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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 25, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," flake's out. the arizona senator says he's not seeking reelection after a skate scathing rebuke of president trump, calling out his colleagues as complicit in the coarseness. the new fallout overnight. and while one side of capitol hill battles the white house, the other side turns its attention to hillary clinton. and new this hour, the prank that ended in murder. >> five teens are accused of throwing rocks off an overpass, killing a construction worker on his way home. what police say the boys did after the
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to a entertainment superstar. can you guess who this is? she is huge. it's coming up in "the skinny," this is wednesday, october 25th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> kind of like a pinata. >> it does kind of look like a pinata. >> it is not a pinata? >> it is a huge celebrity. and i said she, but it could be he, you never know, based on how good a job they did with that. >> okay. >> we'll tell you that in "the skinny," but first to the infighting in the republican party. president trump receiving searing criticism from two republican senators. >> senator jeff flake shocked his colleagues by announcing that he will not run for reelection. he expressed disappointment, saying the president is dangerous to the democracy. but others aren't jumping ship just yet.
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>> after meeting with gop senators on capitol hill, the president tweeted that he received multiple standing ovations. abc's mary bruce is thayer. >> reporter: standing on the senate floor, the republican senator delivered an extraordinary indictment of the republican president, calling donald trump reckless, outrageous and undignified. >> i rise today to say enough. >> reporter: arizona senator jeff flake says he will not run for reelection because he is so disgusted. >> the personal attacks. the threats against principles. freedom the and institution. the flagrant disregard for truth and decency. the reckless provocations, most often for the pettiest and most personal reasons. >> reporter: and to his colleagues, a warning that quote, silence can equal complicity. >> we have fooled ourselves for long enough that a pivot to governing is right around the corner, a return to civility and stability right behind it. we know better than that
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of duty and conscience, flake now joined a wave of top republicans ripping into the president. it was senator bob corker letting loose on gma. >> i would just like him to leave it to the professionals for a while. >> reporter: in response, the president unloaded in a barrage of tweets, claiming he refused to endorse corker, saying he couldn't be elected dogcatcher, and calling the influential head of the foreign relations committee a lightweight, incompetent, adding people like liddle corker have set the u.s. way back. corker saying same untruths from an utterly untruthful president, #alert the day care staff. he told reporters, everyone sees through trump's bullying. >> i think the worst of it is going to be the whole abasement of our nation. >> reporter: you think the president's debasing the nation? >> i don't think there's any question. >> reporter: corker was an early supporter of trump. but asked if he would do it again, he said
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it all comes the same day the president traveled to the capitol to rally republicans on tax reform. but his feuds are overshadowing his agenda. >> does any of this make the president pause and wonder if he is doing anything wrong? that he bears any responsibility >> i think the voters of these individual senators' states are speaking in pretty loud volumes, i think, that they were not likely to be reelected, and i think that shows that the support is more behind this president than it is those two individuals. >> reporter: now the white house says senators corker and flake had fallen out of favor with their voters and weren't likely to be reelected anyway, but a reminder, the president still needs their vote on big ticket items, especially tax reform. they have a two-vote majority. and now you have these who don't have the pressure for reelection. and aren't exactly inclined to fall in line with the president. but on t
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conservatives happy to see them go. a source close to steve bannon tells us, his reaction? another day, another scalp. >> at least it was a beautiful sunset at the at the capitol. in the meantime, two congressional investigations involving hillary clinton are now under way. republican house leaders have launched an inquiry into an obama-era uranium deal that allowed a russian company to acquire u.s. mines while hillary clinton was secretary of state. they want to know if donations to the clinton foundation played a role. and they're looking into why the fbi decided not to charge clinton for her use of a personal e-mail server. the new investigations are meant to divert attention into the probe of the russian election meddling and possible collusion. e dossier filled with n about salacious claims about president trump. sources tell the "washington post" that the political research was funded in part by the
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campaign. the dossier compiled by a former british spy claims that russia has compromising information on the president. it was initially paid for by republicans during the primary. a lawyer for the clinton camp and dnc allegedly brokered a deal to continue funding until just before the election. president trump's former campaign chairman is reportedly at the center of another money laundering investigation. sources tell "the wall street journal" the manhattan office has opened a case into paul manafort's business dealings in collaboration with a similar probe by robert mueller. the investigation could complicate the confirmation process. and some members of congress are calling for an investigation into the awarding of a major contract to restore power in puerto rico. about three quarters of the island is still in the dark after hurricane maria. whitefish energy was awarded a $300 million contract despite having only two full-time employees at the time. the company's since hired 30
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subcontractors. whitefish is based in whitefish, montana, the hometown of ryan zinke. >> look, i've been at this for 25 years. and this does not pass the smell test. >> republican house members said congress needs to know if other less-expensive options were available. whitefish says it was in touch with officials in puerto rico before maria hit the island and the interior secretary's office says no action was taken. a six-hour standoff in cleveland with a fugitive ex-cop ended with the suspect killing himself. tommy griffin's trial for rape, kidnapping and assault had been set to start next week. but over the weekend he broke off his ankle monitor and escaped house arrest. he shot himself as the s.w.a.t. team entered the home where he had been hiding. the heat wave in the western u.s. is elevating the fire
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danger. san francisco firefighters made quick work of a brush fire in the lands end area. but freeway lanes were closed and the high winds spawned a fire destroying a catering truck. firefighters were able to keep the fire from reaching nearby propane tanks. the outlook today in southern california is for more red flag warnings and temperatures near 100 degrees and strong, gusty winds. fueling some critical conditions. >> almost hot enough to cook those dodger dogs outdoors last night for the world series. 103 degrees at first pitch. actually a record. that's when clayton kershaw threw that first pitch. against the astros. it was 1-1 in the sixth when justin turner hit a two-run home run to the left. he said it would have been a normal hit to left field had it not been for the warm air. l.a. held on from there. dodgers win it 3-1. game two is tonight. temperatures expected to be in the high 90s.
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and there was a much less serious competition in washington, d.c. the 31st annual high heel drag race. >> it happens every year on the tuesday before halloween. more than 100 runners competed. many of them in drag. >> ah yeah. thousands of people cheered them on. the guy who won the race had a shimmering white dress with high heel boots. very fashionable. this is his second victory in the event, by the way. he won three years ago. >> and speaking of second victory. it is about time that we have our rematch. you may recall last year. >> the big moment. >> somebody cheated. >> cheated? >> during our own -- >> you weren't paying attention, and you have no idea how to run in heels. i don't think that went quite according to your plan. >> our own high heel race. so how about a rematch? >> you're on. any day. >> so tomorrow night. tomorrowor
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>> oh, yeah? >> what's happening? >> and this time i'm not going to wear sunny hostin's heels. which is what i was wearing there. >> hope sunny knew about that. otherwise you're it in trouble. >> it's on, the rematch of the high heel race, the second annual. >> let's watch this one more time. it makes me feel -- >> the second time. all right, coming up, the producer behind the transformers is planning something very different for his next project. we'll have the details ahead in the skinny. but first, an armed bank robber who gets himself body slammed by a customer nearly twice his age. we'll show how it all ended. first, here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather, brought to you by crest.
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this would-be robber picked the wrong bank to hold up. he managed to get money from a teller, but that's when a good samaritan nearly twice his age body slams him, thenra
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gun, throws the money across the floor, and for the grand finale, rips off his mask. 63-year-old robert sacowski is now being hailed a hero. 38-year-old john rile faces multiple felony charges. >> as he should. let's turn to a prank in michigan that's led to five teenagers charged with murder. >> the boys all under 18 years old allegedly dropped rocks from an overpass, killing a man on his way home from work. here's abc's adrian bankert. >> reporter: five teens led into court in shackles, facing the possibility of life in prison. accused of a cruel and deadly stunt. deputies say the group of 15-year-old the and one 17 year old threw more than a dozen rocks at cars from this michigan overpass. one of them striking kenneth white on his way home from work. >> something came through the windshield, he's now unconscious. >> reporter: a six pound rock
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hits white in the head and chest, killing him. other cars were damaged many and afterwards, the teens went to eat at mcdonald's. white leaves behind four children including a 5-year-old son. >> he keeps asking about his daddy, and i keep telling him he's not coming back. >> reporter: one of the teens' lawyers saying the penalties could vary. >> although the charges were the same, the kids were all different. the actions that the kids may become involved in are all different. >> reporter: family members heartbroken. >> even if they spend 30 years in prison, they get to wake up every morning. my son won't get to do that anymore. my son was killed for something stupid. >> reporter: they're held without bond and due back in court on november 2nd. >> such a sad story. in the meantime, we move on. so many from hollywood to broadway remembering a singing and acting legend. >> actor robert guillaume who won emmy
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same character on two separate tv shows has died at his home from complications of prostate cancer. >> he was known as benson dubois on "soap." and that spun off into his own series "benson", he was also on "sports night." i voiced a character in the lion king and played the phantom of the opera as well. he was 89 years old. >> he will be missed. when we come back. celebs descending on the stadium for the world series. >> "the skinny" is next. ing on the stadium for the world series. op a cap "m fresh" in that washer. with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. and if you want, pour a little more. ah, it's so fresh. and it's going to last from wash to... ...wear for up to 12 weeks. right, freshness for weeks!
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for a fresh too feisty to quit.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny how often do we do sports in "the skinny"? >> that's true. special skinny. >> we're going to head to dodger stadium, you would think there would be plenty of stars there for game one. >> sure. >> rob lowe was there. >> love rob lowe. >> with the guy from "the hangover." and george lopez. >> they're a cool trio. i'm down with that.
3:49 am
and then check out the man, the legend, vince scully. >> he's a legend. >> says that's how he listened to the games. that's rob lowe hanging out with him. he said he was the best seat mate. >> do you think he gives play by play? >> i hope so. you don't need to have the little earphone in. just listen to vin scully. >> then there was the kid from "saved by the bell", mario lopez, who brought his son to the game. they spent their time rallying the crowd. >> check out larry king, by the way, creeping from behind home plate. amazing seats. >> that's kind of creepy. >> and check out lady gaga on the jumbotron. she also shared a pic with former dodgers and yankees manager joe torre, her best friend. and i would like to hang out with him one day.
3:50 am
it was so hot at the game. check out what it looked like afterwards. this you'll be surprised to see. >> whoa. >> whoa. >> so actually, that's a wax tribute to her in peru. it was supposed to be a replica of her famous meat dress in 2010? >> tribute in quotes, i guess. >> the monsters weren't very happy about it. they took to the twitter machine saying it looked like an alien cockroach wearing lady gaga's skin. for another one said it's a bad donatella versace look alike. >> maybe the wax figure was also at the game. 103 degrees out there. >> that will melt anyone. donatella wasn't happy with that comparison. >> 103 degree meat. >> that's well done. >> that is well done. moving on to michael bey.
3:51 am
none for -- known for his prolific style. his action style and film making has a name, bey hem. as we've seen in the transformers franchise, now he's taken those skills and using them to bring, wait for it. dora to life. >> michael bey doing dora? so dora's the explorer. we're going to catch up with dora now as a teenager living in the city with diego. >> okay. >> no word on who will play dora, diego, or more importantly, boots. >> of course, boots. >> here's a sneak peek of what it would look like if she teamed up with the transformers. >> little robot action with dora. michael bey and
3:52 am
explorer. we'll see what bey hem brings to dora. >> i know it was great having like the slater kid there and all that, but i expected bigger stars at the game. >> maybe kendis gibson? >> it will be cooler. maybe kendis gibson? >> it will be cooler.
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you're lucky you're cute. lysol max cover with 2x wider coverage kills 99.9% of bacteria. one more way you've got what it kes to protect. ♪ when the pimp's in the crib ♪ drop it like it's hot ♪ drop it like it's hot >> oh, yeah. snoop is still dropping it like it's hot. so are we. and so is abc's michael strahan who went one on one with snoop to talk about his latest project. >> he'll be hosting a reboot of the classic game show, "joker's wild." take a look. >> the man who put the g back in game shows. snoop dogg! >> reporter: it's snoop dogg like you've never seen him before. swapping the gin and juice for game show glory at "joker's wild."
3:56 am
i had a chance to catch up with him in englewood, california. we're surrounded by stuff that shows you're a rap icon. aside from music, now you're taking on a whole different genre. a whole different thing. you're producing, and you're hosting classic game show "joker's wild." have you put your snoop dogg twist on it? >> it's snoopified. i had to put my flavor on. i wanted to put my own twist on it. not so easy. >> reporter: if i'm a contestant, what kind of advice do you have? how can i win some money? >> you have to be knowledgeable on current events, history, snoop dogg, hip-hop. it's a crazy game show. because it's not like jeopardy where you're on there and you have to be a brainiac. these are basic questions. i now that, it can't be that easy. >> reporter: did y
3:57 am
doing it? >> i had so much fun, mike, that i want to do another 40 episodes. hint, hint. >> reporter: and trust me, there's no shortage of fun at snoop's compound. >> the mothership. >> reporter: with both the game room. >> and the fabulous doggie land casino. >> reporter: basketball court. even a dance studio. >> dance, i said. >> reporter: and while these days he may be taking over television, he's still all about the music. ♪ snoop dogg, dog dog, dog, >> i like his expanding vocabulary. it's snoopified. >> i have no idea what that means. >> you want to see my neezy? >> he was on "ellen" yesterday, busting out some moves.
3:58 am
>> look at him go. >> ellen was loving it. >> oh, no, the pony.
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making news in america this morning, sounding the alarm. two republican senators launching a searing attack on president trump. >> i rise today to say enough. >> calling trump a dangerous and untruthful. this morning the fallout. how it could impact the president's tax cut plan. new overnight the senate takes action on banking rules. ambush investigation. the clues this new video could hold. in the hunt for the men would killed four u.s. soldiers this west africa. shark attack. a teenager dragged off a s surfboard in florida. >> i was yelling to him i got bit by a shark. >> what he did to escape. plus, the legal battle over alcohol served by the airlines. is it the real deal?


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