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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 26, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, 401(k) flip-flop. president trump speaking about his plan to cut taxes amid growing confusion over possible new limbs on 401(k) contributions. two teens under arrest for an alleged murder plot. >> we don't want anything. i can't even do this right now. >> even the police are emotional. >> this morning, see the diary they found. >> trying to give the dodgers a chance. >> epic world series thriller. >> it's a one-run game. >> the astros and dodgers -- >> it is gone for a home run. >> -- batting their way through extra innings. 9 wild ending through the early morning hours of today and now the streak is now over.
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plus, say year krall controversy. what is forcing kellogg's to redesign one box. one movie theater's plan to change prices at the box office. would you pay more? a good thursday morning. we begin with president trump declaring that the republican party is unified despite a scathing public rebuke from two gop senators. >> the president will need the help of those same lawmakers to pass a sweeping tax overhaul bill. this morning there are mixed mess ones on what that could mean for your 401(k) plan. abc's serena marshall has new details. >> reporter: good morning. those new details include those tax plans could be up for negotiation and those 401(k) plans, excuse me, could be up for negotiation in the tax bill the president wants signed on his desk by the end of the year.
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could be the battleground. president trump eager for a legislative win pushing tax reform on fox news. >> they're passing this bill along very rapidly. we have to get tax cuts and just pass it along. this would be the biggest tax cut in history. >> reporter: it's what could pay for those tax cuts, though, that could put 401(k)s in the crosshairs. on wednesday, the president promising. >> 401(k)s to me are very important and important because that's one of the great benefits to the middle class. >> reporter: but just seconds lateer. >> well, maybe it is and maybe we'll use it as negotiating -- >> reporter: the response after the top republican writing the plan said there could be limits on how much people can contribute to their retirement accounts. and as a flip from just two days ago, when the president tweeted definitive there will be no change to your 401(k). current law allowed you to contribute up to $18,000 a year. tax-free until you're ready to
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the change republicans have floated would lower that contribution cap to only $2400 a year. republicans argue it would force americans to put money into retirement plans that are taxed immediately helping them pay for some of those tax cuts. democrats opposed to the idea and the tax plan. >> 80% of the gop's tax cuts go to the wealthiest 1% at the expense of children and working families. >> reporter: the tax plan is expected to be revealed next week and republicans are hopeful that they will be able to pass this by thanksgiving with a simple majority vote and signed by the end of the year. kendis, diane. >> all right, sounds like they still have a few details to iron out, thanks. the president talked about that controversial conversation he had with the widow of one of the u.s. soldiers killed in niger. >> so the president is denying myeshia johnson's claim he struggled to remember her husband's name while calling to offer his condolences. >> i respect her. i respect her family.
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a certainly respect la david. who i, by the way, called la david right from the beginning so you understand. they put a chart in front, la david, says la david johnson so right from the beginning there is no hesitation, one of the great memories of all time there was no hesitation. >> the president also said that for the first time he did not specifically authorize the mission in niger. there are new details about how both the trump and clinton campaigns may have been trying to dig up dirt on each other before the election. wikileaks founder julian assange says a company used by the trump campaign contacted him before the election. "the dwally beast" reports that firm was looking for copies of hillary clinton's missing e-mails. assange, by the way, did not confirm that part of the report. any link between the campaign and wikileaks could actually be of special interest to the special counsel robert mueller because of wikileaks' alleged ties to russia. this all comes after we learn that the clinton campaign helped pay
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dossier on candidate trump which alleged collusion with russia. president trump calls it a disgrace to democrats and he insisted the dossier is fake. a former clinton spokesman said they did nothing wrong. the investigation into the las vegas mass shooting has hit a new roadblock. abc news has learned the hard drive from the shooter's laptop is missing. the computer was in the room where the killer fired on thousands attending a music festival but it's believed he removed the hard drive before taking his own life. meanwhile, the shooter's brother bruce matt dopaddock has been a in a child porn case citing a computer with hundreds of images. two teenagers facing attempted murder and other charges for an alleged plot against their high school. they are both 17 years old. police say they found threats in one of the teen's diaries along with a homemade device believed to be an explosive. local sheriffs say they take it
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have children in that same school system. >> the sheriff's office wants to make sure the parents understand we take this very seriously. we don't want anything -- i can't even do this right now. >> getting emotional and school authorities called police after getting a tip. the teams are being charged as adults. neither has any previous run-ins with the law. the governor of puerto rico is now the latest lawmaker demanding a review of the $300 million power rest tore station contract awarded to a small company from montana. whitefish energy which is based in the hometown of interior secretary ryan zinke had only two full time employees but says it specializes in working in mountainous areas. just last night the company apologized for a twitter feud with the mayor of san juan who criticized the contract. tesla has now provided solar panels to restore power at a children's hospital in puerto rico. the hospital was forced to run off generators after hurricane maria. it says the new
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will supply all its power needs. >> now let's take a look at your weather. a winter storm has unloaded snow in northern michigan but it'll be moving across the northern tier from montana to the great lakes. cities like fargo and minneapolis will see their first accumulating snow of the season. starting today through the weekend, but forecasters say temperatures won't be very coal. you won't be shoveling too much snow. 43 in great falls. 56 in minneapolis and 89 in los angeles. 60 in new york and 69 in atlanta. all right. coming up, the possibility that millions of americans could soon find themselves in a new time zone. >> interesting. also coming up, could decades of doubt end today? new details about the final trove of documents from the jfk
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george h.w. bush's new statement after another actress claimed she was
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♪ that's an toine domino jr. best known as fats domino, an original inductee into the original hall of fame. he passed away tuesday actually and funeral arrangements are still spending this morning. domino was a true crossover artist with hits like "blueberry hill" and "blue monday." he narrowly escaped hurricane katrina in his hometown of new orleans. the final batch of
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being released today. the more than 3,000 documents on the assassination ofjohn f. kennedy have fueled conspiracy theories for decades and told they could include audio clips. the cia and fbi have not said whether they asked the president to keep them under wraps. it may include embarrassing details about intelligence operations and the tracking of lee harvey oswald. airports around the world, they affect passengers flying into the united states, the new screenings messages, electronic devices and screening interviews by airline employees. some are warning travelers to arrive three hours before their international flights. a florida sheriff's deputy resigned after allegedly stealing money and prescription drugs from a dying man's house. investigators say jason cooke was caught on camera looting the home while the owner was hospitalized for a head injury
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power outage. u.p.s. customers can expect to pay more for shipping raising rates by 5% starting just before christmas. happy holidays. the company says it it will help pay for expansion and improvements. it comes as amazon launches a security lock system that will allow customers to get deliveries inside their homes even when they're out. it requires a smart lock that could be opened remotely and an amazon security camera to watch the delivery. massachusetts could be one step closer to leaping forward into a new time zone. a draft report from a state commission studying daylight saving time says not moving the clocks back one hour every fall could bring economic and health benefits because of the extra daylight. if the commission approves the idea next week, the report will be sent to lawmakers. maine is already considering the idea. one condition is they want other new england states to join them first. >> oh. >> we're all in this together. >> but you first. all righ
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when we come back the controversy forcing kellogg's to change its cereal box. new recommendations about two vaks signs this morning. world series drama inside the stadium and out. the game two thriller as fires break out near the game.
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use pantene shampoo together with 3 minute miracle daily conditioner. their pro-v formula is like a multi-vitamin. making your hair 2x stronger see the difference when you add 3 minute miracle daily conditioner. back with video as a car crashed through a maryland restaurant during lunchtime. about 30 people were inside. ten of those patrons were injured. police are now investigating how that driver lost control there in prince george's county. we turn now to president -- former president george h.w. bush, apologizing and explaining accusations of inappropriate behavior during photo-ops. >> heather lind and joanna goal nick says the former president put his hand on their back sides while posing for pictures and then told a joke referring to what he was doing.
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offended and adds to try to put people at ease, the president routinely tells the same joke and on occasion he has patted women's rears in what he intended to be a good-natured manner. >> the fcc could soon be relaxing rules on media ownership. among the changes could be voted on next month allowing companies to own newspapers and tv stations in the same city or multiple tv and radio stations all in one location. now, critics argue relaxing the 40-year-old rules would result in fewer diverse voices in the media. kellogg's says it will redesign the art work on corn pops boxes after getting complaints they're racist showing cartoon figures shopping, skateboarding and snacking but the only corn pop character of color was the janitor washing the mall floor, kellogg's has since apologized saying it is committed to diversity. in health news some
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recommendations. recommending older people who have been vaccinated for shingles get a new better shot. experts say the newly approved vaccine works better and may last longer. the same panel responding to a growing number of mumps outbreaks. the recommendation, college students get a third vaccine to boost their immunity. we have new details about the mysterious kidnapping of a mother from california. sherry papini disappeared nearly a year ago and was found three weeks later and released sketches of the women she said abducted her. for the first time we're hearing the 911 call in which her husband reported her disappearance. >> i found her phone and it's got like hair ripped out of it in the headphones. so i'm like totally freaking out. >> politician say she was texting with a male acquaintance from michigan before her disappearance. but he's been cleared in the case. also she says her abductors were women but police say they found dna fr b
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on her clothes. there was a lot of drama in the dodger stadium but also some drama outside the stadium during last night's world series game. crews were forced to put out two fires nearby including this one at an apartment building. a helicopter quickly put out the flames, a small brush fire near the stadium was also put out. well, the action inside the stadium as as hot as that fire. >> it was ang epic second game of the world series. let's get highlights now from espn. >> good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett. neil everett. what a game in game two of the world series. >> yeah. he's not just making that up either. sometimes we say what a game and it really wasn't all that. >> i try thought to make stuff up. >> you don't. i do. i make stuff up all the time. yasiel puig mains a 5-3 game a 5-4 game in the bottom of the tenth but in the top of the 11th. george springer, there's a statue of him at uconn and he did that
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he went 0-4 the night before with four strikeouts. he's back and the astros come back and win it 7-6, even the series at one. game three is friday in houston, stan. >> not far from there, you had wizards and lakers in overtime, 11.5 seconds to go. wizards needed the follow but couldn't get it done. julius randall and lavar ball is enjoying that. only up three and still have to deal with john wall in this last possession. and that worked out okay. for the lakers. good win for that young team. they take it 102-99. paul, six point, eight rebounds and ten assists. >> there you go. >> that's it from here. back to you. >> that was deep there. there you go. thank you. okay, so before the game by the way the dodgers were 98-0 this season when leading in eighth inning. >> oh, all right. 9 end of a streak. also the astros' first win in the world series. >> in the
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unstopables by downy. ♪ ♪ give extra. get extra. ♪ your thursday "pulse" starting with one of the biggest movie theaters in the chain banking on the fact that all films are not created equally in moviegoers may soon have to shell out more money to see big hits but be charged less to see a flop. regal cinemas will start testing demand-based pricing next year. the company's hoping to fill more seats during off-peak viewing hours. >> with big competition, the one
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working for the industry apparently. it's an interesting concept. all right. so boo a madea halloween for 2 bucks. sign me up. the girl in massachusetts who has been beating the boys in golf. 16-year-old emily mash plays on the high school boy's team because there isn't a girls team. >> she came in first but was not declared the win irbecause of a rule that says she can play in team events but she can't be entered in any individual tournaments. >> i've won a couple pretty big title like two-day tournaments and stuff like that. i wasn't aware that if i won i wouldn't get the title or the trophy. >> yeah. >> yeah, so emily says that she felt better once she had the rules explained to her and she's looking forward to her spring golf season but all of it because she's a girl. >> even after hearing the rues i still don't feel better were that one. if you're interested in a watch for the holiday season, this one might be the ticket for you. >>
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daytona watch. his wife gave it to him when he was filming "winning" in 1968. >> back then it cost $200. today you need a baller for this one. it's being sold at auction and could fetch up to $10 million. >> getting it for me for christmas? >> yep, take out a loan. finally the guy who got a lot more than his money's worth at last night's world series game. jordan benedict thought he was out of luck looking for bargains on stubhub. >> then found a pair of tickets for $9, amazing considering it costs more to park or buy beer. >> he gthree people in police custody this morning, facing armed robbery charges. police say the arrest comes after men robbed a cvs store in tenleytown last night. when police arrived, officers were able to identify suspects car nearby. after a pursuit, the car stopped near wisconsin avenue, and the suspects fled on foot.
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good morning washington. toss to eileen - chilly start, cool afternoon - fantastic friday - 50/50 weekend; rainy, windy, chilly sunday - dry & cool for halloween today: mix of sun and clouds. unseasonably cool. highs: 58-62 winds: nw 5-15 mph tonight: mainly clear and cool. lows: 33-42 winds: wnw 5 mph friday: mostly sunny. milder. highs: 66-70 winds: s 5-10 mph new information -- after a dramatic scene at a
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george's county... at the heart of a busy lunch hour. new video shows the moment of impact, as customers were knocked off their seats at the "top of the hill" restaurant in upper marlboro. ten of them were hurt, but all are expected to recover. the cause of that crash... still under investigation.
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evidence connected to a shocking case that made national headlines. a california mother, apparently kidnapped, then released weeks later. the f-b-i - now - releasing sketches of two women sherri papini says abducted her last november while she was jogging.. papini spent 22 days in captivity -- and says she only had contact with these women. and for the first time - we're hearing the 9-1-1 call papini's husband made. papini was beated, and branded before she was released. investigators are still uncertain who could have held papini hostage - before leaving her on the side of a road last thanksgiving. shocking claims against tesla. the automaker -- at the center of four lawsuits, claiming discrimination. former employees, citing a culture of racism, hostility, and sexual harassment. some say they even faced retaliation after coming forward with their concerns. tesla says it takes all complaints seriously -- but there's never been a proven case of discrimination in the company's history.
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in virginia.. some children are getting potentially life-changing lessons about the impact of food on health. herndon elementary school held its sixth annual "food day" yesterday. the group, "real food for kids" coordinated the event. besides eating nutritious food, children helped prepare it. community leaders and health professionals were there, along with celebrity chef david guas. the event also focused on the importance of exercise.. and fitness. it's xx and we're just getting started. good morning washington.
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- chilly start, cool afternoon - fantastic friday - 50/50 weekend; rainy, windy, chilly sunday - dry & cool for halloween today: mix of sun and clouds. unseasonably cool. highs: 58-62 winds: nw 5-15 mph tonight: mainly clear and cool. lows: 33-42 winds: wnw 5 mph friday: mostly sunny. milder. highs: 66-70 winds: s 5-10 mph president trump and gop leaders are on the clock.
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