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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 30, 2017 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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good morning. i'm diane ma scedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. at least one indictment is expected today as t. president trump calls the charges a witch-hunt and taking aim at hillary clinton. and kevin spacey is accused of harassing rapp. and billionaire
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the tunnel he's building beneath los angeles. he hopes it will one day. >> wally: zip people around. and the tenth inning, the winning run was scored. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> oh, my. heart medication, all these are things that were probably popular in los angeles overnight. >> yes. >> because it was an epic, epic game five of the world series. >> so good. >> houston fans are probably still making their way home out on the streets after the celebration. this was it as the game wrappeden herwrapped up here. >> the astros
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innings. it featured seven home runs and lasted five hours and 17 minutes. the second-longest world series game ever played. and they get to do it all again in game six tomorrow night. jack very astutely points out that two nfl teams didn't achieve that level of scoring. >> did one include the jets? well, who knows. but yeah, quite a celebration going straight into the early morning hours of today. let's home let's hope it makes it to seven games. >> the dodgers could win it in game six. now to the russia investigation poised to enter a new face with the first charges expected today. >> it has prompted angry reaction from president trump as he goes on a twitter rant against hillary clinton, someone in his inner circle may soon be in handcuffs.
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>> reporter: sources tell answer news we may see the first arrest as soon as monday in the criminal investigation led by robert mueller into possible collusion. >> most people know there were no russians in our campaign. there never were. we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. >> reporter: president trump has never acknowledged the findings of 17 u.s. intelligence agencies that russia interfered with the election to benefit him. now indictments and at least one arrest seem eminent. sources tell abc news the grand jury has approved charges. there's no shortage of members of trump's inner circle of those who have faced questions. the president went on the offensive tweeting the dems are using this terrible and bad for our country witch-hunt for evil politics. the first
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which direction the criminal investigation is heading. as for the indicted person -- >> the fact that the president can pardon any of these people, at least on a federal crime, means that they can be thinking, feeling, you know what? if i get indicted, that's okay. >> reporter: richard cantu, abc news, new york. >> jared kushner is back in washington after an unannounced trip to the middle east. he quietly traveled to saudi arabia to discuss mideast peace. they are not saying who met with kushner. it's going to be a tough morning commute for millions in the northeast today. >> the combination of two storms is now bringing heavy rain and wind from virginia to new england. roads are flooded and dozens of flights are already canceled. the storm is what's left of tropical fo tropical storm philippe. >> we'll check in
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williams for the accuweather forecast. >> good morning, kendis, diane. the same low pressure system causing flash flood ing in some areas are why we have concerns through portland and boston and beach erosion and high tide and rough surf. then watch out for a blast of cold air starting monday with snou snowshowers and a mix around the great lakes. and overseas, the deepening crisis in spain has spilled onto the streets of basrcelona. more than a million people turned out to protest catalonia. the area has grown increasingly frustrated with high taxes to shoulder the rest of spain. the whole thing is leading to
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de disagreements. a smaller crowd gathered to protest sexual harassment. a banner about disgraced harvey weinstein. they have a bill thats would criminalize sexual harassment on the streets. two navy s.e.a.l.s. are now under investigation in this case. abc's gloria rivera with the latest. >> reporter: two members from the navy's elite s.e.a.l. team six are under investigation for a murder in mali, africa. it states that the navy is examining the june incident. >> rangers, green beret, s.e.a.l.s., they're so disciplined, highly trained. something like this is unimaginable. >> reporter: the victim found dead on assignment in mali where
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training was conducted and counter terrorism missions. a u.s. official telling abc news the investigation is looking into asphyxiation as a possible cause of his death. the two s.e.a.l. the have not be been charged. it was members of s.e.a.l. team six who killed osama bin laden in pakistan. the news comes as the pentagon investigates what led to an isis-linked ambush that left four american soldiers dead in niger. the death is described as a mystery for months. it is being handled by the navy investigation service, who say they do not discuss ongoing investigations. london's heathrow airport has launched an investigation involving the queen. a passerby found a usb
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ten miles from the airport and turned it over to the newspaper. it had 76 folders' worth of how to protect the queen and how to access restricted areas. a business deal is getting a lot of buzz. the american parent company of corona beer has reportedly bought part of a canadian marijuana company. they have take and 10% stake in canopy growth corporation. none of the beverages will be sold in the u.s. unless marijuana is sold nationally legally. and creepy clowns will be welcome at some burger kings. select locations are offering a free whopper to the first people dressed as clowns.
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free whopper. >> come as a clown, eat as a king. >> so not edward scissorhands? >> no. participants are supposed to use the #scary clown night. >> do you have a clown costume i could borrow? >> yeah, i look like a clown every day. there may be a new reason to install seat belts in school buses. coming up, what the first impact crash tests are showing and the first look at a new generation of seats that could save young lives. and with 70% of puerto rico still in the dark why the island is canceling the contract with the one company it hired to restore power there. you're watching "world news now." mattress is dangerously comfortable. when i get in, i literally say "ahhh." america loves the leesa mattress. we have more 5 star customer reviews than any other mattress of its kind. this bed hugs my
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rescue workers only trust dawn, because it's tough on grease yet gentle. i am home, i am home, i am home puerto rico's power company is moving to cancel its controversial contract to restore its electrical system. >> there are increasing questions about how a small montana company with just a couple employees and little experience landed this $300 million deal. victor oquendo reports. >> reporter: a shock announcement from the governor of hurricane-battered puerto rico. >> i have asked the power auor
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cancellation clause in the contract immediately. >> reporter: that contract with whitefish energy could soon be scrapped. this after revelations the montana power company had two employees when it was awarded a massive, $300 million contract to restore power across the island and that interior secretary ryan zinke hails from the same town. they deny any involvement in the deal. you live right here. >> yes. >> reporter: but you are in your car for air conditioning. american citizens suffering in sweltering heat. we were there watching these parents using strips of cardboard to cool off their toddlers. these families sitting outside late into the night to stay cool. right now, 29.7% of customers if puerto rico have power, just shy ever the 30% benchmark that the government announced
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but the november 15th deadline of 50% and 95% by december. the governor insisting that will be met even without whitefish. but the cancellation could delay work for ten to 12 weeks. they are reaching out to new york and florida under a mutual aid agreement to restore the grid and get it back up and running. vect victor oquendo, new york. today's school buses protect their passengers fairly well. >> but new crash tests are showing they don't do much when the bus is hit from the side. so the company conducting these tests actually has a new seat belt system. but only six states actually require seat belts on school buses and the federal government does not. >> side impact crashes are fairly rare. many safety officials also ques
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use the belts if they were installed in the first place. traveling by plane at least on southwest airlines is about to get a little more interesting. the carrier has signed a deal with warner music nashville to bring live bands onto its planes as part of live at 35 concert series. >> i'm thrilled, but not everyone, apparently. one passenger tweeted, "how do i opt out"? by paying more and flying a different airline. >> how to they sound? ♪ take it out on me ♪ count on me coming up, we have sneaky toys for you to help kids learn while playing.
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♪ just because kids are spending all day in school doesn't mean they can't enjoy learning when they're home. so we're happy to have alli mer ef
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educational toys. >> it's better when they're learning and it's sell think. >> this is elmo's hide-and-seek. it's a fun game for even the youngest learner. so kids 1 and up can play with a parent. one player hides elmo somewhere in the house. and you can give kids different cards with clues. so object recognition, direction. even for the littlest kid. if they're having trouble finding him, elmo yells out, "i'm here, i'm here." >> this one i love. it's a card game but a math game. >> this is great for kids ages 7 and up. this is called "7, 8, 9." we're going to flip over a card. it's going to be
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minus three. in your pile you're going to look for one that matches that. a three or a nine. >> if i have a nine plus two, does that count? >> yes. that's the new math equation we have to do. you have to get through your pile as fast as you can before i do. >> i hope there's not a noise limit. >> it only goes through nine. this is the draw and dabble easel. it has a chalkboard on the front and a clip so they can put their artwork on it. but what's great is the size. it's for kids 18 months and up. it's for little artists. >> and these look a little like the toys i grew up with as a kid. you have to build things. >> they are easy snap-together pieces. it becomes this battle bot that you can roll. >> this's way cooler than what i built as a kid. >> they are from hex bug. >> and you're learning
2:50 am
these pulley systems. >> kids are doing it step by step. >> as they get more advanced you can put the robot aspect into it. >> it has the robot aspect and compatible with the whole line. >> that's so cool. >> great, right? >> and this, i can't believe it is a toy. kids can actually dig for fossils. >> yes, you can. this is my dream come true. this is the smithsonian, digging up dinos. you have a brush and a little chisel. and when you uncover the whole dino, it has a learning book. >> i think i missed my calling. then again maybe not. i'll put that down before i break anything. and i'm guessing, is going to involve some kd
2:51 am
>> it's the underwater volcano set from discovery and horizon. and what happens is you fill up the tank with water. and you're going to drop in the fizz ball. >> fizz ball. >> yeah, right into the volcano. >> we'll put in two to make it extra big. >> you'll see the whole voix explosion then. >> should i put the goggles on? >> it's the chemical reaction right in front of your eyes. >> very cool. that's like the mentos, diet coke thing only safer. >> way safer. >> what do you think is the best tip for parents looking to get their kids interested in toys that are more educational. >> if they're interested in crafts or drawing you can go with something like the easel. if they're interested in science and robots you can buy something that matches their interests. >> ali, from toy
2:52 am
their website or we have more info on wnn as well. stick with us. you're watching "world news now."
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you know a character named riz olie? >> that might explain what happened to your wife. >> hi, pal. >> so matt damon in "suburbicon." know that feeling very well this morning. getting socked in the face at the box office in its opening weekend. the george clooney-directed f
2:56 am
sequels. >> "jigsaw" and tie lawyyler pe "boo 2." >> "suburbicon" came in ninth with $2.8 million. but the sequel to madea really is an oscar favorite. >> you're big on that one. and finally this half hour, the story of a soldier whose life was saved on the battlefield and now has a chance to pay it forward. >> a green beret helps heal from his survivor's guilt by saving a member of his own family, here at home. marci gonzalez with the story. >> reporter: hudson hill, born with that beautiful, full head of hair and a big battle ahead of him. his liver disease quickly becoming life threatening, leaving him in desperate need of a transplant. >> it's scary. >> reporter: he needed a living
2:57 am
donor. and his uncle, who knows all about putting up a brave fight was a perfect match. army special forces lieutenant colonel trevor hill rushing back from afghanistan for a critical mission unlike any other during his five deployments, including the one in 2005 that nearly took his life. >> we rolled over, and two of the four people in my vehicle were killed instantly, and i was trapped in the overturned vehicle. it caught fire. >> reporter: other soldiers pulled him from the burning wreckage. >> every since then, i have survivor quilt. a -- guilt, and these guys saved my life, and what do i do to pay that back? >> reporter: this was his chance. the rare transplant a success. hudson now healthy and celebrating his first birthday. his hero uncle, looking ahead to many more. >> i think we'll always have something special. >> reporter: marcy gonzalez, abc
2:58 am
news. >> that's quite a bond. >> yes. >> quite a birthday cake, too. did you see the size of t
2:59 am
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this morning on "world news now," the first criminal charges are expected in the russia investigation. >> special counsel robert mueller is said to be focussing on at least one target. an indictment and arrest could be in just a few hours. kevin spacy responds to accusations of sexual misconduct after a fellow actor accuses him of pushing him on himself. this was epic. game five of the world series stretching into the wee hours of today. dozens of runs scored, many of them home runs. baseball funs checking their blood pressure
3:01 am
and it's an age old question, trick-or-treat? if you're hoping to get candy this halloween be very careful of this trick and hear why neighborhood doorsteps could see hell healthier options this year on this monday, october 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> the kale craze has gone way too far. we're not doing kale chips. >> have you ever gone trick or treating and gotten raisins? nature's candy. the first charges in the russia investigation expected in just a matter of hours. >> the investigation is expected to lead to at least one indictment as early as this morning. president trump has fired off a string of tweets calling the investigation a witch hunt and
3:02 am
pointing the finger at hillary clinton. david wright has the latest. >> reporter: pe white house, russian roulette. sources till a sources tell abc news, the first arrest is coming, but we don't know who will be charged and what the charges will be. >> believe me, if you're the person, you know. >> reporter: a senior prosecutor from robert mueller's office who specializes in fraud cases was at the federal courthouse in washington on friday. the grand jury has approved charges. there's no shortage of members of trump's inner circle who have faced questions about their dealings with russians, and there could be others we haven't heard of before. >> the big question becomes, is the strategy going to be first go for a little fish to try to get that person to turn, right? typically that's the wray yay y would do something like this. >> reporter: the president's men are pushing back. >> give me a
3:03 am
the speculation is so insane. what we should be focussing on are the continued lies of the clinton administration. >> reporter: roger stone tweeted obscenities at cnn. twitter promptly suspended him. >> the whole russia thing was an excuse for the democrats losing the election and it turns out to be one excuse. >> reporter: now the president once again is calling this a sideshow, tweeting all of this russia talk right when the republicans are making their big push for historic tax cut and reform. is this coincidental? not. dems are using this terrible and bad for our country witch-hunt for evil politics. but the white house lawyer handling the russia probe quickly clarified the president's comments are unrelated to the activities of the special counsel, with whom he continues to cooperate. the ranking member of the house intelligence committee would not comment on whether the president could be a target of the ve
3:04 am
george. i can't answer that one way or another. >> you wouldn't know whether robert mueller is investigating the president? >> i can't, he can't comment on that at all. >> reporter: now the two key targets of this investigation so far have been former campaign chair paul manafort and former national security adviser michael flynn. abc news reached out to both of them. manafort's spokesman says they don't think an indictment is coming their way. a major storm is slamming the northeast. nearly 200,000 power outages have already been reported. >> you can see the nor'easter is bringing heavy rains and significant travel disruptions. some of the moisture comes from the remnants of tropical storm philippe, which spawned tornados in south florida over the weekend. >> and despite the damage, no serious injuries have been reported and accuweather's paul
3:05 am
williams is here with a look at what we can expect. good morning, paul. >> good morning, diane, kendis. we'll continue to watch this throughout the northeast and it's going to be windy. we're going to watch out for beach eyoegrosion and rough sur. and the winds are outrageous, 60-70-mile-per-hour wind. and just before you get the idea, no, this isn't philippe's fault, philippe is being swept out currenourtesy of a cold fro. and two navy s.e.a.l.s. are under investigation in the death of a green beret in mali. he was found dead in housing that he shared with other special ops forces. officials believe he may have been strangled. the two s.e.a.l.s. are from the elite s.e.a.l. team six unit that killed osama bin laden.
3:06 am
soldier killed in a helicopter crash has been named. he had completed tours in kose fa kosevoe and iraq. the pentagon isn't providing details other than to say the crash was not caused by enemy fire. more than a million people spilled on to the streets of spain. a country in the grips of an increasingly bitter struggle by one region for secession. >> reporter: in the streets of bas barcelona, a sea of people. hundreds of thousands waving the spanish flag, rejecting independence for this region. ♪ joyous demonstrations and patriotism. they feel like their homeland -- on this declaration of independence. it happened
3:07 am
the catalonian parliament voting to secede from spain and become the world's newest independent country, a dream come true for so many here. >> i'm super, super, super happy, super excited. >> reporter: the people here have their own language, catalan, their own history, their own booming economy and a long list of disputes with the central spanish government in madrid. but for this massive crowd, all that is no justification for breaking from spain. so you don't want to be independent? >> i'm independent now. i'm personally, my house. and i have my country that presents protects me and allows me to be fry. >> reporter: the spanish government has fired those who had direct control of catalonia. is a tense and potentially violent standoff. terry moran,
3:08 am
took a knee. they were protesting their own team owner's, bob mcnair's recent remarks. all but ten joined the protest. he was quoted as saying you can't have the inmates running the prison. one of the players said the meeting did not go well. the texans lost what turned out to be a close game, 41-38 to the seahawks. last night it was the lions hosting the steelers. it was close, and then pittsburgh broke it open, 97-yard touchdown. there is one person who is happy about it in this newsroom. the kicker hit five field goals but that wasn't enough. the steelers win this one 20-15. >> do we have a pittsburgh fan in the house? >> i think, maybe. >> i hear something. somebody. and game
3:09 am
series was another epic nail-biter. it started with both former presidents bush on the field. george w. throwing out the first pitch as his father looked on. >> yes he did. that was a great moment. little did he know what a game was ahead. then the home run derby started again. the dodgers took a 7-4 lead into the fifth with this home run, but in the bottom of the inning, the astros tied it at 7 with a three-run shot of their own. >> and the astros took the lead in the seventh, with two more home runs and for good measure, houston hit the game's sixth homer. but the dodgers tied it in the ninth. the astros just finally pulled off the win. >> just moments ago, literally. >> yep. game six is tomorrow night in los angeles. they are keeping us on the edge of our seats with this series! >> and this is how late the game went. you can see these
3:10 am
ago as they wrapped it all up there at minute maid park. what an epic end to the game. >> they are pumped. >> 13-12. incredible. >> so cool. >> so the astros could win the world series when they go to los angeles. but man, i think they're all out of pitchers after this game. >> i know, they must be tired. they're going to need a good rest. >> there was a tweet from j.j. watts. he's injured, and he goes, are these balls juiced or what? because they kept hitting home run after home run. >> absolute sluggers. >> one for the ages. when we come back, a man behind a brazen jailbreak in west virginia nearly made it to mexico. coming up, how he was able to simply walk out of jail in plain clothes and. >> it took so long for prison officials to realize he was actually gone. but first when we come back, the breaking news overnight. kevin spacey's
3:11 am
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we're back with a story breaking overnight. actor kevin spacey and a surprising statement coming out of the closet overnight. this as he discusses allegations of sexual harassment. in 1986, when he was only 14 years old, spacey pushed himself on rapp. he says he came out to shine a light and hopefully make a difference as they have done for him. a spacey is responding saying i'm horrified. if i did behave in the way he describes i owe a sincerest apology. it forced him to
3:15 am
things about his life. including his sexuality. he's been private about it most of his life. but people close to him know that he has had relationships with men and women, have loved and had relationships with men throughout my life and i want to live as a gay man. i want to live with this honestly and openly. >> it's been a long-held secret, not so secret in hollywood for many decades. they've joked about it at different awards shows and such. but finally, kevin spacey coming out as a result of those allegations. >> we'll have more on that coming up. but we're going to switch gears surrounding an inmate who walked out of a jail cell and almost made it to mexico. >> guards didn't notice he was missing for nearly two days. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: how did this happen? a west virginia inmate dressed go plain clothes casually walking out of jail. guards not
3:16 am
missing until two days later. u.s. marshals tracking him down in laredo, texas, trying to cross the rio grande into mexico. >> this is either an inside job or just out-and-out incompetence. >> reporter: he was supposed to be in court friday morning to be sentenced for a carjacking and police chase from last year. authorities say wednesday morning these security images show him at 6:00, not in his orange jumpsuit but khaki pants and dark pullover as he left the west virginia jail. despite multiple head counts, they didn't realize he was gone until 7:00 thursday night, 37 hours later. jail staff knew sooner than that. another inmate at the jail told hem abo him about the escape. >> >> i had to let the jail
3:17 am
investigating the escape. so far four prison guards have been suspended without pay. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. coming up, that popular clothing company now coming under fire in a billion dollar class action suit. >> hear why so many women who were recruited to sell its merchandise are now crying foul. that's coming up on "world news now." hope you didn't forget! what're you gonna wear? hannah. did you get that email i sent you? i need you to respond... ...before you wake up. when life keeps you up... zzzquil helps you fall asleep in less than 20 minutes. because sleep is a beautiful thing. finish jet-dry dries them better dishwasher? and with the brillant results from a bosch dishwasher, your dishes emerge so clean and dry, you'll need a new use for your kitchen towel. finish jet-dry and bosch. for cleaner, drier dishes.
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♪ ♪ workin' day and night ♪ you got me workin', workin' day and night ♪ so a popular clothing company is facing a class action. >> tens of thousands have registered to sell merchandise from home. but it is called illegal, claiming that only the people at the top can claim a profit. >> reporter: lulu rowe, known for pop-up sales is facing a lawsuit, claimin
3:20 am
alleged pyramid scheme. >> i invested close to, between $15,000 and $20,000 in inventory. >> reporter: tiffany and her mother cheryl, two of the women leading the lawsuit, claiming they were recruited through manipulation and misinformation, the opportunity entailed part time work for full-time pay. saying this was not the case. the lawsuit also alleges that new consultants are aggressively pressured to continue purchasing wholesale inventory, even when the inventory they have isn't selling. when they couldn't afford to, they were encouraged to take out loans, credit cards and sell breast milk. >> it's not about selling the clothing. it's really about recruiting more women in your quote-unquote down line. >> reporter: in a statement, lula roe saying the allegations are
3:21 am
confident they will prevail. some say they are thriving. >> i have been successful, because i never, ever stop setting goals for myself. you can make money selling these clothes because you are an individual business owner. >> reporter: but they claim they never made a profit. >> my goal is that this company be held accountable for what they've done. >> reporter: and a separate lawsuit filed against lulu roe focuses on the refund policy. they say it is the victim of predatory litigation. they plan to defend itself and win. marcy gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> they go on and say they haven't been served with a complaint yet. why google is fixing its cheesebuer
3:22 am
[ speaking in foreign language ] >> whatever she said in french. >> also see-through pumpkin pie.
3:23 am
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♪ okay, on this monday before halloween, it is probably the most scariest thing that you can get when you go to a house on halloween. not candy but salad. >> wait. >> yeah. >> trick-or-treat, here's a salad? >> you know how some people can be. >> this is creative meme, where it's suggested into these kid-size or snack-size salad packets. the folks at dole didn't find it too funny, saying adam, the creator, it's a clever idea of giving out salad packets. may we suggest these other dull
3:26 am
also by the way, if you use to use our trademarks in the future, we should let you know it is trademarked. >> ooh. >> look at that lengthy letter from dole. >> taking this very seriously. >> they don't have a sense of humor. >> it is funny, but it's not funny until someone gives you out. >> imagine someone giving you broccoli. >> tped. there's an emergency at google. an author, thomas begdale decided to show something mucho importante. check out the emoji. can you see what's wrong with this picture? who puts the cheese on the bottom of the cheeseburger? >> some people do that. >> no. those people are wrong,
3:27 am
any self-respecting cheeseburger lover. >> looks normal to me. >> and i'm an expert in this field. knows the cheese has to go on top of the patty. >> why does it have to go on top of the patty? >> because that's the right way. it covers the patty and it melts and drips down. google now says they are dropping everything and are going to address this immediately. >> okay. that will be addressed today. >> yes. let's move on to something freaky. we all love our pumpkin pie, but this doesn't work for us. >> that's not pumpkin pie. >> it's clear pumpkin pie. >> that's weird lookoin'. >> this is from the chef of a fancy kress toron fancy restaurant in chawing. you can see right through it. >> that's odd. i want regular pumpkin pie. thanks, though. in the spirit of halloween, to go along with your pumpkin
3:28 am
pie, you need a costume. this is kiki going as a mop. that is
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," clashing storms, causing havoc along the east coast. the tropical storm that battered florida is fueling a powerful nor'easter right now and millions are affected. power outages are reported. we'll have the latest forecast coming up. also this morning, the first charges expected to be charged in special counsel robert mueller's investigation. and new this half hour, the warning for your eyes before getting all dressed up. >> we'll have the latest on those popular contact lenses and how some can cause serious damage. and if you got dressed up like a fool over the weekend and
3:31 am
don't worry, you're not alone. plenty of famous people did so and we're going to look at some of the best costumes for the weekend in a very hollywood halloween skinny, on this monday, october 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> kristen bell, looks like she had a very fun saturday night and not a fun sunday morning. we're going to start things off with a one-two punch aimed at the northeast. it would could impact travel plans across the country. >> it's a combination of what used to be a tropical storm moving up from the south and a nor'easter packing heavy rain and wind. dozens of flights have been rtheast. from airports in the >> tornados spawned by what was tropical storm philippe damaged
3:32 am
millions right now bracing as dangerous wind and rain hits. in florida, tropical storm philippe pummeling the sunshine state with torrential rain and winds gusting over 75 miles per hour. this twister in palm beach county, one of four hitting florida. this driver on i-95 spotting what appears to be a tornado. >> there's a tornado, check this out, right in front of me. >> reporter: when suddenly a transformer explodes ahead. >> it just took out the light. >> reporter: a mobile home park in boynton beach, blown to pieces. >> i could see stuff flying through the air. >> reporter: a ceiling fan lying in the debris. the remnants of philippe putting 45 million at risk from washington, d.c. to boston. flash flooding and damaging winds expected. power outages likely, flight delays a certainty. so far, 300 cancellations and counting. the morning commute in jeopardy, this all coming on the five-year anniversary of superstorm sandy
3:33 am
which demolished much of breezy point, new york. during sandy, it wasn't water that destroyed most of this town. it was hurricane force winds that spread fire across these tightly-packed homes. houses here are still being rebuilt. and though not the size and scope of sandy, the storm has residents on edge. and the boardwalk, much of it rebuilt, we're under a high wind warning as this storm explodes, off the jersey coastline, expecting to ride up the hudson river and bring with it a lot of wind, a lot of rain. long beach, new york. now let's get the forecast from accuweather. >> meteorologist paul williams joining us. good morning, paul. >> good morning, kendis, diane. rain not only the problem in the northeast, the winds also a big problem. look at this. we're looking at winds at least 50-60 miles per hour. throughout the entire northeast.
3:34 am
60-70-mile-per-hour winds from boston towards portland. and this isn't philippe's fault. it was swept further out because of a cold front. so that's not the issue. then watch out for another blast of cold air that's going to bring a wintry mix. to the north central part of the country. we turn now to the first criminal charges stemming from the russia investigation. sources confirm, at least one person may be arrested as early as today. and possible collusion by the trump campaign. they say the indictment was approved by a grand jury empaneled by special counsel robert mueller. it's not clear who will be charged or what the charges will be. a top democrat refused to say if president trump is under investigation. >> i can't comment on it, george. i can't answer that one way or the other. >> you wouldn't know whether robert mueller is investigating the president? >> i can't comment on that at all. >> the president went on a twitter rant, looking to switch the blame to hillary clinton. he referred to the russia
3:35 am
pointed to a controversial uranium deal with russia. we're learning more about a soldier killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. 36 year old chief warrant officer, jacob sims completed tours in kosovo and iraq before serving as part of an elite air unit. six others were injured in the crash. the pentagon saying it was not the result of enemy fire. authorities in norway say they have found the remnants of a russian helicopter that crashed. it reportedly belonged to a russian coal company. the five crew members and three passengers are presumed dead. whitefish energy is disappointed that puerto rico has plans to cancel its controversial $300 million
3:36 am
contract. there have been questions about the deal. whitefish is based in the hometown of the interior secretary, ryan zinke. puerto rico's governor urged the officials to give a 30-day notice. >> i have asked the board of the power authority to invoke the cancellation clause in the contract immediately. >> well, the head of puerto rico's power authority defends awarding the contract to whitefish, saying it was the only company that did not require an up front payment. now they are asking for help from power crews in new york and florida. the allegations against harvey weinstein are piling up. rose mcgowan says she was offered $1 million in hush money the day before the expose. and another actress tells "the new yorker" that weinstein raped her after giving her a ride home in the '90s. weinstein has denied all
3:37 am
allegations of non-consensual sex. meanwhile, kevin spacey is responding to accusations that he pushed himself on anthony rapp. at a party when rapp was just 14 years old. we'll have more details on his response in the next half hour. and police near nashville are looking for a man who attacked a woman. after a white lives matter rally. they say the woman who is white was sitting at a restaurant with a black man when she was approached bay group from the rally. an argument broke out when they asked her to leave her boyfriend and sit with them instead. a white man hit that woman in the face. leaving her with a cut above her eye. yuli gurriel, you see him making a racist gesture after hitting a home run off yu darvish, who was born in japan. he has been suspended for the first five games of next season but was al
3:38 am
world series. he has since apologized. and guriell is among those who hit a home run. in last night's epic game five against the dodgers, which stretched into the wee hours on the east coast. >> just wrapped up, actual lay. the astros took a lead with a home run, but the dodgers tying it in at 12 in the ninth. so they went into extra innings. >> that's when houston got the winning run in the bottom of the tenth. the astros are one win away from their first-ever title game. game six is tomorrow night in los angeles. we could see this come to an end. >> let's hope there's a game seven. because it hasn't been an epic series so far. >> every game is a nail-biter! >> every game is a nail-biter. >> and so many home runs. in the meantime, we move on to a man in wisconsin in some trouble after finding himself in a chilly situation. he was at a convenience store on a beer run and got locked inside
3:39 am
by store workers who were closing up. >> so he figured, might as well enjoy himself if he has to stay the night. by the morning he had drank a beer and three malt liquors. >> three malt lek liquors? >> when he was finally let out he took off without paying, but police tracked him down, citing him for theft. >> that's no fair! >> that's no fair! >> you get locked in a beer cooler, you can drink as much as you want. there's got to be a rule somewhere. >> especially malt liquor, they're going to charge him for that? should charge him for not drinking the high-end stuff. >> the wine coolers were all the way in the back. he couldn't reach those. >> i couldn't reach the zema. back on land after months at sea. those two women are now talking about the one thing they're really glad they did before setting sail.
3:40 am
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3:43 am
look at some scary moments of a boeing 737 attempting to land in austria. the wheels of the polish flight touched down. the plane bounced in strong cross winds and pilots aborted the first landing. they made a second attempt before landing safely. two women from hawaii who survived five months adrift at sea have finally reached land. jennifer apell and tasha along with their two dogs were rescued last week by the navy some 900 miles off japan and more than five months after setting sail from hawaii to tahiti before their storm was h-- boat was hia storm and battered by sharks. >> i would never thought that i would ever be on a navy ship, a warship, much less rescued by a warship. and this, the open arms that you guys have had for us. >> yeah. >> the women credit their survival with overpacking their boat with supplies.
3:44 am
taken only 18 days, but they crammed in one year's worth of food and a water purifier. >> but they're happy they were prepared. five months at sea. and here at home. health officials are sounding the alarm about an increasingly popular costume accessory. >> those contact lenses that can transform your look can also damage your eyes. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: a warning just before halloween about those eye-catching contact lenses. some so dangerous they could leave you blind, just ask julian hamlin who picked up a pair of the contacts from his local gas station. >> i'm legally blind in my left eye and almost lost my right eye completely. >> reporter: the food and drug administration says buying lenses without a prescription can permanently damage your eyes. this week officials from california joining
3:45 am
york, turning their sights on those products often sold at retail stores and online, cautioning consumers to be careful. >> they may be widely available through the internet, but that doesn't mean they are fda approved. >> reporter: federal authorities had seized 100,000 of what they say are illegal, counterfeit pairs of contacts. they can come with bacterial infections. allergic reactions or vision loss. >> you can pick up a pair of contacts for $20, $30, but when you pick up a hospital bill, it's a whole lot different. >> reporter: they are trying to get the dangerous contacts off store shelves and doctors warn wearing them one night can do serious damage. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> we are warned. coming up, costume ideas from the stars. dick van dyke is apologizing for his accent in mary poppins and explaining how it came to be. that's coming up next in "the skinny." explaining how it came to
3:46 am
skinny." washed his shirt with gain. alf ah... the irresistible scent of gain flings laundry detergent. that cough doesn't sound so good. take mucinex dm. i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! why take 4-hour cough medicine? just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this.
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3:48 am
we are back, we're back now with the funk of 40,000 years. >> have to do that every time. the funk of 40,000 years. >> celebrities are just like us. they like to drink and play dress up. >> let's see who was feeling the festi festive halloween spirit this weekend. starting off with disco divas, amal clooney and cindy crawford for the casa amigos party. >> that would be the tequila that their husbands are involved in together. and this is kim kardashian dressed up as cher. >> there is sonny, her bff, jonathan, they are apparently in some frays as well. cher tweeted in response to the costume, kim kardashian woke to see
3:49 am
you look beautiful, little armenian sister. >> we move on to -- >> that's kim as aaliyah. >> she's got lots of costumes going on. >> how many parties does she have? >> i think i liked the cher outfit better. but that is a really good aaliyah. >> especially when cher gives her approval. it doesn't get much cooler than that. >> let's go to demi lovato. a little selena. little-bitty, bitty boom boom. she wore one of the famous outfits she wore as part of the concert, the movie, the whole nine yards. she really looks so much like her, job well done to demi lovato. >> and adele. as only adele can look. >> she's wearing, here we go. she's wearing a long-sleeved glittering green d
3:50 am
embellishments around the sleeves. a colorful chinese dragon trim. a teased, frizzy hairstyle and elaborate show makeup. >> otherwise just adele as adele could look. >> that's halloween adele, get a costume. >> kristen bell looks happy. >> she looks like a very grumpy version of herself from "frozen." >> and bruce willis in the meantime. >> oh, my goodness gracious. >> that's amazing. >> the twins from "shining." how creepy is that? that's creepier than the actual girls from the movie. >> he put in some work. >> i did put in a little work. so i decided to go as edward scissorhands this year. and kendis went all out. you look like you came from work and put face paint on. >> i did. i grabbed some shoes. we painted, i don't know.
3:51 am
i was nothing. but you looked amazing. >> i put in a little more effort than you did. >> we were at a little soiree. where abc family, actually, put in a lot of work. juju there in the middle. >> juju's gamora. we have gio benitez behind us as the mad hatter. >> exactly. >> and kendis with his face painted. >> i put in just as much work. >> let's move on to dick van dyke. >> he apologized for his accent in "mary poppins." he received a british award and blamed the all-british crew and julie andrews for never telling hem how terrible it was. >> you're a man of high position. esteemed -- >> when he accepted the award he revealed that he only spent one hour with a coach.
3:52 am
to brief fprepare for the role. and the coach was irish, not english. >> van dyke promises he'll be better the second time around when mary poppins returns starring emily blunt. he'll be in it. >> oh, with a jolly holiday. it. >> oh, with a jolly holiday.
3:53 am
3:54 am
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i missed you! then i discovered mucinex. one pill lasts 12 hours,and i'm good. why take 4-hour medicine? one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. ♪ going to dress you up in my love ♪ ♪ all over, all over ♪ going to dress you up in my love ♪ ♪ all over your body ♪ from your head down to your toes ♪ ♪ >> my choreography needs a little work. >> dressing up can be tough, especially when you go to the high school dances. you want a fancy dress, but some
3:56 am
of these designer dresses can cost you a fortune. >> one fashionista is making it possible to donate dresses for those in need. here's gloria rivera. >> reporter: sam is on a mission, inside this boys and girls club, he unpacks dress after dress. his plan, to surprise underprivileged girls with dress for homecoming. he's done this, he says, nearly 10,000 times. >> for me, when i first started, i was so nervous. >> reporter: you were nervous. >> i didn't want the girls to not like their dresses. >> reporter: through his multi-million dollar online re retail site he realized how many teens experienced body shaming and cyber bullying, his non-profit, believe in yourself, combats both. what kind of spark does it make do you hope? >> to believe in yourself and be bold and courageous.
3:57 am
>> reporter: two young equipmwo attending a technology-focussed school have been chosen. >> shows creativity. and gives them a chance to sheen -- shine bright on their own. they have no idea they're about to be brought in for a surprise. their reaction more shocked shy smiles. >> what! that fits you perfectly. >> i stood up straight. i smile a lot. and it's just, it makes me feel happy. >> reporter: when sam spontaneously decides to give all of the dress away it becomes clear how much confidence he delivers dress by dress. the difference one tech ceo is making one surprise at a time. >> our thanks to gloria rivera for that report. and sam wants to provide longer-term support to help these girls achieve their dreams going forward. but even that small donation can
3:58 am
make a huge difference. >> they also come back in technology. don't miss our updates on
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, a looming indictment. the first charges expected today in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. what we know right now and the president's reaction. military murder case. a green beret strangled. >> s.e.a.l.s, any special operation troops are so disciplined, so highly trained. this is unimaginable. >> two elite navy s.e.a.l.s under investigation. kevin spacey bombshell. the actor's very personal response overnight to allegations of sexual misconduct from a fellow actor who claims spacey forced himself on to him at a party. >> home run derby.


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