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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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jonathan: a war of words. alison: the volunteer fire chief off the job. the 911 call and wild chase that landed him behind bars. jonathan: a man charged with looking into way home and attacking a woman inside. tonight, another arrest one month ago. 11:00, onc 7 news at your side. this houreaking news as the police say a months long search for a killer has come to a close. the man accused of shooting and killing another man at a party in arlington is behind bars. the police have been looking for jason allen johnson since february, when they say a housewarming
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the deadly fight between johnson and michael gray. onnson was captured in york charges unrelated to that case. jonathan: the volunteer fire chief is off the job and behind bars. alison: the police say that it started with a threat to slash his girlfriend's tires and ended chases.o police anna-lysa gayle has the wild chain of events. anna-lysa: tonight, volunteer firefighters at the silver hi ll volunteer fire department continue with their efforts to save lives. meanwhile, chief matthew bauer is still waiting for a hearing at the charles county detention center. departmenthill fire is known for leading his team of firefighters, but tonight he is in the hot seat after the police say that he led them on two short
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the first in his ford f-150 and then in the fire department's marked for explore. >> you were supposed to be a leader and work at the fire station. that is not leadership. anna-lysa: according to the charles county sheriff's department, deputies first responded to fowler's waldorf home after a threat to slash his girlfriend's car tires. that is when he led them on a chase to the prince george's county line. his friends and family are stunned by the allegations. >> they seem to be a very pleasant family. wler has been operationally suspended, charged with 49 traffic violations. >> he may do it again and maybe worse and may take lives. anna-lysa: an operational suspension means that fowler will not be al
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help with operations or respond to calls at the fire department. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. inson: a crime alert montgomery county where the police are looking for these two men responsible for a burglary in kensington. the police say that these guys got into that home along by using road something to smashed the glass on the sliding door. nobody was home at the time. they made off with some things from inside the house. jonathan: fairfax county police want you to look at this video. onould-be burglar caught video creeping onto the back patio of several homes in herndon. the police are looking into whether he is the same guy who has been breaking into homes in loudoun county. there have been 11 burglaries in that area. that these get into cars
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steel garage door openers and use the openers to get into home's. a man accused of breaking into way home and sexually assaulting a woman inside. kharirst told you about edwards' arrest, but some people are wondering why he was on the streets after other charges were revealed. tom roussey joins us with what he found out. tom? time edwards was accused of attempted rape in the last month, his victim according to court records made her statement at this gas station and ran across the street and hand behind another man to try to get away. he was arrested, but back free and was accused of the same thing this past weekend. monday night, we told you about edwards comehari accused of a
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and kill a woman in a camp springs home, then fully pg county police on foot while naked. less than a month ago he was accused of a sex crime and dcu we now know a lot more about that crime. court documents obtained by abc gave to september 25 he women a ride home. on the way to drop the second woman off come he allegedly pulled into a d.c. parking lot and try to rape her. herreach for a knife in backpack and stabbed him in the hand. the record say that he stopped but forced her to remain in the car. driving to this alabama avenue gas station, where she got out and the police were called. he was charged with first-degree sexual abuse, but released under what is called the high-intensity supervision program. yet he still minutes to get to camp springs to allegedly commit the other terrific crime saturday. -- horrible
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crime saturday. last week in a d.c. court they'd of noncompliance to edwards regarding the terms of his release. reportingngton post" he had tampered with a gps monitoring device he was wearing. live in southeast d.c., tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: tonight a family in morning of an elderly woman and her son killed in a fire in their home. the fire stayed at the house with his mother three days a week to care for her. adding to the tragedy, today was that son's birthday. neighbors were emotional because they tried to help but say it was too late. awakethe time anybody was , you cannot even get close. there were flames everywhere. the car was on fire. the house was on fire. jonathan: no word on the possible cause. investigators do not believe the fire was suspicious. alison:
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after a band of severe weather moved through the southeast. the national weather service is confirming multiple ef-2 tornadoes touched down in the carolinas, bringing down trees and power lines, damaging an airport hangar and tossing airplanes. than 1.5es all more feet of rain, leading to flash flooding. what about the forecast at home? let's get to chief meteorologist bill kelly. nice to see you tonight. are: the great news is we nothing like that at all. the only thing we have tonight is how much cooler it was at this time last night. 9e are at 64 degrees in d.c., 5 leesburg. which is way0's above normal this time of year. the satellite radar drive. for the most part, no clouds. in the overnight forec
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almost 57 degrees by 3:00. we are talking about a cooldown and the next weather maker in just a few minutes. alison: on capitol hill tonight, the senate has passed a $36.5 billion disaster relief bill. the white house is the president will sign it. the money will go towards repairing damage from this year's hurricanes, the national flood insurance program, and wildfire recovery in california. jonathan: meantime, there is a war of words going on. president trump locked in a battle with senator bob corker. we knew that. another member of the president's own party with a scathing message as he is getting ready to leave capitol hill. nancy chen is tracking all of it from the live desk. a lot of moving parts. nancy: it has been a day of explosive in stunning comments, with arizona senator flake saying he will not seek reelection.
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the reckless, outrageous, undignified behavior of the trump presidency. >> when the next generation asks us, why didn't you do something, why didn't you speak up, what are we going to say? nancy: that speech on the heels of a fire interview with republican senator bob corker who also is not running for reelection. do you think he is a role model to children in the united states? no. to basement of our nation's what would he will be remembered most for. nancy: the white house dismissing those comments through sarah huckabee sanders, saying their decision not to run is because they were likely not to be reelected. the president firing back on twitter today. this at a time when the ooesident is trying to who senators to support his tax plan.
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charges after the police say that she put her oldest child on the side of the road and kept the other nine in a freezing car overnight. all of this happening right along the capital beltway, just a week before christmas. the police say that sherri marshall at high levels of drugs in her system which he took off and left her kids in the van after it ran out of gas. all 10 children are with relatives and marshall is facing child endangerment charges. jonathan: the police are trying to figure up what caused the scene at a prince george's county restaurant at lunch hour, 10 people hurt as a car slammed into the wall and into the tavern in upper marlboro. restaurant is frequented by firefighters on lunch breaks, who were able to immediately help out until the ambulance got there. you probably do it all the time, but now walking while looking at your cell phone could cost you in one city.
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in the crosswalk on your phone in honolulu will cost you $35. then the penalty shoots up to $100 for repeat offenders. honolulu is the first city to pass a distracted walking law. jonathan: a ticket is a lot cheaper than being hit by a car. alison: absolutely. back at home, a d.c. tradition, men in the district put on their stilettos. and hit the road jonathan: tonight was the 31st annual high heel race, all for a good cause. richard reeve is live in dupont circle with the excitement. you do not throw on any pumps and run down the block? come on! richard: i did not, i'm sorry. i had to do my job tonight. there are still people hanging out around 17th street, for a
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people, some say as many as 5000 folks, and it all began with the whole crowd chanting. >> 3, 2, 1! and there they go, at exactly 9:00 the race began between 17th and r streets and 17th and p streets. not so easy for the participants who dressed up in various clothing. in past years, the weather has been horrible come at times it has rained, conditions not great, but it was perfect. a beautiful evening. we talked with the winner from d.c., who made it in just 41 seconds. >> it's exhilarating, a little painful, but the crowd get you amped up so you do not really feel it until you are done.
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in 2014. a lotta folks had problems with a high heels. one person said it took more than six minutes to run four blocks. richard reeve, abc 7 news. kevin: i cannot believe the winner did it in 41 seconds. alison: i cannot either. hopefully no broken ankles. does the impact of russia's meddling extend to elections overseas? jonathan: the request from u.k. officials as they look back at brexit. plus, that was not planned, throwing flags at the president. the unusual form of protest. alison: and much needed relief from puerto rico coming from our area, next.
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alison: an unusual disturbance at the u.s. capitol. a man from sterling was arrested after throwing a handful of
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russian flags at the president as he walked by. brian clayton is no stranger on capitol hill because in july he tried to get the president's son -in-law to autograph a russian flag. jonathan: lawmakers overseas have asked facebook to hand over abouts of advertisements the brexit referendum. investigators want to know how much the ads cost, how many times they were viewed, in which users were targeted. facebook said it will provide similar information to congressional committees investigating russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election. alison: in florida, a tampa neighborhood is living in fear, the entire city on edge after three people were killed in the past two weeks. the police still have no motive or suspect. the police chief admitted investigators are breaking their own rules because all they have to go on is grainy surveillance video from the night of the first murd
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of information on people. we are very tightlipped when it comes to crimes. we have to maintain the investigative integrity and we've tried to do that, but we also have told more information in these cases than we normally do. alison: none of the victims knew each other. the only thing linking the murders is the timeframe in the area where they happen. the victims all killed less than a half a mile apart. jonathan: some relief for the victims in puerto rico is coming from our area. that is a 747 loaded to the 65 thousando what i pounds of food, water, medical supplies. the trip was correlated at it in the nation's capital, organized by the group friends of puerto rico, in a tone from the tears 12 hours just to win load all the relief supplies -- and it took from a tears 12 hours just to unload all the relief supplies. >>
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food, diapers, canned foods. clean drinking water in puerto rico is still scarce. cell service is still slowly coming back on. there is a long road ahead, but at last check 62% of the island is back with power. you keep thinking this is a month ago. a long time, and those people are still suffering. hard to make the turn to our weather. this is like chamber of commerce type of weather. we are very excited to welcome our brand-new chief meteorologist bill kelly. this is the first time i've had to see these photos. on the left is my daughter, who turns 12 this weekend. her name is paige. and these little ones are my twin girls
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peyton nonetheless, piper on the right. she is kind of a ham. jonathan: what are these? bill: those are unicorn outfits. we have them all together. wait a second, you have a built-in babysitter. bill: i do, mom and i planned that way. we are very excited to be here in the area. jonathan: we are thrilled to have you. bill: thank you. what a beautiful day and forecast we have as we go into the coming days. right now, let me get to the futurecast, this evening we have a few clouds developing around the area. they will continue to work in. it is clear with a few clouds in the morning time frame. into the day tomorrow, we have temperatures a little cooler than they have been. nice, clear skies by the
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really not much to worry about at all. a few clouds come up at the air stays dry, finally feeling more like fall. it is been so warm. four days this month our temperature has been below normal. we are way up there at this point, 6.7 degrees above average for the month. that is way above normal. the day planner tomorrow, 52 degrees in the morning, 62 by noon, 64 at the end of the day, no weather-related problems. cooler thursday, 60 degrees. and we rebounding near 60 friday and saturday. the next weather maker sunday. if you have plans in the morning, even especially in the morning, you definitely want to be aware that we will see the rain bands move in, moderate to heavy rain at times. monday, 39ad, 56 degrees monday into tuesday, the first time since april 8 we have had a temperature in
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alison: it is not just the championship title on the line. for the governors of california and texas, it's about more. jonathan: it's bragging rights and a friendly wager for the world series. hashouston, texas, mary
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beer and barbecue. alison: the l.a. mayor has put up a selection of famous california wines on the line. jonathan: we know the dodgers will win the series. but they should ring together the wind. erin: one big party. i could use some of that right now. the redskins' injuries are piling up. plus, martin
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the redskins don't have much time to think about the loss to the eagles with a short week. it is also dallas week and there is a lot on the line. despite getting swept by the eagles this season, the players are confident they can put the division loss behind them in bounceback this week at home. i'm very confident in this team. i feel at we have all the pieces we need to win games. we just have to take it one at a time. >> we have to bounce back this week. whatever we've got to do to win sunday and prepare to get the
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ball like it or not, lavar is back in the news. i normally don't like giving him attention, but it is about the wizards. had a strong message for the wizards when they play the lakers tomorrow night at the staples center. >> washington coming in wednesday, they better be where. -- they better beware. erin: who talks like that? center martin gortat saw the video and had this to say -- "man, please, john wall will torture him for 48 minutes." get your popcorn ready. game one of the world
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bill: not bad, 64 tomorrow, 60 thursday. next weather maker sunday in the form of rain. cover the clubs. alison: great to have you here. jonathan: the first d
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, ted danson, from the miami marlins, giancarlo stanton, and music from chris young. and now, like always, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: welcome! thank you for watching. thanks for coming. thank you for breaking the heat to be here. it was 102 in


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