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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  October 25, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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adrianna: an update to a story we have followed all day long. a good samaritan stepped in to beento women who just had robbed in silver spring and ended up getting shot. the suspects took off and crashed their car, causing a brief lockdown of a campus. ryan hughes is in silver spring where the victim was just released from the hospital a short, go. catholic all clear at university can around 3:30 after a moments. it started here on new hampshire avenue inns over
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are told to women were robbed as they were returning home from work. that is when a family member, a 50-year-old man, came out of the house, tried to intervene, and ended up getting shot in the leg. the armed suspects got away before police arrived. d.c.,spects drove into but ended up crashing into a tree near the camps of catholic university. only abc 7 cameras were rolling as one suspect was arrested near the scene. where told a weapon was recovered, but a second suspect ran away for the campus. university tweeting "this is not a drill," telling students to shelter in place as police searched before lifting the lockdown. neighbors out here are still shocked this all happened outside their bedroom windows. >> shocking. it is usually quiet. never had issues in this never had before. it is really shocking. ryan: a family friend t
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from the hospital and is recovering at home. in silver spring, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. adrianna: louisiana police investigating a fatal shooting on the campus of grambling state university. police say two people were shot and killed overnight. one of the victims was a student. the other a friend of the student. according to police, the suspect fled soy search is now underway. president trump is keeping the war with two republican senators alive today on twitter. this all while the gop grapples with what the infighting may mean for tax reform. lana zak is following the story from washington, d.c. senator jeff flake has declared his independence of the trump administration. >> i rise today to say enough. >> after a speech on the floor tuesday -- >> we must stop pretending the degradation of our politics are normal. >>
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republicans may stand up to president trump. >> a lot of my colleagues have spoken out, and i think a lot more will. >> in a series of tweets today, the president disagrees, writing -- it is not just flake. senator bob corker has been blaming president trump for the debasement of the nation and says he failed to rise to the occasion as president. >> do you think he is a role model to the children of the united states? >> no. the constant name-calling, i think the debasement of our nation will be what he will be remembered most for. >> the m bridal critics within the gop, at a crucial time for the president who is trying to move senators to support his tax plan. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell thinks the intraparty politics won't derail the republican agenda. >> if there's an
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reform. >> president trump is largely dismissing the critics of the senator saying they could not get elected and tweeting they are now acting hurt and wounded. adrianna: coming up at 12:40, abc medical director will join us like to break down all of the latest in the world of politics. right now in update on that deadly ambush in niger. investigators are now looking at this new video for clues in that sneak attack that killed four american soldiers. right now they're trying to figure out who these militants are. two senior u.s. intelligence officials say the mission went from reconnaissance to kill or capture. if i buy you target have been located. some eight hours away, but when they found there, they found nothing. developing right now, the naacp with a slight advisory for african-americans --
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advisory for american airlines flying american airlines. there have been several instances where blacks were treated unfairly, but the airline has responded saying they do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and they are eager to meet with the naacp to listen to concerns. john gonzalez is at reagan airport with more. john: the action being taken today by the naacp is not a travel ban, but a travel advisory urging all african-americans who are flying, traveling, to be cautious, to be alert, withially when dealing this airline right here, american airlines. this stems from an incident with woman's march organizer tamika mallory who was kicked off an airplane last week. withshe was at the miami airpod said she tried --
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>> i said you are being very, very disrespectful to me. >> there is a way to talk to people and show respect. haveam hoping that i don't any problem with american airlines. >> you never have? >> i never have. john: the naacp says they have been monitoring patterns, so they have now called this advisory. the airline is saying this was never about race. it was an discrimination. it was simply their crew trying to deescalate what they thought was a problem. john gonzales, abc 7 news. adrianna: d.c. firefighter dane smothers is set to return home. he was critically ju
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ladder truck responding to a fire. he has undergone several surgeries. he is said to be released at 1:00 this afternoon. i developing story out of loudoun county, the school board approves a controversial policy that will allow cell phone towers on school property. suzanne kennedy has more. suzanne: this is an issue that communities throughout our region have grappled with. is it safe and acceptable to put cell phone towers on school grounds? last night the loudoun county school board approved a measure that would allow it to happen in the county, but not without some pushback from people in the community. at issue for some of the health risks associated with potential radiation from the towers and the long term affects. the county policy now states that the health, safety, and security concerns must be taken into account when considering each request. the tower must also generate money for the school system. parents we talked to in sterling have mixed opinions about the decision.
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need them on school necessarily because they are everywhere already. there are other ways to raise money for schools. >> as long as you have people who know what the dangers are and they are being consulted, i think it is probably going to be ok. suzanne: before a tour can be put up at his school, there has to be a hearing. the final decision being made by the county school board. adrianna: now a look at the weather. a cooldown is on the way. brian is here with a check on the forecast. brianne: we start off with thicker clouds as you can see here. as the morning has been progressing, we're seeing clouds breaking up. up to 57. more blue skies continue to break out. temperatures coming up slightly, but not like yesterday. yesterday we
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had 70's. today, lower to mid 60's. cooler air behind the front finally starting to settle in. you can see clouds exiting to the east. afterschool sports, 3:00, low 60's today. low 60's at five. 50's tonight. another chilly evening. probably colder tonight because we will have less cloud cover in the winds will be fairly calm. one more chilling out before things start to ship. tomorrow morning, we could be back in the 40's. 41 and fairfax. largo at 42. coming up, your ten-day forecast which talks about the weekend, 50/50 split as far as the weather is concerned. good news for trick-or-treaters next tuesday. adrianna: thank you. next at noon, murder charges against five teenagers. the weapon? a rock. details on the incident that may send five
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rest of their lives. adrianna: we look back at the life of the legendary fats domino. first, check on the roads. ic: good afternoon. it is going to be a quiet ride for the midday. a bit of good news, two hundred 70 southbound looking at shady grove road, earlier delays have cleared out for the crash at montgomery avenue. at one point, two right lanes were shut down and traffic was really jammed up. also looking at 29 southbound. colesville road the downtown silver spring. roadwork blocking the two right lanes. expect some heavy volume as you go down to one lane. i get of a hassle for a short bit.
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bit. 610,rthbound, route garrisonville road, this is a work zone. traffic is pretty heavy with two lanes getting by. jeff it gets into the work zone. a little heavy up this way out of stafford county. that is
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ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. rrator: they call him enron ed.rtham, because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie
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lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. adrianna: sad news from the music world. rock 'n roll legend fats domino has died. best known for "ain't that a shame" and "blueberry hill" he also everyone in the 1950's including elvis.
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he died from natural causes at the age of 89 years old. right now five michigan teenagers are facing possible life in prison for throwing rocks from an overpass and killing a man. maggie rulli has a very serious charges they face. >> five teenagers are facing life in prison after pulling a prank that went horribly wrong. >> something came through the windshield. >> police say they were playing dinging, throwing more than a dozen rocks from this michigan overpass. >> it was a deadly affair. >> one of them, six pound dingig more than a rock, striking kenneth white in the head and chest.
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attorneys. >> one day he is thinking about girlfriends, like i said, prompt. his world is turned upside down. >> dan abrams said each team could face different penalties depending on age and who is soundless responsible. but he doesn't expect total leniency. >> there is absolutely an argument for second-degree murder. that is it was an intentional act in reckless disregard for human life. under the law of michigan, they're old enough to be considered adults. >> adolescence by large are more impulsive, more likely to do things without thinking through the consequences. >> for white's family, there is no excuse. >> they get to wake up every single morning even if they are in prison. my son was taken away for something stupid. >> the teens are currently being held without bond and are expected back in court november 2. maggie rulli, abc 7. adrianna: in florida, a tavern neighb
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after three people were gunned down in the past two weeks. police have no motive or suspects. none of the victims knew each other. police say the only thing linking the murders is that they happen less than a half a mile apart. >> i suspect that somebody in the neighborhood knows who this is, but doesn't realize that maybe the killer. adrianna: the one lead police have is this surveillance video from the night of the first murder with a possible serial killer at large, parents are driving their kids to school. many people are limiting their outdoor activities. nearly five years after he killed 20 young children, six adults, and has oh mother, the fbi has released chilling information on adam lanza. the sandy hook shooter was killings,ith spree specifically the columbine massacre. they also evidence -- there is also evidence suggesting he had an interest in children
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pedophilia. but there is no evidence that he acted on it. a consumer alert, amazon will soon launch a system that allows delivery drivers to come inside your home. here is how it would work. amazon prime members can buy cameras and smart locks for about $250. when the driver arrives, amazon verifies the address, delivery time, and allows him or her into your home. that camera allows you to watch and record the transaction from your phone or computer. inzon he will be available 37 cities starting november 8. now to a major recall. fisher-price is pulling 63,000 infant soothing motion seats off the shelves because of a fire hazard. the infant seat plays nature sounds, bounces, sways, and vibrates. fisher-price has received about 36 reports so far of the motor overheating and one report of a fire.
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so check the fisher-price website to see if yours is listed. the los angeles dodgers protect home field, taking game one of the world series over the houston astros. one of the big stories was the extreme heat. it was world series record, 103 for first pitch. for the first six innings, it was a vigil's dual until justin turner from the dodgers had a two run home run. dodgers take game one three to one in turner thinks the heat for that game-winning homer. >> i knew it was about 98 degrees. when it is that hot here, the ball does travel a lot better. adrianna: the winner of game one has gone on to win the best-of-seven world series 64% of the time. game two is tonight in l.a. will stop first pitch at
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the wizards have history on the line tonight in l.a. the team is now heading to l.a. tonight. if they win against the lakers, it will be their first since 1978. the year after they won their first nba title. after monday's win, they remain the only undefeated team in the eastern conference. something they haven't done since 1974. tip-off at 10:30 tonight at the staples center. a lot on the line. 103 isyesterday, that the warmest it has been that late in the year for a late a record for temperatures -- adrianna: in the season, period. .rian: still pretty warm around here, a taste of fall briefly today and tomorrow, but it starts to warm up for the weekend. we are still running low on our rainfall totals. i will tell you, some spikes doing a little better in martinsburg. about indigent have shy f
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for the season. others, 3.5" is at reagan national. our next chance of rain is on tuesday. outside right now, looking off to the west, we are seeing some clearing. morning cloudiness breaking up. more blue this afternoon. around noon time, right around 60. we will go into the low 60's the next couple of hours. there is not going to be a big surge of milder air. clouds are exiting eased, so adding sunshine is helpful. gusty as are not as yesterday. we still have 50's out to the west. low 60's downtown. quantico, 62. 56 in hagerstown. for the drive home tonight, solar slowdown. when you'reri
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63 at 5:00 post of 61 by 5 6:00. it should be cooler this evening because guys are clear. there is a low in the upper sections of the great lakes. that will help funnel and the cooler air. these temperatures bringing in that cold core of air briefly tonight through tomorrow. we're in this cool sector of air. but high pressure will nudge in briefly later in the week. friday, watch as the green colors move in. friday, back in the upper 60's to near 70. saturday, upper 60's to near 70. sunday is when we will start to transition. rain ahead of the front will bring shower changes. the best chance of the week. then temperatures will start to drop back toward trick-or-treat. 60's tomorrow, upper 60's on friday, upper 60's on saturday. saturday, international gold cup in the planes. looking eyes. upper 60's. great for your outdoor activities. sunday and the redskins game against the dallas cowboys at fedex field were there will be
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next week, cooler but dry. timing well for trick-or-treaters. not too cold. we don't like mom and dad to tell you you have to put a coat on over your costume and ruin it. adrianna: in kansas city, it was like, snow. there goes dorothy. jacketwe're going sans on tuesday. adrianna: coming up, texting and driving is already illegal. no one city is banning texting while walking across the street.
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adrianna: with the new law trying to put an to walking and texting as you cross the street, it goes into effect in honolulu today. details on how this all got started. >> so many of us get that urge to check out our phones for just a second while crossing the street. >> i think i pretty good peripheral vision. >> you did not see the car. >> i will give you that. >> like this poor guy who was texting away and ran into a wall . or this frightening scene, a bear on the loose and is distracted man walking right toward him. this morning, one major city is saying no more texting and walking across the street. honolulu putting a law in affected a stating that if you are caught doing this, you will be paying a $35 fine. the number of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents has risen some states14, so like california are considering a statewide law to enforce no texting and walking. california already has warning signs in some areas. this one reads
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street, then update facebook." in january, the state will consider a statewide law to enforce it. >> i don't about the fine, but i do think it is a dangerous activity. >> yet to pay attention, especially at an intersection and all these cars are coming. >> i think is smart, but will be tough on people. adrianna: that was tj holmes reporting. next at noon, trick-or-treating is around the corner. find out if your costume may need extra your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory.
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in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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adrianna: it looks like we're in the middle of a cool down. brian: for a few days. if you don't like the weather in washington, wait a few days. low 60's today, 40's tonight. tomorrow, chile. friday and saturday, above average. next cold front comes through. early next week, monday and tuesday, trick or treat take him a bit cooler. to go stay with us. isther half hour of abc 7 coming up next your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. isther half hour of abc 7 coming up next with fios gigabit connection, you get the fastest internet available with download speeds up to 940 megs. it's your last chance to get fios gigabit connection
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plus, your choice of hbo or multi-room dvr service included for 2 years, all with a two year agreement. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. hurry and switch now, this offer ends november 4th. go to
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>> special report. >> all for one and one for all, the heart of what we at abc 7 mean we say we are on your side. we are one community. >> protects and investigates. when you're taking advantage of your neighbors are at
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make it our responsibility to step up, listen, and try to find a solution or lend a helping hand. >> 7 has been on your side fighting for years for you. nearly a year before the government admitted there was a problem, abc 7 senior investigator reporter lisa fletcher broke the story that the largest recall in american million tore than 70 cut airbags, would be in vain. and replacement parts would fail for the same reason as the originals. >> to you for see a recall of the replacement airbags? >> there will be a recall of the replacement airbags as sure as there are roads in america. >> we uncovered a paper trail, tracked down engineers, and interviewed whistleblowers. we have been on the store for more than a year and continue to bring you the latest. >> the only reason it didn't come all the way through and it me a probably go through my head was because part of the pitchfork went through the frame of the car into the frame of the door. >>
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times a day across the country with no warning, most no reaction time, dangerous cases of flying road debris lane lives, caused accidents, and tens of thousands of injuries. our story brought a whole new way of thinking about defensive driving to our viewers. >> abc 7 news. >> there was a big problem in the walls, and the wiring. >> like a big job? >> yes. troubleshooter horace holmes help to understand how to deal contractors in your home. in several different investigations, 7 on your side put lectureship, plumbers, and duct cleaning copies to the test and how to avoid becoming a victim of either an unscrupulous or incompetent contractor. now look at it some of the stories 7 underside is excited to bring you. >> nancy is an important warning for people using
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>> we've seen many instances recently of these trail attacks. women assaulted as they exercise on popular paths during daylight hours. we went to the prince george's county police department for real advice on how to protect yourself. we will show you what we learned , easy remember a new verse that partt the most vulnerable of an attacker to matter what your size. this is about maximum impact in getting away. >> what am i doing? i'm pulling her in. my hand is tied up. my other hand is probably doing something and now she has fist, needs, nothing else. >> join us for our store that airs thursday night at 11:00 right here on abc 7. adrianna: thank you. 7 on your side often hears complaints about buying used cars. high-pressure sales tactics. confusing paperwork, terms of a deal. now increased concerns about buying a flight it dag
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florida and texas. coming up in november, 7 on your side tries to take this year and the questions out of used-car buying. our team has compiled a list of do's and don'ts and horace holmes will look at the best places to buy used car, how to spot a lemon, how to negotiate, yourven how to finance purchase. 7 on your side works with our team at call for action where volunteers are trained to solve consumer complaints. so far this year, 7 on your side call for action as result thousands of cases and gotten -- result thousands of cases and gotten thousands of dollars back for our viewers. if you need help, reach out at wjla.comcall4action. you can also call us. monthsiteam often spent researching stories. lisa fletcher is here right now. you have a lot of terrific stories coming up in the next 30 days. >> here's one that will
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on the road right here in the dmv at the national highway traffic safety administration has deemed dangerous because there are recalls on all of these vehicles by their owners knowingly are not have not gotten them fixed. we received a frantic knock on our door. there were smoke coming out of my vehicle. i would say is maybe two to three feet at most from the house. >> her vehicle was under recall because it could spontaneously catch fire. others include everything from problems with fuel systems and accelerators to wiring systems and airbags. one in four vehicles on the road may pose a danger, not just of the occupants, but to people driving around the vehicles. >> when the story runs, you will have a lot of specific details of also on the web of where to go. there's another dealing with health care. ofbecause a viewers a lot money. 7 on your side took a deep dive into prescription drug prices. we found
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we update on the top 10 most part of the prescriptions in ,aryland, d.c., and virginia then took the information and compared prices using some tools we will share with you. in dozens of instances, pharmacies right across the street from each other offering the same exact prescription were as much as 10 times or 11 times different on price. experts we spoke to said that is not unusual. >> the crazy thing we see every day is the same drug, same exact prescription, different pharmacy, much better price. >> we are going to give you the prescription buying 101. viewers should be able to cut their prescription costs. >> thank you. >> is your child's water safe to drink at school? that is the subject of another investigation coming up this month. hi,aving a tap test flushing and the sampling of finding it is low, that doesn't prove anything except
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got lucky on that day you got all my sample. >> for the next child to drink from that tap be as lucky? >> virginia tech professor mark edwards, who helped expose the flint, michigan, water crisis, is now helping 7 on your side, sound the alarm on the safety of your child's drinking water in school. scott taylor has been digging through test results for months. now edwards is teaming up with 7 on your side, asking for major changes on how schools test water. this investigation is taking the iteam to the top level of the epa. also, horace holmes will be back with one of our favorites, more installments from his "is it worthiteam to the top level of ? >> i love doing these. that is the it?" question. it is about making the right decision spinning your time and money on a trendy service or high
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from home warranty policies to ride sharing to cool sculpting. 7 on your side is at it again, investigating a new set of items to determine for you if it is worth it. mr. making hero list and checking a for your holiday shopping, but most of us will wait for those big black friday sales to get the best deals on big-ticket items. of shopping and standing in line and try to get there first and kind of -- i kind of enjoy it. not the fighting, but the rush. >> but is it worth going through this on the friday after thanksgiving? hottest giftbe the item in stores this holiday season. >> virtual reality is going to become part of our everyday life. >> that technology is changing rapidly. is it worth buying the device now that could be obsolete in a few months? when a newer better version comes out? there won'
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in stores and shopping malls. if you plan to jet off to grandma's house for the holidays, there will be long lines at the airports. but there is a service that claims to push you to the front of those security lines. >> you don't have to worry about losing your id and you are through. >> is it worth it? you may be surprised what we found. >> our reports will air during good morning washington in november. we will see you then. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us. we hope you'll be back throughout the month to sample the special reports we are working on for you. >> we are abc 7
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adrianna: right now there are a whole lot of feuds happening and washington, d.c., and president trump in the middle of it all. here to break it down for us is political director rick klein good afternoon. thanks for joining us. so let's start with senator jeff flake and senator bob corker and the president and his back-and-forth between the two of them. where do we go from here? >> extra new data have two republican senators say it is not just that we disagree on policy or personality there is all that cleaning him unfit -- claiming him unfit for office. with them were basically sounding the alarms for the colleagues to follow. i'm curious to see if any do that. so far, president trump still enjoys pretty strong support on capitol hill and among the republican base. what others join them at releasing -- what others join them? adrianna: i want to talk about another feud happening in co
12:44 pm
between him and frederica wilson and her calling niger his finger was a. there are still a lot of questions about exactly what happened during the ambush. are we getting anywhere with this? >> we're learning more about the circumstances, but i think a comparison to thing ghazi is premature atthere are still a lf at worst. we look at the circumstances of this particular incident, it is still coming into view. keep in mind, the democrats ought bengazzi was a political which had. clearly, there is a lot to learn. this feud with the widow of the fallen soldier has increased public interest in it, but i don't think we are anywhere near calling it a bengazi level scandal. digg i thank you for your time and breaking it down. -- adrianna: thank you for your time and breaking it down. neighbors has more. >> a widening war within the republican party. >> we mu s
12:45 pm
degradation of our politics and the conduct of some and our executive branch are normal. they are not normal. >> on tuesday, arizona senator jeff flake announced he will not run for reelection, declaring he cannot work with the leader he finds dangerous to democracy. >> i rise today to say enough. critic ofa longtime president trump, said his decision was a matter of duty and conscience. fore're fooled ourselves long enough that a pivot to governing is right around the corner. civility and stability right behind it. we know better than that. >> civility and but this morning, some of the president allies are celebratingflake's departure. sources close to steve bannon who has declared war on trump's opponents say his reaction crushed him, another day, another scalp. is not senator bob corker, another top
12:46 pm
reelection, is also unloading on the president. >> i think the worst of it is going to be the holder basing our nation. >> you think the president is debasing the nation? >> i don't think that is any question. >> it comes as the president is trying to unite the party around tax reform. >> any, and senator corker? >> the infighting is overshadowing his agenda. >> does any of this make the president pause and wonder if he is doing anything wrong? if you present responsibility? >> i think they were likely not to be reelected and i think that shows the support is more behind his president then it is those two individuals. >> all right. so much happening and washington, d.c.. >> weather-wise, and more fall-like. does for a day or two. then we were back up and cool back down. we are still inches below average for rain. we will have a shot on sunday. timi
12:47 pm
impact the redskins-cowboy game. at this point, it is a little too early to give you an exact time. we will try to pinpoint if tailgaters are going to get wet. hail to the redskins. belle haven country club, just a few scattered clouds out there at this hour. a little bit of foliage. it is interesting because we've been talking about this. i have been reading a couple of things online. the bottom line is, because we were so dry in august, even though we're getting some color, it is not nearly as vibrant as in years past. you are seeing it, it is just not as impressive. 61 right now at reagan national. the wind is a directional change from yesterday. yesterday we still got into the 70's in the afternoon. 10 degrees cooler. it is dry and c
12:48 pm
must. have your sunglasses. here's a look at the temperature map and the clouds. thicker clouds moving east. if you're at the eastern shore today, ocean city, the clouds will linger a little bit longer. around here, looking good for the drive home. make sure you have your sunglasses. today, ocean city, the clouds will linger a little bitsundown. lighter winds, clear skies and i. i think the temperatures will start to drop. there's a system turning over the great lakes. it is bringing a little unsettled weather. this will pass over to the east. other than some scattered clouds, it is not going to do much for us. another potent cold front that sunday thatgh on will bring us our best shot of rain and also another little wave of cooler temperatures. today, probably low-to-mid 60's is a good bet. only right around 60 tomorrow. friday,
12:49 pm
saturday as well. some of the areas, especially south, could flirt with 70 degrees. saturday, a good day to be outside. we talked about the international gold cup happening. nice, a few scattered clouds, upper 60's. the average is 65. we're looking for 68. by sunday, the average is 64. fedex field, could be some rain and have your pockets of rain as we get closer to the weeks end. how to get a better idea plan. but i would be planning for wet conditions. temperatures dropping behind the front and the breezes could pick up. that may add hl. the next several days, plenty of sunshine and dry. gorges and 68. saturday, partly sunny skies, upper 60's. ms. 60's on sunday with rain chances. once the front comes through, on monday, 36 for the high. monday night, even downtown, we could see 30's for the low downtown.
12:50 pm
as we look at tuesday, temperatures near 64 trick-or-treaters. later in the week, back to the middle 60's. getting a little taste of falcon if you will. but followed by warmer trends. all in all come a more fall-like. you get to where all of your different outfits. cute longsleeved outfits and short sleeves. adrianna: boots? it is cooler,hen but someone where some all the time. blood,a: next at noon, crime kick, even bodies. the halloween display that have th ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. rrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal.
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like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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coat a woman in texas thing is caught on camera stealing halloween decorations from a home. she steps up on the porch of a home in the middle of the night and takes the decorations before walking off. it is a total loss of about $150 for the homeowner. police do hope the surveillance video will help catch the woman. check this out in new jersey. this is not a real crime scene. it is actually a halloween display. a couple decided to turn a car sitting on the side of their house into a real-life looking crash scene with fake blood, crime tape, even a fake body pinned up against a tree. it was often and names until police came knocking at -- it was all fun and aims until police came knocking at their door because of a complaint from a neighbor. it turns out you're
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of these apps. they're easily hacked. they can get your basic information. in some cases, they can see your messages. mam, they can access and messages for you. ba instagram is giving its user yet another way to kill time by doing it live with your friends. the new option lets users invite a person to join in on their live video. the video can be saved to instagram stories from to 24 hours. stick with us. a final check of the forecast is next.
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go cincinnati zoo back in the spotlight. this time for her photobomb of a marriage proposal. that is her in the background pressing her nose up against the glass of the exhibit. the couple says they work huge fiona's and are glad she was part of their special day. brian: is it true she is going to be made of honor? adrianna: not a bad idea. brian: outside, cool for the next day or so, dropping in the 30's tonight. tomorrow, probably the coolest. temperatures only near 60 degrees with a light northw esterly breeze. adrianna: i am wearing boots
12:58 pm
ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. rrator: they call him enron ed.rtham, because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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