the patrols in the area. ryan hughes, abc7 news. jonathan: now at
5:59 pm
>> pure chaos. a car slams into a restaurant where people were having lunch. >> he says he feels bad. we are getting new information as we come on the air about a fire that killed a woman and her son. jonathan: the nun that took the internet by storm after hurricane irma has a big honor brewing. what she inspired at "abc7 news at 6:00". announcer: nowitzki, "abc7 news at 6:00" -- now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: as we come on the air new information about the terrifying scene. a car slamming into a busy restaurant in the lunchtime rush injuring ten people. tonight we are hearing from the people who were inside when the world shook. >> right now sam ford joining us from upper marlboro live with what the witnesses saw and what the police are saying at this hour. >> the police are trying to determine what caused a
6:00 pm
to drive off the highway through a parking lot and into top of the hill restaurant. her blue toyota camry remains inside as they try to figure out how to get it out without further damaging the building. the popular lunchtime spot was busy with not patrons inside when the unthinkable happened. a car came plowing through the wall spending brick and cinder block showering debris on people seated, eating. >> a lot of prince george's county employees were inside. it's frequented by the firefighters a lot. >> there were a lot of first responders inside. if there is anything good, that was it. >> he was inside and heard boom, saw tables and debris flying. >> the man that fell on top of me was unconscious. it took a couple detectives to get him off of me. i had trouble getting up. they helped me after that and we took everybody outside to wait for branses to arrive. >> seven people were injured


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